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I'm having a hot steamy love affair with blogging. You can too. Read more here.

I’m having a hot steamy love affair with blogging.

A flat-out CRUSH.

 I am also crushing on social media.

 Uhhm, and Paris *

* More on that later

#Blog LOVE : I'm Having a Hot steamy Love Affair with #Blogging in #Paris #SocialMedia #HowtoBlog #Travel

Pleazzze admit it. You crush on social media too.

Don’t make me confess it go it alone.

#Blog LOVE : I'm Having a Hot steamy Love Affair with #Blogging in #Paris #SocialMedia #HowtoBlog #Travel

Oscar Wilde, Paris France

 I am throwing in some Paris pix.

I know you kids like pictures.


Ok, me too.

#Blog LOVE : I'm Having a Hot steamy Love Affair with #Blogging in #Paris #SocialMedia #HowtoBlog #Travel

Arc De Triomphe

I am also a little JACKED UP ON MY EXCITEMENT level.

I love to travel to PARIS with my gal pal Norma


 My Beautiful Paris.

#Blog LOVE : I'm Having a Hot steamy Love Affair with #Blogging in #Paris #SocialMedia #HowtoBlog #Travel

Shiny Gorgeousness

Now that I have distracted you with Paris, let’s get back to social media.

Have you drank the social media Koolaid yet?

Geeze Louise I have to teach you everything.

{Insert smile,  you know I’m kidding }


Smarten up.

Just in case you are behind the eight ball,

remember – it is never too late.

It is too late to fit into your skinny jeans from high school,

but it is not too late to jump on the social media band wagon.

If I can learn how to order wine speak french, you can learn how to navigate the social media road.

P.s. This next photo was from a road trip in France.

Yes, this is DORA THE EXPLORER on top of the car !! :

Girlz road trips are a hoot !  Norma drove, I snapped photos out of the car window.

#Blog LOVE : I'm Having a Hot steamy Love Affair with #Blogging in #Paris #SocialMedia #HowtoBlog #Travel



Get on the crazy road trip of BLOGS AND TWITTER.

Don’t be ‘FRAID.  Put on your ‘big girl panties‘ and go for it.

Unless you are a guy.

Don’t put on the big girl panties.

That would just be gross.


#Blog LOVE : I'm Having a Hot steamy Love Affair with #Blogging in #Paris #SocialMedia #HowtoBlog #Travel

Pere Lachaise Cemetery, Paris

Relationships & Blogging :

Ok…on to the intimate relationship discussion.

If you are a fellow blogger, you know what I am talking about.  You spend your waking hours thinking in blog segments.  You think of it in the shower, in the bath…you name the place.  There is no rhyme or reason, it just happens everywhere.

Like an affair.

A blogging love affair.

#Blog LOVE : I'm Having a Hot steamy Love Affair with #Blogging in #Paris #SocialMedia #HowtoBlog #Travel

Ahhhhh A French Bath !

Twitter  :

With Twitter, you live your life thinking in 140 characters or less.

You even have thoughts where you start to wonder if you could actually complete an entire sentence in real life.

Whaaaat??!  I can talk in a complete sentence ?!!

Whooo Nelly.  Stop the train.

I don’t need to write a paragraph squished into a 140 character box?!!




#Blog LOVE : I'm Having a Hot steamy Love Affair with #Blogging in #Paris #SocialMedia #HowtoBlog #Travel

Metro Awesomeness In Paris

Are you having a blog romance?

Maybe you even have multiple blog partners?

Do you spend your free time hours trolling blogs and twitter?  Do you explore new decor ideas, learning some techy stuff, drooling over pinterest pictures, traveling around the world and back again and you haven’t even left your house ??

Are you still in your pajama’s, and drinking 12 cups of coffee?

Welcome to my world.

The life of a blogger.

#Blog LOVE : I'm Having a Hot steamy Love Affair with #Blogging in #Paris #SocialMedia #HowtoBlog #Travel

A daytime Stroll

If you haven’t tried leaping into social media circles, you should.

Blog reading ( and writing ) and twitter support is like screaming BINGO in the bingo hall.

Yes, I like BINGO.

Shut  it.

#Blog LOVE : I'm Having a Hot steamy Love Affair with #Blogging in #Paris #SocialMedia #HowtoBlog #Travel

You  can make some pretty great friends out there.

#Blog LOVE : I'm Having a Hot steamy Love Affair with #Blogging in #Paris #SocialMedia #HowtoBlog #Travel

Repetto …gorgeous shoes !!

Truth is, I am having several blog love affairs.

Bloggers not only send out ahhhmazing info but they also encourage and support each other.

 It is a total love fest.

I encourage you to go out there and live a little with your blog reading/and/or writing.

Go out and hussy it up in the blog-o-twitter-sphere.

It’s fun.  I promise.

#Blog LOVE : I'm Having a Hot steamy Love Affair with #Blogging in #Paris #SocialMedia #HowtoBlog #Travel

Wanna know what my bloggie friend said about me?

 I am going to tell you.

This is only going to happen once in 2012.

Then, that’s it.  That’s all you get.

The rest of the year will be about home design and decor ideas, and not about me.

#Blog LOVE : I'm Having a Hot steamy Love Affair with #Blogging in #Paris #SocialMedia #HowtoBlog #Travel

The Merci Store Paris

I wanted to write about my fellow blogger friend, Amanda wrote about me because

It is not everyday that someone steps up and sticks their neck out and screams :




Ok, that didn’t happen, but something really kind did.

Amanda said some really nice things about me.

#Blog LOVE : I'm Having a Hot steamy Love Affair with #Blogging in #Paris #SocialMedia #HowtoBlog #Travel

Flower Love

Here is a wee excerpt from my friend Amanda






Today’s Feature Friday is a blog that is a little of this and a lot of that, a woman who is courageous and chooses to take on life by finding the funny in absolutely everything.


DESIGN THE LIFE YOU WANT TO LIVE , is a blog by Interior Designer Lynne Knowlton.


One of the reasons I love her blog goes so far beyond the title. Lynne has one of the most honest and humorous outlooks on life that I have come by in quite some time. She is kind of like an insta-best-friend by the way she let’s you into her life as well as how she responds to yours.She writes by the seat of her pants, exactly what’s in her heart and I believe that is the ticket.  She’s honest and real.So here are 10 reasons why I read Lynne’s blog and truly believe you should too!


10. She makes me laugh out loud

9.  She is easy to relate to

8.  I really enjoy her style of writing

7.  She has an adult tree house…I mean, come on, how cool is that?

6.  She lived in Paris, my all time most favorite place in the world.  Take me with you next time won’t you, Lynne?

5.  She has some of the most creative blog post titles I’ve ever seen.   ie: How To Be A Blog Hussy

4.  She is as authentic as authentic can be

3.  She puts herself totally and completely out there for you to get to know her

2.  She chooses to look cancer straight on and tell it to kiss her ass .

And drum roll please….

NUMBER ONE… She has a beautiful soul that shows through her writing. She’s one of the good ones!

Some of my favorite posts are: Have a Dream? My goal is to have our house published~oh how dreamy that would beUp in the Tree house with a FriendDear Cancer, You Can Kiss My Ass,


Thanks Amanda. xx

Right back atcha, sista.


Who are you going to pay it forward to today?

I wanna hear about it.

I want proof.  In writing.

Share some links to some your favourite blogs.

I am ok with multiple blog partners.

I will fill my coffee cup a little more full, and have a good read.

Be good.  If only for today.


P.s. I would adore it if you could truly share your favourite blog links in the comments below.



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  1. ohhhhhhh – fret not – I still luv ya

  2. bailey says:

    blog trolling, me? ok i admit it!!! busted. been searching every good-looking blog for information and tips about how to ACTUALLY enjoy paris, and i must say that the way you think definitely agrees with me. looks like you checked out pére lachaise cemetery?? been checking out this guidebook (mostly for the amazing photos), trying to plan a full-on visit http://www.amazon.com/Meet-Me-At-P%C3%A8re-Lachaise/dp/1452852138

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      Hi Bailey
      You are hilare…. Blog trolling…. Thanks for the blog compliment. haha. Glad u thought my blog was good looking. LOL.
      Yes, I went to Pere Lachaise many times. I loved it so much. Too many times. I should be embarrassed to admit that.
      I saw your link, but honestly, I don’t think you will need to buy that book. There is so much great info on line.
      You may want to check out my friends site called http://www.mybeautifulparis.com. Norma is awesome at Paris advice. And she is one incredible woman too!
      She is on twitter too…@mybeautifulpari
      Have a FABULOUS TIME !
      P.s. there is a wee restaurant to the right side of the main entrance of Pere Lachaise. Right on the corner, just outside the main gates. It has the best boeuf bourguignon in the whole wide world. yum yum yum

  3. hmmmmmm – retracing steps – where was I digging to find this lil gem??
    AHA!! – I remember now – that Denise was leading me around!!
    Happy to find you Lynne – good sense of humor ‘n I’m smiiiiiiling!! 🙂

    ~Reggie~ (I’ll let you figger it out, if ya likes)

  4. Linda Leyble says:

    Hi Lynne…

    This is a great reminder for me to do this. I should have awhile back. It’s true, how many wonderful people I have met while blogging and on Twitter – you for instance! I have met women who have helped with my photography, blogging tips, DIY tips, design advice – everything. We’ve shared stories about our personal problems, job horror stories and triumphs. So – yes…it is time to give back. Wonderful idea!

    Some blogs I love…


    I have to look up some of the others (I am not at my own computer today!!)



    PS – Head over to my blog – I am doing a Great Giveaway this week!

  5. Dionne says:

    Bonjour mon petite bijoux!
    Can I join the love fest? I’m crushing on SM too, I hope you don’t mind sharing 😉
    Have fun in Paris and bring me back a caffe au lait and a profiterolle!

    • Bonjour ma copine ~ Dionne!!
      Yes, you may share in the love fest. We can have multiple blog partners….no one will ever know. LOL. Thanks for the Paris well wishes. It has been great so far. Bisous !! Lynne xx

  6. Sam says:

    So jealous Lynne and Norma! You little b-otchas living up int he city of lights! Just joking! Love you girls! Anywho, blogs I love are:




    but not as much as I love you! 😉


    • Thanks Sam !!! You d’best. Wish you were here with us ! I will check out those blogs for sure !! Thanks for sharing.
      P.s. Love love love your sense of humour
      Bisous! Lynne xx


  8. Excellent idea – cyber lovin’ on cool bloggers. My February theme is LOVE so I now have new inspiration! Thank you, treehouse goddess! That’s how I think of you in my head – because you DID the thing 🙂

  9. quintessence says:

    I don’t think I have to tell you how much I love social media!! Have a fabulous trip – I’ll be watching. And I don’t ever wear big girl pants – except of course when you’re not watching!

    • Ohhh yah, I know how you love Social Media…you are my twitter/site GODDESS :))) You make such a difference in the social media circles…so great to have met you ‘virtually’…maybe someday IRL (?) Lynne xx

  10. Leslie says:

    Lynne! You out-did yourself girl, and YES I love it hot and steamy, totally falling for all of this and will check out your friends blog! You’re on a roll and keep roll-in – love those Paris photos!!

    • So sweet of you to say, Leslie. I feel like I am in a Parisian heaven right now. I have my camera ( I look like a goofy tourist- uggghh) but I just love taking the photos.
      Bisous ! Lynne xx

  11. You have a tree house? Now I am living in total envy (as if a girl’s road trip to Paris AND your awesome photography ability wasn’t enough to bring out the Green monster)!

    I am adding you to my Writers That Inspire Blog Roll. If you happen to visit me you will find other “Writers that Inspire” as well as political blogging buddies that you may or may not have the slightest bit of interest in. (Which is why I have my Blog links in 3 categories–for my multi-faceted interests).

    But per your request, I will give you two links to blogs I’m pretty sure you will enjoy:

    Bluebird of Bitterness http://bluebirdofbitterness.wordpress.com/

    Mirth & Motivation http://eof737.wordpress.com/

    btw: I haven’t been back in a few weeks because I couldn’t remember the name of your blog–though I remembered your blog–nor could I remember how I found it in the first place. Thank goodness WP FINALLY had you listed under “Comments I’ve Made” today. Whew!


    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      I am a rotten blogger. Bad bad bad blogger. I am just replying to your comment now, months later.
      The ‘big green monster’ caught my eye, and I just laughed out loud. Roared. On my way to your blog now.
      Love, your fellow blogger. Bad blogger. Bad bad blogger :))

      • No, Lynne, you are a BUSY blogger. No worries. I actually had a pingback from a congressman’s web site that I didn’t even notice (I just hit approve on pings). A commenter pointed it out to me a few days later. I was like…omg. So, I beat you on being a bad blogger. I get an opportunity for a larger audience and I don’t even realize it.

  12. Elyse says:

    Lovely! Thanks for taking me back.

  13. Maureen says:

    Another ‘Blog Podium’ in May, in Toronto. You HAVE to come! ‘nuf said…. Except I danced on Front St in front of my design gal pals, last night, and think you would have joined me,…. If you weren’t in Paris!

  14. You are so hilariously funny Lynne, never a dull moment. “Wear your big girl panties”, I am trying to go back to my svelte pre-4 kids figure (holding my breath to zip pants). Love Paris for me, pin more ubber neat things!

    • Haha ! So happy to hear that someone else can relate to those big girl panties ! :)) Have you had to hold your breath and LAY DOWN to zip your pants ?…concerned that you may never breathe again? Oh the fun of having four kids. xx 🙂
      I am off to PIN some pics, just for you!

  15. You. Are. Adorable! I loved your post 🙂 So sweet and I truly believe YOU are one of the good ones!

    Big big hugs!


  16. You rock. (do people still say that?)
    Anyway — I’ve been flirting with a new-to-me blogger, Anne Burr who writes ‘Alphabet Concepts.’
    There are many, many others — I am a blogslut after all.

    Have a good day in PARIS!

    • Ohhh yah….I hope that other people say YOU ROCK, cause I still say it. YOU ROCK OUT LOUD. 🙂 I had to edit a word in your comment, because my google searches for my site were going a little crazy. You are too funny! Thanks for my ‘google search’ blog laughs today !! Much love, Lynne xx

      • Ack! Sorry I dropped the f-bomb…

        • Haha, don’t be sorry Anita, I had the best laugh ever when reading my google searches after the f-bomb. Best entertainment ever!! I now know where to buy some really interesting undergarments and which street corner to stand on when I want to wear them. hahahaaaa…what a hoot. Too funny. You kept me laughing ! Keep the comments coming, I love it when you comment xx.

          • And p.s. Anita….don’t beat yourself up too much. I am not the virgin Mary, and I do say ASS in my blog posts. I am sure my google stats would have recommended panties and street corners at some point. :))) I had it coming, and boy oh boy, was it FUNNY! :)))

  17. Tu says:

    Love you Lynney and your blog!! I miss Paris too-we had such fun-didn’t we! Remember our date when you back!!

    • I absolutely will remember our date when I get back. For sure.

      We had a great time in Paris, I agree !! It is sale time in all the clothing stores right now. You would go caaarazy with excitement if you were here. I may need to hide my own credit card. xx

  18. You… You… oh I can only imagine what’ll come up in your Google searches after this one!
    You’re crazy. You know that, right? Do you know that I hate you because you are in my favorite city in the entire damned world?

    Eat and drink a lot for me, please!

    • I might be a pinch crazy this week. I think Paris is just so over the top exciting to me….I just can’t control my blog words. I will try to behave myself next week. Until then, the google searches are a HOOT. Oh the things we do to ‘entertain’ ourselves. Now I know where you get your blog name from 🙂 I will send Paris your love xx

  19. Oh my goodness….I’m exhausted. That is ONE amazing roller coaster of a blog entry. LOVEEEEEEE it and YOU!
    Now I am awake! xo

  20. Spencer says:

    Aww Lynneeeyyyyy! I miss Parisssss! So jealouss that your eating macaroons and I am in freezing Toronto! I think we need to come visit!

  21. dcoopsd says:

    Seriously what the hell were you on when you wrote that? Oh wait… that mystical air they call Paris! I hate you now. Because you’re there. And I’m not. But I still kinda love you too. I’m confused.

    And no, not wearing big girl panties.

    • I am on my fourth cup of coffee :). It is morning here. You must have recognized some of those Pere Lachaise pixs in the post(?) I just read your blog post on brass. J’ADORE un-laquered brass. It is top drawer amazing. Great post!