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My home. HOME TOUR. Come on in…

Aug 5

There is no place like home



We recently had a photo crew come to our home.  What an absolute privilege on this earth to have an incredible photographer and team (!!!) come to our place.



ANDREW GRINTON, can you feel your ears burning? Yes, I am talking about you. Awesome guy.  Talented Soul.  Sweet, hard working….too bad ladies…he is married.

I already said I would smooch him once for taking such great pictures, so I better be careful. :-).

This is me, acting on my best behaviour.



I literally have a bazillion pics, and they are like having so many babies in a room.  Which one do you pick up first? They are ALL SO TEMPTING !



We used a rusted flower, created by a local artisan, to create the pool shower head.





This mosaic has a bit of a story.  I didn’t know how to draw a mermaid.  I stood in the shower stall and had my Mom trace me.  I did advice her to draw me skinnier with bigger breasts.

It is a mermaid with a sense of humour.

I also DEFACED Canadian pennies.  Confession time again.

It is ‘kinda’ against the law to glue pennies to a wall, isn’t it ? Ooops.  I did it in the name of design.




Oh, I love this Bali bed.  Great place to sit and sip …errrhh…tea.  I would never sip wine in there.  Just tea.



We live in a small town area.  This ART was created by a local artist, with an abundance of flagstone.  I think he had an abundance of something else GREEN as well….but I am not saying ‘what’ OUT LOUD.

Jokes.  Jokes.

I love repurposing items, and designing with repurposed items too.




The boat bench was created from a reclaimed fishing boat in Bali.  So different.  So easy to work with.  Great product, hand-made, and created with love.  Brilliant use of a fishing boat that would otherwise be in a landfill site.


Repurposing=my kind of design.


Makes one think outside the box.  That is a good place to be.



I found this rusty wheel in the old barn foundation where we imagined we could BUILD A POOL.  Now that is repurposing a BARN !!!

The walls surrounding the pool were the original stone foundation of  ‘said barn’.  The barn burned down many years ago and the land was used to gather garbage aka cool, funky, rusty finds.

I threw myself in front of the backhoe many many many times to get my hands on those funky rusty finds.  Who could resist?  Not me.



As soon as I can pull myself out of this hammock, and stop playing in the tree fort….I will meet you again with more HOME SWEET HOME photos…



Cheers !


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  1. Ericka Hewitt

    February 3rd, 2016 at 9:09 pm

    I love your place. It encourages me to do the same with mine but seems pretty expensive. Did you have a specific budget I woooould totally read a post about that. 😉

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