How to make a mosaic. Peace by Piece | DESIGN THE LIFE YOU WANT TO LIVE

How to create a MOSAIC : Peace by Piece

Mar 28

How to create a mosaic... PEACE by PIECE

A Mosaic to Me


what Butter is to Popcorn.

*  BLISS  *

* Seventh Heaven * Cloud Nine * Walking on Air * 

How to make a mosaic. Peace by Piece | DESIGN THE LIFE YOU WANT TO LIVE | LYNNE KNOWLTON

Was that enough descriptors for you?  I had to look up all those funky words in a thesaurus. There is serious BLISS-FUL-NESS mosaic conversation about to happen here.

Brace   yourself

Everyone has a hobby, non? If you don’t have a hobby, get one for Pete’s sake.

Hobbies are cool.

All the cool kids have hobbies.  Or they drink cheap vodka in their ugly basement.

With mosaic, you can have a hobby and drink cheap vodka in your basement ~ while doing a mosaic.

How to make a mosaic. Peace by Piece | DESIGN THE LIFE YOU WANT TO LIVE | LYNNE KNOWLTON


You are probably wondering if mosaicists are the most patient people in the whole wide world.


Saintly   patient

Here it goes…the cat is about to come out of the bag….We tricked you.

We mosaicists are not goddesses of patience. NO sir-eeeeee.  Oh contraire.

We are glass-tableware-bits of anything ninja stompers that smash things with streaks of energy.  We will break anything, if it means a beauty mosaic will come to fruition.


How to make a mosaic. Peace by Piece | DESIGN THE LIFE YOU WANT TO LIVE | LYNNE KNOWLTON

How to make a mosaic. Peace by Piece | DESIGN THE LIFE YOU WANT TO LIVE | LYNNE KNOWLTON

Mosaic work is like therapy.

Therapy at a much higher level of enjoyment.  You don’t have to lay on a sofa and talk to a therapist.  Ok, I made that up.  Do therapist offices really have a sofa ??!!  I bet that only happens in the movies.

If I went to a therapy, and the therapist had a sofa…..

I would surely have a  nap.

There would be no talking going on.

Napping is where it is at.


How to make a mosaic. Peace by Piece | DESIGN THE LIFE YOU WANT TO LIVE | LYNNE KNOWLTON


Mosaics can have a TWO FOLD LOVE.

You can admire them

and/or you can create them.

I love both options :




How to make a mosaic. Peace by Piece | DESIGN THE LIFE YOU WANT TO LIVE | LYNNE KNOWLTON


I originally started my design life as a visual merchandiser for Royal Doulton.   I lost count of how many times I accidentally knocked the head off of a figurine.

I have actually CAUSED a figurine head to roll down the middle of a retail store aisle.

In front of the store owner. 

Special delivery.  

Yours truly *

* I bet you are never going to invite me to your home.  I bet you are hiding the fine china at this very moment.


How to make a mosaic. Peace by Piece | DESIGN THE LIFE YOU WANT TO LIVE | LYNNE KNOWLTON


I have, in fact~ smashed  fine china [ Sorry Royal Doulton ]

I hit it with a hammer.

I created some seriously ugly rockin’ hot stuff back then.

I started covering stupid stuff…like pots…bird feeders, even lamps.  I mosaic’ed anything that wasn’t moving.  Our dog was lucky to escape my gluey fingers.


How to make a mosaic. Peace by Piece | DESIGN THE LIFE YOU WANT TO LIVE | LYNNE KNOWLTON

Fast forward many years… cassette tapes, pet rocks, disco, bad hair and mosaic conferences.   My mosaic life changed…

Peace  by  Piece

I started to create my own mosaics in our home.  Smart and stupid, all at once.

Good news : Mosaics are permanent and lasting.

Bad news : Mosaics are permanent and lasting.

How to make a mosaic. Peace by Piece | DESIGN THE LIFE YOU WANT TO LIVE | LYNNE KNOWLTON


For the mermaid project, Michael wished that I had put the faucets in a different place on the mermaid.  I will give you three guesses where he wanted them.  The first two guesses don’t count.

Truth is, little miss mermaid pants is not really my style anymore.  See what I mean about the PERMANENT thaaaang?  I’m forced to keep her.

She was created from about 4 billion blood sweat and tears mosaic pieces.


How to make a mosaic. Peace by Piece | DESIGN THE LIFE YOU WANT TO LIVE | LYNNE KNOWLTON



Ready to join me on the DIY Mosaic journey?

Get ready…

Mosaic life is one that is pieced together …

a little bit at a time…

How to make a mosaic. Peace by Piece | DESIGN THE LIFE YOU WANT TO LIVE | LYNNE KNOWLTON


Ready to give it a try ?  Check out this blog post on how to make a mosaic backsplash for your kitchen.

You won’t believe what you will discover about yourself.

Better yet, come join me each week on the bloggy with more epic ideas.  Enter your email to be the first to receive free DIY tips & inspiration on how to design the life that YOU want to live.   Click here to make that happen and get a free gift !!  It is a 50 page downloadable book on my all time fave apps for creating gorgeous photos.

T’die for.  You won’t want to miss that.



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  1. Jessica

    June 2nd, 2012 at 11:56 am

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the mosaic angel…
    I had a suggestion for the shower handle-turny thing… I think it was the same as Michael’s!
    Boys have been collecting large clam shells. I’ve thought about having them smash them… Shell mosaics. Cool, no?!!!

  2. Lynne Knowlton

    June 2nd, 2012 at 12:48 pm

    Hey Jess !
    Shell mosaics are the best-est ever in the whole wide world. Love your idea !
    They were once a tacky thing many moons you may remember ( even tho you are younger than me ! xx) but they have been making a GORGEOUS comeback on mirrors, picture frames and chandeliers.

    Stunners. Go for it !

  3. Tracie

    August 1st, 2012 at 4:17 am

    Hi Lynne,
    I love your blog, I just found it and am so excited about the mosaic series. Am I missing something, is there to be step-by-step projects? Can’t wait! Love your sense of humour too!

  4. Lynne Knowlton

    August 1st, 2012 at 1:39 pm

    Hi Tracie
    You are right on track, I am the bad gal for not having all my mosaic series posts published in the blog. I have been distracted by squirrels in the treehouse, and summer FUN :)). The first one to be posted will be how to do a mosaic kitchen backsplash. It should be in the blog within two weeks. (if the squirrels stop eating my treehouse). 🙂 Cheers!!! Happy mosaic dayzzz.
    Lynne xx

  5. Tracie

    August 2nd, 2012 at 2:01 pm

    That sounds great, a kitchen backsplash is perfect and just what I need too….yayyyy damn squirrels…..:)

  6. Tracie

    September 7th, 2012 at 3:37 am

    Just wondering when I can expect that series on mosaics I was promised?? Apparently, the first one was on backsplashes…………..
    Very much looking forward to it……

  7. Lana Graham

    November 4th, 2012 at 8:18 pm

    Lynn… It’s been an enjoyable first meeting. I’ll be back.

  8. Lynne Knowlton

    November 5th, 2012 at 7:34 am

    Hi Lana !
    So happy to have you…visiting in my BLOG neck of the woods. LOL. Thanks for saying helllloooo….
    Big hugs!
    Have an epic week !

  9. Lisa

    October 9th, 2013 at 5:37 pm

    I love your sense of humor – although I can relate to so much of what you say here! Just beginning on the mosaic train myself – I tell people I like to play with broken glass. Well, I do. Looking forward to reading more of your posts and seeing your work!

  10. Lynne Knowlton

    October 9th, 2013 at 8:19 pm

    From one mosaic gal to another… I know exactly what you are talking about LISA !!

    It’s so fun, isn’t it?

    Therapy at its best. Ahhhh.


  11. Lori

    November 4th, 2013 at 7:06 am

    Hi Lynne….
    Via an internet search for “how to mosaic” I found your site and love it! But I can’t find the “How” part. Can you tell me what I need, besides broken glass or little tile or beads. Will modpodge work to seal it or is there something else that’s better? Do you have step by step instructions that I can’t find?
    Thank you for making me laugh. I needed it.

  12. Lynne Knowlton

    November 4th, 2013 at 7:11 am

    Hi Lori
    I wrote this blog post so long ago, I forgot to add a link to a newer blog post about HOW to do it. LOL. Thank you for the reminder.

    * I need a high speed injection of coffee STAT*

    Here is the link to a newer post :


  13. Lori

    November 4th, 2013 at 7:46 am

    Aw…thank you! That was EXACTLY what I needed. Now I know. Your black splash is (was?) beautiful!

  14. Lynne Knowlton

    November 4th, 2013 at 7:53 am

    Tee hee WAS is a good word for it. It is long gone and smashed to smithereens.

    Want to see it now?

    Here it is :

    Woot woot !

    xx MWAH

  15. Lori

    November 4th, 2013 at 8:22 am

    BEAUTIFUL!!!! (I want to come live at your house)! And…lol….you get funnier and funnier…(Ikea=Swedish for divorce, be weird; normal is the new boring)….its too early to be laughing this much. Thanks again. The step by step mosaic instructions are done exactly the way I can comprehend. I will be back.

  16. Trizzy

    May 4th, 2015 at 8:01 pm

    You are seriously funny 🙂 I bet you get sidetracked lots. Two years since someone posted in this section that is a long time in internet years so I hope you still get this comment. Thought i’d let you know that a girl (me) from New Zealand (if you squint you will see us on the map) is reading your blog and loving it. I have a bad habit of starting hobbies/crafts, spending lots of money (I have a spare room dedicated to my ‘hobbies’) then I either get bored, distracted with another hobby or overloaded with too much information which causes confusion. For example how one week ago I started my new hobby – MOSAICS. I decided to remove all the stones i’d placed in my garden to prevent weeds (does not prevent weeds and collects rubbish/leaves ugh). Completed that task which lead me to the side garden because ooh now I’m suddenly a gardner and wants to start a vege garden. In order to have a vege garden I must have marvelous nutritious soil. Well that calls for a compost bin. Purchased Compost bin thinking 2-3 days and ill have beautiful compost…….NO NO NO it takes 15 weeks……WHAT??? Hmmmm what is that you say mr internet thingy worms help compost faster. Off I go to get a worm farm. Easy they said. Low maintenance they said.. As long as you don’t fall in love with the worms who are now your pets and therefor you worry over every single little dry/moist/their diet/pests. You get the picture. Looking at the clock I realize ooh I only have 9 more weeks to go before my first compost is ready. What to do in the meantime…..all those stepping stones just sitting there would be great if I mosaiced them to use in my gardens. Full of bright ideas that would put Michelangelo Sistine Chapel ceiling to shame off to the stores I go. I’ve purchased all the tools (not all tools, after learning my lesson on how long I stick at something) collected broken tiles, op shopped dishes. Broken them and placed them in containers. I haven’t used any of those things (of course not). Came across a blog about using cut up dvds for mosaics. Thought to myself that would be not only stunning visually but the mirror reflection would ward off birds etc from my vege garden. Four stepping stones later (I have a one year old who also keeps me very busy also it’s slightly more time consuming then first thought) and OMG i’m still interested and loving it but needed to get more information. Off to mr internet thingy and this is where I found your site. Anyway where was I? lol can you see my problem. Maybe therapist with one of those couches for a nap is needed. Keep up the stunning work
    Lot of love all the way from New Zealand

  17. Trizzy

    May 4th, 2015 at 8:05 pm

    P.S Really hope that mermaid hasn’t been “accidently” smashed or stolen.

  18. Trizzy

    May 4th, 2015 at 8:30 pm

    P.S.S Go away I can hear you say lol. Incase you were wondering what Trizzy was short for – No you weren’t? Oh heheheh well since you are now. My first name is Tristin, spelt different to your daughters but it’s not a name I come across often let alone a girl.

  19. cay ghep rang implant

    May 17th, 2015 at 8:06 pm

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    Thank yoou a lot and I’m taking a llook ahead to contact you.

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  20. Teresa Dempsey

    May 21st, 2015 at 8:31 pm

    Love your work, but what really made this an interesting read is ‘How funny your writing style is’. You have more talents than just creating beautiful mosaic pieces or drinking cheap vodka in your basement.

    The ability to tell a story AND make people laugh is a talent indeed.
    Very enjoyable read, Thank You!

    Going to be giving mosaics a go with lots of 100+ year old glass, China and bits and pieces dug up on my farm as a bit of a story about the people who built & settled here. They did a lot of ‘Home Therapy’ in those days because most of the bottles held alcohol AND they smashed the crap out of them! Ha

    Thanks again, for great story!
    Cheers from Australia

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