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A Canadian love story sprinkled with #cancer via @RootsCanada & @LynneKnowlton



I usually have a ‘no seriousness allowed’ policy on the bloggy posts.  I might have broken that rule today.  I definitely broke that rule today.


It’s been a beautiful week and a sad ( I don’t even like to use that word on the blog) week, all wrapped up in a cabin blanket.



A Canadian Love Story with @RootsCanada & @LynneKnowlton family xo via Design The Life You Want to Live #Love #FamilyDay #cancer #LoveHeals



This week was the anniversary of my Dad passing away from cancer.  It got me thinking… thinking about how cancer touches our hearts.  Cancer has the ability to singlehandedly steal the love of our lives, 

One moment at a time

One day at a time

Like the painfully slow tick of a clock.


The good news is that this blog post is  ….

Mostly   Happiness

mixed with a bit of sappiness.


In celebration of Family Day here in Ontario, Canada ~ I wanted to share something that is near and dear to my heart, and I wanted to share it with YOU.


My family.


We had an incredible day with an even more incredible family—meet the Knowltons. http://t.co/giibUQ44et @lynneknowlton #CanadianLoveStory Roots (@RootsCanada)

As a blogger, I don’t often share the behind the scenes or the in front of the scenes  (teehee) of my family.  Look out … that’s all about to change today.  I’m about to give you a sneak peek into my home life with my husband and our children.  We have four children, but only three are here in the photos.  Our daughter Shelby is away at school in British Columbia.  Big hug to Shelby ! xo


A Canadian Love Story with @RootsCanada & @LynneKnowlton family xo via Design The Life You Want to Live #Love #FamilyDay #cancer #LoveHeals


Ready for it ?  Want to meet my family?

Roots Canada is about to help you with that …


A Canadian Love Story with @RootsCanada & @LynneKnowlton family xo via Design The Life You Want to Live #Love #FamilyDay #cancer #LoveHeals

Meet  Mackenzie 🙂 xo


A Canadian Love Story with @RootsCanada & @LynneKnowlton family xo via Design The Life You Want to Live #Love #FamilyDay #cancer #LoveHeals


Something beautiful came from cancer this week.

Roots Canada found us because of cancer { mixed with luurve.}   You can read the full story here on Roots.  Our Canadian Love Story.


Imagine   that?    Roots  &  OUr  Family !!

 It’s true.  It happened.


Our daughter Tristan, did something cool.  She bought a Roots cabin sock blanket for my hubby Michael.  He wears the blanket faithfully for all his chemo treatments.  Tristan meets us for most of Michael’s chemotherapy dates at Princess Margaret Hospital.  One day, she shared a chemo moment on instagram <—- You should check out her photos, she’s really quite a remarkable photographer.

Roots saw our instagram photos and cancer story.  They wrote us a note … and the rest is history.  Epic awesome sauce, history.


A Canadian Love Story with @RootsCanada & @LynneKnowlton family xo via Design The Life You Want to Live #Love #FamilyDay #cancer #LoveHeals



It  Happened  in  Our  Treehouse  !!

Having a Roots Photo Shoot in our treehouse was a day we will never-ever-like -in -the-history-of-ever- forget.  

They showed up with a rack of Roots clothing <– I screamed that.  They didn’t insist that we wear them.  We insisted *_*.  They might as well have come with Santa and his sleigh.  We might have squealed.   Legit.  Squealed.    

Spending a day with Roots, was flat-out awesome.  An ah-ha moment all the live long day.   


Why  Us?

We are an ordinary family  … just like you :).  We have extraordinary love,  just like you.    Our love is mixed with good times and tough times.  It is mixed with cancer, chemotherapy, family and friends.  Nothing is perfect.  We are imperfectly non-perfect, living it real.  We get through the darkness in life by somehow finding the lightness.


How  do  we   do  it?

In the simple things.  We have dinner together by candle light, as a family, every single day.  For real.  I know that sounded corny.  It’s true.

Michael taught us something about 20 years ago.  He taught us that when things go wrong… love your way through it.   Having a tough time with someone?  Love them.  Having a tough go with getting through something?  Love your way through it.


It is quite simply the glue that holds us together.



Our  Canadian  Love  Story

A Canadian Love Story with @RootsCanada & @LynneKnowlton family xo via Design The Life You Want to Live #Love #FamilyDay #cancer #LoveHeals



The only way to truly tell this story is to start at the beginning ...

Our family has been wearing Roots clothing for as long as I can remember.  I’m 24, so it’s been a while.  Okay, okay ~ I have turned 24 years old TWICE.  Now that we have clarified that I’m ancient… let’s get on with the story before I turn 102.


A Canadian Love Story with @RootsCanada & @LynneKnowlton family xo via Design The Life You Want to Live #Love #FamilyDay #cancer #LoveHeals


The next photo is my hubby, Michael.  Yes, he has cancer.  You’d never know it, by looking at this photo.  It’s crazy how Marlee MacLean can even make a sick guy look good.  I need serious lipstick and bonding primer foundation for good looks to happen.  That dude just walks down a snowy path and he looks like he was meant to be a Roots model.  For real.


A Canadian Love Story with @RootsCanada & @LynneKnowlton family xo via Design The Life You Want to Live #Love #FamilyDay #cancer #LoveHeals


We participate in marriage therapy, also known as cleaning the house and spending every single day together.  Every.Single.Day.  I still like him.

Cray Cray huh?

I realized over the years how wonderful and perfectly suited Michael and I are for each other. Despite all of the craziness of cancer and raising four kids in the Canadian countryside.  The good times and the tough times carry us through.  We love each other more than we ever thought possible.


He’s a happy dude.  He lives every day with intention.  He does random acts of kindness and pays it forward every chance he gets.  He is an abundant thinker.  He has a huge heart of gold.


A Canadian Love Story with @RootsCanada & @LynneKnowlton family xo via Design The Life You Want to Live #Love #FamilyDay #cancer #LoveHeals


Cancer has a way of bringing awareness to the deep inner game that goes on inside of all of us, doesn’t it?   I think our family has a unique way of dealing with it because of the years & layers of happiness/sadness it has brought to our lives.

The point to all this, is that it got me thinking.  Cancer.  It makes you think.  There are many times when cancer makes us feel as angry as a pistol.  We feel impatient, waiting for a cure.

Waiting for a cure is like waiting for a pig to fly out of your ass.  Pardon my French.

I find creative ways to make a ruckus against cancer.


 I  create  photos  like  this :

A Canadian Love Story with @RootsCanada & @LynneKnowlton family xo via Design The Life You Want to Live #Love #FamilyDay #cancer #LoveHeals


What difference can I make?  What will be the difference that makes the difference?  How can I help others?  What can I do that matters?

For the first time this week, I actually launched a new phone case line with this very photo on it.  Will it put it a dent in cancer?  Will it make someone feel good?   I dunno.


Will it make me feel better that it could quite possibly make a difference for someone else?

You’re damn right.


I’d like to think that we can collectively kick cancers ass and take its’ name.



The shit gets real when you talk about cancer, doesn’t it?  There’s no way around it.


I worry that Michael may not be here one day to tuck our children in at night.  Will he be here to tell them that he loves them when they are older?  Will he be on this sweet earth when they get married?  It is like throwing the dice and hoping you win the game.  It’s a tough game and the odds are even tougher with cancer.


As a family, cancer looks us in the face all too often.


This summer, two of our youngest children went to camp.  On the night before camp, my son posted this post to his Facebook :


A Canadian Love Story with @RootsCanada & @LynneKnowlton family xo via Design The Life You Want to Live #Love #FamilyDay #cancer #LoveHeals


How do I tell him?  How do I tell him that his Dad is doing is best to beat up cancer, but that there is no cure?  There is no remission.  It is just about living with cancer like a monkey on your back.

It will always just be there.   Always.  I can’t fathom it.   It is unthinkable.

How do I tell my son that it will always be about chemotherapy and cancer care?  Chemo is the wall that holds his Dads cancer back.   Until the wall weakens again.  Then we patch it with some bubble gum and love and hang on for dear life.

That’s what we all need.  A wall of love.  An impermeable wall of might.  Super strong.   An unbreakable wall.

We need a woven ball of love.  One that is woven so tightly, you can never imagine anything could cut its way through.

Like ever.


A Canadian Love Story with @RootsCanada & @LynneKnowlton family xo via Design The Life You Want to Live #Love #FamilyDay #cancer #LoveHeals


Because our loved ones are our everything in our lives, aren’t they?  Everything.


Life isn’t the same without them.  Because I can’t live in this world without Michael.  He is my everything.  It would be wrong for this world to not have Michael Knowlton in it.  I’m not sure our family could survive that kind of blow.  I know I couldn’t.

He is in my heart.  He is in the heart of our family.

As corny as it may sound … Roots found our heart.  So very Canadian of them.  Canadians have such HEART.


Roots found the heart of a true Canadian Love Story.


A Canadian Love Story with @RootsCanada & @LynneKnowlton family xo via Design The Life You Want to Live #Love #FamilyDay #cancer #LoveHeals


Dear cancer,

Turn around.  Go back where you came from.  Let’s pretend this didn’t happen.


Part of me wonders who will be left standing.  Who will remain standing after cancer takes a run at the beautiful souls in this world? 


A Canadian Love Story with @RootsCanada & @LynneKnowlton family xo via Design The Life You Want to Live #Love #FamilyDay #cancer #LoveHeals


Thank you Roots for the beautiful day with Digital Fashion Editor Amanda Rotstein, photographer Marlee MacLean, and her awesome co-pilot Tyler.


A Canadian Love Story with @RootsCanada & @LynneKnowlton family xo via Design The Life You Want to Live #Love #FamilyDay #cancer #LoveHeals


PS.  You may also find Marlee MacLean on Instagram and Amanda tweet tweet tweeting here on twitter.  They are the sweetest souls on earth.  Salt of the earth.  Awesome.


Our Canadiana Roots experience will be a memory that will be forever etched in our hearts.

A real Canadian afternoon with an authentic company that truly embraces what it means to be Canadian.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. 


With  love


A Canadian Love Story with @RootsCanada & @LynneKnowlton family xo via Design The Life You Want to Live #Love #FamilyDay #cancer #LoveHeals


PS.  Please know that I was not paid to write about Roots and this post is not sponsored in any way whatsoever. Wait, if you know me as a blogger, you know that about me already.

You also know I like to give give give to YOU.   I’m Canadian, after all.  We roll like that.

Click on the photo for a free instantly downloadable book of my fave KickAss Photo apps and 15% off my newly designed gorgy gorgeous phone cases. Your phone called, it said you should buy one.  Oh la la.

You won’t want to miss that.


Be a part of something great by signing up to the #blog & receive a free instantly downloadable book of kickass photo apps AND 15% off gorgeous phone covers! Woot woot !!


Share this like the boss and jump into the comments and lemme hear it …

Talk to me.  I love it when you talk to me. xo


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  1. Adele Malo says:

    Even if I am NOT related to you, this is quite a beautiful story of love and bravery. thank you for sharing it. I am wondering if Michael is son of John G. Knowlton, my uncle, and my mother’s (Pauline) favourite brother. with thanks, regardless.

  2. Laura Altobelli says:

    Lynne – I don’t know how I’ve gone this long, but incredibly I just found your blog for the first time last night and can’t stop reading. You’re inspiring me so much creatively, but this post really touched my heart. Just yesterday, I learned that my mother-in-law’s partner, who has stage 4 lung cancer, is approaching that awful, dreaded line where the chemo is no longer working. Just 2 weeks ago, I learned my best girlfriend has breast cancer and has to undergo double mastectomy. Cancer SUCKS. It seems to encroach on the families of everyone I know and brings life to a crashing halt, even when the prognosis is “good”. Reading about your life and how you and Michael cope is very uplifting, and the pics of you and your family are freaking beautiful. Can’t wait to sift through some more posts today.

    Your new friend in America (can I come to Canada, at least until 2020?),
    Laura Altobelli

  3. Jared Ritter says:

    Wow, both the images and story are so touching. It’s as remarkable a journey of love, of perseverance, and overcoming things that makes me hope you continue to write. I’ve lost both grandparents to cancer, and have had personal battles to overcome ..including a long distance marriage right now that’s tugging at my soul a bit. Thankyou for such candor in your page. God speed…

  4. Lisa says:

    I have just been reading some of your blog. What a beautiful family you have! Cancer has touched all of our lives. But I’m so sorry it is hitting so close to home for you. Your family will be in my prayers.

  5. Cindy Homan says:

    Dear Lynne and Family,

    You are such an inspiration to me. I lost my husband, mother and father to cancer all in 18 months 6 years ago. I am just now getting “used” to them not being here. I am quite depressed but thank the Lord I know how to KNIT, CROCHET AND SEW, without it I would be in the loony bin.

    I do have two gorgeous grandchildren, Leanna and Grady who keep me grounded. My sons have grow to become good men. While one is married with the children, the other one is single and lives with me and he is desperately trying to find his way in the world. Those deaths affected him more than he knows or will admit. The good Lord will see him through it.

    Thanks for making me laugh to day with your great outlook, pictures and sayings. You and you family are in my prayers!

    Your friend,

    • Thank you Cindy!

      It is sooooo true, it is so very hard to get accustomed to someone just not being here.

      *sad face*

      Yes, it is the circle of life. Yes, people pass away .. but it still shocks me that the sun rises and we all can still laugh and somehow get through it.

      I learned that about mourning… it never goes away .. it just changes.

      Sending you light and love to you and your family

      Smooches to the grandbabies :)) xoxooxo

  6. Jenn C says:

    Hi Lynne. I found your blog last night through the Little House Blog, and now I’m obsessed. I can’t put it down. I was initially in awe of the photos, your home, the treehouse, your writing….and then I read about your husband’s health, and was captivated with the way you write about cancer. I had cancer when I was 24 – which was 20 years ago. Somehow it lingers, even two decades later. The chemo, needles, nausea, bloodwork, xrays, hairloss. Every day it’s still with me. A marriage and three kids later, I never forget that it happened. It still defines me, good and bad. Which is why I am so compelled by your family, your bravery and your courage for living with it every day, inspite of it. I am hooked on your happiness. Inspired. Totally obsessed (but not in a stalker way). Love your newest fan, JC

    • Hi Jenn,

      Soooo sorry that it took so long to reply to your BEAUTIFUL comment in the blog! I LOVE your words. You inspire me! 🙂

      You may just enjoy a video that I have coming out in a couple of weeks on the blog. It’s about our cancer journey … and although it is only 3 minutes long LOL… I bet you can relate.

      PS. Isn’t Little House blog great?!!!! I love Lindsay. She is one beautiful soul. xoxoxoxoxo

  7. Beautiful post, beautiful photos, and most importantly, beautiful family. I’m a bit like your husband in that I live despite the cancer. It’s so lovely to see the blessings in your life, even amongst what causes heart break. Roots did a beautiful job in capturing that story, and I’m so glad you blogged about it.

    Best wishes to all in your family, Catherine

  8. Audrey says:

    Your story is so inspiring.
    You have such a beautiful family.
    You are the type of person I would like to hang out with and be around. I find it hard to put my feelings into words and have never responded before to anything like this but there is just something about your blog that I am drawn too.
    Thank you for sharing

    • Hello Audrey

      Thanks sooooo very much for writing into the bloggy !

      It would be coolio to hang out… except remember … I live in the middle of no-where … it can be pretty quiet around these diggs. :)))

      Big love!
      Lynne xx

  9. Heather says:

    Really wonderful and loving blog post.

  10. shawna sullivan says:

    How exciting for you to be part of the roots experience. Your family truly shows what love is suppose to be. God Bless.

    • Thank you Shawna!!

      For my bloggy readers… Shawna is a good friend of mine and lives near me!

      That is a RARE thing, because we live in the middle of no-where-ville. It’s awesome sauce, but the likelihood of someone living in my area is like winning the lotto 649. Rare. 🙂

      Thanks for shouting out the love Shawna.

      Big hugs !!

      Lynne xx

  11. carol says:

    Thanks, you have helped me deal with a strugle in my life, I am a canadian to, and you just helped anotherone. You made me feel that love will work so I am taking your idea and going to run with it. Thanks Lynne

    • Hi Carol,

      I love that you are CANADIAN 🙂 xx

      It has been a loooooong winter, hasn’t it?

      Thanks for coming on this journey with me, together .. the struggle seems less difficult … we all can just hold hands and take the journey together.

      That sounded corny, but I meant it. xx


  12. Jill Vaile says:

    I was just in Toronto for a month, taking my mom to chemo and radiation at pmh. I hate cancer. I’ve learned I can do that, love my mom, hate that cancer. I live in California, and have a long ago connection to Roots. Your story touched me because I now know, like anyone else who has a loved one fighting the fight, how precious the time is, how deep the love is, how final the end and the loss is, and how to be grateful for everything, the smiles, the stories, the kisses, the laughter.
    My mom is not my first experience with cancer and loss, and I pray she will be my last. We speak every day and I treasure those moments.
    As we know, life goes on. We carry the memories to share with those who might not know, and we won’t forget, but, oh for the answers to prayers to come true.
    Thanks for your sharing..
    It can never be enough.
    I’m sending prayers to you and yours and I’m asking you to share in mine as well.
    Much love,

    • Hello Jill !

      You are in California ? I’m visiting in Cali right now… you are soooooo lucky. It’s absolutely beautiful here. I haven’t seen a snowbank or snowman for days.

      Best.Place.Evahhh. 🙂

      What a sad and yet empowering time that you had with your Mom at PMH. It is quite the experience isn’t it? Sitting for hours… sometimes talking.. sometimes not … there is some beauty in those moments that can be so gratifying and scary all at once.

      Sending you peace, love and healing. Sending prayers to you and a big bear hug around your neck.

      I hope you can feel it.

      {{ Hug }}

      Lynne xx

  13. Sam Frey says:

    Hi Lynne,

    My name is Sam Frey-(Jon & Suzie’s daughter). Mike was my uncle for many years and it’s been so long since I’ve seen him.! I loved this post so much and I’m so happy he has a wonderful loving family, & supportive wife to support, carry, and love him through this. I love your blog, and all that you do. Please keep it up always.

    Much love,

    -Sam 🙂 xo

    • Hi Sam !

      Thanks for writing into the bloggy !! We have met before too, but you were soooo little then. I have seen recent photos of you on your Mom’s Facebook and you look so alike. Clearly, good looks run in your family 🙂 !!

      I will definitely pass along your beautiful well wishes to your Uncle Mike. He will LOVE it ! (and yes, he would still consider himself your Uncle xo)

      I heard you started a blog too ! I will be sure to check it out.

      With much love,
      Lynne xx

  14. I am madly in love with your blog!

    God bless you and your family!

  15. Sally A. says:

    Dear Lynne,
    I’m sorry to be late to the comments! I loved this post. I had to go to the restroom twice to wipe my teary face and snotty nose. You are always so warm, funny, touching and full of love. It’s posts like these that are appreciated for reminding one of their own family…those we’ve lost, those we’ve almost lost and those we are afraid of losing. My heart weeps for you, for me and for everyone going through shit. But tomorrow is another day, and it’s important to realize that one is never alone if one just reaches out.

    Since you broke the no seriousness allowed rule, I will continue with the fact that I am in LOVE with your dog (such a sweet face! I always want to squish him!). I have been showing my husband his picture from your blog wondering what breed he is because I want one just like him. Today, I clicked on his picture and saw comments of condolences (I’m not on facebook, so I couldn’t get the whole story). Please say it isn’t so!

    • Hi Sally,

      Sorry for my late reply. You probably saw this bloggy post about Oliver and his breed too, right?


      If you get a chance, the Great Pyrenees breed is just awesome sauce to have. xx

      Oy. I wrote TWO teary blog posts in a row. So very unusual for me. I haven’t done that for f.o.r.e.v.e.r.

      Next one is going to be a HOOT. Because I think we need to have a hoot. Right? Right.

      Big hugs!!
      Lynne xx

  16. Dear Lynn,

    A wonderfully honest yet hopeful post. I hate that your husband is fighting this but he is quite the extraordinary person. When you brought him to the Cambria Event in Toronto last year, I would never had known he had cancer until you shared why you were in town.
    He had a genuinely pleasant smile all evening long. I am at a loss of what to say Lynn, except that you have a remarkable family and you are a remarkable woman and whatever you’re doing, keep it up. Adding Michael and your family to my prayer list…

    • Thank you Patti,

      You are the best. I love that you added Michael to your prayer list. Soooo very thoughtful of you.

      It was an absolute pleasure meeting you too. Have you seen Rose lately? I miss that girly too !

      Big love to you !!

  17. Janet Sonnenberg says:

    Dearest Lynne, You are an Angel on Earth!!! You are touching soooo many lives and hearts with your beautiful way of writing, humor, compassion, and Love. I know it’s late in Canada, but I was picturing your beautiful family sitting tonight by candlelight. Praying for your love, Michael and all of the wonderful Knowlton’s! My heart is less empty since I found you! Yes, positive things can come from the “C” word. God bless you and yours. Love, Janet

  18. […] blogging mentor and friend Lynne and her family were featured in Roots – A Canadian Love Story. Go show them some […]

  19. Profound, funny, poignant and beautiful post from you. As always. I hadn’t heard of Roots but clicking over it is obviously a big deal – kudos to Tristan for bagging that gig! Best love and double dog best wishes to all of you. What a wonderful family you have. Beautiful too. Can you give Michael a hug from me? And wrap your arms around yourself from me too. xxx

  20. Denise says:

    Lynne….what more can be said…I love to read your blog, your stories and your experiences..most of all I love to feel your passion and warmth through your words. I am truly honoured to call you my friend and am inspired by your words of wisdom and love. Thank you for always making my day and bringing some laughter into this cruel world of doubt, negativity and Cancer stricken. My prayers are with you and your struggles and look forward to the day that the toilet flushes cancer for good..lol,pardon my French as you would say..tty soon. Love Denise

    • Ahhhhh Denise,

      You know.. you were always better at French than me. LOL… except for the swearing part. Haha. Pardon my French.

      Let’s have a girls date again soon! Thanks for being such a great pal. I love ya.

      PS. How many years have we known each other now? 30 years? I suddenly feel old. Teehee. xx

  21. yvonne says:

    This was absolutely beautiful and sad all at once…from a sidekick who leaves no sock unturned or matched. I love this family with every being of me…the most loving, beautiful,etc.and I could go on and on…but I am so grateful on who and what they have taught me. I am a better person with being a part of their beautiful family….

    Thank you Knowltons….and thank you Roots for doing an excellent job!!!

  22. Cheryl Stanley says:

    OMG lady you and your family are by no means ordinary. In my books you are all extraordinary.

    I know when I read one of your posts I will do three things, laugh, cry and be inspired!!!! Now I will add my new motto for life “love you way through it”. I wish I had said/typed it. It just makes soooo much sense. Gosh I have sometimes wondered to myself who is next with the whole caner thing. We all just need to put one foot in front of the other and love everyday!!!

    Keep holding on and loving no matter what! I am sending you my virtual hugs and virtual butt kicks to cancer. And of course a prayer or two!!
    Thanks for sharing,

    • Cheryl,

      I must tell you… that is the highest compliment I could ever hear as a blogger.

      I always hope that my words will somehow MATTER. I dream that my words will make a difference to someone. Even a small difference.

      You just made me feel like my words matter. I hope someone gets an extra hug and a big show of LOVE today.

      Wait. This is for you.

      Sending you LOVE today !!!!!!

      I feel extraordinary 🙂 !! Thank you for that!!!

      Much love and a big smooch,
      Lynne xx

  23. Sabrina says:

    Lynne thanks for sharing your story. You & your family are truly an inspiration for others who are fighting the same battles. It’s definitely not an easy road to watch someone you love go through all the ups and downs. Keep being strong and positive, we need more people like you!

    • Thank you Sabrina!!

      It is one baby step in front of the other….

      then a little ‘bury your head in the sand’ moment …

      mixed with a happy moment…

      then a wicked sad one…

      …and the absolute icing on the cake is all the wonderful souls who come into your life because of cancer.

      Now that’s GOOD STUFF !! 🙂

      Much love to you!
      Lynne xx

  24. Kate says:

    Lynne: I am glad I stumbled upon your blog ….. back last year sometime. Its good to ‘know’ you and have a glimpse into your art and your lovely self…. 🙂

  25. Jim Knowlton says:

    Lynne, A great love story, You certainly have a unique way of telling your story,good pictures and your unusual tree house.
    Keep the stories coming. Love Helen & Jim

  26. Kevin says:

    Very touching, Lynne… Thanks for this !!! Have a wonderful day !

  27. afromartha says:

    Oh honey….
    I am so sad your family is going through this. I read this with a heavy heart. I can palpably feel the love you have for your husband and your family. Cancer SUCKS big time for messing with that kind of love. I will continue to hope the best outcome for you, Michael and your children.

    • Ahhhh with the tough times …comes the good times… and thankfully we have WAY MORE of those!

      Michael has his chemotherapy every 12 weeks now. Not gonna lie… we ENJOY the dates. We have a road trip to Toronto and take in the sites and sounds of the city life.

      That’s cool, to us country folk. LOL.

      Big hugs my friend !

  28. JP says:

    Thank you for sharing. I found your wonderful blog through the web of cancer geography. My son was treated for cancer and we face follow-up scans every few months. My father (also treated for cancer) and my son’s radiation treatments overlapped – same machine, same techs. What memories for a grandfather and grandson to hold!

    Thanks to a two-hour delay from school today, my son and I had a special morning together. We shared a coffee-shop breakfast and errands in town. Then trekked through the slush and snow to school. The simple things – like when he took my hand to hold…

    I am thinking of your family and everything you face. You are surrounded by much love.

    • Those moments. Those moments when they take your hand and quietly walk beside you. It’s the best feeling ever, isn’t it?

      I’m so happy that you found my blog through the cancer geography.

      It’s true. Good things do come from cancer. xx

      With much love,

  29. Janet Sonnenberg says:

    Lynne, Your Love story inspires me to keep “Fighting Like a Girl”. I have breast cancer and it’s not me I worry about, it’s my 2 beautiful grown children and my precious grand babies. I don’t know a lot about who I will become on this journey of cancer, mastectomy, chemo, etc. One and only thing I know for certain is Yes, I loved them enough! I loved all of them the best I could! Your family is beautiful and I wish you and Michael and your children many more candlelit dinners and All the LOVE your hearts can hold. God bless you. Sincerely, Kris and Chelli’s mom and Kristian, Janae, Maizy, Ethan, and Lola’s Nana

    • Oh Janet,

      Your words …

      * I loved them enough *

      You just made me cry.

      I wish you all the love and happiness along your journey. I can just FEEL your incredible warmth and beautiful kindness.

      Your family is so very blessed to have you in their lives.

      You get it. You really get it.

      This may sound very strange … but I am going for it… I LOVE YOU… The sweet kind of love that someone can feel just KNOWING that they have been blessed with someone touching their life.

      You, my friend… are on a beautiful journey.

      Sending you tons of positive awesomeness. You are incredible.

      Lynne xx

      • Janet Sonnenberg says:

        Lynne, Thank-you for your kind words, loving heart, and for being there for me. I believe we were meant to meet through your blog. I Love You too!!!! You have blessed my life. I will treasure your encouriging reply Forever! From my heart to you and your beautiful family.

  30. ….I have no words. just goosebumps and a swelled up heart xo beautiful <3

  31. Mary Ann says:

    Again, you’ve made me smile, cry, and somehow end up with my hand on my heart (how does that happen?)… I continue to be awed by your family’s strength and humor.

    Our cousin is also enduring chemo every 6 weeks to keep it at bay. Hoping there will be treatments to eliminate this – or at least reduce it – for them and so many others — SOON. Like your Michael, she squeezes the life out of the good days better than most of us. Except for a day or two, she is always ready for a good laugh. I’m in awe of her vigor, too.

    I’m one of the (very) many that don’t usually leave a comment, but I just wanted to take a moment to say THANK YOU for talking about cancer. You get us –- and we’re grateful for every dose of your wisdom and joy…

    • Oh la la how I LOVE how you worded it Mary Ann …’squeezes the life out of good days’… you captured it PERFECTLY.

      Thank YOU for writing on the blog. I wholeheartedly appreciate that you took the time to do that.

      Big love and many hugs!!

      * My hand is on my heart too *

      Lynne xx

  32. Jennifer says:

    Raising a glass of wine to you and yours Lynne…Keep fighting the good fight! I’m a Respiratory Therapist and my patients are warriors…

    • Jennifer ! You are a respiratory therapist?

      I met many respiratory therapists over the years with my family & cancer. They are salt of the earth awesomeness ! Nice to meet you on the bloggy. I’m honoured.

      It blows me away – meeting oncology nurses, doctors, therapists, hospital care workers, even the hospital security guards (no joke) that are the kindness souls on earth. LOVE.

      Thank YOU for doing such a dedicated job of taking care of so many. xoxox

  33. Suzanne says:

    Beautiful post Lynne, its such a serious subject hard to approach so you don’t sound completely like Debbie Downer. The story of your family’s triumphs and struggles is beautiful, heartfelt and inspiring. You have a gorgeous fam;ily and it’s so nice to see the love you all share for each other.

    • Thanks Suzanne

      So true! It’s hard to write about cancer without causing people to want to crawl under their blankets and watch movies for days on end. Oh wait. That’s me. Haha.


      Thanks for hitting the hammer on the nail with that one!

      Big hugs!

      Lynne xx

  34. Auntiepatch says:

    Blessings on you and your family from sunny So. Calif. Tell Michael to keep fighting! There will be a cure. It’s out there; someone just has to find it!

    • Southern Cal. I. Forn. eye. ayyye.

      Oh la la. I really think if we were there, enjoying the sun and sand.. We would totally forget that cancer existed on earth. LOL.

      Big smooch !
      Lynne xx

  35. I adore this post and YOU Lynne! Thank you for introducing me to your beautiful family. Thank you for keeping it real. I’m rooting for you guys!! Keep shining your light! xo

    • Stephanie,

      You should know that I am legit addicted to your site. Someone needs to come and peel me away. I might need a 12 step program.

      LOVE !!!!

      Big fat, flail my arms in the air HUGS to you !!!

      Lynne xx

  36. Sarah Hepburn-Smith says:

    Lynne – what a beautiful post. So much love.

  37. cynthia says:

    Beautiful family. Beautiful story.

  38. Lynne,

    Your beautifully sad and happy story makes me hate myself right now. I’ve been grumpy and feeling sorry for myself today and then I read your story of such love, pain, sadness, strength, happiness and on and on…..and I feel like such a sh…t. Bless you and your sweet husband and family.


    • Don’t you hate yourself Denise, you are awesome sauce. I know it 🙂

      PS. I have pals who don’t want to tell me about their shitty days, because it seems to pale in comparison to cancer.

      Truth is, it doesn’t.

      Cancer is just a monkey on our backs… just like a shitty day. It is real. It affects us deeply. It is all the same on so many levels.

      As my bro would say… “same shit, different pile” Haha.

      Pardon HIS FRENCH now. LOL.


  39. Rachel says:

    Beautiful pictures…and love the roots clothing…don’t they make the very best track pants ever…my 14 year old especially likes them–we just have to keep reminding him to pull the darn things up and not wear them around his ankles.
    Cancer got me twice and it still hangs around and I hate it…I don’t really hate anything in life (maybe except stinky fish) but I really do hate cancer. I ordered that phone case so that on my next visit to PMH–I take a little part of you guys…one day there will be a cure. I believe it with all my heart 🙂

    • I saw that you ordered phone cases Rachel !!!

      I am going to be watching for you at PMH !! Wouldn’t that be super duper supercalafragalisticexpialadoshus ( I had to look up how to spell that !!) epic if we ran into each other at PM?

      Did you recognize the BELIEVE IT sign from Princess Margaret? Holy smokes, small world.

      PS. I hate stinky fish too.

      Believe. Believe. I want it to happen before a pig flies out of my ass 🙂


  40. Meesh says:

    Such a lovely and heartwarming story, Lynne. Your family is not ordinary, they are extraordinary! I learned something today… “Love your way through it.” Thanks for that! xo

  41. Susan says:

    How lucky you are to have such love in your life. And to appreciate it. Love your blog.

  42. Craig says:

    Thanks for that… 19 years cancer free… please don’t ask me why, ‘still workin’ on that one… Keep On Keepin’ On !!! It’s working… Always remember, you get one question when you get to that gate…
    “Why weren’t you _______?” (Insert your name).
    Gotta go… be me that is…

  43. Mary Lou says:

    Always ROOTin’ for your beautiful family & everyone else that looks shit straight in the eye …. Life is Today First !!!!

  44. Lynne,
    Thank you for the heartfelt post. I’m writing this reply through tears. Sad tears…happy tears. My story is your story. My wonderful hubby (btw, a Canadian) has also been selected in the cancer lottery.
    It punches you in the gut when you hear the words. And I recognize the chemo setting all to well. But, after the “I don’t want this to be happening!” tantrum, you pick yourself up and look at what good there can be in this. And that good is that you and your family are there for each other. Sharing your love. And fears. And joys. And, you learn to live for and enjoy today.
    Bless you all. I wish you all the best!
    p.s. Congrats on the Roots thing! I’m sure it was a blast.

    • Hi Laurie

      Thanks for the cheer! You are right, I often cried into the ‘why my family?’ journal many times over the years.

      Eventually, you pick yourself up … dust it off and try to make the best of every.single.moment. xx

      Yes, the Roots thing was a BLAST. Michael is happy, we are on the same page of Roots with Wayne Gretkzy. It can’t get better than that. LOL.

      PS. I love that photo of you with the ‘fern head’ in the garden.

      Hilare !! xx

  45. AwesomelyOZ says:

    Aww man reading about your hubby made me tear up 🙁 What a beautiful experience, lovely photos Lynne!! 🙂 I hope you got to keep all the clothing hehehe ^.^ I hope he kicks Cancers butt too 😛 Lots of Love Lynne! -Iva

    • For sure Iva,

      Michael is a cancer warrior. He kicks cancer in the butt and sometimes cancer kicks his butt.

      The secret sauce is in winning the game longer than cancer. 🙂

      Big love!
      Lynne xx

  46. Randi says:

    Wow! An amazing, heart-warming story. “The Knowlton Family.” So very special, Lynne. .You are so fortunate…. You inspire!
    I’d like to share a special song, I listened to this am. As you have time, listen to Crystal Gayle sing a remake of Johnnie Ray’s “Cry” Beautiful !
    Thanks so much for sharing… Randi

    • Ohhh wow Randi

      Beautiful song!

      PS. I want to know how long it takes for Crystal Gayle’s hair to dry. For real. That must take F.O.R.E.V.E.R.

      It must be the practical part of me talking now 🙂 LOL.

      Thanks a million for sharing the song.

      Lynne xx

  47. lisa thomson says:

    Your story, your Hubby and your kids are all amazing, Lynne! You will inspire so many who are struggling with something they can’t control whether it’s cancer or any other illness.

    The Roots story is lovely and shows a whole other side to you, the family side. The side that has struggled. Here at your bloggy we see a fun, happy and hilarious woman but that is only a part of you. Your Hubby is amazing or amaze-balls to quote you. Thanks for sharing your beautiful and inspiring story!

    • Thanks Lisa!

      You know, a pal of mine this summer (who has known me for 25 years) read the blog post that I wrote for Design Mom.

      It showed the serious side of me too… well, truth is… I thought I had to behave myself since I was on someone else’s blog. Haha.

      Well, my pal loved it and asked if I would write like that on my blog sometimes too. So I tried.

      Thanks for sharing that side with me 🙂

      Big hugs and tons of love,
      Lynne xx

  48. Annie says:

    Lynn this was a great blog and I loved the pictures so inspiring wishing all the best to your family!!!! (( hugs)) … Just a side question I’m loving the fonts that you use …. Underneath your pictures as well as the one I’m typing on any chance you can tell me what they are and how I would get them??? Again love your blogs 🙂 Annie

    • Hi Annie

      How have you been? I think chocolate could really help in answering your font questions 🙂 LOL

      The fonts are coolio, aren’t they?

      The one here in the comment section is called Architects Daughter. The one in the photo captions and subheadings in the blog post is called Pea Devons Cap.

      You can google them and find them on sites like dafont etc. Download them to your computer, and Bobs your uncle:)


  49. Honey. I’m sitting on a beach in Puerta Vallarta and now I am crying. These days are precious, and so is family. Hold them all close. Life can be so sweet sometime I can taste it. But bittersweet, too. Your photo shoot is beautiful, like you all. Let’s have a glass of wine soon. Xo.

    • Dani !!

      I think I would feel better if I was sitting on a beach with you in Puerta Vallarta 🙂

      You know, sunshine heals EVERYTHING and a Mexican margarita sure adds some awesome sauce to the mix!

      Thanks for the love!

  50. You’ve been an inspiration to me for quite some time- so happy a fabulous company like Roots recognized your family’s strength and all-around awesomeness (totally rocks that you’re on the main page of their website too!). Can’t wait til I get my new phone so I can order phone cases. Alwyas reading, always inspired…thank you for sharing your story and your lives.

    • Helloooooo Stefanie,

      Thanks for your gorgeous words! It feels pretty great to be an inspiration to you … since you lead such a beautiful life too.

      Much love to you girly!
      Lynne xx