It's about me. It's about YOU.

It’s about ME. It’s about YOU.

Sep 20

It's about me. It's about YOU. Tell me your story. This is going to be FUN :) Woot woot !

Sing along with me :

You and Me…

Sitting in a tree.

K – I – S S – I – N – G

Never mind about the rest of that song, it doesn’t really work here.  I don’t want to have a baby with you.   I just want to know more about you.



Visit the #treehouse on Design the Life you Want to Live #BLOG It's fun. I promise.


Let’s swap stories.

I’ll tell you about me.  You tell me about you.

Deal?  Deal.


Let's get this partaaay started.


Things About Me:


1.    I almost died.  Three times*

*  As if once wasn’t enough.  Geesh.


How ?


First time :    In a helicopter crash when I was 18 years old.  The helicopter fuel was contaminated with rain water.  Guess what happens when water and fuel separate?   You hear the pilot say “mayday – mayday.”  Then, you drop like a leaf.


Second time :    With two suspected terrorists on an aircraft (the aircraft we were on was eventually followed by fighter jets).   No joke.  If things turned cray-cray, they would have shot us down.  Luckily, with the help of my husband, it was all okay.  After landing, the two men were escorted off the plane by very big burly SWAT team.


Third time :    As a young gal,  I backed my brand new car into the neighbours car before I even had a driver’s license.  I had owned the car for about 10 minutes.   My parents came pretty close to killing me.  I died.   A thousand deaths.


2.    I like designing a life that has a filter on it.  An instagram filter.  Life is just prettier that way.


3.    Hammock = My happy place.

I have regrets about not laying in it often enough.  It stares at me like the books on my night stand.   Just waiting to be read.  Bastards.


Hammock = Happy Place Where is your #happy place? Tell more on the #blog


4.    Pet peeve :  When people chew food with their mouth open.  I have an automatic reflex that makes me want to throat punch them.


5.    It makes me sad when I see people in chemotherapy alone.  So I talk to them.   Fuck cancer and the horse it rode in on.


Dear #cancer, you can kiss my ass via @lynneknowlton


6.     I hate water.  So I put this in it.  That works for me.  I drink it every day.


7.   When I do things, I like to go all Beyoncé on it.  Full out.  Anything else is like being kinda pregnant.


8.    My car is a think tank.  It’s a licensed thinking weapon.   A creative time machine.  It’s the place where I pull ideas out of my wazoo.   I know.  I shock myself sometimes.  It surprises me when I get to my destination and wonder how the heck I got there.


9.    Don’t talk to me until I have had my energy mud in the morning.  I don’t care if it tastes like motor oil.  I need it.  Until then, my eyes glaze over.   I am not fit to discuss matters with.   No really.   Stand back.   Or prepare for the stink eye.



Design the Life you love, Love the Life you Live via @lynneknowlton



10.   I get juiced every morning.

Juicing and wheat grass are my dope.  This is my favourite juicer.

Juicing has been life changing for me.  Bring it.



Do you #juice? Learn more on the #blog


11.   I’ve been known to have a temper tantrum when my house isn’t clean.   A messy house makes me feel kind of scratchy.

I believe our home tells the story of who we are.



12.     I like mine to tell the story of cleanliness, organization, simplicity and luuuurve.  A space free of clutter.   Except my drawers and my cupboards.  They are a wild flurry of messiness.   My closets are a hot mess.  I’m lazy with those.  Amen.   I confessed it.

Perhaps … if this hawt guy came and helped me organize my closet … I would be more…well… organized.

I’d also like to have a spin on that motorcycle.


Beautiful closet, beautiful man LOL via Design The Life You Want to Live


13.    I believe that all women should have a friend that will clean out their drawer of unmentionables when they die.   Nuff said.   This is my friend for that embarrassing wee task:


Who's your bestie ? Friends Lynne Knowlton and Norma Thiessen from My Beautiful Paris


I truly love my pal Norma.

I don't always know where I'm going, but I know where I belong. 

With my family and friends.



14.   Childhood memories : I can’t believe I wrote this list and forgot to add a glowworm to it.    I remembered to write the fact that I dreamt of running down the aisle of The Price is Right.   I must have written my 36 childhood memories on an etch a sketch when I wrote that list.



15.   As the famous Jim Rohn once said: “You’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

This is who I spend the most time with :


Michael and Lynne Knowlton from Design The Life You Want to Live #BLOG


16.    I’m Canadian.   I love snow on the first day when it blankets everything in a soft velvety cover of white glory.    That is where the love affair ends.   Please feel terribly sorry for me.  Thank you.


17.    On a typical day, my hairy legs are my only link to reality.   I daydream ideas.   A lot.   I like to.


#Daydreaming ~ looking up to the sky ~ via ... a fun #blog. Check it out !


18.   I have champagne taste and a beer bottle pocketbook.


19.    I have the attention span of a cocker spaniel puppy when I am forced to read a manual or listen to voice mail.

Do you know what is great about voice mail?   Neither do I.

Voicemail = Jail.


20.    I write like I talk.  The benefit of that is that you don’t get talkers block.


21.    I don’t like having neighbours.  Not that I have neighbours.  But still.



Read some epic home ideas on the #blog #beauty #love #happiness


22.   I dislike close up mirrors.  I feel like I’m looking through binoculars at Jurassic Park.


23.   On my bucket list:   A vacation home in a beach hut on the ocean.   Do you have a beach hut that you want to share with sugar bear?   I can babysit it for you.  I can’t promise that I won’t redecorate it.  I did it before, and I’ll do it again.

Barter anyone?



24.   I have four kids.   I LOVE them and I LIKE them.

J’adore with all my heart and soul.


The kiddies of DESIGN THE LIFE YOU WANT TO LIVE #blog @lynneknowlton


 25.   When things in life go all sideways and wrong, I feel it deeply.  I am practicing the art of learning how to shake it off.   Shake.  Shake.  Shake.  Boogie.


26.   Some people are negative assholes.  I’d like to clock them.  I try to distance myself as much as possible from negative people.   They make me bat shit crazy.


27.     I’m a lover of all things awesome.  It excites me.  I light up like a Christmas tree.


So funny ! Read more on the #blog


28.     I have psychic abilities.  I know what you are doing right now.  You are reading this blog.  I’m smart like that.


29.    Music moves me.  <- Pink is one of my fave artists.

PS.   I’m an excellent singer and dancer.   When I’m alone.   Then.   And only then.


30.   I am grateful to be alive.*


Every day is a good day.

Every. Single. Day.

          Why?  Refer back to number 1 *

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It’s your turn….

Raise your hand if you can tell me a few things about you !

Okay, put your hand down.



  Live the life you love and love the life you live.





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  1. RMD_Designs

    September 22nd, 2013 at 10:04 am

    So, you two met?! RT @lynneknowlton: Hi Ardis @RusticRetrieval <- gorgeous gal with stunning hair…

  2. RusticRetrieval

    September 22nd, 2013 at 12:01 pm

    @RMD_Designs @lynneknowlton we did! Talk about a beautiful woman, both inside and out!

  3. RusticRetrieval

    September 22nd, 2013 at 12:02 pm

    RT @lynneknowlton: Hi Ardis @RusticRetrieval <- gorgeous gal with stunning hair. I wish GORGEOUS HAIR was on my list…

  4. RusticRetrieval

    September 22nd, 2013 at 12:03 pm

    @lynneknowlton awwww, thank you!

  5. AwesomelyOZ

    September 22nd, 2013 at 5:42 pm

    Greetings Lynne! *raises hand – hand stays raised*

    I am Ivanna or AweomelyOZ (Over-Zealous), pleased to make your acquaintance! I like sleep and I feel I could sleep all day if I did not have obligations (my bed is my haven). It is my favorite pastime (but I’m also a hypersomniac). I could live off potatoes and eggs plus cookies and ice cream… and pasta and plantains.. This list can get extensive as I LOVE food. Hammocks are awesome, I do agree. I definitely don’t need to learn about the digestive tract, so yes, please chew with mouth CLOSED (and quietly shh..). I am blessed with a 6 year old son who is my world and like you, have been blessed with a partner that tolerates all my insanity (I am cray-cray). I LOVE organization and order and have little tolerance for anarchy in my surroundings (except that corner in my bedroom that has yet to be uncluttered since we moved in 6 months ago O_o). I love learning about the brain, social sciences, and IT (I kinda work in the latter field). Coffee/Tea (anything with Caffeine – I’ve been hooked on Synergy drinks) is required to get me going in the AM and then music keeps me going (I”m an electro addict – no no the crazy drug scene people think of there are lots of awesome variations of the genre =]). Well, it was nice to get to know you I feel like we’re bff’s now so I will check in frequently. This is going to be a great relationship, I can feel it.

    Take Care! -Iva

  6. Pari_fan

    September 23rd, 2013 at 8:55 am

    RT @lynneknowlton: She’s my bestie -> #FF @Pari_fan So I wrote about her here

  7. Rachel

    September 23rd, 2013 at 9:57 pm

    Don’t ever change the way you write–I love it–breath of fresh air.

    About me–I backed into a supermarket on my second day of having my license–yep–my sister screaming at me in the car to “straighten up” and then I put that baby in reverse and hit the gas–worst moment of my life was calling my Dad from the pay phone (yep–that tells you how old I am!).

    I have two amazing boys and a husband who makes my lunch everyday–I will never say I don’t like it for fear that he will stop 🙂

    I have gone through cancer two times in three years so I totally get the hate cancer thing–I hate it with all my being.

    I spend about half my life watching hockey, football and soccer–which considering that I am the least sporty person I know…I still can’t believe my kids are athletes…where did they come from?

  8. Lynne Knowlton

    November 12th, 2013 at 9:28 am

    Thank you Rachel for saying that my writing is a breath of fresh air. I might just kiss you. Like on the lips. I’m so flattered, I won’t be able to fit my head through the door.

    And holy shit balls… cancer TWICE in three years. You are ahhhhhmazing. You go girl !!!!!

    There should be awards for epic-ness like that. So here it is :

    I grant you a MEDAL of AWESOMENESS and I think you rock out loud.

    With much love and many hugs,
    Lynne xx

  9. Jamie

    September 24th, 2013 at 2:30 pm

    Thank you for sharing.
    Quid Pro Quo:

    1. I’m half Navajo, and sometimes, although I have never lived on the Navajo reservation, I feel a magnetic pull to it. It’s as if I should be there, so I try to visit my family that lives there when I can. The rest of the time, I live at the beach. The Jersey Shore to be exact.

    2. I love road trips. I love driving with the windows down and a Matt Wertz tune blasting. It is in the car and only in the car that I ever really let my hair down. I sing, I dance, I think.

    3. My parent’s are my biggest inspiration. Happily married for 41 years they are the best role models I could have ever hoped to have.

    4. I have notebooks full of poems that I have written from the time I was in middle school to present. I have never let anyone read them before.

    5. I started writing a book. It’s loosely based on my dating life, which I assume makes it a comedy. I dream that when finished, someone will be interested enough to publish it.

    6. My dog, Rose, is my best friend. She is also a very messy roommate.

    7. I am a ridiculous hopeless romantic and believer in happy endings. I just eat up all those silly chick flicks and books. I figure, if there is someone out there that is thinking up those screenplays and books, then the real deal has to be out there somewhere. Somewhere.

    8. I want to move to Nashville.

    9. I have four favorite sounds: 1. hearing someone say I love you (not necessarily to me, hearing those string of words in general make me smile), 2. children laughing, 3. ocean waves crashing onto the shore, and 4. fallen crisp leaves crackling under my feet.

    10. If I am in a bad mood, just give me chocolate milk and like magic, I smile.

  10. Lynne Knowlton

    November 12th, 2013 at 9:25 am

    Oh la la Jamie,

    You are my new bestie!!!! I love your list.

    I swear, I could print it off as a poster and hang it oh my wall. We might be twins, separated at birth !! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing with me on the bloggy !!!
    Lynne xx

  11. Shelley MacKenzie

    September 26th, 2013 at 6:04 pm


    I only discovered your website a few months ago and love it. I only wish you would post more often because you make me smile. You and your family are beautiful. Your husband will survive cancer because failure is not an option. Unfortunately, I am not quite so colourful and beautiful as you as you will see when I write about myself!!!!
    About me:

    1) I grew up in Northern Ontario but not so far as Thunder Bay. My first nursing job was in northern Newfoundland. Totally opened my eyes as to what the north really is.

    2) Love the first few months of snow but not so much when it gets dirty. And yellow.

    3) My son kicked cancer’s butt in 2009. He was told failure was not an option in this case and he actually listened to me! He was amazing going through chemo but very hard to see your handsome 6’3″ baby need to hold your hand because it is so humiliating to have your mother wipe your nose, your drool, your tears, and empty your barf bucket at 19. Still makes me cry when I think about it. At 23, he is tall, handsome and healthy.

    4) My beautiful daughter travels too much for her mother’s sanity. My time spent with her is counted in hours between arrivals and departures. I am hoping for days soon. She is my free spirit who grabs life by the tails and experiences as much as she can. She is 21, still holds my hand and cuddles with me when she is home.

    5) I have a great husband (does anyone ever admit to being married to a shmuck?) who basically is a computer and solar geek, but a fantastic cook and wine drinking companion. He is the dreamer in our relationship. He is also the best travelling companion ever…once he surprised me with a trip to Hawaii on 2 days notice.

    6) I have 2 dogs, 2 young cats that live with me (the littlest is lying on my arm making it difficult to type), 2 older cats who live with my elderly neighbour (long story short, she spoils them and I don’t), 2 standard schnauzers, George and Gracie, and a horse named Coco Bella Boo.

    7) Love doing renos with my son which are better bonding activities than chemo sessions. So far we have done a basement, a bathroom, and a shed.

    8) Hate popcorn but like the smell.

    9) Love coffee and hate having my quiet coffee drinking time interrupted.

    10) I wake up early. Every day.

    11) I love gardening, garbage picking, refinishing furniture, Kijiji, chocolate chip cookies (I should really say anything chocolate), walking my dogs, riding my horse, house cleaning, hanging clothes on the line, reading blogs, drinking wine, and picnics on the patio.

    12) I started a blog but decided I was too boring, not to mention that I also forgot how to get into it to write anything.

    13) I am totally technically inept.

    14) I am way too pragmatic and realistic. I have goals but not dreams. And I reach my goals.

    15) I have realized I am much smarter than I previously thought but better to figure it out late than never.

    You and I probably would have fun together.


  12. Lynne Knowlton

    November 12th, 2013 at 9:23 am

    Ahhhhh Shelley,

    I love love love your comment and list. I totally forgot to reply to it (although I THOUGHT I did) I replied in my head. Does that count? LOL !!!

    I loved your advice about posting more often. So I have been. I now post every single Friday. Woot woot !!! Thanks for inspiring me !!!

    If I get my butt in gear I may eventually post twice a week. That is my goal, anyway. I have in the midst of writing a small book giveaway to teach people how to edit photos. That just sounded boring,but it isn’t. It is going to be d’bomb dot com.

    Kisses !!!

    Thanks for sharing your awesomeness with me.

    Lynne xxoo

  13. Janet

    November 12th, 2013 at 1:34 am

    I can spend hours creating a space that i can relax in.
    Once relaxed, pour a glass a wine and daydream about recreating that space!
    I have a small vintage shop. I love to travel and get inspiration for my little shop. Unexpected, back alley stores in London, Paris, Amsterdam or where ever.
    I go to the Washinton coast. Love small soft pebbles in cool shapes and soft little finds of drift wood. Love to watch my daughter chase a hundred seagulls…and they all take flight at once.
    Love finding blogs like yours and wonder how strange it is to feel connected to a stranger over the internet. (Six degrees of Kevin bacon?).
    Thanks for your writing it’s like a good movie!

  14. Lynne Knowlton

    November 12th, 2013 at 9:20 am

    Ohhhmergerrrd Janet

    I just laughed out loud with the ‘six degrees of Kevin Bacon’. I lost it. LAUGH out loudddddd.

    It is strange, isn’t it? To feel so connected to peeps on the internet. Okay, that sounded weird. I don’t mean internet porn chat rooms. hahahaa. Yuck.

    I am so grateful for having a blogging life. I have met friends who I am truly friends with in real life and I hang out with now. How cray cray is that??! My kids warned me that I could get clubbed on the head by a nut bar, but I didn’t listen. By the time you write to someone (for months and months via a blog or social media) they become a beautiful pal. I love that !!!

    Thanks for writing into the bloggy. You rock out loud.

    Lynne xx

  15. Janet

    November 12th, 2013 at 1:20 pm

    I just read you have snow already? I’m so in the mood for snow! I’m outside of Seattle about 30 minutes to the pass. However, to busy (lazy) to drive to the snow. I started decorating my Xmas tree last night. It takes me several days to complete. I think ill pic up some eggnog/woodford and keep plugging away at it tonight.
    I’m going to cut down the grape vine branches today and try making a cone shaped tree. I want one about six ft. Any advice?

  16. Lynne Knowlton

    November 14th, 2013 at 9:20 am

    Sending you snowballs in the mail right now 🙂

    Thanks for the eggnog/woodford craving. Now I know what I want tonight. ha!

    I have made small cone shaped Christmas trees by wrapping the grapevine around a tomato cage turned upside down. If you want to do a larger one, you could rig up some metal posts and wire tie them at the top in a teepee shape.

    I have a local welder that I hire to make them. They last forever.

    Happy sipping….

    PS. Have you seen my baileys recipe on the blog? I think you might like it 🙂

  17. Janet

    November 14th, 2013 at 11:25 pm

    Yyyess! I found the Baileys recipe. I liked how “white” it looked! Regular baileys is almost to sweet for me. I’m thinking at Christmas (the weekend before) to make your baileys recipe for my neighbor’s. Then maybe serve it to my family (myself) while opening presents.
    I’ve been spinning ideas in my head on some kind of snazzy labels. Old time christmas or more “dean & deluca” type labels??. Either can go in a burlap bag or red velvet
    . I’d like to add some merrichino cherries to it as well.

  18. Lynne Knowlton

    November 15th, 2013 at 12:24 pm

    I agree Janet – the store bought baileys is sooooo sweet and full of chemical/preservative yuck. You will ADORE this one. It’s not terribly sweet AND it gives a whole new meaning to a stiff drink. Christmas present opening time becomes so joyous. LOL.

    I buy grolsh beer sometimes – and save the beautiful bottle. It has a nice clasp/closing lid for the baileys. It’s great for gift giving ! Xx

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