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Erhhhmergerd, it’s Black Friday!!!  Sorry to scream at you first thing in the morning. How’s it going so far? Are you at work, pretending to work?  Sleeping in? Spazzing out? Both? Neither? Okay bye.  JK.

Wait. I have some sale codes for you. As I gathered the sale codes together, my heartbeat immediately fell through my butt. These sales are soooo good.

If your face just went pale or your eyebrows are furrowed in confusion about Black Friday-ness, don’t sweat it. Together, we got this.

Ready? Hello Black Friday.


{ Get ready to shop all this from your bed. Your home. Your work. Although shopping from your office desk may be a career limiting move. }

White Linen Duvet Cover 30% off | Blush Crinkled Cotton Throw 30% off



I hate missing out on sales. You? Last year, I stood in the mall, hyperventilating because of all the bargains were being snapped up around me. I felt like I got hit with a shopping stun gun. This year, I’m shopping it alllll online…. all the wayyyyy… stun-gun-less. AKA from bed // deep within my sofa.

With sale codes. Because sale codes are my amigos.

URBAN OUTFITTERS| Buy one get one 50% off| Sitewide

CLUB MONACO | extra 30% off everything| CODE: BLACKFRIDAY

SERINA & LILLY | 25% of everything | CODE: THANKFUL

WORLD MARKET| 40% all furniture| + free shipping on $75 and over

MCGEE & CO | 20% of everything | CODE: SNOWWHATFUN

MANGO | 20% of everything | CODE: Black19

NORDSTROM | spend and save | spend more save more deals

PARACHUTE | 20% site wide | spend more save more deals

MADEWELL| 30% off everything| CODE: GIFTWELL

POSTER CLUB| 20% off ALL prints | CODE: SALE2019

SHOP BOP| up to 75% off sale, up to 25% off full-price items | CODE: MORE19

H & M | 30 % off everything | Free Shipping | No code required.


my black friday faves

Here we go. All my Black Friday faves, I’m putting them right here on one page. You’re like, “Let’s not and say we did.” haha. These sales make me happier than happy. Get ready to freak your face.


Sigh. I want to be schlepping around the house right now in these pj’s. Because this is what I would totally look like in mine. NOT. But still. Want.

Here we go. All my Black Friday faves, I’m putting them right here on one page. These sales make me happier than happy. Get ready to freak your face | www.lynneknowlton.com


And these. How pretty are these? Do you think I’d look classy and refined in these? Don’t answer that. It wasn’t a real question. The cozy joggers are a bargoonie and the shawl cardigan is 40% off .Hola!


For those who don’t know, these televisions are normally extraordinarily expensive! Barf. I found it on sale here, but looking for an even bigger deal. Ideas? HALP.


I wanted this wall mounted fireplace, but Michael’s head lit on fire and fell off when I showed him the price tag last week. Today, it’s 70% off. So. Yeah. Today is a good day. Buying it.


I bought this coat ( in the almond colour) last week. It’s on sale and is 30% the sale price today too! The coat makes me feel comfortable about my life. Coats to the mental health rescue! I’m fine. PS. I don’t look as serious as this model while wearing the coat. My coat puts a smile on my dial.  And maybe gold glittered eyeshadow. I wore it yesterday (see it here on my Instagram stories.)


For Her

I want allll of these. I want to steal them all and stuff them in my jeggings. Will you write me in prison? Lawd.


All things

Of course these things make me feel obnoxiously inspired for alllllll things cozy. Shocker, right?


for him

Shopping for a man can be tricky, right? GAH. Unless it’s this guy >>> I think we can all agree that Idris Elba just needs to just go ahead and take his shirt off already. Until then. Here are some hawt men thaaaaangs to shop.


For the Hostess or Housewarming

You like these too, right? Don’t you dare leave me in this dark world alone.

Good stuff, AmIRite? Sips coffee (that may or may not be spiked. )

I’ll probably spend most of the day saying ‘the baileys in my coffee made me do it.”

See you next week! x


Are you on Instagram? Follow along here for our stories. We are doing some oncology updates this week about Michael. And life. And shenanignas. Ya know. xxxoxo


Let us know what you bought! Tristan and I want all the deets. Did you find any great sales today? Share with sugar bear in d’comments below. Together, we got this x

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  1. Craig says:

    A cup of Salted Carmel Coffee
    Whipped Cream of course
    A Biscotti Treat (Hello)
    🎄🎶🎶🎶in the background
    Hallmark on TV/ no sound
    Making a list…

    • Making a list. Checking it twice. Going to find out who drank all the salted caramel coffee and putting them on the nice list. haha. Merry ‘soon to be’ ho ho !
      Lynne 🙂