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11 Super-Dope-Rad entrepreneurs you must read. STAT.

I have a disease.

It’s contagious.

It’s called awesome.

We all need to share in spreading awesomeness, don’t we?

Let's celebrate the awesome.

Starting now.

Ladies and Gentlemen… start your woot-woot engines!!  Vroom. Vroom.


 11 Super-Dope-Rad entrepreneurs you must read. STAT. You won't want to miss this. Read more on lynneknowlton.com


I’m spreading

the contagious

awesomeness to you.

My  fault.

Your problem.


oh my

Okay…. alrighty now, don’t go thinking I am getting too big for my britches ….

Technically, I’m an expert in awesome.

I’m a lover of all things awesome.

Same thing.

It still equals awesome.

So there.

Want to catch it?  It’s so easy, you floozy.  Here’s how :

Follow these people.


These entrepreneurs are the cats pajamas and the bees knees.

They will float your boat, slam your door, milk your cow, fly your kite, plant your flowers and shoot your puck.

Uhhhm…. They may even have your baby. Ewwwwh.  Forget that I just said that.   I’d like to apologize in advance for my behaviour. (insert big fat toothy grin)


These entrepreneurs may just change the way you think.


Go READ THEM and find out.

I dare you.

Double dawg dare you.

Do it.


The Art Of Doing Stuff

 11 Super-Dope-Rad entrepreneurs you must read. STAT. You won't want to miss this. Read more on lynneknowlton.com

Karen is a pistol of awesomeness.  A funny one.   Although it is her chicken coop in the city that first drew me to her… who does a chicken coop in the city ??!!

Uhhm.  She does.  Love it.

It s her drive and determination as a blogger that rocks the cyberspace and will captivate you from day one of reading her.

She is the go to gal if you want to learn how to do stuff.  Any stuff.

She is, after all… The Art Of Doing Stuff.

PS     Whether Karen wanted to be or not, she is my blogging mentor.

PSS    And I love her.  Stamped it.



lisa ferguson

 11 Super-Dope-Rad entrepreneurs you must read. STAT. You won't want to miss this. Read more on lynneknowlton.comAlthough I met Lisa Ferguson online many moons ago, this summer was the first time that I spent real life time with her.

She is one smart cookie.

She also makes you feel like a million bucks.  Maybe a bazillion bucks.

She is kind.  She is beautiful.

She wholeheartedly believes that by working together as women…we elevate each other.   She is the monarch of strengthsfinder. The Goddess of collaboration.  The Queen of truly connecting women with women.

You can find her on twitter here and on Facebook here where she helps others to elevate, give and get.

She rocks like that.

I luvvvs her.  Gush.



 11 Super-Dope-Rad entrepreneurs you must read. STAT. You won't want to miss this. Read more on lynneknowlton.com

Copyblogger quite simply rocks the blogging house of the universe.

Want to grow your content?

Want to write epic shit?

Want to be a blogging rock star with purple hair ?

Okay, maybe not that ~

Copyblogger is the holy grail of blogging.

You can talk to Brian Clark on twitter too.  He says stuff that will make you smarter.

He wrote back to me.  Once 🙂  I happy danced all over the living room.

Copyblogger will change who you are as a writer:

There are only two elements your content absolutely needs to succeed.  Get them right and everything else you do is gravy. Get them wrong and you will be broke, lonely, and funny-looking.


Shit.  Suddenly I feel funny looking.



My Beautiful Paris

 11 Super-Dope-Rad entrepreneurs you must read. STAT. You won't want to miss this. Read more on lynneknowlton.comNorma is my bestie.

She has stood by me through thick and thin.  She would take a bullet for me.  Maybe even stop a runaway train with her bare hands for me.   She would throat punch someone if I asked her.

Every word, every location, every book, every moment that Norma writes about on My Beautiful Paris… is first hand experience by her.  Every little bit of it.  She pays for it out of her own pocket.

Merci buckets Norma.

She has a love of Paris that could knock your socks off with exuberant excitement. If you ever need a travel planner for Paris, she is your gal.  Want to talk to her?  You can find her tweeting out Paris awesomeness here.


live the fine life

 11 Super-Dope-Rad entrepreneurs you must read. STAT. You won't want to miss this. Read more on lynneknowlton.comKathy.  Kathy.  Kathy.

Oh me, ohhhhh my.

She is a whole lotta awesome.

I first met Kathy online (shocking, I know) and we spent real time together this summer at the Blogger Retreat at my house.

Kathy is salt of the earth.    The real deal.  How do I know that?  She put up with my furry jerk cat.  Yes, my cat hustled her in my hammock.

How do I count the ways that I lovesssss her?

1.   You have to love a woman who can write about lady balls and vaginas.

2.   She has the ability to quietly slip out a funny one liner… It will make you pee your pants laughing.  I mean.  Really.   Outta nowhere.  Bust a gut.

3.   If I asked Kathy to come bail me out of jail, she would do it.   Like that.  No questions asked.  Bottle of wine under arm.  We’d be outta there.  Smiling.

4.  She is one of the most loyal, big-hearted souls I have ever met on this beautiful earth.

5.  Her site is full of great ideas, photographs, interior design inspiration… it’s just full of gorgy gorgeousness.  Just like her.

You can find Kathy spreading the love on twitter.  Go say hello.  Tell her my cat said sorry for the hammock attack.  *Although she is a good sport*


A Beautiful Mess

 11 Super-Dope-Rad entrepreneurs you must read. STAT. You won't want to miss this. Read more on lynneknowlton.comSwoon worthy blog.  Sahhhweet awesomeness of amazeballs.

A Beautiful Mess is the work of art of two sisters… Elsie and Emma.

They have absolutely no idea who I am.

Zero.  Zip.  Nada.  Zippity-do-dah-day.

They have a ton of DIY’s, recipes, home decor… the whole shebang.

Inspiring.  * I dream *

I pretty much tweet out every.single.blog post that they write.  Because they rock like that.  I dream of making it on to their at home with series some day.

Some day.

Maybe when I’m 102 ?!!

Go tell them that they should feature me and my home sweet home, will you?  Tweet it baby !  I will kiss you for it.



denise wakeman

 11 Super-Dope-Rad entrepreneurs you must read. STAT. You won't want to miss this. Read more on lynneknowlton.comLuckily for me, Denise is my sister-in-law.  I have no idea how I lucked out with that one.

She has helped me to take my blog from hobby to business.  She has taught me how to increase my online visibility.

Denise even taught me how to be a black belt at Pinterest.

How did I do it?  I hogged her at all dinner table conversations.  I locked her up in our treehouse for days.  AND I cyber stalked her blog.  You should do that too.  It will change the way you think.

She has been tweeting since the beginning days of twitter ! Imagine that ?! A legend.


middle finger


 11 Super-Dope-Rad entrepreneurs you must read. STAT. You won't want to miss this. Read more on lynneknowlton.comIt’s bold.

It’s provocative.

Oh la la.

Do you want to break out of the status quo and be a hussy with your words?

Want to have a love affair with your business ideas?

Want to learn how to swear when your Mom isn’t looking?

Want to market the hell outta things?  Holy Batman.  The Middle Finger Project.  They teach you how to roll with the punches.  They will teach you how to be as tough as a two dollar steak AND have fun along the way.  Their posts will make you smile.

They are edgy.  They are real.  They are epic.

* They will make you want to slap your head and dream… I can do it.  I can do it ! *

Sarcasm, inappropriateness & stray sombreros included.

Tweet ’em up here.



 11 Super-Dope-Rad entrepreneurs you must read. STAT. You won't want to miss this. Read more on lynneknowlton.comRachael is splendiferous.  She is the divine baker in the history of bakinghood.

She may very well be the Princess Leia of baking.  She may not have buns in her hair, but she can sure bake them.

I think.  She hasn’t made me dinner yet.

Or met me for that matter.

But she inspires the hell outta me to write real.

Go meet Movita Beaucoup on twitter.  She is equal parts cursing sailor and Martha Stewart.  Tell her I sent you.  Tell her I want to have din din with her.  Oh, and p.s … I want cupcakes for dinner.  With a ballerina on top.

Any gal that bakes a ballerina cupcake is a friend of mine.  And yours.

Go read her blog and get ready to laugh.  Meet Miss Movita.  Beaucoup.  Beaucoup.


Life Of An Architect

 11 Super-Dope-Rad entrepreneurs you must read. STAT. You won't want to miss this. Read more on lynneknowlton.comBob is not only an architect but he may very well be the male version of me.

Okay… okay….except I am not an architect.  Who’s splitting hairs?

Nor am I talented in an architectural way.

Come to think of it, Bob might definitely have hairier legs than me.

He is legit smarter.


You will love his nitty-gritty details and his real life happenins’ on his bloggy blog.

I will be row row rowing my boat gently down the you’re an idiot stream, when he catches wind that I am gushing about his site in a blog-struck-nerdy-dork way.

 Go read it.  You will love The Life Of An Architect.  Or him.  Take your pick.  He’s espeshhhhily famously awesome in an architectural way.

 Tweet the dude.  Tell him I said hey.   Tell him I shaved my legs.  Great.  There goes my only link to reality.  Hairy legs.  Whaaa?



Life of An Architect !


Want more blog awesomeness?

Here is my list of all time yummers in the blogging world.

Did I forget some?  Oh hells yeah.   There are more.  I know it.  Bring it.

Share more here in the comment section of the blog.  Let us all be a victim of your blog sharing fabulousness.

And ~

To tell you the truth … what I read and discover in the comment section here on the blog is usually waaaaaay more interesting than what I have to say.

I love your words.

Bring it.

Leave a comment.  You wild thing.  You make my heart sing.

Oh, and PS.

You will get an epic KickAss Photo app book for faaahreee, when you sign up to the bloggy.   It will blow your mind.

Do that here :



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  1. […] One of my bucket list goals was to be a guest blogger on A Beautiful Mess.  You may remember when I wrote about my fave super dope rad entrepreneurs. […]

  2. Mary says:

    You were featured on A Beautiful Mess today! You rocked your dream! Congrats!

  3. Oriana says:

    Hi Lynne,
    I found your blog today and am so happy I did! I’ve been trying to calm the voices in my head that keep saying “oh my word, that would make such a cool blog topic”…..but alas, I think the voices are winning. Today I put up a simple post but felt like “aaaahh, I finally did it” when it was complete. Nothing too fancy shmancy but useful none the less. See my life took a complete 180 a little over a year ago and I’m finally finding my own path and am LOVING it! Your blog inspires me do the things in life that make me feel like I’ve got a purpose again. Ok, that sounds dramatic…..I’m not a drama queen, I promise.
    Anyway, I’m signing up for your updates to come directly to my inBOX. Hopefully my writing can be as down to earth and refreshing as yours. Hope to make it to a list of Super Dope Rad Entrepreneurs someday. Off to crank out some more good stuff. Thanks again for the virtual “flame under my butt” 🙂

    • Merry Christmas Oriana

      AND THANKSSSSssss so much for writing this epic comment.

      You rock out loud and I hope the New Year brings even more awesomeness to you.

      With love and good belly laughs,
      Lynne xx

  4. […] dang. That’s a tough one. I love my blogging peeps. I wrote about them here and here. My blogroll should be called the bloggers guide to blogging survival. Other bloggers are […]

  5. mmm…will have to check these out…a few of them I’m familiar with…but now that they have the LK seal of approval (way better than the Good Housekeeping one!) I will have to seek them out…thanks!

  6. lisa thomson says:

    Thanks for the recommendations, Lynne. It’s always so fun to find new blogging friends! p.s. Copy blogger is fantastic and really inspiring.

  7. babs says:

    I found your blog because of a holy sock, well, many holy socks, so wanted to find out how to darn a socks. That led me to the Art of Doing Stuff. Not only did I find out how to darn a sock I also had a few laughs from Karen so I signed up for her blog. That led me to your blog which I found outrageous and funny and it was instant love! Your honesty and the f-bombs did it!!! So from there I went to My beautiful Paris which I also love since I love Paris and long to go back. Norma is great! I like to read blogs in the morning and they start my day off with a few laughs, info and connecting to others out there in the world. I’m in California and I don;t think people can write here cause there is too much sun or they are all in Hollywood trying to write a screen play. Thanks for recommending the other blogs. I will check them out!!!

    • Oh Babs,

      You made my day. Then I copied and pasted your comment and sent it to Norma, and it made her day too.

      I was having a fight with a chair and table in the treehouse. (assembling a work table so I can officially work from the treehouse without dangling my feet from a hammock while holding a laptop). I’m not that coordinated 🙂

      Well… long stupid story short… I assembled it all and had left over parts. That is never a good thing. haha !

      You cheered me on !!!!! with that beautiful comment. Love that you love reading blogs. I do the same. It is like hanging out with your friends over coffee every morning.

      Big love
      Lynne xx

  8. mom says:

    ok…now this morning you really rocked my world. Are you hiding somewhere in my head?…obviously our DNA is still connected and you’re reading my mind!!! This blog today is the height of awesomeness…. You rock. I am going on every single site you suggested. Promise…

    • Whew….

      It is so nice to see my Momma reads my blog 🙂

      Did you notice that I kept my f-bombs to a minimum and only swore a little bit on this blog post?

      haha… I did that for you.


      I know you are a great sport about my potty mouth.

      Here’s the funny thing…some of my blog readers have written to me and asked why I’m not swearing as much. They miss it. hahahahahahahhaahaaaa.

      Love you Momma,
      Peaches xx

  9. Annette says:

    You could call your grapevine balls “spheres”

  10. karen says:

    Oh stop. Thank you Lynne! Or Lynn as I like to call you prior to checking to see if your name has an e on the end, which I have to do all the time. See? I’m really not so great after all.

    Happy and humbled to have inspired. ~ karen!

    • Funny gurl 🙂

      It has only been two years since we have known each other. Who needs an E anyway?

      If it makes you feel any better, my name didn’t have an e on it when I was a kid.

      My brother and I would punch kids when they called me Lynneeeeee. My parents took the e off of my name until we stopped scraping with kids in the school yard.

      No worries. I won’t punch you. I sort of like you.

      Lynne xx

  11. Wow, that’s some list! And when you type, I listen, so thanks for your little black book — I’ll be stalking….er….calling on all of them…!

    Happy to be in your orbit, Lynnie. Keep dancin’!


  12. bob borson says:

    Wow – I am flattered that you included me on your list. I have to confess that your blog might be the only one I read where I actually visualize you typing it out … (this is what I see in my mind’s eye)

    SCENE: Lynne sitting in front of computer, coffee/wine within reach …
    clickety-clack clickety-clack [slurp]
    clickety-clack clickety-clack [slurp]
    clickety-clack clickety-clack [pause .. read what you just wrote, air-wink double pistol fingers tongue cluck karate kick…]

    You are awesome

  13. Auntiepatch says:

    OK – WHAT happened in the hammock with the cat??? My imagination is running rampant here…….

    • Ha !

      Well, my barn cats think they are people. Legit. They are also hilarious.

      When Kathy was visiting my diggs, she tried to have a nap in our hammock. My FEMALE CAT tried to make babies with her… if ya know what I mean. Errrrh. Hmmm..

      I’m still blushing.


      • Kathy says:

        I should be ashamed that it took me three weeks to get here to thank you, and I am. As if doing the Meow Mambo in your hammock isn’t shameful enough.

        Giving birth is rough stuff. It’s so hard to do without drugs it’s taken me this long to recover. Well, I guess it may’ve been harder for my daughter. Turns out babies are a lot bigger than kittens. Who knew? (Plus, brain bleach takes longer to work it’s magic than regular bleach does. Good to know for next time.)

        You put the WOO in my woot! with this post and your friendship. I am honored, humbled and happy to be included on your list and in your life. Beyond! BEyond!! BEYOND!!!

        Much love and many hugs,

        P.S. Maybe you should think about setting a limit on characters in the comments. This is my favorite font in the whole world and I will type forever just to see more letters on the screen…fa, la, la, la, la., la, la, la, la…

  14. Wayne says:

    Hey Lynne!
    We are so honored and humbled to be included in your list and that you actually consider us “Super Dope Rad” entrepreneurs.

    It has truly been a pleasure working with you these last few years and we are looking forward to many more! Thank you again for your kind words and inclusion in this list!

    – Wayne and Selina

    • Wayne ~

      Did you leap off of a tall building to leave that comment ?!

      You know I loves you.

      Loves you.

      You and Selina are remarkably awesome.

      I have Karen from the Art of Doing Stuff to thank for that introduction. I owe her. Maybe I should hand her my first born child ?

  15. Becky says:


    Reading your posts is like listening to music. Music that is a cross between gansta rap, indie rock and jazz. That might make zero sense but I have had A LOT of coffee this morning….

    I pure out love the random wisdom you push out into the world! Keep it comin’ baby!!


    • Becky,

      I need to show your comment to my kids, and prove… once and for all… that their mother is legit cool. #Dreaming

      Can you come to the treehouse and SCREAM it off the porch at them? They might believe me if it COMES FROM SOMEONE ELSE. hahaha.

      I like how I am screaming with my CAPS LOCK today. So bold. I think I need to back off the coffee.

      Have a fab weekend you funny thaaaaang.

  16. susan says:

    Denise Wakeman????? You lucky DOG!!! Wasn’t she part of the BlogSquad back in the day?? I bought her stuff! Nice list 🙂

    • Hey Susan !!

      Yes !! That’s her… in her pink BlogSquad tshirt… I just had a flash back memory to that too.

      She is so rad. 🙂

      She is my biz mentor and has taught me so much. It is FAB to have her feedback, although it does make me have hot flashes in my treehouse.

      The truth hurts. ha!

      Love her. Like my sister (in law) LOL.

      Lynne xx

      • susan says:

        Oh man, if her husband is your brother, I’d have bribed my brother to take her out to get her in the family lolol!! Yeah, I think I may have bought e books from them if I remember correctly. No, they wore BLACK! I’m sure! Maybe not – I’ve been wrong once before….


        • Well.. maybe they wore black. My memory is great. It is just short.

          Denise was married to my hubbies bro. We have had her in the family for almost 20 years now. How coolio is that??

          She first got me started when I had a personal blog. Now that I have a biz blog (with swearing on it, LOL) she has really worked with me for my online visibility. She really rocks the house.

          Her specialty – Google +, as I am sure you know. I suck at that, but slowly this old dawg is learning.

          What a small world !!! xx

  17. Wowzer! Thanks Lynne for including me. Kinda teary eyed reading this and discovering new incredible people that have touched your life.

    PS. I am not so smart. You know what it actually is? I had been around a while and have alot of life experience. Also thanks to Strengthsfinder I know, embrace and live out my strengths as much as I possibly can each day! Sadly people spend 83% of their time doing things that don’t align with their strengths. These people are smart too. You may only see their genius 17% of the time, tops, in most people.

    • Well said Lisa !

      See, you are smart. LOL.

      I agree… the strengthsfinder book made a HUGE difference. After I avoided taking the strengthsfinder test for soooo long, haha …. I LOVED how much it really made a difference.

      PS. peeps, there is a quick quiz in the book (with an access code to do the test online) that speaks VOLUMES about the kind of person you are. Life changing. Really.

      We all learned how to find the strengths not only in ourselves but to work with those around us who have great collaborative strengths… and therefore support each other.

      Wow. Now I’m sounding smart. Coffee is working for me this am 🙂 Energy mud rocks out loud.

      Many thanks to the inspiring, elevating… get and give gal of the universe…. LISA FERGUSON.


  18. I CAN’T BELIEVE I’M ON THIS LIST. I’M YELLING BECAUSE I’M SO MOTHER FREAKIN’ EXCITED! You, lady, are a kind and generous soul. Thanks for always being so supportive. You are welcome at my place anytime. I’ll even tell the cats that they have to share the guest bed with you.

    I’m already a fan of some of the blogs on this list, but a few are new to me. AND since I’m launching a new blog design, etsy shop AND catering biz in the next month, Imma gunna steal some of their great ideas. Wait. No. Imma gunna steal ALL of their great ideas.

    Also, you should know that I quote you on the daily. I’m always saying/yelling at people: design the life you want to live, mofo. GAWD! I’m pretty sure we’re changin’ lives. Or, at the very least, scaring some kids.

    • Holy batman Movi,

      You really are taking over the universe with cupcakes. New blog design, etsy shop and catering biz ?!! You are on fire. LOVE IT !!

      I’ll be lining up at your etsy awesomeness foooshur.

      See everyone … Rachael really does write real. haha. ‘ mofo, GAWD ‘

      Marching forward, scaring kids across the universe…. dancing in our tutu’s. What a sight for sore eyes. hahahahaahaaa


  19. Danica says:

    Nothing I love more then blog sharing! I absolutely love following Angie from Oh She Glows – http://www.ohsheglows.com

    I’m not even a vegetarian but her recipes are a,mazing, she’s Canadian, and she’s writing a recipe book! I’m pretty sure the entire blogging world knows about her but she deserves the shout out.

    • Great add Danica !

      Angie has a fab site ! I love her story of how she went from an eating disorder to living a clean healthy life. So inspiring !!!

      Thanks for sharing. I love discovering new blogs !!

  20. Michael Knowlton says:

    I was right in what I said in the last comment I posted…. you generous kind person! I love the way you work so hard to to learn new things… then you share them with as many people as you can. This post is a gift…at least for me. I am definitely going to check out these Super Dope Rad Entrepreneurs. I wish someone would say nice things like these about me – hahahahaha. Keep on truckin’ baby.

    • Rose Dostal says:

      Can I just intrude on your moment here…I THINK YOUR WIFE IS RIGHT. SHE HAS ENOUGH AWESOMENESS IN HER THAT SHE SPREADS IT AROUND! Okay, I’ll stop yelling it out now. Love her to pieces-)

      Now, enough about her. You’re pretty awesome yourself! Can I say that about your hubby, Lynne?

      • Oh hells yeah Rose !

        I have no idea how I lucked out with such an epic guy. Legit. Epic.


        Hey, I hear that about your fella too. Hmmmm. And your family is a knock-out. From the inside out. That’s what I luvs about you. Kind. Beauty.

        Mwah !!


  21. Dee Dee says:

    I love this! I’m laying (lying?) here in a hospital bed trying to mentally will my socks on, then this post shows up and I’m all like…drop dead socks, you soulless suckers, I’m going to read beautiful blogs. That’ll teach ’em.

    • Oh Dee Dee,

      You are the only gal that I know that would write to me from a hospital bed. LOVE It !! hahaha !

      How’s the morphine? LOL.

      Was it your appendix ? I hope you get a yummer meal (someone may have to sneak one in for you).

      You know what is cool about hospitals? You don’t have to get outta bed. You get to hang out. Drink water with bendy straws. You never have to wash your dishes or change your sheets.

      Shove over. I’m on my way 🙂

  22. Love you, Lynne! You’re a star and super awesome too. Thanks for including me in your super dope list. I’ll be checking everyone out and adding to my reading list. xoxox

    • Hey Denise ~

      You are in a different time zone to be leaving a comment so early. Do you wake at the crack of dawn ?

      If so, now I know how you get everything accomplished. You don’t sleep. Ahha. Secret it out.

      Best SIL evvvvha.


  23. Craig Stockinger says:

    Thanks… Awesomlicious!