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This page is dedicated to SHOPPING all my fave Airstream finds for decor & design. We redesigned and renovated a 1976 vintage 31ft Land Yacht Airstream … and lived to tell the tale. Phew.

Erhhmergerd. There are so many stories to tell about the airstream. Where to begin?  GAH. We are currently on a USA road trip with the airstream.  You may know that my hubby has cancer and this road trip is dedicated to our #BucketListFucketList goals.  You can read airstream shenanigans here on the blog ( video too!), and shop our faves in the photos below.


Bahhhhlieve me, it is tricky to shop for a moving home on wheels. I hope this page helps you to find your faves too.

Want to see what we bought to make it all happen??

PS. Shopping links are below the photos.  Happy shopping! …

F A U C E T S :

Kitchen: Champagne Bronze pull down Trinsic faucet  (this is absolutely my FAVE faucet and use it throughout my home as well.) It is even available on Amazon. Yasssss!

Vanity trays ( lurve!) These trays are normally used in bathrooms, but I love them for our kitchen.. to hold soaps and all that good stuff.  They look gorgeous with beside the faucet.

Champagne bronze bathroom faucet.  It’s super pretty IRL and I obvs have a love of Delta Faucet. LOL.

W A T E R :

One of our fave purchases for road trippin’ is this Berkey Water Filter. HOLY SMOKES BATMAN.  It’s so great. It filters swamp water. If, say, you were thirsty near a swamp 🙂

C O Z Y   H O M E  

Turkish towel (gold and white) as tablecloth

Cotton rag floor runners ( so pretty in real life, and easy to wash too!)

Faux fur rugs  ( I buy them in all different sizes and layer them on the floor, and on the sofa ) It makes the airstream feel like home sweet home.)

Stools:  These faux fur stools are fab!  You can order them online and have them delivered to you or to your Target local store. We use them as a foot stool, a chair and as a table.  This serving tray works perfect on top of the stool, to make it a mock side table. So handy!

L O V E   F R E S H

Not sure what life would be like without Love Fresh.

The soap.  The lotions. The cleaning products (Seriously…these work so well and smell so good, I could eat them!)  The deodorant.  Erhmergerd. LOVE.

It all keeps our life smelling and feeling OH SO SO SO so good.  It is our fave on the road in the airstream annnnnd in our home, treehouse + cabin too!

We adore LOVE FRESH !! xoxoxoxoxox

B E D R O O M 

Linen duvet cover set ( fave! very affordable too!)

Pelliccia fluffy throw pillow

This throw. We use it a lot a lot a lot. It is warm. Pretty. And has a beautiful weight to it.

European Large Square White Linen Pillows

Linen curtains (custom made by Tonic Living)

C A S P E R 

We have a new California king bed in the airstream !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <— totally worth all the exclamation marks.

It’s from Casper. Best.Sleep.Of.Life.  We chose  The Casper. Use the promo code AIRSTREAM for $75 off your mattress!

PS.  I shopped 748937494857 mattresses online and after reading reviews of so many mattress companies, I chose Casper.  I only work with brands that I absolutely adore on all levels of adore. Casper gifted the mattress to me and I almost mailed them my house keys, I was so dang happy. xx  The mattress is our all time fave mattress in the history of ever.  We literally can’t wait to jump into bed. So comfy. So so so so comfy.

Pillows : Casper pillows. It is like floating on a cloud.

Sheets :  Casper sheets.  Oh my. Oh my. Oh my. I adore thspringy edging around the fitted sheet too.  If I was any happier, I’d be two people. Super happy!

Quilt : Do you see a pattern happening here?  Dear Casper, marry me.  The linen quilt has a cozy layer of merino wool in it. Legit. Two of my fave things. Linen and wool !!  It’s a beautiful weight. I have the coal colour and it is dang sexy.

Light : Have you seen the new Casper GLOW light?  You have to watch this video on how they made it to work for your sleep cycles. I realllllllly want to try it in the airstream.  It doesn’t need to be plugged in, and has soft warm lighting. My dream light.  Excuse the pun.

L O U N G I N G 

Quilt/throw : Casper quilt.  Can you see a pattern here? LOL. I have recently started loving on black in my decor.  We installed a new airstream awning this year, in black. Added black puffy outdoor chairs and black throws. Pinch me. Pinch me now.

These rope lights are tucked in around the dining area valance and bedroom valance. Best. Soft. Lighting. Ever.

Outdoor RV mat : We love this thing. It is light, easy to fold up and stores away in a portable bag. It’s super easy to keep clean too, because the dirt and mess just seems to fall through it. Best investment ever.

Outdoor chairs : Oh yeah!  The chairs are made by the same company ( Faulkner.) We shopped around for forever and a day to get comfy chairs. Love these things.  The chair hugs ya! We are so happy we bought them.

D E C O R 

Hygge and West Gold // White knots wallpaper

Laminate countertops in glossy white

We had our airstream linen curtains custom made by Tonic Living to fit the original vintage curtain tracks. They are a dream.  I use these wooly beauties for the tie backs and these on the wall to hold them back as well.  A little glam into the glamping never hurt anyone 🙂  Shake it all up with a martini and you are glamping foooooshur.

W I F I 

GAHHHhhhh. I feels weird to say it out loud, because traveling RV style, makes me dream up the idea of unplugging, disconnecting, and all that good stuff. The reality is, that is not the reality. LOL. Wifi is essential to keep my blog ‘wheels on the bus’ and keep my business running.  Staying connected with family, friends, social media AND having internet to find locations, maps, campsites, boondocking…oh my. The list is humungous.

Here is how we do it :


For our phones and hot spotting we use Tmobile.


When we go over our hot spotting limits, we use Tep Wireless. I have used Teppy all around the world, and love it! When our kids are visiting us, or we need a little extra extra, Tep is our go to!


WeBoost has been a game changer. Weboost boosts our cell signal in the airstream.  In the past, for the most part, we had one bar signal on our phones. Eeeeeeeek, right? With WeBoost installed in the airstream, that one bar often jumps to two or three bars.  Game changer!  I could smooch that device.

Will from Trailer Trashin’ installed the WeBoost device. Best decision ever.  Here is the video on the install.  Will and Brittney are two of the most awesome souls in life. If you ever need airstream renovations done, they are amazeballs. Absolutely amazeballs.

Faucets courtesy of Delta Faucet Canada, Teppy gifted by Tep Wireless and WeBoost gifted by Wilson Electronics.

I have mad respect for these brands and the products they create.