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Shop our favourite Etsy finds. Soft linens, gold jewelry, prints, basket bags and one of a kind gifts. Elevate your space with these incredible home finds | www.lynneknowlton.com

For the love of Etsy.

Okay, get ready to freak your face. We’ve narrowed down our all time ETSY faves in the history of ever.

No more searching high and low to find the right items to make your house feel like home, or spending endless hours (and money, and bottles of wine) trying to find the perfect items for your wardrobe.

We got this. This page has nearly almost completely everything we love in Etsy! We chose items with simple, yet classic lines. Easy to live with, easy to wear. You can feel good wearing handcrafted jewelery and artisan housewares, knowing you’re supporting small businesses artisans and their craft.

You’ll love how authentic it feels, and how the hand crafted artisan products bring an organic, bohemian touch to your home and wardrobe.

We have four things to show you.

Five things.

Okay, a lotta things:

So good. So so so so good.


These vases. LOVE. Michael asked me why I love to have so many vases in my life. He said this casually… as though he had never met me before.


These prints. We adore the simplicity! Less is more. {Unless it is kindness or toilet paper.} No really tho. The colours. The vibe. The beauty. All of it. It’s faboosh!!


These earrings are d’bomb diggity. Sorry I said bomb diggity. PRETTY! I meant to say pretty.


This bedding. It’s defo sexy. We’re all about linen duvet covers and oh la la bedding. Who knew that bedding would matter so much in life? Uhmmm. It’s everything when you LOVE your bed.

Note to self : No socks. EVER. Any time I fall asleep with socks on, the middle of the night is interrupted with groggy cursing and violent sock-peeling.


We are reliably informed that this hammock is the best one we have met, ever.


This toiletry bag. I must sound like a doof, but I honestly didn’t know how fab a pretty toiletry bag could really be. I set mine out on the countertop and gaze at it. Because it’s pretty. And clearly I’m easily entertained by a pretty toiletry bag. Don’t judge me.


This incense holder. Seriously. Perfection. We have a fave incense! This one smells like heaven.


This company for murals. You probably already know about these murals, because you’re actually with the times. So beautiful. The murals are stunning on all levels of stunning-ness.


These dryer balls. What do you think of static cling in your clothes? My thoughts? Nope. With a side of nope. Dryer balls to the rescue. That, and I don’t like it when my bra is stuck to the back of my t-shirt. My struggles are real.


These bowls. My friends say I have too many bowls. That’s like saying you have too much dessert. I’m not familiar with that concept.


These curtains. Oh my oh my oh my. We created a laundry room this year for the Treehouse + Cabin Retreat.

Shop our favourite Etsy finds. Soft linens, gold jewelry, prints, basket bags and one of a kind gifts. Elevate your space with these incredible home finds | www.lynneknowlton.com

Needless to say…while knee deep in prep for the season and building a laundry room… we didn’t get anywhere with the whole window treatment thing. For, like, the entire s.u.m.m.e.r. I was in that decorating stage known as frozen. Then I found these curtains. BOOM. Amen sista. They are from Not Perfect Linen on Etsy <<< we super love their shop and have used their linens for years.


Shop our favourite Etsy finds. Soft linens, gold jewelry, prints, basket bags and one of a kind gifts. Elevate your space with these incredible home finds | www.lynneknowlton.com


These pendants. I want to spend every waking moment staring at these pendant lights in the pool house laundry room. And that doesn’t make me sound like a weirdo at all.

We bought the pendant light in Bali! Woot! Pendant lights will be on pre-order availability in our shop soon. Balinese handcrafted artisan bracelets, necklaces, and wall hangings will be in our online shop SOON. They are available in small batches only. When they are gone, they are gone. Enter your email to be the first to be notified when they are available in our online shop!


Life can be so hard sometimes, am.I.right? *insert tired emoji sipping wine and eating popcorn.* I light candles on hard days. Okay, I actually light candles every day. Wait. What does that say about me? This may be a good time to mention that I’m obsessed with candles.


This basket bag. Usually when we have get togethers, it’s just me and a bunch of baskets laughing about how popular we are but then realizing we’re all alone. But hey, I’m ok with that. Because baskets will NEVER LEAVE YOU.

Check out our all time favourite shops on Etsy for the very best home pieces! www.lynneknowlton.com

I bought tons of items in this amazing jute colour, so expect to see it used in a few more projects because I have a huge ass stash of it now. If my husband asks, you didn’t hear it from me.

Shop the whole kit and caboodle here on our etsy page and/or the collage sources below.

{{ our fave shops, items, and oh la la-ness }}

ETSY ROUND UP | Unique and beautiful goods for every home, handcrafted products and one of a kind gifts | www.lynneknowlton.com

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Do you have any faves on Etsy? Any faves that make you leap out of your chair and do the boom-chicka-wow-wow dance all over d’place? Spill it. Share your fave shops, products, alllllll the good stuff, in the comments below.

Asking for a friend. Shopping with my hubby is like going hunting with the game warden.

Happy shopping!

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