Juicing & cupcakes to get rid of cray cray winter blahhhhs

Juicing & cupcakes to rid the winter blahhhhh's via @lynneknowlton

Do you live near a beach ?  Can you smell the sweet salty air and feel the sand between your toes?

Shove over.

I wanna sit right beside you.

I already have a book in hand and a throw blanket that is to-die-for.


Ready – Set – Let’s go.


You are beach living ?!!   Can I be your new best friend?  Do you have a spare room?  One that is preferably facing the beach ?  I will fit in like a glove.  You won’t even know that I am there.  GIMME SUN.

Gimme Gimme Gimme.




The tropics may just be calling my name.  I just can’t answer it with anything other than “SHUT IT, I am sitting in a snow bank right now“.


  • I am more friendly in warm weather with a tequila induced coma & margarita in hand.
  • I prefer to see a hotel pool boy with an umbrella drink in hand…heading my way…with the delivery of a drink that is clinking with mounds of ice cubes.
  • Reality : Instead…. I see a fat, albeit jolly man driving a snow plough. This would only make me happy if it was SANTA.

Enter main stage : JUICING

 Have you ever tried it? It is like an infusion of every nutrient known to mankind.

 It is vitamin dope.

 I can’t believe it is legal.


 I reserve the word magnificent for very special occasions.  I pull it out of the hat, for mind-blowing experiences only.


Definition of Canadian winter this year :  Confused.  It is going through the change of life.  A mid-life crisis.  Actually, I don’t even know what you call it.  Maybe confused.  Misunderstood.  Definitely crisis. I never exaggerate.


The snow was just BEGINNING in this picture


My winter attire: muck-a-luck boots and a toque. Yes, I wear my toque and Ugg’s INSIDE my home in the winter.  Ok, I might have lied about the toque, but the Ugg’s are the gospel truth.





1. Turn on juicer

2. Make concoction that sounds utterly disgusting but tastes divinely delicious.

3. Down the juice with a cupcake chaser.


Maybe one like this :

Excuse the picture quality.  It was dark.  I was sneaking it in the middle of the night.  This ‘awesome-ness’ was created by my daughter Tristan :


Don’t judge me.

 I am an interior design blogger, not Mother Theresa.

 Cupcakes are the Yin to my Yang.

 One cannot be cheery without cupcakes.  Seriously.  You know what I am talking about.  If not, this friendship needs to end here. Here and now.  Over.

My youngest daughter, Mackenzie, made a mountain of cupcakes this week. She gets me.  It is winter.  Cupcakes should be a household staple in every house on earth. Having a bad day?  Make cupcakes.  Holy~ Jumping ~ Geronimo.  Problem solved.

Her cupcakes were created with outrageous colours, even BLUE, and with sparkles.  I started to think, this is what it takes to get through winter.


I was so excited when she made the cupcakes , I created a cupcake train and stared at them.


Even the outrageous blue cupcakes were a grand contrast to the grey skies and gross blustery snow.

And I learned a life lesson.

Note to self:  If you put spinach in juice, you will definitely need to balance it with a cupcake.



:: Hot tip alert ::




Juicing with wheatgrass is the dope.  It’s d’bomb.  Not gonna lie.  It takes some getting used to.  At first, it feels like you are mowing the lawn with your teeth.  The energy boost is worth it though.   It is like taking steroids, but you won’t get the big neck on the weird body and your voice won’t crack.


So there.  I divulged my winter energy boost secrets.  The cat is outta the bag.  Now I can get back to designing.  Design post on living room and kitchen mosaic coming next week.  Woooohoooooo!!!  Because I have the energy to do it.  Yipppeeeeee!!!


What’s your secret?

Do you juice ?

How do you keep your mojo going in the winter?



Or do you just walk on the beach? If you walk on a beach, reply ASAP.

My bags are packed.

Lynne xx


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  1. Decor Girl says:

    Lynne – I’ve been trying the juicing too! I’m hoping it is working because it beats eating my veggies. Mom said I’d grow out of that – never happened. Oh yes, I believe in juice with a cupcake chaser – it makes a hole for the calories or something like that. Cut post.


    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      You are hilare Lisa !! “it makes a hole for the calories”. We are just girlzzz living on the edge with our healthy juicing and cupcake shots ! 🙂 We know how to LIVE. HAHA Lynne xx

  2. Marcy says:

    Love your humor – and cupcakes – and beaches, too! We are lucky to live near several beaches – love walking the beach even in the winter. Want to visit?

    Hmm… my childhood best friend was a “Knowlton” and my high school best friend was a “Lynne” – no wonder I like you!!

    • Lynne says:

      Hi Marcy !
      You are the first to comment ….in my new SITE design. YES YES YES I want to visit. Be careful, I never say NO to a girlzzz road trip :). I adore your design blog. Hope to be a part of it some day ! Cheers ! Lynne KNOWLTON haha

  3. Betty Shepard says:

    You had me at…..the beach! Waiting for flip flop season

  4. Rose Dostal says:

    Come on over with your blanket and margarita in hand. I’ll be on the beach in a couple of days. After our nice chatty time on the beach, I’ll take you back to our place and you might have to settle for the room overlooking the golf course…

    Regarding the juicy bliss…no comment:-) You make everything sound so good but I have to say, I am glad Chicago Goilz trip is in April and well over the winter blah. Therefore, no need to juice up. Hahaha…

    Hey, make sure to bring your baking daughters with you at the beach. Then all of you can feel right at home afterwards. Maybe we can have some fun in our small little kitchen and bake those scrumptuous cupcakes. I sooo LOVE cupcakes! See you in TWland and Chicago!!!

    • Ohhh Rose, you just took my mind to the beach for a moment, and it was BLISSFUL ! It might have made up for the white gross-ness flying outside my window right now. If I could throw a snowball at old man winter, I would. Right smack in the face.
      I will bring the cupcake baking kids to your beachside retreat…they are a hoot…and they know how to ROCK A CUPCAKE.
      Have fun in the sun….and think of me. I will be the one shouting from inside your suitcase.

  5. glmorris says:

    So fun to read, my daughter is a cup cake maker too! Beach lover…goes without saying.

  6. Don’t have a juicer, but inspired to get one (reco. please).Don’t hate me, but not a huge cupcake fan…I would need a bag of S&V chips… STAT after having one of those beauts your girls made. Not a sweet tooth in my body, but SALT…oh ya!. As to winter blahs….twitter and blog reading and….. planning trips to Chicago with my tweeps are my remedies.

    • Mo…we just bought our juicer from a company in Toronto. It is a wee tiny place, but he is number one in Canada. He knows his stuff.
      Here is the link to his store with the Omega juicer that we bought. http://www.juicers4life.com/omega-8006-juicer/ and he sells wheatgrass too. The machine we bought juices wheatgrass (not all do that). Our juicer was $319 and I think it was worth every nickel. It has a 15 year warranty. If there is a problem, you just email a picture to the company and they send a replacement.
      Oh…and I am with you sista….I ADORE S&V chips. Adore them. I am stashing them in my hotel room in Chicago. Shhh, don’t tell. xx

  7. maddiesplace says:

    I have definitely experienced health improvement over juicing! and I do love sweets!! But, well I told you on twitter. We had to break up. 🙁 You know what Lynne? I grew up in Miami being forced to go to the beach every day in the summer and many, many people who live there rarely go to the beach. You often don’t appreciate what you have. Just truth. I appreciate it much more now that I have to drive 2 hours to get there and relish every bit of ocean breeze while there. Talk soon! 🙂