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Making an ABOUT ME video is like standing buck-naked in front of your mother-in-law…

And you think I joke. 


Having an online life has never been dull.


*  I type the words into the blog.  Why did I make that sound simple? NOT.


*  They somehow hit the page in some semblance of nuttiness order.  NOT.


*  I publish throw them out to the universe.  I even publish them when I really meant to just save them as a draft. [insert embarrassing moment]  Pfffft.


*  I cross my fingers and toes and hope that I only have 12 typos instead of 22.


*  I hope like hell that my kids don’t discover that I have a potty mouth.


*  I hope like crazy that my Grandmother never learns how to turn on a computer.



But a video.  A video takes online life to a whole new level of … I don’t know what.   I don’t have any words for it.  Only video.   That is what you will see today.


An ABOUT ME video.



Hot flash.

Now is your chance to run for the hills.  Go.  Skeat.   Skat.  Skedattle.  You may want to watch this video when you are a little bit drunk a little later on.  Just sayin’.


Funny shit happens when the camera goes on.

I have no idea why.

I have no answers.

There is no logic.

That’s right.  I have no logic.  What the effff ? LOL.


I just used an LOL in a blog post.  It is all down hill from here.  Next thing you know… there will be a happy face 🙂


Technically….I don’t even know how to film things properly yet.  I just turned on the video camera and prayed to the video Gods to have mercy on me.  Because I was going to need all the mercy I could get.


Have you tried vlogging ?


Vlogging means …. I don’t know what it means.  I just vlogged.  I just did a karate kid video move and went for it.  I don’t even know what that means.


I thought it was high time to grab life by the horns and just DO.  Balls-to-the-walls video making.  Okay, I don’t have balls.  I do have walls.  I wish I was hiding behind them right now.




Not gonna lie.  It scared the bejesus outta me.


Vlogging = Video blogging.


Uhm….No joke….That word just gave me a hot flash.


Why did I vlog?

I felt inspired by a friend of mine that I met on twitter.  Her name is Ann Wertz Garvin.  I fell in love with her when I watched this video clip On Maggie’s Watch.  It’s a one minute clip about her book On Maggie’s Watch.  For some reason, her video just grabbed my heart.  It was in that moment that I realized that a video can tell so much more about a person.  I knew she could someday be a friend of mine.   I could feel it.


Did I just sound like a corn dog?

Great.  Ann is probably locking all of her doors as of this very moment.


I wanted to make an about me video and do the same for you.  Since we are already friends.  You read my blog, therefore I’d like to think of us as friends.

I have been trying to convince my family for years that my online family is pretty epic.  Yes, that is YOU.

Help a sista out.  Write in the comments below and tell my family that you rock out loud.

Because you do.  Even if you are my imaginary friend.  An imaginary friend that drinks beer with me is a friend indeed.   Stamped it.  Pinky swear it.

Unless you are a weird-o.  Back to the skeet skat skedattle part for YOU.


Making an ABOUT ME video is like standing buck naked in front of your mother-in-law. Read about it on DESIGN THE LIFE YOU WANT TO LIVE.


Who knew that I would write a blog post about vlogging AND talk about how much I love to read a good book.  Who does that shit ?


The treehouse could crumble around me right now… and I would ignore it still keep on reading.  I can’t get my nose out of the book….or ….my lips off of the beer glass.  Just sayin’.

My life in a nutshell = Good book.  Treehouse.  Sounds of nature.  Cold beer.  Drowning away the memories of making a video…


Making an ABOUT ME video is like standing buck naked in front of your mother-in-law. Read about it on DESIGN THE LIFE YOU WANT TO LIVE.


Making an ABOUT ME video is like standing buck naked in front of your mother-in-law. Read about it on DESIGN THE LIFE YOU WANT TO LIVE.


Making an ABOUT ME video is like standing buck naked in front of your mother-in-law. Read about it on DESIGN THE LIFE YOU WANT TO LIVE.


Making an ABOUT ME video is like standing buck naked in front of your mother-in-law. Read about it on DESIGN THE LIFE YOU WANT TO LIVE.


Pretty damn exciting huh?  I hid all the empties for the photos 🙂



The shit got real when I had to kick into gear and make a video.


What the what what?

{ Eeeek }

{ Gulp }

{ Sweat on brow }

{ Lump in throat }


What did I learn about making an ABOUT ME video?


1.   I like bloopers more than content. Wahhhierd.  I know.

2.   I could think of a million other things to do instead of making a video.  More like a zillion things.  Really important things.   Like ironing.

3.   It’s all about the skill of the camera man and producer.  Neither of which I have.

4.   They say you should do one thing a day that scares you.  Yup.  Video making qualifies for that one.  Big time.  Like poop your pants, big time.

5.  Creating a video is definitely like standing buck naked in front of your mother-in-law. Maybe worse.  Definitely worse.

6.   Do not and I repeat…do not…show your Aunt your first video cut.  She will give you a panic attack with her feedback.  Yes, I love your honesty ~ Auntie Gail.  Thank you.  I think.  I might have preferred to be naked in front of my mother-in-law.  Yup.  Definitely. I would have preferred that.

7.   As soon as the camera was turned on… that was my cue to want to run for the hills.  Super fast.

8.   I don’t want to talk about it.

9.   I have no idea why I am talking about it.

Buckle up kids, this day just got awesome....

This video is for you.

Welcome to my imperfect life.

I’m officially a turd.


This is my first step at giving you a glance into who I am.  I hope you enjoy it…..

*I’m closing my eyes… I can’t watch it*


It’s a hum dinger.  I think I will view it at a later date.  Possibly when I’m drunk.

Now you MUST subscribe to my blog.  It’s the right thing to do. LOL. Ohhh eeemm geeehh, sorry about that LOL again. Ha!

Enter your email for weekly awesomeness… sometimes less than weekly… but who is keeping track? Not me. 🙂

* indicates required


If you want to buy Ann’s book you can find the kindle version of ON MAGGIE’S WATCH  and paperback version here.  Get ready to kick back and enjoy the ride of her beautiful story.

With much love,


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  1. abigail nasser says:


    I’m interested in buying some advertising space on lynneknowlton.com. I found it while doing some research for sites that would be a good fit for my clients.

    If this is a partnership that you’d be interested in, then please let me know and we can take things from there.



  2. abigail says:


    I’m looking to buy some advertising space on lynneknowlton.com. Is this something that you’d be interested in talking about further?

    If so, then please reply to this email so that we can kick things off.

    Looking forward to hearing back from you.


  3. Paul Back says:

    Haha Hi there movie star 😉 cant wait to see what you do with these vidoes – most of us have the same issue with being camera shy but I know you will love it soon.


  4. Tracy Black says:

    Your vlogging is as awesome as your blogging. Best compliment I can think of. Thanks for the giggle – and for the guy dancing In a speedo.

    • Oh my oh my oh my… isn’t that guy hilarious Tracy? I just about LOST IT laughing. What a wiggle. Thanks for the vlogging compliment. I need to learn how to do the speedo dance for my next vlog. LOL xx

  5. Jean says:

    Loved your video making – gave me a good laugh today. I also re-watched your “cancer sux” video with tears in my eyes. Someone I know just started treatment for colon cancer, 50 years young!
    Keep blogging and keep bringing smiles to us. JS

    • Seriously Jean, thank you for the awesome cheer. I hit that publish button sometimes and wonder… is it all worth it? Write, edit, rewrite, edit… rinse repeat. LOL. Video work…well that is a whole other story of goofball-ness. Ha! I feel inspired to keep going for it. Thank you for the inspiration.
      Kisses, Lynne xx

  6. yana says:

    I just found this site. I have to say your ideas are great, and your sense of humor is wonderful. I am a divorced mother of three girls, and your site is helping me to see that creating things that are fun and different, is the coolest thing ever. Starting over has become so much fun. Thank you

  7. Shawn Lee says:

    Holy hilarious balls, Batman! You are one funny lady. Excited to see/read more about you and your beautiful family.

    • Thanks Shawn!
      Now… If I could only sip enough Pinot to get up the nerve to make a few more videos for the blog :).
      A girl has to do, what a girl has to do !
      Thanks for the cheers!!
      Woot woot !
      Lynne xx

  8. Jody says:

    Found you via Design Mom. You are my new blog to follow! A hoot! Love it. And I love reading about someone with many kiddos – I have four boys (triplets thrown in there!)

    The treehouse!!!!! Can I come visit?!

    The big question I need to have answered……where did you purchase those hangy rope things you have in a pic? I am on a quest to find something like that for my boys!!

    Thanks for sharing your self. Love it.

    • Hi Jody !
      Whaaaaat ? Four boys and triplets thrown in there?! You are my new hero. I am seriously bowing to you RIGHT NOW. LOL !! Holy smokes. I already think you are amazeballs.

      I love your description “hangy rope things”. We might be related !! ha! Do you mean the driftwood that is hanging at the treehouse entrance and over the hammock chair? I bought those in Bali. If you don’t want to hop a plane and go over land sea and yonder… you could also check out West Elm. It is a great store !! They sold them last year and they were sooooo pretty.
      Or…gather those boys… have them pick up some driftwood off of the beach and string it together with fishing line. Bam. Done. xx
      Big hugs !!! Lynne

      • Jody says:

        Done! boys + driftwood + fishing line – too cool craft!! (and I totally stole your idea of using branches for curtain rods!! LOVE IT!!!!)

        But I was actually asking about that hangy thing your daughter is hanging from upside down? Everything I look at online looks el-cheapo… your’s looks better & may just hold up to 4 boys!!

        Thanks again!

  9. mrsugarbears says:

    This was the best video ever! You rock at Vlogging. You may have inspired me to try the same. I now know to have opened the bottle of Pinot noir before I turn the camera on. You are adorable! Happy Dance going on here, too. Mwah!

    • Believe me… ohhhh believe me… the pinot noir will definitely help! LOL. Why didn’t I think of that?! All kidding aside… I couldn’t believe how fun it all actually was in the end. It is scarier THINKING about vlogging than it is to actually vlog. Go for it! I bet you will be awesome!! Hugs, Lynne xx

  10. Dear Lynne,

    I love you.

    That is all.


  11. Julie Peisel says:

    Um okay, weird, part of my comment was not there. Maybe I accidentally deleted it??
    So here we go again…it will make more sense now!

    You’re adorable!
    You cracked me up when you said “Now that the camera’s on I have nothing to say!”
    Definitely do more videos. Plus, I love the treehouse!! Yes, I imagine it’d be hard to leave that hideaway, sitting on the hammock chair with a good book & huge glass of wine!
    How’s your husband doing?
    Anyway, I hope to design the life I want to live–adjusted to accommodate life with a child with aspergers & anxiety–taken in little steps.
    Take care!

    • Hi Julie !

      Wow your life sounds busy and interesting. My friend has a son with aspergers and I must tell ya… He came up with the most GENIUS idea for our pool. It is awesome when an 8 year old outsmarts all the adults in a room 🙂 LOVE it ! LOL.

      Thanks for the video compliments !!! I might be brave enough to give it another whirl now. Problem is.. will I have something to say? hahahaa!
      Lynne xx

  12. lisa thomson says:

    You’re even cuter vlogging than you are blogging, and I didn’t think that was humanly possible. Hilarious. Keep designing and vlogging the life you want Lynne. 🙂 smiley face, LOL

    • Don’t make me jump through the computer screen and smooch you Lisa. I have done it before, and I’ll do it again 🙂 xx
      Thank you for making my day. xoxxo

  13. kristin says:

    loved your video! and i am already subscribed 🙂 cuz i am a friend…..and you are really funny and i love your blog!

    • Kristin !!!!
      You are soooo amazeballs. You just made me grin from ear to ear. Seriously, I actually belly laughed. Thank you for your awesome compliment. You made my day.
      Lynne xx

  14. Tracie says:

    OMG Lynne, you are the cutest ever!!! I loved your video and you. Watched it this morning early while drinking my yum water and what do I see on your desk? Glad to see that you walk the walk! While I’m drinking mine, I kind of run sometimes, but that could be due to the age thing, haha………….Your mom sounds incredibly like mine, and I would guess that your aunty would rock that sheer purple dress!! So happy to get your posts, I do the happy dance too when I get one…….Love, love, love you…….!!

    • Oh my goodness Tracie,
      Sounds like you ‘pee like a race horse’ too on the cleansing water. Excuse that expression. I couldn’t think of another way to say it. It’s true, when you drink that much water in a day… well… in one spot out another. It definitely cleanses. Why am I sounding more gross by the minute? ha!!
      Yes, that is the yummy cranberry~lemon water that I am drinking. I walk the talk sista 🙂
      Kisses ~
      Have a great weekend!!
      Lynne xx

  15. Nancy says:

    Hey Lynne, what an awesome job you did on your first attempt. Here’s to many more! Keep up the good work, you keep me going with your craziness and comments. PS: I think have that same pitcher! I use it to drink the delicious muffin-top dissolving elixer you taught us. Now I have something that links us together…. So exciting!

    • Too funny Nancy !
      That is exactly what I am drinking in that pitcher! My muffin top fighting elixer ! Great minds think alike 🙂
      That stuff tastes pretty darn DELISH, doesn’t it?!

  16. mom says:

    gawd….I am so glad I’m related to you. Does that make me famous too? How come there is only a picture of you and your brother Michael on your table behind you? Why isn’t there a life-size picture of your mom? Lynne…..this video is just so wonderful……it’s just so much fun!!! Just like you. Bravo…again and again

    • Thanks Momma…
      Great… I feel a little more nervous now that I know that my mother reads my BLOG too. No more F bombs dropping from this mouth. Okay, I lied again. PS. I have that picture of Mikey and I because it might be the only photo on earth where we both brushed our hair. I think you might have even “licked” some kiss curls in there. Ewwwwwh. LOVE YOU, Peaches xx

  17. Carol says:

    Lynne, Lynne, Lynneeeeee, that was amazing, like everything you give us. With a great big smile on my face and butterflies in my stomach for you, I feel the relief and adrenalin it took to do this Video. If I were to do a video it would turn out exactly the same. I can actually feel the wide open space around and the crazy that happens.
    When typing you focus the information to one small space, from the annoying space in our head and have the time to clarify what we want to get across. But the camera makes you step out side this tiny world and silently blows a constant raspberry that makes clarity fall into featel position at your feet. Then the rude camera yells “oh for fxxxks sake do something with this HUGE open space.” So your body volunteers to play charades, of now now now do something you, you, person you.
    Thank you so much for, yet again for being true. My cyber friend you always remind me to sit down, have a cup of tea and feel normal. X

    • Ahhhhh shucks Carol,
      Why can’t I think of those words ?!:) You said it so brilliantly! Nice job!! Brills! Thanks for the vote of confidence. As CRAZY as this may sound… it is comments like yours that make me think.. Okay, it was worth it. I did a video and DIDN’T throw up in my shoe.. so maybe I should do this again and keep on having fun doing it. It is true, isn’t it… it is nice to put a face to a name and a voice?

      I have a goal to start to make some DIY videos. The trick is to make one when a bird ISN’T pooping on my head. What a challenge!

      Many hugs!

  18. Tiffany C says:

    Love you, Lynne. Love love love you! So grateful for your brilliant hilarious genius that you share so freely. A warning here for first time readers should say “Guffaws and Sharp Turns Ahead” and another ‘Caution: reading this will cause fits of intense laughter.’ XO

    • Hahahahaha thanks Tiffany !!
      I try not to warn of intense laughter, because pee’ing of the pants follows shortly thereafter. Just sayin’. That’s my world.
      Lynne xx

  19. Shauntelle says:

    OH, I LOVE IT!!! You are definitely my friend, I loved you for the treehouse but I absolutely want you to be my best friend because of that video!!! And yes, you can tell your family you have awesome online friends…. I’m totally an example of that. 🙂

    Seriously, I’ve been “thinking” about vlogging for all of six months now… you’ve just given me the inspiration and courage to tackle my first one this weekend! Woot, woot… Thanks for being you!

    • THANK YOU Shauntelle !
      You are going to give vlogging a shot this weekend too? My advice: do a shot first. LOL! Truthfully, it is not nearly as bad as our heads conjure up in advance.

      I say GO FOR IT…. and share it with me when you do!!! You can email me at lynne@lynneknowlton.com anytime. Except midnight. I need my beauty rest or I am little miss cranky pants.

      It is strangely weird that a video can make all the difference in the world. In hindsight, I see why. We all hear each others words in text in cyberspace..but REAL LIFE stuff is where it’s at. I am going to try and try again. I hope you are inspired to do the same.

      Much love … and HAPPY WEEKEND !!

  20. Linda says:

    I’ve been wondering where you were, now I know. Off making a video so all of us devoted followers could see and hear the awesome woman we all laugh, cry and relate to, plus have an adult beverage with when the occasion arises. It’s Friday? That warrants a bottle of vino, Right? Keep doing what you do, it’s why I get excited when I see you in my inbox. That sounded weird, right? You know what I mean.
    Love ya’

    • Oh noooo Linda, we are going to start rumours when you get excited to see me in your inbox. LOL!!!! too funny!!! You are right.. I have had a bit of radio silence on the blog for the past few weeks. I actually filmed an episode for the Cottage Life Television Channel AND had a photo shoot in the treehouse. It was busy around these diggs. I still can’t believe that the days whirl by so fast like they do. Whaaaatup wit dat?

      Time to celebrate with a glass of vin rouge tonight and take in the moments of celebration. Ahhhh. My goal is to blog once a week from this point on. You can hold me to it 🙂 If not, you have my permission to email me and holler. haha!! Dangerous play! LOL.

      Lynne xx

  21. Joy Holderness says:

    Ditto Becky’s comment – well done!!

    • Thanks JOY!! Don’t make me blush TWICE in one day. These hot flashes are enough already. LOL. Oh shit. I did another LOL. What has gotten into me lately? Have an epic weekend! Lynne xx

  22. The Infamous Aunt Gail says:

    Well my dear Lynne…I never knew I put that much fear in my relatives; my kids maybe, but my niece!!! Neva, neva dahling. Anyway, you are absolutely superb, I laugh, giggle and smile each time I see it. Simple is always best….I’ve been telling your Mom that for years…and oh yea…I am so proud of you. You are the bestest…and I can see I’ve passed my sense of humour on….love you…xxx WONDERFUL.

    • Hiya Auntie Gail,
      In all fairness to everyone reading this blog… y’all should know that I love my Auntie. She tells it to me straight… and I have always loved that about her! I just don’t tell her, because I don’t want it to go to her head. She will be all conceited and such. ha!

      I usually stare back at her with a perplexed look ~ so not much has changed. I’ve been doing that for F.O.R.E.V.E.R. One thing remains the same ~> I always listen, even though I don’t always like what I hear. It was great advice and I love you for it AUNTIE GAIL.

      Many hugs from the bestest niece in the whole wide world. Does this mean that I still get my favourite diamond ring in the will? I am your ‘other’ daughter, after all. xx

      • The Infamous Aunt Gail says:

        hmmm.,,may have to sell it for a nice Purple Hat and Purple dress…oh, no, I’ll buy a sheer dress, that’ll make them wake up!!!

  23. Lynne, it was fun to hear your actual voice because I have been listening to your voice for awhile now via your blog. and I would totally drink beverages of any kind with you, and you make me laugh. sometimes I laugh right out loud.. and you also inspire me …
    (that part is good to know, right?)
    be brave and shiny, too.

    • Becky, I hope I don’t make you laugh until milk comes out of your nose. I would never do that. I totally would do that. Why can’t milk out of the nose be pretty? Or a snorting laugh? Why can’t that be attractive?!! The only one who could pull it off was Julia Roberts. I want to be her, minus the ‘hooker’ part of PRETTY WOMAN. How on earth did I get down this path? hahaha!

      Have a great weekend and THANK YOU for the epic vote of confidence. I feel brave and shiny all over again and the *hot flashes* of embarrassment have ALMOST stopped.


  24. Brava! Balls of steel…..you deserve a slammin thump on the back. I’d subscribe, but I have already.
    I’ll share with my friends……………when they are drunk

    Good job my friend.

    • Dionne,

      Not gonna lie. I just about spit out my coffee all over the table with the line… “I’ll share with my friends… WHEN THEY ARE DRUNK “. Oh, how I love you.

      Happy Friday girlie !!

  25. Sidney Vendituoli says:

    You are awesome, and BRAVE!!!
    Thanks for the book recommendation too!

    • Thanks Sid. Tag, you’re it. Time for you and Todd to hit the video camera. Okay, that sounded weird.Don’t HIT it. Give it a whirl. I would LOVE to see you and Todd talking SHOP on vid. Whoop whoop !
      Lynne xx