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Wooohoooo !! Hello lovely !! It’s almost holiday time and time for drinking liquid fermented grapes.

Don’t forget to be awesome.

Don’t sip too much out-ta the crazy straw.  You’ll be moving slower than jello and I might have to make fun of you.

As a writer, you are my person.  Without you, there wouldn’t be a blog.

Well, there would be a blog, but only my Mom and Channing Tatum would be reading it.



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It’s your turn to spill it.

I wanna know about you.


Where in the world are you?  Right. Now.


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Tell me your story.

Where in the world do you live?

What do you do?

Are you bald from the eyebrows down?

Do you live with a view of the ocean? Yeah !!!!

Or a view of the Walmart parking lot?  Nothing beats that.  Ewwwwh.

Wait.  Maybe a view of Channing Tatum.  That beats that.


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Ahhhhhhh +


How do you roll?

If you want something in your life, do you ask?


Do you sit on a pig and pray for a ham sandwich?

Are you living in the ‘I don’t give a shit what anyone else thinks’ years?

Do you march to your own drum?


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Do you believe that success is the best revenge?


Do you scream bullshit… revenge is the best revenge?


Most importantly, do you believe …


A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle  

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If you think that way ~ in a positive thinking, kind, loving way, mixed with a bit of spit and laughter.  Well. Then.  You are my bestie.

Hey BFF…


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Wise  Words to  Live  By




For the love of Pete … Go out there and help someone.  Smile at someone.  Love someone.  Be kind to someone.  If all else fails, just love them.


Go out there and be awesome.  Dammit.  Do it.


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Uhhhm, helloooo….. That means you will be

Designing the Life YOU Want To Live

Oh hells yeah




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PS. I wasn’t bribed by Wordswag to say that. They have no idea that I’m obsessed with their app who I am.  LOL.  For reals.


Want to know where in the world I am?


I’m sitting in our treehouse in Durham, Ontario, Canada.  Yup.  I’m a Canuck.

I’m writing to you from the treehouse, on a beautiful sunny day in the Canadian countryside.

Why?  Because I love you like that.


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Now spill it, where in the world are YOU ?


Where in the world are you located? Tell me more!


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  1. Karen says:

    Hey U, You are the voice with-in my self. ” Thanks for speaking, !!! thought it was just myself INBETWEEN Hot Flashes, trying to think ” How can I make hubby ( Yes !! We have been together since age 14 — Do the Math— 43 years ” Bingo” I’m 60 , only in years couse my kids are now OLDER then my inner self !! ) happy and also the four kids/ 3of their spouses and one pending– another wedding in April, three granddaughters. Then there is Me, WWWAAAHHHOO !! Life gave me more lives then a cat, and I am very BLESSED ( always Give thanks — it’s 11:30 a.m. and I’ve already heard HIM say o.k. I’ve heard you at ” thank You 300000″). Long story ( this Box is running out of space) , we moved into a house in Nov 14 ( 9 mos), trying to work ( Massage Therapist -out of the home and in my home), and creat this house to ” Our Home”. Sorry ( a moment –we have a Turkey knocking at the door — No Seriously !! ) . I have been designing a Barn door in my head for my smallish master ( sorry TOO small to be a Master of Anything !!) bedroom Slider glass door. Your site IS AWSOME !!! My husband has a wood shop in the New 5 car garage ( still wasn’t big enough — had to have a 12X12 8ft. High shed built— when there happy — I can Sleep !!). Now I can get all the tools together — SOOOO when I say ” honey I have Another project ” , we can start and not ” WHEN I can figure it out ( You — Kiddo did the work for Me !!). THANK YOU !! I live in a small sub- of Sacramento , Ca.. Half acre with a creek, oak trees, skunks, and visiting Turkeys. My dream is the Beach ( honestly — picked a guy up Hitch-hiking at the beach, married him 3 years later, and U know the Family tree to now ???). Love your tree House !! Always thought ” Great idea !!” Sincerely , ( I’m Now a huge fan — my first time to your site — I make Friends For Life !!). Karen

  2. Loredana says:

    I feel good vibes and good energy as I am reading you, Lynne.
    I am at the office, wondering what the hell I am doing here. I want to romp in the grass :-), smell the nature, scream of joy and give every single day a meaning!
    I live in a lovely town called Brasov, in Romania. I love this town and country, but I also love to travel and to taste the world…
    Warm hugs and wishes to you, Lynne!


  3. Jodie Hooker says:

    Hey Lynne!

    Well I’m about 5 months late replying to your request for a background check (can’t put me in jail for this one though), but I thought I’d give you a shout anyway.
    My name is Jodie and believe it or not, I’ve actually been to your beautiful home! It wasn’t in the middle of the night and I wasn’t looking in your window on a tree branch- I promise. It was in good, safe, broad daylight. I’m friends with your daughter, Tristan, who by the way is a stellar girl with as much humour and optimism bursting from her as her Mom (and I swear she didn’t tell me to say that). I’m from the small corner of Hopeville, about 10 minutes from the teensy village of Dundalk, and only about 30 minutes from you. I’m in my third year at the University of Western Ontario in London, and I love roaming through every page of your blog on my study breaks. I don’t have a house of my own yet, but boy have you sparked some ideas in me! “Set me loose!” I say, as I run like Tarzan through Home Sense, Ikea, and the Meaford Candle Factory.
    Anyway, today is my 20th birthday, and I’m a little sad and scared to be leaving my teens and stepping another year farther from my childhood. I know “20 is not old, so shut it,” as screamed by my mother and other older gentlefolks, but it’s still a bit intimidating. The reason I chose to visit your blog today was to remind me of how vibrant life is and how many soul-swelling, heart-clutching, and thought-sparkling moments are yet to come. Because every article on your blog practically jumps off the screen and squeals, “LIFE IS AWESOME!” So thank you. Time to get out there (despite the current exams trying to smother my spirit) and start filling in my charcoal canvas with watercolours, pastels, and those big splats of paint you throw at the paper.

    Merry Christmas and know that I’ll be imagining myself in your treehouse when I need to calm down from studying… *happy place, happy place*


    • Hello Jodie,

      Not gonna lie… your comment just knocked me off my feet. In a good way. I have read it over and over again, like a crazy lady. LOL. I hope to use it some time in my blog and share it with my entire audience. I hope that would be okay with you. I won’t share your personal info, or the paparazzi may beat down your door 🙂

      THANK YOU for your awesomeness. THANK YOU for your beautiful note. THANK YOU for taking the time to rock my socks and say such a beautiful hello.

      Your note is EPIC.

      With much love,
      Lynne xx

  4. Hiya Lynne—I made it here from Paul’s Article on BBB!!

    (blows kisses)

    This is the second blog in nine years, that I signed up to follow, just because I loved the personality behind the words.

    Yes, that makes you special.
    Tell your family. Tell your friends.
    I’ll back you.

    I’m starting to think you’re a long lost sister or some weird cousin I haven’t been allowed to meet until today.

    Truth be told, I never forget to be awesome. Not that I’m successful at it (that’s for someone else to let me know I think)—but me and the guys give it a real go ever day!

    *…and the voices shout, “Hell Yeah!” *

    Also, I’m delighted that I’m your person. But you mean, like friends, right? Cause slavery is illegal. Just like poking someone’s eyes out with chopsticks and spandex on fat people.

    Ok, spandex isn’t illegal on fat people, but it should be.
    Pass me those chop sticks…I’ll do my own eyes.

    You wanna know about me, eh?
    I am sitting in my bedroom, in Utah—looking out over a massive valley and smiling at the snowcapped mountains.

    My story is too long to tell, but I’ll give you excerpts, so you won’t get bored:

    I live in Utah. I am a fantasy writer, game maker (board & card games) and a successful (professional) father of 12 awesome kids. My wife says I had to include that “successful” part in her opinion, so it must be true. Entertaining and teaching is my passion–and making/supporting friends is my joy.

    No, I am not bald from the eyebrows down. I have a full beard and the older I get, I’m slowly turning into a cross between a hairy monkey and Sean Connery.

    …without the Sean Connery part.

    When I want something in life, I strive to make it happen. Unfortunately I don’t own a drum…and I hate marching. Just let me get my work done, to get me closer to my goals and pick me up for lunch–you’re buying. Smoked ham and sauerkraut sounds good.

    Success to me is always the best revenge, because exerting energy to GET revenge means that I’d have to acknowledge that someone else mattered enough to offend or hurt me and I’m holding onto it.

    Nawwwwww. That’s stupid.
    Young men want justice. Old me want peace. I’m somewhere in the middle…

    I want a piece of pie.

    So set the Lemon Meringue down and back away slooooooowly.

    Yes, I do believe “A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle”…but I also believe, “Sometimes it’s the heart, not the experience, that qualifies you for the job.”

    I’ll take that challenge, Lynne…and raise you a Dammit. =)

    Thanks for BEING awesome. Look forward to getting to know you better =)

    • Dude!

      I owe you comments all over the place, and I thought I’d start here. You are toats entertaining.

      annnnnnnd, holy batman 12 kids?! You are my hero.

      Glad you love the personality behind the words. You might not want to meet me unless I’ve had about 49 cups of coffee tho. I have much more personality after coffee.

      I laughed out loud with the spandex on fat people. I swear, they are all wearing them at Walmart. It’s a fashion statement. 🙂

      LOVE your quote ….
      Sometimes it’s the heart, not the experience, that qualifies you for the job.

      I’m stealing that. Just saying’


      • FIRST TIP: if yer gonna steal, don’t preempt the act with a warning! Just sneeeeeak.

        The quote if from one of my books–but hey, pass it on =)

        NEXT: You don’t owe me squat, Lynne. I came to YOU to hang out, remember? You want to give me comment love–will never stop you, but I joined cause I think you’re awesome.

        I figure between the two of us and our epic personalities…the party will be going on somewhere.

        BTW–HEADS UP! I not only talked about you and linked to you in tomorrows article…I recommended you in my podcast and told everyone to come over here ASAP for serious fun.

        Hope ya don’t mind.
        (readjusts Lynne’s comment luv balance)

        Spandex at Walmart…can anyone say “EWWWWW!” That goes right along with tube tops.

        You mean you wanna look like the Michelin Man…on purpose?

  5. chris aka monkey says:

    hi lynne….. tonight is my first time reading your blog and i am devouring it ha ha i live in a teensy town in tn about 1 1/2 hrs south of nashville…. i live with my daughter, son in law and my perfect grandsons ages 1 and 2 i am a blog addict i read them only and oh my word i am glad i found you i am a i d g a f 65 yr old with the mind of a 25 yr old i cuss up a storm at inanimate objects mostly but i have been know to give the finger and a f k you to an asshole i have read every comment on this post and i think i love your peeps as much as you and keep smiling it makes people wonder what your up to xx

    • I swear, Chris… my bloggy peeps who leave comments are way more interesting than me. haha! For reals… I think the best part about my blog is the comments that come AFTER the blog post. It is sooooo fun around here 🙂

      Lynne xx

  6. charlotte says:

    Hi Lynne

    I am in Brisbane AUstralia. I want you to know I love your blog. You make me smile you remind me I am awesome I can do it! Thank you


  7. Elen Grey says:

    I don’t know how I missed this post until now. It’s like August already, man. I’m on the east side of Toronto. The other end of the GTA. The end heading toward the Thousand Islands, aka the 1000 Islands. Right now I’ve got the G-Pup hugged up to my hip, as Mama Weather is booming and hissing. Mama Weather with ‘tude. I gather she’s not very civic minded. We don’t need no stinkin’ Civic Holiday. Kaboom!

    I bought WORDSWAG. You knew I would, right? Now, if I could just decide on the LK iPhone case I want…

  8. Bridget Jatho says:

    addendum….I live outside New Orleans La.

  9. Bridget Jatho says:

    I’m sitting in my husbands’ office as my 4 year old watches tv in another room. I am 51 with grown children, stepchildren and my lovely baby girl. My kids think I’m a bit nutty and like too many bright colors, as they end up on the walls. I garden, paint, sew, needlepoint, mosaic, try to hop, skip and jump, but am not good at those last three. I try to find beauty and laughter in every day. I feed the squirrels in my yard and the birds. They look at me funny if I don’t give them peanuts often. They do! My first husband is my current husband’s husband in law. Don’t ask me, they came up with the title. Everyone is family. I’m a free spirit trapped in a conventional life. But I manage as best one can…with the proper supplies. Great to find you and meet you.

  10. I’m late to the party but… I’m tapping away on my laptop in bed, in my bright turquoise bedroom, in the dark because my husband accidentally smashed our light bulb this morning when he was pulling off a jumper (I swear he’s not a violent man!) I live in Perth, Western Australia and am waiting for a predicted storm to hit (and hoping our dodgy old gutters can handle it!)

  11. Brenda says:

    Vi.ew at the moment is trees but I do live in Nova Scotia, Canada so yes view of the ocean in about 2 minutes to run down the stairs and out the door. I’m in the “I don’t give a shit years”. Motto is if you are talking about me you are not talking about someone else (good thing). Also if I (you, anyone!) makes eye contact with someone don’t look away, acknowledge it with a nod or a smile you never know what someone else is going through and that “I see you, your important” could make a big difference. A bit about me!! Enjoy your blog and all the comments.

  12. Brook says:

    Hi Lynne!
    I’m sitting in my backyard in the sun this evening near my Redneck pool in South Dakota. I dream of beach living. I have no idea what I want to be when I grow up. For now, I’m a 38+ year old Social worker with. 50+ year old husband and 3 great kids. I love your blog, your positive-ness and your Humor! Humor is # 1 in the mental health field, it’s how we cope! :). Thanks for your wisdom!

  13. val says:

    I am in TN in a little house in the woods.. A well built brick home…cute veggie garden out back and a little chicken coup whose chickens are in NY.. This little house is DARK like a cave..contrasting my Western NY house that is a a former Gable Roof Dairy Barn….it is the ultimate in brightness! I will return there in August…we have this seasonal movement backwards at this time..but I hope to return to TN for the worst of winter! in Tn I am sitting in Starbucks in 15 miles..in Ny it is 50.. In Ny it is 3 miles to a store., in TN the full 15 miles to any store. My husband loves TN and I love NY… Thx for your blog I really enjoy it!

  14. Dale McKibben says:

    I am sitting in beautiful Lebanon Maine USA I am building my dream house also in Lebanon out of shipping containers. Yes those things on huge barges taking goods from place to place in the world. I often wonder where our 8 have been in the world. I am making “your doors” to use in my new house. It is the coolest house in Lebanon, probably Maine as well ! My hubby and I are retired (used to work for Verizon) Our house will be done soon and I will send you photos of how I used your doors.

    • Hi guys!!

      I can’t wait, can’t wait, can’t wait to see photos of your home made from shipping containers.

      Take some great shots and maybe I can feature you on the bloggy!!!! :)))

      I sent a note about the wooden wheels that I had made by the Amish… do you still need them, or did you find another great source?

      Soooooo excited to see how it all came together !


  15. My Dearest Lynne,

    Where am I? Right now? I am lying in bed with two males! Jealous? Thought so.

    My sweet snoring hubby and my adorable little dog Oscar. OK…maaaaybe not so jealous.

    The Beaches in Toronto say a bit fat hello. Why fat? Because Scott cooked up the best dinner ever and I can’t move – too full. I feel fat.

    I’m reading The Dog Year, by our darling friend Ann Garvin, and decided to take a break. So here I am.

    I looooove this post! What a fantastic idea. The comments are amazing, just like you. xo

    One week and two days we’ll be flying across the pond. Paris here we come! Two drooling hotties coked up on sleeping pills. Is there anything sexier than that? Nope!

    Love u lots…xoxo

    • Hellooooo soul sista,

      To all awesome blog pals out there… Norma lives in the Beaches, Toronto and she’s my bestie.

      If you ever want to read about Paris… she has a bloggy too. It’s called MyBeautifulParis.com. We are heading to Paris in a couple of weeks.

      If you don’t hear from me with blog posts in a couple of weeks… it is because I have died of humiliation ~ forgetting the 10 French words that I learned when I lived in Paris a few years ago.

      WAIT!!!! I remember how to swear. Does that count?

      I love ya, soul sista….

      See you soon!


  16. Gabrielle Klawitter says:

    Hi Lynne,

    Thanks for the ass-kicking!

    I have been wanting to write to you for a while now. BUT – I am an author. And
    the shoe repair guy has crooked heels, the writer – well, what? Writers block?

    First things first: Thank you for your blog. Every time you write something, you are actually having a conversation with me, and manage to whip up a storm of laughter!

    Now that this is out of the way –it is really time to answer your questions:

    First one: I live in Bavaria at the moment with a straight mountain view (Alps). Sounds boring? Heck, it sure is! Soon, I will be moving. I am not sure I can promise an unspoiled Channing Tatum view. But, at least sea view. So – knock on the door or even better, come in! You can even bring the squirrel.

    Next question: What do I do?
    Did I mention, I write. Day and night. Sleeping and awake. Screenplays. And at the moment an especially funky, far out funny, mysterious, slightly nuts (bring the squirrel!) one: Canadian Vampire hunters in Africa.
    Would you like to pitch in some Canadian wisdom? Seriously: Nothing more funny than turning (Canadian) cliches on their head!
    So: Move them over grover, the cliches please! Write to me!
    Maybe, you would also like to quickly found a casting agency. I could picture Channing Tatum being the main male cast….:O)!

    • Wait a sec. A view of the alps? Bavaria? That sounds far far far from boring. Holy batman. That sounds ahhhmazing.

      You write screenplays? How freaking cool is that? What a great job! I have a serious kick-ass appreciation for writers. I know what it takes to write write write. What a super cool career!!

      Canadian Wisdom?! It’s on twitter. LOL. No joke. Follow Canadian Problems


      on twitter. They are hilarious!

      If they cast Channing for your film, let the director/producer know that they are filming it in my backyard.

      I can babysit Channing with long walks in the Canadiana countryside. haha.

      • Gabrielle says:

        …if you are a mountain goat you would most likely be in heaven over here. But if you are more like Aquaman (is there an Aquawoman?), it is the last place on earth you want to look at. No wavy water in sight.
        Thank you for your super-batman far out appreciation of what I do. Hell! You are writing crazy stuff on your awesome website! So yeah! I am raising the banner, waving the flag , sounding the woowoozeela!
        Oh, and coolio -the Canadian Problemz! There is a German saying “I believe a moose is smooching me!” , when you are caught off guard.. Have you had any crazy moose experiences???

        Well, and then there’s filming. You would have to skip on Canada and come all the way to South Africa –Sundowners, balmy weather, Ostriches, Elephants, Ocean….Oh, and did I mention sundowners followed by South African wine.
        And would you mind becoming the babysitter for Gerry Butler? Scottish humor, just saying…

        Summer greetings!!!! Gabrielle

  17. Annatjie Feyt says:

    Hi Lynne

    Enjoy your posts tremendously and wish I could visit Canada! And love your treehouse!
    I’m from Kuils River, South Africa. 29 km from Cape Town and 25 km from Stellenbosch. Co-owner of a very small fishing tackle shop. Quiet during the winter months so spend the time reading your blog and a few others. Do some knitting and reading books when I’m not surfing the internet. I’m also a copycat crafter and love making my own paper.
    Love reading the other responses. Very interesting.
    English my second language so I do apologise for any mistakes.
    All the best and lots of love.

    • Wow Annatjie,

      So very interesting!! What a location to live in, in this big ol’ beautiful world of ours. I have never been to SA but would absolutely love to get there some day. It’s on the bucket list!

      You make your own paper? Very cool! You should write to me some time (there is a contact form on the blog in the upper right hand side of the blog) and send me an email. It would be so neat to share your paper making process and show others how to craft like that.

      I bet it’s great for making greeting cards! Let’s put my photos on your paper for greeting cards. How cool would THAT be? Ahhhh!!

      Thanks again for writing in. Your life sounds so very interesting!

      With much love,
      Lynne xx

  18. What a fun post! I’m afraid I don’t live anywhere terribly exciting, have an exciting view, or an exciting job. I live in Wisconsin, about 45 minutes from Milwaukee. I’m a housewife, homeschooling mother of 2, and blogger. I’m up late working right now. Sitting on my comfy bed while my wonderful husband is fast asleep and The Walking Dead plays on the tv. Gotta have some background noise ya know! Norman Reedus is my Channing Tatum 😉 We have been enjoying the mild days and cool nights in the backyard surrounded by neighbors and freakini’ fireworks. We are lucky our dog hasn’t had a heart attack the past vew days. I hope you are having a great weekend! FYI: totally just downloaded word swag!

  19. Shannon says:

    Cool Post! I currently live in Afghanistan, though at the moment I’m sitting in East Timor. I’m visiting my wife for a few weeks, before heading back to Afghanistan.. It was a two day flight here ,and I’m late arriving because the Taliban decided to attack north of the airport with two rockets on my way there. My flight was cancelled, and back to my cave I went. Departed the next day.

    My wife and I are Aid workers and we met in South Sudan.. We’re also both former Peace Corps Volunteers. I did my Peace Corps time in Ivory Coast and She did hers In Nicaragua She does micro Finance and I’m and Risk analyst/ Security Advisior,, but I really cut my teeth doing emergency response work (earthquake stuff in Pakistan,, Haiti, and China, post blood diamond war stuff in Sierra Leone and etc.). I made the switch to risk mitigation about 4 years ago.

    Our Approach to life and work is to work on yourself and behaviors first. Then fix the world. We’re BIG believer’s in Steven Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly effective people, and try to live our lives and work via this approach.

    Kind and positive, but kick ass when we need to be! We practice meditation and exercise regularly to deal with the stress of being human in a sometimes cruel world.. Sorry about the poor grammar and spelling,, Rushing outta of the door to play on the each with the wife.

    All the best!

    • Oh.my.Goodness.Gracious Shannon,

      You gave me goosebumps from head to toe. What an absolutely incredible soul …both you and your wife.. are!!

      I could sit and read for hours ~ and hours ~ what you could write by telling your story.

      I swear I have read your comment about 10 times already. LOL.

      Funny how life comes full circle.. and we are all connected in some way… My hubby Michael worked for Franklin Covey for 10 years as a world class facilitator, travelling the world. We too, live our lives by the same 7 habits principals.

      I met Steven Covey, and he was one lovely man. It was so sad to hear of his passing.

      I hope you feel inspired to share and write your story one day. It would be a beautiful story to tell.

      Keep making the difference that you make. You are beautiful.

      With much love and admiration,
      Lynne xx

  20. cynthia says:

    Okay, Lynne, I keep leaving messages threatening to rent your treehouse and write in it. The only thing stopping me is that I suspect that you and I would spend abundant time drinking wine and talking and drinking wine and talking and drinking wine and laughing. And that might be a very good way to spend a summer. If I had a summer to spend. Instead, I go to work, I try to find time to write, I go to work, I run the dogs, I go to work, I try to find time to write. And try to find time to drink wine. But perhaps the best news here is that, while I likely need a book intervention, the one that has recently found its way to the top of a stack, and therefore onto the left side of my bed, is……….I’m still not making this up………The Dog Year. And Ann and I have bonded over it. Thank you, precious! I wish you a multitude of lovely tree tenants. Who hopefully won’t drink up all your wine. So there’ll be some left for me and you.

    • Hey Cynthia !

      I will see Ann in a couple of weeks in Paris, if you can believe it.

      I will give her a big ‘ol girly hug from you.

      She is truly a beautiful soul to get to know. IRL… she might be the funniest person on earth.


  21. Carina says:

    I’m currently hanging out in Paris….you know that place you’re going to be in a couple of weeks! It’s going to be wonderful to finally meet the amazing lady behind these here pages. See you in the City of Light! 🙂 xx

    • Hi Carina!

      I can’t wait!! Norma and I were just chatting about it last week (in the treehouse!!).

      I’m so excited to be in Paris soon AND I’m having a wee panic attack looking at my clothing wardrobe AND the fact that I have forgotten all four words that I learned in French.

      Maybe the vin rouge will help my French language skills when I get there. Ha. I might recall all four words. Or not.

      Lynne xx

  22. michelle says:

    Hello peapods,

    I realise I’m late to the party but that’s nothing new for me!
    I’m currently bobbing about on a North sea oilrig about a hundred miles off the coast of N/East Scotland. So, I have a very good view of the sea! I’m a chef baker on nightshift and looking forward to a cup of tea and a biccie in bed, little things,:0)

    I live in Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire, so luckily have a beach just around the corner. Water water everywhere!

    Have a good day everyone and I’m off to my bed to read about all the amazing places people live,:0)x

  23. Auntiepatch says:

    Hi Lynne! I live in San Diego CA. and, yes, I DO have a view of the ocean (it’s 10 miles away but I live on a canyon). I try to live for the good of everyone but I can’t take foolish people. I live the straight and narrow and don’t take kindly to fools. Unless they are funny fools who make me laugh.. Then they are OK.. For a while……just saying……..

    • Ha!

      That must be why you like Karen (Art of Doing Stuff) and I. We might be funny fools. Two peas in a pod!

      Btw, your view from the canyon sounds absolutely freaking incredible!!!!!!

      I’m on my way ….

  24. I am relatively new to your blog, we are still in the honeymoon phase 
    I recently wrote a post about my smile inducers and YOU are one of them! I love your writing style. But enough about you hey? About me now ok?
    I’m a daydreaming craftaholic. I’m never far from my crochet hook and a ball of quality yarn. None of that acrylic shit for moi! It keeps me sane and stops me eating too much chocolate – can’t shove it in my mouth if my hands are busy! I like exclamation marks and smiley faces . I believe HAPPINESS is the best revenge. I’m an IG addict. I march to the slightly off beat of my own drum. Sometimes I’ll ask if I want something but mostly I’ll just go about making it happen. That usually starts with lots of dreaming! I’m in the dreaming and visualizing phase of creating my dream small life on a farm. In the meantime I do the 9 to 5 thang in an office and craft till the wee hours with my hubby who crafts too. He makes beautiful leather plaited stuff and I help him do the bloggy thing and run both of our etsy shops. I spend way too much time on real estate .com looking for said farm. It depends on who you are whether I give a shit about what you think. I’m picky like that. This year I became an empty nester. I miss my kids but am so freaking proud of them living their lives and pursuing their dreams. Man I think did kinda ok with them… mostly! I live at the foot of the Dandenong Ranges in Melbourne Australia, one of my fave things to do is drive up the mountains and walk around my fave gardens full of big old trees. Sometimes I hug them… in my head. It’s my happy place.
    Thanks for asking Lynne,
    Hope you’re well,
    Love Yvette (aka Little White Dove) x

    • So beautiful Yvette-

      Thanks for the blog feature/love… Much appreciated!!!

      Australia must be just a beautiful place to live. I love the feel of Australia… it has always felt like a beautifully warm version of Canada 🙂 Wide open spaces and good people.

      Your life sounds super creative! Keep rocking it out loud!

      Big cheers!
      Lynne xx

  25. Janet says:

    G’day from Queensland Australia,
    Where am I? Well, I currently suffer from ‘split country’ disorder 😉 I’m here with my 2 gorgeous kids, (do you ever look at your children and realise what and honour it is to be their parent? I do, then I think “damn girl, you did good all by your lonesome”). But I am packing to return to Canada to see my gorgeous guy….love the second time around is wonderful <3

    After 35 years of bookkeeping my hands are riddled with erosive arthritis and as an added bonus rheumatoid arthritis decided to visit, it slows me but will never stop me. I am an avid crafter and I mean avid, seriously I think I could sniff out a fabric sale within 5kms. Peace is when I sit and either knit, sew, embroider, make teddy bears or do leather work (when my hands play nice). Nirvana is when I sit and write, I realised the other night that it was 4am (okay morning) and I had cranked out 90,000 words, go me, now where's my pillow zzzzz

    I'm a simple gal really, with a simple idea of life: I will help you however I can if you need a hug, a shoulder, need to move a mountain, hey I'm your gal! But I will not wallow in self pity with you. I will kick you up the butt though (lovingly) to snap you out of it 😉 A bit long sorry but you did ask, lols. Thanks for being you and having this blog it gives me an extra happy when I'm here. I hope everyone everywhere has the gift of 'extra happies' every single day.


    • Holy smokes Janet…

      You sound ab fab ! :))))

      How cool to travel from Aussie land to Canuck-ville…


      It is oh so true to be blessed with the privilege of being a Momma to fab kids. You must be a fabulous Mom to have such incredible kiddos.

      I laughed out loud at the ability to sniff out a fabric sale. That could come in handy. 🙂

      What part of Canada are your returning to? Yes, you are right.. love the second time around is EPIC. You have a good idea of what you want/don’t want.. don’tcha ? 🙂

      Much love,
      Lynne xx

      • Janet says:

        Hey Lynne

        I’m heading to Saskatchewan.
        The first time I landed in Vancouver (2011) the customs guy asked where I was headed, he paused and said “Well you must know someone there, coz that’s the only reason to go there” awww poor Sask don’t worry I loves ya 😉

        • That’s hilare Janet,

          The last time I went to Saskatchewan .. I joked with my girl pals..

          I’m taking my vagina to Regina.

          Oh no. That may be TMI hahaaha. You might have that stuck in your head when you are flying into Regina.


          My bad.


  26. Gemma Smith says:

    Hi Lynne,

    I am guessing I may take the cake for your most distant reply to your latest blog – I am in beautiful Queenstown, New Zealand. I am sitting here in our little cottage on a very cold winters day looking out at Lake Hayes, contemplating – but not acting on – my much needed walk! We don’t celebrate your 4th of July here but my grandmother is a New Yorker, and we employ an American lass in our day care centre, and 4th of July celebrations were in the making yesterday for her. I thoroughly enjoy your wacky styled posts and came across your website when looking for creative responses for interiors. Keep up the great work – I always get a smile on my dial while reading your posts.


    • You crack me up Gemma…

      “A smile on my dial” … I have to remember that one!!

      You lucky dawg!!! New Zealand?!! I have always dreamed of traveling to NZ… it’s on the bucket list.

      If a crazy lady blogger comes knocking on your door one day… don’t be alarmed 🙂 xx

  27. Ceitllyn (Katelyn) says:

    Hi Lynne,
    I came to live in Yakima WA July 1996 from Montana, marring my husband later that month. We met in 1995 @ our 20 high school reunion, which neither one of us had planned on going. I am the very ungrown-up mom of four lovely children, one of whom has since died. He was one of the bravest people I have known. At this moment I am sitting in our front room watching a documentary on Highclere Castle with our rescue dog, Ellie. My husband has a take and bake pizza to look forward to eating soon. It is just one of those days today.

    I am the oldest of 10 children of Italian decent – my grandfathers were both naturalize citizens. They always showed their papers when we went to Canada from Buffalo, NY to visit. I learned how to bake bread, crochet and cook from my grandparent’s. Nothing ever fancy, I usually struggle to follow any recipe or pattern. Most times things work otherwise we punt 🙂

    I love color, experimenting, crafting, learning and hope someday to go to school. I haven’t decided for what, the “grown-up” part of me keeps playing with the other parts of me and no one can make up their minds!

    Thanks for your bright and lovely writing, I always feel inspired. I am beginning to share my story, so thank you for stepping the way. 🙂 Enjoying your tree house in slightly deserty Yakima

    • Holy smokes, what an interesting life! The oldest of 10 children?? Incredible!!

      I am soooo sorry for the loss of your one child. Oh my goodness. It broke my heart just to read the words. I can’t even begin to imagine the kind of sorrow that it must have brought into your life. You are one strong soul. xx

      I wish you lived next door to me. We could hang out in the treehouse and you could bring me snacks 🙂 haha.

      PS. I can’t cook worth a dang. Can I come live with you?

      Lynne xx

      • Ceitllyn (Katelyn) says:

        I would sooooooo love to live next to you and bring you snacks or just come live with me, no prob 😀 It took me ages to cook for less than 12 and I still don’t manage it well, HA. Although, I would be feeding you bread and cookies, maybe some homemade pasta and sauce before you ever get much else for a meal!

        Thanks for the comment back. I would adore a friend like you. Hugs and kisses back

        • Suddenly … I’m drooling for pasta, cookies and bread.

          You might be my bestie. Pack ‘yer bags. You need to be my neighbour 🙂 oxoxoo

          • Ceitllyn (Katelyn) says:

            How kind of you! Oh, to drool in the wondrous wood and not wonder if I am going to short out my computer 😀 LOL!! Stay in touch, you never know, it could happen. I will keep my heart open to that possibility and we can share stories.

  28. Wendi miller says:

    Hello, from Stow, Ohio, Lynne! Stow is a suburb of Akron and it’s a wonderful community 🙂 This morning we went to the Fourth of July parade and watched our daughter Nikki march with the high school marching band for the last time, as this is her final year in high school…where DOES the time go?

    Right now I’m on the deck in my back yard. I’m surrounded by trees, chirping birds, chipmunks and squirrels, and a few minutes ago three deer just walked by me. I LOVE IT HERE! I will have to go inside when it starts getting dark though, because I have a pretty severe spider phobia…I have to be able to SEE the creepy crawlies so that I know when to run away screaming 😉

    Tomorrow, we’re hosting a cookout then bonfire for family: both my husband’s side and mine. It’s in honor of hubby’s brother and sister being in town from Georgia for a visit. Its so nice to just slow down for a day and really catch up with them all. And speaking of slowing down, thanks for asking about “where I am”, Lynne! Sitting down to write this actually made me slow down for a few minutes and think about how blessed my life is! Hope you’ve had a nice day, too 🙂 XOXO

    • Awwwwh Wendy,

      Your note reached right in and grabbed a hold of my heart. I just loved reading it.

      It sounds like we live in a similar environment ( I love to see the deer too) and the FIREFLIES! Do you have those?

      Now.. I’m totally creeped out by the THOUGHT of a creepy crawler. My eyes will be darting back and forth now at dusk. LOL.

      Many hugs,
      Lynne xx

      • Wendi miller says:

        TONS of fireflies! It’s like when you see an overhead shot at the Super Bowl and you notice camera flashes going off EVERYWHERE. That’s what it’s like in our woods at night….FIREFLIES EVERYWHERE 😉

        • Oh I love that Wendi !!!

          We have them in our fields in front of the treehouse .. and it might be my fave thing on earth to watch.

          A beautiful light show by Mother Nature.


  29. Lynne D. says:

    Lynne –
    Happy 4th! I live on 5 acres on a lake in Placerville, CA. We built our house and moved in July 4, 1980, celebrating today 34 years living here in paradise. It’s 101 degrees outside and we will be hopping in the lake soon. Our guests will be blue skies, soft breezes and about 65 Canada Geese. I don’t believe there are any Canada Geese left in your country, they are all here!!
    Thanks for the pretty pictures, great messages.

    Lynne D.

    • Hahahahahaha Lynne

      ( btw, I LOVE your name)

      You spell it beautifully :)))))

      Errhhmergerd, the Canada Geese are bat shit crazy. Not gunna lie, I’m glad that they flew over there. LOL.

      We have a pond here on our property and every once in a while the Geese decide that they should hang out. All that poop. Ewwwwwwh. Gross, right?

      You are most welcome for the pretty pictures and messages.

      Big love,
      Lynne xx

      • Lynne D. says:

        Lynne, thank you for your blog!! What a charmer you are. Loved, loved, loved reading all the responses from all over the world, your readers so opened up to you, what a beautiful idea. Amazing how many folks love living by the water, lots of artists too in the flock. BTW, raked up all that goose poop and made tea manure for the garden! There ya go.


        • Wait a sec. Tea manure? Don’t drink that. LOL.

          I agree, isn’t it super freaking awesome to read the stories of people around the world? LOVE.

          I always say that my blog readers/comments are way more interesting than me. LEGIT. I have more fun reading comments than reading my blog post. haha. Gospel truth.

          Lynne xx

  30. Marjory Bent says:

    Dear Lynn,
    I am reading your blog in Holland. Near te city of Rotterdam (we dont like Amsterdam). Just like you I am a lover of wine, in love with my kids, love reading, and now started to write a little bit. Not exactely like you,, well not the writing part. We dont have independence day over here, but I love to celebrate life everyday. A big hug from me to you Enjoy your day!!

    • Hi Marjory!

      I know exactly where you are. So sweet! We have traveled to Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

      I must confess.. I actually lost my four kids for about 10 minutes in the Rotterdam subway. LOL. Longest 10 minutes of my life. haha.

      Good for you for writing!! <-- I screamed that. It is so great to write. write. write. Celebrating life with you... With much love, Lynne xx

  31. Sheila says:

    Happy Independence Day! I call Ottawa, Ontario (Canada) now as my home it used to be Oklahoma City. I love getting your little blogs and notes today’s really made me smile.
    I’m sitting with my iPad on the deck with a nice glass of red wine and the gentle breeze blowing. I’m listening to the sounds of my grandchildren play. Watching my daughter and her husband so sweet and loving towards each other, I feel like I’m truly blessed!

    • Ahhhh Shiela,

      I can totally envision that. Thanks for sharing !!

      So happy that you liked the blog post. I have been working on trying to write less words and have even more photos. #MyBloggingChallenge haha.

      Have a beautiful time in Ottawa. What a great time of year, isn’t it?

      When the snow flies, I want to fly too. haha.

      Mwah !!
      Lynne x

  32. Jenna Em says:

    Lynne, I never knew we were practically neighbours. I’m in Toronto, Ontario. Writing this as a sip a sparkling water, resting in bed, after spending 8 hours at Canada’s Wonderland.

    • You are ONE BRAVE SOUL… 8 hours at Canada’s Wonderland deserves a huge HUG and an even bigger pat on the back.

      That’s FAB that we are practically neighbours (by Canadian standards, LOL)

      We Canucks are rare. Woooohooo xx

  33. Sadly I am in the Apple Store with a crapped out phone. Happily I am surrounded by Geniuses who will hopefully fix it fast. Sadly they won’t also fix my slow as molasses computer because I only booked 1 appointment. Happily, I get to read fun blog posts like this one while I wait. And also happily, the weekend is just around the corner. The happilys win again 🙂

    • Whaaaaa Dani?

      The apple store? Not gonna lie, that is kinda sorta my fave place on earth.

      If the Apple store was located on a beach, I would LEGIT NEVER LEAVE.

      Heaven. On. Earth. Ha.

      I hope you were able to bribe a genius here and there and get ‘er all done.



  34. Samantha says:

    I am in California (the Central Valley where it is hotter than hell) sitting at my kitchen table taking some time for myself before the roaring hordes of family show up for food and fireworks. My husband is having a very slow recovery from back surgery so I’ve been feeling very sorry for myself. I was planning on being mean to other people because I am so stressed out, but your words and photos and the fact that your blog just sends out love and encouragements has made me take another road – the one where I love on people no matter how shitty things get. Thanks!

    • Thank YOU Samantha.

      Seriously, your comment/words grabbed my heart.

      I’m so grateful that my words can make a difference to beautiful souls like you in the world.

      I hope you have the best day evvvvah with your family and friends xx

      Sending you epic light and love. Have a BLAST xoxoxo

  35. Stephanie says:

    Aloha from Hilo, Hawaii, and yes, I do have an ocean view. I’d be looking at it, but I gotta switch over to my phone and go check out Wordswag…

    • Stephanie

      That’s it. You’ve inspired me. I’m dreaming of beach hut living AGAIN (in my head)

      * Stomping my foot, slamming my hand on the table *

      It’s time to live the dream. My beach hut dream. I’m on my way.

      Be careful, you may just hear a knock on your door.

      #MyBagsAreAlwaysPacked even tho you didn’t invite me. LOL. haha.

  36. Julie N says:

    I live in Imperial, CA, it’s so HOT and miserable today. I am thankful for AC! I’m thankful for my country, my family and health. Will spend the evening at my sisters house and watch the fireworks!

    • AC is a sweet thing, isn’t it Julie?

      I have AC too. It’s called open the window. LOL.

      Our summers aren’t as hot as yours, but some days ooohhhh they are doozies.

      Sunshine is a great thing.. I love this quote tho …

      Even too much sunshine ~ burns.


      I’m still envious of sunny Cali. xo

  37. Bobbie French says:

    Hi Lynne,
    I’m sitting on my lanai in Honolulu and enjoying the morning. It is very peaceful to be looking at my small bit of the ocean as well as the hibiscus trees and the gorgeous bougainvillea. Some days I am so rushed that I don’t stop and smell the flowers. Hopefully we can all slow down and enjoy what’s been given to us…
    Have a great day!

    • Thanks for reminding me to do the same … RELAX … slow down… it’s crazy how we all need that reminder sometimes.

      Just THINKING about your lanai and even the smell of the ocean breeze sounds just incredible. It must be a stunner to have the flowers, the smells and the Hawaiian landscape all around you.


      Lynne xx

  38. Lin N says:

    Here I am, in a house i designed and co~contracted the build almost three years ago. It’s on a wee island….Protection Island, Nanaimo BC. Yep, i can see the ocean from upstairs or walk 125 steps thru the park to the bay. Listening to the birds chirrrp and chillaxing reading yer blog. Just downloaded Wordswag cuz I like pictures and I like wordz. What do I do? I practice being retired and doing stuff I want to do. I luv my big boy orange cat and my little white and orange girl cat and my 95 Eurovan. Enuff said. Yer cool and I have ‘treehouse envy’.

    • Hi Lin !

      Did you see the comment from another reader pal by the name of Carole? She’s on the island too.

      Btw, you MUST try the bread pudding at Crow & Gate pub. It was my Dad’s fave place on earth. We used to go there and eat it for f.o.r.e.v.e.r.

      It might be because it was spiked with brandy. But.still. Go give it a whirl.

      It is seriously the most delish thaaang on earth. xx

  39. Scott Stover says:

    I’m in Hudson, OH….enjoying the cool breezes and brilliant sunshine we have today. The squirrels are harvesting hickory nuts from the ginormous tree and occasionally hurling a few at my head while I sit on the deck but we have an agreement: they take all the nuts and I don’t go near the nuts or the squirrels and all is good.. We’ll cook out tonight and enjoy our pyromaniac neighbor’s fireworks show after dusk. My kids are coming to visit this week and I can’t wait to see them……..enjoy your day, Lynne, and give Michael my best.

    • Hi Scott !

      Michael read your comment and loved it. He says a big HELLOOOOooooo !!

      You have an agreement with squirrels?! Great. Can you write up that same agreement for my squirrels? 🙂

  40. I’m in Everett,WA…amazed that it’s not raining this 4th of July…computer hard drive broke earlier in the week so discovering how much time one has when you’re not on the computer constantly…BTW…love the candle quote…exactly how I feel…I’m going to steal it….and just looked up the wordswag app and not available for android. 🙁

    • Whaaaaaa WordSwag isn’t available on Android? Drats.


      Good point about lack of time on the computer. LOL. I try to remember… real personal life, first… computer life, second… ha… it doesn’t always happen.

      My peeps online are just like family:)

      But. Still.

      Teehee. Wishing you good computer hard drive mojo. 🙂

  41. Carole says:

    I am in Nanaimo, on Vancouver Island, not caring what too many people think. My hair was supposed to turn grey but so far at 58 it’s still brown with white streaks running through it. I love my husband, our kids, their kids, and painting in my studio (where I spend most of my time).

    • Carole!!

      Painting in a studio on Vancouver Island?!! Holy smokes, it sounds dreamy!!

      Do you have a view of the sea? I love the whale watching from the island.

      Have you ever been to Crow & Gate pub?? It’s near Nanaimo.

      It is the best bread pudding (with Brandy) on the face of the earth <---- I screamed that!! Sooooo delish!! xoxo

      • Carole says:

        Yes, I’ve been to the Crow & Gate Pub but have never had their bread pudding. I’ll have to try it! If you’re this way anytime give me a ring and I’ll meet you there.

        I have glimpses of the ocean from my living/dining rooms but sadly only see the huge walnut tree and shaded gardens from my studio window.

        The other day on the ferry we saw a whale pod of 10ish orcas playing in the ferry’s waves. The month before 15 or so porpoise swimming along side the ferry.

        Happy weekend to you.

  42. Kathy Mckenzie says:

    Hi Lynne. Just finished my first-ever-in-years walk. Figure never too old to get the old body moving. Thing are going to be warm here in Vegas. Like around 105 (but I keep remembering its a dry heat). So got out early and then a dip in the pool. Can you believe there are days it’s actually too hot for the pool? I think about the north woods, lakes and small cabins when it gets hot. It helps keep me sane through the hot months. But then I’m thankful for no mosquitos, no terribly bad weather and no snow to shovel. Remember I said I had an old body! Will be walking about a half a block and will be able to enjoy the fireworks from the Strip in the distance. The retirement life is good in the desert!

    • Hey Kathy

      My web design team for my bloggy are from Vegas. I love them, and Vegas… and now I have another reason to love Vegas more… fireworks on the strip and retirement. Oh la la. Yummers!!!

      It must be über cool to be surrounded by desert and NO SNOW. Lucky dawg. I might have to send you a snowball this winter 🙂 xx

  43. Can you guess? Yep, that’s right, Stockholm (Sweden). Sitting here multi-tasking: writing this, watching the football (soccer) and enjoying a glass of rosé to celebrate our first warm, sunny day in two weeks (summer doesn’t like us much this year). When the view isn’t football, it is the football pitch of the school across the street, a beautiful century-old red-brick building.
    Happy weekend!

  44. I’m on my bed in Canada, Ottawa, thinking it’s about time to go water the spices on my apartment balcony. 🙂 We’re growing peppers. I’m also online all over the place all at once – hopping account to account, and always trying to lift people up through sharing ideas and giving them a space to share as well.

    Thanks for asking! ~Catherine

    • I checked out the cancer site Catherine,

      So great to be able to uplift people. What a gift you have to be able to do that.

      Spices on your balcony?! VERY COOL. I’m on my way to your place for din din. 🙂

  45. Diane Amick says:

    Hi Lynn…..I live in Winchester, VA – at the almost top of the Shenandoah Valley – about 70 miles northwest of DC. In the winter I have a fabulous view of the Blue Ridge Mountains – in the summer just lots of fully-leafed trees on the ridge where I live. I love your tree house – hope my hubbies next project is to build us one on the aforementioned ridge. We are retired from full-time careers, but work from sun-up to sun-down on the many projects we love – gardening – needlepoint – building an additional garage (already have 5 1/2), going to auctions…seems like there are never enough hours in the day. Love, love, love choosing daily what I WANT to do – not what I have to or need to. Blessings to you and yours!

    • Holy smokes Diane ….at the top of a valley? That sounds beee-u-tee-ful.

      You have 5 1/2 garages? You must have some coolio things stored in there!

      What a fab life to be able to do what you WANT to do. So beautifully fab. xox

  46. Carole Mayne says:

    HI Lynn,
    I thought you’d be more interested in meeting our oldest daughter, Chelsea…she’s just published her first young adult (of any age) fantasy novel, ”Quickbane” on Amazon. You may recognize a kindred spirit in her stylistic chic…..chelsea.starling.com.
    As for me, I’m an oil painter, been married 46 years… can see the pacific ocean from my house in ”The Golden World Colony’,’ aka Encinitas, CA, I have surfed since i was 16 and hope to still paddle out when I’m 72 (or more!) I am looking forward to my next adventure with my hubby, who is a fantastic bird photographer(Chris Mayne Avian Photography on Fb), in some far off land. It’s odd for me to sound off like a 3-D selfie, but you asked for it!!! xoxo Carole

    • LOVE it Carole !!

      Your family sounds incredibly artistic. That’s oh so very cool. I’m so glad you told me. I just went and checked out your daughters blog/book and then I tweeted her.


      Have a great day today. Independently artistic. xx

  47. Grainne Holohan says:

    Hi Lynne,
    I live half way up a mountain, overlook the sea with a lake to the side of me in Dingle Ireland. Wonderful for the soul, terrible for wifi reception. Im a mother, a waitress, and the owner of two permanently tired feet. I’d love to say that I come to your page for inspiration, but basically, Im as creative as a gnat and my house needs to be razed to the ground and begun again starting with getting the luxuries of plumbing and electrics correct! So I come to your page to escape for a bit before my garden/wild outback woodlands where foxes and pheasants frequently go eight rounds, calls to me in an irritating and high pitched tone.

    I do however have a great kid, a fantastic view, a deadly family and an appreciation of good red vino. What more can a body ask for? :). Keep up the work woman…love reading your stuff.

    • Wait.A.Sec Grainne,

      You live in Ireland?!! You must must must go check out my friend Imen at Farmette blog. Here’s the link


      Imen is a beautiful soul and her blog is full of delicious awesomeness. It makes me want to move to Ireland. Yesterday.

      Thanks for the absolute beautiful love that you sent my way today.

      Big love, right back atcha… and a nice sip of red vino too. xx

  48. Maya says:

    My mind just went blank upon imagining a view filled with the physique of Channing Tatum. That would be awesome to feast one’s eyes with 🙂
    I am from Skopje, Macedonia (Europe). Hello and Happy 4th!

  49. Vancouver, B.C. I overlook a small dog park in our apartment complex.. Our city is one of the prettiest and there’s so much to do here. Ocean, mountains, lakes, streams. Skiing, hiking, kayaking, fishing, whale watching, eating, eating, art. I mention eating twice, yes on purpose. I don’t do all of these things (I do ski and hike) but the fact that we can right here, is wonderful. I lerve your treehouse. Your home and property are gorgeous, Lynne. I will check out that App. Happy 4th of July from one Canadian to another and to all the American visitors here at Design…

    • So sweet Lisa! You are so lucky too, to have milder winters and longer summers. Ohhhhhh, jealous… especially about the good eats.

      We live in the middle.of.nowhere. Good eats are about 3 hours away.

      And you think I joke. ha!

      Have a faboosh Fourth… from one Canuck to another xx

  50. Sue says:

    Well good morning all! I’ve enjoyed reading your blog Lynne and also all the comments from these interesting folks. About me? How often do we get this request eh? How refreshing to be asked to tell about us! I’m going to make a point of this today. I’ll say to everyone I meet, tell me about you.

    I’m well on the way to being one of those idgaf people. I’ve just come through seven years of pretrial for an accident I was in. I’m SO glad it’s over. I’m currently staying at my sons home in the mountains near Golden, BC. I spend the days gardening, petting cats, and just took up Aqua fit in the outdoor pool in Golden. It’s lovely! I’m getting ready to leave in September for Yorkshire where I just may decide to reclaim my roots. I love it there! Every moment of the day is filled with all I love there. History, scenery, my sister, my niece and nephews. Right now I have so many options, I love to see what people do with their lives, things I never of!

    One thing I will do wherever I go is keep that thirty year old alive inside me. That ” I can do” attitude and belief. And yes, stop giving a darn what anyone else thinks of my choices. Thanks for an inspiring morning Lynne!

    • Wow Sue. Wow. Wow. Wow.

      EPIC comment. Keeping living that life.. IDGAF.

      aaaaannnnd… YORKSHIRE?!! Booyah!! Do it. It sounds abso-toot-ly incredible !!!

      This way of writing a blog post has been GREAT for me too. I love love love going around the world in one day and hearing about other lives. It’s so intriguing !!!

      Big love,

  51. Shirley says:

    Hi, Lynne! I’m writing you from Tweed, ON, sitting in my screened-in porch overlooking the lake, enjoying my coffee and this beautiful, fresh, sunny morning! Hey, Kevin, there are lots of trees, lakes, mountains, er, hills and clean air around here, too — come check us out sometime!

    As for me, I’m a sassy 21-year-old, cleverly disguised as a 67-year-old grandmother of six, and I’m loving my IDGASWAT years! It is so much fun going against type and shocking people (and sometimes myself, too!). You can get away with an awful lot when you have gray hair! Something for you young-uns to look forward to!

    Love your blog, love your photos, love your spirit, Lynne. You inspire me. 🙂

    • Holy snap dawg Shirley…

      I just laughed out loud at the ‘sassy 21 year old cleverly disguised as a 67 year old grandmother’

      you rock out loud.

      Big love to you!!!

      You just inspired ME. XOXOXO

  52. Vivian says:

    I can see the state University prairie garden from my bedroom window. I seldom have a lazy day, but I do today. I wil sit and knit while enjoying the view.

  53. CarolR says:

    I’m still in bed, 21-yr-old cat Sadie on my tummy, husband snoring (ack!) next to me – in St. Louis, MO. Your treehouse is very wonderful! I’m another cranky ol’ woman (Hi Cindyy!), wondering how it’s possible that I’ll be 65 soon – I was 32 day before yesterday, I swear! I’m going into my studio after breakfast – I make pottery – and do make some work. Also try to get rid of some of the stuff I’ve been stashing away for years. That’s being nice to myself, I suppose, and I will be on my best behavior later when the family arrives for dinner. Hell, I’ll even find something nice to do for someone!

  54. Margaret says:

    I’m getting ready for my annual art gift to myself. This year i
    am taking classes with Jane Davies at Omega Institute in Rhinebeck NY. I pretend I am retired for the week.

  55. Janet says:

    Happy 4th!!! I’m in Honolulu- do the alnighter to Seattle tonight and then Amsterdam tomorrow. I coined the phrase “no rest for the wicked”. Although, I’m not entirely sure I’m all that wicked.
    I like to help. I’m a serial helper. Mostly people in wheelchairs or kids that look like they have cranky parents. I love the idea of paying it forward. I payed the copayment for a prescription of an adorable old dude in line the other day (medication went up-fixed income). If everyone did something for someone everyday it could spark an incredible kindness phenomenon and snowball into a crazy wonderful utopia! Or maybe not- maybe it would just make you feel good- yes- lets do good things and let’s just make ourselves feel better! A new twist on it’s all about me. Lovin me some cappuccino at this moment- and sweetly blessed to open my email and find Lynne’s email! Like icing on a cake! Good day! janet

    • Oh wow! Hi Janet !!

      Seeing the world… and and and… spreading the kindness phenomenon … I knew I liked you 🙂 xx

      Big love to you girly !!

      Can I hop in your luggage? xx

  56. Melanie says:

    Well hello missy Im Mel and Im from the UK (I feel like Im introducing myself on a dating show saying that). Im a fun lovin girl who likes to meet new people and generally love life. I love love love to travel so I will have to book a visit to your tree house one day. The décor you use is stunning hun. I live near the sea in the UK so am lucky for having that in my life. I work as a secretary but plan to start my own biz soon once its up and running I’ll let ya know. I absolutely love to laugh at silly things and love adventure. Have a great 4th July and p.s. have you decided on a name for the bathroom that you’ve built? Love n hugs Mel x x x

    • Hi Mel !

      Where in the UK do you live? And near the sea?!! Fantastic!

      When we lived in Paris, I would travel over to London all the time to get my English fix. Yup. My French is horrible. LOL. I love love love the UK !!

      Have you been to the Lake District? Oh la la.

      What will your new biz be?

      Yes, we have a bathroom name. 🙂

      La TREE’n haha.

      • Melanie says:

        Hey hun I live just outside of Brighton not too far from London. I used to live in London I love the energy of London and well the shopping is fantastic. Ive never been to Paris did you enjoy it? How long did you live there? Im keeping my cards close to my chest about my biz at the minute its in the very early stages but I will let you know as soon as I get things sorted out. Yeah Ive been to the Lake District but I was very young so don’t really remember it. So when’s a good time to visit your tree house missy?

  57. Meg says:

    I LOvE your treehouse! I live near the beach in Maryland so will enjoy this weekend there if hurricane Arthur doesn’t screw it up. If he does, I will still enjoy it because I am grateful for every day.

    • I keep forgetting about those darn hurricanes and beach life Meg. Hmm.

      But still. Can I come live with you? Ha!

      I think it’s über coolio how they name hurricanes in alphabetical order tho. As a Canadian (in a hurricane-less) area… I didn’t learn about the SCARY stuff until we lived near a beach in Florida.

      Holy Batman.

      Big love to you. Having a grateful day too…

      Lynne xx

  58. Cindy Marlow says:

    What a beautiful morning! I love all your instructables about photo apps. You are so creative with your fonts…Wait! I forgot! This is supposed to be about me and I’m making it all about you.

    I’m sitting on my deck in Boise, Idaho enjoying a cup of coffee and 63 degrees Fahrenheit after a high yesterday of 102. I love the smell of Boise in the morning almost as I love retirement and being able to tell people to go take a flying *&%. Yes, I’ve become that cranky old lady and I love it. Just for you, though, I will do something kind for someone today…I just won’t tell anybody about it.

    PS: did I say that I think your blog is awesome?

    • Oh Cindy,

      You just made me want to hop a plane to Boise Idaho! It sounds divine!

      Thanks for making my day!!

      *blushing* from the blog love. Look !! You were kind already.. Haha!

      Lynne xx

  59. Craig says:

    “I’m right here”
    We all “live” somewhere…
    just depends on how you define “live”
    Michigan, Windsor, Grand Bend, Michigan…
    “Wherever I go, that’s where I am” ….
    ….funny how that works….
    Happy Trails… Happy 4th…

  60. Kevin R says:

    Hi Lynne,
    I’m in Burlington, ON. Originally from Montreal and still a Quebecker at heart (I love the proximity of the outdoors, trees, lakes, mountains and clean air). But always discovering new and amazing things here in Ontario !!! Have a great one !!! Love your blog !!!
    Best, Kevin…

    • LOVE Burlington Kev!

      Michael is from Burlington but born in Quebec. Ha! Small world… you Quebeckers are an awesome bunch.

      Thanks for the blog LOVE.