Airstream + Treehouse + Cancer = wild west of nuttiness

Airstream + Treehouse + Cancer = It's the wild wild west of nuttiness

Todays blog post is a little bit of everything. Cancer. Treehouse Shenanigans. Airstream renovations.  It’s wild!  A real smorgasbord of things in life that make you go ackkkk and ahhhh, all at once.  Like life, it’s fast and  bass ackwards.

Where’ve you been?   JK.  It was me.  I was MIA there for a while.   I was caught in the tornado of life.  A real shit storm.  Life Lately, was rolled up into some belly laughs & the occasional panic of pant pooping.

More on that later.  Can we just talk about airstreams?  Just for a sec.  Oh.La.La.

Look what I drove by one nutty day….

Airstream + Treehouse + Cancer = It's the wild wild west of nuttiness
3  men  and  a  baby


Airstreams are my favourite.  My forever and ever favourite.  In the history of ever.  I’m not even exaggerating.  Wait.  Do you know me?  

When I f.i.n.a.l.l.y spotted a 31 foot, 1976 airstream for sale, I believe I may have screamed.  I definitely screamed.

I bought it.  Then, I totally celebrated with beer. A girl has to do what a girl has to do.


Cue the music. Listen to the angels singing.  Okay.  STAaaaP the music.

Have you ever peered inside a vintage trailer? You need an imagination, nose plugs and a whole lotta tequila.  It looks and smells like 1976.

Gag. Barf.

I mean, I like 1976 and all, but I liked the smell of it back when it actually was 1976.

Airstream   BEFORE
Airstream  AFTER  (almost)
MY AIRSTREAM RENO PLAN: Fly by the seat of my pants. 

My goal for the airstream was to paint everything… WHITE.  Surprised?  I am a white loving hussy, after all.  Shhh.

I lurve white and the staggering simplicity it brings to a space.


When I started to paint everything white, I realized that it was like putting lipstick on a pig.   I painted it (video on instagram) then, I promptly gutted it.  I do life backwards like that.

 Let’s not talk about that.

My friend and fellow airstream owner, Pete Walker described my airstream renovation style like this:

This is getting really funny – we have such different ways of doing things…

I’m a psycho-detail “how-many-threads-on-that-bolt”, and “what’s-the-metalurgical-composition-of-the-stainless-steel” kind of guy.

You (apparently) are a “let’s-just-tear-the-living-dogshit-out-of-it-and-see-what-happens” kind of girl.

I rolled up my sleeves and threw my face into it.  That, and a few hundred gallons of primer.

I forgot to take photos of the priming process because I was in a paint coma.

Processed with VSCOcam with s2 preset

|| Champagne Faucets || Eco friendly flooring ||  Throw Pillows || Candle ||  Wallpaper ||

Want to see more?  I wouldn’t hate it if you followed me on instagram to see the airstream  journey from fugly to fab.  As a matter of fact, I’d probably smooch you.  Mwah.

Didja see that quick before and after?  Didja?  It only took 49,786 hours 🙂  I will be doing a whole before/after series on the blog.  It’ll be so good.  You’re going to lurve it.  Buckle up.  It’s going to be a wild ride!!!  Stay tuned.


Cancer Stepped Back In

Cancer.  There.  Said the word.  I ripped off the bandaid and just said it.

Having cancer in your life is like hanging out with a drunken friend.  You never know what they will do.  Tweet it

You may remember from past blog posts that my hubby Michael has cancer.  Cancer has been whirling around like a crazy lady swinging her purse in her Sunday best.  Cancer can be a real jerk face.


Cancer can shake a family up.  Sometimes we land on our feet.  Sometimes we fall over.  Actually… mostly … we fall over.  I think this post really captures how many of us feel about the mofo called cancer.

Normally, I can work and think (which are probably the only two activities that I’m able to do at the same time) but even that has been a shit show lately. I’m not typically a worrier.

Right now, I’m worried.

I’ll tell you more about that later in another blog post. K? K. xx

Weeble wobbled and her head fell off.

Baby steps, right?  Baby steps.



I haven’t chatted about the treehouse in f.o.r.e.v.e.r.  The last time I chitty chatty’d about the treehouse it was here –>> Nice bum, where you from?  Teehee.

Now that we are talking about your bum, here’s the treehouse bathroom….

Treehouse latreen

Are you so bored right now?  Stay with me, I’m going to land this plane. I organized a treehouse photo gallery, because I can manage easy tasks like that.

Pictures, easy sneazy.

If it is any other monumental task, like gardening …I’ve got this rare disease where I go blind and can’t use my hands. Or a wheelbarrow.

Where were we?? Oh Yeah.  Treehouse.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

Well, that’s all I have for you.  That, and a promise to get back to blogging more often.  I have a cancer post coming,  a before/after series on the airstream and crazy before/afters of our home to totally inspire you.

Hang on to your socks, this is going to be a wild ride!

Pucker up.  MWAH !  Smooch.  Gawd, I’ve missed you.  


Shop the story:

Faucets c/o Delta Faucet,  GrandBarista c/o Saeco, EcoLay flooring,  Gold Knots wallpaper c/o Hygge and West, High gloss white Formica countertop, Throw pillows c/o Tonic Living

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I absolutely love your style in every way. Your writing & decorating talents are so refreshing.
Thanks for bringing sunshine in people’s life!

Lynne, you has the gift, the gift of truth, you cannot argue with pure truth! It’s not for everyone pure truth, some just don’t get it, don’t see, can’t appreciate the beauty in your style of pure truth. I enjoy your unfiltered truth mixed with wit and logic, makes me smile all over… Thanks for sharing your view of the world, and your cool projects too: a teepee, who doesn’t want one of those? retro airstream decked out like a ritz carlton suite, sick! looking forward to next update…enjoy road trip to LA, Vencie Beach was my total fav!!! you… Read more »


Amazng and can totally relate to the cancer aspect. I think I could sit in that airstream and chat it up forever. !!!!!

Airstream + Treehouse + Cancer = It’s the wild wild west of nuttiness https://t.co/T3LquMFbbH


I was wondering where you got the blue stove for your airstream? I’m trying to talk my dad into giving me his and I LOOOVEEE blue 🙂 I love your blue couches and I LLLLOOOVE that stove. You did a terrific job!!


I’m so in love with those blue couches! I have an ’86. Couches were not gorgeous in ’86.

[…] we’ve been renovating a 1976 airstream… to make it smell less like 1976 and more like *insert any good smelling thing in here* […]

First time visiting. Beautiful family, life, and blog. Sending you all strength and love. xo


I am renovating my basement (building a bar and some drunk beds) and absolutely love all your white rooms. Could you please share some of your favorite white paint colors?

What a story. I bought a new Teardrop on a whim for a mobile photo studio and shop. Your renovation is amazing. And you are in my prayers. I was in Denver over Father’s Day (LOVED IT!!!) and I am going back for five days in November. Peace.

Hope your husband is doing better and that your family is holding strong. 🙁 Sorry to hear about your recent struggles and hope to hear more when you’re ready. That airstream renov is GORGEOUS! Seriously, you are super talented 🙂 Hope this finds you well and yes, tis time for some coffee 🙂 Have a great one Lynne! -Iva

I wundered where you wuz. Glad you are back. I could eat that airstream do-over with a spoon.

I am a total Insta-‘ho! But I keep good company. 😉

I cannot lie. I did age while you were gone from Bloggityville, but cake was involved, so I’m good with that.

XO, Mizzy Lynne.

Airstream + Treehouse + Cancer = Wild ride! – http://t.co/IEnlxXKPXf

@lynneknowlton ? yoooooou. ?

Hi Lynne. We insta-know each other. That sounds weird. Seriously though – I’m GLITTERLAINE on Instagram and we connected there. Although I used to be a buttercream queen I’m now a TV director/producer full time for Shaw. I work for networks like national geographic, Food Network and HGTV. Just wondering if anyone from HG has ever interviewed you for online content? Wondering if you’d be interested in someone asking you a billion questions about the treehouse, the airstream and you?? If so drop me an email and we’ll chat about it. I really think the HGTV viewers would love to… Read more »


I’m sooooooo friggin’ happy to see you’re blogging again! Love the Airstream and especially love the treehouse.. I’m the opposite of claustrophobic; I like tiny spaces. Makes me feel safe and cozy. I hope your beautifully reno’d tiny spaces make you and your man feel safe and cozy, too! If that big bad C thing causes y’all problems, just go get some wine and hang out in the Airstream or the treehouse. And then – seriously – do some mind exercises where you both kick C’s ass! Picture it, talk about how you kick it’s ass, and drink some more… Read more »

RT @MelanieKissell: Airstream + Treehouse + Cancer = It’s the wild wild west of nuttiness – http://t.co/6ZKY4HNsnm via @lynneknowlton

Airstream + Treehouse + Cancer = It’s the wild wild west of nuttiness! Come read about it here-> http://t.co/Qb2M5BSeBV via @lynneknowlton

Oh baby you’re back I’ve missed you so much and I was worried it was because of the C word. I was so happy to see your email in my inbox do you know what an honour that is Im trying to delete the buggers out of there. I’d just finished my drink good job too as I would have spilt it from the excitement of wanting to read your blog. Well what can I say you are officially trailer trash baby but glam trailer trash. You eye to details is ahmazing. So glad you are back online baby Ive… Read more »



I have missed your blogging so much. I am so in love with you, well, ok, your blog, that I was inspired to buy a white (!!!) couch and a white (!!!) duvet cover. Did I mention we have a BLACK dog? A black dog who likes to be RIGHT next to me 23/7. (She likes an hour of away time to herself each day.) I have trained her not to sit on the couch and to (mostly) stay on her blanket which is on top of the duvet.

No regrets. White decorating forever. <3

Angela Sanchez

We are also dealing with that mofo cancer and have had our poopy pants panics. Thank you for bringing a smile to my face with your descriptions. Don’t have much to offer other than the encouragement of knowing you’re not alone in the battle. Prayers for your husband and mine. Muah!

Angela Sanchez
Reply to  Lynne Knowlton

I have NOT seen it. Must check that out. Probably on my own. Hubby actually wanted to watch The Fault in Our Stars and we ended up getting all “leaky” as he says. I love “cancierge.” I’m stealing it.

Airstream + Treehouse + Cancer = It’s the wild wild west of nuttiness http://t.co/G9JPZ0zVyA

RT @lynneknowlton: New blog post today! LIFE, it’s a wild ride http://t.co/Qb2M5BSeBV via @lynneknowlton #airstream #liveriveted #glamping …

I always get totally immersed in Lynne Knowlton’s posts — and you will, too! A visual storytelling adventure of… http://t.co/DRF98cwD0z

Airstream + Treehouse + Cancer = It’s the wild wild west of nuttiness – http://t.co/6ZKY4HNsnm via @lynneknowlton

Gardening… I have the same disease, can’t feel my face, loose focus then a nasty bug flies by and I’mmmmm done! But I love gardens and I also have a very short memory… I try every year. Maybe one of these days!

Your airstream is delish, really I have a mad crush on it! Perfection!

Hugs to you lady, cancer is the biggest jerk face there is! Strength and love being sent. <3

PS the teepee, ahhhhmazing!

Nina smith

Love your out look and creativity ”

Found you on intstagram, said I was stopping by, followed through with it, and now so happy I did. Love your writing style-very refreshing! Do you ever read a post and think, we could totally be friends? Totally just did that!

Oh Lynne – you are such a generous-spirited gal. I just love you to pieces for sharing your worry all wrapped in a cozy blanket of things that make you (and us!) happy. It is so hard to focus on writing when our lives don’t seem blog-worthy, but you are doing an impressive job of it. Thank you for that extroverted introvert observation – i am the same! Keep on going, girl, and take rests whenever you need to! Xx!!

I love your updates. I hate cancer, but you? You I like.

New blog post today! LIFE, it’s a wild ride http://t.co/Qb2M5BSeBV via @lynneknowlton #airstream #liveriveted #glamping #treehouse

RT @lynneknowlton Airstream + Treehouse + Cancer = It’s the wild wild west of nuttiness:   Todays blog post is… http://t.co/GCITNpcTeA

Airstream + Treehouse + Cancer = It’s the wild wild west of nuttiness – http://t.co/Qb2M5BSeBV via @lynneknowlton


I love what you did to the Airstream – I sorta never really liked houses on wheels but you might be warming me up with your reno! I am sorry to hear that fucking c word has appeared – kick it’s ass I say!
And … PS – I love your photography style.


Sure have missed you! You always make me laugh! Please give Michael a hug from me. It’s always something…….! And how are the kids? And the Squirrel from Hell?
If I lived closer to you, I’d live in your tree house! I love it!
Glad you’re back………..


I LOURVE Airstreams also. I re-did a Spartan once, but never an airstream.. Yours looks really good–a little too white for me, but Hey, it’s YOURS!!! Did you put wall paper in there? Can’t tell. Did you glue wallpaper to metal? Can you? I want to, but I do not want it to fall off…so I’m wondering if a body can put wallpaper to metal. Enjoy your Glamper! Gayle


p.s. there’s something really satisfying about the font choice you’ve chosen for us to leave comments with. can’t explain it.


okay, you made me laugh! that’s hard to do. “you can’t unread that” – wish i could meet you in Denver and sorry about the cancer again. And the airstream looks amazing! Thanks for sharing your photo’s again! Everything looks amazing!


Ok ur Airstream is so freakin cute. Ur blog is so freakin adorable. I’m sending good vibes to you and your loved ones. I hope your husband is able to fucking round house kick cancer to the curb. That shit sux.

chris aka monkey

been seeing bits and pieces of the air stream on face book and it is way more gorgeous than my house so can i move in please… loved the tree house forevah and now you may have to bleep me and that’s okay but the truth is cancer fucking sucks big ass balls there i said it i am so sorry that you and hunky hubs had to go through it once i am praying not again xx

Great post and glad to see you again too! LOVE the airstream and the coolness of it all – meaning its awesomeness but also its cool, soft and comfortable feel. Well done!
Hoping you gain strength and blessings as you deal with all life is throwing at you.

So glad to see you blogging again. You have been missed. Sorry to hear about the C word. It sucks. I can relate to dealing with chronic disease but not so much the C. Praying for your hubby and your family.


I just love reading your blog, I smile and crack up along with you. Hang in there and keep us posted.
Love the airstream love the tree house and the tee pee too. hugs cc

Reply to  Lynne Knowlton

I love the fact that you answered me, Thank you Lynne it was unexpected as I know it takes time.
And yes I will send a search party and I will even bring more wine to keep you company. Please please take care dear heart.. Breathe and be Brave.. xoxoxo cc

Airstreams and life dreams. Sometimes things just pile on, good and bad.

Keep yourself centered.

Run AT the problems…they’re the opposite of the rest of the universe: they get smaller the closer you get to them (not that they can’t still be large).

Toe-to-toe with the good stuff = more enjoyment.

Toe-to-toe with the bad stuff = less stress.

Reply to  Lynne Knowlton

OK…so I guess I have to drive to Pentwater, MI, hitch up MY Airstream, drag it down to Bloomfield Hills in time for you to see it on your way through Detroit…? Jeeez, you’re kinda BOSSY. AND…I think you may not have understood the location of my Airstream in the first place. It’s closer to you than it is to me, Missy. Of course, if you want to go north, into Michigan through da UP (eh?) to the Mackinac Bridge, then down through Pentwater, it’d only be about 700 miles out of your way… OK…probably not. And I just had… Read more »

Sending you love, hugs, and a hearty congrats on your new meet-up adventure, the fab airstream remodel, and Michael’s procurement of the toothless man’s teepee (tipi?). My go to line when life gets challenging:: Well, at least it isn’t boring. My go to line when cancer rears its ugly self:: Cancer is horseshit.

Give your beautiful self a big hug from me,

That airstream…seriously I drool. It’s fantastic. And your treehouse I will visit one day – what a dream. Sounds like many wonderful things happening in your world. I am sorry to hear the ‘c’ word has made it’s way back into your life though….sending you all much love and strength. xoxo

Airstream + Treehouse + Cancer = It’s the wild wild west of nuttiness http://t.co/lAy0eFjzbw #InteriorDesign

Great recap on all the awesomeness going on. And sorry to hear that “c” has dropped in for a visit. Let it know that your house, teepee, airstream and treehouse are fully booked and it cannot stay. Sending you and your family so much love and positive thoughts. Have a great time on the road trip. I bet you find another cool sleeping unit for your guests to enjoy. To adventures. JO.

{ New Blog Post } Airstream + Treehouse + Cancer = It’s the wild wild west of nuttiness:   Todays blog post is… http://t.co/ThIZ1QVc0L

Airstream + Treehouse + Cancer = It’s the wild wild west of nuttiness http://t.co/T3LquMWM3f http://t.co/tTFzR9iCa5