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Tips & tricks for being an epic blogger! A must read!


To be a badass, fearlessly authentic online entrepreneur, it takes work.  Hard work. And balls.  It takes balls to be a woman.  It takes balls to be a blogger.   It takes big balls to stand out in a crowded space of the internet.   Dude’s & dudettes, it just takes balls.

 Psssst.  Here’s a set of balls for you.

The good news :  It’s no secret that if we go the extra mile, it’s never crowded.  

Do it. 

Make it happen.

You are what you repeatedly do.


Do epic shit.


Do Epic Shit and BLOG !https://lynneknowlton.com/blogging-erhhhmergerd-are-you-stumped/

To be an online entrepreneur is to have the gift of the voice of a blogger.  

The power that you hold in your blogging voice is magic.   It puts you into a whole new category.   A category that catapults you into this century.  A century that is filled with social media and buzz.  In the words of Gary Vaynerchuk, social media sells shit.  If you are holding a rotary phone right now, you are excluded from this convo.

Blogging is good.  Blogging is brilliant.  Blogging can be the hunky to your dory.

It’s the cream of the crop

How to be a badass #blogger. Read more here https://lynneknowlton.com/blogging-erhhhmergerd-are-you-stumped/

Being stumped, on the other hand, is not good stuff.   It is the opposite of good.  It’s worse than the opposite of good.


It is the O M to the G.  



To be stumped is to be worn out, burned out, just out.  Out to lunch. OUT.  It kinda sorta makes you want to throw up in your mouth a little.  Or throw something at someone.  Same thing.  But different.


I’ve had those-tire-kicking-grrhhh-blahhh pajama days where I’ve been stumped.  I’m fancy pants like that.  If I’m going to have  a bad day, I want to at least look good and lounge in yummers cotton.


Learn how to #blog as a career https://lynneknowlton.com/blogging-erhhhmergerd-are-you-stumped/


I interrupt this blog post with something very important.  Jammies.

Design The Life You Want to Live @lynneknowlton

If you are going to lounge in la la land bedhead jammies may be the best supercalifragilisticexpialidocious thing on earth {{ even though the picture in the link makes the model look like a dork }}  I have monkey long arms and legs and they fit me like a charm.


Bedheads =  badass lounging AKA blogging.


K.  Nuff said, or you will be lounging in jammies all.the.live.long.day.

Lazy bones.


What happens when you are …Blogging 15


Stumped ?!!


I was stumped in a treehouse.   Excuse the pun.

Blogging 12


I was stuck in the mud.  That, my friend, is blogstipation.  Frustration.  Maybe even a bit of constipation.  Yeah, I swear to never say that word again.


Learn how to #blog https://lynneknowlton.com/blogging-erhhhmergerd-are-you-stumped/



Other Bloggers:

Ohhhhhhh, you know the ones.  The bloggers that make it seem like blogging is an actual piece of cake.

Mmm.  Cake.  Did someone mention cake?  I digress.

It’s not a freaking piece of cake, peeps <—- I screamed that, while contemplating tripping someone. 


Some bloggers can pop out blog posts all the time and make it seem like it’s no biggie.


I'm calling bullshit.  It's a biggie.

Blogging 16


If I popped out a blog post every day of the week, I’d probably pop out a hernia.


It takes a real pro-fesh-shun-al to pull off that sort of blogging and do it well.


An online video course for #blogging https://lynneknowlton.com/blogging-erhhhmergerd-are-you-stumped/


I do know one pro.  ONE.  ONE one One One ONNNNNE.

Oh sure, you can have a crap blog and it’s no biggie.  Then you grow.  The reality is that it takes years to grow an audience.   It is worth it, but you have to put in the time.  For many, it’s a dream to have a large audience reading their blog.

Learn how to grow your #blog https://lynneknowlton.com/blogging-erhhhmergerd-are-you-stumped/

Learn how to grow your #blog https://lynneknowlton.com/blogging-erhhhmergerd-are-you-stumped/


We need help to make those kind of dreams happen.  Blogging is a community.  You can’t spell team with an I.  So there.


Blogging = hard work.  It's hard to be funny, dammit.  haha.


Blogging rocks your socks.  That’s a good thing.  Yeah. 

Have you had this happen?  …. You miraculously muster up brilliant blog posts.  You are on a roll.  You think ‘great idea moonbeam, you are smart.’

You sing koombaya and do trust falls.

Then you fall on your face.

Ouch via @lynneknowlton


How to have GOOD LUCK & #blogging skills https://lynneknowlton.com/blogging-erhhhmergerd-are-you-stumped/

The excitement of blog-ness bliss can short lived.  The internet works like that.  Your blog post can be old news before it is new news.


Whaaaaaaaaat?!  Exactly.  It confuses bloggers too.


Your eyes dart back and forth.  You start to look at other blogs and get all jelly jealous.  It kinda sorta makes you love and hate human beings all at once.


It’s probably just sleep deprivation.  Welcome to my world. It’s kinda nutty in here sometimes.


Learn how to #blog here https://lynneknowlton.com/blogging-erhhhmergerd-are-you-stumped/



Can you smell the sweet success of an online entrepreneur?

You want that success.  Oh yes you do.


How can you do it? How? How?  How dammit?  How?


Learn the path to success with the help of someone else who has walked in your footsteps.  Learn from the best of the best. 


Blogging https://lynneknowlton.com/blogging-erhhhmergerd-are-you-stumped/

Just  Don’t  Stick  ‘Yer  Foot  In  The  Mud


Smoking hawt blogging tips:

Don’t be like all the rest.  Don’t just pop out a blog post because everyone else is doing it.  Write it because you have epic shit to share.  It’s good to be bad. Write it with a goal in mind.  Write it because it contributes to your blog monetization.  Write it because it makes a difference.  Don’t write about your perfect life.  That’s just annoying annnnnd life isn’t perfect.


How did I learn all that ?!!!  First, the hard way.  Then I met Karen.


Karen from the Art of Doing Stuff.


A couple of years ago, I didn’t know jack squat about blogging.  In between my hot flashes, I couldn’t sleep one night.  Why?  I discovered Karen’s blog and stayed up for hours on end.  I blame her for the not-so-designer bags under my eyes.


Reading. Reading. Reading.


I read pretty much every single one of her blog posts.  It was like blog crack.   I was a smitten kitten.  It was official.  I was addicted to blog crack.

It was LOVE, in an oh so corn dog blogging way.   I knew I had met my mentor, even if she didn’t know it yet.  I was too frightened to even tell her.


For the #LOVE of #blogging https://lynneknowlton.com/blogging-erhhhmergerd-are-you-stumped/

Monkey see, monkey do:  

I wanted to create a blog that others would love too.  I cyber stalked Karen until she would kinda-sorta-be-my-friend. I dove deep into her blog, leaving comments in the hopes that she would somehow miraculously notice me.  Creepy, right?  Maybe I should have been handcuffed?!  Straightjacketed?  I dunno.  I just wanted to learn.  Grow my blog.  Mirror what I loved about the blogs around me.

Here’s the thing…

You can learn a whole heck of a lot by observing what you really like about other blogs.

A little here.  A little there.  Then suddenly you have found a place that is all your own.  Your blog.

Blogging as a career @LynneKnowlton https://lynneknowlton.com/blogging-erhhhmergerd-are-you-stumped/

Look at other blogs and think …

What makes you tick?

What makes you want to throw mud?

What makes you jelly jealous?


Yup, even that jelly jealous stuff helps you to know what you love and hate.

#Blogging as a career. It's #LOVE https://lynneknowlton.com/blogging-erhhhmergerd-are-you-stumped/

What gets your mojo running?

What inspires you?

What stumps you?


Learn more about the #blogging adventure https://lynneknowlton.com/blogging-erhhhmergerd-are-you-stumped/


Just get out there and do epic shit.


P.S.   Looking for me?  You can find me here on instagram, where I’m not-so-secretly stalking a bunch of other people who I wish were my friends.  I need a back up plan for when Karen discovers that I’m a cyber stalker.

I’ll call it my weird-o plan.  Hmmm.

Who’s your blogging mentor?  Who do you learn from?  Do you have a fave blog? Spill it…



Want more?  Sign up here and make sure you don’t miss out on the literary magnificence that I share.  Let me seduce you with word lusciousness.  I’ll give you a free instantly downloadable book as a way of saying thanks.

Buckle up, your inbox will never be the same.


How to #create #beautiful #photos via @lynneknowlton https://lynneknowlton.com/blogging-erhhhmergerd-are-you-stumped/

Click  on  Photo  For  Your  Free  book


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  1. Nean says:

    Good Mornin’ Lynne!
    I have a feeling you’ll understand when I say YOU are my secret mentor! I LOVE, Lovey love your blog! It’s snappy and witty and filled with laughter, luv and honesty. I am reading everything of yours to learn to become a blogger like you, but different! (smiley face) It’s fun catching up with your wit with a glass (or 3) of wine, feet up and ready to learn! I hope Michael is doing well and the rest of your family is healthy. Nean

  2. Dominique says:

    I think I may have just found my blog muse….you. Your blog is gorgeous and your writing is fresh and funny 🙂 Looking forward to you in my inbox! And thank you for further inspiration to start my own blog soon.

  3. Justin says:

    Hey Lynne, I just skimmed through your blog loved the amazing photos and the laughs along the way.

    I just published my first blog post, looking for some suggestions to improve upon. I would be great full if you could give me a few suggestions.

  4. Suzanne says:

    Blogging is hard work, great post Lynne. I never heard of Karen but will check it out. Great advice and as always humorous and fun! You have a way of doing that like no one else.

    • Ahhh right back atcha sista. How are you keeping, my fellow pooch lovah?

      I’m loving your bloggy recipes!

      Yes, you will LOVE Karen. She is always fun. One of my fave bloggers on earth.

      Lynne xx

  5. barb holte says:

    You and Karen are my top most visited. I’m the TECHNOTARD you sent encouragement to some time ago. Still have not taken that first step (the theme of my potential blog is procrastination) but every time I read one of your posts I’m reminded that I want to do this

    • Oh Barb, Oh Barb, Oh Barb.. you get me every time with TECHNOTARD.


      Ps. Have you heard about the procrastination meetings at the town hall? They were cancelled for tonight and scheduled for a later date. ahhahhahahahaaaa.

      Lynne xx

  6. Annie Kip says:

    Oh Lynne – I admire Karen’s blog so much as well! I found YOUR blog from HER blog and thought you were brilliant for putting up a little DTLYW button on her site! I am also glad know of your shameless stalking of her – which makes me feel better about shamelessly stalking you until you submit and become my friend/mentor/drinking buddy. I signed up for Karen’s course the first day – can’t wait!!!

  7. Kathy Petrik says:

    I happened on your blog somehow…and am so glad I did. You write in such a humorous way that I always leave with a big smile…and yes some good knowledge. Like the ‘how to pack’ piece. Wow who’d have thought? And your photo book. hints. As a former Ontarian now living in Queensland, Australia your blog is also a reminder of our previous home. Keep up the good work…..and writing. Maybe there’s a blog in me…..

    • Oh heck yeah Kathy!

      Did I just hear ‘maybe there’s a blog in me …’ ?!!

      You already know what you like in blogs. That’s the first biggest step in developing your own.

      Ontario gal to Queensland gal? That sounds FABooooosh!!! What a life that must be!!

      Now I’m a little jelly jealous. haha! At least the snow won’t be flying in your face in a couple of months. Can I come live with you? 🙂


  8. Craig says:

    Blogdiction…… I’d get that checked….
    gotta go….

  9. Wow – I am having a deja-vu treehouse moment. Such amazing words of wisdom. This feels like it was written for me but I know it is for everyone. The value of “you” in copy is speaking to me. You can expect a post from me in the very near future. My creative juices are flowing and the words are shouting to get out.

    Yes I am one of your cyber stalkers….but hey it does pay off at times.

    Adding Karen’s blog to my to do list.

    Cheers to Treehouse Discussions,


    • Ramona Mauser says:

      Do NOT, I repeat, DO NOT start reading Karens blog unless you have two to six or seven hours the first time. I’m not even kidding. And that goes for the second, third, and fourth time you read it too! And Lynne, I blame YOU for my many such nights of two to seven hours of blog stalk, errrr, reading! First, when I found your blog, then one day you introduced me to Karens blog. ‘Nuff said. Oh, and thank you!!!

    • Well said Jo-Ann !!

      The value of YOU in copy is a BIG game changer. As soon as YOU {{lol} write using the word YOU instead of I… well… that just changes e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g… as YOU know. hahaha.

      Storytelling, YOU and still using ‘I’ in copy ~ where someone can relate to it, or be entertained by it … that will be the difference that makes the difference.

      YOU WILL ROCK OUT LOUD!! I can feel it.

      Big hugs and it was FAB to have you here visiting the treehouse!!!!! We had a great time too.

      Lynne xx

  10. I’ve been reading Karen’s blog for a long time, but I had no idea you were, too. LOL I guess I really skim those comments. I’ve already signed up for the course. Can’t wait! It’s gonna be the best ever. Cheers!

  11. AwesomelyOZ says:

    Blogging takes tons of work and effort – it’s your heart and soul; sometimes you don’t produce the best most epic shit and sometimes you do but you try your best and that’s what counts. I’ve just passed my one year mark so I’m very proud of myself since I”m quick to drop kick shit like a bag of dirt once I start. 🙂 Your photos are lovely! Have a great one Lynne! -Iva

    • Hello Iva

      Oh so very true about the work and effort, but oh so worth it isn’t it?

      I just laughed out loud with the DROP SHIT LIKE A BAG OF DIRT. ahahahahaa

      Thanks for the photo lurve. It’s just my iPhone and apps. Oh la la.


  12. chris aka monkey says:

    lynne man oh freaking man.. i love karen’s blog thank you for sharing her i now have two you and her blogs coming to me in emails that make me piss my pants laughing and i learn at the same time jammies rule the world xx

  13. Merry says:

    Hi Lynne,
    I’ve been insta-stalking you and your awesome treehouse for a while now ( not a creeper, I promise ) I would like to try my hand at blogging but I really don’t know the first thing about it, how do you get readers? How do you make your page look enticing? How do you come up with enough posts? Help?

    • Hi Merry!!

      You crack me up, you insta-stalker you. LOL.

      I would highly recommend WORDPRESS for blogging. It is the number one blogging platform in the world.

      There are a ton of wordpress tutorials out there to help learn as you go. Watch, learn, read, learn.

      Take it in baby steps and then suddenly.. you are there. 🙂

      Lynne xx

  14. Tania says:

    Is there a magic number to when your blog starts producing an income? How many unique readers, FB likes, etc.,/month before someone starts showing me the MUH-Nee?

    • Hello Tania

      I find that many say not to monetize a site until you have a minimum of 30,000 pageviews per month and/or 500 blog subscribers. That’s an arbitrary number tho, since there are many different ways to start to monetize.

      Facebook changed its algorithms a while ago to a ‘pay to play’ sort of system. You have to pay to really get it out there. Having said that, it is really an affordable way to advertise.

      Lynne 🙂

  15. Danni says:

    Ok so here’s my thing..how do you know that what you write will be interesting enough to others? It is a lot to just lay it all out emotionally etc.

    • So true Danni. You don’t know if it will be interesting enough to others until you write it.

      Sometimes, what you think will be EPIC is not, and sometimes you are surprised by the little things that become EPIC to your readers.

      Your writing also changes as you grow. Thank Gawd.

      *every blogger looks back on their first blog posts and cringe* LOL


  16. Lana says:

    I read a few blogs that I really enjoy. And I know what I like and what I don’t like. I think I have lots to say on a specific part of my life BUT the resistance comes from the privacy aspect. I feel like if I didn’t show people my actual face, and used fake names, etc, then it wouldn’t seem authentic and that would take away from it. That’s my conundrum. (LOVE that word). I also love this font…..

    • Lana says:

      btw- it’s not just my own privacy I’m talking about here. It’s the folks in my family!

      • I’m picking up what you are putting down Lana. LOL.

        Truth is, you can share quite a bit but still not give away it ALL.

        It is possible. You have the choice, which is FABoosh.

        For example, Karen was a TV personality for years. Even after reading her blog- you may not even know that about her.

        She’s like a ‘wild hair’ card of info! ha!

  17. Danica says:

    Love all of your wise words in this post Lynne!

    Great motivation for us little guys who just want to learn, learn more, and not fall into that black hole of jealousy!

    I haven’t blogged in a while but have so much exciting news to share about the #foreverhome.

    I blame my lack of writing on my shoddy laptop with half of our letters not working and my house being a complete mess (yup I said that out loud)

    Also, I’m pretty sure I stalked you for the longest time.

    • Hi Danica!!!

      That’s part of the rehab program, we admit to our blog stalking addictions. LOL LOL LOL

      Your #foreverhome is sounding beautiful and I’ve been watching on insta & tweet-land 🙂

      I’m so happy that blogging brought us together as IRL friends!

      No sweat worrying about not blogging for a while.


      I’ll be teaching a blogging course too and that is exactly one of the things that I will be teaching. I post infrequently and yet have grown my blog by the hundreds of thousands without posting non-stop.

      It is possible. Woot woot!

      Lynne xx