Nice bum. Where you from? Does your bathroom need redone?


Is this happening to you?!… Wow, your bathroom is stunning.   Said no one ever.

Your plastic shower liner is so flippin’ cute.   Said no one ever.

Toilet cozies are so rad.   Said no one ever.


Have I got a doohooozy for you today...


Treehouse Retreat bathroom | DESIGN THE LIFE YOU WANT TO LIVE | www.LynneKnowlton.com

Brace yourself.  This is going to be juicy.  




I need to let you in on a little secret …

The featured bathroom today is in a forest and it’s beside our treehouse.


Treehouse Retreat bathroom | DESIGN THE LIFE YOU WANT TO LIVE | www.LynneKnowlton.com












I’m not suggesting that you transport your toilet into a forest, or build a bat shit crazy awesome treehouse (although I highly recommend it, haha) but rather…


Look at your bathroom in a whole new light.  

Think outside the box.  

Think outside.


Even small changes make a big impact.

My bathroom project didn’t always look like this…


Treehouse Retreat bathroom | DESIGN THE LIFE YOU WANT TO LIVE | www.LynneKnowlton.com


Treehouse Retreat bathroom | DESIGN THE LIFE YOU WANT TO LIVE | www.LynneKnowlton.com


Treehouse Retreat bathroom | DESIGN THE LIFE YOU WANT TO LIVE | www.LynneKnowlton.com

It was once a pile of dirt.






If I can create a bathroom from dirt, you can do anything.   Your toilet is at least in your house.


The hardest part is already done.




What NOT TO DO in your bathroom 


1.    Colourful decals on your walls or bathtub.  If it’s stuck, it’s yuck.

2.   Furry dried out potpourri.  Blah.

3.   Fake plastic flowers.  Fugly.

4.   Dark smelly towels.   Don’t go there.

5.   Decorative soaps in the shapes of shells or animals.   Oh.My.Word.

6.   Toilet cozies and wrap around toilet mats.  The 90’s called.  They want their mats back.

7.   Dirty & visible toilet brushes.   Don’t.  Even.

8.   Plastic see-through shower curtains.    Our eyes.  Our eyes.

9.   Shenanigans strewn across the countertop.  Put that crapola away.  Yikes.

10.  Plastic shelving units.  Grotty to the max.

11.  Unless you’re a glow-worm, no fluorescent lights.  Never.  Ever.

Treehouse Retreat bathroom | DESIGN THE LIFE YOU WANT TO LIVE | www.LynneKnowlton.com

          17 Steps from Blah to Bodacious  

As with any reno project, there are realities.  Pfffft.   An almighty throne can be a challenge.   It’s worth it.   You’ll have years to enjoy it.  The non-shitty version of it.


1.   Random wilderness-y things happen.

My reno project will make your project seem like a snap.  I live in the country.  The mice and squirrels just invite themselves in.  In the country, you walk through random cob webs on the way to your reno project.

Grotty to the max.   Me no like.   Me freak out.


2.   Mosquitos.

You can make a difference to your home.  Your bathroom.  Your everything.  If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito in a treehouse. I rest my case.


3.   Planning a bathroom requires hard liquor, arm wrestling and a very big squirrel eraser.

Anyone who tells you that a reno is easy, well… you need to grab them by the arm, wrestle it behind their back and then sucker punch them in the face.

Right.   Between.  The.  Eyeballs.


4.   Work completion is like waiting for paint to dry.

I bought Homestead House Milk paint to whitewash the panelled walls.  It’s faboosh.  I used a colour called Ironstone for a warm white washed look.  The same milk paint can be used to give furniture a new life.



5.   Make lemonade out of lemons.  

Don’t you just hate that expression?  It’s so syrupy sweet.  I wanted to punch the lemons right square between their lemon eyeballs.  We had lemons alright.  A forest of lemons. Our treehouse is located in a forest on our property.  The forest consisted of 20 year old Norwegian pines.

Guess what?!! They last for 20 years.

Suddenly, the forest had a naked bald spot.   We build the cabin on the bald spot.


Bathroom Cabin = Forest Toupee

Lemons to Lemonade.  Just add vodka. *hiccup*      


6.   Create a space that will rock your socks, Amadeus.

Your space can feel good.  It can smell good.  It can be all that and a bag of chips.

How?!   Copy me.  

It’s all in the details.

The sweet little details … Colourful glass bottles. Beautiful soaps.  The scent of essential oils and diffusers. Candles. The best incense on earth.  Metal buckets for storage.  Crisp, fresh white towels.  Hand lotions and soaps.

Clean, fresh, white and smelling good.

It all matters.


7.    Sip bourbon.

Take deep breaths along the way.  Sip bourbon.  It will dissipate your fears.  If only for a moment. Not that I would do that.   I totally did that.

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It’s like magic.  In your box…


8.  Mix the old with the new.

Combining reclaimed up cycled materials with new stuff is the best thing ever. I kid you not.


Best thing ever.


The outdoor sink in the photo above is actually an old baby bathtub.

Quit expecting normal from me. It’s never going to happen.

Quit expecting normal from you.  Here’s the thing.  You CAN think outside the box.  It doesn’t have to be a typical sink.   It doesn’t have to be typical anything.


Mix old and new:  We mixed the old sink with a new Brizo wall mount faucet.  We mounted the faucet on a few blocks of worn wood.  Creative.  Sink problem solved.

Mix old and new:  We used this door track hardware for a WINDOW track.  A new track on an old window.



9.  Look up.   Look down.  Look all around.  You dizzy?


LOOK UP:  Up cycle. We up-cycled old barn roofing and beams.

LOOK DOWN:  New flooring created from old boards.




The ‘kitchen sink’ boards are from Reclaimed Lumber Products.  The wood is created from every kind of wood, but the kitchen sink.  It was supercalifragilisticexpialidocious easy to install. Not that I installed it.  But still.  I watched.  It looked easy.

We sealed the floor with Waterlox.  I’d like to seal some people’s lips with that stuff.  It worked like a charm.



10.  Sink it.  Sink it with the sink.  


My sink is from Bali, Indonesia.  Because I like you, I found a similar one for you here.  It will save you an airplane ride with 416 weirdos people.

You’re welcome.




Need some sweet faucets to accompany your sink?  The double handle wall mount faucets are so pretty.

I {almost} licked them.

And. You. Think. I. Joke.


11.   Raise the curtain.  It’s show time.  

I used a $4 white flat sheet from Ikea to make the curtains. I cut it like the boss.  I hemmed it with the no-sew, iron on stuff.  They turned out spectacular.

Not feeling it?

 These sheer linen curtains are a faboosh alternative.

They. Are. Everywhere. In. My. House.   Shhhh.   West Elm and I are having a love affair.

It’s a pretty smutty affair. 12.  Houston we have a problem.

We no likey to spend money on curtain rods.  Why?!


It’s stupid to spend so much money on a pole with a thingy on the end.


Right? Right.


Solution:  Make ’em.  Here’s how.   You can do it.  You’re smart like that. There are two freakishly easy and free tutorials on this bloggity for making curtain rods.


A.  Industrial Curtain Rod Tutorial

B.  Twig Curtain Rod Tutorial



13.   Composting Toity talk 

wanted to use a composting toilet.  I really did.  If you have a cottage-like project, the composting toilets seem like a good idea.  Then oh then, my instagram peeps said NOoooo. Sheesh.  Someone drank the hater-aide.


Composting toilets smell.  The end.


We went to Home Depot and bought a real toilet.  The Delta low flush is an eco friendly jobby.   A sweet thing.  We chose the Prelude Elongated Model.  The Delta throne only needs a quickie little flush and whoosh. It’s gone.


Nuff said.


Treehouse Retreat bathroom | DESIGN THE LIFE YOU WANT TO LIVE | www.LynneKnowlton.com

14.  I’m positively positive that you’ll love door track hardware.

There’s a free tutorial here if you want to read how to make your own door track hardware for your bathroom door.  It’s the most popular blog post here on the blog. They are stunning.  Legit.  Stunning.


The DIY blog post will teach you how to make your own DIY sliding barn door hardware.  You will need wheels to accompany that awesomeness.


15.  I’d like to counter that thought with a countertop. 


Drum roll please.  The live edge wood countertop is the icing on the cake in the room.

Cake?!!  Did someone mention cake?

The live edge wood counter and industrial rod base is from One One Eleven Designs.

Seriously unique.  Seriously pretty.


Koombaya my Lord.  Koombaya.


16.  Take a cold shower, hot stuff.  

Do you want to have a speedy shower with cottage-y character?  We built this one with tin roofing.  Lightening speed install.  Super FAST.

You can mix classics with shabby chic basics.

We used a Brizo thermostatic shower {{ LOVE }} and slide bar hand shower with tin roofing.

It was beautiful, fast and easy.  You love beautiful, fast and easy, don’t you?

Thought so.  Floozy.


17.  Shed some light on the situation …  

We bought these tin lanterns from Target and converted them into electric hanging lights.   This style of lantern could work too.  We used Edison bulbs throughout the cabin for ahhhhhh

HOT TIP:  Whenever you see your light bulb in your light fixtures … for the love of Pete … make them pretty.  The Edison bulb is dang pretty.  It casts a warm hue.  It makes you feel like butter.  Warm yummy runny butter.

Seriously.  I need a butter tart now.



That’s it.  That’s all.  I’m pooped.  How about you?  There’s a TON of juicy stuff in this blog post.  It only took me 49,000 years to write it.   I just love you like that.

Gotta tottle to the treehouse bathroom.




See you never.


Helpful links and Shop This Post :



DIY Free Sliding Door Tutorial  || Live Edge Wood Countertop ||  Flooring || Waterlox Wood Sealer || Stone Sink || Colourful Glass Vases ||  Incense  ||  Candles ||  Hand lotions and soaps ||  Metal Buckets for Storage || Towels ||  Delta Prelude Toilet || Brizo Wall Mount Faucet || Brizo  Shower ||  Brizo Shower Hand Wand || West Elm Sheer Linen Curtains ||  Delta Bathroom Faucets ||  Delta Toilet ||


Spill it.  What’s your bathroom dilemma?  Let’s chitty chatty and talk toity wacky.

Please wait to be seated.

Bare butts are welcome here.



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Nice bum. Where you from? Does your bathroom need redone? http://t.co/XkjyeUneU7

You are hilarious madam. Amazing how reading about bathrooms at 6 am can start my morning with laughter.
Love your blog!
Keep on keeping on…
A fan in california


RE: #7. “Dirty & visible toilet brushes. Don’t. Even.” How about visible toilet plungers? Been there, Seen THAT!

Thank you so much for this “What NOT TO DO in your bathroom” suggestions. This will help us a lot …


Love your website. Thank you! How do roller barn doors lock? Is there hardware for that…..I want a roller door for my bathroom.


I won the toilet?? THiS IS AMAZING. Today is my wedding anniversary too!! I guess porcelain must be the traditional gift!!! Thank you x 1 million. This is going to kickstart my upstairs bathroom reno. (Right in the butt!!!!!)

kelly in weed

well, i really wanna win the wheels. house kinda burned down in the weed fire…actually not burned down…..it really really really burned down…. all the way to the ground in fact…so now i’m planning new bathrooms and i don’t wanna end up with a house of builder stuff..i want some character when i walk in that first day….dont’ know where i’m gonna put it all until i can use it, but i’m on the hunt. Love your ceiling and shower and that really sucked me into your blog and one of the things i want most in the house is… Read more »

RT @DeltaFaucetCAN: Only a few hours left to enter @lynneknowlton contest including a Delta prize! http://t.co/s9wiFwZPdZ

Only a few hours left to enter @lynneknowlton contest including a Delta prize! http://t.co/s9wiFwZPdZ


NEED the wooden wheels to complete my bedroom door. The “found” door hanging out on the porch is getting cold…..little cold snap happenin here in West Texas. Don’t. Like. It.
Entered the contest through the back door, but really, put me in for the wheels.

LOVE your bloggity!


Yes Lynne. Cold. Probably not by your standards. It was 86 on Monday. This morning it was 27!! (that’s Fahrenheit, we Texans aren’t too good with Celsius…) Not liking this cold stuff.

Nice bum. Where you from? Does your bathroom need redone? http://t.co/uFwNolLRsA via @lynneknowlton


Hi Lynne, I swear girl, you are the biggest, freshest, breath of air! I NEED to spend a week with you so we can have cocktails & chocolate in the treehouse & swap fairytales & I can visit “Lynne’s LaTREEn” & & & … My name is in the Milk Paint Bucket, Pretty Please 😉 We made major changes in our world this year, sold everything, retired & are living in a 25-year-old motorhome 20′ from Galveston Bay in Texas. I would love to paint the wood cabinetry in our bedroom that pretty, creamy, yummy color. I signed up for… Read more »


Would love to say au revoir to an old low-to-the ground toilet from the 60s with weird base and all kinds of horizontal surfacing that catches all kinds of boy dribbles. Yuck! Would love a higher, prettier, touchless model!

[…] Hmmm. I found a company online who sells the track hardware and you don’t have to give up your first born child to pay for the door hardware.  Imagine that?  I installed Reclaimed Lumber Door Hardware on our new tiny cabin this year. […]

No tile :(boo @sevierhere There’s a $1000 giveaway http://t.co/oEABSyre23 @DeltaFaucetCAN toilet and faucet, @HomesteadHouse milk paint!

Lynne, Always love to see what you’re up to! What a fun bathroom, out in the woods. I’m putting my name in for the faucet. Hopefully, my own bath is due for an update soon. You know us designers…always in the middle of a project in our own homes! 🙂 -Susie

Have you entered in the giveaway yet? $1000 in prizes for your bathroom & toity! Read more here –>>> http://t.co/sr7EeDGxrR

Lynn Wilson

Well from on Lynn to another Lynne….
Pick me!!
I have lived in my home for 22 years and have a small bathroom and EVERYTHING need to be replaced, just trying to save up and get it done. Now that the kids are grown up, married and blessed us with 6 beautiful grand babies it’s time to get this done!!
I just joined your blog and I must say it’s been the highlight of my day, LOVE your humor, it put a smile on my face…thanks ♥
Going to make you Chunky Cottage Blanket today…
creatively yours,


milk paint I think! or… no… yes… milk paint!

The Best Bathroom Ideas (w/ gorgeous photos!) via: @lynneknowlton http://t.co/LZzCM8a2zh #bathrooms #furnituredotcom http://t.co/TXrPoMN3EX


Beautiful pictures! I’m sure you make the trek out there just to use the bathroom, even when you’re not in the treehouse. My wish would be to win the toilet, we demo’d our master bathroom down to the bare studs so anything would be wonderful!

Nice bum. Where you from? Does your bathroom need redone? http://t.co/SPbQtL7ugb

Dan Duquette liked this on Facebook.

Plan your bathroom and win by entering here http://t.co/g7WtxxXaf5 http://t.co/FKNKcZHKCV

Light it up outside! Twinkle lights available for sale on the blog now. http://t.co/g7WtxxXaf5 http://t.co/qBLpOPKGDX

Who knew I’d crush on @DeltaFaucetCAN? They’re my pals cause I LOVE their stuff.No BS here. Want to win some for you? http://t.co/XJkhV3hT2i

Country living Big FREE giveaway for your bathroom! Enter here : http://t.co/g7WtxxXaf5 http://t.co/5II39DtNkq

IT’s SOOO beautiful Lynne!! Do you design this stuff yourself or do you have an interior designer you work with? It’s sooo beautiful – love the rustic feel of it! I hate mosquitoes and I can’t sleep if I know one is in my presence; it. must. die. Have a great one Lynne! -Iva

RT @courtneymprice: @lynneknowlton is doing a giveaway valued at $1000 ..http://t.co/rUvMyoEXN5

Fingers crossed, toes crossed – everything is crossed! Because, you know, I need those wood rollers for my barn door project. Well, there is no project right now but I’m sure there will be if I get my hot little hands on them!!!

Oh, I think I subscribed when I entered because then I went to subscribe & it told me that?! Fingers crossed. Wait. They’re already crossed. (I’m dictating-someone else is typing.)

PS The return to blog takes me to an unknown page. https://lynneknowlton.com/cabin/ I figured it out though & got back here. Phew!

I’m entering for the toilet. Our new bathroom will be in the hasement and is at least two years away. A toilet would be an inspiring first acquisition.

Can you believe it. $1,000 Blog Giveaway on now. Enter to win. Seriously!!!
http://t.co/XJkhV3hT2i http://t.co/tEYlRbAXq7

RT @lynneknowlton Nice bum. Where you from? Does your bathroom need redone?: Is this happening to you?!… Wow, … http://t.co/uhFWqpgaun

@lynneknowlton is doing a giveaway valued at $1000 ..http://t.co/4gllANVKna

Mary Harrison

Would love to win the wooden wheels for barn door. Our son purchased a condo in Mississauga and has a perfect spot to have barn doors installed. His dad is very handy and we would love to do this project for him for Christmas!

Tonya Evans

Would love to Win any prize, Redoing life and bathroom

I love your style. I need a new bathroom too! I moved into an older home and the bathrooms are horrible. Love to have yours! I need a new toilet!

I need a new toilet and I would love to win one!

Great bathroom ideas (barn siding for a shower, you bet!) and a chance to win some fabulous prizes, check out http://t.co/nTPz5aDqtT

yvonne wolf

I just started following you on Instagram…great photos! My bathroom is from the 70’s..yellow formica, cheap cabinets, vinyl flooring. What we would love is a new Delta toilet. This would be the first step in our remodel. PS…do you have any ideas on how to create a sink out of a wine barrel? We’re looking at remodeling the bathroom ala funky rustic and thought this would be a nice addition.
Also posting contest on twitter and facebook

yvonne wolf

The link for twitter didn’t work so I posted on my own. https://twitter.com/yrwolf/status/530126276410228736.
Also posted on pinterest, (http://www.pinterest.com/dexissippi/), google +, facebook and linkedin. I do want to win, lol.


Hey wonder woman — no linky to sinky….that link isn’t working and I am oh-so-curious to see what you found.




I totally cheated and clicked to enter two, the milk paint cuz I’m dying to try that stuff and I am all into doing fun painting stuff! Then I read further down the blog(which rocks) and I see I could win a toilet, and dude, I have an avacodo green toilet and baby blue toilet,so like I really NEED a “terlet(s)”!
Love you Lynn, even if I dont Win!!

Good Lordy lord I’d love to win a new toilet. One small boys can’t muck up. My secret plan is to re-do my upstairs bathroom, and not let ANY boy in my house use it. So, just me. A secret pretty girlie bathroom, ALL FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yes, it’s come to this. I am begging (and excited about) a toilet on the internet. Pick me. A new throne for the Queen of the house. XOXO

Nice bum. Where you from? Does your bathroom need redone? http://t.co/ovd9SogeRd

Do you love a live edge on a countertop? I do. See some photo’s of my bathroom reno here. http://t.co/XJkhV3hT2i http://t.co/E1LYFpF4gv

An almighty throne can be a challenge. Here’s how I deal with the situation! http://t.co/XJkhV3hT2i http://t.co/kNk3rUoJgk

Create a shower wall with Barn roofing. Brills! http://t.co/g7WtxxXaf5 http://t.co/midr1Y3Sad

Michelle Morelan liked this on Facebook.

Nice bum. Where you from? Does your bathroom need redone? – http://t.co/hiQ0hyAaIz via @lynneknowlton

West Coast Nan

I am about to redo my bathroom and would love a new faucet made by Delta Faucets!!!! Pick me, pick me!

Urine. Now that’s funny!


My current bathroom faucet is a $23 one from Canadian Tire (seriously). I think it is the least expensive bathroom faucet ever in existence. I could reaaaally use an upgrade, and would love to win!

Denise Dolence liked this on Facebook.

Tara Leigh Smith liked this on Facebook.


I love reading your posts! I would love to try the milk paint since we are completely rehabbing our 50 yr old house which has never ever been updated, except for the bathrooms and that is the reason I would rather have the faucet. Whoever did the bathrooms like tile, just 4″ square tile of any color that was on sale and it is on all the walls and the floor. When you go inside, you feel like you are in some kind of sanitarium. I can’t wait to tear it all off and plank the walls or something. A… Read more »

chris aka monkey

oh sheet i f u umm screwed up and signed up for your email again so sorry well 2 emails from you is better then none xx

Tami E

Great giveaway! Loving your new crap-shack! I would love to win (something/anything) but the wood wheels or faucet would be my choices. 🙂

chris aka monkey

wow lynne, i just finished reading all of the great comments and do not know if i can compete, i am 65 and live with my kid her hub and the most wonderful grandsons ages 1 and 2, for the 1st time i have my own bathroom yippe cayay i no longer have to clean other people’s poop…. i plan on putting a laundry sink in there raised high enough i don’t have to bend to brush my teeth or bathe the dogs or soak my plants and deep enough i can do those things but first i would like… Read more »

Oh Lynne. I can’t decide. I’m reno-ing a 1907 house, not far from you and the budget is running out and I haven’t even got a toilet yet. Yes I need the wood wheels for the bathroom barn door. But honestly I don’t need a door if I don’t have a toilet. So, toilet it is…puhhhhhhhleeeeeeeeeze and thank you for you wonderful site and clever words.

oh, and I shared your blog on FB, but you’re a whiz so I’m sure you already know that.

Oh, oh, oh! When are you drawing Lynne? I’m like a kid a Christmas. Can’t wait!!!

dianne a

I would love to win the milk paint and the wooden wheels, and I think all the rest, too!

Someone, anyone, get me milk paint! Nice bum. Where you from? Does your bathroom need redone? http://t.co/KAzxgqI0PM via @lynneknowlton


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