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kay. Sereeeeousssly. This page is d'bomb diggity. You'll find so many cozy things for your home, or she-shed, or nook. There's something cozy for every nook and cranny. Not that we know what a nook or a cranny is. But still. Check it out. 

We are renovating our kitchen. Don't get us started. It will take at least 45974 blog posts to talk about it. But good things are FINALLY happening. Our kitchen that we renovated 4 years ago, literally fell apart. Basically, our contractor stuck the kitchen together with bubble gum and hot glue.  We are installing a DIY-customized-Ikea kitchen right now. We have tons of ideas to share with you!  See the progress in our stories here.

We love tiny spaces and cozy things. Small spaces are chock-a-block with allllll the beauty. Shop the cabin. You is goin' to lurve it. xx Although, we did eat cookies for breakfast, so take our advice with a grain of salt. 

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We love bedroom spaces and cozy things. That's why we don't believe in bras. Well they don’t believe in us. We have an understanding. Where were we? Shop our main bedroom.  It's supes cozy too.  

When we set out to renovate our 1976 vintage 31ft International Land Yacht AIRSTREAM, our goal was to lighten it, brighten it and make it feel open and airy. 574956549 hours later, we did it.  These are d'best of d'best faves that we genuinely used in our airstream. Road tripping and LIVING in our airstream truly helped us figure out what realllllly works in a trailer.

Hey Siri, make my bed. How dreamy would that be? We're not going to be impressed with technology until Siri can bring snacks and make beds. Until then, check out our faves for a cozy bedroom.