My H & M home faves!

H & M HOME floats my boat, butters my bread and just makes me feel like an all around happy camper. I own almost everything on this page. Don’t judge me. LOL. The prices are amazing. The quality is fab. The style is totally my jam. And hello….they deliver.  We are in rural Ontario, Canada (AKA in the middle of nowhere) and when delivery happens, I legit HAPPY DANCE.

PS. to all my fellow Canucks, there is an H&M home downtown Toronto! Woot!!  Basically tho, it seems that wherever you are… H&M can get it right to your door. Delivery is often free (based on minimum orders) or $7.99.  They have exclusive online products too. Squeal !


Here are my H & M faves ! LOVE!!!

Just click on the photos below to shop my faves!

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