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How to Make Grapevine Balls 

I wish I could dream up a better NAME 

Other than


I can create them, hang them, make them look pretty with lights, but I can’t dream up a REAL name for them yet.  I can’t name a grapevine ball to save my life.

I am stumped.   I need a name that doesn’t make me *smirk*.  Any ideas?

So far, it’s  balls.


These little crazed balls may not look like much as you create them, but they are stunners when they are lit at night.  They also look FAB in the garden.  They are organic in nature, so they can definitely take some wind, rain, snow abuse.



See?  Easy.  Need help finding grapevine?  If you are Canadian, it’s everywhere.  Like. Everywhere.  It is like a wild weed.

What if you don’t have grapevine??!  Yikes.  

BUY a grapevine wreath and take it apart. The grapevine wreath already has the ’round’ shape.  Woot. Woot.  Unwrap the wreath and voila you have the grapevine supplies to make a ball.

Here is what grapevine looks like :


It’s presently taking over my barn.  My fields. My tree line. My life. Grapevine rolls like that.

Bad ass.

I have an abundance of grapevine and needed to make balls.  Don’t judge. I’m a designer.  My skills are sometimes limited to wine drinking and grapevine wrestling.

Funny how those skills go so well together.

If you are not near grapevine, don’t fret.   Plan B.

You can make



Yup.  Genius name, isn’t it?  Wire Balls.  You can use these for lighting or home decor. It’s easy to do, I pinkie swear it.   BOOM.  Amazing. We made ours from this fencing wire from the hardware store.

  Back to balls..

SUPPLIES for Grapevine lighting balls:


 Grapevine. You can go foraging for it, or buy it as a ready made wreath, take the wreath apart and make your own grapevine ball from there.


Floral wire

Cut this floral wire into small pre-cut pieces. I usually cut about 30 pre-cut pieces.  This wire will be used to secure the grapevine together as you are wrapping the beach ball. Pick a floral wire gauge like what you see in the photographs below.  I didn’t pay attention to what gauge I used.  There are no rules.

We are here for good times, peeps.


A nice pair of wire cutters to cut through your fencing wire and floral wire. The ones I have linked to are very affordable.


A definite necessity : Beach balls. Buy varying sizes of balls (there I go with that ball word again). Immature.  I am.  Make sure you buy the kind of beach balls that you can deflate.  You can also buy a variety of sizes so that you will have a variety of finished sizes of grapevine balls.

Why buy a deflatable beach ball ? a)   You can play with it later b)  If you can’t deflate the ball, you will need to beat the heck out of it, to remove it from your grapevine.  Trust me on this one.  Buy a deflatable ball.  No need to murder a beach ball.  No balls need to die in this experiment.


Ohhh we have to have some twinkle lights, fooooshur.

You know the kind.  Little wee white lights, with a dark wire. Bonus: I found this set with a dark wire. Holy batman.

How do you spell PERFECT?! <- I SCREAMED THAT.

You’ll need string lights with about 50 little twinkle lights per strand, and be sure to get a dark green or black wire on those lights. The white electrical cord may look stupid.  HMmm. I retract that statement.  If you spray paint your grapevine balls white, that could look super funky.  I might need to try white version 101 next. White grapevine balls with white mini lights.  I LOVE WHITE. I have a problem.

Enough about my problems.

Let’s get crackin’ on those balls.



Chain, twine, rope &/or extension cord to hang the balls from the trees. You will not need this chain or rope if you are placing the grapevine balls on the ground, in the garden.  Ambiance.   Less Work.  Awesome.




Gather up your grapevine and strip it of the grapes and leaves.   Make your grapevine buck-naked.  This is not a glamorous job (even though the buck-naked part might sound glamorous.)  Wear gloves.  Do not get a manicure the day before.   Been there.  Done that.  Got the dumb girl poster.

Grapevine looks like this (which is technically pretty gross looking at this stage. GAH) In my head, I was imagining it to look like the photo on the right, but in reality, the photo on the left is the real deal.

Pick the grapevine while it is still growing, soft, and pliable.  If you let it dry out, the grapevine will crack and be too dry to work with.  It can be done, but only if you want to do things the hard way.   I like the easy route, myself.  Easy.  Floozy.  Yup.


Okay, wild grapevine does not look as dreamy as this, but I’m trying to inspire you. LOL. Basically, it looks very similar to this, but is more of a wild child. Tiny little grapes, and not looking too tame. Wild. Like us. 🙂

Grapevine is generally easy to acquire, since most farmers  just love to get rid of it.  Grapevine causes harm because it chokes out trees and takes over everything in sight. Don’t let it.  Pull it off, wrangle it, and it is yours to turn into a ball. Pffft.  At it again.


After you have stripped the grapevine, you are left with the brown woody stem for wrapping around the beach ball.

I usually deflate the ball midway through the project and after the grapevine ball starts to take shape.  Don’t even get me going on deflating balls.  Never mind.  haha.  Don’t try to sneak the beach ball out after the grapevine ball is complete.   You will need to murder the beach ball if you wait that long.  Pull out the beach ball while you still have ROOM to pull it out.

Get that?

I used annoying CAPS LOCK for that beach ball bit.

Annnnnnd, I make my friends help me.  Gather friends and beach balls.  You’ll be fine.  Wrap the beach ball.


Have your wire and wire cutters handy. I prep a bunch of pre-cut wire, so I am not wrangling with the wire cutters, wire, ball, and grapevine all at once.  I am not that coordinated. Wrap, wire it in place.

Wrap, wire. Rinse, repeat.

I usually work with different sizes of balls*  errrhmerrrgerd.  Now I want to tell myself to shut up.  If I say balls again, you have permission to punch me.

The different sizes of beach balls will give you different sizes of lighting balls <—  Punch.

From this to this…..

A wee sidebar note:

Wondering why I have a table built of stones and old boards??  I left my Mom and her friend alone outside my barn one day.  Not alone actually.  They were armed with liquid fermented grapes wine.  No  joke. Hours passed.  A whole lotta laughing went on.  I think one of them pee’d their pants.  The other one went on a disappearing act for a while and created a grapevine angel using an old staircase post.  I swear.  I could not make this stuff up.  And then.. And then… there was a TABLE.


As you wrap the beach ball with the grapevine, secure it with your pre cut wire to ensure a solid hold.   It will seem tricky at first,  sort of like rolling a mammoth ball of yarn.  Once the ball gets going though, it gets easier.  Ewwwh.  Unattractive  gloves.  Sorry ’bout  that.


After the grapevine ball starts to take shape, you can then deflate your beach ball. Continue to work by building up more grapevine around the beach ball.  Just keep adding the grapevine, in circles around the ball, like you are rolling a ball of wool.  A big ball of wool.  Something like what the green giant would use to knit a sweater.

Don’t sweat it too much if you don’t get all the grapes and leaves off the grapevine ball.  They will eventually dry up and fall off.   Like a baby belly button, except that was a gross analogy.   Ditto ewwwwhhh.


Finished !!! When you are finished , you need to stand back and admire it.

At this point,  I went and celebrated … wine, and bread too ! PS. we have an ahhhhmazing no-knead bread recipe here on the blog too. It’s SUPER simple to make! Recipe here. See photos here on Instagram too!

After all that celebrating, I forgot to take photos of what it looks like to string the twinkle lights on it.  It is not rocket science.  I know you can do it.

String lights FIRST, drink wine AFTER.


Wrap the mini lights around the balls.  You can be quite random.  No rules here.


You can now add a chain or rope to hang your balls.   I usually scramble around the house or barn and look for random chains.  I steal them from the kids bikes or my husbands workshop.  Failing that, I have used the extension cord itself to hang the balls.  That is not technically correct (or a strong/long term /smart decision) but I am so excited to hang them, I don’t care.


Attach electrical tape to secure the mini light plug to the extension cord and keep it free of rain and little creepy critters.



 If you feel like growing a wild hair, use a big ol’ rope or funky twine.  Check this one out.  It’s gorgy gorgeous!!  Interesting rope is a nice twist if you are feeling artistically twisted.  Or braid it.  I don’t care.  Hang that ball.



PLAN B :   You have no grapevine.  You have no mini lights.  You have a lot of wine.  You have a bit of time.  You have WIRE.

Make these :


How to make a wire ball…

Same deal.  Start with a beach ball.  Minus the grapevine. Minus the just about everything except wire.  Wrap wire around the beach ball, and secure it with your small precut pieces of wire.  Wrap little wire ‘knots’ to hold the big wire together. I used old fencing wire to create ours.   I left the finished wire ball in the rain to rust. Rust is funky, man.

Sip your wine.

Admire your balls.


DIY Grapevine Lighting Balls : Learn a fast and easy way to make grapevine balls for your backyard patio. Full grapevine ball tutorial on lynneknowlton.com . So affordable and fun to make !

I’m so very grateful that you took the time to read the blog.

Big love and THANK YOU !!

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  1. […] Image Source/Tutorial: Lynne Knowlton […]

  2. Danielle Kuhn says:

    Awesome. I love your attitude!

  3. Jessica says:

    Grapevine orbs! I love this idea. As soon as the muscadines here are done I will be harvesting some vines.

  4. Brenda Storm says:

    You are too funny! Loved the blog! We would get along. I laughed! This is a must try but first I had best acquire more fermented grape juice! 😂

  5. Sandra says:

    I probably will never MAKE a grapevine BALL but I LOL at your instructions!!
    I think I will just buy one but it does sound like fun!
    Thanks for a fun read!

  6. Casi b says:

    I’m very excited to try this out this weekend! I am wondering if balloons will be easier though, instead of beach balls. And just popping them when I’m finished. I feel like I will struggle with either getting the ball out lol. Worth a try! Thank you for this! I’m so excited!

  7. lastprincess says:

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  8. Vera Millovich says:

    How about grapevine globes or glowing grapevine globes, twinkling tumbleweeds, twisted twinklers, twinkling twine, etc….?

  9. Vicki says:

    Okey donkey!!! This was the most fun DIY blog EVER! I mean, I finally had to stop reading, call my husband over, and read it OUT LOUD to him!!! Would it surprise you to learn that he’s a retired minister?!?!?!? YEP! He was rolling!

    Our youngest son and his fiancée are getting married in our backyard, between two large trees, in late October, with the lake as the background. I think we need some BALLS in those trees! Serious question: do you think kudzu vine would work instead of grapevine?

    By the way, never change the name. Grapevine balls has to stay! Waayyy too much fun!

  10. Penny Rosebrugn says:

    What a great little project!! Love love love
    This! I’m going to have to give this a defuteh. I have a plant that grows in our ditches here called “red whip” it makes nice wreaths, so I’m going to try it for these “ball”. Thanks for the great instructions.

  11. Marianne Stone says:

    Thank you for the early morning giggles!! I loved reading this article!
    You said, “Balls”.

  12. DARLENE Richardson says:

    Love your post. Call them what you like. lol
    But you can always call them Grapevine Spheres.

  13. Tana says:

    Love this and you are hilarious!

  14. Jackie says:

    Grapevine Orb Balls

  15. Alan says:

    Balls are also referred to as ornaments.
    I didn’t read through all of the postings so someone may have already suggested this idea….
    Grapevine Ornaments….
    Then as a logo….
    replace the “O” with a grapevine “ball”….
    Have a nice day!

  16. Donna Quinn says:

    Other words for “balls”:
    Orbs, spheres or globes!

  17. Jeff says:

    How about “grapevine spheres” instead of “grapevine balls”?

  18. Lenna P Woodall says:

    Well, I don’t know when this article Was written, but I do know I Wish I had paid closer attention in Geometry !! Nor do i have the necessary calf roping skills it requires to lasso said lights around a ball. Call them what you like but I have named them “Great BALLS of fire”” !! If you like the name, let me know so I can experience some degree of satisfaction today. Christmas Is closing in so I am going to have to throw in the towel on this one Because I need to get my dang tree decorated. Rest assured, I WILL figure it out one day and when I do… you’ll be the first to know. I have invested a small fortune in supplies, not to mention, supplied hours of comic relief for my husband’s entertainment pleasure.
    Thanks for a great article, this is the first time I’ve ever contributed a comment on the www.

    • Hi Lenna,

      You crack me up hahahahaha. I wrote this article years ago, but those balls are still hangin’ haha! Every time I walk out in the yard I am going to think of GREAT BALLS OF FIRE. Thanks for the laugh!! And thanks for leaving a comment! We are honoured 🙂 Merry ho ho! Lynne + Tristan

  19. Michelle M says:

    HA! You could be my sister! We laugh at all of the funny things like balls and the word duty as if we were children. Our husbands just roll their eyes. I think I forgot what I was reading about halfway through because I was just looking for the next time you said balls. I did go back and I thank you for your information. Just cut my grapevines down so I’m going to try it now. Have an awesome day!

  20. Sierra says:

    Grapevine orbs would be a good idea

  21. Marsha says:

    I feel better after reading your how to: on the garden lights. I chuckled, smirked,laughed outloud and agreed with your philosophy about wine. I feel we could be the same person, as saying “balls” make me giggle also. You should try the word “duty”…but think doody..as in poop…LOL that word spoken makes me think
    “They said doody”..hahaha
    Say it while drinking wine and its even funnier, come on do it…its your duty!

  22. Kim Holmes says:

    Ball – globe, orb

  23. Kim says:

    Great! The idea is so amazing. The photos are charming. I hope that mine will be also so beautiful. Thanks for sharing your tips.

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      Hi Kim!

      You are most welcome! Your balls teehee will be beautiful too. I know it. 🙂

      Big love
      Lynne xx

  24. Mary O'Connor says:


    Loved your article, really crafty, useful and very funny! I love the fact that you share the good and the bad and don’t take it all too seriously! I’m definitely going to give these a try though we don’t have grapevine in Ireland {although we are the home of Baileys and we do that very well}- too wet and cold to grow grapes but I’m going to try with wire and maybe wrap in ivy – I’ve tons of that! A suggestion, how about glowing grape globes! Anyway had to let you know how much I enjoyed this!



    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      Hi Mary!

      Sorry I missed your comment and I’m so late at replying.

      When life is back to normal, and we can travel again.. Ireland is on my bucket list… so I may just have to come and knock on your door and help you make glowing grape globes with twinkle lights 🙂

      Big love!

  25. Patti Evans says:

    Maybe call them fairy orbs

  26. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post of lighting balls.

  27. Jennifer says:

    Hi Lynne!
    Grapevine ORB!
    Grapevine Sphere!
    Grapevine Globe!
    I’m partial to ORB!
    However, adopting any of these would never be as amusing as Grapevine “Balls”!!!

    Love your style!

  28. Cheryl says:

    How about wire spheres! instead of balls.

  29. Kayack says:

    Holy sh*tBALLS you are hilarious! I’m not even sure I paid attention to the topic (except when I read BALLS). I was too busy laughing. Now I know what men feel like blahblahblahBALLSblahblah. Thanks for the easy to follow DIY. I’m absolutely looking forward to making these stunning BALLS. Of course I can’t wait for my friends to tell me how nice my balls look. I can picture it now “Hey, [wink] your balls look nice.”

  30. Tammy Duckett says:

    Thanks For sharing Lynn. I too am a lover of balls. And have been wanting to tackle some grapevine and wire and (also honeysuckle vine works well) to make y own balls. Thanks for the tips. I have heard them also referred to as “spheres” not as much fun as BALLS I know. PS just discovered garland balls as I had to rip garland off a string of lights I had various lengths and colors of garland and so I started wrapping and tucking and wah lah pretty shiny and I’ll say it kinda hairy looking Christmas garland BALLS. HAPPY HOLIDAYS.
    THE hectic eclectic

  31. Dee says:

    BALLS!!!!!!! I CAN’T STOP!!!!

  32. Dee says:

    Reading your blog, wondering what a blog is, laughing, and making BALLS!!!!!!!

  33. Lynne Tharan says:

    Wow – I’m a first-timer here, and I love reading your blog…and I have to ask you….have you been fighting for that ‘e’ at the end of your name all your life???? I certainly have.

  34. Dana Kunz says:

    Light balls is not appropriate for the beauty of your DIY. How about “Fairy Nest Lighting” or “Fairy Nest Village” or “Fairy Spheres”?

  35. Jillene says:

    Grapevine spheres, globes, (still thinking)

  36. Neil Wright says:

    Grapevine Globes? Grapelights? Photonic Fruit? Twinkleberries?
    Just a thought…

  37. Amanda B says:

    Decided to make some of these while breaking down cypress trees we are thinning from our yard, and have tips if you’re working with less flexible material.

    1. Pre bend your green branches to get a curve
    2. I skipped the beach balls, I made 3 rings equal in diameter to get the frame started, using black zip ties to hold the rings, then floral wire to bind the intersections.

    I’m debating whether to try wrapping the lights around the outside, vs. crisscrossing them through the center. Thoughts?

    • Hi Amanda! Great idea! You may want to wrap your lights around the outside rather than through the center so that you will see the lights easier. If the lights are criss crossed through the center they can get lost behind the branches etc. I bet they look beautiful ! I hope you send a photo to me! I’d love to see.

  38. Jan Hanner Elliott says:

    I love you balls! 🙂 I want to make several of the wire ones for my daughter’s industrial look wedding. The link takes me to aluminum wire. Aluminum doesn’t rust, right? I want to get them as nasty and rusty as possible (after all, it is a wedding) and have over a year to do this. Is there another type of wire you would recommend?

    • Hi Jan

      Thanks for liking my balls. teehee. I’m such a dork, I didn’t even realize that I linked to the aluminum (and you are right, it won’t rust). I used steel fencing wire that I had kicking around in my barn…..

      If you go to a farm supply store, you may be able to get steel wire. I looked it up on Amazon, and it looks like the steel wire is galvanized, so I’m thinking that won’t rust either. GAH.

      Who knew that we would want something that rusted? haha.

      Happy grapevine ball making 🙂

      Lynne xx

      • Cindy Harris says:

        I love your idea! Instead of ‘balls” how about Grapevine Light Orbs or Spheres. Just an idea!! Oh and question, maybe I missed it but are the lights run on batteries or plug in?

        • Hi Cindy!
          The lights are actually plug in…. I tried the battery operated ones but they sure burned through batteries quickly… so I gave up on those. Plug in is way easier.

          Happy DIYing of your Grapevine Light Orbs 🙂

          Lynne xx

  39. Lynne Wells says:

    Hi lynne,
    I love grapevine anything!! When I saw your name I knew i wanted to read more. My name is Lynne too. With writing it I use the lower case, lynne. I ask my Momma why she put the “e” on Lynne and she said it looked finished with the “e”. My Momma has passed but would be 90 yrs. Growing up I didn’t meet alot of Lynn’s with an “e”. Although I have a friend that spells her Lynne like us and she is actually my age (65) and from Canada. I am sure you are thinking, blah-blah-blah but it was fun for me to find your website and another “lynne”. ✌️️
    lynne Wells

    • Hi Lynne!!

      Nice to meet you! Gotta love that name!

      I haven’t met many with an E …. and I dropped the E for years as a kiddo, because everyone called me Lynnie. Now that I’ve grown up (not really :)…. my besties call me Lynnie.

      Embracing the E with lurve!

      Lynne xxo

  40. Chary lee post says:

    I love the lingo! It makes it fun to read, keep up the good work! Made a few grapevine balls , they turned out great! Thanks!

  41. Patti Gant says:

    Delightful read and love your ‘incrediballs’.

  42. You should call them fairy orbs,they remind me of never land at night from the movie

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  45. Bonnie says:

    How about calling the balls “vine O’s”. Play on words, oh my! Fun none the less.

  46. All I can say is that your beautiful blog is no more than a reflection of the beautiful way you are dealing with so much. Thanks for sharing and accept our love.

  47. Joshua A Everly says:

    Vitis Spheres 🙂

  48. […] Create unique lighting from grapevine, wire and beach balls! Simple DIY project for one of a kind lighting. (Tutorial: Lynneknowlton) […]

  49. Kitty says:

    What a great post – a giggle to read, permission to fetch a glass of wine, and something actually productive at the end of it! Thank you.

    If anyone wants to make some smaller balls (I said it! I said it!) for the Christmas tree, try using coloured craft wire and glass beads. Instead of the beach balls, use balloons – kids’ mini ‘water bomb’ balloons from the £/$/€1 store are perfect for the job (tip: don’t give them to your children, and especially not to your partner, it’ll get messy). Just pop them and pull them out once you’ve got the shape.

  50. Sherry says:

    Appreciating the time and effort you put into your website and in depth information you offer.
    It’s awesome to come across a blog every once in a while that isn’t the same unwanted rehashed information. Wonderful read!

    I’ve bookmarked your site and I’m including your RSS feeds
    to my Google account.

  51. Kathy Driskell says:

    There’s your name for them…..”Amazeballs”!!!

  52. Bridget says:

    Very pretty! How about Orbs? Lighted grapevine orbs. 🙂

  53. […] The above image is from a brilliant DIY ‘How To’ by Lynne Knowlton. This would be a great use for Grapevine or Kiwifruit vine (or any other vines for that matter!)   Check out how Lynne made some amazing garden light balls here: https://lynneknowlton.com/diy-grapevine-lighting-balls-what-a-bright-idea/ […]

  54. Bobbi says:

    How about grapevine spheres? I have been looking for a lage one like 18 or 20in.. not willing or able to pay $200

  55. […] light spheres can be made from grapevines such as in this tutorial, or fencing wire wrapped around an inflated beach ball, video […]

  56. Bernice says:

    What about fairy globes. I love your idea and the easy to follow way to create them

  57. Allen Roberts says:

    Lighted Grapevine Ornaments?

  58. […] Make a ball from Grapevine or wire and add lights. Read the complete tutorial here. […]

  59. debra lemoine says:

    you were looking for a different word than grapevine ball how about grapevine sphere,,,

  60. Susan Layfield Smith says:

    Thought your tutorial was a hoot!! Just wanted to pass on a helpful hint for those without access to fresh grapevine. If you’re using pre-made wreaths that most likely will be very dry and stiff, give yourself a break and soak the wreaths in a tub of water for several hours before wrapping your “viney balls” (how’s that for a name?) Have done this for other projects, and it works just fine!! They will be flexible and easy to shape……..plus as the vine dries, they’ll slightly contract into a more secure final shape. Vine on!!!

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  62. Hi i am kavin, its my first occasion to commenting anyplace,
    when i read this paragraph i thought i could also create comment due to this brilliant piece of writing.

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  64. Elaine says:

    I love all your ideas! Actually when I googled this idea I was not sure if I should look for vine spheres or vine globes. I was pretty sure I didn’t want to Google vine balls.

  65. Lisa B. says:

    P. S. I would call them “spheres “….LOL

  66. Lisa B. says:

    I absolutely love these! Any tips on which direction to wrap and how often to secure? Like, do you wrap across in one direction and then switch to another and alternate? If there is a video tutorial, it would sure be handy. Thanks!

    • Hi Lisa! A video tutorial is a great idea! I have a few video tutorials on YouTube, but haven’t added the grapevine lighting yet. Brills! I will work on that one in the spring. Thanks for the fab idea! Lynne xx

  67. Michelle says:

    Guess what I did with my balls?
    Not that … gross …
    After I wrapped lights around them, I wired white and red fake poinsettias sporadically around the ball (stems thru random holes towards the center of the ball, keeping the flowers as close to the ball as possible). The lights shine through the flowers and in between the flowers. Its gorgeous!!!

    • Nyk Kelly says:

      Would DIE to see a pic of this!
      Oh, and Lynne? Lovely diy piece. Adore the blog, as well. And this FONT!!! Am really digging it!
      Thanks so much for your contribution to the diy world.
      It lit up our lives! ????
      Has anyone experimented with any other “vine” materials? I live in a very rural, lovely, green town. I had to recently take many vines, branches, etc. off both a Rose of Sharon and two Crepe Myrtle.
      I was fiddling with a twinkle lit branch piece of some sort.
      Too many ideas, too few moments of quiet time.

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  70. Rhiannon says:

    How bout……TWIBALLS…..Pronounced-twib-als. Heheheh! Yes..did it. Lynne, you now have a name for yer balls. Awesome?

  71. Shereen Salimi says:

    Thank you for the most funniest tutorial of various “ball making” lighted ornaments! A great morning wake up with cup of Jo & lmao
    Great presentation! This is whole lot easier then using an invisible ball!

  72. Debra says:

    First of all you’re a hoot! Lol…I love these ‘balls’! We do have a grapevine but I’m not sure I’m patient enough to sit and wrap it around a beach ball. Kudos! They are stunners!

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  74. Jean says:

    Great tutorial Could you Pls. tell us how you connect the lights to the Orbs # BALLS together? You mentioned extension cords ?Are they plugged extension to extention?

  75. Lou Ann Marks says:

    Enjoyed your tutorial, here’s an idea: Grapevine Garden Orbs!
    Here is my finished product, with solar lights found on Amazon.

  76. Deb says:

    Thank you for the brilliant idea. Living on Georgia I wonder about using cudzu

  77. Keri says:

    Love this DIY and your blog so much. The balls will look beautiful in the trees that line our driveway this winter! I wish you would’ve added something about making sure some balls hang lower than others, you know, to add to the effect. *giggle*

  78. Robert Taylor says:

    Instead of using the word “balls” call them “spheres”. Hope this gives you a new option with same point.
    Regards, Bob Taylor, Indiana

  79. Jake says:

    Very creative project. BTW, I love the “Twinkle Balls”.. LOL

  80. Leslie McRimmon says:

    I just loved your blog. You are soho entertaining. Cannot wait to make my balls!!!!!!!Plan to hang outside.

  81. Holly Nowak says:

    Hi Lynne,
    I’m the Arts Education Director for Erie Arts & Culture and I’m starting a fiber program in the community. We’re looking to offer unique workshops and your idea seems to fit the bill. I’m not sure where you’re located but do you ever get to Northwest Pennsylvania for workshops?

    Holly Nowak

    • Hi Holly

      I live in Ontario Canada. If I ever get have a road trip to Pennsylvania, I’ll let you know. I’d love to do a US road trip in our airstream someday! That could be fun!


  82. Maria Adams says:

    Love your blog , I live in London UK. How about “Wire Spheres” or “Sparkling Spheres”

    • oh la la Maria…

      I love the sparking spheres… they look just like that at night.

      Fab idea!!!

      Big love from Canada to the UK ! <-- one of my fave places on earth. Cheers! Lynne xx

    • Maria Adams says:

      thanks Lynn, btw I love your site and your humour too, found your hoop lights pic on Pinterest ( which I am obsessed bY ) and followed the links x

  83. Marvin says:

    Love your site. Love your wit and the way you handled the balls 😉 Try glue and string around balloon. Wrap glue covered string around balloon and let dry. When hard, pop balloon and walla string ball

  84. Marvin says:

    Grapevine balls. .. you can use string and a balloon. Simply blow up a balloon
    Take string and Elmers glue. Squeeze glue out on a paper plate. Take string and put it in glue and coat string
    Now wrap string around balloon and let dry
    Next day pop balloon and wrap you lights around hardened string ball.

  85. Andrew says:

    I somehow managed the grapevine ball deed without gloves. Mangled hands.

    Am putting polyester fibrefill inside my grapevine balls (as a light diffuser) and putting animated RGB LED’s inside that. You can do a youtube search for Neopixels for some examples.

  86. Debra says:

    YOur website was just about the funniest ever!!!! the grapevine luminescents are beautiful 🙂 I was looking for ideas for my own gravevine project and came across yours. i love gardens and lights…and wine..thank you so much for the laughs and great new project!!! debra

  87. Very cool ball design. I would try to make it self.

  88. Wow, very wonderful globe design.

  89. Liz says:

    Love these! Balls work but you could say orbs… :0)

  90. Terry says:

    Thanks for the Balls tutorial (smirk)! I love it!!!! You could call them Orbits. But no mater what you call them they are still Balls (LOL) thanks!!!!!!

  91. Linda Hubler says:

    How about calling them grapevine globes?

    • That would probably make my Mother happy too, if I stopped saying balls. I may be 50 but I still haven’t hit that maturity level. 🙂

      Thanks for the inspiration!
      Lynne 🙂 xx

  92. Beverly Crittenden says:

    Thanks so much for sharing your how-to-do post on grape vine spheres! I am going to make this my next project. I happened to have wild grapevines growing along side of my garage that needs cutting down. Loved the humor, Will be looking forward to your feed!

    • Hi Beverly !

      Lucky dawg! It is so fab to have an abundance of grapevine. You can make balls, teehee, grapevine trees (large cone size) and you can even turn tomato cages upside down and make little grapevine trees.

      Lynne xx

  93. Colleen Smith says:

    Very cool balls! And I like your rock table as well. Love your sense of humour. ..

  94. Cateline says:

    I love this idea…but another name could be Grapevine Globes….:)

    Thank you for all of these great DIY ideas..LOVE IT!!!

  95. […] wires if you don’t live on a farm) and wrap icicle lights around them to create glimmering orbs. This tutorial has all the […]

  96. Dawn M says:

    These look great & easy to make. I’ll be out buying the supplies today so I’ll have them done and hung for the 4th of July picnic!!
    As for the name… how about grapevine orbs? Just an idea. = )

  97. A. Marlene says:

    You are a kick in the pants! I will forever have a different view of balls I can’t say the word anymore without snickering myself!
    I think I may refer to the balls as sphere or orbs. Whew, much better!
    Anyway I Love this idea! It’s so Wow! I can’t wait to make my own spheres thanks for this I enjoyed this tutorial is was definitely a refreshing read.

  98. nicole says:

    Hello Lynne,

    Your grapevine balls are stunning! My friend is having a barn wedding and would love to purchase some. Can you contact me via email if you sell within Canada and are interested?



    • Hi Nicole,

      As much as I would love to create more grapevine balls, shipping them could be cray-cray because they are so big. Where are you located? I’m 2 hrs NW of Toronto near a sleepy town called Durham. I wish you were my neighbour 🙂 OR maybe you are! If so, I’ll be right over. Look for the gal holding balls 🙂 Lynne xx

    • nicole says:

      Hi Lynne,

      My girlfriend Crystal (the bride!) will be in Mount Forest at the Fireworks Festival in July. She wants to know if she can arrange to meet you.
      Believe it or not, she is actually from Durham!

      Hope to talk soon,


      • Holy batman Nicole,

        What is the chance of THAT?! Miraculous. LOL. Most people have never even heard of the town of Durham. If you blink, you miss it 🙂

        Sure, July could work. She can email me at Lynne {AT} Lynneknowlton.com and we can chitty chatty and talk wacky. 🙂

        Lynne xx

  99. Kimberly says:

    Thank you of sharing this! I have tons of runaway grapevines in my yard (neighbor thought it would be nice to plant them on the fence but never tends to them) this would be a great project to trim them down.

    • Ohhh you too, Kimberly? This is a PERFECT DIY for them! You could literally make them to hang in trees or just make the grapevine balls and leave them on the ground in the garden. They are so pretty when they are lit up at night! You’ll love them! Lynne xx

  100. […] though I am 50,  I haven’t stopped talking about balls.   *snicker*   Balls make me giggle.  Mature, […]

  101. Elaine in London says:

    Hahahahahaha at ‘baby’s belly button ..’ and balls … it’s a word which can never be used too many times (like its counterpart bo**£cks). Raising things to a more polite level, I’m going to throw in Gorgeous Grapevine Globes to the melting pot, you have many comments, so I don’t know if these have already been suggested… In my part of the world globes are slang for voluptuous boobies, so I am not sure it is such a departure from Balls on the snigger front. I subscribed yesterday, am loving your sense of humour, appreciation of wine and creative eye Xx

  102. Colleen Travis says:

    Ah, come on,. These are fairy night lights.. I love them.!!!! Will be making some so my sea serpent can wander around the back yard near the pool at night. Thanks

  103. Hazel says:

    As you love wine I would say go with : vino globes : Or spheres : or any other round object…. balle perdue = confused / crazy ball… french 😉
    Great tutorial and can’t wait to make a few!

  104. Rebecca Bird says:

    I have given your ‘balls dilemma’ some thought, and would suggest fairy orbs, speres or globes 🙂

  105. Linda says:

    How about this…………..funky twinkling orbs or spheres??
    Just an idea !

  106. Rebecca Chown says:

    Hi! I love the balls…All sizes! I understand how you wrap the beach ball with the grape vine, but I don’t understand how you wire it in place. Could you provide a bit more detail please? Thank you a ton in advance!


    • Hi Becky,

      As you wrap the grapevine around the beach ball, use the thin wire to ‘tie’ the grapevine together. It is like a criss cross effect. As one grapevine crosses over the other, tie it with the wire so it doesn’t unravel. I use quite a bit of wire as I go, just to make it super strong and hold it tight.

      All those little ties/knots along the way keep the whole ball together.

      Hope that helps!

  107. […] wires if you don’t live on a farm) and wrap icicle lights around them to create glimmering orbs. This tutorial has all the […]

  108. Kitty says:

    Thanks so much for the tutorial, these ” Lighted Vino Orbs” are just what my 100 yr old Fairy Fantasy Oak Tree was missing. I have been struggling with lighting for 2 seasons now and I think these just may be the solution.. Thanks again for the great Idea.

    • You are going to love the grapevine lights in your old oak tree, Kitty!

      By the way, the oak tree sounds BEAUTIFUL!

      The fab thing about the grapevine balls is that they really do look so GORGEOUS at night, and they even look nice in the day!

      Happy lighting!
      Lynne 🙂

  109. Deanna French says:

    I love this and am going to make it for my outside sitting area. My issue or question is…How do you get the cords from each individual string of lights on each “ball” to reach the extention cord? Is it one extention cord that they all meet up to? This part always throws me.


    • Hi Deanna

      I have actually done it both ways. Depending on how tall the tree is, sometimes I need the extension cord to reach up higher in the tree. For smaller trees, I’m able to connect a few cords into one extension cord at one central spot.

      Hope that helps!
      Lynne xx

  110. […] a straightforward idea, take a grapevine ball, either pre-purchased or you can make ityourself and quite simply add […]

  111. Mark Ollison says:

    Very cool project, I am going to ask my wife if she wants to try this at our next barn fire party. thanks mark

  112. Beverly says:

    About the ballS how about grapevine cylinders or lighted grapevine cylinders or ornamental grapevine cylinders

  113. Denise Herich says:

    Thanks so much! These were awesome instructions, and I so enjoyed the way you joke in your writing. I plan to make these for my fall wedding to hang from an oak tree in the creek of our backyard. So excited. Will try some Napa vineyards this month as they prune back the vines. Thanks again.

    • Denise!

      That sounds like a lovely idea!! So pretty, in fact… you must share your photos with me with your wedding backdrop. You must. Must. Must.

      The grapevine balls will be so gorgy gorgeous!!!

      Happy wedding, happy gorgeousness!

      Lynne xx

  114. […] and totally fun to read the tutorial. I can’t wait to do this project with some lights. Instructions here. Page 1Page 2Page 3Page 4Page 5Page 6Page 7 (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || […]

  115. […] wires if you don’t live on a farm) and wrap icicle lights around them to create glimmering orbs. This tutorial has all the […]

  116. Lumare Nel says:

    good morning

    i am getting married on the 18 of April 2015, i am looking for these branch balls, i want to use it on my tables and don’t get it anywhere!
    would it be possible if i can buy 30 balls? Please let me know! Have a lovely day

    • Hello Lumare

      Because I am in Canada, I unfortunately wouldn’t be able to ship the grapevine balls to you, anywhere other than Canada.

      Shipping across the border could be a tricky thing. I can double check it for you though.

      Where are you located? Maybe I have some blog readers who are in your area, may read this post and be interested in making them for you.

      Lynne xx

  117. Jessica says:

    Hi Lynne,

    My friend and I are doing wedding decor and flowers for a friends wedding come July. We loved your “balls”! (lol) We are wondering how many feet of grapevine per sphere (12in in size or less) we’ll need? I have found a website that we can buy 100ft of it for a fairly reasonable price. We are thinking maybe 15 of them for lighting over a dance floor in a barn. Thank you for your help!

    • Hi Jessica,

      Gosh, that’s so cool that you found a website that sells it by the 100ft length. Do you mind sharing the link here on my blog? Other readers may just love that.

      I may be of no help to you. LOL. I just grab a bunch of grapevine from my trees and fields, and start wrapping. I have never measured it.

      It does take about 2 glasses of wine per ball tho 🙂

      You can make the balls all different thicknesses *snicker* by using varying amounts of grapevine. I wish I could be more help.

      Happy balling. Oh. My. Stop it Lynne.

      Happy making of the grapevine balls

      Lynne 🙂

  118. jeanie trujillo says:

    thanks for the add……..in my 70s so don’t do much…….just easy stuff. love the balls! recently transferred to Texas Panhandle,,,,,,,lots of snow so don’t know about grapevines. currently “working” on a cloud light. saw one on internet for $3000 ! ! !……not even if I won the lottery! so far, I have less than $10.00 (ten) invested….:)

  119. Jean Hanson says:

    Spheres is better than balls..

  120. Connie says:

    Well, just come on! My youngun’s are moving soon & we’ll be going from a household of 6 down to 2!

    I’m not TOO concerned about empty nest syndrome, but I KNOW it’s going to be an adjustment and QUIET! I think that will be the hardest part for me is all the quiet!!

  121. Connie says:

    As far as I know, it started growing in the Southeast. When I lived in North Carolina, it was definitely established there. I’m in the north central part of Arkansas now & we have it, too.

    I’m not positive, but I don’t believe it grows where it gets prolonged cold. You could Google it, I suppose to see if it grows where you live. It’s really easy to work with when it’s cut fresh.

  122. Sonja Stover Bracey says:

    i love your tutorial, and I suppose my label for this will be DIY Garden Spheres. . Lol. Keeps my mind where it is safe. Lol

    • Oh I just laughed out loud with that one Sonja !

      ….keeps my mind where it is safe …


      Lynne xx

    • Sonja says:

      lynne, I enjoyed your comments during the toturioris why I decided to comment. I love your humor and if we lived close, I would have to hunt you up for a visit at your barn. I have a wild muskedine vine that Grows on a fence in my back yard. A few years ago, I picked enough berries for a making of jelly. The vines grow wild around here and make great decor for lots of fun things. We live in northeast Louisiana. .

      • Wait.A.Sec Sonja!

        We could hunt for berries, *imagining face covered in berries*, find awesome vines for the grapevine balls, hang out at a barn and have a laugh…. all.at.once?

        My bags are packed. 🙂 I’m moving to Louisiana.

        I wish. I wish. I wish. * Clicks my heels like Dorothy*


  123. Connie says:

    You could use Kudzu, too. I’ve used it for many DIY projects that called for grapevine.

  124. Jean Harrell says:

    I already have a grapevine ball I was going to tie mistletoe to at Christmas. Now I will put the lights on it.

    Thanks for this idea.

  125. Joleen Haynes-Mack says:

    love your grape and wire balls!! Thanks for sharing this fun loving DIY. Your quite the lady to put on such a super little project for us and have a good time doing it at the same time!! <3 it

  126. Kathy says:

    Truth: I have seen Lynne Knowlton’s balls in person. they are big and beautiful. Make them your own!

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  128. Judy says:

    Lynne: Just read the tutorial on grapevine lit balls (snicker). Funny stuff! if you don’t want to call them balls (snicker) anymore, how about “globes”. Sounds so sophisticated too!


  129. Anthony says:

    I make similar balls like the grapevine ball but I just use plastics cups and named it infinity lite ball. Can email you a picture to what email address?

  130. Sharon says:

    Your sense of humor is fantastic!

  131. […] these from LynneKnowlton.com where you can find a very through […]

  132. […] you’re looking for the perfect outdoor lighting idea, Lynne Knowlton has it. The first step is to wind grapevines into a ball.  Tip: use a cheap beach ball to guide […]

  133. […] inside the house (that’s a whole other blog post) LOL and outdoor mini lights on the grapevine balls in the […]

  134. Gail says:

    How about ” glowing spheres”

  135. Dave says:

    Thank you! Nice directions and totally fun to read. I can’t wait to do this project with some lights. Cheers – dave.

  136. […] Grape Vine Sphere Light: One day we are going to have an old tree outside our house and this tutorial will be the first one I go to! Thank you Lynne for […]

  137. Catherine says:

    If you don’t like balls. How about calling them grapevine orbs. They are beautiful. Happy vining.

  138. Lindsay Howard says:

    Hi Lynne!

    I am looking to purchase MANY of these “balls” of different sizes for my outdoor wedding. Any suggestions on where I might find someone to buy several of them from and/or someone that makes them?

    Thanks for your help!


  139. […] of feet of wire, I spun the vine from our backyard into gorgeous vine balls – best tutorial here. Strung with battery-operated LED lights, these made an enchanted glimmer over the dining tables […]

  140. Robbie Matz says:

    How ’bout you name them balls opalescent orbs.

    I like the lit balls (sorry, i said it) and I might try to do some. We have a Shumard Oak that we decorate each year. It starts with about 12,000 clear lights on the trunk, etc. and then we add the jewelry…

    I was researching custom lights when I came across yours. I want to do a custom lit tree skirt for the tree. Merry Christmas!

  141. Carol Ann says:

    You are hysterical! Love the humor and your balls.
    Not sure if this is correct French: boule de vigne

  142. karen says:

    I vote for “Twinkle Balls”…………….
    Ha! Ha! 🙂

  143. Tee says:

    Love your blog and balls!

  144. Kenda tePlate says:

    I love your umm… uh….um..light up circly roundish grapevine thingys.
    I live in the country and at the moment cannot see out my kitchen window ’cause of the grapevine. Hubby threatnd all summer to cut it down..but I used my womanly ways and talked him out of being all Jack and the bean stalk so now let the fun begin..thanks for your pointers I hope I can find some beach balls tucked in the corner of some dollar store ..I too am Canadian…falls here and winters on its way. I should have read your blog sooner beach balls the clerks will think im nuts..no just Canadian 🙂

  145. Jan Vester says:

    Thanks so much for the fun read while I was trying to learn how to make these balls. I have tons of grapevine on 60+ acres of what was once farmland and now can enjoy being creative with it. Can’t wait to try and make your tree as well.

  146. Amy Schiffner says:

    Lynne, your post is just what I was looking for! As I kept reading, I realized you were Canadian, I thought, Go figure, so many cool bloggers are Canadian. Then I came to the Saugeen Country Yogourt container and I couldn’t believe it! I grew up in Durham, ON where we DID have gobs of wild grapevine (and recycle our yogourt containers). In fact, we used to go for a walk on Thanksgiving and make wreaths. But now I live in Montana and need some grapevine, so wish me luck, or I will just use wire:) By the way, Happy Thanksgiving!

    • Hi Amy!!!

      Holy batman, how cool is THAT?!! Durham?!!! That gives me goosebumps.

      Yes, we LOVE the Saugeen Country yogurt too. Love. Love. Love.

      We live just north of Durham on the way to Welbeck on Concession 2 WGR.

      Just fly home from Montana and come steal some from my backyard. I’ll share with sugar bear.


  147. […] DIY Grapevine lighting balls …What a BRIGHT idea … […]

  148. Rebekah says:

    These are amazing! Can I ask how much they cost for you to make? I need about 30 of these for my sister’s wedding. Also, where do you get grapevine if you don’t have it growing anywhere on your property?

    • Hi Rebekah,

      Do you have any countryside near you? There really is a ton of it along fence rows… usually winding up trees and wrapping around fences.

      You could probably use any kind of sturdy vine. Another option is to buy wreaths, open them, and turn them into balls using the same instructions in the blog post.

      Cost. Hmmm. Not sure. The grapevine is free, the wire is quite inexpensive but it can be time consuming until you get on a roll with making them.


  149. Stacey Simpson says:

    How about grapevine globes, I love them anyway!

    • Hi Stacey,

      Faboosh name. I’m stoked to get a few more lit up this week with the fall changing colours. They will look great in the trees.

      Have a great one!

      • Elissa says:

        Lynn, I fell in love with these the minute I saw them and knew I just had to have them in my life! My friends and I made 20 of them to hang from the ceiling at our upcoming outdoor rustic wedding! We used zip ties in stead of wire. Soo easy! Thank you for the idea. I am so grateful!

  150. Fiona Rowe says:

    They look amazing. I would call them “firefly nests”.

  151. Tamara says:

    I have laughed all the way your blog about the lighted grapevine balls. How funny! I hope I get a chance to make these. They are so neat!

  152. susan says:

    How about grapevine light spheres?

  153. Diana says:

    Love this. I’m on a mission for vines now>

  154. Kathy says:

    I love them, gonna try some myself. IThey remind me of night globes

  155. Terrie says:

    ORBS!!! Orbs is a great way to describe the grapevine balls.

    I have claret vine that I can use, crooked willow branches might work too.

  156. Sue says:

    Idea fir name…Grapevine Fairy Spheres

  157. Sandi says:

    I think Fairy Balls…… or even…………tada………..Fairy Lights would be an excellent name for them. I’m jest sayin’

    • hahaha good one Sandi, ‘I’m jest sayin’ … I just had a vision of a Fairy with big lit up balls. Oh my. haha.

      • Cathy W says:

        OH my! I had a fleeting vision of an over sized fairy with lighted balls. Sigh,, you are rubbing off on me! (Good Grief!)
        (Chuckling at all the ball humor!!!)

  158. Pam says:

    You are a hoot ! Love your personality..we should be friends!
    Check out MY website..

  159. Joelyene says:

    How about “lighted grapevine spheres”
    Spherical grapevine lights/lighting.

    Bottom line thought, balls is an amusing word.

  160. Darlene says:

    How about — Illuminated grapevine Orbs…………

  161. julie says:

    i would think o f these as “air” balls. i love the look of them. they are suspended in the air and dont come alive till they are lit up in color of lights that are suspended in the air. everything about them says “AIRBALLs”

  162. Dodie Veres says:

    Oh just one more thing I forgot. I used those thingies that are in walk way lights that are powered by the sun. I lay them in the bottom and it’s not as sparkilie but it works where there is no outlet available. Where possible I use the fairy lights .
    Thanks again

  163. Dodie Veres says:

    Hi lLynn,
    I tried doing the Grape Vine B— earlier in the summer. Problem was, I first saw them in a nursary and as always I said “Oh I can do that.” I just didn’t bother to find out what type of vine they used.. I used honeysuckle vine and it was too tough and unbendable.
    When I saw your blog I was thrilled (I thrill easily) Anyway, went out and pulled up lots of Grape Vine and got started. I am now a certified Grape Vine Ball Maker but wanted to suggest that we call them Grape Vine Luminaries. What do you think? Anyway I am now a happy follower and am in love with your site.

    • I just laughed out loud at the ‘I THRILL EASILY’ part of your message Dodie. hahaha. So honeysuckle is tough and unbendable? Drats. I always wondered about whether or not HoneySuckle would work. I wonder if it would work better if it was soaked in water/in the bathtub? Wait. That is already sounding like a hot mess. Never mind. LOL.

      Happy grapevining 🙂

      Lynne xx

  164. George Kelly says:

    I also “fairy balls” as per Sally’s comment……”..haha…….incredible!!

    • Nancy Saam says:

      Wish you lived near Philadelphia! I need them to do a wedding in October and really would prefer to purchase them!

      As and aside, I call them grapevine “spheres” ! I dropped the ball a while ago!

      Thanks, Nancy

      • I wish I lived near Philadelphia too Nancy! It is such a beautiful city. I have a friend here who makes the Grapevine spheres 🙂 but I think the trick would be to get them across the border :(, otherwise we could probably sell some to you. Drats, huh?

        Lynne xx

  165. George Kelly says:


    You are hysterical! The more I read, the more you and Michael inspire!! In fact, I’ve decided your next goal; you both need to host a chat show!!!

    I am serious so albeit we don’t get much Canadian TV over here I just know it would be a natural extension to your joint abilities and you clearly have family charisma!! You and your family strike me as naturals!
    Anyway, you go girl and ………….how about “twinkly balls”………haha that is sooo crass I find it funny!!

    • I just laughed out loud George. Laughed-Out-LOUD! Twinkly balls.

      Hosting a chat show… don’t make me laugh out loud again. I would LOVE to do that from the treehouse, but the snow may give me a hard time (soon). Now… if I was living in a beach hut by the ocean.. no problem 🙂

  166. Kimberlee says:

    Although the grapevine balls name is catchy (cute) made me laugh what about “grapevine tumble we ed”? It made me think of that when I seen it? I love this though! Awesome!!

  167. Peggy says:

    I’m thinking glow spheres. But honestly, lighted balls is growing on me 🙂

  168. Leanne says:

    Oops didn’t see the other comments before submitting mine…my bad

  169. Leanne says:

    What about the word “sphere” ?

  170. Tona Wyatt says:

    Hey, I love all of your ideas. They are really fun and a easy way
    to make entertaining more affordable. As for the ball word how using the word sphere.

    Tona Wyatt

  171. Sally says:

    Maybe you could call them Fairy Balls? Snort. Because Fairy Testicles would sound too pretentious..

    Ps… That would be a really big fairy..

    • Sally !!!

      I just about snorted my coffee up my nose laughing. LEGIT. Laugh out loud. Laughing…

      Still laughing…

      “that would be a really big fairy”

      Uhmmm.. still laughing.

      Thanks for that!! xx

  172. Chrissy says:

    Use latern instead of balls 😉

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  174. […] had this same ‘name it’ problem with grapevine BALLS.  I still can’t get the word balls out of my head.  I may be scarred for life.  Now I have […]

  175. sheri says:

    Great idea and fun project! I can’t wait to get started. Your instructions were cracking me up! Thank you for the much needed laughter in my otherwise stressful day!

  176. Georgie Kemshal-Bell says:

    I love your website- very helpful. By the way… You are so funny. I love your crazy humour throughout the post.


  177. sandi says:

    you could call them globes but it isnt as much fun!

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  179. Roseanna says:

    beautiful balls. and wine too. love the french. I am going to do this grapevine ball project, loved your post, thanks

  180. […] if you don’t live on a farm) and wrap icicle lights around them to create glimmering orbs. This tutorial has all the […]

  181. Carole Walker says:

    Name for your “balls”. (he he) How about “orbs” or “planets” . These are great!

  182. […] to a garden with light are these grape vine balls by my friend and blogger Lynne Knowlton, who will teach you to make your own… but be prepared for a significant amount of snickering over the […]

  183. Weatherly Cronan says:

    Maybe spheres instead of balls, but thanks, I was laughing out loud right along with you!

  184. Jan S says:

    These are very fun looking – wish I had a tree tall enough to hold it – I have a big, new house on the prairie (not unlike “The Little House on the Prairie” – but we have no large trees yet. They’re growing – I have one 3 foot tall, and a very spindly that’s about 10 feet tall. Some day . . .

    But, I love your writing, it was a joy to read your blog. Thanks for sharing.

    • Ahhh Jan ~

      Thanks for the little house on the prairie reminder ! That was a trip down memory lane. Didn’t you just love watching that show after school ? Epic childhood memory 🙂

      PS. you can make these BALLS and sit them in your garden too 🙂 It works like a charm.

      Thanks for the bloggy compliment!

      Lynne xx

  185. Diane Roth says:

    Love this project and your colorful and descriptive directions. I am going to try this…currently working on DIY fountain and burning bowl in oriental theme. Keep up the great ideas!

    • Wowsers Diane,

      A fountain ? Sounds pretty! What’s a burning bowl? I’m totally curious now. The only burning that happens around here is in the wood stove but I’ve certainly almost set some bowls on fire 🙂

      Lynne xx

  186. Christina OBrien says:

    Hey Lynne love your projects. Why don’t you call them Grapevine Lighting Orbs. Better than balls.

    • But then I couldn’t snicker at balls, Christina. Okay, okay, I might be 4 years old again. I have to stop all this BALL talk. Balls aside, they are GORGEOUS for outdoor lighting. I can’t wait for summer again and stare at the ORBS 🙂 all night long.


  187. Sue says:

    Light Orbs…. instead of balls

  188. Rose Pekera says:

    How about sphere instead of ball?

  189. […] Make grapevine lighting balls and hang them in the trees around your house. For this project you obviously need grapevine and you can use a grapevine wreath if you don’t have any. Roll it to form balls like the ones you see here. Then wrap Christmas lights around them and hang them in the trees.{found on lynneknowlton}. […]

  190. […] Make grapevine lighting balls and hang them in the trees around your house. For this project you obviously need grapevine and you can use a grapevine wreath if you don’t have any. Roll it to form balls like the ones you see here. Then wrap Christmas lights around them and hang them in the trees.{found on lynneknowlton}. […]

  191. Sal says:

    Hahaha Lynne……………you crazy!!! and I just love your balls!!
    D’vine-craze-balls 🙂

  192. […] wires if you don’t live on a farm) and wrap icicle lights around them to create glimmering orbs. This tutorial has all the […]

  193. Laura Lentz says:

    Lynne, you are hih-lare!! Thank you for inspiring a giggle and happiness within me. I love your balls and am contemplating having a go at my own. I have grapevines, but they’re all dried out, since I just pruned them and it’s March here in Portland, OR. I definitely missed the easier route but I think I’m going to try soaking them and then winding them around the beach balls!? I actually left them out on my street with a “free” sign and after two days no one has taken them. I thought for sure some crafty little someone would have been stoked but alas, no. So, I have no choice but to try the balls, because, if anything, they’re super pretty! Looking forward to reading more of your blog! Me likey your style ladeeee! 🙂 Laura

    • Erhmergerd Laura,

      Did you just say you loved my BALLS?


      PS. Did you soak your grapevine in water? I hope so, because that WORKS too ! Woot woot !

      You can also wrap the grapevine around tomato cages and make make little mini grapevine trees. I stick those in urns around my place too.

      It works like a charm.

      I likey your style toooo ladeeee. 🙂 xx

  194. […] I get it.  In the work / life balance world, what is successful to one peep is totally different from the success of another.  How do you balance your juggling balls?  Did I just say balls again? […]

  195. Loved reading your comments and thanks for the directions on making my own balls. Hey, how about “Grapevine Orbs” or “Wire Orbs” ? Just thought I would pass that on to you for an idea “ORBS”

  196. ann. moore says:

    Love your ball shape lights.Would love to see how you made the christmas tree

    • Hi Ann

      The Christmas tree is made from a wire cylinder (sort of like a huge tomato cage), and we wrapped the grapevine around it.

      We’ve made smaller ones, by using tomato cages. They work perfectly !


  197. Julia says:

    Magnifico !

    “Lighting balls” sound just perfect hehe 🙂

  198. […] The crappy part about wool is that it can get little balls on it as it wears.  I promise to never say balls, ever again.  Girl Guides honour.  Except maybe here. […]

  199. […] Tree Globes – I would love to make these and hang them on our trees this summer. I’m thinking they would be fun for parties! […]

  200. Carol Emory says:

    Balls= spheres, lanterns, lumens,

  201. kim Armstrong says:

    Hi there! I love your creativity. The grapevine light balls are very cool. I love how you have all this right outside your door makes for endless crafty fun. Since I don’t have these items I’ve checked Michaels craft store…nothing. do you sell these if so I want 6 🙂

    • Hi Kim

      Does the Michael’s store near you have grapevine wreaths? If so, you can take them apart and make these balls with them. It works like a charm !

  202. Lee J says:

    Goodness…….gracious,,,,,,,,,great balls of FIRE!

  203. Mary Chandler says:

    How ’bout Grapevine Globes?

  204. sandra Watters says:

    These would look lovely made of willow too or honeysuckle with solar fairy light’s , great idea. 🙂

  205. Diana says:

    Love them, I have some smaller ones but I like these much better. I call mine grapevine fairy globes lol it appeals to the kids! thanks for the tutorial !

  206. Toni says:

    First time viewing of your site. Love love love it !!!!!

  207. […] 3. DIY Grapevine Lighting Balls- Lynne Knowlton […]

  208. Cathy says:

    I love you. and your ideas .. bear hug

  209. Melissa says:

    you could call them orbs!

  210. anne cranford says:

    I love the grapevine lighted garden balls! i was wondering if an LED battery operated light might work? I would love to do these without having to use cords or electricity. Would you be able to insert them after the ball is fiished?


    • I think that would work Anne !

      The only problem that I find with the battery operated lights is that they don’t last very long. It can get expensive with batteries.

      Another cool idea could be a solar version. Hmmm.

      Either way, the lights wrap around the ball, so you can definitely add lights after you are finished.

      If you don’t make the ball super dense with grapevine, you can also reach in a bit and place mini lights here and there.

      hope that helps!
      Lynne xx

  211. tommy says:


  212. Jennifer Currotte says:

    A more glamorous name might be “orbs”. Lighted or illuminated orbs. Though after reading this post the ball thing got to he pretty funny.

  213. gail hunt says:

    I loved your instructions. very personable. wish you lived next door! thanks for the fun and educational blog. no grapevine here in orinda (the other side of the berkeley hills sf bay area) except at my grumpy neighbor’s down the street and there is NO way i am asking him. too many grumpy people over here. money seems to do that to some! anyway, i am going to use wire, which i have a ton of and hang these from trees for my daughter’s wedding. thanks so much.
    hey, i have a question. you seem very competent and creative! i am trying to figure out how to hold up globe and string lights going across a 60 foot span. So far, i have seen martha stewart’s idea (though have a negative reflex to her) of gravel in a flower pot and another where the person hit pvc pipe into the ground as a base for the taller pipe but neither are thrilling me. I thought of using helium balloons (!) across the expanse to hold up the lights but my daughter thought it was “too birthday”. Might you have any thoughts on poles/posts/etc. to use to hold the lights as they cross the open expanse? I will secure poles or somesuch on the far sides on the fence – it is across that I need help.

    Thanks so much!

    • Hi Gail !

      I love how you think. So true about moola sometimes. I have often found in design budgets, that the less money I have … the more creative I am. Don’t ever tell my clients that I said that. Hahaha. Truth is… for some people… money doesn’t buy style. Sounds like you know the secret sauce tho…

      Keeping it simple, classic, eclectic in a way that feels like HOME. All those favourite bits and fun finds along the way can make a house a home.

      Martha Stewart : Oh my. Same reflex.

      What about this idea :

      Can you set up a marine style jute/sexy looking naval rope look and connect it between trees ? If there are no trees, yes.. you would need posts of some sort… but you could make some with heavy duty twigs/small tree trunks set in concrete in buckets. Farm supply stores sell sap buckets, metal buckets, tall buckets.

      Buy a bag of concrete … stand your tree trunk in it, branches and all…. secure it and let it dry. You could even add mini lights to that ! Put moss in the bucket later to hide the concrete, or tint the concrete with colorant so it looks coolio.

      Another thought is fencing wire. I use the fencing wire to make the metal balls. If you had the balls hanging on the same fencing wire, that could look coolio too. Buy your mini lights so they connect to each other, and the extension part of each cord could run along the wire, with the lights on each ball.

      Can I come to the wedding? This is sounding pretty 🙂

      Lynne xx

      • gail hunt says:

        Thank you so much for your thoughtful reply. I think I figured out another way — there are fences on either side, 60 feet apart. I am going to use a 12′ metal fence rail post, attach it to the outside of the fence and then use a guide wire across the span. I will need to use a winch to tighten it but after that, I should have a wire that spans the distance from which I can hang the lights and garlands. Thank you!

  214. I love creative people! Then I can be LAZY!!!!
    I am so sorry…… I had to copy your lovely vine light. I blogged about my tropical island vine version, of course, giving you credit. Many thanks for the inspiration. Great Site, m’dear!

    • I think you rocked it !! Johnny Depp would be so proud 🙂

      Living on an island means you have to get creative with supplies and you sure did ! You probably just started a Bahamian trend ! 🙂

      PS. Do you love living in Bahamas?
      Lynne xx

      • Thanks Lynne! It’s hard to knock living on an island (except during hurricane season) but the grass is always greener – wishin’ now I lived on your farm! Hey, how about “glorbs” ? They’re globes, they’re orbs, they glow, they’re glorious …..no, glorbious. You are too!

  215. Charlotte says:

    Great sense of humor, love it. Ok, maybe I missed it, since I read this rather quickly while I have a Doberman and a cat in the dryer (would I lie), but I did not see how you get the beach ball out of the ball.
    Thank you

    • Hi Charlotte –

      After you wrap the grapevine around the beach ball just ehought to have a ball shape ( but not too full) – then deflate the beach ball and remove it.

      After the ball is out – keep wrapping the grapevine around to make it more full looking.

      Then – wow – stand back and admire your balls 🙂

      Lynne xx

  216. chris says:

    How about calling your balls – Devine lights or d’VINE LIGHTS

  217. Kate says:

    I am going to make this just as soon as I can get my hands on some grapevines. Something is compelling me to make some things out of sticks… Right now I have a huge pile of willow twigs, and sticks in my backyard BUT they can just sit there and wait…. gotta get me some ‘vines’ !!!!!

  218. caroline kohn says:

    I love this idea and i love the humor you put in the article as well.:)
    I love the twinklle light idea and i think they look great in the dark, but have you ever considered maby trying to put candles in the “balls”? I dont know if they might catch on fire but ill leave you to fiigure that one out. Your the desighner. <3 🙂

  219. Christine says:

    Hi Lynne, I wanted to drop you a note to say I was really inspired by your ideas. Thank you for taking the time to share them. I had an idea for naming the “ballls” lol…How about “Glowing Grapevine Orbs”. I look forward to future inspiration by way of your blog. Thanks Again….Christine :0)

  220. Leslie says:

    Well…you could call them globes….but then I never would have found your blog, because I typed “grapevine balls” into my search engine! Great info – can’t wait to get started. Too bad I waited until Sept 6…the stores have replaced all the beach balls with pumkins…sigh.

    • Too funny Leslie…
      Great minds think alike 🙂

      I just bought some beach balls at the dollar store. They were great big happy faces 🙂

      Maybe you can find pumpkin beach balls 🙂


  221. Elizabeth says:

    Love the idea. In getting married in may if gods will. I would like to have a few of the hanging lights ball made out of the vines but seem to be hard to find can you help if so I’m willing to pay all expensive.

    • Hi Elizabeth
      Where do you live? Do you have vines in your area? They are really easy to make, and you can make a ton of them for your wedding.

      This is the PERFECT time of year to make them. I just made 11 of them this week with friends. The grapevine is nice and soft to work with.

      Cheers !

  222. Marjorie says:

    Good morning,
    Loved the idea. I love lights everywhere and anywhere. I made a heart shaped wreath with lights for an informal wedding a few years back.
    I loved reading your comments. A breath of fresh air. Thank you.
    Your yard looks so inviting enjoy!

    • Thanks Marjorie !
      I feel the same way about comments ! Sometimes they are just as much fun as the blog post !! I have a pretty epic group of readers that hang around here 🙂

      Thanks for commenting !! xx

  223. Michele Yano says:


    Came across your site as I was looking for a quick/easy way to create lighted vine spheres (heehee) for my son’s upcoming wedding. Three weeks away and he decided he wants them for the gazebo at the venue. Kill me now.
    Anywhoooo….love your sense of humor and informative step by step detail.
    Thanks so much!

    • Hi Michele !
      How did the wedding go? Did you get your BALLS together for the wedding ? That is probably bad news bears for me to write about balls and your son in the same sentence.
      Lynne xx

  224. Angie says:

    Hi Lynn,
    I love this idea, and I, like you, have a section of my yard that is choked with grapevines. I notice that the vines in your photos are brown, which makes me think that perhaps you made these in the fall. or late summer (?) My vines all seem to be green. If I make them at this time of year (early July), do you know if the vines will turn brown? I don’t want to have to wait until fall to try these balls.
    P.S. How about “Great Balls of Fire” for a name? I realize that “balls” is still in the name, but what the heck…

    • Hi Angie,

      Geesh, I just realized that I didn’t answer your question about the Great Balls of Fire.

      *slaps forehead*

      Yes, I create them when they are green, so they are easy to work with and not too hard to bend. They turn brown as they dry into a hard ball shape.

      Did you make some ?!
      Can’t wait to hear !


  225. Patt Butti says:

    Hey Gal….great project. These remind me of those “balls” (pardon) that we used to make with balloons and string…. then…didn’t they use starch or something on them? If they weren’t out in the weather, I’ll bet those would work too. Just an idea….

    • Hey Patt,

      So true about the balls with string. Awesome memory !! I forgot all about those. I bet you could make those for outdoors if you used an outdoor adhesive of some sort. This could require more coffee to really think about it 🙂

      PS. Sorry to reply 2 months late. LOL.

      Lynne xx

  226. Emily says:

    Hi Lynne, These are very inspiring and I am thinking to make them for a party we are having in a few weeks. Just not sure if I’m biting off more than I can chew! How long does it take to make one, and are they really that simple? I would probably start with a grapevine wreath, so how many wreaths to make a ball?

    • Hi Emily,

      They really are quite easy to make. I’m not sure how many wreaths you would need. It would depend on the size of the wreath, how thick you want to make it, and the finished size of the ball.

      You could start with a small one and wire it up… to see how long it takes you. The first one takes the longest 🙂 … just like anything else in life. LOL.

      If you don’t have any grapevine growing near you, you could try it with other kinds of vine. I haven’t tried that yet, but I bet it would work. Just grab a hold of the vine, and start wrapping it around the beach ball… and wire it as you go to keep it together. Just like rolling a ball of wool… but with wire bits to keep the ball together.

      It really looks gorgeous when it’s done, so it is worth going for it !

      Cheers !!
      Lynne xx

  227. Baiba Ejups says:

    Do you make the wire and grapevine balls to sell? I’d rather purchase them all complete, instead of making them. Please let me know! Thank you!


  228. Julie says:

    Can’t wait to try to make the twinkle light balls for my cool tree in the baCKYARD.
    I saw a huge grapevine ball at an antigue shop last summer and said Wow I love that thaannnngggg… Hope I can do these before a graduation party next saturday with no spare time, full time job, Mom in nursing home visit twice day, oh yeah, in a play Fri and Sat night. I need to make these balls!
    thanks for the directions and fun blog….

    • Hi Julie!
      Did you have a chance to make a grapevine ball? If you need a fast quick version, just buy a grapevine wreath at a craft store… take it apart… and put it back together in the shape of a ball. Wham. Bam. Thank you ma’am. LOL. I hope you have a fantabulous grad party. Cheers! Lynne xx

  229. In the planning stages of a family wedding, a friend showed me a picture from your website re the grapevine balls….I think she did this on purpose, knowing I would say,
    “I can do that.” It worked, and so did the balls and so did the fantastic rehearsal dinner setting followed by a lovely, lovely wedding. The lighted balls were a ‘hit,’ and I have you to thank for directions.

    I did the first one using a basketball rim and bricks to hold pieces in place while drying to hold shape. * Beachballs worked quite well for subsequent creations.

    So thank you again, and carry on!

  230. Emma says:

    Grapevine light orbs (if you didn’t feel like playing with the pun) 🙂

  231. Judy Pierce says:

    Stumbled on your blog looking for lighting ideas like your grapevive BALL- so fun! I want more…sign me up! 🙂

  232. Stephanie says:

    Couldn’t stop laughing! I actually really like the wire balls. What gauge wire did you use? Do you ever sell either the wire or grapevine balls? Thanks for this great post!

    • Hi Stephanie !

      Because I used fencing wire that was just kicking around my barn – I don’t know the gauge. It was rusty old stuff and I was feeling brave from all my liquid fermented grapes.

      You could possibly ask at the hardware store if they have wire that is the gauge of fencing wire. Hmmm. Hope that helps.

      Lynne xx

  233. Amy Canary says:

    I LOVE your balls! I just acquired my first covered porch and wicker furniture and want to add some lights. I googled grapevine lighting and found you! Thank you! Can’t wait to get started. Now for a name… boules de lumière or vigne de lumiere or maybe just beau balls.

    • Hahaha Amy !

      Great names with awesome French influence ! Have you read my Paris blog posts ? I’m a pro at sounding like a total idiot in French. Now – at least I can say beautiful French words for the grapevine balls….. Thanks to you !!! I LOVE IT !!! Thanks !

      Lynne xx

  234. Cyndi says:

    Loved the read lol I am envious of the stone and barn wood table –
    And appreciate the info on how to shape the grapevine balls lol

  235. terri rice says:

    I love your style of writing – humourous & informative – a winning combination! I can hardly wait to create these “backyard balls” for our enjoyment – they’re going to look fabulous and save my pocketbook a lot of $$$.

    Thanks for sharing your skills Lynne.

  236. smokey says:

    Made one today inspired by your notes and photos. Yes it was very hard since its Spring and the vines are dry and some cracked. Will it be easier in summer/fall when vines are still “green” and more flexible? I did not use beach ball but put two willow wreaths together and used those as the base.. The finished product is mammoth…. 18-20 inches across, used a string of 100 mini lights, but it looks great!!!!Thanks for the directions. I will buy some beach balls and try to make more when the vines are easier to handle.

    • Hey Smokey
      Brilliant idea ! I’d love to see a photo ! Can you send me one at lynne@lynneknowlton.com ?
      Yes, you are right, the vines will be much greener and more flexible in the summer & early fall. Another option, if you are really stuck, is to soak them in water if they are really dry. That helps a bit too.

      Congrats on your beauty creation !
      Lynne x

  237. Elisabeth says:

    I love your ‘balls’ all on their own, but I really wanted to see how you attached the mini lights which I assume all have to be plugged in somewhere, somehow. Please give instructions with pics and details how this is accomplished out in the garden?

    • Hi Elisabeth,
      What we did was run the extension cord down from the tree branch with the support of wire/chain/twine… ( whichever you prefer ). We hide the extension cord connection/outlet/plug in within the top of the ball. We plug the mini lights in to the extension cord (which is hidden inside the grapevine ball). It is actually quite simple, but I think I just made it sound more complicated. LOL.
      Cheers !

      • Elisabeth says:

        Thanks Lynne….but….at the risk of sounding stupid……
        If you hang a dozen balls in one tree…….do you use a dozen extension cords from the ball to the branch and then to the trunk? Then do you need a few power bars stuck at the trunk to hold all those plugs with then more extension cords all the way to the outdoor outlet?
        Please tell me you have an easier answer!

        • Hey Elisabeth,
          I haven’t hung that many in a tree (yet) LOL… because that would feel BRIGHT…even in a big tree. I hang 3-6 balls and yes, that means one extension cord per ball. I use a dark brown or green extension cords. I have them all run into one power bar. Sometimes I put the power bar in the tree, sometimes at the base of the tree. The cords are dark,so I don’t even notice them. I disguise them amongst the tree branches, twigs and leaves. It looks ahhhmazing !!

  238. Rochell Clark says:

    If nothing else – I would read this blog for pure entertainment. It’s like I’m reading my own mind… on wine of course. Thanks for enlightening me… pun completely intended. Oh yeah and one more thing – BALLS!

  239. Scott Matthews says:

    Love this blog and the instructions are easy to follow/understand. Plan on making these for our upcoming wedding. Also to answer your issue with calling them balls. How about grapevine orbs or globes, just a thought.

    • Hi Scott !
      They will look fab at your wedding ! We made extra ones for a wedding last summer and they were GORGEOUS at night. I want to attempt white ones next. Let me know if you do them natural or white. Did you notice that I am avoiding calling them anything ? LOL. Lynne xx

  240. Kim Miller says:

    Dear Lynne,
    I have been interested in grapevine crafts, so I googled grapevine balls. I have so enjoyed your tutorial and your wonderful sense of humor.
    Thank you for your expression of creativeness and I love this font.

    Enjoy your day!

    • Ahhh thank Kim !! Did you snicker when you googled ‘balls’ ? I was so careful when doing this tutorial. Crazy stuff showed up in google with THAT word. LOL. Cheers! Lynne

  241. Noora says:

    Greetings from Finland! I love these! I´m happy that you have option for me also. It is snowing out there, but I have my wire and cutters ready. I´m just thinking, that do I need to drink that wine during the process? That sounds like fun, but I´m home with my five kids ;D

    All the Best,


    • Hi Noora !

      Hellooooo from way over the pond from Canada to Finland. Wowsers !

      The five kids & wine probably would not be a good mix. LOL. The kids would probably have some fun helping you with the wire though. That could be a hoot !

      Have fun… and congrats… 5 kids… they keep you young at heart xx

  242. Shelly says:

    My daughter saw these and said mommy look gumdrop lights!

    • Shelly !
      That is hilarious. That may be my #1 favourite name for them ! Love it !

      Ok…. it’s decided ! …gumdrop lights. Woooohoooo !!!!

      Give your daughter a hug for me ! 🙂

      Lynne xx

  243. Myrna says:

    Laugh….I thought I’d die! Anyway it was fun.

  244. cOLE says:

    I am just 12 and enjoy making stuff like this with my mom. I am 12. Thank you for this website.

  245. mary kennedy says:

    How about ORB instead of BALL?

    After the orb is lighted you could call it Angel Essence Orbs.

    I love your site; I just found it when I was looking for rain chains. I am age 80 and just bought a “destroyed” mobile home on a lot in Jacksonville, Fl. and am very interested in everything “green” although I know nothing.

    I’m looking into having a hand pump installed by my kitchen sink, like the farm houses had when I was growing up on a farm in NC. I would purely love to have a red one. I have no idea where they are sold or how to do it.

    My lot has a septic tank, (which I know nothing) and a well (ditto: nothing) and we have to put a pump on the well, whatever that does. Anyway, I’m looking for donated materials and helpers. I need a home and this seems to be what came to me for just a “few” dollars and now I am manifesting the needed materials and labor to make it habitable.

    I now live in Lakeland, Fl, where I moved to from NC about two years ago to be near my Granddaughter Bonnie, and two Great-Grandchildren and when I had been here two months, her husband murdered her and the children went to live with their Grandmother, my Daughter, Bonnie’s Mother and they live in CA., so now that the trial is over, I need to move to be by some family in Jacksonville, Fl. and this property is what had shown up for me when I manifested a place to live that I could afford..

    Well, you didn’t expect to hear all this, did you? What do you expect when you invite comments from “old” people? Ha Ha.

    I love your site. Your personality is quite like mine. Love, Mary

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      Mary !

      I love your sense of adventure ! I hope I am just like you with such spark when I am 80 years old.

      We have a septic, well & pump so I know exactly what you are talking about. haha !

      I used to live in Jacksonville FL too ! If you go to a store by the name of BALI CARGO in Neptune Beach…you will meet one of my best pals in the world…her name is KIM. She may know of places for you to go to find reclaimed things. Or stores that recycle/reclaim old found objects. Give her a call or go visit her…she is really FUN !

      Sending you light…love…and blessings of spending awesome time with your family.

      Lynne xx

  246. Sandy Truax says:

    Loved your DIY project of the “grapevine balls”. You have a crazy, fun sense of humor. I am going to try this project. I may even have the wine–when I’m all done. I just wanted to ask you if you ever tried balloons instead of beach balls. Then just pop the balloon when done. Maybe they aren’t strong enough? Is that why you prefer using beach balls? Have more fun with future projects.

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      Hi Sandy !
      Yes, you are right…the balloons with POP. That could make for interesting excitement tho !
      The beach balls are nice and sturdy and easily deflatable. I think the balloon idea could work if you were using a softer vine…try it !!!….and let me know how it goes !
      Cheers !!

  247. Taria Lorehand says:

    So as I sit here at 3 am eating a Terry’s chocolate orange ball, I think why not call them ‘twinkle balls’. But then I think oh em ge, that is so lame (as I shove another section into my mouth cause these things are SOOOOOO good and like I really should be eating chocolate at 3am right..yaaaaa) that calling them twinkle balls is like saying the tinker bell has balls and if you think about maybe she does with so much trouble she gets herself into. I mean really, just the other day, she was………..never mind.

    Anyway, Twinkle balls is a cute name but of course that’s up to you. (shoves another slice of orange tasting chocolate into mouth) want one? SYKE…….

    BTW, I did laugh at this post and almost choked on this chocolate, it’s not fun having chocolate trying to escape from a part of your body it’s not supposed to…It burns mommy, it burns!!!

    Plus I woke my pup up and she stared at me like she was saying. “Do you mind, I WAS sleeping….crazy human.” then rolled over onto her back and went right back to sleep, with legs in the air like she just don’t care…..

    yep it’s 3 in the morning and I think I’m punch drunk and not making sense…yay for crazy people!

    oh here’s a little song I wrote, you can copy it note form note, don’t worry, be happy……
    sorry, here’s the real song:

    twinkle balls,
    twinkle balls
    lights made out of vines.
    you twist and poke and shove them in
    and wire them good and tight…ohhhh
    twinkle balls
    twinkle balls
    you light them up at night
    they look so good in your neighborhood
    that you smile so bold and briiiiiite….ohhhhhh

    sing with me now…..

    okay okay I’m leaving and I won’t post anymore, I’ll just enjoy your blog and behave.

    bad llama….

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      Oh my goodness Taria,
      YOU CRACK ME UP !! That was hilarious ! Absolutely hilarious ! I think you should eat orange chocolate and sip wine again…you are a poet and you didn’t know it. LOL.
      cheers !!

  248. Todd Orr says:

    Sorry but a little fermented grape juice while looking at your beautiful pieces and I was like goodness, gracious, grape balls of fire! (But then I noticed they were lighted with bulbs.) A few more glasses and I would have thought I was watching an old Planet of the Grapes episode. I wasn’t going to send this but I figure wine not right? Hopefully you understand my Reiseling.

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      “I hope you understand my Reiseling”….brilliantly hilarious ! I have to remember that one !!
      Goodness gracious, grape balls of fire !
      Lynne x

  249. Carole F. says:

    May I ask WHERE did you find various shapes of beach balls? Thanks for all of your very “helpful” hints on making a “sphere” grapevine. I LOVE these and in the craft stores they are outrageously priced! I want to leave them in my garden all year round!

    Merry Christmas and a Loving and Prosperous New Year!

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      Hi Carole,
      The dollar store sells tons of beach balls. You can also buy them at other larger big box stores. It could be tricky at this time of year ( I’m in Canada, and it is snow shovel time. LOL ).
      They are beautiful all year round. I have them hanging in my trees right now. Late at night, with snow and glittering lights…soooooo beautiful.
      Lynne x

  250. Anna Rugo says:

    Love your idea……They are amazing. I had bought these vineballs from Canadian Tire already done up. Howcver, I have a problem. ……..these balls had white lights on a brown cord. It has been over two years that I cannot use them anymore because I cannot find replacement bulbs. I was wondering if you know where I can find miniature lights with brown cording.

    Truly appreciate any help or ideas that you might have.

    Merry Chritsmas,


    • Taria Lorehand says:

      there is one way to get this. get a set of lights white cording or green cording from like wally world or a dollar store which ever you prefer. I got mine from wally world. and take all the lights out, then lay it flat and spray paint it the color you need. I added a piece of cotton to the sockets to keep them from getting sprayed. When it’s dry just add all the lights back in and no one will be the wiser. (That’s what I did for my sparkle balls and it worked out nicely, there’s nothing like having purple cording for a purple sparkle ball. :))

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      Hey Anna,
      I like Taria’s idea for spray painting the cording. P.s. I didn’t even know that Canadian tire sold grapevine balls. Coolio. Here I was, thinking I invented them. LOL.
      Replacement bulbs aren’t worth buying. Too fussy. I just buy new cords of mini lights. Green cord works great too. I bury the cord in and around the grapevine bulb and it looks fab.
      Cheerio !

  251. Debbi says:

    Orb — a spherical body; a globe.
    Lynne’s Orbital Wild Thaangs — there you have it!

    Many thanks for the detailed information. I can’t wait to get started. My chicken wire sparkle lights are dying and need replacement. Chicken wire has to be purchased, destroys my hands, and wears me out! Grapevine is FREE. Woot!

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      You go girl !
      Although….the chicken wire sounds kinda cool too. You could roll it around in your garden and fluff up the soil along the way. LOL.
      Cheers !

  252. Lynn says:

    I love your grapevine “balls”. If you want a new name for them, may I suggest “lanterns” or “globes”.

    I pulled tons of grapevine down this summer with the intent of making Christmas trees, wreaths and other crafts with them. I think I’ll add grape vine globes to my list. =)

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      Hi Lynn
      Did you make anything with your grapevine this Christmas? I hope so ! Send me pictures 🙂 I would love to see !
      Cheers !

  253. linda says:

    I love your commentary………………………………………..& especially the parts about wine!! I laughed reading this, so thanks for that, can never have too many laughs & I’ll be making some grapevine balls!

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      Don’t forget to make the balls first BEFORE you finish all the wine. Who knows, you could end up with a table or something else in between. Have fun admiring your balls. xx

  254. Linda says:

    I was looking for instructions on making a grapevine ball. It was not so easy to find and I found nothing on youtube. Then I fell across your instructions. As the other comments, you are highly entertaining. Your giggling over ‘balls’ made us all *smirk* 🙂 … Thanks so much! I have one suggestion to add for a new name…maybe someone else already suggested this, but I didn’t read every comment…. Decorative/Lighted Grapevine Globes 🙂 There is zero chance of a giggle coming out with that name…you may want to keep the old one. LOL!

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      Hey Linda
      I bet they are not on YouTube because people are afraid to talk about their balls on YouTube. Maybe if I call them Globes – I will be able to YouTube it. That could be dangerously fun. xx

  255. benette howard says:

    I love your instructions got a laugh out of it. love your balls design . I love working with grapevines too.

  256. Annette says:

    Love the instructions

  257. Melanie says:

    OMG…you are hilarious! I can’t count the number of times I burst out laughing..while at work…secretly looking for DIY Grapevine Ball instructions. So, if I end up unemployed because my secret look ups are no longer secret, I blame you!
    I’m so glad I found you and your Grapevine instructions! Now I have to go look for the “follow” or subscribe button, so I can keep stalking-er-I mean reading your posts.

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      Hi Melanie !
      YOU are a hoot! Geeeshhh don’t get fired..how could you explain that you lost your job over BALLS ?! Dangerous living. xx

      • Melanie says:

        Hi again Lynne!
        Just thought I’d give a quick update on the grapevine …balls…. So, I’m not working on my second …ball……my family isn’t impressed with me. I decided to sit in the livingroom watching tv while making the first one. Yeah…it didn’t go over very well. Oh, the cats loved it for sure, but my husband was a little annoyed that the wayward vines kept slapping him in the face (wasn’t my fault he sat on the couch beside me) and no one could get around or over the huge tangle of vines strewn all over the rug in front of me. While I wrestled with the beachball and vines, trying in vain to get them to cooperate, my mother sat in her recliner giving me dirty looks and shaking her head in disgust every once in a while. Maybe I was distracted from giving it my 100% undivided attention, as I tend to lose focus whenever I watch Vampire Diaries, but I digress. I had the best of intentions. So, after vaccuuming up the mess from the couch, rug and floor, I decided I would deprive my family of my company for the next …ball……
        So, I’m in the garage now. It looks like a tornado went through and threw grapevine everywhere. My husband tried helping long enough to remove the beachball, causing the ‘almost’ ball to lose shape. Did a lot of wrestling with grapevine…not to mention cursing, softly and some..not so much.
        I will say that the first one does look lovely sitting in my urn (waiting for twinkle lights cuz darnit I got white instead of green!), so much so that my daughter actually took a picture on her phone, as she was proud of me for my hard work.
        So, thanks again for the instructions and enjoyable website. Hopefully I survive to make more …balls… and put green wired twinkle lights in them for outdoor Christmas decor, if I don’t freeze in the garage first.

        • Lynne Knowlton says:

          Oh Melanie
          You are HILARIOUS. I should have warned you that this is an outdoor sport 🙂 ….well…the garage is a rather excellent idea too ! Have fun, enjoy the journey, but don’t freeze your balls off while doing it.

  258. Laura says:

    Lynne – I don’t think I’ve ever laughed during a DIY learning experience. Thanks for the giggle (love that word) and instructions. I pulled down a bunch of grapevines this fall from trees in my back yard, and they have been laying in my veg garden waiting for me to do something with them. I’ll work on this during tomorrow’s storm in NH. Jealous of your stone/barn board table and metal chairs!! – Laura

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      Hi Laura
      Glad you got ‘yer GIGGLE on ! Happy to hear you enjoyed it as much as I did creating it.
      Did you make the grapevine balls? *snicker*. Did you sit back and admire your balls?
      Cheers! Lynne !!

  259. Laurie says:

    Love the lighted grapevine “orb”…I plan to duplicate your idea!!! I have been crazy about grapevine for years, love your barn and the tree you made also!!!

    Thanks so much!

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      Thank you Laurie !
      I hope you have a great time making the ‘orbs’…oh my…even when I type ‘orb’ …I snicker 🙂 LOL. Lynne

  260. Laurie says:

    Love the lighted grapevine “orb”…I plan to duplicate your idea!!! Thanks do much!!

  261. Sunny Lee Pilkington says:

    I think you are funny and smart, I had fun looking. Thank you 1

  262. Judy says:

    Instead of starting the grapevine balls with a deflatable ball, I thought I might make
    a wire form and cover it with grapevines. Also, did you ever try to use a balloon (perhaps a crazy thought)?

    I really enjoy your creative ideas. I have a backyard full of grapevines this year due to the warm winter and rainy summer. Your suggestions will keep me busy.

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      Hi Judy
      I thought about the balloon idea, but thought it would break too easily…AND….I am too tempted to fill the balloon with water and throw it at the squirrels that are running around my treehouse 🙂
      The wire form sounds like a good idea. Give it a try and tell me how it goes. It may be soooo gorgeous, that you will just keep it as a wire ball.
      If you have a ton of grapevine, another idea is to buy a tomato cage. Turn it upside down like an upside down cone. Wire the tips together to make a point at the top. Wrap it with grapevine and you will have a mini grapevine tree. Woooohooo. Pretty.
      Lynne xx

  263. margo says:

    THANK-YOU,so much for this tutorial on the grapevine balls .I just attempted and OMG,I LOVE IT.I think I need a bit more filled in,here and there,but np,I have plenty of vines,as I live in the country.Today I remembered how lucky I am to live here .I can go out my driveway and gather vines till my hearts content.Anyway,thank-you again.for posting this where even I could go by the directions you were giving!!

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      Hi Margo !
      So happy that you had brilliant success !! Isn’t it fun?! They truly look so gorgeous at night, and they even look pretty by day!!
      You lucky duck to live in the country. Grapevine is a wild thaaaang. Woohoo for us !!
      Lynne xx

  264. Donna Murphy says:

    Hi, Lynne…
    A sense of humor indicates intelligence of the highest order. You went there. I love your website and your ideas. As for another name for the balls, but ‘balls’ are what they are…so it could be a moot point. We could try I suppose: great gatzby globes, garden light orbs, light-ups, twinkle…..balls (gad, there we go again). You keep on with those laugh lines and I’ll be back.

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      Hi Donna
      Ohhhh my, ‘intelligence of the highest order’…I haven’t been called that before…
      Call me anything, just don’t call me LATE FOR DINNER.
      Big laughs your way…
      Happy Ball moments
      Lynne xx

  265. khurram says:

    thank you so much for this post. Great balls, no pun intended 🙂

  266. DJ Knight says:

    Lynne, You should write more and share your gift of laughter with everyone. You are hilarious!
    Write a book or just keep sending these e hows!

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      Ahhh geez look out DJ,
      When you say those nice things, I might smooch you. Just sayin’. If I wrote a book, what would I title it? Oh the fun we could have DREAMING up book titles. You go first. Throw the first title over the bow. We could have some fun with this one. xx

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      Haha Reggie,
      I bet this is going to give you a whole new meaning to sitting back, sipping your wine and admiring your balls. Just sayin’. LOL.

  267. Margaret says:

    Love your site…

  268. janice (Ja-niece, Dad's idea) says:

    Thank you for your most excellent post, lesson, sweet conversation… You’re brilliant! Thanks for making my day sweet & fun! FTL, janice

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      Thanks Janice…p.s. love the Ja-niece part !!You called me BRILLIANT?? Can I frame that and hang it as a poster in my kids rooms? I need to remind them that I am brilliant. LOL. Thanks…xx

  269. […] to share this awesome DIY with me so I can share it with you. But be sure to go see it on her site as well. But be warned, you might pee your pants from […]

  270. Susan says:

    Love these ! But I too could not stop laughing over ” grapevine balls”. I think that I will just call them magical lighted grapevine orbs .. lol !

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      Haha Susan,
      You may call them MAGICAL LIGHTED GRAPEVINE ORBS, but I know the back of your mind will be screaming ‘balls’ ! LOL 🙂
      Have an awesome day!

  271. Janice Prichard says:

    Oh my oh my….. I was just browsing on my computer looking for patio lights to string around my gazebo and came across your DIY Grapevine Lighting Balls. I don’t know which I appreciated more however, the directions for making the balls or your wonderful humorous way of instructing your readers! Was sitting here by myself laughing like crazy and now can’t wait to share your website with some of my silly friends. Thanks for the info and the giggles!

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      Thanks Janice!!
      I had a giggle again too…I thought I better read what I wrote that seemed so funny. hahaha! So happy to hear that you love my BLOG. I hope you try some of my antics and DIY’s and get in some trouble along the way too. *snicker* Lynne xx

  272. Robin Cerny says:

    I actually saw the grapevine tree at a craft show one year. Christmas in the woods in Ohio. I loveed it but did not have $100 they wanted for it. I looked for grape vines all the way home to Western NY. Even along the thruway we would see those long viney things hanging from trees and I would Yell…PULLOVER! We did not of course, didn’t want to get a ticket. Anyway, thank you for the great tutorial. Maybe I will head over the boarder and stomp thru the woods and gather some vines from there.

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      Hey Robin
      Too funny! We could road trip together NO PROBLEM…I am forever screaming in the car…pull over, pull over, look at that!, You missed it !, Oh my, that was brilliant! ,stop the car NOW or I am walking (with my shovel in hand) hahahaaaa!
      Big hugs,

  273. Corene says:

    recently made 15 wire balls in different sizes for my daughter’s upcoming wedding. Really liked the grapevine ones but rusty wire was readily available. They turned out great. .hint…..I used heavy fishing line to tie with….oh, and make sure you are up to date on your tetnus vaccine 🙂 We affectionately just call em “rusty balls”

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      Corene!! You are brilliant !! LOVE IT !! I hope you stood back and admired your balls when you were done. Lynne xx

  274. Diana says:

    I so love this project and they way you tell it. I am a big wine fan too and have some vines in my garden to prove it (not as big as yours haha). ‘Spheres’ dont you like that word, you can even say it when youve had a few glasses of wine. I am going to drink a lot of wine and try this out after a rummage around my husbands workshop. Thank you for sharing something so fun you have really cheered my day..

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      You must send me photos of your spheres and wine :)….that sounds fun already!! Let me know if you find any good stuff in your husbands workshop. It is always intriguing to see what men have in their workshops. Best time evvvha ! Lynne xx

      • Diana says:

        I have finished one of my balls! Yo! And in my hubs workshop I found strong garden wire to use as ties. Annoyingly I ran out of grape vines! So I sneaked amongst the other climbing plants in my garden with a pair of clippers and took out some honeysuckle. But Lynne I dont know how to upload a photo to your site. I so loved this process, I just wish I had more materials to make another one. Time for a glass of wine to stand back and admire my handiwork and your ideas.

        • Lynne Knowlton says:

          Hi Diana!
          I would love it if you emailed me photos of your balls. *Snicker*. I don’t think there is a way to upload pix in the comment section of blogs. Darn. My email addy is lynneknowlton@gmail.com. The honeysuckle idea sounds GORGEOUS and I bet they smelled good too! So glad you had a glass of wine and stood back to admire your balls ! Lynne xx

  275. shauna says:

    stumbled across your blog via the Art of Doing Stuff blog (not sure how I found that one either!) Your sparkly balls how-to was a great read, even though I’m unlikely to create anything so charming in the next 10 or 20 years (can’t imagine having the time to do something so basically ‘unnecessary’ – although I’d love to!).

    Anyway, I really think that your creations could be called “glowing globes” or “glittering globes” if you are, pardon the pun, hung up on balls. : )

    However, since they are made using beach balls you can’t really avoid the word!
    Which came first the 3 dimensional round object identified as a “ball”, or the use of the term ball for male genitalia? Methinks the former.

    The balls are lovely and the blog is great fun. Well done!
    I’ll pin it so others can enjoy your writing.
    Shauna P.
    Burnaby, Canada
    (I don’t think we have grapevines in our back yard… but I’ll look.)

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      Hi Shauna
      I bet in Burnaby…you will find some awesome grapevine. It’s so gorgeous there, even if you don’t, you will still be in bliss :). P.s. You just had me laughing about balls all over again. Geeze….balls…snicker…balls….errrh, I mean ‘glowing globes’. P.s. I think the only time I may ever see glowing globes is if there is a ‘glow in the dark’ condom nearby. Ok, did I say that out loud?!!! hahaha!
      p.s.s. I am praying that my Mother never reads my blog.

  276. Lenore says:

    I love this post! I am so going to do this one day! Or maybe just the stone table with the metal hip replacement bit… I love that table, and the old tractor seat stools! Hop vine would probably work too… Aren’t globe’s a type of grape? I love the name firefly globes! Tho then we would miss all the giggles over balls…
    Thanks for all the laughs and I will definitely be back!

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      Ohhh Lenore
      I hope you have a spare hip replacement bit. LOL.
      P.s. I think you are right, hops vine would be gorgeous too!
      Still *giggling* over balls….
      Lynne xx

  277. Linda says:

    Grape Vine Spheres… For Wine drinking queer’s….
    Love this post!!
    Thanks = )

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      LAUGH OUT LOUD Linda ! You are a poet, and you didn’t know it. Some days, I feel queer, making spheres, and then I drink beer, haha!

  278. Connie says:

    Firefly globes!

  279. Meg says:

    You are hilarious! Love your big (grapevine) balls! Hehe (sorry, couldnt help it.) looking forward to trying this project and i cant wait to read more of your posts! cheers!!

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      Haha! Thanks Meg!
      Everyone loves BIG BALLS. hehe…I couldn’t resist.

  280. Lynn says:

    You could call them globes instead of balls? Very wonderful idea!

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      Hi Lynn
      Nice name! LOL. Globes~ a great name, when I want to be respectable 🙂
      Love it!
      Lynne xx

  281. Joyce Biggs says:

    I don’t know what I like better. The “balls” or your writing. I’m going to try to make the balls. I happen to have a vine, my neighbors, growing all over my roses. Nuff said. On another note. Do you write novels? Or maybe about your life? I think you would make a wonderful writer. I loved reading what you wrote. Sorry it wasn’t longer. I love it when someones writing makes me laugh out loud. Thanks

  282. Cheryl says:

    You are so funny! Love your balls!

  283. […] would be well, balloon shaped etc. I googled it and found this most incredible tutorial ever at Lynne Knowlton she used a beach ball, genius! Why didn’t I think of that! She also used vines from her yard, […]

  284. Cindy says:

    or Dram Balls…

  285. Cindy says:

    I think you should call them…… Glass Grapevine Balls i think they are so pretty i think i am gonna try making them to and hang them in my tree as you come in my fron gate..

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      Hey Cindy!
      Did you make the balls? They would be gorgeous at a front gate. Love your idea.

  286. Fabulous DIY project for ‘balls’ (*snicker*) – sounds like a lot of fun!

  287. Annechien says:

    Love love love this idea, I am going to make this once my garden is kinda ready (I just nicked an extra piece of garden from our “neighbours”, building has been empty for years now.)
    This looks so cool.
    Thank you for the big laugh you gave me with this story…can’t thank you enough. Tears ran down my face due laughing..

  288. Dina McCormack says:

    Hi Lynne,
    I am a new “empty nester” living in Salt Lake City, UT. I loved your tutorial on grape vine balls. Not only is this a wonderful project that I can’t wait to try myself, you made my day with your witty instructions. You seem like an adorable person. Thank you so much for sharing your creative joys.

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      Thanks Dina !
      I am a bit of grapevine NUT :), and it is a HOOT. The only difficult time I have with creating these ‘balls’ *snicker* is when I run out of wine. LOL. Thanks for checking out my balls. OMG, why do I say these things?
      Lynne xx

  289. Amanda Malette says:

    I think these look amazing! My parents are building a new house, and they just planted a bunch of trees. so I was hoping to make something like this to hang so they have some outdoor decorations.

    I had a couple of problems while making these (I’m sure I must have done something wrong). When I tried to remove the beach ball, all of my vines fell apart, so I was left with a whole bunch of individual circles and it wasn’t in the shape of a ball anymore. I was hoping I could get more instructions on how to wire it properly.

    Thanks a lot! I hope I can eventually make some that look as good as your’s!

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      Hi Amanda
      You just inspired me to to a video and show that on the blog ! LOL. Too bad I look like a ‘deer in the headlights’ when I record video. haha!
      Be sure to work with Grapevine that is not too brittle. Start by wrapping your ball, as you go around once, cross over and make another circle around the ball. Where you intersected at the top, add your first wire. Don’t cut the grapevine. Use one long piece as you go. I wire it a lot at first, where the grapevine crosses itself, to form a good base. As I get going, I weave it around itself to really fill in gaps, and I make it quite full. Did that help? If you get stuck, let me know, and I will see if I can find a photo to explain it some more for you.
      Cheers !!

      • Amanda Malette says:

        Thanks! That’s where I went wrong…I was cutting them and wiring each individual loop. I will have to give it another try 🙂

  290. marygert says:

    I love this simple cool idea!
    But I gotta get on the name it bandwagon for you.
    Here’s a few:
    Lightballs i cute, but maybe
    too simple?
    Ballylights is a little more glam.
    Yep, like that.

  291. Judy says:

    Love your blog! My son, Adam, got me on to it as he’s a big fan.
    I made “sparkling tangled vine BALLS’ (is there another name??) for Adam & Katie’s garden wedding September 29, 2001. They (and candles) were the interior light along the ceiling and corners of the tent; even hanging around the tent poles from tulle ribbon, plus I hung them in the trees in our backyard. Quite a perfect fairyland. I now use 4 of them every Christmas, hanging them from strings of mini lights along my front porch. I really love them. Wish I could share pictures!!

  292. Karen says:

    how about gravevine globes? Does that still make you snicker?

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      Hi Karen
      Yes, I still snicker! I can’t seem to get BALLS outta my head. I need therapy. LOL. Lynne

  293. Auntiepatch says:

    How about Golden Globes or Glitter Globes? Bodacious Balls? Outstanding Orbs? Ok, I’ll go away now………

  294. Carrin Mahmood says:

    Grapes of Wrap
    Shine-on a-Twine
    Great big twinkling orbs=o=fun!
    Yeah that’s all I got!

  295. Krikit says:

    OMGosh! I LOL’d until I peed myself a little. You are So freakin’ funny! But then, I’m sure you already know that.

    Great tut. Great balls. And I mean that in every way it can be meant. ~:D

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      Well THANK YOU very much ! You just MADE MY DAY ! Love it…’great tut’. Thanks for the BALL flattery 🙂 Glad I am not the only one that pee’s my pants a little around here. Lynne xx

  296. ~gloria says:

    What about grapevine lanterns as a name? They’re gorgeous.

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      Hi Gloria !
      You just gave me a fun idea. It would be cool to make the grapevine lanterns in a rectangle shape. They could sit on the ground and be lit as well. A lantern makes me think of rectangles or squares. I wonder how to make a form for that?! You have me thinking…hmmm. Thanks for the inspiration! Lynne xx

      • ~gloria says:

        Ok, great. Now I have to think about it, too. Can’t just throw an idea out there like a rectangular lantern and not have me putting aside all else until I come up with a way to do it. Hmmm…how about making a chicken wire frame, lightly spray painted a grapevine color (I’m sure by now some company actually has a color that says Grapevine right on the can), then cover it in grapevine, leaving the frame inside. Meh, just a thought.

        I have no grapevine handy to my house, but I do have the biggest weeping willow tree and the “willow withes” make a wonderful substitute. Even preferable at times, very pliable.

        I’m a new reader to your blog. Love it already. ~gloria

        • Lynne Knowlton says:

          I am so excited about your idea, I almost knocked out my keyboard keys typing in excitement!! Chicken wire is a ‘top drawer, awesome’ idea !!! The chicken wire rectangle shapes could look very cool even without anything on them. You could use your willow withes at the base of the rectangle and create a wreath style of nest of willow for the lantern to sit in.( or just surround the base of it ). You could even just put a candle in there. OHhhh my. Wish I had a willow tree. You lucky dog- a willow tree. Stunners they are! Stunners !

          A new reader?! Welcome aboard! Thanks for checking out my blog! Hope you enjoy the ride. LOL. xx

  297. GaylaT says:

    I’d stick with Sparkly Balls if I were you. I fancy myself quite creative but anything I came up with became sordid the second I put “balls” behind it. As a great-grandmother I think it behooves me to guard my reputation so as to not drag my family into disrepute along with me so I try to stay away from subjects like balls. There are miles of grapevine in Kansas too but I’ve never seen a grape on any of it. It’s mostly out in the country but as I walk down the alley behind my house I see loads of Virginia Creeper and Sweet Autumn that works as well as grape vine any day. I guess I’ll make Sweet Creeper Balls. I see what you mean. The second I put balls behind it the chuckles start. Hopeless!

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      Hi Gayla !
      I think you would get along like a house on fire with my Mom (aka grandma). You are a hoot !… “sweet creeper balls”…LOL ! I do love the idea of trying Virginia Creeper or Sweet Autumn. If you go for it, send me photos! I would love love love to see your balls. {ooops}. Snicker.
      Lynne xx

  298. Candice Ross says:

    You are too funny

  299. Jean Weavers says:

    How about calling them “light orbs”. That term’s especially popular in ghost hunting circles! Maybe “glimmer globs” would be even better if they were created with the assistance of your ever popular wine! Or how does “angel night lights” work as they seem to be made of starshine. Please stop me…..my mind is going around in circles. So many possibilities…..really! And I’m not even half way thru my mid-day root beer! You really do need to think about changing what you drink when you want to create!!! Throw in a little ice cream with your root beer and you’ve got the world on a string. Wait…..World on a String might be a great name for them!!!!!!

  300. What a wonderful project! My problem is taht I have no outdoor outlets. I live in an old farmhouse. Wonder if they make battery operated twinkle lights because I’ve got tons of grapevine and lots of trees to hang these from.

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      Yes, they do make battery operated twinkle lights, but they go thru a ton of batteries, and that can be expensive. What if you connected an outdoor green extension cord, from the inside of your house? I wonder if there is solar twinkle lights? That would be brilliant for you.
      Be sure to use ‘outdoor’ twinkle lights too.
      Have fun with all that awesome grapevine!
      Lynne xx

  301. Marilee says:

    I just thought if you need another name for them,, rather than “balls” how about Grapevine Globes or Grapevine Globe Lights.

    They are beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  302. Mari says:

    Hi Lynne!
    I’ve been blogging for a couple of years now and I love it! I have 2 other blogs going too so sometimes my craft blog (the wadelmat one) doesn’t receive as much attention as I would like it to :o(

    Come back to visit me! I’ll certainly be checking your blog for ideas to share!!


  303. krysia says:

    well,,,,, i am glad that you didn’t really say two broads…. (that is what i read about the two boards)…. thank you for the fun…. all the great, great fun…. still laugh at our second childhood at your place.
    one of the two broads ooops boards but not so boring, boaring, whatever…
    still creating stuff out of what others consider nothing….. lots of things….

  304. lora says:

    You are So delightful, refreshing and entertaining!!! Great work!!!!!

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      Hi Lora
      Thank you ! I feel like you just cheered me on ! xx I am writing a new post right now – and you just gave me a burst of energy ! *_*. Thanx !! Lynne

  305. Mari says:

    I highlighted this beautiful craft on my little blog at http://wadelmat.blogspot.com/ Thanks!

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      Thank you Mari
      Have you been blogging long? Do you love it? I love the other craft/design ideas you posted as well.
      Big hug

  306. Mo says:

    Sphere. Go ahead, say it. Sphere. Ah. Much better. Thank you.

  307. Gail says:

    When I had a wedding in my backyard we hung strands of cafe lights to provide enough out door lighting on all of my terrace’s. I’ve seen the mini version grapevine through a couple different stores last Christmas. I like your because a) they’re home made, and b) they are oversize just enough to need hanging, meaning it would have made the guys job of lighting for outdoors a lot less work.

    I think you should call them over-sized cafe lights. Good luck and thanks for the inspiration.

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      Thanks Gail !
      You are right, they do minimize the work that it takes to hang a ton of mini lights/cafe lights in individual strands.
      The versatility is cool as well. After a wedding or event, you can use them in the garden, on the ground, or as decorative pieces….with or without lights.
      Cheers! Lynne

  308. SAndy Lewis says:

    Followed you over from The Art of Doing Stuff blog…..so glad!!!! YOu are hilarious AND creative! Saw that you mentioned Imen’s blog but didn’t give a link. Any chance you’d share that? 🙂 Looking forward to reading all your older posts as well as future.

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      Hi Sandy,
      If you click on the actual name “Imen McDonnell” right in the blog comment above yours, it will take you straight to her blog. Ohhh the magic of the internet links xx. She is also in my blogroll (which also directly links to her blog). Her blog name is {farmette}. It is a beautiful blog. I think you will really enjoy it ! Say hello to Imen for me.
      Lynne xx

  309. […] Grapevine . Duh. I told you this was easy. DIY Grapevine lighting balls …What a BRIGHT idea ! | Lynne Knowlton […]

    We have loads of grapevine around here……..it’s not grapevine though, just thick ivy???
    Anyway, seems like it would work!
    Thanks Lynne….love how your mind works!
    Imen x

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      Hi Imen!!
      Ohhhh how I love your blog. Thanks for coming by and visiting me. xx I think if you have thick ivy, that would work too. I would give it a try, for sure! I would still work with it when it is fresh and pliable, and wrap it to form a ball. Send me pictures….I say that, because I ADORE your photos, and instagram photos too.
      Big hug,
      Lynne xx

  311. I’ll take three please! Love em!!!!!!!

  312. Roone Stahl says:

    This is hilarious reading. I mean funnier than vine balls. Thanks for a fun Saturday morning read!

  313. Megan says:

    Awesome! At some point, I will have to make these.
    I feel like I have to refer to them as firefly spheres. I don’t know why. It popped into my head on the first picture. [Firefly because that’s what all the little lights remind me of……..spheres because ‘firefly balls’ sounds worse than just ‘balls’.]
    In any case, nice tutorial 😀

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      Hi Megan
      U r so sweet…you are right…they do look like little fireflies. The light bounces off the grass and trees, just like a firefly. Well done!
      Lynne xx

  314. warped says:

    “keep Granny from getting electrocuted when she touches the balls to admire them.”
    Something so wrong about that sentance:)

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      Hhaha..sure….’warped’…take my sentence outta context. That made it even funnier, in my humble, ball opinion.

  315. Julie says:

    Love you projects, very entertaining!! Tell me again about the balls? LOL

  316. Danie says:

    Holy crap, you are hilarious. I don’t have grapevine, but now I want to find some. I do have wine. I need your mother and her friend, too, for now I want a table assembled from whatever is outside my house.

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      No worries, you have the most important ingredient. The wine 🙂
      You want to assemble a table from whatever is around your house? You and my MOM could be besties.
      Cheers to your happy wine sipping !
      Lynne xx

  317. Joan Patton says:

    Love the balls, I use to have grapevines in UTah, now I live in AZ do not have any, dang it. How about grapevine spheres, love them. Joan I am going to try the wire ones. Yeah!!!!!!!!!

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      Hi Joan
      “Grapevine spheres”…has a nice ring. I could sing that, while sipping my wine.
      The wire ones are brilliant to give a whirl too!
      I bet they will be gorgeous.

  318. sandy says:

    I laughed my head off with the story of Krysia & me and the stone table….actually you forgot to mention that Michael asked me where we got the rocks from for building the legs.. We had to confess they were from the pile he had stacked for himself to work with (probably not as important a job as our stone leg table LOL). I’m surprised you didn’t tell the story of the time you went away for the weekend & I pulled off half the barn wood on an old shed to use to make my barn board moose, horse, goats that I created. Remember you came home & had to break the news to me that you weren’t going to rip that shed completely down because you loved the rustic look of the walls. Holy mackerel that took a lot of splainin Lucy.
    So I suppose barbed wire is not suitable for your “balls”. I’m surprised no cowboys suggested this.
    I have a couple of suggestions….you need to come up with some practical uses for empty wine bottles. I keep following your creative ideas, and at the end I am either really happy with the results, and celebrate by having wine, or it just doesn’t live up to my high standards….and I have wine to drown my sorrows.
    Bye the way…how come I couldn’t get you to make anything when you were a kid, (except dust bunnies under your bed) and now there’s no stoppin you, were you saving all that energy up for when you grew up?
    Say….I’d like to ask you to move back home……..but I like your house. Can I move back home to your place? love you…Mom :o))) (that’s my smiley face with a double chin)

  319. Brenda says:

    These are fantastic Lynn.. going to do the wire ones for sure….no grapes vines here because my labrador eats everything in sight and grapes are poisonous for dogs…..sigh sigh. I love the ones in your trees with the lights. great post !!

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      What the what what ?!! Grapes are poisonous to dogs ? Can you tell that to my dog? Thanks for letting me know, I had no idea. So comforting to know, since I live on a 100 acres surrounded by grapevine, and a DOG. Never a dull moment.
      Now I must keep my eyes open for grapes AND skunks AND porcupines.
      I will never be bored.
      Lynne xx

  320. Ivo says:

    I think those balls look like bee hives. But I’m really impressed by the work you have done creating them. Nice and very interesting.

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      Hi Ivo
      They do sort of look like Beehives. But ones that won’t sting you. A happy Beehive 🙂

  321. Kim Bee says:

    Those balls are huge. I think I need to make some. I mean who doesn’t love some huge, okay I can’t finish that one.

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      That is the funny thing about balls. They are so easy to make fun of, and they aren’t normally so pretty to look at.
      Go big or go home. 🙂
      Lynne xx

  322. Nivaas says:

    nice pics, i had never seen, thanks

  323. Zoe says:

    Lynne, I can see you had some real fun with this project! I love the narrative and I have to say it brought more than a smile to my face! Would love to have been there with you, although to an extent I feel I was! Lovely post, great idea, and definitely a project for the summer if I ever get a free moment from work! Many thanks!

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      Oh Zoe, the fun we could have! Thanks for sharing along in my nutty, ballsy journey. It is always good for a laugh. The more the merrier.
      Lynne xx

  324. Nancy says:

    You could call these Great Balls of Fire.

  325. Katrina says:

    I can’t wait to play with my balls 😉 well, my version of your balls. So gorgeous!

  326. Spherical vineyard lighting–ooh la la! Love these!

  327. Love these lights and your idea! I am responding to your tweet today asking what you might call them other than “balls”. The word “orb” popped into my head after a bit of reflection as it is a word for an “unexpected, typically circular artifact”. I am going to re-pin a few on my Pinterest under products I love! Keep up the good work!

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      Thanks Shelley –

      I must confess …..I have the BEST MEMORIES of you posting my treehouse pix many moons ago {too}. Just had to throw that thought in there.xx

      THANKS for sharing on pinterest.

      Happy ORB creating. FANTASTIC NAME !

  328. Rose Dostal says:

    I love your balls, your viney balls!

  329. Debbie Rubert says:

    Love your instructions, love your blog! I do outdoor pots at Christmas and we call our Balls, ORBS! I plan on using your instructions this year although it may be hard to find the grapevine here in Calgary 🙂

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      Thanks so much. You made my day ! *blog blush*. Fantastic name !! ORBS…and it is a wee bit more delicate than BALLS. LOL. Love it !
      I bet the Christmas orbs look like stunners. Do you light them up with mini lights too?

      • Debbie Rubert says:

        You are welcome Lynn and I have something else to thank you for…I am Taylor’s Mom 🙂 Thank you so much for hosting her last weekend, she said it was the best weekend of her whole year away at school. You were so kind…I hope we get to meet in the fall!
        Yes we do light our orbs and nestle them into some greens with sticks and birch poles, so pretty 🙂

        • Lynne Knowlton says:

          Hi Debbie !!!!
          Taylor told me that you had a girl crush on my blog…haha..I loved those words. You made my week !!
          Did you subscribe? If you SUBSCRIBE, it is easy to enter your email address in the box in the upper right of the blog. A confirmation link is sent to your email inbox. Click that. You are submitted. VOILA ! The easy thing about it, is that my updates will go directly to your email, about once a week. Easy, huh?
          Lynne xx

        • Lynne Knowlton says:

          Most importantly….
          I want you to know that TAYLOR IS ONE OF THE MOST AMAZING KIDS ON EARTH.
          We just loved having her,and all the Uni girls here. It was such a fab weekend ! Did you see the cupcakes she made {in the blog post} last week?
          We will have her here more often next year, so she will have A HOME AWAY FROM HOME.
          I will try and give her some ‘Mom hugs’ for you.
          She really rocks out loud.
          Much love,
          Lynne xx

  330. Suzanne says:

    Love this, going to go to home depot and get some wire and a deflatable beach ball, I would like to make varying sizes. Beautiful and yes, very very cool!

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      Hey Suzanne-
      Have some fun at HOME DEPOT….look out for all the ‘bad stuff distractions’ on the way in the door…coffee, donuts, hot dogs, cookies..it is a regular food festival in there :))

      • Peter says:

        Hi, your grapevine balls look like xmas mistletoe as it might grow up in the crown of trees. I’ve been searching for hours using the word ‘mistletoe’ and came across your site by simply viewing images from the Google search. Add the word ‘mistletoe’ might help others and a huge thanks for the ‘ball’ making ideas 🙂