BALI: A one of a kind island & one of my fave places evarrrr.

BALI: An exciting place for furniture, carvings, lighting and good people xx

Could you ever imagine yourself living on a warm tropical island?

I can.

Wait, let me think about it for a minute.

Twist my rubber arm

Thinking….Thinking….comptemplating for one more moment



BALI: An exciting place for furniture, carvings, lighting and good people xx

Crazy part about Bali, with all its surf and sand….


I am too busy {happily} working.

I am a buyer of Balinese goods AND I  LOVE ~LOVE ~LOVE IT.

Beautiful Balinese lighting

This week, the container load of YUMMINESS arrived and is officially stored in my barn.

Even my barn is smiling.

Barns are waaaaay too pretty for hay.

It is in its glory right now.

  This is not the first time my barn has seen Bali.

Gorgeous Bali lighting in the barn via @lynneknowlton

For years now, I have been traveling to Bali to buy furniture, household goods, lighting, and paintings……and an endless list of many other gorgeous pieces of deliciousness.

BALI: An exciting place for furniture, carvings, lighting and good people xx

Buying in Bali

 is a way of giving back to a community of good-hearted artistic people.

It is about making a difference.

I make a difference to them, by impacting their families and income with my purchases.

They make a difference to me and my design style on so many levels.

It gives me a new perspective, new eyes on design, a new world of design that I can share with others.

Balinese workmanship is divine!

Bali is a place to see and experience a different culture.

From a design perspective, it is simple, organic, and warm….coupled with complete and utter uniqueness.

A magical world.

Relaxing sofa chairs in Bali, Indonesia

~ A Breathaking World ~

with its

Vibrant Colours



Hand painted doors in Bali

One of a kind

Copious talent at every turn

BALI: An exciting place for furniture, carvings, lighting and good people xx

~ Unique artistry ~

From this …..

BALI: An exciting place for furniture, carvings, lighting and good people xxTo this…..

This island is not a place of mass production or factories.

It is an island of old-fashioned, traditional artistry.

They have maintained the art of hand creating


hand carving for centuries.

These family skills have been passed down from generation to generation.

Every piece is exceptionally different.


One of a kind.

The Balinese have mastered the method of craftsmanship.

These letters and wall art were all created from reclaimed recycled oil drums.

Creative, non?!

This kind of knowledge of a trade is a rare trait.

I personally like to celebrate,

admire, and appreciate it all.

Which is exactly what I did this week


I was delirious with excitement.

 Santa came early.

I unwrapped for hours & hours and rolled around in cardboard boxes in utter bliss.

I sat there staring.

It was Balinese heaven.

All the angels arrived and they were beautiful.

Never mind that the angels were fibreglass with mosaic glass glued on them.

~ My Bali Bliss ~

I sat and stared at the beautiful workmanship.

This kind of attention to detail is unrivalled.

I swear it.

As an interior designer, these Balinese goods have greatly affected the look and feel of my work.

It is organic, real, and it is full of warmth.

To me, that is what a truly well designed, comfortable home is all about.

You walk through that door, and you feel at home in the space.

Pleasing to the eye, and pleasing to the heart.

Gorgeous patterns.

Hand carved, hand painted.

As I uncover myself from all the cardboard and wrapping….

And come up for a breath of air

I will post more for all to see





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  1. Paul says:

    We manufacture bespoke custom-designed Lighting.
    Perhaps drop by and say hello next time you’re in town,

  2. John Pomeroy says:

    Makes me want to open a Balinese store in my town!!

  3. Allan Zalewski says:

    Wow just beautiful and amazing pieces of art. The people of Bali are amazing artists and know beauty.

  4. Melody says:

    I was wondering if you ever buy/ have custom doors made for clients. I’m looking for a door as pictured being carved in your blog. Please email me if you have any suggestions on how I could order one. Thanks.

  5. Sara says:

    Hey Lynne!

    I’ll be in Bali for a few short days at the end of October and wanted to go furniture shopping for myself, I was wondering if there were some reputable Furniture/fixture stores and carvers you could recommend!

    Best xoxo

  6. Robin says:

    Fabulous …ohhhh my what craftsmanship such artistry.
    I just admire great what they’re able to do.

  7. Lara says:

    Hi Lynne,
    We are looking for Bali lighting, did a recent trip to Philippines and found an incredible light and would love to find something similar to that. Your lights that you have posted with the tree stumps, 4h picture down is very similar to what we are looking for. Could you give me an idea how to find something like this??????

    • Hello Lara,

      I bought the lights years ago, on a road trip from Kuta to Ubud in Bali. It was one of the smaller spots off the side of the road. It has been years since I was there, so I am unsure where you would find them now.

      BALI is sooooooo full of beautiful lighting like the ones in the photos. Maybe a travel trip to Bali will be in your future 🙂

      Lynne xx

  8. Nancy Carr says:

    Love your inspiration. I can dream and enjoy Bali. Hopefully I will be there someday. It is on my new bucket list. Peace and Blessings, Rev. Dr. Nancy Carr

  9. rachelle bertrand says:

    love the hanging wood lighting. would like a price.

  10. Kahleen Rozowsky says:

    I love your pieces from Bali. I would like to buy the wood woven pendants with wood canopies. Gorgeous!!! What is the price?

    • Hi Kahleen,

      I sure wish I had more for sale but I have sold all my Bali pieces. Sorry I can’t help you out. The carvings are sooooo beautiful, aren’t they? Ahhh.

      Lynne xx

  11. Kenny Schwartz says:


    My whole backyard is filled with furniture my ex purchased in Bali. Love it all!
    I have colored lanterns that hang from my tree that almost resemble the ones you have in your barn except mine are different colors: reds, purples, greens, yellows…

    I was wondering if you have any of those or know a place I can buy more of them?

    They are beautiful and I would love to fill up the rest of my trees with them.


    • Hey Ken !

      So cool that you have Balinese lights too ! Aren’t they beautiful at night? Even in the sunlight..they are just beautiful. Unfortunately, I don’t have any extras. Where do you live? I have a friend with a Balinese store in Neptune Beach,Florida. It is called Bali Cargo. Her name is Kim Rogers. She also ships all over the United States. Other than that, I wish I could help you out… except to say.. have a holiday in BALI !! Haha ! Now that would be a great road trip for you to do some ‘light shopping’.

      Cheers !

  12. Nancy Carr in Vieques, Puerto Rico says:

    I want to go to Bali, too. Can I go on your next trip?

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  15. Sam says:

    Oh my! That lighting is amazing!!! So beautiful! I want to make a whole house with only lighting from Bali!
    I’d love to hear about the barn sale!

  16. Lynne – love everything about this post! the craftsmen making the pieces come alive is so cool! I think we need a “retreat’ to your barn (pool, treehouse)! Well done!

  17. Ok, your barn is more beautiful than my home… that wouldn’t seem terribly fair save for the fact that 4 animals do reside here at the moment! 🙂

  18. Heather @ InteriorGroupie says:

    So excited for you and all of your beautiful finds! What a fun post

  19. Lynne, i can see why you feel such a connection to these Balinese artisans. I too am all about the hand hewn craftsmanship..true art, not mass produced. Tell me, is your barn full of Bali treasures for you and your clients, or are you selling these pieces as well?

    • Hi Mo, A bit of both. I bought this container load for a retail store and I shared part ownership in the goods on the container as well. I bought for myself, friends and a few of my designer friends. I would love to do it again.

      Some pieces, I will be selling from the barn as well. Shall I do a blog post on my sale pieces ?

      Ultimately, I would like to return to Bali to buy another container of goods for several retail stores and designers. I really love the work and I have developed the connections in Bali over all these years. It is fantastic.

  20. karen says:

    I have to admit, I was kind of confused when I saw them hand carving stuff. Like .. it confused me. You mean, people actually *make* these things, LOL. Yup. That’s how far removed we’ve become from the stuff we buy. Kind of like chicken eggs. You mean they come out of a chicken’s bum?? 🙂 Very, VERY nice purchases from a very, VERY nice culture. ~ karen!

    • Karen !! I just jumped up and down the room with excitement that you read my blog. Not sure if it is because I had three cups of java, or whaaat ? Thanks for stopping by. I am truly grateful that you had a peak. 🙂

  21. Hi Breda ! Yes, that is my barn. I am going to post about the barn this winter too. I could LIVE in a barn. They are so funky ! I always remember my parents asking me…WERE YOU BORN IN A BARN ? 🙂 hahahaha….and I thought…I WISH ! The amish helped to refurb our barn. Now, I can’t tear myself away from it 🙂

  22. breda says:

    I LOVE this post!!! So interesting…is that your barn?? Its gorgeous!! You are right: its way too pretty for hay!