Where in the WORLD are you?

Jul 4

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Wooohoooo !! Hello lovely !! It’s almost holiday time and time for drinking liquid fermented grapes.

Don’t forget to be awesome.

Don’t sip too much out-ta the crazy straw.  You’ll be moving slower than jello and I might have to make fun of you.

As a writer, you are my person.  Without you, there wouldn’t be a blog.

Well, there would be a blog, but only my Mom and Channing Tatum would be reading it.



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It’s your turn to spill it.

I wanna know about you.


Where in the world are you?  Right. Now.


Where in the world are you? https://lynneknowlton.com/wordswag/ ‎@lynneknowlton #WordSwagApp


Tell me your story.

Where in the world do you live?

What do you do?

Are you bald from the eyebrows down?

Do you live with a view of the ocean? Yeah !!!!

Or a view of the Walmart parking lot?  Nothing beats that.  Ewwwwh.

Wait.  Maybe a view of Channing Tatum.  That beats that.


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Ahhhhhhh +


How do you roll?

If you want something in your life, do you ask?


Do you sit on a pig and pray for a ham sandwich?

Are you living in the ‘I don’t give a shit what anyone else thinks’ years?

Do you march to your own drum?


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Do you believe that success is the best revenge?


Do you scream bullshit… revenge is the best revenge?


Most importantly, do you believe …


A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle  

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If you think that way ~ in a positive thinking, kind, loving way, mixed with a bit of spit and laughter.  Well. Then.  You are my bestie.

Hey BFF…


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Wise  Words to  Live  By




For the love of Pete … Go out there and help someone.  Smile at someone.  Love someone.  Be kind to someone.  If all else fails, just love them.


Go out there and be awesome.  Dammit.  Do it.


Don't Forget to Be Awesome https://lynneknowlton.com/wordswag/ ‎ @lynneknowlton #WordSwagApp



Uhhhm, helloooo….. That means you will be

Designing the Life YOU Want To Live

Oh hells yeah




Wanna know how I made most of these quotes with text over photos?  You can do it too!  I created the photographs by using the apps from my free ebook <— click there to get your free instant download.


Then ~ oh then ~  like freaking bombastic magic, I uploaded the pics into my latest app crush WORDSWAG.

It is super simple to use.

Just push all the buttons.

You’ll find your way.


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Go forth and conquer.  You can put text on your photos like a pro too!


Come follow me and tell me about it on instagram, annnd tell WordSwag too.  Hashtag them #WordSwagApp in insta and they may feature you in their insta feed.


PS. I wasn’t bribed by Wordswag to say that. They have no idea that I’m obsessed with their app who I am.  LOL.  For reals.


Want to know where in the world I am?


I’m sitting in our treehouse in Durham, Ontario, Canada.  Yup.  I’m a Canuck.

I’m writing to you from the treehouse, on a beautiful sunny day in the Canadian countryside.

Why?  Because I love you like that.


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Now spill it, where in the world are YOU ?


Where in the world are you located? Tell me more!


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  1. Jaime Buckley

    December 5th, 2014 at 1:02 pm

    Hiya Lynne—I made it here from Paul’s Article on BBB!!

    (blows kisses)

    This is the second blog in nine years, that I signed up to follow, just because I loved the personality behind the words.

    Yes, that makes you special.
    Tell your family. Tell your friends.
    I’ll back you.

    I’m starting to think you’re a long lost sister or some weird cousin I haven’t been allowed to meet until today.

    Truth be told, I never forget to be awesome. Not that I’m successful at it (that’s for someone else to let me know I think)—but me and the guys give it a real go ever day!

    *…and the voices shout, “Hell Yeah!” *

    Also, I’m delighted that I’m your person. But you mean, like friends, right? Cause slavery is illegal. Just like poking someone’s eyes out with chopsticks and spandex on fat people.

    Ok, spandex isn’t illegal on fat people, but it should be.
    Pass me those chop sticks…I’ll do my own eyes.

    You wanna know about me, eh?
    I am sitting in my bedroom, in Utah—looking out over a massive valley and smiling at the snowcapped mountains.

    My story is too long to tell, but I’ll give you excerpts, so you won’t get bored:

    I live in Utah. I am a fantasy writer, game maker (board & card games) and a successful (professional) father of 12 awesome kids. My wife says I had to include that “successful” part in her opinion, so it must be true. Entertaining and teaching is my passion–and making/supporting friends is my joy.

    No, I am not bald from the eyebrows down. I have a full beard and the older I get, I’m slowly turning into a cross between a hairy monkey and Sean Connery.

    …without the Sean Connery part.

    When I want something in life, I strive to make it happen. Unfortunately I don’t own a drum…and I hate marching. Just let me get my work done, to get me closer to my goals and pick me up for lunch–you’re buying. Smoked ham and sauerkraut sounds good.

    Success to me is always the best revenge, because exerting energy to GET revenge means that I’d have to acknowledge that someone else mattered enough to offend or hurt me and I’m holding onto it.

    Nawwwwww. That’s stupid.
    Young men want justice. Old me want peace. I’m somewhere in the middle…

    I want a piece of pie.

    So set the Lemon Meringue down and back away slooooooowly.

    Yes, I do believe “A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle”…but I also believe, “Sometimes it’s the heart, not the experience, that qualifies you for the job.”

    I’ll take that challenge, Lynne…and raise you a Dammit. =)

    Thanks for BEING awesome. Look forward to getting to know you better =)

  2. Lynne Knowlton

    December 8th, 2014 at 5:54 pm


    I owe you comments all over the place, and I thought I’d start here. You are toats entertaining.

    annnnnnnd, holy batman 12 kids?! You are my hero.

    Glad you love the personality behind the words. You might not want to meet me unless I’ve had about 49 cups of coffee tho. I have much more personality after coffee.

    I laughed out loud with the spandex on fat people. I swear, they are all wearing them at Walmart. It’s a fashion statement. 🙂

    LOVE your quote ….
    Sometimes it’s the heart, not the experience, that qualifies you for the job.

    I’m stealing that. Just saying’


  3. Jaime Buckley

    December 8th, 2014 at 7:47 pm

    FIRST TIP: if yer gonna steal, don’t preempt the act with a warning! Just sneeeeeak.

    The quote if from one of my books–but hey, pass it on =)

    NEXT: You don’t owe me squat, Lynne. I came to YOU to hang out, remember? You want to give me comment love–will never stop you, but I joined cause I think you’re awesome.

    I figure between the two of us and our epic personalities…the party will be going on somewhere.

    BTW–HEADS UP! I not only talked about you and linked to you in tomorrows article…I recommended you in my podcast and told everyone to come over here ASAP for serious fun.

    Hope ya don’t mind.
    (readjusts Lynne’s comment luv balance)

    Spandex at Walmart…can anyone say “EWWWWW!” That goes right along with tube tops.

    You mean you wanna look like the Michelin Man…on purpose?

  4. Jodie Hooker

    December 9th, 2014 at 10:11 pm

    Hey Lynne!

    Well I’m about 5 months late replying to your request for a background check (can’t put me in jail for this one though), but I thought I’d give you a shout anyway.
    My name is Jodie and believe it or not, I’ve actually been to your beautiful home! It wasn’t in the middle of the night and I wasn’t looking in your window on a tree branch- I promise. It was in good, safe, broad daylight. I’m friends with your daughter, Tristan, who by the way is a stellar girl with as much humour and optimism bursting from her as her Mom (and I swear she didn’t tell me to say that). I’m from the small corner of Hopeville, about 10 minutes from the teensy village of Dundalk, and only about 30 minutes from you. I’m in my third year at the University of Western Ontario in London, and I love roaming through every page of your blog on my study breaks. I don’t have a house of my own yet, but boy have you sparked some ideas in me! “Set me loose!” I say, as I run like Tarzan through Home Sense, Ikea, and the Meaford Candle Factory.
    Anyway, today is my 20th birthday, and I’m a little sad and scared to be leaving my teens and stepping another year farther from my childhood. I know “20 is not old, so shut it,” as screamed by my mother and other older gentlefolks, but it’s still a bit intimidating. The reason I chose to visit your blog today was to remind me of how vibrant life is and how many soul-swelling, heart-clutching, and thought-sparkling moments are yet to come. Because every article on your blog practically jumps off the screen and squeals, “LIFE IS AWESOME!” So thank you. Time to get out there (despite the current exams trying to smother my spirit) and start filling in my charcoal canvas with watercolours, pastels, and those big splats of paint you throw at the paper.

    Merry Christmas and know that I’ll be imagining myself in your treehouse when I need to calm down from studying… *happy place, happy place*


  5. Lynne Knowlton

    December 11th, 2014 at 4:28 pm

    Hello Jodie,

    Not gonna lie… your comment just knocked me off my feet. In a good way. I have read it over and over again, like a crazy lady. LOL. I hope to use it some time in my blog and share it with my entire audience. I hope that would be okay with you. I won’t share your personal info, or the paparazzi may beat down your door 🙂

    THANK YOU for your awesomeness. THANK YOU for your beautiful note. THANK YOU for taking the time to rock my socks and say such a beautiful hello.

    Your note is EPIC.

    With much love,
    Lynne xx

  6. Jodie Hooker

    December 12th, 2014 at 10:04 am

    Of course that would be okay with me! I’d be honoured. THANK YOU!
    (Spiked) Eggnog Cheers,
    Jodie xoxo

  7. Loredana

    May 18th, 2015 at 4:46 am

    I feel good vibes and good energy as I am reading you, Lynne.
    I am at the office, wondering what the hell I am doing here. I want to romp in the grass :-), smell the nature, scream of joy and give every single day a meaning!
    I live in a lovely town called Brasov, in Romania. I love this town and country, but I also love to travel and to taste the world…
    Warm hugs and wishes to you, Lynne!


  8. Lynne Knowlton

    May 18th, 2015 at 7:04 am

    It sounds like YOU have beautiful energy too! Get out there and romp in that grass. You only live once 🙂 !!

    Big love!!!

  9. lynneknowlton

    June 9th, 2015 at 10:00 am

    Where in the WORLD are you? http://t.co/i2HebP0rAV

  10. Karen

    August 13th, 2015 at 2:50 pm

    Hey U, You are the voice with-in my self. ” Thanks for speaking, !!! thought it was just myself INBETWEEN Hot Flashes, trying to think ” How can I make hubby ( Yes !! We have been together since age 14 — Do the Math— 43 years ” Bingo” I’m 60 , only in years couse my kids are now OLDER then my inner self !! ) happy and also the four kids/ 3of their spouses and one pending– another wedding in April, three granddaughters. Then there is Me, WWWAAAHHHOO !! Life gave me more lives then a cat, and I am very BLESSED ( always Give thanks — it’s 11:30 a.m. and I’ve already heard HIM say o.k. I’ve heard you at ” thank You 300000″). Long story ( this Box is running out of space) , we moved into a house in Nov 14 ( 9 mos), trying to work ( Massage Therapist -out of the home and in my home), and creat this house to ” Our Home”. Sorry ( a moment –we have a Turkey knocking at the door — No Seriously !! ) . I have been designing a Barn door in my head for my smallish master ( sorry TOO small to be a Master of Anything !!) bedroom Slider glass door. Your site IS AWSOME !!! My husband has a wood shop in the New 5 car garage ( still wasn’t big enough — had to have a 12X12 8ft. High shed built— when there happy — I can Sleep !!). Now I can get all the tools together — SOOOO when I say ” honey I have Another project ” , we can start and not ” WHEN I can figure it out ( You — Kiddo did the work for Me !!). THANK YOU !! I live in a small sub- of Sacramento , Ca.. Half acre with a creek, oak trees, skunks, and visiting Turkeys. My dream is the Beach ( honestly — picked a guy up Hitch-hiking at the beach, married him 3 years later, and U know the Family tree to now ???). Love your tree House !! Always thought ” Great idea !!” Sincerely , ( I’m Now a huge fan — my first time to your site — I make Friends For Life !!). Karen

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