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I interrupt my regularly scheduled blog programming for a public service announcement. JOKES. Jokes.

I just wanted to pretend I was all-serious-like.

The Treehouse had a TREEHUGGER.com Debut !!

This is not a regular blog post…not the usual ‘me’…because I haven’t been able to think straight since it all happened.  I jumped so high with excitement, I practically knocked myself unconscious when I hit my head on the tree house ceiling.


Note to self: Build loft ceilings in tree houses HIGHER.  Your head will love you for it.

 I am a frequent flyer to that place called HUMILIATION.

I may have {quite possibly} knocked myself into a new century.

Possibly.  Possibilities are endless.

  It would appear that looking like an idiot never grows old.

~ Wrinkles ~

 I do, in fact, have a first aid kit to help ease the suffering :

After all, the tree house is my escape work place.

A blogging studio.

With alcohol.

 All working studios should have mandatory alcohol supplies.

So… do you want to see what caused me to hit my head, and then drink to cure myself??!!!

Here it is :

Our Treehouse in TreeHugger

Yes, it just happened.  Like a miracle.  A tree house miracle.  If our tree house could jump for joy – I am certain it would be jumping up and down like a school girl.

** I hope when the tree house jumps up and down, it squishes the resident squirrel **

Did I just say that in my outside voice?

Sock Monkey…defender of all animals 🙂

Admittedly, I blushed, while typing about the ‘calculated thought of  the demise’ of that squirrel….if that makes PETA feel any better.



I suppose the reality is that I am the one looking like a goof ball…jumping up and down.

Thankfully, I am alone.

There are no witnesses to my idiot-esque.



Ikea mosquito net curtains, loft ladder, treehouse

Stairway to heaven (aka treehouse LOFT) to hide

Do you do that?!! Trip on your own feet?

Do you then look around and hope there was not a soul in sight to witness it??

 If they spotted your ‘trip’ , do you pretend that it was the fault of the sidewalk?

Welcome to my world of humiliation.

STEP right up.

Shed some light on the crazies 🙂


Or do you sing in your car ?



Then..of course… someone drives by and stares at you !?! Do you stop singing, and pretend that you were actually talking on your bluetooth ? Certainly, it was some important business call or something life changing.

Pretend that you are on hands free.

NOT a blue-tooth.  Don’t do it. Wearing a blue-tooth is waaaay more embarrassing than singing in a car.



Dear people,

Do not wear a bluetooth attached to your ear, when you are NOT talking on the phone.  It is not a fashion accessory.


Your dignity.

Note : this advice is coming from a gal who makes curtain rods from leafy twigs and attaches tea towels.  Heed of caution.



One exception to the rule :

You are an FBI agent protecting crown jewels and on a secret mission.

Otherwise, you might as well put a lighthouse beacon on your ear and scream to the world…

I’m a goof ball.

I would rather have toilet paper stuck to my shoe than a blue-tooth in my ear when I am not talking on it.

 Just sayin’.

Take your mind to another place. Forget that BlueTooth

I have no idea what the blue-tooth has to do with a tree house.

Forgive me.

That was my only fashion accessory lesson for the year. 🙂 Whew for you.

  Maybe I should wash my mouth out with soap for all this Blue-Tooth bashing.

TreeHouse Cleanse 🙂

Back on cue…we are back to the TREE HOUSE and TreeHugger.

I must confess, I had a teary moment when I saw my baby treehouse in treehugger.com.

 I only had those teary moments with my REAL babies when they bit me.

rusted metal spindles on treehouse porch

Reclaimed ‘spindles’ up close and personal on the treehouse porch



Who knew that our tree house could grab the attention of TREEHUGGER ??!!  Well, and the attention of a neighbour.  Once my neighbours read the treehugger article and realize that I stole their porcelain sink from their yard….It will be game over.



 I am giving a whole new meaning to ‘neighbourhood watch’.



When treehugger wrote the article about our wee tree house, they created  a slideshow.


Yes, a SLIDESHOW.  With words.  And Links.  And Photos.  I might have drooled on my laptop keyboard in the hopes that I may be able to pull off such blogger feats some day.

 Doing that kind of visual work on a blog is like blogger aerobics.

That kind of technical visual candy is the stuff that dreams are made of, as a blogger.

 I think I had slide-show envy.

Clearly, I have some learnin’ to do.

It took me 6 months to learn how to properly download the right sized formatted photos to my blog.

No lie.

So slide-shows & videos should be in my blog posts by the next century.

Jokes. Jokes.

I actually hope to start sharing some video clips sometime before my clothes go outta style.  Watch for videos coming here soon.

Don’t hold your breath. 

Barn boards + reclaimed rusted spindles = treehouse porch railing

Until then….this is what it looks like when the big boys really know what they are doing :

 Treehouse Treehugger Debut

Thank you treehugger.com.

 You rocked my world.  You also caused an injury and drove me to drink.

A room with a view. A treehouse view.

I’m off to cry some happy tears now.

And then *blush*

I may have happy idiot-esque treehouse tears…..


I won’t have a idiot-esque bluetooth in my ear.



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