did you build the treehouse Or was the treehouse + cabin already on the property? 

We originally built the treehouse for our 4 kids and ended up loving it like crazy, as adults. We were so inspired by it.. we added a cabin.  It all began by using it as a summer cottage on our own 100 acre property.  It grew online to be one of the top treehouse + cabin vacation rentals in Canada. 

Where do you recommend shopping for home pieces that are budget friendly? 


Put on your comfiest clothes because you can do your online shopping here with no makeup, no pants, no problem. 
Here are my absolute faves: 

1.   H&M home: fab for affordable linens and home goods. It's a reallllllly big FAVE of mine! 
2.  Amazon: I save all of my favourite home pieces to these lists. Lots of amazing affordable home items
3.  Etsy: is amazing for small artisan pieces. I have saved all my favourites here. I love supporting small shops that put so much love and care into their work. 
4.  West Elm: is good when they have sales. I'm inspired by their mid century, yet modern styles. 
5.  Urban Outfitters: for fun home decor (great for apartment/tiny home living) and pool floaties!
6.  Ikea: for kitchen, rugs, small furniture, duvets, lighting.  Pretty much everything.   It's so affordable! 

You can find the rest of my faves via my shop directory that is coming out soon!  Get excited!  It'll be so good!! 

any advice for having a happy and healthy relationship with your kids?


HOME! Home is everything for kids. Make it a place they feel safe and HAPPY. A place they feel good about and want to bring their friends. It doesn't have to be fancy- just be sure to spend TIME with them. Listen to them. Put the devices away. Eat dinner together.
When our kiddos were little- we read this book a lot... It's all about 'how to talk so kids will listen and how to listen so kids will talk.' 
Annnnnd when things got tough - we put them in the bath. LOL. That solved everything. Now, when things get tough... we talk...we listen....we love. 

Could you update us on your husband's health journey?


Dec 2019: Living with a loved one with cancer can be so gut wrenching. But good. It's like climbing a ladder of life. It makes you savour every moment and yet, the truth is... there is a still a fat messy middle to wade through. GAH. Good news is.. he is feeling okay despite his health challenges right now. He is taking oral chemo tablets every day, weekly IT chemo treatments in Toronto, and he is at home loving life with all of us. Any day his feet are above the daisies is a good day! 
You can read more about his latest health update here and in our instagram stories here


How do you stay so happy through it all?

I've come to learn that we all have a torch to bear. We all have something we are going through. One day at a time. One thing at a time.  We try not to project too far ahead. Just deal with what is in front of us.  Almost always, the answer is to love through it all.  That, and I got really lucky with falling in love with the man of my dreams 24 years ago.  xo 

how do you keep everything white?


This may sound cray, but I think it is easier to keep white clean compared to almost anything else.  The good news is that you can see the dirt and clean it ( which makes my head feel better about life + cleanliness. LOL. ) We live in the countryside, so hanging whites on the line in the sunshine, is the mother nature whitener that I adore. However, if you don't live in the countryside with a laundry line ... here is what to do :
I use Bissell oxipro stain remover for spot cleaning just about everything.  The sofa, old stains on clothes and rugs. You name it. It works!  We've dumped cups of coffee, wine, GAH, on the white sofa and Bissell gets it out. Cray, right? I sometimes also use kitchen / bathroom spray bleach for tough spots on white pillow cases, white tshirts etc, and wash like normal.  Strange use of kitchen spray, right? Call the authorities. Want to make an entire load of whites brighter? I've been dying to try out this technique by Jillee at One Good Thing.  Try it, and let me know how it goes.  

what is your favourite photography Equipment? 


For a lot of our photos, we use our iPhones, since that is what is in our pocket.  Sometimes we use a tripod and remote.

For our editing..we use lightroom. LOVE. Our all time fave presets are Monika Hibbs presets! O.B.S.E.S.S.E.D.  Seriously. We super love these presets and use them on everything! Legit. Every single photo. Did I mention that we are obsessed? Okay, bye. LOL.

For photo shoots and brand campaigns, we use our Canon 70D

We use a combination of lens.  Canon EF 40 for a crisp shot with a soft dewey/faded background, and the
Manfrotto tripod

What are youR favourite paint colours?


For interiors we use Benjamin Moore // OC 117 Simply white. It's soft, fresh and just the perfect shade of white, no matter the purpose (walls, trim, cabinetry).  We find it to be a warm white but not yellow-ish.. if that makes sense. It's crisp. It's beautiful. For the walls and ceilings, we use a matte or eggshell finish and a semi or high gloss on the trim. 

For furniture, smaller areas and depth of colour, we use Fusion Mineral Paint // Homestead House Paint.  I'm obsessed with their casement white and coal black.

The exterior of our home and cabin is currently Benjamin Moore AC-26 Ozark shadows and the doors are Venetian Sky blue.  This spring, our goal is to paint the exterior an oatmeal colour with black accents to match the treehouse + poolside area. Do you have a fave exterior house paint colour?  Spill the beans.  I need these details to thrive in life. xx 

What is your haircolour?


You guys crack me up with the amount of messages you've sent saying "I LOVE YOUR HAIR!” "That's the prettiest colour ever, what's it called!??"

I thought I should just link it here! I have been dying my hair at home with this colour (out of a box) --> true story. It's been years!

It's actually THE best, you can buy it on amazon