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Dreaming of a white Christmas? Get inspired!!

I have a special delivery for you today.




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Yup.  I put my elf hat on, and made a little snow for you.  Because I love you like that.


There’s something peaceful about snow, isn’t there?

It’s quiet.


The staggering simplicity of white snow just puts a blanket of quiet over everything.


Christmas is the one and only (and I screamed that) ONE AND ONLY time of year that I adore snow.


That’s it.


Okay, Okay.  I might adore it a couple of other times, but I’m not admitting it in my outside voice.


Christmas season is fantastical because it’s full of CHEER and homemade baileys.


Homemade Baileys = AKA Christmas coping mechanism.




My Christmas advice this season … wrap… sip … wrap … sip

Rinse.  Repeat.



Snow season makes one speechless, doesn’t it?

Maybe it’s because our mouths are frozen shut.

But hey… who cares?


I wish I could mail a snowball to you.



Merry Christmas


With much love!



Psssst.   I have a pressie for you.   Sign up to the bloggy and get your Merry HoHo gift.  It’s even better than a snowball.


What part of the world are you in today?

Do you have snow?

Merry Christmas to you and your family from Design The Life You Want to Live


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  1. Sue Mason says:

    As always, sending love from Boston. No snow yet! Love your pictures and your gorgeous dog ( we have a white swiss shepherd ). Thank you for all you do – and the Baileys !!! Sue ???

  2. Heather says:

    Love your pictures! Snow is so gorgeous, but this snow storm in the East Coast/Midwest has GOT to go! We’re currently under 16+ inches right now in Chicago, hope it’s not as rough where you are in Ontario!!!!! (Although I imagine it’s similar, if not worse.) Stay safe and keep warm!



  3. Jim Knowlton says:

    Those are terrific pics of your home in winter, you are great photographer, I love the snow and OLIVER. PIFFY & JIM

    • Thanks Jim and Piffy !!

      It is easy to be a photographer around here (as you know). I just hang out of the window and press the shoot button. Mother nature does all the rest 🙂


  4. Crystal Robbins says:

    Not a white Christmas but chilly none the less. Lots of ice before Xmas so, our white quota was filled! I love the snow when it visits us occasionally. I’ve been told I’d probably feel differently if I had to live in it. Dad was born and raised in Maine.

    Hope you and yours had a wonderful and peaceful holiday season. 2014 is gonna rock!

  5. Thank you so much for your praise of my book, I am hugely flattered and honored. Your blog is one of my longtime favorites, full of beauty, inspiration and wisdom so to have you include me in a post is the best possible Christmas present , thank you! Christmas decoration ideas

  6. Diane says:

    I live in central upstate New York and right now it is snowing, big fluffy stick on the road snow.
    Glad I am not going to work until JANUARY 2.
    I love snow, it makes everything seem so peaceful but I do not like to drive in it
    Cars are going by very slowly with their flashers on making my little dog bark, the roads are bad.
    I hope everyone gets where they are going safely.
    Happy 2014 to you and your readers.

    • Ahhh, those big flakes of snow are divine, aren’t they? Almost mesmerizing.

      I agree, driving in it is a drag. Staring at it out the window is oh la la pretty.

      Happy Holidays!
      Lynne xx

  7. AwesomelyOZ says:

    We didn’t have a white Christmas this year but that’s OK because it was peaceful and my son was very happy 🙂 Hope you and yours had an amazing Christmas holiday and have a great New Years! -Iva

  8. Shelley MacKenzie says:

    Merry Merry Christmas and wishing you a fabulous New Year!

    Ottawa has been blasted with incredible snow fall the past few weeks. It has been -25 to +5 degrees. We have hunkered down and relaxed with family and stragglers looking for families for the holidays. And waaaay too much chocolate and wine!

    • Merry HoHo Shelley … it sounds like a pretty awesome holiday to me…

      Chocolate and wine !

      Does it get better than that? Now, if we could all get rid of our ‘after the holidays muffin top.’ haha. Okay, I am just speaking for myself, but I think I might be pregnant with a chocolate baby.

      Lynne xx

  9. lisa thomson says:

    Merry Christmas Lynne! I’m still sipping on that homemade bailey’s recipe of yours and loving it. You have such a beautiful property, thanks for sharing it. No snow here in Vancouver. Just green and grey but mild.

  10. Tanya H says:

    First time commenting: “Hello, my name is Tanya”
    Sending greetings from my weather confused location in Southern Maryland outside of DC. Monday it was 70 degrees Fahrenheit, today it was 27. Yo, if it’s going to be cold SO HELP ME there had better be some beautiful snow to make it allll worth it! Haven’t had any decent snow here in a couple of years. I stopped wearing a coat three years ago. This is ridiculous. So, yes, many thanks for the photos of the gorgeous snow. Also, I’m okay with snow, as long as it stays off of walkways, driveways, roads, highways…yep, got that Mother Nature? Sure do appreciate ya!

    • Ha !

      I like you already Tanya 🙂 !!

      Whaaaa? No coat in three years?? I am so jealous right now. Oh la la!!

      I agree, the snow is beautiful when it lands in all the right places 🙂

      With much love
      Happy Holidays !!
      Lynne xx

  11. Michele King says:

    Merry Christmas, Missy! Thanks for all you do to liven up our lives.

  12. It’s beautiful, festive, and most importantly, warm! Thanks for all your fabulous and inspiring posts in 2013. Merry Christmas to you and yours, Delores!! Cheers, holiday-decorating-ideas

  13. evie bratkin says:

    wishing you all at your house a very merry xmas sip open sip open xxoo happy new year!!!!!

  14. Julie says:

    Hi Lynne. Merry Christmas! I am the Julie that wrote you in May. I had run across your blog the week my husband was diagnosed with Leukemia.. You made me laugh through some hard times! Thank God he is is remission today, and we are celebrating a fabulous, snowy, happy Christmas with our family near Erie Pennsylvania.
    I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas, and a happy, HEALTHY New Year.

    • Julie

      I just did the Christmas triple flip across the living room carpet. Okay. Maybe not a flip. I would probably pull a muscle or break a toe 🙂

      I’m so happy for you !! Have a beautiful holiday season. I know you already. xo

      I bet you are savouring every moment.

      With much love,
      Lynne xx

  15. Linda says:

    Merry Christmas Lynne, here in Southern California it’s breezy and probably going to be about 75degrees. Stay warm and have a blessed day with your beautiful family………..

  16. Carol says:

    Why thank you Lynne, I loved the pictures of snow. When Mother Nature wipes the canvas white, we really should be thankful for the colour she gives us when healthy. Let us say merry Christmas to Mother Earth and may she survive another decade of the human race. It never snows in Canberra we are too low. The hills around will be coverd, the days will be freezing but no snow. People will often say that’s a let down after coping with that sort of cold. And sometimes I do agree. But for Australia it is shark feeding time, I mean summer time. And I am still in WA, so that’s means my white skin meets sun kissed all year round skin, people around hear would assume I’m from England, which would gain a smile if I could say that rather then the look of sympathy when they find out I’m visiting from the canberra. The A.C.T is only known as the home of the politicians. How boring. Well then bottoms up I will salute, with my spiked tea.

    • One of these days Carol, one of these days, I will be knocking on your Australian door 🙂

      It is sooooo very cool that you write to me from the land down under.

      Australia is one of my favourite places on earth. Can you go say hello to my Auntie for me? Teehee. She is only in Brisbane. A hop skip and jump away. LOL.

      Have a very Merry Holiday !

      Much love !

  17. judy says:

    Your snow is beautiful and would remind me of the peace of solitude and quiet. life is not @ a mall searching for ones soul-it seems to me your environment would be wonderful to just relax and let the rabid consumers run on the gerbil wheel of getting “stuff.”

    • I agree Judy,

      There is something about snow in the countryside. It’s dreamy (until you have to shovel it) LOL.

      I could sit and stare at it for hours. It’s very peaceful.

      Much love,

  18. Janet says:

    I’m in Seattle for Christmas. I’ve been baking cookies and bread all day. My first two loaves got chucked because I used the wrong flour…but, I forged on and made more along with snicker doodles for the big guy delivering my presents tonight. I lovelovelove Christmas Eve. This is the first time I have ever stayed home (or not hosted) on Christmas Eve. Its so relaxing, I’m giddy!! Did I mentioned I had to fake the flu? Staying home…sipping homemade baileys…merry christmas to me. Oh, and thanks for the snowball, I love it! Cheers and Feliz navidad. Janet

    • Janet,

      I just LAUGHED.OUT.LOUD. at the faking the flu part !! Did you really?!! That is the best Christmas story in the history of ever. hahahaha.

      I hope the big guy liked the snicker doodles.

      PS I now have a snicker doodle craving. Thank~you~very~Much.


      Merry HOHo and happy holidays !!! xx

  19. Ruth Vallejos says:

    Alameda, CA. No snow. No rain either. Dryest year on record. 65 degrees, but as soon as the sun sets, it’s around 40 degrees.

    Thanks for sending the snow – It’s just what I wanted!! My little furry jerk, Pinky, is pawing at it tentatively.

    Merry and Happy Christmas – may your days be quiet and bright.

  20. cynthia says:

    P.S. The blog has a photo of two of the animals performing our own little version of world peace: http://thesolitarycook.wordpress.com

    • Cynthia !!!

      Great shots of the animals! … but the crack in the ice scared me. ha. I’m such a chicken.

      I love the beautifully decorated bench and the water shots. Wowsers!

      Thanks for sharing! Happy Holidays!!

      Lynne xx

  21. cynthia says:

    Our white Christmas arrived on Sunday, and I’m completely with you: it’s the only snowfall all winter long that I won’t curse. Every one that came before, and every one from now on, but not this one. In your very honor, I just made a cup of espresso to which I added a generous helping of cognac. Someday we’ll sip one together. Cheers to you and Merry Christmas to your lovely family!

  22. Lonelle says:

    Hi Lynne, thought I would wish you a merry and wonderful christmas from a sunny and windy Cape Town, SA! I would love to have a white christmas, it sounds beautifull. Have a lovely holiday with your family! LOVE your blog!!<3
    Happy 2014!

    • Thanks soooo much Lonelle,

      Wow, it just blows me away how far away we can be from each other and yet talk so easily on a bloggy.

      Thank goodness for the internet.

      Cape Town must be beautiful, right on the coast. I bet you can see for miles and miles. I have never been, but would love to travel to SA some day.

      Happy holidays to you,

      With much love…
      Lynne xx

  23. Chris says:

    You are so right about the quiet, the beautiful quiet that comes with the snow. I am about to finish up last minute cleaning because some things were delayed with the ice storm. I am not too far from you – Snelgrove (border between Brampton & Caledon). You gave me a great Idea with the Bailey’s. I am going to put on a fresh pot of coffee and have a Christmas coffee. Cheers Lynne! May Christmas be filled with everything that makes you happy. Sending good vibes to you and your family, especially Michael. Sending a big fat snowball your way as soon as the ice melts! 😉

    • Hi Chris,

      Did you lose power for a while? It was so crazy that the city was hit so hard, and we didn’t get the ice at all. It is usually the opposite. We usually get the cray-cray weather.

      So cool that you are in Snelgrove. I used to live in Heart Lake. We were almost neighbours 🙂 Small Canadian world that we live in. LOL.

      Sending good vibes right back atcha.

      Happy Holidays !!
      Lynne xx

  24. Becca says:

    Merry Christmas Lynne! And to your loved ones, too.

    I love the snow. The sun is shining on all the snow and ice covered everything in the yard and everything is glistening like diamonds. The birds are playing on the feeders and the squirrels (aka furry jerks) are begging for peanuts at the back door and then skating across the deck to their perches to eat them. The house smells divinely of spiced nuts and the crock pot is tempting us with mouth watering aromas. The boys are both knitting on the couch while listening to Stuart McLean’s “Dave Cooks the Turkey” and the laughter has been flowing. Nobody has been skewered by a knitting needle! Life is good. Looking forward to more outrageous laughs and great ideas from your blog next year.

    Happy New Year!

    • Thanks for the awesome reminder of Stuart McLean Becca!

      He is so awesome to listen to on CBC.

      Funny thing about Christmas and snow.. it even makes the furry jerks look festive 🙂

      Have a beautiful holiday with the fam,

      Much love!
      Lynne xx

  25. Craig says:

    Merry Christmas to you and yours as well..

  26. Becki Pavlik says:

    Hi Lynne,
    I enjoy coming back to your blogs and seeing what you and your friends have been up to. This time of year is always difficult for me as I lost my son in a car accident in Dec. 1992 and my husband 3 days after Thanksgiving in 2011 from colon cancer. It’s very easy to get stuck in a pity party this time of year if I don’t keep myself busy doing something for others. Today, Christmas Eve Day, I’m having one of those sad days. I had a good cry and then decided enough was enough, I need to find something positive but inexpensive to do! I want to make some fashionable chemo caps and scarves for others. I started going through my fabric stash looking for thin stretchy knits. I don’t have much to choose from but its a start. I would like to ask you and your readers if you have any such fabrics that you could share or donate to me for my ‘un-pity party project’. I would really appreciate any help or stretchy knit fabric donations! I would even be willing to pay the shipping postage if I can. Anyone interested in helping in some way, please contact me at beckipavlik@hotmail.com. Thank you so much!


    • Many big hugs to you Becki,

      I hope you can feel the epic hugs from my neck of the woods to yours. If I could stretch through the computer, I would hug you.

      I’d be happy to help in any way. Do you have a paypal account? I would be more than happy to make a donation. What a FAB idea to make chemo caps.

      With much love,
      Merry Christmas

      Lynne xx

      • Tanya H says:

        PLEASE let us know how we can help. Service is the A#1 way to get rid of pity! Like I always say “I don’t mind if you go on your pity boat for a while, just don’t set sail.” Good for you and for find a way to get rid of the pity. ((hugs))

    • cynthia says:


      The holidays are a challenge for me sometimes, too. This is my 2nd one alone. Both the son and the daughter live far away (actually, I moved far away from them, long story). My husband died 15 years ago, and Christmas has been a bit different ever since. I have lots and lots of fabrics that I would utterly love to send you for your fabulously kind project. If you’ll send me your address through my blog (http://thesolitarycook.wordpress.com). I’ll get them in the mail to you pronto! Merry Christmas to you, wrapped in a huge hug! And bless you Lynne, for bringing this little exchange about.

      • Hi Cynthia,

        I am sending an email to Becki right now. xxo

        THANK YOU. You are one beautiful soul.

      • Becki Pavlik says:

        Sorry I didn’t see your reply until Lynne emailed it to me this morning. Bless your beautiful and generous heart! I would be thrilled to accept any kind of help or donations you or anyone else would care to send. I don’t want to post my personal info here but I can be contacted at beckipavlik@hotmail.com directly. I will also answer you on your own website shortly. I’m babysitting the grandgirls today while they’re on Christmas break and they’re calling me as we speak to come play yet another game. I can tell you that this idea of mine is quickly catching fire and taking off and I’ve only shared about it here and with my immediately family so far. There’s a lot of organizing to do to take on project of this possible magnitude! If anyone would be interested in helping in any way, I could certainly use it. I have to tell you all that Lynne contacted me this morning and was the first to send a donation. Surprise, surprise. NOT
        Thank you again Lynne, for your generosity and offer of assistance.! And a special thank you to any and everyone else that is compelled to help too. We can make a difference, one hairless head at a time!

        Hugs to all,


  27. Scott Stover says:

    I really love your blog. I hope you, MIchael, and your family have a wonderful Christmas.

  28. merry Christmas to you too lynne! love looking at your snow…glad there is none here…I grew up in the Midwest…I’ve had enough snow to last a lifetime…but your pictures are wonderful – stay warm…looking forward to 2014…

    • Yikes, you and me both~ Amy! You grew up in snow country too?

      If I hear the word SNOW DAY one more time, a snowman is going to get punched.


      Merry Christmas !!!

      With much love ~ See you on the flip side of 2014

      Lynne 🙂

  29. Auntiepatch says:

    Merry Christmas from Sunny San Diego CA. No snow here!