DIY Grapevine Lighting Balls…What a BRIGHT idea!


How to Make Grapevine Balls 

I wish I could dream up a better NAME 

Other than


I can create them, hang them, make them look pretty with lights, but I can’t dream up a REAL name for them yet.  I can’t name a grapevine ball to save my life.

I am stumped.   I need a name that doesn’t make me *smirk*.  Any ideas?

So far, it’s  balls.


These little crazed balls may not look like much as you create them, but they are stunners when they are lit at night.  They also look FAB in the garden.  They are organic in nature, so they can definitely take some wind, rain, snow abuse.



See?  Easy.  Need help finding grapevine?  If you are Canadian, it’s everywhere.  Like. Everywhere.  It is like a wild weed.

What if you don’t have grapevine??!  Yikes.  

BUY a grapevine wreath and take it apart. The grapevine wreath already has the ’round’ shape.  Woot. Woot.  Unwrap the wreath and voila you have the grapevine supplies to make a ball.

Here is what grapevine looks like :


It’s presently taking over my barn.  My fields. My tree line. My life. Grapevine rolls like that.

Bad ass.

I have an abundance of grapevine and needed to make balls.  Don’t judge. I’m a designer.  My skills are sometimes limited to wine drinking and grapevine wrestling.

Funny how those skills go so well together.

If you are not near grapevine, don’t fret.   Plan B.

You can make



Yup.  Genius name, isn’t it?  Wire Balls.  You can use these for lighting or home decor. It’s easy to do, I pinkie swear it.   BOOM.  Amazing. We made ours from this fencing wire from the hardware store.

  Back to balls..

SUPPLIES for Grapevine lighting balls:


 Grapevine. You can go foraging for it, or buy it as a ready made wreath, take the wreath apart and make your own grapevine ball from there.


Floral wire

Cut this floral wire into small pre-cut pieces. I usually cut about 30 pre-cut pieces.  This wire will be used to secure the grapevine together as you are wrapping the beach ball. Pick a floral wire gauge like what you see in the photographs below.  I didn’t pay attention to what gauge I used.  There are no rules.

We are here for good times, peeps.


A nice pair of wire cutters to cut through your fencing wire and floral wire. The ones I have linked to are very affordable.


A definite necessity : Beach balls. Buy varying sizes of balls (there I go with that ball word again). Immature.  I am.  Make sure you buy the kind of beach balls that you can deflate.  You can also buy a variety of sizes so that you will have a variety of finished sizes of grapevine balls.

Why buy a deflatable beach ball ? a)   You can play with it later b)  If you can’t deflate the ball, you will need to beat the heck out of it, to remove it from your grapevine.  Trust me on this one.  Buy a deflatable ball.  No need to murder a beach ball.  No balls need to die in this experiment.


Ohhh we have to have some twinkle lights, fooooshur.

You know the kind.  Little wee white lights, with a dark wire. Bonus: I found this set with a dark wire. Holy batman.

How do you spell PERFECT?! <- I SCREAMED THAT.

You’ll need string lights with about 50 little twinkle lights per strand, and be sure to get a dark green or black wire on those lights. The white electrical cord may look stupid.  HMmm. I retract that statement.  If you spray paint your grapevine balls white, that could look super funky.  I might need to try white version 101 next. White grapevine balls with white mini lights.  I LOVE WHITE. I have a problem.

Enough about my problems.

Let’s get crackin’ on those balls.



Chain, twine, rope &/or extension cord to hang the balls from the trees. You will not need this chain or rope if you are placing the grapevine balls on the ground, in the garden.  Ambiance.   Less Work.  Awesome.




Gather up your grapevine and strip it of the grapes and leaves.   Make your grapevine buck-naked.  This is not a glamorous job (even though the buck-naked part might sound glamorous.)  Wear gloves.  Do not get a manicure the day before.   Been there.  Done that.  Got the dumb girl poster.

Grapevine looks like this (which is technically pretty gross looking at this stage. GAH) In my head, I was imagining it to look like the photo on the right, but in reality, the photo on the left is the real deal.

Pick the grapevine while it is still growing, soft, and pliable.  If you let it dry out, the grapevine will crack and be too dry to work with.  It can be done, but only if you want to do things the hard way.   I like the easy route, myself.  Easy.  Floozy.  Yup.


Okay, wild grapevine does not look as dreamy as this, but I’m trying to inspire you. LOL. Basically, it looks very similar to this, but is more of a wild child. Tiny little grapes, and not looking too tame. Wild. Like us. 🙂

Grapevine is generally easy to acquire, since most farmers  just love to get rid of it.  Grapevine causes harm because it chokes out trees and takes over everything in sight. Don’t let it.  Pull it off, wrangle it, and it is yours to turn into a ball. Pffft.  At it again.


After you have stripped the grapevine, you are left with the brown woody stem for wrapping around the beach ball.

I usually deflate the ball midway through the project and after the grapevine ball starts to take shape.  Don’t even get me going on deflating balls.  Never mind.  haha.  Don’t try to sneak the beach ball out after the grapevine ball is complete.   You will need to murder the beach ball if you wait that long.  Pull out the beach ball while you still have ROOM to pull it out.

Get that?

I used annoying CAPS LOCK for that beach ball bit.

Annnnnnd, I make my friends help me.  Gather friends and beach balls.  You’ll be fine.  Wrap the beach ball.


Have your wire and wire cutters handy. I prep a bunch of pre-cut wire, so I am not wrangling with the wire cutters, wire, ball, and grapevine all at once.  I am not that coordinated. Wrap, wire it in place.

Wrap, wire. Rinse, repeat.

I usually work with different sizes of balls*  errrhmerrrgerd.  Now I want to tell myself to shut up.  If I say balls again, you have permission to punch me.

The different sizes of beach balls will give you different sizes of lighting balls <—  Punch.

From this to this…..

A wee sidebar note:

Wondering why I have a table built of stones and old boards??  I left my Mom and her friend alone outside my barn one day.  Not alone actually.  They were armed with liquid fermented grapes wine.  No  joke. Hours passed.  A whole lotta laughing went on.  I think one of them pee’d their pants.  The other one went on a disappearing act for a while and created a grapevine angel using an old staircase post.  I swear.  I could not make this stuff up.  And then.. And then… there was a TABLE.


As you wrap the beach ball with the grapevine, secure it with your pre cut wire to ensure a solid hold.   It will seem tricky at first,  sort of like rolling a mammoth ball of yarn.  Once the ball gets going though, it gets easier.  Ewwwh.  Unattractive  gloves.  Sorry ’bout  that.


After the grapevine ball starts to take shape, you can then deflate your beach ball. Continue to work by building up more grapevine around the beach ball.  Just keep adding the grapevine, in circles around the ball, like you are rolling a ball of wool.  A big ball of wool.  Something like what the green giant would use to knit a sweater.

Don’t sweat it too much if you don’t get all the grapes and leaves off the grapevine ball.  They will eventually dry up and fall off.   Like a baby belly button, except that was a gross analogy.   Ditto ewwwwhhh.


Finished !!! When you are finished , you need to stand back and admire it.

At this point,  I went and celebrated … wine, and bread too ! PS. we have an ahhhhmazing no-knead bread recipe here on the blog too. It’s SUPER simple to make! Recipe here. See photos here on Instagram too!

After all that celebrating, I forgot to take photos of what it looks like to string the twinkle lights on it.  It is not rocket science.  I know you can do it.

String lights FIRST, drink wine AFTER.


Wrap the mini lights around the balls.  You can be quite random.  No rules here.


You can now add a chain or rope to hang your balls.   I usually scramble around the house or barn and look for random chains.  I steal them from the kids bikes or my husbands workshop.  Failing that, I have used the extension cord itself to hang the balls.  That is not technically correct (or a strong/long term /smart decision) but I am so excited to hang them, I don’t care.


Attach electrical tape to secure the mini light plug to the extension cord and keep it free of rain and little creepy critters.



 If you feel like growing a wild hair, use a big ol’ rope or funky twine.  Check this one out.  It’s gorgy gorgeous!!  Interesting rope is a nice twist if you are feeling artistically twisted.  Or braid it.  I don’t care.  Hang that ball.



PLAN B :   You have no grapevine.  You have no mini lights.  You have a lot of wine.  You have a bit of time.  You have WIRE.

Make these :


How to make a wire ball…

Same deal.  Start with a beach ball.  Minus the grapevine. Minus the just about everything except wire.  Wrap wire around the beach ball, and secure it with your small precut pieces of wire.  Wrap little wire ‘knots’ to hold the big wire together. I used old fencing wire to create ours.   I left the finished wire ball in the rain to rust. Rust is funky, man.

Sip your wine.

Admire your balls.


DIY Grapevine Lighting Balls : Learn a fast and easy way to make grapevine balls for your backyard patio. Full grapevine ball tutorial on lynneknowlton.com . So affordable and fun to make !

I’m so very grateful that you took the time to read the blog.

Big love and THANK YOU !!

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Grapevine orbs would be a good idea


I feel better after reading your how to: on the garden lights. I chuckled, smirked,laughed outloud and agreed with your philosophy about wine. I feel we could be the same person, as saying “balls” make me giggle also. You should try the word “duty”…but think doody..as in poop…LOL that word spoken makes me think
“They said doody”..hahaha
Say it while drinking wine and its even funnier, come on do it…its your duty!

Kim Holmes

Ball – globe, orb


Great! The idea is so amazing. The photos are charming. I hope that mine will be also so beautiful. Thanks for sharing your tips.

Mary O'Connor

Hi. Loved your article, really crafty, useful and very funny! I love the fact that you share the good and the bad and don’t take it all too seriously! I’m definitely going to give these a try though we don’t have grapevine in Ireland {although we are the home of Baileys and we do that very well}- too wet and cold to grow grapes but I’m going to try with wire and maybe wrap in ivy – I’ve tons of that! A suggestion, how about glowing grape globes! Anyway had to let you know how much I enjoyed this! Thanks… Read more »

Patti Evans

Maybe call them fairy orbs

Thanks for sharing this wonderful post of lighting balls.


Hi Lynne!
Grapevine ORB!
Grapevine Sphere!
Grapevine Globe!
I’m partial to ORB!
However, adopting any of these would never be as amusing as Grapevine “Balls”!!!

Love your style!


How about wire spheres! instead of balls.


Holy sh*tBALLS you are hilarious! I’m not even sure I paid attention to the topic (except when I read BALLS). I was too busy laughing. Now I know what men feel like blahblahblahBALLSblahblah. Thanks for the easy to follow DIY. I’m absolutely looking forward to making these stunning BALLS. Of course I can’t wait for my friends to tell me how nice my balls look. I can picture it now “Hey, [wink] your balls look nice.”

Tammy Duckett

Thanks For sharing Lynn. I too am a lover of balls. And have been wanting to tackle some grapevine and wire and (also honeysuckle vine works well) to make y own balls. Thanks for the tips. I have heard them also referred to as “spheres” not as much fun as BALLS I know. PS just discovered garland balls as I had to rip garland off a string of lights I had various lengths and colors of garland and so I started wrapping and tucking and wah lah pretty shiny and I’ll say it kinda hairy looking Christmas garland BALLS. HAPPY… Read more »


BALLS!!!!!!! I CAN’T STOP!!!!


Reading your blog, wondering what a blog is, laughing, and making BALLS!!!!!!!

Lynne Tharan

Wow – I’m a first-timer here, and I love reading your blog…and I have to ask you….have you been fighting for that ‘e’ at the end of your name all your life???? I certainly have.

Dana Kunz

Light balls is not appropriate for the beauty of your DIY. How about “Fairy Nest Lighting” or “Fairy Nest Village” or “Fairy Spheres”?


Grapevine spheres, globes, (still thinking)

Grapevine Globes? Grapelights? Photonic Fruit? Twinkleberries?
Just a thought…

Amanda B

Decided to make some of these while breaking down cypress trees we are thinning from our yard, and have tips if you’re working with less flexible material.

1. Pre bend your green branches to get a curve
2. I skipped the beach balls, I made 3 rings equal in diameter to get the frame started, using black zip ties to hold the rings, then floral wire to bind the intersections.

I’m debating whether to try wrapping the lights around the outside, vs. crisscrossing them through the center. Thoughts?

Jan Hanner Elliott

I love you balls! 🙂 I want to make several of the wire ones for my daughter’s industrial look wedding. The link takes me to aluminum wire. Aluminum doesn’t rust, right? I want to get them as nasty and rusty as possible (after all, it is a wedding) and have over a year to do this. Is there another type of wire you would recommend?

Cindy Harris
Reply to  Lynne Knowlton

I love your idea! Instead of ‘balls” how about Grapevine Light Orbs or Spheres. Just an idea!! Oh and question, maybe I missed it but are the lights run on batteries or plug in?

Lynne Wells

Hi lynne, I love grapevine anything!! When I saw your name I knew i wanted to read more. My name is Lynne too. With writing it I use the lower case, lynne. I ask my Momma why she put the “e” on Lynne and she said it looked finished with the “e”. My Momma has passed but would be 90 yrs. Growing up I didn’t meet alot of Lynn’s with an “e”. Although I have a friend that spells her Lynne like us and she is actually my age (65) and from Canada. I am sure you are thinking, blah-blah-blah… Read more »

Chary lee post

I love the lingo! It makes it fun to read, keep up the good work! Made a few grapevine balls , they turned out great! Thanks!

Patti Gant

Delightful read and love your ‘incrediballs’.

You should call them fairy orbs,they remind me of never land at night from the movie

[…] Anleitung für die dekorativen Weidenkugeln finden Sie hier […]

[…] Anleitung für die dekorativen Weidenkugeln finden Sie hier […]


How about calling the balls “vine O’s”. Play on words, oh my! Fun none the less.

All I can say is that your beautiful blog is no more than a reflection of the beautiful way you are dealing with so much. Thanks for sharing and accept our love.

Joshua A Everly

Vitis Spheres 🙂

[…] Create unique lighting from grapevine, wire and beach balls! Simple DIY project for one of a kind lighting. (Tutorial: Lynneknowlton) […]


What a great post – a giggle to read, permission to fetch a glass of wine, and something actually productive at the end of it! Thank you. If anyone wants to make some smaller balls (I said it! I said it!) for the Christmas tree, try using coloured craft wire and glass beads. Instead of the beach balls, use balloons – kids’ mini ‘water bomb’ balloons from the £/$/€1 store are perfect for the job (tip: don’t give them to your children, and especially not to your partner, it’ll get messy). Just pop them and pull them out once you’ve… Read more »

Appreciating the time and effort you put into your website and in depth information you offer.
It’s awesome to come across a blog every once in a while that isn’t the same unwanted rehashed information. Wonderful read!

I’ve bookmarked your site and I’m including your RSS feeds
to my Google account.

Kathy Driskell

There’s your name for them…..”Amazeballs”!!!


Very pretty! How about Orbs? Lighted grapevine orbs. 🙂

[…] The above image is from a brilliant DIY ‘How To’ by Lynne Knowlton. This would be a great use for Grapevine or Kiwifruit vine (or any other vines for that matter!)   Check out how Lynne made some amazing garden light balls here: https://lynneknowlton.com/diy-grapevine-lighting-balls-what-a-bright-idea/ […]


How about grapevine spheres? I have been looking for a lage one like 18 or 20in.. not willing or able to pay $200

[…] light spheres can be made from grapevines such as in this tutorial, or fencing wire wrapped around an inflated beach ball, video […]


What about fairy globes. I love your idea and the easy to follow way to create them

Allen Roberts

Lighted Grapevine Ornaments?

[…] Make a ball from Grapevine or wire and add lights. Read the complete tutorial here. […]

debra lemoine

you were looking for a different word than grapevine ball how about grapevine sphere,,,

Susan Layfield Smith

Thought your tutorial was a hoot!! Just wanted to pass on a helpful hint for those without access to fresh grapevine. If you’re using pre-made wreaths that most likely will be very dry and stiff, give yourself a break and soak the wreaths in a tub of water for several hours before wrapping your “viney balls” (how’s that for a name?) Have done this for other projects, and it works just fine!! They will be flexible and easy to shape……..plus as the vine dries, they’ll slightly contract into a more secure final shape. Vine on!!!

[…] DIY Grapevine Lighting Balls…What a BRIGHT idea! […]

Hi i am kavin, its my first occasion to commenting anyplace,
when i read this paragraph i thought i could also create comment due to this brilliant piece of writing.

[…] Tutorial: Lynne Knowlton […]

I love all your ideas! Actually when I googled this idea I was not sure if I should look for vine spheres or vine globes. I was pretty sure I didn’t want to Google vine balls.

Lisa B.

P. S. I would call them “spheres “….LOL

Lisa B.

I absolutely love these! Any tips on which direction to wrap and how often to secure? Like, do you wrap across in one direction and then switch to another and alternate? If there is a video tutorial, it would sure be handy. Thanks!

[…] how to make grapevine light balls […]


Guess what I did with my balls?
Not that … gross …
After I wrapped lights around them, I wired white and red fake poinsettias sporadically around the ball (stems thru random holes towards the center of the ball, keeping the flowers as close to the ball as possible). The lights shine through the flowers and in between the flowers. Its gorgeous!!!

Nyk Kelly
Reply to  Michelle

Would DIE to see a pic of this!
Oh, and Lynne? Lovely diy piece. Adore the blog, as well. And this FONT!!! Am really digging it!
Thanks so much for your contribution to the diy world.
It lit up our lives! ????
Has anyone experimented with any other “vine” materials? I live in a very rural, lovely, green town. I had to recently take many vines, branches, etc. off both a Rose of Sharon and two Crepe Myrtle.
I was fiddling with a twinkle lit branch piece of some sort.
Too many ideas, too few moments of quiet time.

[…] Bron beeld: Lynne Knowlton […]

[…] instructions détaillées sur le bricolage de boules en osier, vous trouverez ici Des photophores de glace à faire soi-même – plus de détails vous trouverez ici Comment […]


How bout……TWIBALLS…..Pronounced-twib-als. Heheheh! Yes..did it. Lynne, you now have a name for yer balls. Awesome?

Shereen Salimi

Thank you for the most funniest tutorial of various “ball making” lighted ornaments! A great morning wake up with cup of Jo & lmao
Great presentation! This is whole lot easier then using an invisible ball!


First of all you’re a hoot! Lol…I love these ‘balls’! We do have a grapevine but I’m not sure I’m patient enough to sit and wrap it around a beach ball. Kudos! They are stunners!

[…] grapevine, wire, beach balls. easy diy project kind lighting.great garden, home decor design.. DIY Grapevine lighting balls …What a BRIGHT idea …The sequoia seminars – history – mygeneration, Kibitz: original questions : willis […]

Great tutorial Could you Pls. tell us how you connect the lights to the Orbs # BALLS together? You mentioned extension cords ?Are they plugged extension to extention?

Lou Ann Marks

Enjoyed your tutorial, here’s an idea: Grapevine Garden Orbs!
Here is my finished product, with solar lights found on Amazon.

Lou Ann Marks
Reply to  Lou Ann Marks

Sorry, wouldn’t let me insert a picture ?


Thank you for the brilliant idea. Living on Georgia I wonder about using cudzu


Love this DIY and your blog so much. The balls will look beautiful in the trees that line our driveway this winter! I wish you would’ve added something about making sure some balls hang lower than others, you know, to add to the effect. *giggle*

Robert Taylor

Instead of using the word “balls” call them “spheres”. Hope this gives you a new option with same point.
Regards, Bob Taylor, Indiana

Very creative project. BTW, I love the “Twinkle Balls”.. LOL

Leslie McRimmon

I just loved your blog. You are soho entertaining. Cannot wait to make my balls!!!!!!!Plan to hang outside.

Hi Lynne,
I’m the Arts Education Director for Erie Arts & Culture and I’m starting a fiber program in the community. We’re looking to offer unique workshops and your idea seems to fit the bill. I’m not sure where you’re located but do you ever get to Northwest Pennsylvania for workshops?

Holly Nowak

Maria Adams

Love your blog , I live in London UK. How about “Wire Spheres” or “Sparkling Spheres”

Maria Adams
Reply to  Maria Adams

thanks Lynn, btw I love your site and your humour too, found your hoop lights pic on Pinterest ( which I am obsessed bY ) and followed the links x