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Whoop whoop wham whoomph!  Let’s duke this out.  Are you hearing that you can’t earn moola with Facebook?  I’m calling bullshit.  That whole giddy up about Facebook being useless for advertising is exactly that.  Useless information.

Here’s the truth: 

Facebook does have the giddy up and go go for making money for YOU.   You’ll be as happy as a lark.  On the downside, there has been a bunch of flack about Facebook and its algorithms.


#Facebook algorithms can make you cray-cray

Oh boy. Eeeeeeek.


Ignore the haters.  They are funking up the room.  You are about to prove them wrong.  You’ll be ahead of the game.

I get it.  I get that keeping up with Facebook changes can make you feel like you are losing your mind.

Facebook feels hot and cold and it changes more than the weather.


You THINK you can't make money with Facebook? Let's take this outside. Read more here --> http://wp.me/p38cMm-3Zv


I’m about to show you that you can shake your groove thing on Facebook.

You can, in fact, make money with Facebook.  If you do it right. 


Let’s not pussy foot around the issue anymore …


You THINK you can't make money with Facebook? Let's take this outside. Read more here --> http://wp.me/p38cMm-3Zv



When people tell me that they can’t earn money with Facebook, I want to attack them with my pen.


#Facebook & Design The Life You Want To Live


I have three words for them : Get over it.


I know all of the Facebook shenanigans must make you feel a little bit bonkers.


Been there.  Done that.


Remember this:  Earning moola with Facebook is like a good shot of espresso.  It’ll help you run straight to the bank.


How do you do it?   You just have to start.


#Facebook : It's a beautiful thing.

It’s a beautiful thing !!


But first, the question that I want to slap on the table, smother in butter ….


You THINK you can't make money with Facebook? Let's take this outside. Read more here --> http://wp.me/p38cMm-3Zv

… and offer up for the taking is this:

Do you know how to use Facebook for your business?


If not, you need to learn how.  Right now.  


Helloooo Facebook marketing.  Helloooooo Amy Porterfield.  Let’s get our learning on.

I’ve gotta tell you, I have loved Facebook and hated it, in equal parts.

Not gonna lie.

Would you think more of Facebook, if it earned some money bananas for your?  Hmmm.  Let’s think about that for just one second.  Okay, thought about it.  Time’s up.  YES.

But still.  That naggy little jerk in our head says …


Should I really be spending money in Facebook? For what?  Whaaaat?? Does it work? Is it bullshit?  Is it worth it?  Do I need to learn about Facebook algorithms?!!  Erhmergerd.  Shoot me.  Shoot me now. 


Just me?  Okay.

*awkward silence*   haha.



Do you want to get rid of your Facebook night sweats once and for all?

Gotcha covered.


Let me introduce you to Amy Porterfield.  She’s as sharp as a tack.  Rock me Amadeus.  She changed my Facebook world.  #JustSayin’

I actually met Amy in real life, once.  I could hardly speak.  Suddenly, English became my second language.   I was so excited to meet her, I almost popped my Spanx.  I’m such a dork.



You THINK you can't make money with Facebook? Let's take this outside. Read more here --> http://wp.me/p38cMm-3Zv


Amy Porterfield is one of the world’s most respected authorities on Facebook Marketing for small business.  She has 108,000 Facebook fans!


That kinda sorta makes me a bit jelly jealous.  Shhhhh.


She’s smart.  Smart as all get out.  You should pick up what she puts down. She drops seriously good Facebook knowledge bombs.   


Amy has been a fave of mine for about 2 years now.  I have watched countless webinars and learned a ton.  An absolute ton.  I repeat.  A ton.  I’ve become a Facebook smarty pants.

Her free webinars are that good.

Learn how to earn money with Facebook advertising http://wp.me/s38cMm-facebook



Here’s the deal. I watched Amy’s free webinar, the Facebook Marketing Plan and it taught me how to create my first ad.  It is soooo good.  You have got to watch it.  Keep your googley eyes peeled, keep your ears perked and your pencil pointy.. she doles out a lot of pointers.  Big time.


Guess what happened !?


I spent $25 with Facebook advertising and earned $447.


Guess what happened after that?!


You can bet your bottom dollar that I happy danced that one out.

Okay, it wasn’t a gazillion dollars, but I was proud as punch to earn any dollars from a platform that I once thought was a dud.


You THINK you can't make money with Facebook? Let's take this outside. Read more here --> http://wp.me/p38cMm-3Zv


How did I do it?

Before Amy Porterfield entered my life,  my Facebook ads earned me a whopping $0 dollars.  Yeah, I was Facebook smart like that.

*face palm*


Amy teaches the coolest, newest most useful tools on Facebook.  She teaches you how to market yourself and your business … for GASP… profits!!  Money can feel like a bit of a dirty word, until you start earning it.  Dollar signs for eyeballs suddenly becomes appealing.

Advertising on Facebook equals making MONEY $$.  High-five.


Ba-da-boom-bada-bing.  Ching. Ching.


I normally hate talking about money.   I hate talking numbers.  Go square root your Auntie.


The point is that all this money talk and Facebook shenanigans is what got me thinking…

If I were a business owner, company with physical presence or online entrepreneur,  I’d do one simple thing to make shit happen.


I’d go to hell or high water to make people talk about my brand.


Why?  Because when people talk about your brand, it can equate to profits… if you do it right.


That’s a fact.


You need to have a system in place to do it right.


You THINK you can't make money with Facebook? Let's take this outside. Read more here --> http://wp.me/p38cMm-3Zv


Listen here, GoGo Gadget, simultaneously patting your stomach and rubbing your head while goofing off on Facebook isn’t actually a big accomplishment.  It is not having a system in place.  It’s goofing off.

I’ve got your number.

It isn’t a big accomplishment to scroll through your news feed and find out what Aunt Ethel is up to.  Yawn.


Now, knowing how to market your brand or business on Facebook, THAT my friend, is an accomplishment.


It can earn you some bananas in your bank account.

Work smarter, not harder.


You THINK you can't make money with Facebook? Let's take this outside. Read more here --> http://wp.me/p38cMm-3Zv


If anyone ever tells you that you can’t make money on Facebook, throat punch them.


If you want to get clear and focused with Facebook, and make things happen, watch these free webinars listed below.

Get ready.  You are about to entertain your lizard brain.




Video one : How to Build Your Business Despite the Challenges

Video two : How to Create an Irresistible Lead Magnet

Video three : How to Create a Facebook Marketing Plan


Shit happens when you have a system in place that automatically gets your dream clients and customers to your site and on to your email list.

PS.  That email list part is super important!!



Make shit happen.

Go ahead, punch fear in the face and go for it.  Watch the free webinars and decide if you are up to the Facebook challenge.



You THINK you can't make money with Facebook? Let's take this outside. Read more here --> http://wp.me/p38cMm-3Zv


With all this talk about Facebook, you should really go ahead and like my page or get slapped with a wiener schnitzel.   #JustSayin.

I share inappropriate things and swear occasionally.   Don’t tell your Mother.


That’s it ~ that’s all and goodbye September.

* Sad face *

Hellooooo October.  Smooch!




In the meantime, if you have a Facebook page … share your Facebook page link in the comments below and I will check out your page!  I may just give you a few hot tips too.   I have more juicy stuff to share.

PS. It’s only acceptable to talk to a wall on Facebook.  Now talk to me.   Right here.  Right now.  Let’s chitty chatty and talk Facebook wacky.  Let’s have a chin wag about Facebook.  Spit out what you are chewing on.  The comment section below will make your handwriting look ahhhhmazing.

Go ahead.  Try it.  I double dawg dare you …




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  1. Becki says:

    Lynne, You are just be best! Love your writing style!

    Facebook frustrates the shit out of me, I keep pushing though. I’m gonna have to watch those few videos and see if I can better my game! 🙂


  2. Dawn says:

    Lynne I think you are my spirit animal. I’m completely obsessed with your blog (your style, photography, fonts, errythang) If you have any juicy feedback for me I’ll be yours 4 lyfe.

    • Hi Dawn,
      Thanks for the blog lurrrrve, so sweet of you. Annnnnnd, you are from Buffalo? So cool, I’m only a few hours North of Buffalo, in Ontario… but I’m happy to hop on a plane to Australia and show you some blogging tips there. haha. A girl can dream (from a snow bank)

      I’m creating blogging courses next year! You may love them! Until then, here’s a link to my blogging tips page (which is FULL of fab stuff and my insider secrets!)


      If you sign up on that page you’ll be the first to know about the courses. Woot woot!

      Merry Hoho!
      Lynne xxoo

    • Dawn says:

      Thanks so much for the reply Lynne- you’re a legend (fellow North American yay!) Oh and BTW you are welcome to come visit in Melbourne anytime for research and or coaching purposes. 😉 Surely it would be a tax write-off!

      Thanks for the link to the tools- and FYI you had me at ‘blogging course’ I was hoping you would offer one!

      In the meantime I’ll continue to stalk through your blog- concentrated with so much good stuff!! I discovered my newest biz crush through you too- Ash Ambirge. Her ebook is fantastic.

  3. Kate says:

    You won me at “throat punch”. You are hilarious.
    Help me! Ever been too busy to watch a webinar in small business but you know you have to. An Aussie mum/widow in Hong Kong avoiding the spanking banking world if I can!
    Love your advice.

  4. You’re such a fun crazy girl that I’d love to “tip” a few back with. Would love some great tips on the old FB, it’s definitely a love-hate relationship.

    I’ve been a fan of Amy’s for quite awhile now but honestly kind of forgotten about all the great info she shares. Going to watch the the videos ASAP.

    Here’s my page: http://www.facebook.com/tastefullymika.com

  5. Dana says:

    Words cannot express how much I LOVE YOUR BLOG.

    I’m currently starting my own business and I am so inspired by what you are doing. Was completely jazzed to discover you are Canadian, too. Huzzah!

    Keep up the good work. And the great writing. And the awesome photos. OK, so now I’m gushing.

  6. Annie Kip says:

    Perfect – I know what ya mean sistah – I have been busier than…a one-legged man in an ass-kicking contest! I will take a look at the

    My new project – offering daily doses of ferocious optimism delivered daily – is up!!!

    http://www.everydayreframes.com – go there!

    FREE for EVERYONE during November!!!

    I need to hear feedback and learn more about what resonates with folks. Your input is always appreciated, my dear!

  7. Annie Kip says:

    Hey Lynn, I would love to understand how to use Facebook to support my business – I have NO IDEA how to make money for my business using Facebook. Yes, that’s exactly how D.U.M. dum I am about it! Thanks for turning me on to Amy and for getting me all fired up with your awesome posts!!! You are contagious!!!

    • Hi Annie!

      I’ve been thinking of you like crazy these days. I owe you an email. Can’t wait to write back to you. Where do the days go?

      Have you watched the free Amy Porterfield videos/webinars? Oh my, they teach so much.

      You will be so jazzed about advertising on Facebook!

      Write to you soon {{ I promise }}

      Lynne xx

  8. alexandra says:

    love your humor!!! love your website!!! {not on crack, just wine} when you speak of throat punching someone, it makes me feel warm and giggley inside. because when people use bad grammar, i want to kick them in the back of the knees. i hate that.xxoo

    • Haha Alexandra,

      Although I use bad grammar in my blog at times (on purpose) ha!!, I want to punch people right between the eyeballs when I listen to bad grammar.

      Cringe. I need wine, just to settle down. hahahaha.

      We could be besties 🙂

  9. Katrina says:

    Hi, I’ve been following your blog for a while now and I love it.
    I will look in to the FB videos as they sound interesting.
    Already have a ~FB page, so if you have time have a look and see what you think.



  10. Denise says:

    Thanks for the inspiration and information. Yes, I do have a facebook page facebook.com/caninebliss and I most certainly am looking for a way to make money on it. Thanks again.


  11. Again, you are my rockstar! This came at the perfect time & I cannot wait to check out these webinars.

    • Hi Stefanie!

      How are you? Oh my gosh did summer fly by in a flash or what? LOL.

      You will LOVE watching the Amy Porterfield videos. She really has it all together. She is like a Facebook rockstar. 🙂

      Big love to you my friend,
      Lynne xx

  12. Thanks for the encouragement Lynne! I appreciate you taking a peek and giving me a nudge here and there!!

  13. Sue Braiden says:

    My dear, you do know gold 🙂 Clicked through your link, listened to the entire webinar, fell in love with Amy’s infectious enthusiasm and genuine nature, and went ahead and paid to sign up for the VIP course. How the heck you managed to get me from here to there — AND happy to spend all that money — is a teensy tiny miracle. The timing was great, as I’m in the midst of launching a start-up, and this seems to be very much aligned with both my goals and needs. So a great big thank you for the heads-up, an even bigger hug, and warmest wishes, Lynne. Hope you are doing well. xox — Sue.

    • Rock Paper Estrogen Sue !

      This is going to be great. I enrolled in the VIP course yesterday too! We can do this together.

      Amy is so reliably helpful, kind and FULL of Facebook marketing knowledge… you won’t believe it!

      I went from being a Facebook hater to a Facebook lover. haha. Truth!

      Yes, Facebook makes you pay to play but the cost is sooooo very low when you learn the inside scoop with Amy.

      This is going to be faboosh!

      See you in the VIP club xoxoxoxoxoox

  14. Sherri says:

    Watching the videos have officially been added to my todo list. Thanks for sharing.
    Now I will brace myself for your critique… https://www.facebook.com/decorandcrafts
    I can take it, I put my big girl pants on today.

    • Hi Sherri,

      I can see that you are already starting to improve your Facebook.

      Sharing a link with a small photo is not nearly as appealing in a newsfeed. You changed all that! Faboosh!

      Your photos are great too and they lead back to your etsy shop. You could add more photos/status updates that aren’t ‘selling’ too to make it more conversational.

      Maybe a behind the scenes look at your shop, your process, or about you and your hubby! Link back to your site or not… but it is still a great convo starter.

      I love that you are in Toronto. We are practically neighbours AND I bought a flag garland from you in your Etsy shop! Sooooo cool that you recycle an atlas to make it!


      • Sherri says:

        WOWZERS Lynne,
        That is super generous of you to take the time and share your suggestions for all of us. Mucho appreciated and I’m sooo excited you ordered a map bunting. I actually let out a little squeal. Thanks again!

  15. Corinne says:

    Lynne I must confess, I stumbled across your Blog but man oh man have I been doing happy dances ever since! Love your style and content – keep it coming! Hubby and I took a leap this year and bought a beautiful piece of property, well actually it’s a Lodge & Cottages (Lifelong dream!! Oh yeah!! Scratch THAT one off the bucket list) in Barry’s Bay near Algonquin Park. We kept our day jobs – boo hoo – but have high hopes of turning it into our little piece of Heaven. If we get by and pay bills we’ve won the rat race – say no more. Thanks so much for all the inspiration – I hope your cup runnith over….and someone else has to clean it up! Corinne

    • Corinne says:

      Ahem…..you might need this….
      Our temp site is up but you can check out more of us on Facebook. We are Hush Lodge & Cottages!!!

    • Hellooooo Corinne,

      So happy you stumbled upon me blog in the interwebs 🙂 and THANK YOU for the blog lurve. You just made my day!

      Algonquin Park is ohhh so beautiful. I haven’t been to Barry’s Bay yet, but I bet it’s gorgy gorgeous!

      Are you listed on TripAdvisor? We listed our treehouse with TripAdvisor this summer and it booked up for the entire summer.

      Crazy, but true! I’m head over heels in love with TripAdvisor for bookings!

      I hope that helps!

      Lynne xx

  16. Catherine says:

    I’ve been thinking more and more about playing with facebook and with twitter too. Thanks for the webinar links 🙂 I’ll get to playing about online & see what happens.

    • Hey Catherine,

      It is ooooh so worth it. The fab thing about Facebook and Twitter is that they are great support for an existing business and/or blog.

      I look at all social media like extensions of a house. If you have the foundation in place (your blog/website/company) use social media to lengthen your reach and extend your business even further.

      It’s also totally FUN!!!

      Big hugs,
      Lynne xx

  17. Thanks for this info lynne. I will check out those free webinars for sure! I bought ads twice on facebook. Both times the results were fantastic. I doubled my LIKES and visits to my site went up as well as better book sales on Amazon. My link is https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Great-Escape-A-Girls-Guide-to-Leaving-a-Marriage/218768681522446?ref=hl

    • Lisa!

      That is sooooo freaking cool to hear! LOVE it !!!

      Yes, the whole ‘pay to play’ thing with Facebook made so many people mad, and YET… the cost is very low for the huge reach that you can have. It is one of the least expensive forms of marketing around.


      Mwah! Lynne xx

  18. Katrina says:

    Hello Lynne,

    A friend of mine introduced me to your blog and I love it. I like the things you wrote about FB and will take time to watch the videos you posted.
    Keep it up and if you have time check out me page at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Pure-RoK-Hand-Made-Natural-Soap/260203210712268?ref=hl

    Take care.


  19. Hi Lynne,
    Thanks for the heads up on the Amy Porterfield FB training. Going to head right over and check out the videos. Always open for advice. Plus, I”m with you… love her! I’m sure I would have pee’d my pants if I had the opportunity to meet her. (Which I’m sure would make a Super impression.) Anyway, check out my FB page and fire away.

  20. Intrigued! Definitely need to get on this bandwagon:


    Any hints and tips (even brutal criticism) especially from a fellow licorice junky, are welcome!!!!

    • Hi Diane !

      Great job so far on your page. You are posting images with your status updates! Very important !

      You have an updated ABOUT ME section with links to your site and etsy. Great job again 🙂

      Do you change your Facebook cover very often? It is a good idea to do that too, and put a call to action in there. You could share your etsy shop or site in your cover photo.

      It is easy to create a Facebook cover in picmonkey.com

      Do you have the reply button on your Facebook page? It is great to see that you reply to people on your page, and usually as you type out their name… Facebook will auto populate their name for you.

      For example.. if I wrote a comment in your Facebook update and you hit reply, it should auto populate my name as Lynne Knowlton. You can then backspace and take ‘KNOWLTON’ out and it will still send me the notification and you are using my name.

      Did I make that sound confusing? It’s not. LOL.

      Inserting more coffee now 🙂

      Lynne xx

  21. I have 377,000 facebook fans and have only paid for an ad or to boost a post twice. Both times it was worthless. I find it far more beneficial to create quality content that gets liked and shared. That’s how I have managed to build my following both on FB and my blog AND sell stuff in my etsy shop. My last plug on fb (unpaid, just a plain old post) resulted in 48 sales in my etsy shop. 48! I did one a month or so ago and got more than 100 sales. Sorry but I won’t pay facebook to show to MY fans my content that my fans have already made it clear they want to see.

    • Hi Lisa !

      How are ya girly?! I agree with you on almost every level… I wouldn’t pay for the sidebar ads in Facebook either.

      That’s the coolio thing that Amy teaches. She teaches you how to put ads out to the Facebook hemisphere 🙂 to an audience that isn’t even your own existing audience. A new audience. Not that you need that. LOL.

      If you check out her free webinar, she teaches peeps how to create an ad in ‘power editor.’ It is a FREE ad that you can create. No moola. Zip. I have done those types of ads as well, and reached an audience far outside my own Facebook audience.

      I don’t pay for likes, or any of that shenanigans. Amy Porterfield teaches how to do it authentically and with good mojo. I even love her voice. Yeah. That sounds corny, right?

      That power editor thingy (nice business terminology that I have LOL) could be an extra hot tip that you may luuuuurve.

      AND HOLY HANNAH, you have 388,000 fans?! You are my Facebook Goddess. <----- I screamed that! I think you should do a guest blog post for me and teach my bloggy pals how to do that. PS. I almost NEVER offer guest blogging opportunities .... so just know that I am officially tipping my cap to you. You rock out loud sista!! Lynne xx

    • I never knew a page about eggs could be so popular!!! Amazing!!! hahaha I love it! 🙂

  22. Alright Lynne I’m gonna give it to you straight. Facebook is a punk and changes their algorithms more often than my narcissistic cousin (in law 13 times removed) changes her profile pic (that’s a lot by the way.) But since I don’t want you to throat punch me, I’m going to watch these webinars so that I can grab Facebook by the junk and finally make it work for me. GET. TO. WORK. MAKING. ME. MONEY. FACEBOOK. If it actually works, I’ll be forever in your debt.

    PS. you weren’t kidding, this font is amazeballs…

    • Hahahaha Mellissa

      I’m writing back to you so I can write in the amazeballs font too.

      Guuuuurl, I love your writing. I can totally see why you are a blogger. You go girl !

      When you watch Amy’s free webinar about the unpublished page post… it’s a juicy one! It is free to place that ad. FREE. Gotta love that price tag 🙂

      Lynne xx

    • Howdy Michelle,

      I have an idea for your Facebook page. One thing that Amy Porterfield teaches is to post 2-5 times per day. Even ONCE per day is better than nothing.

      You haven’t posted since August. Guuuuurl. Don’t make me come over there and change your bathroom when you aren’t looking 🙂

      Lynne x

  23. would love to hear your thoughts for our facebook page for the clinic…southampton pet hospital (make sure you get the Canadian one). Ellie has been working on it this summer, but she’s off at Queens, and I’ve been bugging her in between classes to do my facebook page, but maybe I should leave my kid alone and do it myself?! Shudder…..thank goodness I still have three other teenagers in the house 😉

    • Hi Rhonda,

      How did the summer go by and we didn’t get together?! Booooohooooo.

      I just had a look at your Facebook page and you are doing a great job!

      You have a fab cover page, you have your business listed in the about page with links to your site. You have fun and engaging photos.

      Now I want to adopt a pet. No I don’t. Yes I do. haha.

      Give Ellie a big hug and tell her that she did a faboosh job ! Keep posting, and try to do one per day. You could upload only one photo per day rather than a group of photos, if you wanted to spread it out more.

      Lynne xx