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DIY door track hardware. It’s d’bomb dot com.

How to make your own sliding door hardware! Save a bucket load of money!

Do you want to create your own



 I can show you how to make sliding barn door track hardware!!

~ Cheap cheap cheap ~








Sneak in new {old} doors into your home.

Wheels & hangers for making your own door track hardware

Not that I would do that.

I totally did that.

One by one.  Door gorgeousness.  The goal is to change every door in the house when your partner isn’t looking.

Ohh, hells yeah.

Like this, mission accomplished …


Sliding door track hardware wheels & hanger kit ! Save a ton of money!…-dbomb-dot-com/


Do you need ideas first?

Do you need door-gasmic inspiration??!!  Have you checked out door track hardware that others share on Pinterest ?  You only need about a week day on Pinterest to truly see the magnificence of barn doors on track hardware.  Any door on any track hardware is pretty gorgeous, ACTUALLY.


It is enough to make you lose your mind.  

Here are a few pix of doors on track hardware in pinterest. 


You're welcome.


How to make your own door track hardware…-dbomb-dot-com/  


I’ve saved you some time.  I hope you have a few extra minutes to brush your hair today.  My hair looks like a birds nest, but hey, my pinterest boards are smokin’ hawt.


That's right.


My imaginary door priorities are in order.


Well. Well. Well.

Have you seen how many stunning doors are out there are in salvage yards, garage sales, repurpose shops, AND your neighbours garage ?!


Nuff   said.


They aren’t just on barns, people.

They are everywhere !! <– I screamed that!




Truth is, I’ve convinced my friends to have sliding door hardware too.  Check out my pals DIY Chalkboard Doors.

Yup, über cool.   My girlfriend created kitchen pantry doors with inexpensive hollow doors and chalkboard paint.   Yessssss.  

She’s so creative.  I don’t know if I should punch her or kiss her.



If I can do it, my pals can do it, and peeps can pin it .. well, my friend… you can do it too!!




It is completely do-able and you will save a boat load of moola.



Free tutorial on how to make your own sliding door hardware…-dbomb-dot-com/

Why did I decide to create a simple door track made of simple, rustic materials?!

Quite simply, the price of buying door track hardware is about a bazillion dollars.  I double dare you to google it.





Until now …


Wooden wheels for making your own door track hardware. Save a ton of money and time…-dbomb-dot-com/


Do you want to know how to make the door tracks with wooden wheels ?


I can SORT OF tell you.


This is how the story goes.


I like doors to tell a story.  Like…. if the walls could talk…..but they are doors.  Btw’s, if my walls could talk, I would be in big shit.



What are the benefits of using an old doors?

Some doors have 100 years of character in them.  GORGEOUSNESS.  They are perfect for creating door art beauty in your home.  They are just oh so beautiful.



You want some of that, don’t you?  Gaaahreat.  Let’s make them!!


Free tutorial on how to make door track hardware…-dbomb-dot-com/






1.   Two 3 1/2 inch (one set ) wooden wheels


Amish handcrafted wheels for sliding door hardware…-dbomb-dot-com/

Wooden Wheels for Barn door track hardware…-dbomb-dot-com/

Sliding door track hardware wheels & hanger kit ! Save a ton of money!…-dbomb-dot-com/

Door Track hardware kit: Wooden wheels, hangers, bolts, jam nuts, door stops, screws.




PS.  29,000 months, 300 days, 62 hours and 59 minutes of setting up an ecommerce store and having wooden wheels made, we have a FANTASTIC way of selling the wheels or full door track hardware kits to you.  The only part that you would need to purchase is the flat track.  (less than an additional $20 in supplies)


How coolio is THAT?!!!


2.   Flat bar :


Width  =    3/16 inch thick  x  1 3/4 inches wide.

Length =   Double the width of your door and add a few inches for safe measure.  You don’t want to cut it so short, that your door will fall off the track. That would just be embarrassing.

 I totally did that. I would never do that.


Make your own sliding door track hardware. Free tutorial…-dbomb-dot-com/




3.   Nuts/bolts to attach flat bar to the wall

I put in a ton of photos for you to stare at so you know exactly what they look like.  If you want EXACT numbers, you better come over to my house.

Be forewarned, you can expect popcorn for dinner.

Note:  I have also just recently created a new Ebook instruction manual for the door track hardware installation.  It’s 50 pages of exact instructions and detailed photos.

Here’s the book right here: How to make your own door track hardware.


Samples from the Ebook

Ebook details for door track hardware book…-dbomb-dot-com/


How to make your own sliding door hardware ..ebook details…-dbomb-dot-com/


How to make your own sliding door hardware. Ebook details…-dbomb-dot-com/



Save money & time! 


In the book, I show you how we made our door track hardware for a total cost of $140.

Track $20 in supplies + one set of wheels/hangers/door stops $120  = $140 total




Boom.  Done. 

Compare that cost of up to $800 for sliding door track hardware on the market today.

You’ll save moola. Big time.



4.   Two flat bar hanger brackets to hold the door on the wheel/track.


Each bracket is 12 inches long and has an offset bend at the wheel.  Just look at the photos…


Sliding door track hardware hangers, wooden wheels and everything in between!


Everything you need to make DIY door track hardware for your sliding door!…-dbomb-dot-com/





This tutorial is  like an Ikea instruction manual.  No words, it’s all in the photos. Haha.


Beware :


Ikea = Swedish for divorce.


The nitty gritty deals are in the book.  I pinky swear promise.



5.  Extra flat rod to create door stop  

This prevents your door from flying off your track. Been there. Done that. Got the poster. It was an ugly poster. Pffft.


DIY tutorial for barn door hardware…-dbomb-dot-com/



Extra flat rod  to create door guide


Free tutorial: Guide for door track hardware…-dbomb-dot-com/


Door stop and guide details :


Door Track hardware kit: Wooden wheels, hangers, bolts, jam nuts, door stops, screws.



6.   Use an old door.  

Preferably a sexy one.  Think door porn.  You will be fine.


Find old doors to make barn door track hardware. Free tutorial here…-dbomb-dot-com/




 7.  Lightly sand the door in places to clean it up a bit


Give it a finish for extra sexiness and make the door colours pop.   I used a matte/satin finish.


Shop for Wooden Wheels $59.97 for DIY barn door hardware. Gorgeousness!!…-dbomb-dot-com/

How to make your own sliding door hardware…-dbomb-dot-com/



May the force be with you.   The door force.  


Remember, when one door closes, another one opens.  Excuse the pun. hahahaahaha.

Have a beauty day !!





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  1. Jessica

    October 10th, 2017 at 9:32 pm

    Hi LYnne, I’ve come across your post while looking for DIY Bipass Barn Door ideas. Have you ever done bipass barn doors? 2 doors on 2 different tracks that slide infront/behind each other? My hubby and I are in the process of redoing the master bedroom in our new house. The closet is about 9′ long, with a door opening of 5’6″. I’m planning on 2-36″ doors.

    Do you think its possible to modify your hardware plans to work with 2 tracks or in a bipass fashion?

  2. Tony

    November 10th, 2017 at 4:30 pm

    Make sure door is not too heavy. A heavy door will wear flat spots on the wood wheels.

  3. Lynne Knowlton

    November 10th, 2017 at 4:40 pm

    Hi Tony,

    We have been using heavy vintage wood doors for years, and have never had flat spots happen with our handcrafted Amish made wooden wheels. The wooden wheels that we sell here on the blog, are made from a super strong Sapeli heart wood.

    Did you make your own wheels and this experience happened to you, or is it what you are imagining would happen?

    I’d love to hear more.


  4. Lawan

    April 25th, 2018 at 8:14 pm

    Thank you thank you thank you thank you…..
    I can’t thank you enough!
    So…..thank you!

  5. Victoria Tegg

    March 6th, 2019 at 1:02 am

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