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CLARA chunky knit blanket kit

This kit includes everything you need to make this soft chunky knit blanket. This easy to make blanket is beautiful to bundle up in, on a crisp winter's day. The chunky knit blanket is perfect for the beginner knitter and makes for a fast, easy knit. The 100% wool is soft and cuddly and perfect as a throw on your bed, sofa or chair.  

 US size 50 / 25 mm birch circular knitting needles.
+   Wool : 16 balls to make a 46" x 65" finished blanket. 
+  Stunning 14 page instantly downloadable ebook pattern with 'how to' photos & knitting tips. Learn how to join your yarn with no knots or weaving! It's magical ! 


ABOUT : Our 100% wool is sourced from real, happy Peruvian sheep. The sheep live the good life...  rolling hills, sweet grass, breathing the fresh air and indulging in long naps. Sometimes, there's even a little bit of that nap-grass stuck in the fibres. If you find a piece of grass, happy dance! Peruvian sheep are a cross between Corriedale and Merino making a blend that provides softness and sturdiness.

WHAT'S IT LIKE TO KNIT WITH?  The wool is soft, chunky and a super-easy yarn to knit with.  All blankets are knit with double strand knitting, which allows you to start seeing results almost immediately. It's a quick easy knit! 

COLOURS: The kit is available in 4 colours... blue/grey, winter white, black and soft cream. PS. We’re obsessed with our newest winter white colour. It is a lighter cream colour than even our soft cream. Ahhhh.

IT'S A GIFT : All packages are beautifully bundled and perfect as a gift (especially to yourself) with some added merch swag too. Ooohhh we adore bundling the package up for's pretty! 

PATTERN : Your pattern download is instantly available after check out. Because you're purchasing a kit, your pattern is FREE. 

WOOL : 100% wool // 100 gram // 50 meters :  It has ahhhmazing qualities – it's natural, renewable and biodegradable. It's warm yet breathable, made to last, and easy to care for.

HOW TO WASH : Hand wash only. Add some wool detergent to luke-warm water and soak well. 
Give your blanket a gentle squeeze { AKA hug }. Once done, roll in a clean towels to remove excess water and then lay flat to dry.

Knit. IT’S A BALL. 

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