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Dealing with #cancer ? Read more on Design The Life You Want To Live www.lynneknowlton.com You CANcer vive. xx

If you or someone you know has been affected by cancer, you may like to read this blog post first before watching the slideshow below : Dear Cancer, I hate you and I thank you.

Here is a glimpse into our journey with cancer.

It’s about family, friends, and all the love and support that this blogging world has afforded me.

It’s also about Michael’s stem cell harvest, hospital visits and chemotherapy.

{{ The real stuff minus the throw up.  }}

It is my way of saying

Thank you

To each and every one of you

~  from the bottom of my heart  ~


Thank you for all your epic support in our journey. Click here or on photo to see the cancer video.

VIDEO : Stomp on cancer like it stole your wallet https://youtu.be/lRyiqF_b0EQ



Today I’m going try and change the world

Gonna take it one day at a time…

I’m gonna say hello to my neighbor
Greet him with a smile

Shake the hand of a stranger
Sit and talk to him for a while

Tell someone I love them
From the bottom of my heart

Today I’m gonna try to change the world

Sending a special shout out of incredible thanks to all the beautiful souls at Princess Margaret Hospital.   Thank you for making such an epic difference in our lives and in the lives of so many.  We are so very grateful.  

Peace, love and healing…


PS. The slideshow music is by Johnny Reid~ Today I’m Going to Try and Change the World.

Here is a link to the slideshow on YouTube, if you would like to view it there : Stomp on Cancer like it stole your wallet ( via YouTube ).

Please share this post and video to help others in their journey with cancer.  With much love, Lynne xx

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  1. suzanne carroll says:

    Some days you meet people and you know the philosophy that we are one right? Then some days you meet someone and you know it is right! Whoever or whatever I can be for you Lynne – I’m in 🙂

    Have a beautiful, full and memorable day.

    love & laughter

  2. That was truly inspirational! I just lost my grandfather in February. And that truly hit home! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Debbie Cragg says:

    What a frigidy awesome video, so inspirational. Watchin it, I thought to myself there is always someone worse off than yourself. I was diagnosed with MS almost 3 yrs next month, I truly wish your husband all the best on his journey…you have a good lookin family
    Thank-you very much you made my day.
    Shine on xo
    Debbie Cragg

    • Hi Debbie
      Thank you for your abso-toot-ly awesome words. I wish you all the awesomeness in the world for your journey too. Great big hugs to you. Epic hugs of amazeness.
      Can you feel them ?! I hope so….
      Lynne xx

  4. Tracie says:

    I thank you for this video much like I thank you for everything else that you bring. It was heart wrenching, mostly because of how beautiful and genuine your family is.. I know I spoke to you of my sister’s struggle, and of how we lost her. I know you have suffered many losses as well. I hope, pray, BELIEVE that you and your family will overcome this and be strong in it, and that your husband will be around for many, many years to come. He is EPIC gorgeous! So are you and your kids! And could you get any better than Johnny Reid? I saw him here in Vancouver last summer and I have been in LOVE with him ever since! What a sincere, beautiful person he is…….the message is fitting. Today I’m going to try and change the world…….xoxoxo

    • Tracie

      You lucky hot diggity dawg – you had a chance to see Johnny Reid in Vancouver ?!! That must have been unbelievable !

      He lives a few hours away from us here in Ontario. I would love to meet that guy some day. He is a big supporter of Princess Margaret Hospital too. He gives back. How incredible is that ?!

      As we sat with Michaels oncologist on his recent visit, I THANKED HER..because I truly believe that her choices are why he is still walking and talking on this earth. He came soooo close to doing otherwise, if you know what I mean… so I am very very thankful.

      Princess Margaret has touched our hearts. Big time.

      Big hugs girly xx

  5. The world has stopped while I’ve watched your moving video and listened to the mesmeric music. Beautiful, beautiful family. You can feel the love you all have for MIchael and each other. Many special moments captured like so many fireflies, sparkling and shining while in such a dark place. Epic shit indeed.

    • Kellie
      Wow. Wow. You know…it doesn’t always feel like fireflies, sparkling and shining…. I’m so very grateful that you reminded me of that.

      I owe you a hug.


  6. Like I’ve said before: Cancer is the unwelcome knock at the door. I know I’m locked and loaded.

  7. Marg says:

    Wonderful Wonderful as I watch it through many many tears. How beautiful!!!!!! Love you guys and keep up the positive to conquer this awlful shit

    • Thank you soooo much Marg. It is friends like you, who make such a huge difference in our lives. We may not see each other often, but I KNOW YOU ARE THERE…and I just know that you would move the moon and earth for us. Big hugs and much love, Lynne x

  8. Suzanne says:

    Beautiful post and video slide show, it touched my heart! So glad all is well now, Life is good!! Cancer sucks.

  9. cate says:

    and meant “piece”… dang autocorrect!

  10. Sidney Vendituoli says:

    Absolutely beautiful Lynne!
    Thank you for sharing.

  11. Carol says:

    Thanks Lynne, my cup of tea with you today has me reflecting back on the wonderful 6months I and family and friends had with mum, (my guru,) befor she died from cancer. It’s a place I don’t go because I cry so had wanting her back. The greatest revaluation we had together was to know mum gave us great stuff, knowlage to use, had been a great example so much so that we would do ok without her. She was at greatest peace knowing we could stand on our own feet no matter what, strong, Her not having to worry about us allowed 6 months of love, laughter and absolute greatfulness of the life we had together. I never realised my quest to always find happiness in this, tumultuous world, was my greatest gift to her. Big hugs bye.

  12. Linda says:

    Beautiful video…thanks for sharing

  13. Suzanne Doyle (Frey) says:

    This was absolutely beautiful Lynne. I had heard about Mike’s cancer through family and have been wondering how he was doing through all of this….but clearly, with you and your beautiful kids by his side, I’m not surprised to see him smiling in every shot…..! So glad to hear he beat this horrible ugly disease that has taken so many. Thanks for sharing.
    Love Suzi xo

    • Suzi !!! Oh my goodness, it is so nice to hear from you after all these years ! Thanks for the awesome, kind words. Yes, Michael did get thrown a curve ball with his cancer, and it got very scary about a year ago. Very. There is no cure for his cancer, but there is treatment. Thank goooooodness for that !! He is still just as beautifully warm and awesome as he ever was.
      So great to hear from you. Big hugs to you and the fam. xxoo

  14. Thank you for sharing this. I’m linking it so my friend can watch – as she watched them harvesting stem cells from her 10 year old last week.

  15. Betty Shepard says:

    Hugs and Kisses! Beautiful!

  16. Rose Dostal says:

    I finally got to meet your Michael. I can’t say enough how I feel about you two. I am in awe. The first time I met Michael, it was just hours after a treatment, exactly a week ago today. I can’t stop thinking about how so upbeat and beaming with joy he seemed. He didn’t seem tired…at least he didn’t show it one bit! Once a party animal, always a party animal!!

    More amazing was the next day at the IDS show in Toronto. What an awesome time I had hanging out with you two! I can’t believe I took advantage of his awesomeness! After all those needles and pills and whatever he went through the day before (which I couldn’t even tell), he wheeled my case around for me!

    Lynnie Pooh, I miss ya. You are one lucky lady…Kisses to both of you!

    Your dear pal from Ohio,

    • To my gorgeous Ohio twitter pal, and beautiful, beautiful friend,

      If anyone ever tells me again that twitter is not a great thaaaang, I will punch them in the head. You are a perfect example of how twitter can bring like-minds together and how friendships are true blue awesome, because of it.

      Big hugs !

      Lynne xx

  17. Janet says:

    Beautiful, beautiful.
    The slideshow….and YOU!!!!

  18. Catherine says:

    I love you guys. The whole fam ja,m xoxoxo!!!! And Lynne you made a WHOLE video without one picture of you with a glass of wine in your hand ; ) Love to you all!

  19. Gail wyer says:

    Oh Lynne…what can I say that hasn’t already been said….beautiful. Xx

    • Thank you Auntie Gail !
      And….good point… it is always GREAT to say what you mean, and mean what you say…..and say it ….say it…say it….we never know how long or short our journey may be. Love you.

  20. Cate Moore says:

    I’ve only just met you (& Michael) but you have my heart. I loved this peace sweet girl….thank you for being such a beautiful, refreshing, loving creature….you are a blessing to anyone who meets you.