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The top 5 #instagrammers to follow http://wp.me/p38cMm-3VI

You have a hefty job.  You have a family.  You have bat shit crazy fun friends.  You know, you have a freaking life.  Life can be a crazy straw.  Duly noted.  We no like crazy straw.  We like easy straw, occasionally protruding out of easy boozy cocktail.

Life is busy.  Stamped it.  Got it.

Hellooooo instagram.

It’s fast.  It’s easy.

Ahh-hem… Just like you.


I like you already.


Truth is, things are happening’ on Instagram.  Great brands are there and so are top drawer inspirational photos.

There are some good peeps out there on Instagram!

Blogging can take time.  Sometimes we have the patience of a fruit fly when it comes to time consuming stuff.

Instagram = easy

 Yay !!

It’s a great place to spend your time.  Time is precious.  Ahhh.


The best of @instagram & who to follow! lynneknowlton.com


Top 5 Instagrammers




The best on #instagram http://wp.me/p38cMm-3VI

 Top #instagrammer @larksnest http://wp.me/p38cMm-3VI





The first one outta the gate is Deborah from @larksnest.  She’s a fellow Canuck with a heart of gold and an eye for simply beautiful things.  Her Instagram photos are ridiculously gorgeous.

REeeeedonk.  Gorg.  Gorgeous.

I’m speechless.  Like that ever happens.  Hey, a picture is worth a thousand words.  Her photos are a must see.   I can’t even find words to describe her photography.





Beautiful #instagram @idreamofchairs http://wp.me/p38cMm-3VI










Meesh is a kickass talented photographer and illustrator.  She is a creative artist to the Nth degree.  She has a pug that just may be the best poser evaaaah.  She has a sweet etsy shop filled with her stunning illustrations & photos.

Her work is ahhhhhmazing.  She created drool worthy treehouse illustrations for me.  I danced around the house when they arrived in the mail.  Legit.  Danced.  Happy danced, big time.

I had needed an illustration to create a treehouse stamp for our treehouse rental this summer.  She nailed it.  The stamp is t’die for, it is oh so pretty.

I have been stamping anything that dares to stay still for 10 seconds or less.






Top #instagram gal @paperfelt http://wp.me/p38cMm-3VI



Keep your googley eyes peeled.  This gal is going places.

Seriously.  Did you just flutter your eyeballs over @paperfelt’s handwriting in the photo above ?!

Helloooooo.  Divine.

She just pops that stuff out like a pop tart.  My bad for the pop tart that you are craving now.

You know what !!?  I reached out to Brenny one day, right outta the blue.  A toats stranger.  I crazily bombarded her with nut-ball questions.  She didn’t know me from a hole in the ground.


I could’ve been some crazy serial paper stalker.



Wanna know what she did?  She answered my weird-o-ness business questions in a flash.  Don’tcha just love beautiful souls like that?!  #RareBeauties

You can find her beautiful etsy shop right here.  That kind of beauty may cause you to drool on your keyboard.  You’ve been warned.

When I meet Brenny in real life, I’m going to smooch her.  Right on the lips.  Yup.  You read it here first.

We’ll be front page news.




 @MonikaHibbs @MonikaHibbs on #instagram http://wp.me/p38cMm-3VI


I met Monika by chance, on a biz trip.  She’s wonderful.  She’s kind.  She’s awesome sauce.  She’s definitely playing with a full deck of smarts.   A great online entrepreneur.  She’s one of the sharpest pencils in the pencil case.  She is a go-getter-kinda-gal.

LOVE, love. LOVe.

Blogpodium recently announced Monika as a celebrity blogger.  Grrrrrreat.  Tell me that AFTER I have already met her.  I should have asked for her autograph, right?!!  A permanent ink autograph, right on my forehead.


I’m cool like that.


I’m so inspired by Monika, I’m not sure if I should kiss her or throat punch her outta jelly jealousness.

*face palm*


Follow @lynneknowlton on instagram www.instagram.com/lynneknowlton



Oh.My.Word.  How am I going to toot my own horn?


{{ insert hot flash }}

When I started instagramming, I didn’t know jack squat about Instagram.  Most of my photos were drive-by shootings.

My secret to Instagram photography success: close your bug catcher mouth when hanging out of your car window.

Truth is, like most things, I just pushed all the buttons and hoped that something magical would happen.

You too?!!


——>  Read this <——

and learn how to turn your photos into smoking hawt Instagram shots.  

Your phone called.  It said you should get it.

 It’s free.

You’re welcome.

 I just love you like that.

The #best instagrammers to follow http://wp.me/p38cMm-3VI


Why toot me own horn?  Toot. Toot.

People should seriously stop expecting normal from me. We all know that it’s never going to happen.  haha.

I share inappropriate things and some good stuff too, right here on Instagram.

Follow me and let’s do the mad dash through insta together.


I’ll hold your hand.  We can be pals.


Be weird, normal is the new boring.


Now spill it.  Who are your fave insta buddies ?!   I need to not-so-secretly-stalk more peeps.

Permanent marker, anyone?





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  1. Melissa says:

    I follow your blog and Twitter feed and love them! Now I need to add you to my Instagram list! Some others I love:
    @tortus_copenhagen (pottery & oh my goodness HE IS BEAUTIFUL!)
    And Me: @MSkiKnits (in the spirit of being like you! Which you are such a bit of fun inspiration!)
    Happy New Year!

    • Hi Mel !

      Thanks for all the fab insta-loves! I’m following them all now and went into an instagram rabbit hole of bliss this morning. I blame you. LOL!

      I’m of course following you now and THANK YOU for the inspiring words.

      Big love and happy new year!
      Lynne xx

  2. Zoé Grant says:

    Ok I have kids who are not in any way technologically challenged and they are forever telling me to_____(fill in the blank), bite into the newest. So between my four years in college and my lovely not so short now people (my kids). I have a plethora of apps I know little about!
    Instagram being one, snapshot, figuring out Pintrest and yes I have mastered Facebook!
    Meanwhile thanks to you, Miss Lynne, my eyes have been opened to G+! Which much like Instagram I’ve had for some time.
    Trying to figure out blogging photography, e-books, WordPress to make my merry way in the blogging world BUT as I love to say and tell my friends…enjoy the journey!
    Lynne, your tips and casual flare for important info are making this ride soooO fun!
    Thank you, big time!

    • Hi Zoé!
      Sooooo sorry that I missed your comment for so long, as it was such a lovely comment!

      I hope you are still enjoying the beautiful journey and here’s to so many new awesome things for 2016!

      Lynne xx

  3. Vicki ross says:

    Lynn, you had me at hello 🙂 I’ve been lurking all over your posts, and eBook, have gotten all the apps, followed you and the others recommended on Instagram…all today! Love, Love the way you write, and, while I sure don’t need another online social distraction will learn Instagram!

  4. Emma says:

    Hello hello! Line breaks! So in order to start a new line in the first place, you have probably noticed that the “return” button is not available on your insta keyboard. have no fear! you can click on the “123” button and voila you can “return” as many times as your heart desires!!! sometimes Instagram can be a little particular and throw out a line that doesn’t have any content on it. to avoid that, I usually just add a “-” or “•” to the empty line so it won’t go away when I post the pic. hope this helps!

    • Hi Emma!

      That REALLY HELPS!! Thank you! I tried it, and the return button definitely works for a new line. It doesn’t allow me a line space tho, but it is close enough. Thanks sooooooo very much for your epic advice.

      Lynne xx

  5. Tanya says:

    Some of my fave people to follow!! xoxo

  6. Lynn Jeffers says:

    OK….So, Lynne, this here is the other Lynn. Yuppers, I am following you on Instagram, but more importantly, I want you to blog some more dag gummit. Cuz, girl, I really can’t tell from your picture how old you are, but I am reasonably certain that if we lived even on the same side of the continent, we would most certainly be gal pals! Or, perhaps I could just adopt you – judging from your writing voice, your love of a good toddy, and your obvious appreciation for all things awesome…I think you might be the daughter I never had…

  7. Katie says:

    The best place for butter tarts (and date squares, I might add) Is a little bitty place in Hillsburgh, Ontario called “Jess for You”. Jess is the QUEEN of the butter tart bar none. I have no idea hoe to use Instagram so I can’t help you there….try the butter tarts (and date squares). You have to get there early, though. She sells out tooooo quickly. Jess will be having a booth at the ERIN FALL FAIR (the best fall fair in the land) Thanksgiving weekend.

  8. debbie says:

    Love your list! One of my faves is Ashley Anne @underthesycamore ! My current favorite creative tool for shooting is a tiny iPhone macro lens purchased from Photojojo ($20)! Grateful for your list to expand my insta world.

  9. Lynne instagram is my fave social media for sure!!! Already following all of these except @paperfelt…just added, thanks! I follow lots of Aussie IGers cuz they’re in opposite seasons to us which is cool….or weird. Some more Canadian girls I like are @traceyayton and @tangledgarden. And hey have you seen The Internship??? The part where they talk about instagram is funny, one of our family inside joke things now…weird. Thanks for posting!

  10. chris aka monkey says:

    waaaah i have a dumb phone and a computer and i ain’t no blogger but a reader of blogs y’all need readers too right and i can’t get instagram but would love it..i read so many blogs it is a wonder my eyes don’t fall out, i’m old you see and i can’t justify the cost of smart phones and the monthly bills and for sure my brain could never process all the info…i just read all the comments and thought y’all were talking latin xx

  11. Elen Grey says:

    “My secret to Instagram photography success: close your bug catcher mouth when hanging out of your car window.” Ha-ha. Ho-ho. Hee-hee. Been there. Done THAT!


  12. Meesh says:

    Well, I just had the best morning ever thanks to you!!! Honoured, totally honoured to be included in this fabulous list. Love you, girl! xoxo

  13. deneen says:

    just added organicexpert to the list! The IG’ers that I really love are in the food department – mondernfarmette, acozykitchen, withfoodandlove, tastyyummies – to name a just few (from a very long list).. For design inspiration – avintagecloud, dailysomething. A new one just discovered yesterday – savefamilyphotos – absolutely LOVE it. Of course, lynneknowlton :)…and i have to say that anytime you like/comment on one of my photos I get unnaturally excited!

    for photo apps – I use camera+ for shooting & hipstamatic/oogl for filters. I’ve signed up for an iPhone camera course next month. Really hoping to learn more about lighting

  14. Danica says:

    Allaboutthebio.com – it takes a min to figure it out but it’s a great tutorial for good iNstgram profiles.

    I love topknotweddings, thahilta from thelearnerobserver, and organicexpert.

    I’m more attracted to the real accounts rather then just businessy stuff – guess that’s just my jam 😉

    • Danica,

      Erhmergerd, we are following all the same peeps :))))

      Organic Expert was just here last week and she told me about her watermark on her insta pics. Soooo pretty, isn’t it?

      AllAboutTheBio.com … !!!!!… on my way. STAT. Kissing you. Right now.

      Lynne xx

  15. Martina says:

    Hot Instagram tips? In app camera timers and a mini tripod. Seriously. Trust me on this. It makes allllllllll the difference.

    Oh that and VSCO.

    And y’know shutter speed timers.

    Also don’t shoot with the native iPhone camera app—there are better apps out there that optimize your aperture, focal length and shutter speed.

    Why am I telling you this? Because I like good looking pictures.

    • Good ones Martina !!

      Man oh man, you are smart up in the great white north 🙂 xx

      1. I ADORE #VSCO !! It’s in my upcoming new ebook 🙂

      2. Camera apps : Do you use Camera + ? I love that one, but a better one to know would be faboosh too.

      3. Wait.A.Sec. In app camera timers?!! Do tell. I wanna know more.

      I did have a portable camera remote but it was so small, I lost it. Time for a new one. It was great for timed shots, like when you want your photo taken but too afraid to hand over your $800 iPhone to a totally stranger on the streets. LOL.

      Big love to you girly!

      • Martina says:

        If we’re talking free/$0.99 apps camera+ is probably the least buggy in app self-timer out there (that I’ve come across YMMV!) Gorilla Cam is okay, but it crashed a lot and had some spaz moments that made it a fuss to use.

        Camera!, PixFX, Average Camera Pro, and Snapseed all have great optimized camera options that don’t disappoint.

        Slow Shutter Plus is fun to play with once you get a hang of it. Psssst this is the type of app you want if you want to take night-time pictures of the Auroras or stars.

        Have you tried the new VSCO minimalist filters? They are to die (and go straight to heaven) for.

        • Seriously, Martina… forget the men… let’s get married. LOL.


          I was so excited I used caps lock. I reserve caps lock for very special occasions.

          I owe you one!!!!

          Come to Toronto this weekend for BlogPodium and we can road trip to my treehouse 🙂

  16. Yeah, what IS the line-break trick?? Thanks for these IG-ers to follow. I already follow I Dream of Chairs (first for the name and then I got hooked) but the others look right up my design-wannabe heart. Thanks Miss Lynne x PS just seeing the cheat trick from Jan! great tip!

    • Hi Kellie,

      I first fell in love with @idreamofchairs when she posted a time-lapse video on her drawing one of her chairs. I was captivated. So cool!!

      She is also a really great soul. Instead of just sending me my stamp illustration she sent me a gift of coloured illustrations of my treehouse too. I literally cried. THAT beautiful.


  17. Thank you for finding me more ways to avoid work.

  18. Jan says:

    I can’t see the comments, so maybe somebody answered you already, but insta won’t let you do line breaks. So you cheat. You write up what you want in your notes app, then copy/paste it on over. Ta-da!

    Great collection of peeps! I’m off to check some of them out 🙂

    • Hi Jan

      If you can believe it, I have totally been doing that and it doesn’t work for me either.

      I even tried writing it in a FB status and copying and pasting it into Insta. No such luck.

      This is why I drink. LOL.