Cancer & blogging what you are passionate about


Cancer and blogging what you are passionate about xx


Ok, I’ll do that.

I’ll at least TRY.  I blogged for a few years. I even managed, through some miraculous discovery, to attach our old family blog to this one.

I was hit with a techno stick. Right square between the eyes ~ and bamm ~ the blog was back.

It was a TAHHHHH DAHHHHH moment. There, found it, attached it. One of those things that you think about for about a million years, and then it takes 10 seconds to do it. You know the kind. If I had a third leg, I would kick myself for taking so long to do that one.


I was going to centre this blog around my DESIGN life. Of course, in true creative fashion…one can not be so “one dimensional”.

Life is not just design,or any one thing for that matter.  It is what makes us-mmmm- what’s the word ?- not so BORING.

So look out, because I am not holding back.





Truthfully, I don’t know where to begin, so I am going to jump right in and not look back.

Right now , I am PASSIONATE about Cancer. For those of you who know me, you know MICHAEL.

He has a rare blood cancer that affects 1 in a million. Yes, that is a freaky odd number. It is called Waldenstrom’s Macroglobulinemia. Seriously, why is it, that the guy who discovered this cancer, didn’t have the name of Fred Jones?


I could handle a cancer named Fred Jones. To all you FRED JONES’s out there, I apologize right now.


If you have ever read a blood report, you will know what I mean -who names these things ? Whatever happened to keeping things simple ?

Call it Cancer A, Cancer B ….whatever….name it in alphabetical order like a freakin hurricane. That is what cancer is all about anyway.


It is a freakin hurricane on the body.


We have recently been pouring over Michael’s latest blood work results from the hospital here in Paris. This is where I think the Cancer Gods are out to get me. Now, I need to read these reports in FRENCH. We have been in Paris for almost 2 years now, and I can write an entire blog about my french language learning – errrh- non~skills.

If you have a sense of humour- go out with me in Paris for some true down to earth embarrassment. It happens daily :-).



Bad news kids. I am sooooo very very very sad to report that Michael will need chemotherapy. Here is where the passionate part comes in.

We need you. We need you to help us to continue to have some great fun and get through this TOGETHER.

This is where the rubber meets the road. We will be spending a lot of time in Toronto at Princess Margaret.

So when I say ” rubber meets the road”, I am cool with meeting up for retail therapy along side chemotherapy.

Let’s have some date nights in Toronto with our friends and our family…..


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  1. Nean says:

    You and your family are in my prayers! Love how open you are about this journey! You are an inspiration! God Bless!

  2. Annie Kip says:

    Always glad to read whatEVAH you write, Lynne – thanks for sharing your journey. Thinking of you and sending good vibes. Wish I were close enough to take you out for some medicinal vodka and therapeutic shopping!

  3. Hi, I’m a newbee….and I’m interested, concerned, and love to make fun of …everything (myself first, of course). My husband had prostate cancer (age 46) almost 3 years ago. Prostate cancer is not a “young man’s” cancer…so when it hits someone at that age, the usual treatments should be questioned. Long strory short, I fought everyone (including my husband). We found a specialist in NYC (we live in New Jersey), and he had the robotic surgery that I fought for. Today, everything works 😉 and we never think about it….except when it is “blood-wook” time.

    Let’s face it, it just sucks! Alcohol helps! I am wishing you contentment. Oh, it was the “Canadian” side of the family that drove me the most nuts!!

    • So happy that you wrote to me..I went and visited your blog too! I adore NYC !!!…..never mind the cancer stuff..haha…just making road trips into NYC would be a great blast to do. So fab that your hubby is rockin and rollin again…excuse the pun *_*.
      Yah…alcohol is a great giggle along the way.

  4. Jim Knowlton says:

    Very Interesting, well done. Jim K

  5. sab1210 says:

    SO thrilled to see an email from you
    Ecstatic to read you’re blogging again
    Giggled as I read your shy, demure reflections of life in the City of Romance…

    Imagine – All that because I took a sneak peak @ my email @ work on my Blackberry – LOL! ;P

    Seeing Michael’s picture put a big smile on my face (although I know I held my breath as I slowed down to read that entry). My heart was flip-flopping happy-sad while my brain absorbed each word.

    The kiddos? How grown up they must be – I know how much fun they are! Pictures soon?

    My heart, thoughts and prayers unite in sending all of you love, laughter and positive energy all wrapped up in as much silliness as is required. Texas-sized, I promise!

    Please keep on keepin’ on – I would enjoy more of these energizing respites that left my heart singing. I realized I had almost forgotten what that felt like. I promise to share any creation I produce – when, of course, I have something (anything) to show. Sigh, it’s almost July…Hope springs eternal!

    I’ve missed you! Godspeed on your upcoming trip and all it entails.


  6. sandy says:

    I can do retail therapy…although laughing about Greek waiters sounds like more fun. love & hugs mom

  7. norma thiessen says:

    A little snippet from a recent email…I need to hold my Lynne real tight until we start rocking back and forth, turn into a ball and roll right down to the end of my street!!

    You know I’ll be there. xoxoxo