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Tell 10 words that describe YOU | DESIGN THE LIFE YOU WANT TO LIVE | www.lynneknowlton.com


Pour yourself a stiff cup of energy mud.  Coffee will give you an unrealistic expectation of productivity.  Perfect.  You need that right now.   Chomp down on a chunky bar of chocolate.   Get a sugar high, and then peel yourself off of the ceiling.


You are on a mission.   You have 10 words to dream up.


Get your mojo engines running.  Do whatever it takes to Katy Perry ROAR.  Crank some music.   Shake your arms and legs and boogie like a rock star.

Warmed up?!


Design the Life you Want To Live : 10 words to describe you !! GO ! …inspired...




Now  …  sit down …  shut up … and in 10 words or less, describe YOU.


I’ll go first.  You always make me do shit first.


Ballsy chick with kick ass sassiness and a ginormous heart.


So what.

It was challenging to write that.    I get it.  I had to write with frozen sausage fingers in a freaking snow storm.

You better be feeling sorry for me right now.

And while you are feeling sorry for me, can you go follow me on instagram?   I need some peeps to hang out with over there.  I’m lonely, with frozen fingers.

Want to see my backyard?  Here you go:



Now just wait a second.  Back up the bus.   Before you go thinking that looks all lovey-dovey-and-snow-globey winter wonderland  … think again.  It only looks that pretty for about 10 minutes.  The rest of it is a shit storm.

I should write a book called “How to succeed in failing at living in the Canadian snow”


Dear snow, you suck.


So… if I can write 10 words under such extreme harsh weather conditions, then you can dream up a 10 word description of YOU.  You are probably sitting someplace warm and cozy right about now.  You have no excuses, dude*

* Yes, I called you dude.

I’m sort of hoping you are holding a surf board and you need me to come redecorate your beach hut.  If there are palm trees near by… my bags are packed.

Stop daydreaming.

Design the Life you Want To Live : 10 words to describe you !! GO !



Gimme 10 words in the comment section.


Design the Life you Want To Live #blog : 10 words to describe you !! GO !

[pinit] Whatever words are good for your soul, write those.


* taps toes, bangs hands on table … do it, man *


Need more creative inspiration?  GOT IT.   I’m here to help you out.  I roll like that.  Thank you.  Thank you very much.  I said that in my deep sultry Elvis voice.

Cool stuff happened on the internet this week. You won't want to miss that ! See more on https://lynneknowlton.com

Cool thaangs I found while avoiding snow surfing cyberspace this week :


*     Crank the music.  Dance it out.  This guy knows how to be awesome.  Hilarious.  I think he had tequila before he went to the game.


*  A coolio spot to explore art online.  This site supports artists by giving them a place to sell their art and prints.  Totally hunky dory.   The prints are super reasonable in price, and you can buy from an artiste <— I said that with my Frenchie accent.  Saahweet.   LOVE.


*  Want to feel inspired?  This talk.  Oh this Ted talk.  It has had over 11 million views!   Brené Brown does a talk that good.  It is about vulnerability.   It is unbelievable.  It will change the way you think.


Design the Life you Want To Live #blog : 10 words to describe you !! GO ! … adventurer ...


Feel like your life in words is a shit storm?  Write it.  Feel like you are all that and a bag of chips?   Right on.   Write it, dammit.   Don’t make me slap you on the back of the head, waiting.  Waiting.

Waiting.  <—- I screamed that.


It’s every man for himself.  Don’t worry.  This 10 word writing exercise will not put hair on your chest,  although there may be 13 year old boys all over the world wishing that it did.


Design the Life you Want To Live #blog : 10 words to describe you !! GO ! … all natural ...



Can’t do it?  No pressure.  Ninjas won’t drop from the ceiling and airlift you outta here.  I have one more trick up my sleeve to inspire you.

This video.  Dance through the fire.  I wanna hear you roar.


10 words.


Design the Life you Want To Live #blog : 10 words to describe you !! GO !


Have I told you lately that you are pretty much my favourite person in the history of ever?  SUBSCRIBE to the blog so we can take this relationship to a whole new level of word lusciousness.


One thing is for certain :


Where am I?

Right behind you.

 Right where I’ve always been.



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  2. Julie says:

    Godly, forgetful, Night-crawlin, cali-cruising, trend-predicting, Purpose-driven, Southern Belle, infinitely-ideaful, mentor-seeking, and tech-ninja-wannabe.

    • Oh la la Julie… you sound like fun !!! Why can’t you be my next door neighbour ? I would love to live near a Southern Belle… even in the NORTH where I am … CANADA.

      Great 10 words !!

      Lynne xx

  3. Jodi Van Proeyen says:

    I came up with a few….but this suits me today….tomorrow…well that will be different!
    Earthy Momma, creator of amazing stuff, happy to be happy!

  4. mandi says:

    How fun is this! ok here goes…

    Loud laughing, risk taking, rock ‘n roll lover o’ crockpots and wigs.
    (‘n and o’ aren’t really words… right?)

  5. Diane says:

    10 words? OMG here goes
    Crazy parrot poodle gardening chubby divorced beekeeper laid back 60 yr old
    Man, that was hard! I have to get a glass of wine now!

  6. Rebecca Fear says:

    Deviously trying to decide if I should brag about my batshit-crazy-red-headed-ness or my cat obsession.

    Here we go…

    Sarcastic, daring, fiery bad-joke-teller with sweet dance moves.

    Sidenote: If you want to add an extra word to yours, I would consider kickass to be one word (totally not cheating).

  7. Nancy says:

    10 words or less, shitballs, don’t think I’ve ever used less than 10 words!

    Funlubbin, overthinkin, scare meself nuts adventurist, mouthyassed, dedicated shit taker.

    Hot damn I did it, haha

    …omg, tapped publish and it says “there was a problem posting your comment, maybe it was too short?” Ohhhh the irony! Bahahaha

  8. Jennifer says:

    Wait…I want to go again
    I’m a…
    social media challenged worrier with wise ass tendencies & impeccable manners
    Shit, I still went over

    • haha, this reminds me of the kids… trying to slide down the snowmobile hill on a miniature sled (aka piece of plastic)…

      WAIT !! I want to go again.

      Oh the 10 word challenge. Wicked fun. xx

  9. Jennifer says:

    New here…haven’t got a clue how I got here, Just glad I arrived.
    I am a…
    poorly dressed image consultant writing an unfocused blog with anal tendencies.
    I’m pissed I couldn’t say this in ten words.

  10. Myriam says:

    my 10 words….unihibited, unabashed, inquisitive, inexhaustible dreamer, poetess, idealist, survivor, serene, scattered, devoted.

    You inspire creativity & aliveness in your readers with posts like this one! And you inspire me to write more and to start another blog, maybe even an anonymous one!

    • Oh la la, anonymous? Hmmm. Sounds tempting at first….. I say SKIP the anon and go straight to the legit you. The real you with the real name is pretty damn awesome.

      Writing is pretty great, isn’t it? I WISH I was anonymous when I first starting blogging… because my first blog posts are so freaking embarrassing. I die.

      We live. We learn. We grow. We get new husbands.

      Thank goodness. xx

      • Myriam says:

        A new husband would be wonderful…or actually just a life partner who truly loves me… I would write a lot of deep and personal things that happened in the past 54+ years and I would keep it anonymous to protect my children’s privacy, but it might encourage others to take heart.

        • Ahhhh well said Myriam, now I get it. That sounds absolutely, beautifully perfect. I’d read it, foooshur. Anonymous or not.

          Life partner that loves you. Yes. That is where it’s at for sure. It’s beautifully awesome.

          Write that blog. Be anon. The important part is your message. It will get out there, with or without a name. It will make a difference. Do it. I know I would read it. If you ever need a sounding board… email me. You can find me at lynne@lynneknowlton.com xx

          • Myriam says:

            Ahhhh, thank you! You were my encouragement for the day, my Divine sign, if you will! Your strength and resolve in the face of so much cancer and your love of life is so courageous and heartwarming!!

            Abundant Blessings to you and your beautiful family, always! I will start that blog soon and add photos and fonts and lots of creativity, the way you do! And it will the story I need to tell. xoxo

  11. This post made me just plain smile! Love your enthusiasm, especially considering the winter shitstorm out your window {clearly I’m not a fan of winter}.

    Okay, 10 words.. let’s try this: Lady filled with too much passion for just one lifetime.

    How’s that? 🙂 Headed over to your Instagram page now.

  12. I’ve recently got into the Law of Attraction and is making a massive impact on me so the 10 words I chose pretty much sum up where I am at this moment in my life : )
    I’m a “dreamer that believes she can make a difference with love”

    Great post!

  13. Carrie says:

    Okay, here goes nothing. Here’s me:
    Stylish, directionally-challenged foodie. Creative, punctual technophobe. Word lover, gardener, self–effacing creature of habit. With bells on.

  14. lisa thomson says:

    I’m a dreamer, a lover, a romantic but I curse like a trucker. My 40’s have been my best and worst years all at the same time. That’s more than 10 words! Thanks, for another fun post, Lynne 🙂

  15. Crystal Robbins says:

    Howdy Lynne (and mornin y’all!)
    Looking forward to chatting with you and love, love, love your site. Describing me without sounding like I’m putting myself on a singles website, not so easy but, here goes… Strong, creative, witty/sarcastic, nurturer, loyal, no nonsense, generous with a wicked sense of humor. The uglier truth… “HOT” flashing, almost empty nester, impatiently waiting for it to get cold (snow would be awesome!), momentarily unfulfilled at work There it is!!!

    • You crack me up Crystal…

      Nope, you didn’t sound like you were on a singles site, but I would date you. haha ! 🙂

      Lovin’ the sound sounds of… loyal, no nonsense, generous gal.

      Come live beside me, and be my neighbour. We have tons of snow here (as you can see) LOL.

      Lynne xx

      • Crystal Robbins says:

        Thanks for the reply Lynne. Love to be your neighbor. I’ve lived in Texas for 17 years and have never quite adjusted to the crazy weather. The saying here is if you don’t like the weather in Texas, just wait 10 minutes. Last week we went from 20 degrees to 85 in a couple days. I’ve always wanted to go to Canada. I’ve seen pics, etc. and it looks beautiful. Qubec looked so European, Mount Robson.. stunning and, I’m going to Butchart Gardens in this lifetime! Ever been to Texas? If you ever get a wild hair, you’re always welcome. Me casa es su casa. We live in the country as well. Southwest of Fort Worth in a little unincorporated area called Rendon. My husband, daughter, goat, 2 cats and our impossibly spoiled Boxer, Dixie. We are salt of the earth my new friend and I get that vide from you as well. I could sit and read your blog all day but, I’m supposed to be working. Hah!

        As Arnold would say… I’ll be back.
        Kisses back at ya! XX00

        • There is no question that I will grow a wild hair and return to Texas again Crystal. I luuuuurve Texas!! I have some mosaic pals who live in Texas.

          On my last visit, we drove around for days in a convertible with the air conditioning blasting on high. It was good times 🙂

          In the fine words of Arnold… I’ll be back… and I will be looking you up 🙂 xx

  16. AwesomelyOZ says:

    Yay! I like checking in and seeing a new post 🙂 Your treehouse is awesome, can I hide in there? Hmm 10 words, this was a tough challenge BUT challenge accepted.: smart a$$ over zealous biotch whose classy + always right (I think its sometimes referred to as stubborn and interchangeable with denial either way in my world: I’m right!). Boo-ya! That pretty much sums me up. Happy Monday Lynne! (Oh check out my new blog I made it perdy, I’d love your feedback!) -Iva

    • Not sure you want to hang out in the treehouse this week Iva :)… it is COLD in there. Brrrrh. I’m in treehouse withdrawal right now. I stare at it out my window and weep. LOL. I’m certain it’s calling my name.

      Love it … ‘always right’ hahahahaahahaaa

      I’m going to your new bloggy right now. xx

  17. cynthia says:

    I love you, Lynne. I’m going to walk the dogs for a long time because it’s Sunday and I worked a looooooong day yesterday and I couldn’t walk them so they tore up the quilt I use to cover the bunnies on cold nights right where all the neighbors could see it. Not the first time, either. And I’m going to walk them for a long time because it was supposed to snow today, but it isn’t. Sorry, but that doesn’t exactly mean I’m going to take my surfboard* along on the walk. And while I’m walking I’ll think about 10 words.

    * Note to self: get a surfboard.

  18. Cathy says:

    We are down at our home in the Bahamas yup, missed the snow – love snow but only Christmas eve and on the ski slopes. Check out our son’s instagram post, he manufactures surfboards and was down here also to attend a wedding. We gave a surfboard for a gift and the guests all signed. http://instagram.com/p/ghg4sBrcXb/
    10 words, here goes
    Lucky, laid back yet competitive loyal,, adventurous, nature lover

    • Wow Cathy !!

      Love the surfboard shot. I am following him now too. Beautiful !!!!

      I think it is time to move to the Bahamas. Need a neighbour? Any beach huts for rent near by? My bags are packed.

      LOVE your 10 words. xox

  19. NikiDee says:

    Loyal friend with humorous artistic slant, harboring small anarchist tendencies… (i.e. hates rules). That was a tough one! Great exercise Lynne!

    • I love this 10 word thing. I’m learning all kinds of new words. haha.

      ‘Anarchist tendencies’ …. manuals and rules = jail for the brain. Yikes.

      It’s always good to know the rules, and then break them 🙂 xx

  20. Renee says:

    10 words:
    lover. scared. vulnerable. forgiving. creative. thoughtful. mother. sassy. kind. shy.

    I love your site!
    xo Renee Zoltowski (SPIGA is my maiden name and totally HATE my current last name) I can say this because I an EX almost 10 years. 🙂

    • Time for a name change Renee 🙂

      I bet it is not a very complicated process that you could do online. It will probably be one of those things that you think about for 10 years, and it takes 10 minutes to do. LOL.

      Don’t feel bad. We all do it.

      It is like a home project. You walk by it a million times, think about it for months and it takes you a day to complete. Then… you feel like a million bucks. Think about the celebration in the end.

      Yes !!! Go for it !!!

      Lynne xo

  21. Janet says:

    Strong…like a mule (sometimes carry too much on my back). Mother (with amazing beautiful kid), adventurer, over thinker, planner, artistic minded, wisher (wish for snow or that fairies were real), giver, seeker, intuitive.

    • I could help make that snow happen for you Janet 🙂 Trade you. xo

      LOVE the adventurer, seeker… and think it is über cool about ‘carrying too much on your back.’ That makes you someone who CARES. That is pretty beautiful.

  22. Linda says:

    Smiley, kind, patient, wifey, mother, lover, crafter, kiss, me quick!!!

    • I would agree… at least about the parts I do know about you online… smiley, kind, patient, crafter… I haven’t kissed you(LOL) ewwwwwwh hahaha so I don’t know about the lover part.

  23. Nancy Carr says:

    Tenacious, purposeful, beautiful, fun, open-minded, universal, manifester, intelligent, approachable, adventurous

    I am home on a tropical island and manifesting my move back to the states where I can enjoy the four seasons. I don’t need my house decorated, however, my house is for sale, so you could buy it and see the beautiful ocean and the palm trees every day. I enjoy your blog and inspiration. Blessings

    • Nancy !

      We can trade lives:) You have a good point about the four seasons too… so THANK YOU for that reminder. The one thing about the hot tropics is that it makes us all want to have a cat nap by noon. It’s too hot to get anything done. LOL.

      Do you find that happens? Not that I would be complaining. haha. A hammock is one of the best places on earth for those cat nap moments 🙂

      xx Lynne

  24. Searching, stretching, achieving, energetic, creative, forgetful old broad at 70.
    Enjoy your blog and your sassiness!

  25. Ann says:

    I have a part time job with a furry boss & coworkers. Used to think they were friends….I also have a 10×10 booth with beautiful things to sell. AND I still need a job&a new boyfriend and I am 59 & a cancer epic. How did I get in this situation? Pray for Ann in Tn!!!!!!

  26. Ruth Vallejos says:

    Gleaming bright, frozen in amber, making occasional great leaps. Content.

  27. Christine G says:

    fearing to step on thin ice of Me. CRACK. JoY!

  28. Dave says:

    Creatively “Bright”, proud Metal lovin’ father from the left coast.

    -Had to add a lighting term, work hours demand such things.

  29. West Coast Nan says:

    Optimistic dreamer of a better me, on the path forward.

    I do enjoy your blog Lynne, you are so real and your life/adventures are inspiring. Keep up the keeping up!

  30. Belén says:

    Perfectionist writer obsessed with ideas and in love with people.

    Love YOU Lynne! 😉

    Write on sister.

  31. Lisa says:

    insecure art freak with a heart of gold for children.

  32. Swandame says:

    sarky skeptical wry independent dreamer thinker nutty fruitcake lone ranger

  33. clever artist seeks creative expression in the most unlikely places…

    now that I’ve got that taken care of…I’m ready to take on the day…oh yeah…get that next load of laundry in the machine…

    • That’s cool Amy… you are experiencing creative expression in the laundry room 🙂 …like that ever happens. Ha !

      Are there days where you can’t wait to jump out of the shower to write down a brilliant idea that came to you during shower songs in your head?! Ha ! That needs to happen in the laundry room ! 🙂

  34. SusanR says:

    Never fear, Lynne. I waste hours plotting delicious, exquisite revenges involving plutonium and stuff. But my one sane neuron always grabs the steering wheel before I end up in an orange jumpsuit. However, I’m not above a very wordy rant with lots of naughty words…. Ya know, like you.

    • You should write a book Susan ! I just dove deep into your paragraph. Like word candy. Ahhhh.

      Not gunna lie… I was sidetracked with the ‘orange jumpsuit’. Have you watched ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK?

      It is a FAB show !! I netflix’ed it for days on end… back to back shows… no one ate for days….I was so wound up in the show.

      Kids : where’s Mom? Where’s Mom? ….she flew the coop.


  35. SusanR says:

    Kind, curmudgeonous, silly, crusading, generous, petmom, clean-freak, science-nerd

  36. Martina says:

    Full-time daydreamer, part-time sassmeister who loves to art.

  37. Michael says:

    Light hearted, kind, sweet, visionary, hubby to the bestest gal.

    There… that wasn’t so hard. Can you guess who I am? hahaha