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Blog post: Talking about the loss of a dear pet. Dogs are our LOVEs. xx


Things had been going pretty swell so far on the bloggy, wouldn’t you agree?  We laugh. We do fun stuff.  We hang out.  It’s like we just get each other.  I like it.  You are all that, and a bag of chips.  I could do this all the live long day.


Just for kicks,  I thought I’d wake up and torture myself this morning by sharing a bloggy post with laughs and nose tears.  Just once, I’d like to cry while looking like a super model.  A little tear, strolling eloquently down my cheek.  A stunning beauty.  Nope.  I cried with a big ‘ol roll of toilet paper twirling around my fingers.  Then I cried a little bit more.


I’ve had a headache for days.  Is it possible for eyebrows to hurt?  Because they do.  Can you just run over my face with your car?  My headache just won’t go away.


Houston, we have a problem.  I’m on a roll.   A shitatastrophy roll.   My life is a shit storm.


It's a Dogs Life ~ Excuse the Drool. The story of a family dog. Love, laughter & tears #DogLove #Love #Family


I want to tell you a story, but I’m afraid to tell you the story.  It’s kinda sorta sad, but it does have happy mixed around in it… and possibly a bit of drool.


Do  you  have  a  dog  ?


Doesn’t a dog just make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside?   Only me?   Fine.


Don’t you just love how a dog can just soak in your presence?  They sit there, all happy go lucky.  Staring at you.  Happy.  Just because.  That’s love, man.  I wish Channing Tatum would look at me like that.


It's a Dogs Life ~ Excuse the Drool. The story of a family dog. Love, laughter & tears #DogLove #Love #Family

Dog Love



Dogs look at you with that ‘ all of me, loves all of you‘ face.  They have the ability to speak without words.  They do small things with great love.




Cats … well, they can be furry goofball jerks.  But Dogs.    Dogs just get you, don’t they?  They just do.


Have you ever done some really stupid things?   Never mind.  I know you have.  Who is it that faithfully stands by you?   Your dog.


Unconditional  love

It's a Dogs Life ~ Excuse the Drool. The story of a family dog. Love, laughter & tears #DogLove #Love #Family



Unleash   the   Awesome …

Have you ever heard of The Great Pyrenees Breed?


They are gentle and sweet.   Affectionate with e.v.e.r.y.o.n.e.  They have a quiet, unshakeable confidence and a soft disposition.  They will protect you when necessary.  They are incredibly patient and unbelievably loyal. They are sweet, attentive, kind and fearless.  Uhhhm, and sometimes they smell like the inside of a belly button.  Wet dawg.  I thought I should warn you about that.  Oh, and they drool.  The icky kind of drool that you hope never ever ever never lands on you.  Gag.  They adore snow and the great outdoors. They are big beautiful dogs, with pure spirits.  They teach you about love and loyalty.


It's a Dogs Life ~ Excuse the Drool. The story of a family dog. Love, laughter & tears #DogLove #Love #Family

Our dog family story …

10 years ago, my Mom was visiting during a wicked crazy snowy snowmobile season.

Note:  Ontario men love snowmobiles.  Just sayin’

My Mom and I had been searching the classified ads for Great Pyrenees puppies.  Our minds were made up.  We had found the perfect pup.  We waited for Michael to be all dressed in his snow gear and raring to get out on the trails.  His snow distraction would work to our advantage.  That dude loves snow.   I know.  Weird.

Michael walked into the house to say goodbye to us for the day …

Me :    Hey hun, Mom and I are going to get a new puppy today.

Michael :   Sure.

He left the room, all bundled in his snow gear.

Mom :  “Lynne, look at me.  Put your coat on.  Let’s GO!!  Did you hear Michael??!!  He said YES.  Let’s get the puppy !!!”


Start   The  Car  !!!!     Start   The   Car  !!!!


Later that day, Michael returned from his snowmobile trip.  He spotted our new fluffy puppy, Oliver.


Michael :    Whaaaaaaaat is that?


Me :    Uhmm, that’s a puppy.


Michael :  We should talk about a family puppy before you get one.


Me : Oh, we did.


Michael had zero recollection of the 3 second chit chat that we had that day about getting a puppy.  It was the only day in Oliver’s life that Michael didn’t like him.  One day.  In 10 years.


Oliver changed all that.



It's a Dogs Life ~ Excuse the Drool. The story of a family dog. Love, laughter & tears #DogLove #Love #Family



Michael + Oliver = Inseparable for 10 years.

There were fun times, and bat shit crazy times too.

Oliver survived a few fiascos over the years. He ate steaks off of the BBQ, an entire pie in one gulp, a block of cheese without getting constipated… and oh.. oh… who could forget the two porcupines?


The  Great  Porcupine  Adventure :


We live in the countryside.  Nuff said.   Oliver sniffed out a porcupine.  One speedy ride to the vet, and she pulled the quills from his nose.  As we were leaving, she said …


Vet :     See you soon!


Me :    Whaaaa?  See you soon?!!  What the what-what whaaaaaa?


Vet :    Dogs always do this TWICE.  She said it with quiet confidence and that face.  You know the face.  The you-know-she-is-right  face.  I hate that face.  Pffft.


Me :    Errrhhmergerd.   You have got to be efffffing kidding me.  We handed over billion dollar bills to pay the vet bill, and skipped out the veterinary door.  Not.  Oliver had the face of shame.  Surely, he learned his lesson.  I like to tell myself these lies.


We’ll be fine <— famous last words.



It's a Dogs Life ~ Excuse the Drool. The story of a family dog. Love, laughter & tears #DogLove #Love #Family

He’s Contemplating


Then it happened. It was like ground hog day.  History repeated itself.


It was the great return of the dreaded porcupine on a hot summers night.   I woke up in the wee hours and Michael was nowhere to be seen.  The barn lights were on.  How odd, I thought to myself.  And a whole lot scary.  I hate going outside alone in the dark with the boogie men.  I wrapped myself in my fluffy housecoat & pink fuzzy slippers and wandered out to the barn in the darkness while grasping a flashlight for dear life.


There they were.  It was a sight.  A sight for sore eyes.


There, in the middle of the barn hallway, was Michael and Oliver. Michael had {thankfully} slightly drugged Oliver with homeopathic Rescue Remedy.

PS.  That stuff is d’bomb dot com if you ever need to chill a dog, a child or anyone who needs to be slapped with a calming agent.

Michael was gently pulling the quills out of Oliver’s muzzle.  One at a time.  But that’s not all.  The story doesn’t end there.  Michael was buck naked !!

He did, however, have enough good sense to be wearing sandals.  Errrhmergerd.


 My eyes.  My eyes.


I have never ever, in the history of ever.. stopped laughing about that night.

I might be scarred for life, and now you have that vision in your head too.  My bad.


It's a Dogs Life ~ Excuse the Drool. The story of a family dog. Love, laughter & tears #DogLove #Love #Family

That was 10 years ago.  10 years goes by in a flash.  Like it was yesterday.


*  Gone *

This is the part of the story that I didn’t want to tell you.


This week, our dear sweet Oliver passed away.  


It's a Dogs Life ~ Excuse the Drool. The story of a family dog. Love, laughter & tears #DogLove #Love #Family


Our family sat huddled together in quietness and wept.  Quiet, slow tears. The moments just ticked by. Together, we listened to soft music playing in the background and talked about how we had truly hit the jackpot with such a great dog.  We talked between tears.  Oliver hit the jackpot with all the love he had from us, our friends and family too.

If love could have saved him, he would surely be alive today.


It's a Dogs Life ~ Excuse the Drool. The story of a family dog. Love, laughter & tears #DogLove #Love #Family


We had a chance to be with Oliver and love him for his last few cherished moments.  The kids huddled around him.  Michael held him as his legs slowly gave away.  He laid down, took his last beautiful sweet breath and then he was gone.


It's a Dogs Life ~ Excuse the Drool. The story of a family dog. Love, laughter & tears #DogLove #Love #Family


It was in that moment that I wondered…

How could the sun possibly rise tomorrow?

Can’t we all just take a pause?

Pause.  Breathe in.  Breathe out.

Goodbye to our sweet bear.  Goodbye to the beauty you brought into our lives.  Goodbye to all the greatness you showed, kind Oliver.  Goodbye to the dog that protected our children.  Goodbye to you, my friend.  Thank you for blessing us with your gift of love.


May you rest in peace and have sweet dreams.

 You were the best pal a family could ask for.

It's a Dogs Life ~ Excuse the Drool. The story of a family dog. Love, laughter & tears #DogLove #Love #Family





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  1. Yolande Bolduc says:

    Je sais se que vous avez vécu, j’en ai perdu une petite du nom de coquette en juillet 2013 et je ne l’ai jamais oublié. Avant qu’elle nous quitte j’en ai sauvé une de la mort elle n’avait que 10 mois et elle est avec nous depuis ce temps,elle ne me fait pas oublié ma coquette mais je l’aime aussi, c’est une LassaApso. Elle a maitenant 5 ans. Elle a été malade elle a fait des pierres aux reins, ont l’a fait opéré et je ne le regrette pas. Elle se nomme maggie.

  2. Hi,

    Very moved by your doggie tale! Lost our little Bear on our Wedding Anniversary (46th) we were gutted – our Siamese master (Nicco) chocolate point was so gutter he pulled out all the hair on his bum. After one week I phoned the shelter, 8 days later we got a JUG cross between Pug and JR Terrier (our Pooh Bear was a JR Terrier).

    House is mad again, doggy smell on the sofa, bed etc. bowls in the kitchen, toys all over the place – Lovely!

    I found your story by looking for giant needle patterns, I am a knitting freak as well.

    Hope you and your family are well, loss of bested bud will never go away, but rescue a dog in need helps ease the pain.

    Have some nice patterns I wrote myself if you would like me to share?

    Also, could send pics of my ORLA (JUG) and Nicco for you to look at in a dark moment, guaranteed to make you LOL.

    Best Regards


  3. Deedra says:

    Wow…I was so blessed when I read about your Oliver. I, too, had to say goodbye to my Alaskan Malamute, Jody, on almost the same day that your Oliver passed. Jody was also with me for 10 years…we shared so many adventures together and I loved him dearly. I knew it would take some time before I was ready to get another dog. Then I met Brody, my Great Pyrenees. He is everything that you described Oliver to be. Brody is my gentle giant and has such a sweet spirit…… If I could only get him to quit digging holes! .

  4. Lisa says:


    I just found your blog and absolutely love your writing style (and your design style, too!). We’ve just recently (just a short 3 weeks ago) lost our beloved lab/shepherd, Emma. It’s truly amazing how our furry family members become such a huge part of our lives. Emma kept me company in the kitchen, thoughtfully cleaning up all the dropped scraps……she loved running errands with me in the car, and would curl up on the driver’s seat (keeping it warm and toasty!) waiting for me to return……..her favorite words were “Let’s Go” and she knew instantly to hop in the car because an adventure was beginning……I swear she understood when I said “I’ll be right back” and she’d wait patiently by the back door……I miss her sleeping across all the pillows (she would manage to figure out a way to burrow deep in as many pillows as she could!) and snoring in my ear (and boy, did she know how to snore!!). Emma was only 8, and we were in the middle of trying to figure out what was going on when she left us. Her time with us was cut way too short, but we are so grateful and honored she was a part of our family. She was a rescue dog, but it wasn’t really us who did the rescuing…….it was Emma. The pain does take our breath away. Thank you for sharing Oliver’s story…..he was a lucky, lucky dog!.

  5. oh Lynn~
    Our most sincere sorry in the loss of Oliver. He was magnificent! I cried reading your blog on the last day of his life. I was raised on a small farm in PA and there we raised 3 Great Pyreneese. Mona and Lisa, then Dudley Do-Right. They were the most sweet, noble, and gentle souls I ever encountered. I’m sure you are still sad, but if you ever need an extra ear…i’m here!

    • Thank you Jennifer,

      I can barely reply to the comments in this particular blog post, because it makes me miss Oliver all over again.

      LOVE your dog names! LOVE how you just get how awesome it is to have had a Great Pyrenees in your life. Lucky duck to have had 3 !

      Much love,
      Lynne xx

  6. Simone Weldon says:

    Hi Lynne,
    I just stumbled upon your blog while browsing “The art of doing stuff”. You made my day. I haven’t laughed like that in a while. I was even reading parts of your blog to my husband and my two boys. My 15yr old asked if we were twins (not by looks but by the love of white) and my husband asked if we are cosmically related. My poor guys have been living with my craziness of turning everything white. I just finished the last room in my house. Yeah!!!! (Imagine confetti coming down.) I have to listen to sarcastic comments from my kids where I show them something I like and I get the smart aleck response: “Of course you do, it’s white”. Secretly it cracks me up. I have a cherry wood kitchen which I don’t care for and I’m still working on my hubby to “let” me paint it white. I also can’t type and talk at the same time. I have an extreme sense of smell. My hubby often implies I could apply for the job if they ever run out of drug sniffing dogs. (Does not imply that I look like a dog). He actually thinks I’m cute even after 23 yrs of marriage. I too would redecorate someones home if left alone for too long.
    You have a great way of telling stories. Ever thought of writing a book or screenplay?
    Your story about Oliver made me laugh and get teary eyed at the same time. I too have a dog. She is now our third (one at a time though). It’s the hardest thing to let them go. They each have their own personalities. We’ve had one purebred Golden Retriever that we got as a puppy and loved apples and swimming, a yellow lab mix that was almost the size of a great dane and scared of the dark, the toaster and the dryer buzzer. And now a black lab mix that only likes blue chuck-it balls and looks like a lioness when she chases the seagulls at the beach. Our last two were rescue dogs and all of them were fantastic. We are very blessed to have them in our lives.
    The best to you and your family. I’ll be looking forward to your funny stories with great eagerness. 🙂

    • Simone !!!

      I love love love loved your comment.

      YOU SHOULD BE A WRITER <--- I screamed that. We are definitely twins 🙂 ... white, extreme sense of smell, no typing and talking at the same time ... laughs from the kids and hubby ... good LOVE all mixed in between. THANK YOU for leaving me an epic comment !! You made my month ! Wooooohoooo ! Mwah ! Lynne

  7. connie says:

    Love this entry. What it means to love a dog like family. I had a Siberian Husky that owned my heart, too. My husband held her as she took her last breath and her legs gave way. He sobbed like a baby. I have never seen him cry like that. I remember my Athena in little moments every day. The way she would peek around a corner then run to the other end of the wall and peek around the corner….. It was her invitation to come play chase with her. I swear she was as smart as a human. I have a lovable coonhound and he is an easy dog. My Husky was never an easy pet like him, because she had strong instincts and personality. Her facial expressions spoke words. And she intently studied my face to see if I understood her.. She loved us so much. My heart stopped for a moment when she passed away – the ultimate betrayal of letting her die. And yet she had cancer and we could not save her. If only… Miss her so much. I am sorry for your loss. It hurts so much to lose a beloved pet. Each one is a unique contribution to the life of the family. Life is precious in so many ways.

    • Wow Connie,

      It sounds like you sure loved your dog too. I loved love loved love your words. Thank you so much for sharing them with me. As sad as it is to lose our pups … how lucky are we that we had them in our lives? D’best.

      Big love to you!
      Lynne xx

  8. Marti says:

    I’m sorry about Oliver 🙁 such a beautiful dog!!!

    I have a Doberman and knowing that one day he will leave us breaks my heart (he’s almost 2 now).

    I love him so much even though he drives me crazy at times (especially when he decides to cross the street when he sees a cat or a dog buddy) Arrrghhhh!!!

  9. Jodi Palmer says:

    I know how you feel about the lose of a pet. After 13 years our beloved golden retriever passed away. And is was as you said the years flew by. Molson died 20dec2013 and there is not a day that I don not cry for him. The ugly cry is what I call it. Some days I feel so lostwithout him.

  10. Bobbi says:

    Hi Lynne. I’ve only been reading your blog for a couple weeks. I’m married with two beautiful collage age daughters and a rescue lab, Shepard mix. ….. my baby.! Your love story is heart tugging, and I admire your humor and honesty. You’ve had me thinking about all your going thru, good and not so good, and. I’ve been wishing positivity your way! In the middle of all this, losing Oliver. My husband had a brain tumor when my girls were 4 and 5,and is doing fine now. We had to put our lab down, who was 17, not long after my husband surgery. I’ve had a dog all my life and , I know it’s selfish, but they,ve helped me thru all the hard times in my life. I just wanted you to know my heart hurts for your family for the loss of Oliver. I wish for your family, health, hope and strength.

  11. Lisa says:

    Omg Lynne, I am so so sorry. I tried to hold back tears of my own while reading this. I am a huge animal lover and I have had them all my life. They are family and loss always hits hard.. My thoughts and prayers are with you, Oliver and your lovely family. I am truly again so very sorry. Please hang in there.

    Warmest Regards,

  12. Diane says:

    RE: porcupines and quills
    by the way … forgot to add … Gunner was twice SKUNKED!
    At least these things do not happen in 3’s! xxxo

  13. Diane says:

    Came across your sweet bulky blanket. I have just knitted a very similar one sans pattern and wanted to see if you wrote any instructions I should have known before knitting HA!HA! Came across your sweet photo of Oliver in that time and tears came to my eyes. Losing a good buddy is so difficult. We just lost our dearest Gunner. He came to us in a funny way life just has for “meant to be” things. We were Gunner’s 3rd owners at only one year. He was emaciated and yet from champion stock (akc. no papers but we did get to his breeder in another state who reluctantly verified who his parents were and from her farm).
    Gunner was considered incorrigible and close to being put down if a new owner did not surface. Although my husband and I had no intention of adopting a canine I could not walk away from him! GUESS WE NEEDED Gunner more than Gunner needed us. Although he was rambunctious at first,to say the least, and required training to live peacefully with us, he ended up being a devoted member of our pack for over the next 12 years. Wish I could send you a picture. This rescued merle Australian shepherd was so special and I miss him so … thanks for your note about Oliver. I believe these animals choose us for particular reasons. Bless you!

    • Thank you so much for writing a beautiful comment Diane,

      I normally respond to every comment on my bloggy … except this post. It has been so difficult to re-live the experience of losing our beautiful pooch.

      I just wanted to know that I loved your note !


  14. Renee says:

    Hi Lynne – I know what you are going through. On March 8th 2014 we lost our little girl (Yorkshire Terrier) that was only 5 years old. The family can’t get over it. She was so young. She was so apart of the family. She was like a little human. She knew how to tell us just what she wanted. We miss her soon oops much. So I guess our babies are together in heaven now.

    • I hope they are running around and chasing after each other ! Your little human sounded adorable !!

      I’m soooooo sorry that you lost your wee girl. She sounded like a sweet poochie.


  15. Mary Ann O'Connor says:

    Lynne – Thank you for sharing your feelings about your 4-legged child Oliver. It gave me hope there are still people who have such love and compassion. Our 13 yr old dachshund,, Gable, followed Oliver on Feb. 24, 2014. Your expression of a shit storm, shitastrophy was right on. He had such a big personality, as I’m sure Oliver had as well. They train us! We just think we are training them! We were just so blessed to have these dogs in our lives for those short years. I wish you well, and thanks again.
    From Gilbert, AZ – Mary Ann

    • Holy smokes, so true Mary …

      They really train us. They teach us love. They teach us compassion. They teach us forgiveness {{when they eat the entire pie that we baked for dessert }}..

      Much love and I’m so very sorry for your loss. I get it. It hurts the heart, deep to the core.


  16. annette says:

    Your story of Oliver brought tears to my eyes. My daughter lost her Shelty around the same time. She would of been 15 in April. She died in my daughters arms, looking up at her as her heart gave out as if to say sorry mom. Daughter had her since she was 12 so this dog was her companion all through the rough teen years. A lot of people don’t realize dogs are family not just a dog.. Hugs to you.

    • They really are family, aren’t they Annette ?! They are a part of us. I’m so sad about the loss that your family/daughter went through.

      Dogs are just so beautiful.

      :(((( xx

  17. Susan Ortega says:

    Thank you so much for your post on your sweet Oliver. Those of us who have loved our furry children are enriched by the experience and will never have a hole in our hearts because it will remain filled by them forever. I just happened onto your blog following a knitting pattern. I happy I landed here.

  18. Deanna says:

    I have two beautiful Australian Shepherds.
    Nizhoni-Tipsoo is going to be 15 years old in April.
    I adopted her, my first puppy ever, after my
    four children left home.
    We’ve been through so many happy and sad times
    I can’t imagine living without her.
    I wanted Tipsoo to have a companion as she got
    older so I got Cinette-Rose to come live with us.
    It didn’t turn out like I expected though.
    After three fights I had to buy a gate and keep
    them apart. They love each other but both want
    to be Top Dog and only Tipsoo can lead.
    Life is like that, always surprises…
    Your Oliver was a beauty.
    I’m feeling a bit weepy after reading your story.
    Are you going to get another dog someday?
    Why isn’t there a happy ending to life?
    Tipsoo is showing signs of aging now.
    But she’s getting the best care I can give her.
    With Spring here, both girls need more exercise.
    Me too! 🙂

  19. cynthia says:

    I was just listening to Garrison Keillor on my way home from the grocery store on icy, below-zero roads, and he had a poem for an old cat of theirs who died last week. It ended very much as your sweet wishes to your good dog does. I’m shedding quiet tears for you all.

  20. Julia says:

    Very hard to lose part of family. But no matter how good life were on earth – on heaven is much much better. How silly it sound…Angels will take care of Oliver.
    Love is magic. I truly believe in reincarnation, so… may be, soon enough, u will recognise Oliver in other puppy or resque dog and will be reunited again. If not- just know, he in better place.

  21. Auntiepatch says:

    I lost Princess, my German Shepherd, 35 years ago and I still miss her. I love all dogs but Princess was special; we had a unique connection.
    So, I’m sitting here with tears running down my face because my friend Lynne and her family have lost their special fur-friend Oliver. Just know that he has crossed the Rainbow Bridge and will be there to greet you when your time comes.
    Blessings on you and your family; it will get better. =^..^=

  22. […] cried a heavy dose of shower crying.  You know its bad when you bawl in the shower.  When our family dog died last week … well, it just tipped me over the Thelma and Louise cliff.  I made you cry last week too with […]

  23. Susan says:

    This is so sad. What a lot of love this great and wonderful dog must have known – and returned!

  24. Janet says:

    I loved that dog. Never met him, but didn’t need to. His pictures said everything I needed to know about that big furry love. I’m at work in the lounge…we r all very sad

  25. Jim Knowlton says:

    Helen & I are so sad that you have lost Oliver he was such a terrific BIG BIG dog. They were wonderful pictures of him.. It’s just like loosing a member of your family.
    You must find another Oliver #2 to replace him.. That will be FUN.
    Love, Helen & JIM (Dad)

    • Hi Pop and Piffy 🙂

      Soooooo true, it really broke our hearts to lose Oliver. As you know, he was like a family beacon around here. Always looking over the farm and all of us.

      We are missing his classic WOOF at night.

      Much love,
      PS. thanks for writing into the blog Jim!! I really appreciate it.

      Lynne xx

  26. AwesomelyOZ says:

    I don’t appreciate crying every time I come around here Lynne!!! SOooooooooooooooooo sorry for your loss 🙁 it’s awful losing a family pet – what a beautiful, gorgeous, adorable, precious dog Oliver must have been. I hope the sun rises nice and bright even 🙁 Big huge hugs to you and yours during this sad time Lynne! <3 -iva

    • Me too Iva ! :)))

      It is the only 2 sad blog posts in two years. Ha !

      Look out … this weeks blog post is FUN FUN FUN. Whew.

      We could all use a bit of that again.

      Much love,
      Lynne xx

  27. Cathy Hartman says:

    I’m sorry for your loss. It always hurts when you lose a fur baby.
    Thanks for your blog. Going through chemo now and it helps to laugh and cry. Mostly laugh!

    • Big fat warm hugs to you Cathy !

      Do you take a blanket with you for chemo? We have had such a great time carrying the Roots blanket around with us for all of Michaels treatments. Strange, but true. LOL.

      PS. It is also FABULOUS when the oncology nurses warm up blankets to snuggle under while in treatment. Get one of those and steal popsicles from their freezers too. It is YUM 🙂


  28. Donna Curtin says:

    Oliver was one of kind. I am so very sorry for your loss. His presence on your farm will be felt for years to come, even if he has tottered off to plod down in another sun patch. Sad times. Donna

    • Hi Donna !

      Hey everyone reading the bloggy, Donna is the BEAUTIFUL Dr.Vet that helped take care of Oliver over the years. He even lived with her when we moved to Paris !

      Donna and her family adored Ollie too. It was a great loss to their family to not have Oliver around too. Such a loss :(. Sending love to all of you.

      PS. Donna is not the same vet that pulled out the quills. LOL. I wouldn’t make faces at Donna :), only strange veterinary doctors. Ha.

      Donna… you have been so great. I love you, my friend. I really do.

      Lynne xx

  29. Linda says:

    I’m so so soooo sorry for all of you… Oliver was beautiful and I loved all of the photos you have posted of him…. I know how you feel, we had to put our sweet Louie down last summer. He was 16 so we were blessed. Kisses and hugs are sent your way…

  30. Julie Hoover says:

    Oh Lynne! How awful! What a gorgeous poochie he was. My husband found me blubbering on the couch about this last night. But just think about how much happiness that lovely drooler has brought people worldwide because of your blog.

    I’ve always thought that it’s the most unfair thing in the world that other animals can live almost forever and that dogs don’t. I mean, if turtles are your thing then good for you, but I’d take a puppy face over a turtle any day.

    When things like this happen I find the most helpful thing to me is action! Do something good in Oliver’s memory. (But sometimes pajamas on the couch are what’s on the agenda too.)

    • Awwwwh Julie,

      I made you blubber too? Sorry about that. It is a good thing we weren’t in the same room. We’d be a mess together. LOL.

      I ‘met’ some turtles when we were in the Seychelles. They were 300 years old! Holy batman. I wondered if they were bored. Haha. What can you think about after 300 years? Oy.

      Big love,
      Lynne xx

  31. Cheryl Stanley says:

    So sad to say goodbye to a best friend like Oliver. Those big eyes of his could surely melt any heart. Well maybe not a porcupine heart. So sorry for your loss. Time with a pet is always to short.

    • So true Cheryl,

      The days are never long enough when you have a pet that you luuuurve.

      Oh, those porcupines. They are going to be so bored now. Who will keep them on their toes now?

      I’m going to miss his deep, soft WOOF… as he barked around the fields at night. We were always convinced he was trying to scare of the porcupines. Ha.

      Much love,
      Lynne xx

  32. KathyMac says:

    Lynne, I am so sorry to read of your loss. Oliver is beautiful in your photos and in spirit. I’m so pure your family will miss him greatly, but what wonderful memories you have!

    • Very true… good memories indeed !!

      I loved posting pictures of Oliver in my social media feeds. It was more fun than posting a selfie LOL… and he was more popular than me anyway. Ha.

      Enjoying the memories….

  33. Janet Sonnenberg says:

    Dear Lynne and family, I am so so sorry for your loss of beautiful Oliver. You wrote such a loving tribute for your forever furry companion and dedicated family member. I can think of few things more heart-wrenching that having to say good-bye to our most loving soul soothers. My heart goes out to all of you and u pray your loving, funny, and cherished memories of Gentle Oliver will ease your sorrow. Thank goodness, All Dogs Go To Heaven.” With Love and Sympathy, Janet

    • Ohhh Janet,

      You poor thing…. I keep writing sad sappy blog posts. I need to cut that out and cheer us all up again.

      Already, today … I feel like I could use a good laugh again. It is waaaaaay more fun than crying. LOL.

      Thank you for your beautiful kind words and taking the time to write in the bloggy. You rock out loud.. you really do.

      Many furry hugs …
      Lynne xx

      • Janet Sonnenberg says:

        Dear Lynne, You and your blog inspire, encourage me, make me laugh (yea!), and feel so blessed. I continue to think of you and your family and Thank-you for taking the time to share such Love with all of us! You are Amazing! Love you xoxo Janet

  34. Lisa says:

    Saying goodbye is so hard. Oliver has touched many lives with those sweet eyes of his through your bloggy. I’m wrapping my arms around your family tonight in internet love and imagining Oliver running free in a land where he can catch as many porcupines as his heart desires, and no matter what, the needles never hurt. Hugs!

    • That’s the truth Lisa 🙂

      Oliver will be so happy to catch a porcupine and not have to see Michael standing buck naked in front of him.

      His eyes. His eyes. Ha.

      Lynne xx

  35. Embethlee says:

    So I read the title this morning, then took your advice and took a nap with one dog next to me and one curled up at my feet under the blankets. I can’t imagine your sadness. Hopefully i’ll have a few more years. I finally read the post tonight, and just as i was beginning to believe it was a funny post with nudity and porqupines! whamo…caught off guard I balled like a baby. Hope you and yours are there hugging one another and drinking tea. Sweet dreams to all of you.

    • Thanks Embethlee…

      I have drank bucket loads of tea, and it is helping. I spike it with Rescue Remedy too. 🙂

      I have also knit a blanket so big, I could stretch it across Canada right now.

      Therapy knitting. Ahhhh.

      Lynne xx

  36. kim rogers says:

    You have such a way with words….I only met Oliver once but through your story I was there from the beginning to his last breath…thank you for sharing and my heart goes out to you and the family during this sad time..
    He will be our friend for always and always and always – Rudyard Kipling

    • Thank you Kimmie,

      How are we going to hang out in the treehouse again, without the Oliver woof, woof, woof?

      I think you should come here and we will find out. Come meet the new barn cats. They think they are people. You will love them.

      Thanks for the luuuurve from Florida to Ontario ….

      Big love, my friend xx

  37. Melody Donald says:

    Oliver looks just like my Moncho! However Moncho has had porcupcine quills 3 times and I pulled them out in my farm coveralls not naked!
    Moncho had a habit of wandering the neighborhood block (which covers miles in our country property on the edge of town). We bought him a GPS tracker for his collar so we can find him on the nights he wanders. He still visits interesting places. One morning we got a call from the grocery store in town and he was there on opening wanting to just go in with the other employees, another early morning was a call from the local hotel and he was gretting the early morning staff! Bless your Oliver you must miss him very much. Three great ones make life so full. Thank you Lynne for sharing.

  38. Carol says:

    Kisses to you and family and a hug for as long as you like.

  39. Linda says:

    Oh my dear Lynne,
    I knew where this post was headed, but I kept hoping that I was wrong. I am so very sorry to hear of Oliver’s passing. What a big, sweet giant. I am hugging my Pyr Sheba and crying into her fur as I type. They are the most loving, loyal and stubborn dogs I have ever known and my only regret is not discovering their breed sooner. Sheba is 5 years old and I can’t imagine my life without her. I know when we bring animals into our lives, someday we have to say goodbye, but it is still so painful. You have the memories to help you along this sad journey.
    Linda and Sheba

    • So very true, Linda,

      Aren’t they just a great breed?

      That’s funny about Sheba. She’s stubborn? Oliver wasn’t stubborn, but a real ‘herd’ dog. When the kids were younger, he would ‘herd’ them like sheep to where he wanted them to walk. Haha.

      Does Sheba do that?

      Give her a big hug.

      Much love,
      Lynne xx

  40. So sorry to read your blog about Oliver. Im wiping the tears away still…but also happy that you shared about your love for him – you managed to articulate many of the feelings we’ve had for our (2 best dogs in the world) who have passed away – hopefully playing and running around in some awesome forest in doggy heaven.


    • That is such a beautiful thought Victoria. Thank you !!

      I can totally imagine them running around after each other in a forest. That IS heaven to a dog 🙂

      Much love to you and I’m sooooo sorry you lost your dogs too.

      Big {{hug}}.


  41. Stephbo says:

    I could tell where this was going, and I still had to keep reading anyway. I’m so sorry you lost your baby. Dogs are such wonderful creatures, and we are so lucky to be able to borrow them from God for the small while He lets us have them. Both of my girls are old ladies now, and I dread the day when we’ll have to part, especially when they look at me with those sweet faces and adoring expressions. Blessings to you and your family as you grieve Oliver.

    • Thank you xx

      You know, it has only been a short while… and I have come to the realization that grieving our pets is a lot like grieving our loved ones that we lose.

      It doesn’t get easier, it just changes.

      Thanks for your beautiful words.

      Lynne xx

  42. Thea says:

    You are such a wonderful storyteller Lynne! I so appreciate you sharing the joys and sad ending about what must have been an amazing pet dog. I can so relate to your grief as we had to put our yellow lab (Duke) down after having him as a gift in our family for 12 1/2 years just last June. It seems like last week. You written such a beautiful legacy to him through your blog. That is a gift for your family.
    Take Care,

    • Hello Thea,

      Ohhhh you had a yellow lab? They are such beauties too! So wonderful with kids, and such a caring disposition.

      … and…. what a name… DUKE !

      Love it.

      Sorry your family lost him too. Big love,Lynne xx

  43. Adele says:

    Sad, but wonderful story about a real furball. Calm, calm Oliver, never a nasty look did he give!

    • So true Adele,

      It was so funny how he would just wander over to your car and check you out. Ha. He had the sweetest face (minus the drool).

      Mackenzie has really been missing him AND CLAIRE !!!

      Thanks for being the second family to Mackenzie.

      We really appreciate it !!!!

      Love, from all of us 🙂 xx

  44. Shelley MacKenzie says:

    Puppies always make life better. My heart aches for you. and my eyes tear for you.. Remember Sr. Suess’ wise words “don’t be sad because it is over, smile because it happened”. Of course, I still cry over the loss of the best cat ever 3 years later.

  45. rebekah says:


    thank you so much for sharing the story of your journey with oliver!

    we have a 46 year old horse that we have the same kind of relationship with…he has been diagnosed with cancer and i have been struggling with knowing that the day will come when we have to say goodbye…our scout is very oliver-like…including the drool!:-)

    you have helped my heart by sharing your story…thank you:-)

    now, when the time comes, we will be better prepared to celebrate his life with story, pictures and song because you shared your dear oliver with us…

    wishing all of you peace and the joy of happy memories…


  46. Barbie says:

    ….now you made me cry! I’m going downstairs right NOW to give my sweet doggie a big kiss and hug (one that will probably make him squeal a lil) because I’m loving him to hard….as my husband always says when my hugs are to tight!

  47. Carolyn says:

    I’m so sorry for the loss of Oliver. This must have been a hard post to write; those balls of fur add so much to our lives.

  48. JP says:

    Oliver, such a handsome pup that lived a great life. Allow yourselves (ALL the time you need) to mourn his passing. Xo.

  49. IMen says:

    Jaysus Lynne this just tore me up. I am sending the biggest most massive hug to you all over the stormy seas. And, you nailed it…if loved could have saved Oliver he would still be here. Awwww, so sad! We lost our GP last November, they are such big, strong, loving, LOYAL dogs that it takes so much for them to finally rest and leave the world, the family they care so much about…that’s what I sensed anyway. Tyson fought it to the very end. We were all there like you. My heart aches for you Lynne. It will get better, but for now it’s just fine to be just where you are.. Peace and love, Imen xx

  50. Oh, Lynne. I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve lost Oliver. There is nothing like the hole a furry friend can leave in your heart when they have to go. I’m sending you a pocketful of love and sprinkles…

  51. Wow! Feeling your pain but the alternative is never have them in your life in the first place…..not an option.

    It may be too soon but check out my blog, Facebook page or email me….7 weeks old tomorrow. 🙂

  52. Rose Dostal says:

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful memories of Oliver.

    Your last day with him brought me back to our last day with our sweet sheltie. He wanted to take one last lap of all of his favorite spots in the house. Then he mustered enough energy to go down in the basement and fetch my son. Then we all went in to the family room and cuddled around him. We knew it was time. It was hard to watch his whole body go limp…The house was filled with sadness that day.

    But like us, you will find joy with another new member and it might not be right away, but when the time comes, when you’re ready, he/she will also give you joy, as Oliver gave your family much happiness.

    Our pets become so much a part of our family, don’t they? BIG HUGS TO ALL!

  53. Jennifer says:

    Writing through my tears to tell you. How sorry I am for your loss. We lost our 15 year old dog the week before Christmas…they are the best. Still cry every time I think if him. xo

  54. babs says:

    I am crying right now. I just lost two out of my three dogs this year. Rusty, our last dog, lost his mom and brother. He and I both grieved and then became overly attached to each other. I love and adore him.. He is a talker and sings (howls) if he doesn’t know where I am. He’s a big boxer and he is eight years old. Big dogs don’t live that long so I am showering him with all my love and attention. I’m not ready for any more dogs for now. It takes awhile to recover. Thank you for sharing. I love you and your blog. You bring joy, love and realness to my everyday life. Thank you and I am so sorry for your loss. Oliver was beautiful, magnificent dog and his loving, fun personality shine through in your pictures. Tears and hugs to you and your family….

  55. Christine says:

    I am SO sorry for your loss. I am sitting here in the office at my desk with tears silently rolling down my face. And I have no dogs but “furry goofball jerks” (aka cats) – both 17 and a half years old, and I dread the day that you and your family just endured. I hope beyond hope that there is that “Rainbow Bridge” because at the end of my days I will think EVERYTHING has been worth it to see my furry friends running to greet me – dew on their paws and the quiet sunrise warming their fur that I will soon be rubbing my face in. Pets ARE love. No bones (or furry mice) about it. Hugs to you and yours.

  56. Susan Stanford says:

    I am so very sorry. Oliver was a beautiful boy and it sounded like he had a wonderful 10 years with your family.

    They’re never here long enough.

  57. Suzanne says:

    When I saw the title of your post I didn’t want to read it because I knew that something had happened to Oliver. I am so sad for you and your family, words can never express the deep love we feel for our furry or hairy family members. My most sincere condolences Lynne. RIP sweet Oliver, he has crossed the rainbow bridge.

  58. Valerie says:

    Crying!!! Oliver had a beautiful life marked with a beautiful ending. I’m so sorry. Hugs to you & your family

  59. Kevin says:

    You write so very well, Lynne ! I am so sorry for your loss… But so happy that you had 10 good years with a real gem !!! I have gone through this twice in my life, that I can remember. My family always had a dog, when I was a lad at home. And they were always very loved. More recently cats have been my furry companions… a sister and brother (George & Elaine – we love Seinfeld !!!). They are beloved creatures and, somehow, act like dogs (to me!). They are going to be 11 on March 1 and, as they get older, the thought that the end is in sight is always there in the back of my mind. I dread the day… but I am also thankful for every moment shared with them. I hope you will soon make peace with your loss and treasure the good times you had with Oliver… Take good care…

  60. jaine gayer says:

    Awww Lynne, thank you for sharing your sweet, beautiful story about Oliver. He was a lucky dog to have such a loving family to love him.

  61. Carole says:

    Sometimes laughter helps! Here’s a cute Pyrenees story

    A man was taking his twin grandsons for a walk around Fort Langley, B.C., with their dog, a Great Pyrenees. When they got to the ferry that crosses the Fraser River, they walked on, planning a round trip. On their return, the ferry was in mid-river when an attendant – displaying her shapely legs to great advantage in short shorts – came over and asked about the dog, its age and breed. “Great Pyrenees,” the man replied. “Oh, thank you,” she blushed.

  62. Jodi T. says:

    Hi Lynne,
    This brought tears to my eyes. We lost our sweet Rottweiler in August and it still hurts. Sometimes you just get a really good one and they steal your heart. I think we will miss them foreverandeverandeverandeveramen.

    I’m so sorry for your family’s loss. <3

  63. Lin N says:

    Tears….yep. Big ole hole in my heart…yep. We said goodbye to our wee bundle of luv, loyalty and sometimes cantankerous, old (16 yrs) Malti-poo on Jan. 12, 2014. Know how this all feels. Big ole hugzzz to you and yours!

  64. Mary Werner says:

    If there were no pain, that would mean Oliver wasn’t loved. If he wasn’t loved you wouldn’t hurt. Be thankful for the pain of love – they go hand in hand during our short lives. The love is so much more important than the pain. Thank God for Oliver and your love!

  65. Diane says:

    I am crying with you, my heart aches for you. I lost my Cindy and for 15 yrs said I would never have another dog. But I do, Curly. He is the love of my life and 5 yrs old. He is my child, soul mate everything… you know what I mean. Everytime a dog you love dies, it gives you a piece of it’s heart to carry with you for the rest of your life. You have enough dogs and your heart will be 100% dog. How cool is that?
    I have never met you and I love you. Get another dog, I know you don’t want to even think about it right now. A dog can heal a broken heart, after all what is dog spelled backwards? Dogs are truely your very best ever friend. None better. I will hold my little guy tight when I get home. I have to stop now, I am at work and crying like a baby.

  66. lisa thomson says:

    Awww. I have tears again. RIP Oliver! I’m sorry for you loss, Lynne. He sounds like a special guy and he’s gorgeous. Saying goodbye to pets is one of life’s meanest things.

  67. Mary says:

    Oh, Lynne…..I can so identify with you right now. We lost two of our little schnauzers at the same time…just before Thanksgiving in 2012…and another in February of 2013. We were there with them to say good-bye….Which we owed them for all of the many years of unconditional love that they gave us. It is so hard…I really do understand that ache in your heart.
    We have another little rescue now who is a sweetie. We are having so much fun with her. I am constantly amazed at God’s generosity when He gives us more room in our heart to love another furry friend. They don’t replace the others, but they help us to move forward. I know that God knows how much we love our pets, and I firmly believe we will see them again. Just like the poem “The Rainbow Bridge” says….they are waiting for us.
    I just wanted you to know that there are others of us out here who understand where you are right now. By the way, this article was beautifully written from your heart.
    p.s. A good remedy for a headache is peppermint essential oil rubbed on your temples.

  68. My dog Oscar means the world to me, and I can honestly say I don’t know what I would do without him. I have a beautiful family and husband who I adore…but there is just something so incredibly special about loving a dog and receiving his love in return. You are so right when you say they love you with their eyes.

    I will never forget when Oscar and Oliver stole that big honkin slab of cheese, ate half of it, and then buried it in the garden for later. :))

    I am heart broken for you and your family. xoxoxox

  69. Darrell says:

    Great Oliver Story……..reminds me of my 2 dogs that I put down 2 years ago 🙂

  70. Fawn says:

    I am so sorry to hear about the passing of your fuzzy family member. Our vet sent us a poem called “The Rainbow Bridge” when our pet Groucho passed….

  71. I am crying as I read this beautifully written tribute to your, Oliver! I did laugh first, a naked hubs with a dog full of quills, too hilarious! Our Polly, was 16, on October 16th we lost our lady love. She was the sweetest person with fur EVER! I miss her so much it aches, her sweetness filled the house. Not to mention that Dawg smell. Thank-you for sharing your heart! RIP Oliver, I sure hope you run into our beautiful blond girl in Doggy heaven, you two would make a beautiful couple! xo

  72. Kerry says:

    I can barely see the keyboard. That was beautiful Lynne. Oliver was so very lucky to be loved by you all.

  73. ohhhh….. Lynne…..your gift to make us laugh out loud (to the point of pant peeing) is priceless……you also make us cry….in fact I’m doing the infamous Oprah “ugly cry” right now reading your incredibly touching, heart-swelling words. Oliver was sooooo blessed to have been part of your beautiful, special family for 10 years….as you were all blessed to have such a faithful, loyal gorgeous friend in yours xo My heart aches for you all…..I too have loved and lost a few “lovable loyal friends” over the years….and know the pain you are all in :(. There is no doubt in my mind…..your Oliver…perhaps today, is making doggy-angels in the heaven’s snow….thinking so fondly of his life with you….since that cherished day you brought him home. Big hugs to you all xoxo

  74. Cathie says:

    Hey Lynne and family,

    I knew I’d cry but I had to read anyway. Every great dog deserves a great memorial – the kind that makes a dog lover weepy. So, job well done. *snuffle, sniff*

    He sounds like he was a wonderful old boy.

    Feeling your pain and sending much love.


  75. Lisa Blade says:

    Oh honey- tears streaming down my cheeks. your love for your sweet companion was eloquently shared. That’s the truly sucky part of a great love isn’t it? the price at the end. All worth it. Oliver was blessed to have such a loving devoted family. Peace to you dear one. ~Lis

    • Lisa,

      It truly is the sucky part of great love. Worth the price, in the end … so very true.

      Thank YOU for your beautifully kind words.

      With much love & bunches of kleenex (aka toilet paper)

      Lynne xo

  76. Pete Walker says:

    We know when we get them they’ll go before we do. We know there’ll be the responsibility of sending them if they’re suffering. We know there’ll be the odd puke-on-the-carpet; missing-dinner-with-paw-prints-on-the-table-cloth, or Manolo-who’s Manolo-this-is-a-dog-treat-I’m-chewing moments.

    We know all this. We just don’t realize it.

    Realizing it blows.

    An Eastern philosopher once said “children who die young are ascended masters, returned to teach us the lessons of impermanence”.

    Dogs return to teach us love. That’s what I think.

    I’m so sorry for your loss, but if we learn the lessons, we know we have to find another dog to love.

    Will there be a successor? We’re all waiting to hear…

    • So very very very true Pete. I knew you were a wise dude.

      Dogs remind us of love, just like kids.

      You still love them when they eat your dinner and pee on your carpet. Okay, okay, my kids haven’t pee’d on the carpet… 🙂 YET. Ha.

      Not sure if I can handle a successor.

      Our hearts are so broken right now, we can’t even think of it. Maybe some day ….

      Big love xx

  77. Silvia says:

    Dear Lynne,
    I read your blog for quite a while now. It’s always funny, entertaining…. But this time, I sit here crying after having read your post.. Your story has opened up wounds and made me remember how devastated I was when my own dog died several years ago. I know exactly how you’re feeling now.
    Oh my… Dogs are just wonderful. 🙂

    • Isn’t it so heartwarming how dogs can be Silvia?

      Ohhh, they just grab a hold of your heart.

      My kids had such big tears streaming down their faces and so did Michael. I think that was the hardest part… 🙁

      I do feel blessed to have had Oliver for 10 years, and fortunate that he was in our family. He was a dream.


  78. michele Lee says:

    I’m so sorry for your loss Lynne.
    Oliver was a huge part of your family! I understand that bond and love…they are just so loyal & loving! Sending you and your family hugs! Thanks for sharing such a lovely post!
    xox Michele

  79. Sniffle sniffle. I dread the day when I lose my 10 year old Chihuahua (who thinks he’s a pit bull) Bailey. I’m so sad for you and your family Lynne.

    Wet and snotty XOXOXOXO,


    P.S. What is that Rescue Remedy you mentioned? My dog is a psycho when I have to take him to the vet and they have to throw a towel over him and muzzle him just to examine him!

    • Embethlee says:

      Hi there just in case Lynne is too busy crying, as I would be. Bach’s Rescue Remedy is AWESOME. It is a liquid tincture (homeopathic) That is wonderful for calming down, people and animals. It can be purchased on line or at most health food stores! My mom raised us on that stuff it’s magic!

    • Oh Denise, you just made me laugh out loud about your pitbull … ‘er… Chihuahua.

      We had 3 chihuahuas when I was growing up (all at the same time!) and they were hilariously ‘tough’.

      Small but mighty. Teehee.

      Thank you to Embethlee. She had it perfectly… Rescue Remedy is AWESOME.

      It is magic. I use it on the kids and animals whenever they have a ‘shock’ from a cut etc and need a bit of relaxing. They even have Rescue Remedy for sleep now too. LOVE.

      Big hugs and thanks for the laughs.

      I have visuals of the towel at the vets. Too funny. xx

      • Lol, it is quite a vision! Bailey is not your typical Chihuahua. He weighs 20 lbs.! Just trying to go away without him is a fiasco because he won’t let anyone near him but us. Unlike your husband and Oliver I’m mad at him almost every day! But…I’m his Mommie and he worships me. :). Thanks for the info on the Rescue Remedy. I’m going to buy it by the gallon so we both can take it! Ha!

        Have a great weekend Lynne! You deserve it!


  80. Susan Ferreira says:

    Thank you for sharing and thank you for your wonderful blog – it makes me smile! Well not today, today I’m crying like a baby at work thinking about your Oliver.
    Its so hard to loose the fury children in our lives and God knows my family has lost our share!
    Just remember, ” dogs are not our whole lives but they make our lives whole “.
    Be well! (….and keep blogging)
    Susan Ferreira
    Boston, MA
    (Mom to two human kids and one fury wolfhound/Pyrenees mutt)

  81. Danica says:

    So sorry to hear about the passing of sweet Oliver.

    I am terrified of other people’s dogs but I remember that day we came over Good old Oliver just gave us a cute look and strolled on to do his own thing! That was probably only the 2nd dog I have ever not been scared of!


    • I remember that day like it was yesterday Danica xx

      I love that you felt safe with him. He was just like that. He made pets, people … well, just about anything and anyone feel safe and comfortable.

      Loved that about him. I’m so happy that you met Oliver.

      Next time, we will sit in the treehouse and sip a glass of wine and celebrate him. Deal? Deal. xx

  82. Craig says:


  83. Kathy says:

    A Letter From Your Pet In Heaven

    To my dearest family,
    some things I’d like to say.
    But first of all, to let you know,
    that I arrived okay.
    I’m writing this from the Bridge.
    Here I dwell with God above.
    Here there’s no more tears of sadness.
    Here is just eternal love.
    Please do not be unhappy
    just because I’m out of sight.
    Remember that I am with you
    every morning, noon and night.
    That day I had to leave you
    when my life on earth was through,
    God picked me up and hugged me
    and He said, “I welcome you.
    It’s good to have you back again,
    you were missed while you were gone.
    As for your dearest family,
    They’ll be here later on.”
    God gave me a list of things,
    that he wished for me to do.
    And foremost on the list,
    was to watch and care for you.
    And when you lie in bed at night
    the day’s chores put to flight,
    God and I are closest to you…
    in the middle of the night.
    When you think of my life on earth,
    and all those loving years,
    because you are only human,
    they are bound to bring you tears.
    But do not be afraid to cry:
    it does relieve the pain.
    Remember there would be no flowers,
    unless there was some rain.
    I wish that I could tell you
    all that God has planned.
    If I were to tell you,
    you wouldn’t understand.
    But one thing is for certain,
    though my life on earth is o’er.
    I’m closer to you now,
    than I ever was before.
    There are rocky roads ahead of you
    and many hills to climb;
    But together we can do it
    by taking one day at a time.
    It was always my philosophy
    and I’d like it for you too;
    That as you give unto the world,
    the world will give to you.
    If you can help somebody
    who’s in sorrow and pain;
    Then you can say to God at night…
    “My day was not in vain.”
    And now I am contented…
    that my life was worthwhile.
    Knowing as I passed along
    I made somebody smile.
    God says: “If you meet somebody
    who is sad and feeling low;
    Just lend a hand to pick him up,
    as on your way you go.
    When you’re walking down the street
    with me on your mind;
    I’m walking in your footsteps
    only half a step behind.”
    “And when it’s time for you to go…
    from that body to be free.
    Remember you’re not going…
    you’re coming here to me.”

    -Author Unknown

    • Oh my Kathy,

      I LOVE that poem. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.

      With much love and many thanks ( I suppose you knew that already LOL),

      You d’best for sharing it…

      Lynne xx

  84. 2doghouse says:

    Sincerest condolences! Sort of knew what was coming but had to read it anyway…

  85. Kathy Reilly says:

    Why didn’t I see that coming?!! You said it would be sad but it still caught me off guard. Like I literally gasped when you said Oliver passed away this week! I can tell how loved he was because just from your little bits of sharing your life with him you’ve got me all teary eyed as well. Thank you for sharing the love, the laughter and even the heartache with us.

    • Awwwwh Kathy,

      I was so nervous to share the sadness on the bloggy. It is not something I generally do when blogging … but it was real.

      I really appreciate that you thanked me for sharing it. That somehow makes me feel better.

      Thank YOU.
      Lynne xx

  86. KIM PASSARO says:

    So So sorry for your loss- Dogs truly do touch your inner soul…Oliver was a gorgeuos mush ball of fur!! So glad you had 10 amazing yrs with him…if only they could live longer 🙁

  87. Fee Brookes says:

    I’m sorry about Oliver. My dog, Floss died this year and I was heartbroken.

    I’m also sorry to her about your headache. My partener had frequent excruciating migraines and still does experience them but he’s found a small electrical device called The Zapper has given him his life back. It was invented by a woman called Hulda Clark (who chose not to patent her invention) and there are free instructions online on how to make one (and how easy it is to do).

    Any way, if this is of interest to you, I am glad to have been of help.
    I enjoy reading about your life in Canada and seeing your photos.
    Thanks for writing your blog: it encourages, it helps, and it makes us giggle.

    Fee Brookes.

    • Thank you Fee,

      … and a ZAPPER? That sounds super cool and reminds me of something funny. My Mom walks around with a zapper at her home in cottage country (with a billion mosquitos). It looks like a tennis racquet. It doesn’t get rid of headaches but it does zap mosquitos.

      A very different kind of zapper. LOL.

      Thanks for the epic words of encouragement. Much appreciated !

      With love,
      Lynne xx

  88. Tania says:

    Ohhhhhh Nooooo Lynne – I am so very sorry about sweet Oliver! We lost our Golden Zach last year and I still weep about him. Love, love, love….

  89. Ian says:

    OMG, RIP Oliver. Such a gorgeous dog. We lost our Jack Russel (Buster) 2 years ago after 12 awesome and crazy years of life. 2 months later we got 2 puppies (yes 2), another Jack (Bandit) and a Sheepadoodle (Dexter). We were nuts then and are still nuts but they are best pals to each other and to all the kids. Will never forget Buster but everyone needs a dog – unconditional love!!!

    • What a great name for a Jack Russell Ian.

      *BUSTER* love it ! So sad that you lost him too.

      My friends have a Labradoodle and LOVE him. Is a sheepadoodle similar? I bet Dexter is adorbs !!

      Unconditional love… the best kind evvvvah.

      Lynne xx

  90. Susan Whelan says:

    Having a lifetime being loved by dogs, I know exactly where you’re coming from and how difficult it is. Probably the worst part is that when you lose a human family member, you’re expected to grieve and people understand that it’s a long, slow process. But when you lose a furry family member, you get sympathy from other pet owners but you don’t get time off and life goes on.
    I read something on FB recently that really struck a chord: “How lucky we are to have loved a dog so much that it hurts so much to lose them.” RIP Oliver.

    • Vicki says:

      Good point on loving a dog so much it hurts when we lose them. It has been easy for me to build a wall to keep pain from happening. Don’t really get everything out of life that God intended. Thanks for the reminder; it applies to dogs and people, and yes, even cats.

      • Well said Vicki,

        Putting up a wall helps for just a little bit… but eventually … it all comes down.

        A little reminder helps us all to embrace every single moment and make the best of it.

        With love,
        Lynne xx

  91. I am so so sorry. I deeply sympathize with the loss of your furry best-friend. If you can get a copy of Cynthia Rylant’s “Dog Heaven” I recommend it. If you can’t find it in Canada, let me know and I’ll send you one. I’m sure Oliver has friend’s to play with, if not I know a special “Shadow” who loved new friends & a game of tag.

    • Cathy says:

      My husband is a veterinarian and we have had the privilege of having loved and lost dogs, cats and horses. Although it is so difficult, what a blessing to be there as you say goodbye. Just this past fall, a beautiful sunny day, I held the vein as my husband euthanized our 20 year old cat, he purred as he went to sleep.

    • That is so very thoughtful of you Stefanie. Thank you.

      I will look it up and see if I can get it in Canada. My kids would probably really like it too.

      Much love,