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DIY: how to make a curtain rod from an industrial pipe. So pretty! | DESIGN THE LIFE YOU WANT TO LIVE | Lynne Knowlton



Have you noticed the price of curtain rods these days?  Sheesh.  Highway robbery.

Have you noticed how UGLY most curtain rods are?  Fugly.


Our DIY mission :  to rid the curtain rod fugly for a fraction of the cost.


Now don’t make faces at me { like the Home Depot dudes did.}  I told them to be nice or leave.  Then I reminded myself that they worked there.   Hmm.   Whateves.


Me :  I want to pimp out my curtains with metal pipes.

Home Depot dude :    Why?

Me :    Because.    I’m smart like that.


These curtain rods are d’bomb dot com. 

How to make industrial curtain rods  ||    Regal Blue Velvet Curtain ON SALE   ||


It all started like this :

With small spaces …

My sons bedroom is a teenie weenie polka dot bikini of a space.  The room is so small, you can’t swing a cat in there.  Not that I would swing a cat.  He’s too fat anyway 🙂


Cat love AND industrial curtain rods

||    My all time fave sheer white linen curtain   ||

Small imperfect spaces require creative mojo.


When we moved to the countryside, no one warned me about the farmhouse plaster walls and other farm-like things.

PS.  The unmentionable farmy things can smell like the inside of a belly button.  Gross.

Your small complicated spaces don’t feel so bad after all now, do they?


Want to feel even better?


Our farmhouse walls are made of plaster.  I repeat.  Freaking plaster.

Have you ever tried to hammer a nail into a plaster wall?


It is like pushing a rope uphill.


Shoot me.  Shoot me now.

Let’s change the subject.


Ready for the small room tour?


It will take moments.  Don’t blink.  You’ll miss it.


How to make a curtain rod from an industrial pipe : http://wp.me/p38cMm-2KA

How to decorate a boys room with industrial curtain rods

Okay.  It’s over.  Jokes.


Note:  The walls are painted in a matte finish.  For the love of Pete … people … stop painting walls with shiny paint.  Shiny paint is not only fugly on a wall, it shows off every imperfection in the history of ever.  Don’t do it.  Don’t be that girl.


Shopping list of supplies for curtain rods :

First and foremost, go hunting around the store and find the metal pipes.   You can’t miss them.  They are about a million feet tall and stand straight up on end.  When you find them, don’t play around with them.  Imagine Lucille Ball and a conveyor belt.  That would be you.

As I walked through the store with a 49 foot pole wobbling out of my what seemed like a miniature cart, I prayed that I wouldn’t decapitate a fellow shopper.

If you make it to the front of the store without taking out a person by the knees, walloping their head or knocking all the inventory off of the store shelves…. well then … congratulations.


Clap yourself up.

You get a gold star.


DIY how to make an industrial curtain rod


DIY how to make an industrial curtain rod

Next task at hand, cutting the pipe :

Next, you will need to promise your hand in marriage to bribe the Home Depot workers to cut the metal pole for you.  Do it.   A girl has to do what a girl has to do.

If they give you a hard time, tell them that you are making a towel rack with the left over pieces.

They will think you are genius. 


What you Need:


Detailed photos.  Got ’em.  You will need the photos for when you want to show off your mad DIY designer skills to the dudes in the hardware store.

Note to self : men need photos.  They won’t get it without the photos.  Do it.

Beware : They will stare at you like a crazed person when you tell them that you want to use plumbing pipes to make a curtain rod.  Tell them to shut their face.

You are on a mission.

Get a move on.

You need to find your curtain rod ends now.  There are lots of fun choices.  Here are the ones that I picked out :


1.      Curtain Rod ends :  Galvanized Iron Tee


#DIY : How to make a gorgeous curtain rod from a plumbing pipe. For real via @LynneKnowlton Design The Life You Want to Live


Look at that photo.   Oh.My.Word.

It appears that I have a screw loose.

Keep calm and carry on.


Pay attention to this part :  The wallpapered ceiling.   We will come back and talk about that one later.


Next supply that you need to look for …


2.      Base to hold curtain rod on the wall trim : Galvanized Iron Floor Flange


#DIY : How to make a gorgeous curtain rod from a plumbing pipe. For real via @LynneKnowlton Design The Life You Want to Live



Let’s not forget the itty bitty parts called nipples


3.     The post from the wall that connects the flange and the tee so you can hold the rod in place : Galvanized steel pipe nipple 

Why does the word nipple make me smirk ?  Immature.



4.      Curtain Rod : Steel pipe 

Have the Home Depot dudes cut the length that you need.

Make them do it.

Stand over them like a hot mess.


It’s their duty to help you create curtain rod sexiness.  Unless you have some sort of heavy-duty cutter thingy at your house.   I didn’t.   I was desperate.  Desperate times call for desperate measures.


An easy #DIY tutorial on how to make a curtain rod from an industrial pipe. Very cool via @lynneknowlton Design the Life You Want to Live



* Note :

Do not pay attention to the exact size of pipes/ fittings in the links above.  Some are one inch, two inches, blah blah blah.  You need to stand in the store and make sure the ends fit your poles.  Got it?  Got it.


  •    Get the size that work best for your proportionate window size.
  •   Remember that you will need a pole that fits into your curtain holes.


Okay.   Enough already.

Smirked again.  Whatupwitdat?


Voila.  One Curtain rod down.  Fifty five more things to do to decorate the bedroom.  And make some breakfast while you are at it.  Great.  Welcome to my life.   Good times.

I’d like some eggs and bacon please.   Crispy bacon.


DIY: how to make a curtain rod from an industrial pipe. So pretty! | DESIGN THE LIFE YOU WANT TO LIVE | Lynne Knowlton



Ready for the next part?  This is the fun part.  Pour yourself a cup of energy mud because it is time for some good times retail therapy.  Head straight to West Elm.

Pretty much everything in that store is the cats meow.  LOVE.


Curtains :

I adore the curtains at West Elm.   Lurve them.  I may have left some drool on them the last time I visited the store.   I rubbed the curtains on my cheeks … and purred like a kitten.  That good.  I’m not embarrassing to shop with.  At all.

I particularly love these plush velvety curtains.  They are so soft, you could literally wrap them around your body and wear them out as a dining gown.  If you click here to purchase, they are on sale right now!!


Woooooohooooo !!!


Shop the Post :




Gorgy gorgeous curtain rods.  Done.

I need a cigarette and a nap, and I don’t even smoke.


A special thank you to my son Brett, for letting me share his bedroom digs this week.

To my beautiful boy… I love you with all my heart and soul.


IMG_2448     IMG_1605     IMG_0146



Now, my friends …  it’s your turn.

Go make some curtain rods.   Do more of what makes you awesome.

Live simply.   Be kind.   Love others.   Design the Life you Want to Live.


Want more?  You are a nutter.  Let’s hang out like this every week.  Sign up here to be the first to receive the latest and greatest DIY deets from this here Yosemite Sammy bloggy in your email inbox.

I respect your box.  I will never share your info with anyone other than my dog.

I am so very grateful for each and every one of you.


The world is more beautiful with you in it.

PS.  If you really loved this post, pin it.  Pretty puuuhlease with a pinny pin pin cherry on top 🙂

DIY: how to make a curtain rod from an industrial pipe. So pretty! | DESIGN THE LIFE YOU WANT TO LIVE | Lynne Knowlton

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  1. […] DIY How to make a curtain rod from an industrial pipe […]

  2. […] DIY: how to make a curtain rod from an industrial pipe. So pretty! […]

  3. Joe says:

    Is there an easy way to remove the curtains without unscrewing from the wall? For example, if you needed to wash the curtains at some point.

  4. Crystal says:

    Awesome!!!! I’d love to see more of your sons hockey stick design did he use the hockey sticks as a curtain rod or something else? I have a son I would love to do my son room as radical like that but with Spider-Man and batman cause that’s what he loves. But love your diy and inspirations. You should start recording your diy projects I know plenty of people would love to subscribe if you had started your own YouTube channel ?

  5. Melissa Jobe says:

    Dear Lord, you are a goddess!! And my hero – a few years back I wanted a shower curtain rod made nearly exactly as you did these curtain rods. My now “ex” husband and his friend said they’d take care of it. They BOTH worked for Home Depot at the time so I foolishly trusted them to understand what I wanted. Alas, I ended up with a totally uncool closet rod sort of configuration. *sigh* Now happily on my own I CAN:”T WAIT to make these curtain rods and fulfill my industrial-chic decor dream!! Thanks, Lynne!!!!

  6. Bill Donovan says:

    Why would a guy look at you strangely when you said you wanted to make curtain rods out of plumbing pipes? It seems like 1`00% a guy thing.

    When I came across your web page while searching for ways to be gouged on fancy curtain rods I don’t want, I felt like a fool that I didn’t think of this first. Thank you!

  7. […] Make your own curtain rods Image Source – lynneknowlton.com […]

  8. Nancy Pearson says:

    Lynne. Love your pipe curtain rod. Question: I want to attach the rod to the ceiling. The curtain will have fabric loops to slide onto the pipe rod.. Have not been the the “pipe” store yet so I am having a hard time visualizing the sizing. Thanks, Nancy

  9. […] this time when I whined about the price of curtain […]

  10. […]  Make ‘em.  Here’s how.   You can do it.  You’re smart like that. There are two freakishly easy and free tutorials […]

  11. Karen says:

    Just found your fund and very intriguing blog through Hometalk. Love the curtain rods and the room. I also really love the beds (did you make them yourself???), the bedding (so cute!!) and the lights. Now did you hardwire them behind those little board frames through the plaster wall? Or how? Thanks for all the answers you give everyone!

    • Hi Karen

      Thanks for popping over from HomeTalk. It was the first time that I had posted in HomeTalk and man oh man …. everyone is AWESOME !

      Beds : Yes, we did make the bunk beds. The room is so tiny, it was a necessary evil. LOL.

      Bedding : Ikea. 🙂

      Lights : Yes, they are hardwired in. We didn’t have to go into the plaster wall though. What we did was cover the wiring and all that jazz with wood(that we painted white) and used bead board paneling from Home Depot for the walls in the bed. It is light and easy to work with. We painted that white too.

      Hope that helps!

      Lynne xx

  12. Very cute idea! Love the industrial feel of it. Very cute room!

  13. nancy says:

    I’m doing this for a towel rod today, I have a tiny bathroom and can’t find the correct size, too big too small and/or too expensive. I can walk to my Ace Hardware but they are SO dang helpful and then look at you so weird when you try to explain what you are trying to do. No, they are not helpful, they are like puppies and you have a bag of Slim Jims. If they would leave me alone I could figure it out on my own. And probably spend more money there. So, I will drive to Home Depot, it won’t kill me. If you have any pull with Ace Hardware, ask them to stand down a little.
    Oh yeah, you said bring a picture. I might try that in a while but I have embarrassed myself too many times in there already, maybe by next year they will have forgotten me.

    • Oh Nancy,

      You crack me up. I think you have those bad boy hardware dudes under control.

      Put treats in your pocket, and feed it to them when they give you the right answers. LOL. If they give you a hard time, just stick your little toe out and trip them. Problem solved 🙂 xx

  14. […] freaking real.  You know I wouldn’t pull your leg.  You can read how to do it here.   So flipping easy.  You will […]

  15. Deda says:

    Is there a post where you go into that wallpapered ceiling thing? Would that somehow work on that ugly tile stuff? You would so make my day if you say yes.
    I just discovered you googling barndoor tracks. I’ve spent the last several hours with you. Thank you.

    • Hi Deda,

      The only other post where you can see the wallpapered ceiling is this one https://lynneknowlton.com/diy-shower-curtain-made-from-ikea-throw-blanket/ but you can only see a bit of the ceiling. I truly have it all over my house, but need to get more photos out. Where do all the hours in a day go anyway? 🙂

      When you say ugly tile stuff, do you mean the drop ceiling panels of tile? If so, I saw this same look in those tiles !!! You can find it at home depot. It literally looks like tin ceiling, and the panels just drop in to replace the plain boring ugly white ones. Very pretty !! I hope that helps. If not, write to me again, and I will dream up another idea for you 🙂

      Lynne xx

  16. Nancy says:

    I’m doing this in my dining room

  17. Myriam says:

    You are a trip and your blog is wonderful, creative, full of life and then more life! I love the way you write, the way you live your life so passionately and that you live in a treehouse….a dream for me too!

    I’m also the mom to 4 children – 4 daughters! Don’t have a spouse anymore, but he didn’t die, I just divorced him because he loved golf, sports and TV, gardening and just about anything, more than he loved me. Still believe in love though and love reading about how you feel about your husband. That’s beautiful! I hope you get 50 more years together and then some!

    Reading your blog just made my day…how I can relate to a lot of the things you write. I also love creating homes. It’s one of my favorite things to do!

    • Oh Myriam,

      You made me laugh out loud when I read your comment…. ‘ he didn’t die, I just divorced him ‘… oh.my.god. FUNNY…. and you didn’t kill him? You were a golf widow, same thing. hahahaha.

      So cool that you have 4 daughters!! They keep you young, don’t they? Never a dull moment.

      I am reading your bloggy comments, and they are making my day too. Thank you !! Big love,

      Lynne xx
      P.s I wish you lived next door. If I had a neighbour, you would be it.

  18. kathy bell says:

    Loved the curtain rod solutions! yes those rods have totally jumped in price, like other things in the decor world. When I visited son #1 this past summer in his new abode, he had twined two shower curtain rods together to stretch over his front window. His house is a rental so he of course didn’t want to spend alot of bucks either. The pipe and finishing are pretty darn classy… I love your blogs, cheers K

  19. NikiDee says:

    OMG! You’re not gonna believe this…really. 3 weeks ago hubby & I put up our new curtain rods…galvanized pipe rods that we made!! Our kitchen has a 10′ picture window (love it) but since it’s a rental I didn’t want to spend $$$. So I told hubs the idea.. He didn’t quite get it but was a trooper & helped me anyway. I sprayed our pipe satin black & up it went. It really IS da bomb dot com!! I suggest everyone LISTEN to Lynne ~ go out and DO this!! You can spray them any color or leave them be. Almost done with the kitchen painting. Using your expert advice I’ve got the Polished Pearl, Cotton Fluff & found my accent color Angry Lake Blue (Behr calls it Clear Vista). Your blog REALLY has been instrumental in the changes at our place♥

    • That’s it Niki, you need to invite me over. Now. I’m on my way. I wanna see your digs ! 🙂

      PS. I just laughed out loud at the ANGRY LAKE BLUE renaming of the colour chip. You could get a job at the Home Depot colour centre. hahahaaa.

      Lynne xx

  20. 2doghouse says:

    love it alllll…

    • Why thank ya @2doghouse !!

      PS. I am totally having a blast looking at your kitty cat gravatar photo with a 2 dog house name 🙂 Do they all get along? 🙂 Bet your house is entertaining.

      Lynne xx

  21. Tara @ Suburble says:

    These are gorgeous! I love their industrial look, but they’re still pretty, somehow. Love ’em.

    • Hi Tara,

      So easy to do too !! How are you? I have been LOVING your bloggy too, btw’s !!! xxoox

      Your blog post title header font is t’die for. It makes your SUBURBLE just pop off the screen !!! LOVE love LOVE. Did I mention love?


  22. Patricia says:

    Ps. Brett’s bedroom is gorgeous, can I use the spare bunk? Please

    • You sure can ! There is always room for one more pal around here 🙂

      I absolutely adored your note. Adored it. I read it over and over again this morning.

      Thank you for writing to me

      With much love…
      Lynne xx

  23. Patricia says:

    Luv your stuff. Read everything over and over…… (WOT housework? It will be there when I am not!) Your curtain rods are brilliant. I bought 3″ wooden dowell for my house in London many many years ago and thought I was the cats whiskers because I saved several hundred pounds (sterling) and the finished product looked better than shop bought finished items. Might steal your idea and be the hippest house in Yorkshire.. Keep up your brilliant ideas my friend and I will worship and follow like the good Yorkshire lamb! that I am. Xxx

  24. Tell me more about the ceiling!

    • Hi Julie,

      Whaaaa ? The ceiling ? Do you want me to swallow a frog ?! LOL.

      We had to put up scaffolding in the room, so we could reach the ceiling comfortably. Like putting your arms over your head for hours is comfortable. Now that is an oxymoron. Ha!

      Even though the wallpaper is pre-glued, we bought extra wallpaper paste to make sure that sucker wasn’t coming down.

      In some spots, we used a bit of caulking to fill in potential future gaps or curling. We then painted it a glossy white. It really does look spectacular, and has lasted for years.

      We have it up in 6 rooms if you can believe it.

      Woot woot !

  25. Tracy says:

    You ALWAYS crack me up! Love your humor and twist on words. Just finished my teenage son’s room and just might do this to frame his window shades. Brilliant!

    • Brills idea Tracy

      I put window shades on my sons windows too {great minds think alike}… and I added the curtains for extra warmth and room darkening.

      Although we don’t have any neighbours for miles, I still have curtains on every window. It makes a space feel so much warmer, don’tcha think?


  26. First – yes, curtain rods are outrageously priced…when we moved into our house 10+ years ago, I made mine out of bamboo poles (which seems what Cindy who also responded did) got the poles in the garden department- easy, look great – Country Home mag even came and did a photo shoot of them (but it never ran…that’s a whole ‘nother story…)
    Second – I work at Lowe’s in my spare time (ha!) and believe me, the guys there are so used to me asking for the oddest things to make into the coolest stuff. I built a new art display out of galvanized pipe – the two guys in the plumbing department planned it all out and cut all the pipe and put together all the fittings for me…now, I know its probably because I work there…but I firmly believe they would have gladly done it for you too…so not to trash HD…but next time…go to Lowe’s
    Third – love reading your blog…especially after having a hell of day yesterday painting the kitchen ceiling…and installing new lights…which didn’t go well…but today is new day…maybe I can get the guys from Electrical to come over and help…???!!

    • Ahhh Amy !

      How are ya girly ? That is sooooo cool about the guys helping you at Lowe’s ! I could never work there, I would never come home with a paycheck. LOL. I would OWE them money $$.

      You are right about Lowe’s. I actually adore Lowe’s. Their lighting is more creative than HD and they have a fab mix of so many wonderful things.

      Because I live in the middle of nowhere, we don’t have a Lowe’s nearby. Maybe that is a good thing. It is way too tempting 🙂

      I say… make some sandwiches… and invite the Lowe’s boys over to give you a hand with that electrical. They sound like a smashing lot!

      Mwah !

  27. Cindy says:

    I first saw the bamboo rod at Barclay Butera in Newport Beach. Bamboo rods cost about $10 – $15 for 8 feet at Frank’s Cane and Bamboo in Huntington Beach.


  28. Cindy says:

    Lynne, I love your industrial curtain rods. It’s crazy how expensive iron curtain rods are. I have used bamboo many times. It looks interesting and is so inexpensive. Tell you son I said thank you for sharing his room.

    • Bamboo curtains sound gorgy gorgeous Cindy!

      I wish we had bamboo in this neck of the woods. We have maple trees 🙂 I think a tree trunk might look odd. haha.

      What do you use for brackets to hold your bamboo on the wall? Twig brackets would be cool.

      May I move into your place, you creative thaaang? xx

  29. Courtney says:

    Love what you did with this room! Nice job!

    • Ahhhh schmanks Courtney,

      I think the next DIY bedroom I should share should be the bedroom you slept in. Good idea?

      What part should I share? Twig rods? Mermaid gal? So much fun, so little time. LOL.

      PS. Miss ‘yer mug.