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Design the Life You Want to Live - a blog of new beginnings

Design the Life You Want to Live - a blog of new beginningsDesign the Life You Want to Live - a blog of new beginningsDesign the Life You Want to Live - a blog of new beginningsDesign the Life You Want to Live - a blog of new beginnings



Alicia Bock said it best with her gorgeous photography and handwritten fonts.  {All photos today are Alicia’s photos.}

Her blog will have you googlie eyed and gobsmacked.  The photography may make you drool.  She even has an etsy shop for crying out loud.

You can find that here: Alicia’s etsy shop.  YUM.

I can’t coordinate my pyjama top and pyjama bottom but this woman can create an etsy shop of amazing~ness.  She is a Yoda ~ wise and powerful in the ways of photography.


Design the LIfe You want to Live - A blog of new beginnings for 2013


Don’t you just want to melt into her photographs?  She is a Michigan gal, with a love for New York and Paris.  My favourite places.   I read those words and fell head over heels in LOVE with her.  She may be alarmed and wondering if I am a lesbian by now.


Design the LIfe You Want to Live - A blog of new beginnings for 2013

Daring Adventure ?!

Oh hells ya.

 Say YES.

Say YES to adventures.

Design the LIfe You want to Live - A blog of new beginnings for 2013

Be Adventurous

What a great way to start off the New Year !!


  • Write down three resolutions today.
  • I will start first to get the ball rolling.
  • If I am going to jump off the bridge, you are jumping off with me.
  • Don’t be afraid.  Writing resolutions will only cause short term hot flashes.


Design the LIfe You want to Live - A blog of new beginnings for 2013

My Three New Year Resolutions :


1.  Give my blog a cold shower :

Get ready.  I have some rock em’ sock em’ fabulous new blog changes coming in 2013.  Sexiness abounds.  I hope.  If it sucks, we all may have to meet at the local pub and collectively drown my sorrows.  You up for the challenge? Do you know how to play Beer Pong?


2.  Write an e-book on how to be an epic blogger.

There ~ I said it out loud.  E-book.  Now I have just given myself a hot flash.  This will not be a typical e-book by any stretch of the imagination.  This will be epic.


3.  Try not to drop the f-bomb in my blog … too often.

It just feels so damn freaking-tastic to swear.  Shit.  I am already second guessing that resolution.  Bloody hell.   I’m in trouble already.


Design the LIfe You want to Live - A blog of new beginnings for 2013


4.  Do not get caught naked with my pants down in 2013.

Geesh, I think Prince Harry should write that one as one of his resolutions for the new year.  The Queen is going to be scratchy at him if he doesn’t leave his hot dog in the bun this year.  What a weenie.


So…. let’s hear your resolutions….

~ Don’t leave me naked and alone with my resolutions and hot flashes  ~

Let’s do this together.

You can’t spell TEAM with an I.

Everything is more fun when we can do it together.

Design the LIfe You Want to Live - A blog of new beginnings for 2013

Happy New Year !!


Now get to it…

Write your resolutions in the comment section.

Let’s hot flash together.


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  1. I may have changed my tweet account, but found you were following me by some great accident as I was collecting a file to email to a company who, I thought was supposed to be helping me, but it turns out was really not doing much except cashing my check. Though finding you and the great photo’s you posted has added a hit of quality and, yes, beauty, to my life that I everyday hope to fill with powerful and game changing, honesty, hope, joy, love and, again, beauty. Thank you for your addition.

    I believe my twitter account is: michaeladamalpert, but not sure as the comp. above mentioned had changed it from what I had created and I’m hoping that I am still me, lol.

  2. Fiona H. says:

    ebook book by a genius funny blogger like you??? I am pre reserving a copy! CANT WAIT. WIll blog about it!!!! Love love love, Fi xxxx

  3. Liz says:

    Oh, wow…thanks for sharing all the gorgeous photos! And I had to giggle at your resolutions…maybe mine should be to proof read my posts before I publish? Especially the recipes. Finding errors gives me those hot flashes…LOL…so embarrassing! Yup, that’s my goal…can’t set the bar too high 🙂

  4. Kim Bee says:

    And here I was all ready to jump off a bridge with you. Now I have to stop swearing and keep my pants on. Too far Lynne, too far.

    Happy New Year my friend. On to bigger and better things. You can do this.

    Ps I don’t make my own, I’m a rule breaker. So why bother. Meh!

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      You RULE BREAKER you. That is what I love about you. Can’t wait for the awesome year to roll out.
      Keep on rockin’ ! Keep on bloggin’ !

  5. Danica says:

    Ohhhh so looking forward to new things on your blog!

    My resolutions for this year is finish building 2 homes!!! 🙂 We already have a good start on it…you can read about it here – http://www.countrychicrenovator.com/2013/01/in-17-days.html

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      Hi Danica !

      The new blog design should be fun. Maybe I will make some changes and then actually remember how I did them. LOL *feedburner funny*.

      Loving that you are a white paint hussy too. Luvin’ your white paint changes. xx

  6. My resolution for 2013? To be WAY COOL just like you!

    I wish I were kidding.

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      haha Rachael !

      You are the coolest chic I know. Yup. That cool. Cause you can bake. And take ‘not crap’ photos. Your photos rock my world.

      You are the only woman I know that can make ballerina’s come to life on a cupcake AND have gingerbread baking skills of a gingerbread goddess.

      Oh how I love my movita. xx

  7. Linda says:

    Happy New Year Lynne,
    1. To Live each day to its fullest,
    2. To Love and hug and kiss often &
    3. To Laugh at every possible chance !!! Giggle hard and pee in my panties!

  8. Kate says:

    LOVE it! My 3?

    1) Drink more champagne
    2) Be fabulous
    3) Be graceful (in what I do, if not necessarily the how!!) if it kills me.
    And definitely, drink more champagne. It should help with #2. Probably not so much with #3.
    Happy 2013 Lynne, may it be bigger & better for you than 2012.
    Kate (thefigintherose)

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      Ahhhh Kate,
      I am lovin’ how you think ! Champagne fabulousness will abound you in 2013 ! I hope it rubs off on me. That sounds like fun !!!

  9. Dawna Jones says:

    Happy New Year Lynne! And all the best to you and your beautiful family in 2013!

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      Thanks so much Dawna ~
      It has been a beautiful 2012 knowing you. You are such a beautiful soul. Can’t wait to hang out together in 2013 -even virtually. Maybe some day we will meet in real life ?!!!! How cool would THAT be? xx

  10. Rose dostal says:

    My dear Lynne,

    You caught me with my pants down…err, I mean, It’s too soon to come up with my 2013 resolutions! Tsk, tsk, tsk! Already behind! Good for you for being ahead of the game, even though it includes not getting caught with your pants down. Promise I’ll let you know when I see ya in 3 weeks. Can’t wait!


    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      Rose –
      You are hilare ! You better not show up at the interior design show in Toronto with your pants down. If you do…warn me…I will bring a camera crew. This could be FUN.
      See you soon !!

      • Kathy says:

        Can you see jealousy from this far away? You two are going to have a blast! Hugs to both of you. I look forward to pretty pictures of both of you and your discoveries!

  11. Jessica says:

    I will jump off a bridge with you! Can we hold hands and scream Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! all the way down? Excited for your sexiness… er, I mean your blog’s new sexxy…. My resolutions… I’m working on them now – the list that is… in my flannel PJs, Veuve in hand!

    Happy New Year my friend. This one is going to kick some Fbomb ass!!!

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      Oh I how love ya Jessica !

      Veuve and flannel PJ’s sounds incredibly divine !

      2013 will be an epic year for you too !! It can only get better, right ?!

      The only way to go…..is up up up !!

      Big love to you xx

  12. mom says:

    ok…my resolutions….. Listen to my daughter more, cause obviously she read the smart book that I so deftly avoided.
    Become an epic blogger goddess too
    Get my toes into the sand more….stare at the stars more…hug more (ok everybody’s moaning now ….naw..not more!!!)
    Learn to breathe from my belly button instead of gasping from my tonsils
    Get my funny bone re-attached

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      You can do it Mom. You can do it !


      You can teach an old dog new tricks. Jokes momma. Jokes momma…you are a youngin’ still.

      Love you.

  13. Kevin Ross says:

    Happy New Year, Lynne!
    I resolve to finally update a couple of web sites to bring them into the 2013’s !!! And there is the small task of organizing the 10s of thousands of photos I have on my trusty hard drive… and that leads to MANY other things that need to be done… It’s going to be a BUSY year !!!

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      Kevin !

      When you get those things done, will you tell me how you did it ? Haha.

      I wish I could hire an elf to sort my thousands of photos. That is what we both need. An ELF.

      🙂 xx

  14. 2013= Finish what I start. Choose happiness. Have a cup of coffee in a treehouse.

  15. Tara says:

    Hi Lynne.
    I do hope the best is yet to come, for everyone! What a positive post on a day I usually find kind of sucky. My only thing is, if and when your new blog changes are a success, not a failure, can we still go and drink in a pub and play beer pong?

    • Lynne Knowlton says:


      Sucky? Are you hungover? LOL 🙂 If so, I bet it was worth it !

      Great idea…let’s celebrate success with Norma and beer pong it in the beaches.

      Whoop whoop !

  16. Pamela says:

    Happy New Year! Looking forward to more fun with you through your blog. Love all of the the inspiring pictures and words here. All the best to you!

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      Thank you Pamela !

      I know how you love photography too ! I hope you have a fantastic new year of epic photography in your blog.

      Cheers !!

  17. Suzanne says:

    Happy New Year Lynne, gobsmacked, okey dokey now thats a new word for me. Seriously the photo’s are beyond beautiful, Alicia is incredibly talented and what a beautiful way to start 2013. Can’t wait to see the changes and what you have up your sleeve this new year.

  18. Ronnie says:

    My three r far too naughty to share!
    But I do like the idea of being naked…..
    Happy New Year Betty…alais Lynne with an e.

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      Have you been reading Fifty Shades of Grey again? LOL.
      Miss you, my friend.
      Happy New Year !!!

      • Tracie says:

        Happy New Year Lynne!!
        I am making a ton of resolutions this year, but I have learned that there are many resolutions within each one…..Here are three for you. #1. I will learn how to play the riff from Dwight Yoakum’s version of Suspicious Minds (I don’t really play guitar much but I know that just saying I want to learn isn’t specific enough), and I understand it’s quite difficult-which makes me want to show off to a few nay-sayers, lol. #2. I will call my family and friends more often, at least once a week I will call someone long distance. I’m so terrible at keeping in touch. #3. I will complete the (many) projects that I’ve started and are taking up space that I don’t have. There! That should keep me busy for quite awhile, which will help me with #4—cut down on playing the stupid games on my computer…….
        I look forward to yours, Lynne, and CHEERS! to a brand new year, filled with good health, good fortune, and lots of tasty vodka drinks!!! And Bailey’s, yum……..xoxo