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36 ways to know if you had an epic childhood…


1.   You knew how to smoke a Popeye cigarette 


2.   You wore tin foil on your teeth & pretended it was braces.


3.   You stuck your tongue on a frozen metal post to test if it would stick.  Horribly ~ you discovered that it does.


4.   You had an easy bake oven.  Nuff said.


5.   You wondered how many times that the Roadrunner could truly be blown up.


6.   Mini cereal boxes were visions of epic-ness on a weekend morning.  What a sweet indulgence of mini box bliss.


7.   Dr. Seuss,  Cinderella, The Wizard of Oz, Raggedy Ann and Andy, Barbie and Ken….normal.  Hansel and Gretel….tragic.


8.   You dreamt of running down the aisle on the Price is Right.


9.   The smell of crayola crayons.


10.   If you wanted to talk on the phone, you had to stand in one place.


11.    You lined up the cereal boxes on the table so you didn’t have to look at your brother or sister.


12.   If you were lucky enough to have parents with a mobile phone in their car ~ the mobile phone was a box that took up the entire front seat leg room of the car.


13.   There was always an enormous ‘hump’ running down the centre interior of every car. You could never sit on it.  Unless you enjoyed sitting on a burning pipe.


14.   Fireflies in a jar.


15.   Pet rocks.


16.   The smell of a library book.  The little envelope in the back of the book to sign it out.


17.   Writing words upside down on your calculator.


18.   Your tongue was destroyed on a sharp lollipop.  It was worth it.


19.   Movies :  Jaws meant that you would never swim in an ocean again.  E.T phone home.  Best movie ever.


20.   When you threatened to run away, your Mom offered to pack your bags for you.


21.  You had the entire Barbie and Ken set.  The armoir, little mini hangers, camper van and unbelievable Barbie outfits.  Top drawer awesomeness = Barbie with the pull out pony tail to lengthen her hair.


22.  You were a rebel and cut Barbie’s hair.  GI Joe didn’t care.  He was busy parachuting.


23.   The wooden spoon was a weapon to be feared.


24.   Soap in the mouth sealed the deal on never swearing again.  Near your parents.


25.   Little House on the Prairie.  Lassie.   Superman.  Sunday night movie night.  All great moments in time.


26.   Sunday night supper.


27.   Board games.


28.   You could play cards for hours on end.  Sometimes you cheated.


29.   The challenge of getting every single book in the Nancy Drew and Hardy boys series.


30.   The word sick actually meant you were sick. (even if you faked it)


31.   Shag rugs and carpet rakes.


32.  Jumping in puddles after the rain.  Looking for worms.


33.   LED lights.  NOT.  Colourful Christmas tree lights.  Yes.  Tinsel.  A real Christmas tree.  With random homemade ornaments.  Ornaments that didn’t match.  Awesome.


34.  Old fashioned cars weren’t old-fashioned.  They were just cars.  Dinky ‘hot wheels’ and model car kits could keep you occupied for hours.  Almost as much as Lego.


35.    Simon Says.


36.   Tag.  You’re it.


Can you think of more ?  Number it and add it in the comment section.  Keep the wave going…..


Just number your comment after the last comment.

Oh. Another childhood memory.


37.   Learning to count : One ~ two ~ three ~ twelve ~ sixteen ~ thirty two.




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  1. maxim says:

    not letting that one ballon touch the ground

  2. […] Swift never) never make a building inspector or town official mad.  It is sort of like the classic childhood memory where you learned to never ask your Mom to brush your hair while she was mad.  Big […]

  3. Laura Bee says:

    Ohhhh wow. Almost every one ~ adding….
    *The Black Stallion books
    *Bubble writing
    *our three storey tree house (closed in ground floor 🙂 )
    OOoh~ how about I just share something I wrote a few years ago?

    When I was 10
    I think of spring first…getting outside after the long winter, tapping trees & making maple syrup. Digging wild leeks & walking through the bush. Planting flowers at the family monument, tuning up my bicycle, finding baby mice & birds nests. Looking for empties along side roads, planting a garden.
    Summertime brings black flies & beer bugs, swimming holes only known about by the kids who lived on the 8th, minnows nibbling your toes. Just picked blackberries eaten sun-warm are worth scratched up legs & stained fingers. Friends from the city visiting, wild cucumber fights & corn on the cob. Packing sandwiches & walking the back fields for hours, collecting wildflowers & looking for anything interesting. Building forts, lying on the ground staring at the stars & sleeping out in the barn.
    Beechnuts, puffballs, canning vegetables & leaves changing. Fall has that smell of bonfires & hayrides, of horses & cotton candy at the Markham Fair & CNE. Back to school, HB pencils, 100 sheets of paper & my birthday.
    Winter comes & I’m waiting for snow, clementines, shortbread & new mittens. Jack Frost on the windows in the morning, stoking the fire in the woodstove, snow forts, tracking animals & sledding. Christmas visits, skating at Cedarena, hot apple cider, footsie pyjamas. Waiting for the snow to melt

    • Thanks Laura !

      Wow!! What an epic list. Wait. You had a three storey treehouse? I want to hear about that! Maybe you’ll be able to give me some treehouse ideas for our treehouse. It has been one of my faves of summer. Treehouse dayz. Lazy dayz.

      Lynne xx

  4. M.E. says:

    Holy moly – the pure JOY of eating Creamsicles on a hot summer day! The orangey-tartness offset the creamy vanilla sweetness and the mix of the two flavors was pure Heaven!
    Also the fun of watching the boys (my brother & his friends) playing a game of Marbles outside! Remembering how he had his favorite Shooters, etc..
    And the fun we had when he *sometimes* let me play Marbles with him (when his guy friends couldn’t come over to play).
    And, for me, there was nothing like hearing Taps play at the end of the day on the Army posts where we lived growing up.

  5. […] cream.  I know.   Oxymoron.  Gospel truth.  The Popeye ice cream t’die for.   I thought Popeye cigarettes were good when I was a kid.  The Popeye ice cream will give you a brain freeze and make you happy all at once.  The best […]

  6. […]  I rolled up old dried leaves in the backyard and tried to smoke them.  It didn’t work.  I moved on to Popeye cigarettes.  A much nicer after […]

  7. […]   Childhood memories : I can’t believe I wrote this list and forgot to add a glowworm to it.    I remembered to write the fact that I dreamt of running […]

  8. Lia Vanover says:

    143) fashioning a long sleeve shirt to my head to pretend it was long luxurious hair
    144) dancing to the soundtrack of footloose
    145) Riding on the handlebars of my friends bike
    146) making christmas cookies with my grandma
    147) first computer was a Commodore 64. You had to jam that cartridge thing in the back to play ms pac-man .i thought it was awesome!
    148) jello pudding pops ( you cant get them anymore!)
    149) cassette tapes
    150) boom boxes
    151) “pegging” your jeans

  9. Seraphina Bearman says:

    142) Climbing trees and pretending to live in them
    141) Laying under the Christmas tree and staring at the lights in wonder
    140) Waking mom and dad early on Christmas morning and hearing “Just give me a second, so I can wake up. I haven’t had my coffee yet”
    139)When buying a microwave was a big deal.
    138) Feeling that childhood would never end and everything was magical. <3

  10. Denise says:

    137. You always had to be home before the street lights came on.

  11. deborah says:

    117. Go-carts made from wooden crates
    118. movie sized candy bars that cost 50 cents
    119. laying in the grass watching clouds go by in shapes you could name
    120. when summer felt like it went on forever
    121. and waiting till your next birthday felt like forever
    123. clean clothes and food just magically appeared
    124. waking up on Saturday with no place you had to be
    125. making forts with your friends
    126. hide and go seek for hours
    127. catching fireflys in a jar (deserves repeating)
    128. collecting caterpillars
    129. baby chicks in spring
    130. taking care of a wounded bird
    131. watching a cat or dog give birth for the first time, but its magic everytime
    132. fireworks
    133. new school supplies
    134. drive in movies
    135. Summers by the pool, and the guiltless pleasure of sun on your skin
    136.when kisses could fix just about any boo boo

    sweet post Lynne, so nice to remember

  12. michelle r says:

    115.cardboard attached with clothespins (wooden) to your bicycle spokes
    116.sissy bars and banana seats

  13. Patty says:

    112. Playing outside dad;s workshop with the baseball game on the transister radio
    113. putting my warm underwear on after swimming in the lake till dark
    114. Waking on Saturday morning with nothing to do but listen to the circada

  14. Elaine says:

    111. Playing outside until the streetlights came on…which meant curfew time!

  15. Sandra Brooks says:

    110. Getting up to change the TV channel (there were only 5 or 6 channels).
    109. Our first color TV.
    108. Rotary phones.
    107. Our first touch tone phone.
    106. Hopscotch & Jump Rope.
    105. Walking to the movies with my brothers (they made me walk a block behind but it was ok for me to sit with them in the dark – I didn’t mind).
    104. Matching Easter dresses with my sisters & Mom – embarrassing!
    103. Spankings.
    102. Home perms (right up there with spankings).
    101. Naming my first dog Lassie even though she was a black cocker spaniel.
    100. Riding bikes without helmets and never wearing seat belts.
    99. Playing in the street.

  16. Bob Bright says:

    98. Hitting the television actually made it work!

    • Pete Walker says:

      99. pennies on the railroad track…and the early lesson in physics that came from picking up the freshly flattened metal too soon…
      100. walking the tracks to junior high school…when they CALLED it “junior high school”.
      101. using the “if a train leaves San Francisco going 70 miles an hour and one leaves Chicago going 50 miles an hour…” to calculate the fact that the state troopers who were waving you down across the median would have to go another half-mile in the wrong direction, turn around, wait for traffic, then EXCEED the 105 MPH you were driving for 22.6 miles before they caught you…and running your speed up to 125 just to be sure you out-ran them…(yes, I was crazy at 16, but good at math)

  17. lisa thomson says:

    96. Roller skates that stuck to your shoes and tightened with a KEY. I loved them and rollered everywhere…no brain bucket or knee pads…

    97. Scrub on saturdays with the whole neighborhood. BYO ball glove!

  18. Rachel says:

    95. Sun-in and sitting outside with my friends while my hair turned orange 🙂

  19. Sue Deane says:

    87. Butter & sugar sandwiches
    88. Chewing on sour grass
    89. Playing Kick the can
    90. Playing 3 flys your up
    91. Catching pollywogs in the creek
    92. Getting into the matinee with a canned food item
    93. Show & tell at school
    94. Watching Romper Room

  20. Summer says:

    I have no idea what number to use! lol The smell of crayolas? From melting on the metal floor registers. Roller skating, no Barbies thank you, sticks and dirt! The swimmin’ whole, riding three wheelers with my cousins, and the sad realization that I was NOT actually my dad’s shadow 🙁 Saturday breakfast and group cleaning followed by Sunday dinner. The Dukes of Hazzard, The Fall Guy, The Waltons..sigh. EVERYTHING purple (now orange). Anything a tomboy would do, I did…like a boss! Entering the house during the summer ONLY for nourishment and finally, begrudgingly, rest. My mama’s cookin’. ACTUAL. REAL. CARTOONS (loony toons etc.) The sheer bliss of the innocence and ignorance of youth…

  21. Tristan says:

    86. fly away home
    85. Goodie bags at birthday parties
    84. working outside with dad (sometimes topless just like him) lol

  22. Suzanne says:

    83. My favorite Martian; learning cursive handwriting; jumpers, hot pants and gauchos; TROLLS, cinnamon toothpicks, saddle shoes, sitting in front of the dryer to get your hair straight or using curlers made out of oj cans; spit curls, knee socks, drive-in movie in your pjs; station wagons; looking for ufos.; confused that your sisters were crying when they saw the Beetles on the Ed Sullivan Show?! (Sorry… had more than one epic moment!)

  23. Laurie says:

    82. hand me down clothes!
    81. pf flyers

  24. Katherine McKenna says:

    80. Spare change was kept by the front door in the summertime for use when the ice cream truck came in the afternoons….bomb pops….pushups….drum sticks.

  25. Kevin R says:

    Right down my alley… I can relate to almost all of them, though I didn’t own a Barbie or Ken ! Thanks for the memories, Lynne ! They were the best of times !!!

  26. Lynne, I totally jumped on this bandwagon and posted my own 36 list on my blog today! Just to keep the ball rolling……..

    • Great job Pam !
      I added to your list and then accidentally deleted it when I tried to sign in with wordpress. eeeek.

      Here they are :

      1. Wooden swings & big fat ropes.

      2. Reel to reel home movies. We watched them on big white sheets that we strung up outside at our cottage.

      3. Having my Dad or brother put a worm on a fishing line. I could never look. Poor worm.

      🙂 Lynne

  27. Debby says:

    74. Getting dressed up and going out to tea with Grandma.
    75. A record player in your bedroom that folded into its own case.
    76. The collection of records that you played constantly on that. The Monkees.
    78. Anne of Green Gables. Nancy Drew. The Bobbsey Twins.
    79. Hanging out with all your cousins; you all lived in the same city.

  28. Becca says:

    73. $1.00 for a child admission to a movie. $0.10 (yes, 10 cents) to get on the bus and go all the way downtown (almost an hour ride) to get to the closest theatre. Parents who thought it was okay for a couple 10 year olds to go to the movies by themselves on Saturday. It is a different world now.
    72. Walking to school was the norm. Buses? What buses? Getting a ride? Not likely.
    71. Penny candy meant a lot of candy for a penny.
    70. Curfew was when the street lights came on.

  29. Lynn says:

    69. I dream of Jeannie, Bewitched, Room 222, Get Smart, Carol Burnett Show, and what is the one James Garner starred in? We watched them all – whether we understood them or not!

    68. But the thing I remember MOST is that we could play outside and be as far away as we wanted as long as we came when my Mother wolf whistled for us – and we were in the country. At 7, I would packed my barbies and such in my bike basket and played a quarter of a mile or more away from home – at the “catfish hole” – ALONE! No sunscreen, or water bottle to be found….

    Sad but those days are gone! I would have a stroke if one of my children were so far out of my sight and remote! .

    • Kathy says:

      Rockford Files. Lord, I’m old.

    • Becca says:

      James Garner was in Rockford Files which I never missed – he looks a lot like my dad so it was a bit wierd that I thought he was sexy. I mean really…. Dad’s are NOT sexy. How could James Garner possibly be sexy when he was practically the spitting image of my father?!?!?

      • Kathy says:


        I can recommend a few therapists….Seriously, he was gorgeous, so it’s not that weird. I’ve met his daughter, so I have it on good authority that dads can be sexy as long as they aren’t ours.

    • Kathy says:

      And I hit enter without meaning to. I’m really old. Anywho, during the summer, we would get in trouble if we came in too early. If it was light out, we were out too.

      70: Drive-in movies with the whole family included smuggling homemade popcorn, hitting the swing sets between features and sitting on the roof during the films your father picked.

      71: Skinny Elvis

  30. 67. red light green light, mother may i, sardines in a can, doctor doctor, blind man’s bluff, mother may i
    66. Baby Doll pajamas in the summer
    65. summer clothes box and winter clothes box, all the clothes smelled like moth balls when you took them out for the season
    64. dreaming over the green stamp catalog
    63. super elastic bubble plastic

  31. 62. Saturday Morning Cartoons!!!

    Remember when they were only on on Saturday mornings and we didn’t have channels devoted to them.

    #3 just happened at my daughter’s school. Some boy in her class did that. The class was horrified. I thought was he reenacting A Christmas Story?

  32. Cindy says:

    61. I think about Sunday night TV too. Sunday’s rituals didn’t change much. There was church, lunch, nap (my mother is a big believer in sleep), chicken and beans for dinner and yes Walt Disney. I can still remember my sister and I watching TV while my mother did the weeks ironing. And then to bed by 9. We use to watch “That Girl” and “Bewitched” faithfully too. BTW my slinky never performed right either. Oh, oh, what about trolls. One of the most tragic moments of my childhood was when I took my troll to school and it went missing.

    62. Another iconic image of that era is Drive-In Theaters. Mom called them the passion pit.

  33. Jan says:

    60. Loved Sunday night tv with Bonanza…Little Joe, Hoss and Ben. And Bewitched, I Dream of Jeannie. Playing double dutch and jumpsies. Oh and that show, Let’s Make a Deal. So many good memories.

  34. Kristen says:

    59. Hoping dad would be a bit late from work and dinner would have to wait because “Partridge Family” was on at 5 pm and we couldn’t watch t.v. while having dinner. “Come On Get Happy!”

  35. Diane Amick says:

    58. …and BEFORE Barbie…..my Revlon doll with a trunk full of custom made clothes from my Aunt Pat for Christmas!!

  36. Mary Kay says:

    57. Sunday night TV = Mutual of Omaha Wild Kingdom and then a Walt Disney Movie – popcorn and pop while we watched.

  37. Rebecca says:

    56. Monkey bars and hopscotch or foursquare on the playground for recess…

  38. Joanne says:

    55. Every summer we would put on a circus for the neighbourhood kids. I’d hang by my knees from the top bar of the swing set, our dachshund would have a ruffle around his neck and do tricks, our cat Tiger would be the tiger, and we’d wear wonderful constumes handed down to us from the woman next door, whose grown daughter took skating lessons. Such fun!

  39. Suzanne says:

    I would hardly call my childhood epic but I can relate to most of these. LOL, so funny especially Mom offering to pack your bags when you threaten to run away, My Mom actually packed my bags, LOL!!!

  40. Jane says:

    52. Friday night ice skating….first time I held a boys hand.

    53. Lots of siblings………I’m the middle of 7.

    54. Fresh baked cookies and Mom waiting for us after we walked home from school!

  41. Wendy says:

    51. The sound of the ice cream truck and running to be first in line….

  42. Rose Dostal says:

    49. Waiting for hair to grow on your ch-ch-ch-chia pet!

    50. Waiting to see if I can actually see my sea monkeys come to life in my 8-in bowl…Did they really look like monkeys? What about the sea horses? What happens when they get reeeeaaaally BIG? Will they bust out of my bowl? Will they eat my sea monkies?

    Alas, I never found out…

  43. 47. Goodnight John-boy

    48. My slinky never makes it all the way down the stairs.

  44. Kristen says:

    45. Watching Ed Sullivan every Sunday evening because he always had a “reeeaallly big show”.

  45. Totally agree and love 1-36. Some more…

    40. “Playing” meant outside. With other kids instead of a tiny screen.

    41. Six Million Dollar Man…”We can rebuild him. We have the technology”. C’mon….was there anything cooler than Steve Austin?

    42. To change the channel you had to GET UP and walk over to the tv

    43. Thrills gum. Who doesn’t love gum that tastes like soap? ok…I don’t. Anyway…

    44. Playing in a treehouse! Oh wait….I was in my 40’s before I ever did that, but still….Treehouses!!!

  46. Jill says:

    39. Making tents out of blankets and bedsheets.

  47. Melinda says:

    38. Playing “Kick the Can’ until it got too dark.