36 ways to tell if you had an epic childhood.

36 Ways To Tell If You Had An Epic Childhood



36 ways to know if you had an epic childhood…


1.   You knew how to smoke a Popeye cigarette 


2.   You wore tin foil on your teeth & pretended it was braces.


3.   You stuck your tongue on a frozen metal post to test if it would stick.  Horribly ~ you discovered that it does.


4.   You had an easy bake oven.  Nuff said.


5.   You wondered how many times that the Roadrunner could truly be blown up.


6.   Mini cereal boxes were visions of epic-ness on a weekend morning.  What a sweet indulgence of mini box bliss.


7.   Dr. Seuss,  Cinderella, The Wizard of Oz, Raggedy Ann and Andy, Barbie and Ken….normal.  Hansel and Gretel….tragic.


8.   You dreamt of running down the aisle on the Price is Right.


9.   The smell of crayola crayons.


10.   If you wanted to talk on the phone, you had to stand in one place.


11.    You lined up the cereal boxes on the table so you didn’t have to look at your brother or sister.


12.   If you were lucky enough to have parents with a mobile phone in their car ~ the mobile phone was a box that took up the entire front seat leg room of the car.


13.   There was always an enormous ‘hump’ running down the centre interior of every car. You could never sit on it.  Unless you enjoyed sitting on a burning pipe.


14.   Fireflies in a jar.


15.   Pet rocks.


16.   The smell of a library book.  The little envelope in the back of the book to sign it out.


17.   Writing words upside down on your calculator.


18.   Your tongue was destroyed on a sharp lollipop.  It was worth it.


19.   Movies :  Jaws meant that you would never swim in an ocean again.  E.T phone home.  Best movie ever.


20.   When you threatened to run away, your Mom offered to pack your bags for you.


21.  You had the entire Barbie and Ken set.  The armoir, little mini hangers, camper van and unbelievable Barbie outfits.  Top drawer awesomeness = Barbie with the pull out pony tail to lengthen her hair.


22.  You were a rebel and cut Barbie’s hair.  GI Joe didn’t care.  He was busy parachuting.


23.   The wooden spoon was a weapon to be feared.


24.   Soap in the mouth sealed the deal on never swearing again.  Near your parents.


25.   Little House on the Prairie.  Lassie.   Superman.  Sunday night movie night.  All great moments in time.


26.   Sunday night supper.


27.   Board games.


28.   You could play cards for hours on end.  Sometimes you cheated.


29.   The challenge of getting every single book in the Nancy Drew and Hardy boys series.


30.   The word sick actually meant you were sick. (even if you faked it)


31.   Shag rugs and carpet rakes.


32.  Jumping in puddles after the rain.  Looking for worms.


33.   LED lights.  NOT.  Colourful Christmas tree lights.  Yes.  Tinsel.  A real Christmas tree.  With random homemade ornaments.  Ornaments that didn’t match.  Awesome.


34.  Old fashioned cars weren’t old-fashioned.  They were just cars.  Dinky ‘hot wheels’ and model car kits could keep you occupied for hours.  Almost as much as Lego.


35.    Simon Says.


36.   Tag.  You’re it.


Can you think of more ?  Number it and add it in the comment section.  Keep the wave going…..


Just number your comment after the last comment.

Oh. Another childhood memory.


37.   Learning to count : One ~ two ~ three ~ twelve ~ sixteen ~ thirty two.




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  1. Laura Bee

    November 23rd, 2014 at 11:09 am

    Ohhhh wow. Almost every one ~ adding….
    *The Black Stallion books
    *Bubble writing
    *our three storey tree house (closed in ground floor 🙂 )
    OOoh~ how about I just share something I wrote a few years ago?

    When I was 10
    I think of spring first…getting outside after the long winter, tapping trees & making maple syrup. Digging wild leeks & walking through the bush. Planting flowers at the family monument, tuning up my bicycle, finding baby mice & birds nests. Looking for empties along side roads, planting a garden.
    Summertime brings black flies & beer bugs, swimming holes only known about by the kids who lived on the 8th, minnows nibbling your toes. Just picked blackberries eaten sun-warm are worth scratched up legs & stained fingers. Friends from the city visiting, wild cucumber fights & corn on the cob. Packing sandwiches & walking the back fields for hours, collecting wildflowers & looking for anything interesting. Building forts, lying on the ground staring at the stars & sleeping out in the barn.
    Beechnuts, puffballs, canning vegetables & leaves changing. Fall has that smell of bonfires & hayrides, of horses & cotton candy at the Markham Fair & CNE. Back to school, HB pencils, 100 sheets of paper & my birthday.
    Winter comes & I’m waiting for snow, clementines, shortbread & new mittens. Jack Frost on the windows in the morning, stoking the fire in the woodstove, snow forts, tracking animals & sledding. Christmas visits, skating at Cedarena, hot apple cider, footsie pyjamas. Waiting for the snow to melt

  2. Lynne Knowlton

    November 25th, 2014 at 4:11 pm

    Thanks Laura !

    Wow!! What an epic list. Wait. You had a three storey treehouse? I want to hear about that! Maybe you’ll be able to give me some treehouse ideas for our treehouse. It has been one of my faves of summer. Treehouse dayz. Lazy dayz.

    Lynne xx

  3. Do it yourself outhouse | Design The Life You Want To Live

    June 14th, 2015 at 8:20 am

    […] Swift never) never make a building inspector or town official mad.  It is sort of like the classic childhood memory where you learned to never ask your Mom to brush your hair while she was mad.  Big […]

  4. maxim

    June 19th, 2016 at 6:04 am

    not letting that one ballon touch the ground

  5. lynneknowlton

    July 2nd, 2016 at 11:00 am

    36 Ways To Tell If You Had An Epic Childhood https://t.co/whB6tGNkeT

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