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How to blog when you're blogstipated via @lynneknowlton





Burned out?  Have you ever practiced the art of un-working?  Are you a blogger?  Have you stepped away from your blog and unblogged?  Unplugged?  Did you hit the road, Jack?  Sometimes it is necessary to step back and breathe.  Rinse and Repeat.  Take a load off.  Unwind, even when you have a good thing.


Even    too   much   sunshine   burns.


How to #blog when you're blogstipated https://lynneknowlton.com/how-to-blog-2/ #blogging #howto #inspiration via Design The Life You Want To Live


What your mom didn’t tell you about having a craptastic month :  Your wheels fall off the bus.

That is the time when you learn ways to throw a party in your head.   It’s necessary, after your bus veers off the road a bit with its wobbly wheels.  Sometimes you have to get lost … to figure out your roadmap in life.


I   blame   winter


How to #blog when you're blogstipated https://lynneknowlton.com/how-to-blog-2/ #blogging #howto #inspiration via Design The Life You Want To Live


How to #blog when you're blogstipated https://lynneknowlton.com/how-to-blog-2/ #blogging #howto #inspiration via Design The Life You Want To Live

Winter Reality


I’m Canadian. What the what what?  The reality is, Canucks are just barely emerging from the winter shenanigans.  Winter has gone on and on and on from here to eternity.  Winter has been like a bad ass energizer bunny that just won’t quit.  Someone needs to punch the bunny in the face.


How to #blog when you're blogstipated https://lynneknowlton.com/how-to-blog-2/ #blogging #howto #inspiration via Design The Life You Want To Live

Summer Treehouse Dreams


How to #blog when you're blogstipated https://lynneknowlton.com/how-to-blog-2/ #blogging #howto #inspiration via Design The Life You Want To Live

Winter Treehouse Reality.  Brrrrrh.


There’s a snow bank outside every window in the Canadian countryside and it’s the size of Mount Everest.

Spring called.  It said it should arrive by 2018.   Oh no.  Guess what that led to?!!!


A   craptastic   month


How to #blog when you're blogstipated https://lynneknowlton.com/how-to-blog-2/ #blogging #howto #inspiration via Design The Life You Want To Live

Summer  Love


How to #blog when you're blogstipated https://lynneknowlton.com/how-to-blog-2/ #blogging #howto #inspiration via Design The Life You Want To Live

Winter  Freak  Out.   Punch  a  Snowman.


Have you had one of those holy shit what am I doing months moments??


I get it.  In the work / life balance world, what is successful to one peep is totally different from the success of another.  How do you balance your juggling balls?  Did I just say balls again?

I balance work with knitting.  Don’t judge.  Just pretend I’m a granny.  You wouldn’t judge a granny.  I’m technically 102 years old in knitting years.



In the blogging world, what’s successful to one blogger is not the same as what’s successful to another blogger three blogs over.  Wait.  That was a tongue twister.

We all have our limits.  Our success barometers.  Our point of no return.


Then it happens.  Your mind is overwhelmed.  Uhh-ohhh.  The face plant into a wall.  

oh my



What could possibly happen after THAT ?


You quit.  Just like that.  I feel your pain, sista.  I did it.  I quit being a blogger.  Quit.  Done. Gonzo.

Erhhhmergerd.  I wanted to run for the hills.  I wanted to run with hard liquor strapped to my boot and a chaser of Valium tucked neatly in my pant pocket.  I don’t know what a chaser of Valium is, but it sounds tempting.


For the love of Pete, WHY did this happen… you ask ?


What tipped me over the Thelma and Louise cliff?  I had the joyous grossness of the flu for 2 weeks.  It was worse than bad.  It was negative good.  Just for shits and giggles, I woke up in the morning and tortured myself just by breathing.  I got to the point where breathing out of ONE NOSTRIL seemed like the best thing on the face of the earth.


Oh joy.  I could half breathe.


How to #blog when you're blogstipated https://lynneknowlton.com/how-to-blog-2/ #blogging #howto #inspiration via Design The Life You Want To Live

Someone   save   me.


For the love of all grossness, it was intense for 4 weeks.  Four freakin’ weeks.  Four.  Count ’em.  During that time, I didn’t have grand goals to change the world.  My goal was to wake up and breathe out of both nostrils.


To be sick for so long is a backstage pass to nutty-ville. You know that nut town.  The town where people wear straight jackets and talk to rubber walls.  Truth is, I would have thrown myself into a pit of snakes, rather than blow my nose one.more.effffffing.time.


How to #blog when you're blogstipated https://lynneknowlton.com/how-to-blog-2/ #blogging #howto #inspiration via Design The Life You Want To Live

Road  Trip  to  The  Funny  Farm



I sound like I should be standing on the corner of 21st and crazy street right about now, don’t I ??!

Bat shit crazy street.


Been there.  Done that.  Got the poster.  Blah.


I considered hiring someone to shoot me.  I would have paid with all the tea in China if they aimed for my nose.


The crazy thaang about being sick was that it messed with my HEAD more than my BODY.  My HEAD.

For reals.  No fair. How dare it?!!  Pffffft.

It was craptastic.  Definitely a shit storm.   I shut down.


How to #blog when you're blogstipated https://lynneknowlton.com/how-to-blog-2/ #blogging #howto #inspiration via Design The Life You Want To Live

My  office.  It  was  a  quiet  place.  Ha@!


My thinking … my inspiration … my mojo …  GONE.  It was like Elvis.  It left the building.


It takes a lot to take me down and mess with my head.  The only other thing that could possibly do funky things to my head would be eating a tequila worm and waking up in the neighbours front yard the next morning.  Buck naked.  That could possibly mess with my head.  Exception to the rule : If my neighbour was George Clooney.  All bets would be off.


This past month, I thought I was coming unhinged.   I couldn’t find my smarty pants for a while.   I tried to write with a bang, and it came out as a thud.  Blah. The dogs breakfast.


I tried to organize myself and create.  Creating content is not always a piece of cake.  Hmmm. Cake?  Never mind cake.  Let’s talk about other cheery stuff… like muffins.  Yeah, I baked these skinny bitch muffins too.  You know it’s bad when those puppies don’t solve your problems.  They are seriously deeeeelish.


Mind  over   muffins


How to #blog when you're blogstipated https://lynneknowlton.com/how-to-blog-2/ #blogging #howto #inspiration via Design The Life You Want To Live


I wanted to get back to my old goofball self.  I wanted to practice the art of being reckless with my words and throw some lusciousness across the page.  The most I could accomplish was how to coordinate my flannel jammie tops with my bottoms.  Yessssss.  Success.


I wanted to do small things with great love.  I settled on doing great things like getting out of bed without tripping over my face.


Never have I ever had a curve ball like that.  Like ever.  In the history of ever.


Working on writing a blog post was an epic fail.  It was like herding a cat.  No such luck.


How to #blog when you're blogstipated https://lynneknowlton.com/how-to-blog-2/ #blogging #howto #inspiration via Design The Life You Want To Live

Cats  Have  it  all  Figured  Out  


Technically, it would have been easier to push a rope uphill.


The demons of self-doubt flitted about.  I crawled into my girl cave.   I didn’t leave the house.  Dressing me up into real clothes was like putting lipstick on a pig.  A hopeless ordeal.  Eventually,  I had to drag myself out of my bedroom by the ankles.  That was interesting.  I’m not flexible.


The point of this hot mess was that it got me thinking. It was time to stop staring skeptically at my computer screen and wondering what I was going to do when I grow up.


The procrastination of blogging and social media was looming over me like stink.  And then it happened.  It all changed.  Finally.  Fine-freaking-ally.   My world came back to me.


How to #blog when you're blogstipated https://lynneknowlton.com/how-to-blog-2/ #blogging #howto #inspiration via Design The Life You Want To Live


The real truth is that I started to miss the bejesus outta talking to you.  I missed my bloggy life where I could just throw words on the page, and not even think about being blogstipated.


It was official.  I decided to un-quit.


I watched something recently that I thought you might like 🙂

This video rocked me to the core.  It really made me think.  It’s inspiring.

Holy batman, check out the Marie Forleo interview with Adam Braun … The Promise of A Pencil.  I mean, Marie Forleo is already awesome sauce.  Adam Braun –> well… that dude knows how to change the freakin’ world. He started with a pencil and twenty five dollars.  For reals.  Totally doable. Right?  Right.  He’s an ordinary guy doing extraordinary things.  Just like you and me.  We can do it too.


You are not ordinary.  You are extraordinary.


This tips the whole experience of living an ordinary life into living an extraordinary life :



Did you watch it?  I wanna do that !  Do you ?!!  How cool is that to make such a difference to other people?!!

You can do it.  You can.  You can.  You can.


Design the Life You Want to Live <- Hey, that sounds familiar :)  


What was my takeaway from the craptastic month?


* Learn to focus on the deep inner game and change it up.  Baby steps.  One foot in front of the other.  Suddenly, you are there.  


Rome wasn’t built in a day, even though we kinda sorta wish it was.


*  Don’t worry.  It’s okay to be crappy sometimes.   Craptastic  can teach you a lot.   It can teach you what you want.  It can teach you what you don’t want <— That’s just as important, dude.


How to #blog when you're blogstipated https://lynneknowlton.com/how-to-blog-2/ #blogging #howto #inspiration via Design The Life You Want To Live

There  is  value  in  hanging  out  in  bed.  Ha !


Talk  To  Me …

What happens if you don’t succeed at something that’s über stinking important to you?

How do you get outta ‘yer funk?  What do you do when your life is a shit storm?

What happens when you are workstipated, lifestipated or blogstipated?
HOLY CRAP, that’s a lot of constipation.  Excuse the pun.


How to #blog when you're blogstipated https://lynneknowlton.com/how-to-blog-2/ #blogging #howto #inspiration via Design The Life You Want To Live


PS.  Did you luuuurve this bloggy post? Sign up for more awesomeness and get a free pressie too. Right here.

Or click on the photo below :


Free ebook full of epic photography ideas Design The Life You Want to Live #BLOG lynneknowlton.com #photoapps #epicphotos #photography #iPhone


Jump into the comments.  Let’s chitty chatty and talk wacky.  I’ve missed talking to you.

I’m back <— I said that with my best Arnold Schwarzenegger voice


What’s going on in that beautiful mind?   Lemme hear about it.  Talk to me, sugar.  In the words of Marie Forleo


How to #blog when you're blogstipated https://lynneknowlton.com/how-to-blog-2/ #blogging #howto #inspiration via Design The Life You Want To Live

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  1. […] was stuck in the mud.  That, my friend, is blogstipation.  Frustration.  Maybe even a bit of constipation.  Yeah, I swear to never say that word […]

  2. Scarleth says:

    Great post!
    Totally loved it.

  3. Tanya smith says:

    Yup. Me too. kept my shitty month lasted 2 and a half years!!! was doing so well with my blog and my art, then up and got divorced, and moved towns and tried to get my shit together… Now finally ready to get back into it BIG TIME, but so overwhelmed as to where to start. I will take a listen to Maria’s video (I love her stuff as well) and see if that gives me the kick in the ass that I need!! thanks for keeping it real!

  4. Mickie says:

    Hi Lynne :).

    I found your blog by way of your tree house guest post on a beautiful mess. And I LOVE the treehouse by the way. I’ve been sitting here reading through some of your posts and I gotta say I love it. Thanks so much for sharing your stories with the world.
    And Hey! I live in Ontario too!

  5. […] and classes” so I wrote “no” and then I thought about all of you dear readers. I was “blogstipated” as my friend Lynne at Design the Life You Want to Live has coined. I needed a push to get me […]

  6. Colleen says:

    Poor thing, I am glad you came out of your funk. Never, never, never give up…….

  7. cynthia says:


    You speak to me all over the place. I’ve been having a few overworked, over-wintered weeks myself, and my mojo has gone to Hawaii and left me behind to stare out the window at yet another grey day with snow threatening. Again. A-fucking-gain! I can barely feed myself, let alone write about it. Or anything else. Glad you pulled out of the flu and the funk. Maybe there’s hope…..

    • Oy Cynthia,

      At least your mojo picked a good place to go 🙂 I want to go to Hawaii with it.

      If I learned anything from my funk, it is this… the funk was a good thing! Truth.

      It forced me to step back, think about things, and energized me to come back.

      We all need a break. Stay with it, your body is trying to talk to you (and telling you to slow down), and that’s a good thing.

      Big love girly !!!
      Lynne xx

  8. Gah, we all get blogstipated (I love this new word, but I don’t want to get it) at times. For a few days, a week or so, a year for some. But you were good to yourself and didn’t try and make yourself blog or be all media-tastic. You waited until you could successfully manage two-nostril breathing (how come single nostril breathing is okay in yoga?). Sometimes it just isn’t there. We aren’t robots (yet) so we need to have downtime, healing time, empty brain time. Glad to see you back to your usual sparkling and sassy self. We have missed you. Stay well, my friend: 2014 has a lot of good plans for you. Btw, those winter pix are just as lush as the summer ones. You are lucky you live in such a beautiful place. But you need a fleet of big-ass snow ploughs…

    • Wait. A. Sec.

      Kellie… you had me at … one nostril breathing in yoga. Whaaaa? One nostril breathing is acceptable in yoga?!! That may mean that I will never do yoga. Ha! That’s torture.

      PS. I might have fooled you with the winter shots. What you can’t see is my fingers that look like frozen tootsie rolls while taking the photo 🙂

      Big {{ love }} right back atcha.


  9. Traci says:

    I have been trying to figure out a road to travel in my life. I am a retired hairstylist. I have a son with a very rare disease called Cystinosis. 2,000 cases in the world. I need something creative, so I started a blog on Tumblr. I have no idea what I’m doing. It is called FuzzyJackson. After watching this video and following you for only a couple of days; I have decided to raise funding to help find a cure for my sons illness. I have not wanted to do this in the past. (Just a bit of honesty here) But I think I can pull it together in a creative way that might attract more than just those with the illness or family and friends that know us. I so enjoy your blog. Most blogs I look at the pictures and don’t really read them. So I thank you from the bottom of my heart for putting yourself out there. I am truly inspired.

    • Hi Traci

      First of all, CONGRATS on starting a tumblr bloggy ! Every bit makes a difference.

      I lurve your idea of raising funding for your sons illness. That is living with PURPOSE, my friend. You will rock it !!

      Do you have instagram? It’s fun to do photos there and they link easily to tumblr ! You will LOVE.

      Many hugs and epic success to you!!

      Lynne xx

  10. Writing about news is always easy and can help get you through the times when Ideas just are not flowing.

    I like how you mix the images in. I find I can skim and read all at once.

    Great post.

    – Bryan

    • Thanks a bunch Bryan !

      I just attended a social media conference #SMMW14 and they talked a TON about images and their über importance. Wooohoooo!!!

      Thanks for the compliment.

      Lynne !

  11. carey says:

    My blog has been sitting on standby for months after I wrote a 31-day series on chronic illness, then got super ill. Then my laptop croaked. And it was winter. No good thing happens in the winter, I swear. (except learning to knit) But now the sun’s out and I’m busy in the garden and have lots to share. But my laptop is still dead. I guess that’s where I should start.

    • You are out in the garden Carey ?!!

      Yessssss. That’s a great start!!

      A dead laptop is not a good thaaaang tho. LOL.

      Hey, when you buy one, think about how grateful you will be to have it 🙂

      PS. I use a Macbook Air and adore it. Buy one of those! If I could kiss it and have apple babies, I would.


  12. Kathy says:


    Hmm…let’s see…Oliver, Michael — cucking fancer!, — 3 kids, life: Time off is well deserved.

    I believe our brain and body are so attuned to what they need, it will do whatever it needs to in order to get us to shut. it. down. when we ignore the signs and signals.

    Now, you have reserves for all the exciting things that lay ahead. This is a BIG year for you!!!

    I do have to argue against two of the points you make in this post:
    1) Your place is as beautiful in winter as it is in summer. I like summer better too, but I bet the first few snowfalls are Magic!
    2) Cats don’t have it all figured out. One time, at Grown Up Camp, a cat tried to make babies using two vaginas. One of them was mine.


    Hugs, but not too hard because I’m gassy,

    • Kathy says:


      True story: Grammatical errors in ^that^ comment abound. My bad!!!

      Also, at my age, Ermehgerd warrants a trip to a gastroenterologist. In fact, I made a graphic about it at 5:00am this morning. For serious.

      Ermehgerd! I’m awake at 4 freaking 30 every day. You’d think I would accomplish more. Nope. Just aging while half the world is asleep…

    • Kathy,

      I have three words for you.

      I LOVE YOU.

      That #hashtag should be the 2014 hashtag of the year.

      PS. to everyone reading her comment…. my FEMALE barn cat jumped on Kathy in our hammock and fell in love with her. It was abso-tootly-hilarious !!!!!

      Big MWAH to you my friend !!!!!!

  13. Linda says:

    Being sick sucks….. I’m so glad your back with the 2 nostril breathing crowd !!!

  14. glad you are back…hope you are feeling better…I was sick for three months…still have some lingering problems…getting old is not for the young! I’ve been a little blog stuck too…not worrying about…I’ll get to it when I get to it…but I show up everyday to create art…its what keeps the ball rolling (yes, I said ball…)
    you are the best!

    • Whaaaa Amy

      Sick for 3 months? Oh. Emm. Geeeeh.

      Good call to take your time to get the ball rolling again and create art. It will keep you grounded while you come on back. 🙂

      Take the breather.

      Been there. Done that. Got the poster. It’s worth it.

  15. Must. Read. This. EVERY. Day!!!!! If I am not mistaken… you’ve just had a pretty big hit to a soft spot, Mr. Oliver was a loss for you and your family. I think that you should cut your self a little break! It is terrifying when our creativity goes for a hike! Glad you are feeling more “regular” because, bam, what a post!!!!!

  16. Janet Sonnenberg says:

    Oh Lynne, I am so sorry you were so sick! I hope you are feeling much better. So happy you are Back and blessing my life again. I don’t think, no, I Know I have never been more inspired by anyone than you. Thank-you for all you are to Michael and your children, your bloggy-fans/friends, and to me. Love and all the best to you! Praying for Michael and truly hope he is doing well. I am officially half-way through chemo and have only 10 months of treatment to go! Yippee!!!! Love and Blessings, Janet

  17. Maria Pischke says:

    I really enjoyed your delivery of words. I too hate being sick, you feel helpless and angry at the same time because you are being stopped from doing what you want. But being a big believer of things happening for a reason, I can tell you that your reason was to put chuckles in everyone’s heart while reading your words. sorry you felt bad, but thanks for the chuckles.

    Maria 🙂

  18. Aw, great to hear from you, Lynne! You’re always fantastic!! It’s okay to get sick and take a break….when I feel frustrated I get away to the ocean. It helps put things in perspective for me. Some sun on my skin and salt air do wonders. Even then I can come back and wonder why I bother but something will trigger an idea or a feeling to get back and share my stories… xo

  19. Rachel says:

    Glad to see your post. This winter has dragged on and on and on and on…plus flus and colds–I work in an office so I think that I have had about 30 colds over the past couple of months–we are just passing it around. Then the sun comes out today…and now we are getting another 15cm of snow…WTH….we even uncovered the BBQ…typical Canadian optimism 🙂

  20. Well girl, you are BACK!! Oh, I adore you. And I missed you. So happy to hear you’re feeling better. High five from sunny Southern California. Please don’t punch me in the face..you can visit me anytime Lynn 🙂

    Love you and thank you for writing this post! Everything is gorgeous, as usual.


    • Ugh, I forgot the E on Lynne..I’m sorry!

    • Hiya Stephanie …

      You Blissbombed.com awesomeness !!!

      Guess what ?!!! I will be in Southern California next week !!! <--Wait, that's a lot of exclamation marks. Ha! I am flying into LA on Tuesday and then heading to San Diego for the social media conference #SMMW14 for 3 days. Are you going to the conference? If so, we could meet !!!!!!!! I really need to back off the coffee so late in the day… getting so carried away with all my !!! Big fat hugs, Lynne xx

  21. Craig says:

    …so I’m strolling around the grocery store picking out over priced fruits & veggies and you pop into me head…. hmmm, I wonder were she has been… well, I know it’s been kinda rough this winter, so what’s happened… My first thought, avalanche, nah… sink hole, I don’t think so, then I said to myself, ( aha moment ) that’s it, she went to ask the little man on top of the mountain… gosh, was I off… oh well, glad you are back… By the way, the little man on top of the mountain, well, here’s what he has to say, “Wherever you go, there you are” …… k.i.s.s. enjoy the weekend… I’ll be working in the plumbing isle at Lowes talking males & females… and they pay me….

  22. Hey Lynne

    I empathise in a way that I wish I didn’t mate.

    I’m just coming out of the tunnel of 5 weeks of flu and coughs that I thought would bring up a lung.

    For 3 days I was pretty much unconscious in a cold shivery world (well, I also live in Dublin so that’s a given).

    It wasn’t like when I loll in bed because I’m the Empress of Lolling and it’s how I run my Empire – NOOOOOOO – it was feckin awful because I couldn’t read or play or anything.

    You’re right about the head stuff AND my emotions felt like they were just skipping on my skin. I cried at anything.

    Luckily it was just before B School started so I’ve been weller (yes, that is a word in the Lolling Empress Universe) and the world looks a tad better.

    I really love the whole design of your blog and am having text and image envy – and – celebrating what a fab blog you have at the same time!

    Do you use photoshop or some pic editing software to make everything look so fine? I’ve already signed up but will download this pdf as well.

    Good to see you’re feeling better and I watched the vid on Marie tv yesterday – really lovely.

    Have a healthy and 2 nostril breathing weekend.

  23. Janet says:

    Ok, what the what what, I love that “value” art! I’m so glad your back. I need to be able to stalk u when I’m up and the world is asleep and I’m stuck on the 78th floor hotel room- in a subtitle nightmare, in Timbuktu (too tired to make sense). I got some crud and lost my use of nostril breathing last week…two words…Nettie pot. I’m sorry to say Nettie pot- conjures up grossness, but it’s a life changer. Welcome back darling, welcome back.

  24. 2doghouse says:

    I wondered why no new posts! ooooo rotten colds/flu/misery. Glad you’re BACK!

  25. AwesomelyOZ says:

    I watched that too the other day!! I had to pause it when she started tearing up – it was too much and I was at work, can’t be a hot teary eyed mess up in here?! It’s enough I’m a female I can’t truly show my vaginal colors by spewing tears, keep it together! I’m in a rut in that I’m not thoroughly inspired – my mind is blown with serenity but that serenity isn’t filled with words at this time. I can catch ideas but that’s about it. I put out ONE post this week and I wasn’t the most proud, it could have been way better. Alast, it’s up my obligation to myself was fulfilled to some degree. Spring is peeping but there is threats of snow and that makes me sad – hopefully once Spring stops playing hide and seek, I can get past the quiet serenity and maybe produce something I’m more proud of. Until then, hope you feel better and Happy Friday love, it’s as though you read my mind. 🙂 Have a great one Lynne! -Iva

  26. so happy you’re back gorgeous girl…….and feeling better. Haha…I soooo hear you on the craptastic-ohhhhmergawdddd-will-it-ever-endddd winter we’ve had. ugh. But spring has sprung…..and time for us all to take a relax-itive (hehe)….and get ready for what hopes (better) to be a fabulous spring….and summer! Maybe…just maybe….like the never ending snowfall we just had over the past several months……we will experience never ending sunshine….and cool summery night breezes….and major butterflies and never ending blooming gardens and pool side magical days. ahhhhhhh ~ sure hope so, eh?

  27. Grace says:

    I haven’t been blogging quite long enough to get blogstipated (I’m in the honeymoon “overflowing with creativity” stage), but I have managed to be sick the. entire. time. It has seriously damaged my already fragile psyche. Everything is viewed through this depressed aura and Minnesota’s view on Spring certainly isn’t helping! To snap out of it, I am going to go buy some springy flowers (that everybody and their brother is instagramming), sip some sage tea, and catch up on the last 3 episodes I’ve missed from The Walking Dead. I mean, no matter how bad my month has been, it really can’t be as bad as being undead….right???

  28. You speak for us all, Lynne. It happens and when we’re sick, it’s worse. Glad you’re back and please, don’t beat yourself up. When you don’t feel well, back off. It’s OK. xoxox

  29. babs says:

    Missed you! I was wondering how you were doing. It had been too long. I’m so glad you are back and over that rotten flu! Keep flinging those words on your blog cause they make me laugh and encourage me all at the same time! Go girl!

  30. Agnes says:

    Hi Lynne
    Yes winter takes a tole. I keep going with my blog by going through my tens of thousands of travel photos and picking a destination to focusing on it. Check out carcassonne France 😉 stay warm were in the home stretch. (A fellow suffering Canadian)


  31. Excuse me while I take another moment to laugh until my ribs crack! Okay. All better now.

    First, glad to see by your blogging ways that you are much improved… and welcome back.

    Second, I feel your pain. A great deal of post space has been dedicated to the craptastic, I mean typical, Canadian winter we are having. It’s the frigid cold this year. Nothing is melting. Nothing is going away. We’re considering putting icers on the G-Pup. And I’m seriously rethinking my winter wardrobe.

    My advice is to drink a Hot Toddy for breakfast. It cures blogstipation. Cheers!

    • Ohhhh Elen

      Why can’t you be my neighbour? We would have a freaking blast.

      I think winter might end in July 🙂 I seriously can’t wait to escape to the treehouse.

      I have been drooling over your bloggy and lurve your writing !!!!!!! We seriously need to hang out. For reals. Stamped it. Double stamped it.


  32. Kevin R says:

    Hope you are feeling better, Lynne… The flu can be nasty. Take care…

    • Thanks Dude !

      I’m feeling better foooooshur !!

      I’m almost well enough to start dropping f-bombs in blog posts again 🙂

      Not that I would ever do that. I would totally do that.


  33. Becca says:

    We’re supposed to coordinate jammie tops with jammie bottoms? Oh dear.

    • Ha!

      A girl has to do what a girl has to do, Becca.

      Desperate times call for desperate measures.

      PS. You should also take popcorn to bed after coordinating said jammies.

      Works like a charm.


  34. Catherine says:

    Whew. Glad you didn’t end the bloggy. That would have been tragic. March can kiss my skinny butt. Craptastic month indeed!!!