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We are Tristan + Lynne Knowlton // a Mother daughter team, fuelled by coffee and kindness. We love styling and cozying up home spaces.
When we're not doing that, we're eating popcorn, making chunky wool blankets, hanging out in the treehouse + cabin retreat, or out road trippin' with the family in our vintage airstream camper. 

Inspiring you to Design The Life You Want To Live ®.  

we hope to inspire you to truly design the life you want to live.

Our Mission

Hi. I’m Lynne. I’m an extroverted introvert. I drink well with others but after two drinks, I start licking faces. I’m a designer and DIY boss-er-around-er. I have 4 amazing kids, but that could change at a moments notice. Joking. Not joking. My biggest pet peeve: When people say “opinions are my own.” Of course they are, you wrote them doofus.
I have an absolute love of all things HOME and love timeless, cozy spaces. My philosophy in design is to ‘fly by the seat of my pants and wing it'… on things that I most definitely should not wing. I’m married to the love of my life and that dude has cancer. Cancer swings at us like a Southern lady swings her purse. We just have a knack for throat punching cancer.  We CANcerVive. xo 

I am sucker for cozy corners, soft linens, sunshine shadows, glowy skincare lineups and noteworthy sweatsuits. Loving the many hats I wear on the Knowlton and Co team.  Married to the sweetest man Drew… currently planning our first house renovation on a darling stonehouse we just purchased. Designing spaces and curating the items and finishes within a space are a real passion of mine but it’s the time spent with people and the feeling evoked in a space that really gets me. My dream would be to help everyone create their own little sanctuaries where they could spend their days in their cozy sweatsuits living out their best lives. 

Here’s the thing. Life isn’t perfect. No one has a perfect life. Thank gawd, because how boring would that be? While cancer may be swirling around us like a crazy straw, we choose to look at what we are blessed with, rather than what we may be missing out on. Truth is, cancer has made life exhausting, challenging and a million times better at times. Finding happiness in simplicity is our jam.  

Anyway. The blog and our love note newsletters to our subscribers are about being human. About trying, and not always getting it right, and carrying on anyway. This blog is where we practice being kind to ourselves, and practice telling stories. We also sometimes tell stories and share photos in national magazines, newspapers and websites… like HGTV, Style at Home, DWELL, House & Home and the Toronto Star. Drops the mic, walks off the stage. haha. 

As home stylists, we've never found ourselves bound by rules or what’s on trend. We love to blur the lines between modern, classic, farmhouse and boho. We are huge believers in filling a HOME with things you love, and are drawn to pieces that are something that would just "work".  Our approach makes a space continue representing YOU and your life over time as opposed to just following fashion and trendiness.

We share ideas with you about not living fearlessly, but rather using that fear to fuel designing a life you want to live. We will be teaching, too via downloadable ebooks this year: how to make your house a HOME and how to have a super successful vacation rental. We wrap it all up with funny and badassery. 

While you’re here, you’ll find a mix of recipes, a splattering of DIY projects, and the worst home entertaining advice you’ll ever hear, ever. Stairs are not our field of expertise when holding a glass of wine.

PS. We also do not believe in the 5 second rule. If it hits the ground it’s outta here.

Thanks for stopping by. 

You're a marvel and your hair is INCREDIBLE. 
That is all. xo

Life. It isn't perfect.

The problem with the internet is that you can buy things in the middle of the night.

design The Life you want to live ®

I’m not an early bird or a night owl. 
I am some form of a permanently exhausted pigeon.

design The Life you want to live ®

I'm one of those gals who sneezes three times 
right after I put my mascara on.

design The Life you want to live ®

Accidentally went grocery shopping on an empty stomach and now I’m the proud owner of aisle 12.

design The Life you want to live ®

That’s a terrible idea. What time?

design The Life you want to live ®

List of things I’m currently handling well.

design The Life you want to live ®

People who sleep with their socks on...
Please explain yourselves. 

design The Life you want to live ®

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