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Have you ever tried Poo-Pourri ?  It works.  It fools the world into thinking that your poop doesn’t stink.  PooPourri essentially traps the poopy stench beneath the surface of the toilet bowl water and releases only fancy-schmancy smells into the air.

Guess whaaaa?  I have a recipe to make your own homemade version.  It’s amazing. Stamped it.

Your nose will thank you for the rest of your ever loving life.

Even though Poo Pourri works, I wanted to create one with my fave essential oil combinations.  Making your own toilet spray saves a lot of moola and our DIY version also smells amazeballs.   Commercial aerosol sprays make me gag.  This spray makes me happy.  Gospel truth.

I also like a good challenge.  This challenge was a  $#%@@!*! doozy.  So worth it!!

Essential oil bathroom spray : STOPS the bathroom smell.

Supplies needed:

2 oz  Glass bottle ( blue or amber )

Essential oils:  bergamot + lemongrass + ylang ylang 

Vodka or distilled water

Liquid soap

Bonus:  You will never have to die a thousand deaths again when you walk by the bathroom after your hubby was ‘reading the paper’

You’re welcome.

Have I just scared you off with all this shitty talk? Getting ready to delete me from your blog reader?  Well then.

Let’s talk crap.

So we can all come out smelling like roses.

Roses are red, violets are blue
Spray this in the bowl before you poo

The proof:

I’ve tested this toilet spray for over a year in my bathroom very scientific laboratory.   I’ve tested it e.ve.r.y.w.h.e.r.e.  Public bathrooms.   Airplanes.  Strangers bathrooms.  Hotel rooms.  Strangers walking in the mall.  The grocery store clerk.   Kidding.  Not kidding.

How to use toilet spray:

When you are ready for the call of the wild…SHAKE THE BOTTLE…. then spritz 5 sprays into the toilet bowl on to the water’s surface before you go.  Before. Before. Before.  Got it?  Spray before you uhhhhm, pay your taxes.  Just spray before you pay your dues to the country club. 

Use the almighty throne accordingly.  Ewwww.  Why are we talking about this?  The essential oil spray will create a barrier and trap the gahhhh odour under the surface.  It’s like magic.  Legit.  No stinky poop molecule smells will permeate your bathroom.

Nothing. Nada.  Zip.

This is what bathroom dreams are made of

I feel like every woman who lives with a man should have this spray in her life.  If a guy is reading this, please disregard.  We all know that women do not have smelly poop.  We poop rosy roses.  We are perfect.  Angelic, really.  ‘Nuff said.  Men ohhhhh Men are notorious for detonating some seriously foul bathroom bombs.  You know it.   So shut it.

I’m also the type of person that, if I need to poop (which I don’t, because I’m a lady)  I would hold it for days if I was staying at someone else’s house, traveling or in any public place for that matter.  This spray saved my poopy life.  Sorry if I just scarred you for life, while talking about bowel movements.  I just grossed myself out.

Are you still with me?  Or are you looking for the unsubscribe.button.right.now?  Please don’t delete me from your life. Your nose will be forever grateful.

Think of this spray like a force field and poop is the cannon ball.

I also hate it when other people poop in my house. I hate knowing that their stinky poop molecules are floating around my living space slowly ruining my life and existence.

I keep a bottle of this in every bathroom that they may grace.  I tuck one in their back pocket, of course, when they aren’t looking.

I then fling my head back and say “Who did that?!!”  I have no idea how that bottle landed in your life and pocket.  Shut it. Use it.

I promise, our recipe is crap-tastic. Wait. Did you leave? Enter your email below for full instructions and free downloadable labels straight to your inbox.

Your work bathroom

I’m considering putting one in every public bathroom, for those who insist on going in a public place.  I feel it’s the responsible thing to do and eventually I’ll get promoted to Queen of the Universe, because I took action.

Which essential oils are essential to use?

Okay, let’s just rip off the bandaid and get this over with. Some peeps get their knickers in a twist about what brand of essential oil to use.   Here’s the deal.  Don’t use fragrance oils (the fake version of an essential oil that smells like cheap perfume.) You also don’t have to use top-drawer-back-of-the-bus-best-of-the-best essential oils either.  It’s not like you are going to eat this stuff.  Please don’t.  Now you are grossing me out.  haha.

Use pure essential oils.  Pure, but it doesn’t have to be perfectly pure, pure, angelic pure, blessed by the monks of the bohemian land and costing a billion trillion dollars.

I personally use whatever essential oils are in my cupboard.

So far, my faves have been NOW essential oils…lavender, ylang ylang, lemongrass, bergamot, rose, lemon and this variety pack.  They seem to be the most affordable, good quality and do the trick.

I also ordered these and lurvvvvve the variety (except the pink grapefruit.)  That is the only one in the mix that made me yack.

What scent to use?

You can totally experiment with different oils to get that exact scent you want.  Definitely, most definitely at least use lemongrass oil as one of the oils in your mixture.   It is the magical secret essential oil ingredient.

I usually add in something with citrus-i-ness (why isnt that a word? It should totally be a word) in it, like orange, grapefruit or lemon.

Because I’m a total bohemian weirdo, I prefer a slightly sensual scent for my toilet sprays too. I almost always add Ylang Ylang essential oil into pretty much everything I make because it is my all time fave scent in the history of ever.

Don’t tell the authorities.

Just remember the most important essential oil in this recipe ->  LEMONGRASS.

Do it.

It’s necessary for the call of the wild.

Want Gorgy Gorgeous Labels?  

No problemo.  I printed mine and glued them onto the bottles, because I’m a jerk and didn’t think about ordering labels online.

I eventually gave in and ordered these white glossy, circular labels on Amazon, mostly because I wanted to appear all profeshhhional.

The printables fit perfectly on the Avery labels or you can just print on paper like I did and glue the paper labels on to the bottle.  Bamn.  Done.

Enter your email below for the recipe and labels.

You’re like,


Boom.  You did it, ya dang hippie.

Imagine where you can go now 🙂

Do you have a fave recipe with essential oils?  Spill.  I just may start a series on the blog with my fave essential oil recipes for body lotions, cleaning supplies,  bubble bath, candles.. the whole shebang!  I’ve been slowly converting my life over to essential-oil-ness.

It’s so so good.


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  1. Diana Evans says:

    I am definitely making this spray for my home. I’m not married but oh Lord I’ve had company that used my bathroom that made me very glad I’m single and don’t live with ‘that’ smell from another human being! I will put one in each bathroom. Thank you for the recipe and your humor in the subject!

  2. Heath Whitley says:

    Loved the way you presented this stinky topic. Out of respect for my wives and daughters I am going to try and make your recipe. Of course, none of them need to use this – I’m only doing it to protect them from my funk – they are only roses;_)
    Please send me your pooptastic recipe and labels.

  3. Annamay says:

    Hello! I found you and I’m so glad I did! You made me smile first thing in a Sunday morning. I’m not smiling much these days. I’m old and getting older by the minute. I have recently begun knitting again after an absence of years. I knit blankets. Simple knits only these days.
    But I digress. I appreciate the recipe for the poop problems. My husband is ill. Poop and accompanying scents are a problem. Thanks. I’m going to drink my tea now.

  4. Freya Tennessee says:

    ran over your blog by accident, so delightful 🙂 Thank you for putting smiles on our faces.
    Would you share the quantity of drops you are using?

    have wonderful days!

  5. Messy Jessie says:

    okay. I think I’m in love with you and your hysterical humor. In a totally plutonic way of course…obv’s because I’ve never met u in real life….at least I don’t think I have. Thanks a TON for this post. I work in the health care field and am completing my internship at a nursing and rehab facility to get my OTA degree and certification. {bonus points if anyone reading this knows what OT’s do and what OT/OTA stands for! 😛 } and I decided to make this as a gag gift for the other therapists i’ve been working with! They will love the labels!!! {and hopefully not shit themselves with laughter when i give it to them!}

    thanks for being awesome.
    love, peace and pretty poo’s!

  6. Alyssa Clingan says:

    I just happened upon your blog and I’m so glad I found you. Must have been fate because we so could be besties ?. You crack me up and I love your DIY ideas, so doing the grapevine balls and toilet spray. Look forward to more great idea and lots of laughs.

  7. Tam says:

    Just tripped on this blog and it has kept me entertained!! haha good job!

  8. Willy says:

    It shall be vital for any marketing supervisor to
    have a bachelor’s degree in advertising.

  9. Debbie says:

    Hahahahaha – thank you for a lovely, lighthearted blog …… you’ve put a smile on my face. You sound so upbeat and happy and I’m happy to be a new subscriber X

  10. […] Measure your coconut oil in a measuring cup and add 40-50 drops of your fave essential oils.  I used the fragmented coconut oil because it’s already liquid and I freaking love that stuff for making massage oils (and pretty much everything else in my life.) […]

  11. Kathy Berry says:

    I CAN’T BELIEVE IT! Two days ago my daughter showed me Poo Pourri in a store and I thought “what an excellent idea!”…I then promptly forgot the name of it. Over 55 what can I say! This morning I was trying to remember the name…Poo something and I looked at your blog and voila! I just signed up for your blog yesterday! Thank you! Have a great day!

    • I’m right behind you (excuse the pun) Kathy.. in age… so I can totally relate. I forget what I walked into a room for, sometimes.

      This poo spray is d’bomb. It really works. It will change your life. LOL.

      Big love and THANKS for subscribing to my blog.

      Lynne xx

  12. Love the post and your sense of humor. Thank you so much for sharing the links

  13. Cheri Hins says:

    I am so glad a new friend shared your blog. Mainly for the poo spray, and your sense of humor. I literally snorted in my coffee laughing. Thank you so much for sharing the links for the oils you used. And thank you even more for sharing the recipe in such a fun way. Most excellent day to you.

    • Cheri Hins says:

      Btw my hubby doesn’t “read” he has an electronic solitaire game. If he’s in there more than 2 minutes I use bathroom in basement so I don’t die early.

      • Hi Cheri,
        I just about fell over laughing at the ‘so I don’t die early’ part. haha. I feel your pain sista, I feel your pain.

        This toilet spray will save your life.

        Lynne xx

  14. Elizabeth says:

    ha ha ha! I’m laughing so much cos you’re so darn funny! There is nothing I want to barf more about than needing to pee and opening a public bathroom door to find someone has left a smell to induce a coma! What’s wrong with people? I’m like you Lynn, I will only go if I am in my own bathroom. Thanks for this and keep us smiling <3

    • Erhhhhmergerd Elizabeth… I hear ya. Seriously, I could die a thousand deaths. It’s like they gave birth to a dead animal. Gahhhhhhhrosssssss.

      In case of emergency, I have actually sprayed this poo poo spray in the room after someone has done that. It’s not a perfect solution, but it is better than your eyes watering and the gag reflex kicking in.

      Dramatic much? hahaha. I just love a nice smelling bathroom :)))))

      Lynne xx

  15. Lenna Knowlton says:

    I just started a batch of vodka based vanilla extract, gonna steal a couple of ounces. Whoopee!!!

    • Wait.A.Sec Lenna,

      You are making vanilla extract?!! Spill it. I want that recipe. I think all Knowlton’s should know how to make that ?

      • Lenna Knowlton says:

        Fall down simple:
        11 liter vodka (or something close to that, wink)
        8 vanilla beans cut into 1″ pieces (none of this gourmet cut, scrap junk)
        Open bottle
        Drop beans Into bottle (you have to take a little vodka out so they fit?)
        Shake well, put in dark place, check once in a while (shake, look, sniff, taste) until it looks like real vanilla extract, about 2 months.
        The beans can be used for several batches. So the sticker shock isn’t so bad. (Got mine off Amazon) Snap!

        • I’m so going to make vanilla extract Lenna!

          Do you mean 11 oz. of vodka?

          Can’t wait to try it! I bet the vanilla extract tastes ahhhmazing for baking!

          Lynne xx

          • Lenna Knowlton says:

            Yes, 11 oz bottle. You could use the larger size but then you’d have to sell an organ to afford the beans. I’ve heard you can also use bourbon which gives it a really rich taste- good for flavoring beverages. xxooLenna

            • My Gawd, Knowltons are smart. Teehee. You are d’best. Hanging on to my organs and going for it!

              Lynne xx

            • Messy Jessie says:

              if you want to use the vanilla extract sooner you can boil the vodka, replace it in the bottle it came in and then add the vanilla beans cut open on one side into the bottle. let set for a week and viola! REAL vanilla extract.

              Young Living essential oils lover and user. #imaddictedtoessentialoils lol

  16. Lenna Knowlton says:

    OMG, I am such a Poopourri junkie, but it’s soooo expensive. I have saved all my bottles-time to play mad scientist! Lenna Knowlton (howdy, “couz'”)

    • Hi Lenna (oh how I love your last name) haha…

      Poopourri is super expensive, I agree. Mind you, before I had a homemade recipe I think I would have paid a zillion dollars to not have to smell a stink bomb of a bathroom.

      I haven’t calculated the cost of making it at home, but I am willing to guess that it is probably less than $2 especially if you are reusing your little Poo Pourri bottles.

      Brilliant idea to save them!

      Yay!!! Lynne KNOWLTON ?

  17. Arlene says:

    Do you think this oil will harm septic systems?
    Thank you for all your colorful emails……bless you!

    • Hi Arlene,

      I actually live in the middle.of.nowhere LOL and have a septic system too. It seems to not be a problem at all.

      I haven’t been worried about it, considering it’s just a few spritzes of a natural essential oil…. which seems much more innocent than what it is covering.

      Ewwwww. Why am I talking about this again. haha.

      No really, I’m not a septic expert, but it seems to be a-okey in my neck of the woods.

      Lynne ?

  18. Veea'ne says:

    Love the post and your (scents) sense of humor , your truly a goof ball ? ! I am always messing around with my essential oils EO’s and fragrance oils FO’s . A few months a go I made an amazing home fragrance spray with nutmeg , cinnamon , clove , and neroli , all were FO’s . I used regular 70% isopropyl rubbing alcohol . Bramble Berry has brushed aluminum spray bottles that I just love ! Lynne thanks for the hilarious post and sharing . Keep spraying – Shit happens ? ?

    • Ahhhh hahhaaa good one.. SCENTS…

      Good point about the isopropyl rubbing alcohol. I considered using it, but went for vodka instead as I had read that the rubbing alcohol has quite a smell to mask. Hmmm. I dunno. I love experimenting, and so now I will :))) Thanks for the inspiration!

      Oh la la Bramble Berry looks so interesting! I wonder if they ship to Canada? Or maybe I should move. Probably less snow there. haha.


    • Veea'ne says:

      Gee wiz ? I meant to write….. I used EO’s not FO’s for the home fragrance . I’am sure FO’s would work but they aren’t as concentrated . I didn’t find that the rubbing alcohol took away from the combination of EO’s……. hummm . Maybe the notes of clove and cinnamon over powered the rubbing alcohol . Guess I’ll have to buy some vodka to actually smell the difference . I did whip up the bergamot , lemongrass and grapefruit of “?? Shit Happens” . Yep , it works like a charm !

  19. Elen G says:

    You crack me right up, Lynne. Click. Got it. Thank you! Oh, and LMAO.

  20. I’ve been waiting with bated breath for this recipe. Actually I mean holding my breath 😉 Love your essential oil track – I’m on the same lately. Made a sweet lip balm at Christmas, and next on my list is cleansing oil. I’ll let you know how it goes, or you can just notice my youthful dewy skin next time we meet! xo

    • Holy batman Dani,

      You are going to flip. So good. So so so so so so good. Can you tell that I like this essential oil toilet spray recipe?? haha.

      I haven’t tried lip balm yet, or cleansing oil ! Gimme. 🙂

      I’ve tried essential oil homemade bubble bath {!!!!!}, and body lotions. Addicted.

      The toilet spray took a year to perfect so hopefully the other ones will be a bit quicker. haha.

      Big love to you, my friend !!!

  21. Lifesapeach says:

    I need this! My husband “reads” all the time in the bathroom and WHOA BABIES the ink they use on that paper is combustible. Please add more oil recipes to your blog!!

    • Do you get frightened when you see your hubby walking into the bathroom with a newspaper? Meeeeeeeeeee too.

      I swear, they give birth to rotting animals or something. Oh Em Geeeeeh.

      Look out. I have recipes for bubble bath, bath bombs, body lotions, the whole shebang… all with essential oils.

      This is going to get cray cray AWESOME!!

      Lynne xx