Dear Stress, Let’s Break Up

Dear stress, let's break up

Interesting how we CELEBRATE labor day by not working.

That is an impossible task to ask, don’tcha think ??!!

“If stressed burned calories, I’d be a super model.”

In celebration of LABOR DAY today….

I thought it would be great to start a new way of thinking….

Great quote about stress


That’s my new MANTRA.

Want to join me?!



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Dear Stress, Let’s Break Up https://t.co/2sTG6ySOX7

RT @lynneknowlton: Dear Stress, Let’s Break Up http://t.co/94Emx0HWFh

Dear Stress, Let’s Break Up http://t.co/94Emx0HWFh

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Hi Lynne, I hope I finally fixed the problem by typing in my correct URL website. Sorry about that. Oh my that stressed me out. I’m ok now! Thank you for letting me know.

I nominated you for a Seven Things About Me award. Check it at http://peachyteachy.wordpress.com/2012/09/07/can-i-make-up-new-blog-award-rules/

your commentary over on that diy grapevine ditty won me over. and i’m serious about wanting to make these immediately. i’ll be back to devour more of your delicious blog. stop by if you have a moment!

smiles to you.



I’d love to join you and break up with stress. I just came across your blog today and cannot wait to glance through it all.

I’m chanting. Stress causes holes in your stomach, followed by helicopter tours (not the good kind), followed by long stays in an odd all inclusive faciltiy, followed by months of rest to get over the awful food in the all inclusive, followed by never being able to have a damned glass of wine again! I’m chanting.


I stopped doing ‘stress’ a long time ago – so negative – people feel they can’t do anything about stress –

I do however, do: annoyed, angry, busy, irate, ticked off, exasperated, furious etc. These emotions can be acted on and dealt with – and stress never has a chance! 🙂

Don McKee

OK, You talked me into it! I’m for sure breaking up with stress,It has no place in my life,I’ll kick it’s butt out of my life!!
Thanks for helping it along.

Clearly, I needed this particular message today. If you judge by my dreamscape these days:
Thanks, and I am clearing a space on my desk of inspiration in my classroom.

Oh I misunderstood the concept. Sid and I worked all day.

Don McNevin

Show stress its place, by the curb next to waste cans. I refuse to let stress gain a toe hold. Have to find the humour in any situation, it may be hidden, but it is there.

Stress just doesn’t want to let go. Love the mantra, I’m stressing about breaking up with stress. I would probably look 10 yrs younger with less of it. I’m with you!!


Yes! I miss you too. So much…<3

Ardis McDonald I hear ya sista !! I totally did the same thing! That is what inspired me to write the post. LOL ! No kidding !

Hi Holly Blanton, Oh how I miss you !!!! Let’s talk this week Ok !!??? xx

Cheers to that! As I was lying in bed at 2am this morning, making a “to do” list, those 5 words would have come in handy… And they now will!

You are a supermodel!!

Im with you baby. Stress has recently blessed me with 4 cold sores. Thank you I don’t want to just break up I want a f$&kin divorce thank you very much.

Darling….of course I will support your breakup with Stress! I mat do the same.

I’m right there with you x


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