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Are you getting excited for the holidays yet? Even if it’s just the teeniest tiniest little bit excited. Like 30% excited? Like school grades. Are you passing grade excited for the holidays? I, already, can’t get enough of it.  Fo’ real. 

We decorated the Treehouse + Cabin Retreat for the holidays in collab with Crate and Barrel Canada.  Insert all the happy holiday emojis right smack dab in here. While you’re at it, insert coffee too.  And cookies. haha.

Small spaces, cozy greens, wrap around blankets, twinkle lights, fire burning, comfy sofa-ness.  My holiday life is complete. Also, how much holiday is “too much holiday?” Asking for a friend.  Ditto on the cookie eating.

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10 best cozy holiday decorating ideas for small spaces


Top notch beauuuuutiful photography by Lauren Miller @lomillerphoto and next level gorgy gorgeous styling by @tristanjayne



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