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Is Google + the Grand Poobah or a Jerk Face?

Is Google + the grand poobah or jerk face? Let's talk 'bout that.

Let’s talk about that.  Let’s talk behind the back of Google Plus.

Just for a sec.  Shhhh.

The elephant is in the room.  His big fat elephant butt is sitting on the table.


 Grand  Poobah   or   Jerk  Face?


My initial reaction :  JERK FACE all the way, man.


If Google Plus had a face, I wanted to punch it.  Didn’t you?  Admit it.


Is Google Plus the Grand Poobah or Jerk Face? Read more here : https://lynneknowlton.com/google-plus/ #GooglePlus #Google #HowToGooglePlus

POW  !!



At first blush, Google plus appeared to be a pain in the ass  just another social platform.

It made us googly-eyed.  Our eyes glazed over with the mention of the whole shenanigans.   It was a chump and we didn’t want to deal with it. Right?  Right.


Why  ?

Like Elmer Fudd, we were vewy vewy afraid.


In the past, Google plus had been hanging around like stink in our heads. Whatever.  Stink away.  We had more important things to do.   Like drink wine.


 We   may   have   said   this  …


 Stupid social platform.  Numskull.  Nitwit of a place to be.  Twit but not twitter-like.  Idiot.   Ninny.  Blockhead.  Out to lunch.  Bonehead.  Dork.  Dimwit.  Dunce like an old Facebook flame.  Goofball.  Featherbrain. Chump.  Lamebrain.  Blockhead.  


I confess.   I called it names.   Just maybe.  I’m not sure.  It was something like that.  Yes.  I said it.  Numskull.

Maturity is my strong suit.


Dive  Deep  Into  Google  Plus


I have four words for you.  It’s not too late.

I have four more  { if you don’t do it NOW }.  You are an idiot*

* I’m apologizing in advance for calling you names 🙂

Do it T.O.D.A.Y.

Now is the time to just go for it !!  Before the sun sets today,  make it happen.

You can do it !!


 early   To  Google   Plus  ?

Some jumped on the Google Plus band wagon early in the game.  Some didn’t.

For a long time, I was in the didn’t category.  So there.


It has only been about a month or so that I have been really diving in deep and testing the waters in G+.   I have seen a 40 % increase in blog traffic and higher rankings on keywords in Google.

Just. Like. That.

Magical, don’t you think?

If I can do it, so can you.

I started with knowing NOTHING.  Less than nothing.  Negative nothing.

Look on the bright side, it can only get better from there.


Is Google Plus the Grand Poobah or Jerk Face? Read more here : https://lynneknowlton.com/google-plus/ #GooglePlus #Google #HowToGooglePlus

The lightbulb came on !


In the early days,  I had merely signed up and waited for nothing to happen with it.

I promptly jumped off of the G+ wagon and ran at a galloping speed straight for the hills.   I bolted like a bat outta hell.

Yes, I repelled it.

Yes, I ignored it.


If Google Plus was a house plant, I killed it.


Dead as a door knob.





At the time, I was thinking :  Don’t we all have plenty enough to do on social media already ?!!

Thank – you – very – much.

Your outside voice : Thanks Lynne, I was totally thinking that too.

Clap yourself up.

Now go cry into a bowl of Cheerios and slap yourself on the back of the head.


Why  ?!!


Google  Plus  is  the  Grand  Poobah @!!*


It is all that and a bag of chips.

It’s time to change your tune and start partying with this G+ dude.  He’s like hanging out with a rock star on a yacht of interesting peeps.  You are going to like this dude and his pals.  He rocks out loud.  He doesn’t care if you are fashionably late to the party.  He will pour you a stiff cocktail, slap you on the back and welcome you onboard his damn fine sexy yacht platform.

The peeps at the G+ party are super cool.  They talk about things that you love.  They have similar interests.  They listen.  They tell their friends about you.  They even give you sips of champagne.  Okay.  That part I made up, but you get the picture.  #WishfulThinking.  Who says NO to a boozy party with pals?  Say Yes.  Dammit, Janet.  Say yes.

Google Plus will float your boat, I can promise you that.


Is Google Plus the Grand Poobah or Jerk Face? Read more here : https://lynneknowlton.com/google-plus/ #GooglePlus #Google #HowToGooglePlus


How ?   How ?   How ? 

Let’s get this party started and I’ll show you how to party like a rock star on G+.  First things first.  Circle up some G+ gurus and consider them your ring buoys.


Here’s my faves :


Denise Wakeman   ~   Helping you boost your online visibility. Guaranteed.

Stephan Hovnanian  ~  Google+ strategies for your business

Laurie Laizure  ~  Interior Design Community on G+ and Google Plus awesomeness.

Mike Allton ~  Social Media Manager & Geek of all things G+

Martin Shervington  ~  Plus Your Life and Business!  Uhhhm, and he has a very sexy accent.  Just sayin’.

Are you going to avoid it any longer?  Don’t be a goofball.  Go for it.

Do I have regrets for avoiding G+ for so long?  Oh hells yeah.

If I had a third leg,  I would kick myself with it.

Do you want to drive traffic and grow numbers while you are hanging out at the G+ party?


Yes.   Yes.   Yes.


A big fat

 No.   No.   NO.

Is Google Plus the Grand Poobah or Jerk Face? Read more here : https://lynneknowlton.com/google-plus/ #GooglePlus #Google #HowToGooglePlus

Slow down GoGo Gadget


Take your foot off the pedal and back up that truck for a sec …

Just like in real life, listen and engage 80% of the time and shut the hell up with talking about you the rest of the time.

You’ll get the floor the other 20% of the time <— That’s your time to shine.

Need some help with numbers?  Mike Allton wrote a fab article with 8 ways to grow your G+ followers.  Circle up Mike on Google Plus and read read read.   There’s good stuff in there.


Google   Plus   in   A   Nutshell


If Google + had a face, you should French kiss it.


Note :  If you are a pro at G+, for the love of Pete … just ignore these tips, so I don’t blush from head to infinity.

Uhhhm, then circle me up and blow me a kiss.  I want to meet you.


Until that moment, I’m hiding behind balloons.


Is Google Plus the Grand Poobah or Jerk Face? Read more here : https://lynneknowlton.com/google-plus/ #GooglePlus #Google #HowToGooglePlus

Newbie Embarrassment


If you are new to Google Plus or just starting to get your feet wet in G+ stay with me…. this will help…

Ready to pick up that Google Plus flag with a cause and wave it from the rickety boat yacht ?!!


Is Google Plus the Grand Poobah or Jerk Face? Read more here : https://lynneknowlton.com/google-plus/ #GooglePlus #Google #HowToGooglePlus



 10   Tips   &   Tricks  !!


1.    Circles and Public :   Imagine G+ to be like Facebook.  The horrors of comparison, just for a sec.  You can post an update to G+ in the same way as a Facebook status update.  Share your G+ post to ‘public’.  You don’t need to share to circles as well.   Sharing continuously to circles is perceived as spammy.  Your circles will already see your posts in their stream.  Only share to circles if you have a specific post that you think will absolutely benefit them and you want to highlight it directly to them.



2.    Images :  Add a photo to your post as often as possible.  It is a proven fact that photos in every social media news feed grab more attention than just text.  Want to know how to create gorgeous photos the easy & inexpensive way?  Sign up to my bloggy and get a free downloadable book to show you how.  Photos and social media go together like peanut butter and jelly.  Who doesn’t love a PB & J ?!  Oh hells yeah.

Did someone say PB & J ??!!

Grrrrrrrrreat.  I’m hungry.


Is Google Plus the Grand Poobah or Jerk Face? Read more here : https://lynneknowlton.com/google-plus/ #GooglePlus #Google #HowToGooglePlus

Images  are  über  important


3.     Google plus is Google peeps.   I can’t stress that one enough.



Google.  Google.

 For the love of Gawd….



As a brand, you need to think of Google as your friend.  Any time Google has its eyeballs on you, it’s your chance to shine.  Google crawls Google plus.  Google couldn’t give a shit about Facebook.  Not a rats ass.  That’s right.

Nada.  Zip.  Zero.

Want a complete guide to Google Plus for FA-HHREE?  FRee.  Free.   Martin Shervington shares this complete guide to G+ and he says it all with a much sexier voice than mine.  For real.


4.   Facebook vs Google Plus :   Anything you share on your Facebook page is only seen by a small percentage of your followers/likes and quite possibly that girl who stuck notes on your back in grade school.   She probably has a massive booty & missing her front teeth by now.  Do you really need that mental anguish?   Truth is, less than 20% of your fan base actually sees your posts on your Facebook page.  You need to post 2-5 times a day to even be a blip on the radar.

Blip. Gone.

Truth is, I’m still active and post on my Facebook page because there are some benefits to Facebook as well. Google Plus just has greater benefits.

5.   Google Ranking :  Want to help your rankings with Google?  Hint : if you have a blog or an online presence, this is über important.   Google is the number one referer to my blog.  That is pretty much the case for any blog in the history of ever.

Google needs to be your bestie.

 Your pal.

 Your chump.

 Your sidekick.

You should smooch him.

Take care of your pal.  Get him sloshed and feed him a nice cocktail every now and again.   Did someone say cocktail ?  



6.      How do you learn more about Google Plus?  Read.  Read.  Read.  It’s like a magical University in there {minus the tuition}  It’s Fa-Ree.



7.     Your brand :  Do you want to catapult yourself and/or brand on Google?   G+ is the place for you ~ GoGo Gadget.  Need some help to make that happen?  Stephan Hovnanian wrote a faboosh article on using the Google Plus Hovercard as the ultimate personal branding tool.  Holy Batman, there is epic stuff in there.



8.      How did I do it?   My sister in law Denise Wakeman sat me down in the treehouse and made me do it.  Okay. Okay.  She’s nicer than that. I gulped my coffee and stared at her with my big saucer eyeballs.   Part of that might have been fear.  Actually, most of that was my fear.  Fear of G+, not fear of my sis in law.  She’s a peach.  I love her to bits.  She only pulled my hair once and shoved my face in the cake when I wouldn’t listen.  About 3 words in there are true.


She can teach you too (minus the face plant into the cake).  Go check out her site.  She will rock your world and make online visibility an adventure for you.  There’s even a video to show you three ways to boost your visibility with Google Plus.   I got lucky, she’s a relative of mine.  She has helped me to skyrocket my blog and grow my web presence.  You can have the same benefits by watching her G+ videos and following her bloggy.


9.     Knowledge is power :  Read until you feel dizzy ( that could be the cocktails ).  Remember to follow peeps who are Google Plus guru’s when you first get started.

After you start to feel cozy in there, you can start to branch out and circle up other peeps and other interests. Join communities.   It will fill your news feed with what YOU want to see.    No hairy backs.   No big ol’ toothless meanies.   Just good stuff.


10.    What is the + sign?   Want to talk to someone or mention someone within Google Plus?  It’s as simple as putting the + sign in front of their name.   Come say hello to me.  I’m here at +Lynne Knowlton.  Want to mention me in a comment?  Just type +Lynne Knowlton and I will be notified.  Easy, huh?  Easy breezy beautiful you. *smile*


Next big step :

Google   Hangouts  !


There are public hangouts and you can also have private hangouts.  Public hangouts are then shared on YouTube (hello, that’s good stuff for your online presence).   A private hangout is similar to a Skype call.  You chit-chat with your pals & no one else can hear it or see it.  It’s like a secret room.  I wish it had a secret handshake, like the treehouse 🙂


Is Google Plus the Grand Poobah or Jerk Face? Read more here : https://lynneknowlton.com/google-plus/ #GooglePlus #Google #HowToGooglePlus

Private Hangouts Too !!


Google Hangouts :


Recently, my sister-in-law Denise Wakeman  interviewed me for my first google hangout. I was a google hangout virgin.

Did you hear that?


That’s me { insert big toothy grin in there. }


I shared my insider secrets on how to become a kick ass blogger.


 I  talked  about …

*   What motivated me to start blogging

*   The secret sauce to my success ( it’s not an easy road & I share my inspiration on how I did it )

*   How to keep it REAL & truly authentic

*   Ideas on how to keep your blog posts interesting and fun ( insert potty mouth )

*   The one thing I wish I had done earlier

Hint : It’s a big one.  Why?  It quadrupled my blog subscriber rate!!


The Adventure in Visibility Hangout : 




This has been a Google Plus public service  announcement.  Snicker.  I hope it nudges you to give Google Plus a whirl.  Take it for a spin.  Give it a try.  Giddy up and Go Go.   It’s off the charts.   It’s the fly.  The shit.  Wicked awesome.

Yes… It’s all that AND a bag of chips.

Did someone say chips?


Please share this bloggy post with your pals and help them to grow their online presence too.  Talk to me in the comments.  Lemme have it.  Are you playing in Google Plus?

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  1. I love you. That is all. ❤️

  2. Danielle DuBois says:

    Darling, Sexy, Sassy Lynne, Happy Monday Evening! Golly, I must feel you could truly help me because writing this note just at the same time Jessica Fletcher is putting two-and-two together and figuring out who the real murderer is….well, all I can say is Thank Goodness for PVR. And you. And all you’ve been through in this lifetime (oh, good golly don’t even get me started on all the kookiness from your last lifetime)…ah, but I digress. Thank you for putting yourself out into he world to assist the likes of me in designing my life – or at least the Bodacious Blog. I look forward to working with you. Please connect at your convenience (is there any other time?). Stay groovy! CheerS!

  3. I think I’m a wave or two behind you, Lynne. I signed up sometime after beta-testing (was invited but didn’t rsvp – oops), read a bit, got invited to events, played nicely for awhile then got bored. I think I let the naysayers get to me. Peer pressure (*sneering voice* you aren’t really on Google plus, are you?). I have loads of fun with Instagram, like Pinterest too much, share & comment on Twitter, tolerate FB. Life seems far too busy to take on yet another social media entity but I think you’ve convinced me that I should put in the effort. Thanks for the kick up the backside.

    • Ahhh Kellie,

      I hear ya sista! Here’s the thing, even if you don’t play around in G+ it is still great to use for the benefit of your site.

      By uploading links to your blog posts, with a photo etc,and hashtags, you can rank higher in the Google search engines. I find that my G+ posts of my blog posts get seen faster in Google searches, than my own blog.

      The other cool thing is that when you use apps like VSCO cam ( I use that app for my instagram pix), then you can automatically share those pics to G+ too.

      Easy. Sneezy. Peasy.

      You can do it. You can do it. xoxoxo

  4. […] more proof? Design blogger Lynne Knowlton saw a 40% jump in her blog traffic after using Google Plus for just one […]

  5. […] more proof? Design blogger Lynne Knowlton saw a 40% jump in her blog traffic after using Google Plus for just one […]

  6. […] is a fantastic post about why you need to be on Google Plus and why it is so brilliant. As I’ve said before, 2014 is the year of Google Plus for me and […]

  7. Samuel says:

    Great design you got over here on your blog.

    Google plus is great and I found it very amusing how you wrote this post. Very creative 🙂

    Keep up the good work!

    – Sa,m

  8. Carole says:

    Okay, here are the facts:
    -5 yrs ago I didn’t know how to turn on a computer
    -taught myself how to use one by starting a blog
    -love my blog and my blog followers
    -hate Facebook but use it to keep in touch with family and friends
    -have a Facebook art page
    -Pinterest is so pretty………a procrastinator’s dream site!

    Some days I spend more time on the computer than I do in my studio! Not good.

    Basically I’ve been avoiding Google+ for fear it will add more time sitting on my butt. You make a good case, so I’ll give it another whirl.


    • Oy Carole.

      We might be twins 🙂

      On a totally random thought… it is so Faboooooosh that you are a Canadian Blogger.

      If you would like to meet a group of Canadian bloggers, we have a private Facebook group full of Canuck blogging awesomeness.

      Write to my pal Alex at http://www.northstory.ca/about/

      And she can make it happen for you 🙂

      Woooohooo !! xx

  9. […] :   Google Plus made this Auto Awesome for me.  I think I love you Google Plus.  Helloooo,  it adds snow to photos automatically.  Wait.  More snow?  I have two words for […]

  10. Tara says:

    Google and I are just starting to get to know each other… I’ll admit that he’s sometimes pissing me off, but I think we’re going to call a truce pretty soon. If you can’t beat ’em… at least use them to your benefit!

    • Yipppeeee Tara,

      Jam that flag back in the ground and run up the hill like Braveheart.

      It is so awesome. You will love it.

      A little dabble here. A little dabble there. Suddenly, you are suburbling G+

      Lynne xx

  11. Cheryl says:

    Wicked good info Lynne. I am like you were…played with it but seems so hard to master. And not sure if engaging enough for me….:seems like just a lot of pretty pictures. But you have inspired me to me get back in there!

    • I totals know what you went through. Holy batman, it can be so frustrating.

      Here’s the thing. You must be following/circling peeps that share a bunch of pretty pictures.

      You need more meat and potatoes 🙂

      I follow/circle people that not only share pretty pictures, but share blogging advice, G+ advice, travel stuff and inspirational funky quotes and things.

      Oh la la,
      It gets cray-cray awesome fun when that happens.

      Many happy Google Plus moments to you 🙂 xx

  12. Mark Tisdale says:

    Ha, I so did not know which way this post was going to land on!

    I make periodic stabs with G+ but so far I’ve just not been able to “get” it. I try because I agree, it’s part of the big G and as long as they’re the king of all search engines, it matters, but it’s yet to click for me.

    I often have the best of intentions but invariably it’s midnight and I’m like oh yeh, I was going to meander through my feed on G+ and maybe interact a little.

    Tomorrow is another day, right? Sigh!

    I’ll try to carry some of your motivation with me the next time I try. 🙂

    • Wooohooo Mark,

      Go for it again ! I did the EXACT SAME THING <--- uhhhm, yeah I screamed that. The secret sauce is to follow peeps that you really like. Search stuff in there that truly interests you. Like travel keywords, and the UK and all that good stuff. Your fave things. Circle up the peeps that share your fave stuff. Suddenly, you will be engaging because the stuff is so damn awesome to see. There are a ton of great links to follow and see other sites from G+. It's like reading the newspaper full of all your favourite things 🙂 Have a blast ! You are good at that.

  13. I’m really pissed at Facebook. If people Like a page, they should see all that page’s update, amirite? Sheesh. So anyways, glad for the primer on Google+. I’m primed to switch my allegiance. I’ve tried it and just can’t seem to get engaged, although I do try to share my blog posts religiously. Here’s a question for you: I’ve created both a personal and a business Google+ page. Should I interact from one vs. the other? If my goal is to drive traffic and engagement for my blog and my business, does it make more sense to engage with the G+ world as CastleView 3D the business instead of as Kathleen Moore the person? See how confused I am?

    • Amen Sista !!!

      You are right on with that. It’s so very frustrating that FB gets to decide what people see. No fair. No fair.

      Remember the 80/20 rule about sharing your bloggy posts. Also, when you post them… be sure to add a photo and summary of your blog post and not just do a link share.

      Did I just make that confusing? LOL. If so, have a look at my G+ post yesterday about this bloggy post. That will give you an easy breakdown of what I mean. Whew. It is easy, I promise. LOL.

      My G+ guru pals always tell me that it is best to go with your personal name.

      Your site will be linked to your G+ profile already in your hovercard etc.

      Have fun !
      See you on the big google master 🙂

  14. I am still getting used to Google + but I think the more you play with it, the better it becomes. The more interaction you have with others is also a big boost as well. I am a big fan of all Google stuff so I think I can get this to work. From everywhere I read, it’s here to stay and those who ignore it are not doing a good thing,. FAB post as always !!
    Thanx !!

  15. Silver says:

    Bahaha, this post definitely put a smile on my face. You are 100% right. I definitely under-utilize the Google+ platform, and you’ve inspired me to be more proactive about it. I also am your newest follower via Google+! Happy Monday!


  16. Jennifer says:

    I’d heard how very important it was to be on Google+ So I joined but have no idea what I’m doing with it. I’ll read, read, read. Thanks for the tips.

    • Hi Jennifer,

      It really gets super easy. If you read the links that are in this blog post, you won’t believe how easy and engaging it really is.

      Just playing in there and seeing what other people post is helpful too. It is sort of like starting a blog… you look at all your favourite blogs out there and mirror what you love about them.

      It is all awesomeness after that.


  17. Suzanne says:

    I like google + its fun and I connect with a lot of people I know. Didn’t do it when it first came on, got needled and harassed by my friends to join, I resisted as long as I could but now I’m glad I did. It’s cool!

  18. Tristan says:

    I love you and your braces!

  19. What is the name of the plugin that you use for comments. You mention it in the video but when I looked there were several and I want to ensure I get the right one. Thanks, Jo

  20. Craig says:

    Yep, ” easy breezy lemon squeezy “.

  21. lisa thomson says:

    I am there but not too playful yet. I have to do some reading up on your links and figure this epic shit out. I will def circle the gurus (that means you too, Lynne). I’m happy to hear it’s more effective than facebook and would like to give it a ride. Currently, I only share blog posts and other posts that are interesting. Haven’t done a hangout or checked out the newsfeed. I’ve had many (male) strangers circle me. Should I be creeped out about that?

    Thanks for this awesome post, Lynne!!

    • Ewwwwh,

      You have male creepers? Yikes. Just don’t circle them back.

      Hey, that’s a good point tho. I wonder if you can block crazies in G+ ? Now you have me wondering.

      That’s the trick question for the day.


  22. Rose Dostal says:

    I started a while ago. Still afraid of it but trying to use it more and more. Thanks for the push, Lynnie Pooh!

    My problem now is that I’m not sure if I’ve signed up to Local G+. I sure hope so!

  23. Ah, thanks for this post Lynne! I have no idea about G+ but I want to learn! I’m going to check out a few of your links, and probably stalk you… Ha! Great post

    • You know what would be great for you too Virginia ?

      Share your blog posts on G+ and when you do, add a link to the G+ post for your pinterest too.

      You sure rock Pinterest. It is a great way to connect the two !


  24. Dee Dee says:

    I super love Google+ for a lot of reasons, but really I started to fall for it because I’m working on projects that are out of the country and needed a way to chat, in real time, that was free and not tied to an Apple product. Google-Poobah+ to the rescue!

    Oh, we should all hang out there once a month and do fun things. Like pretend we’re in your treehouse roasting marshmallows!

    • Now there’s an idea Dee Dee,

      Except we will freeze our asses off in the treehouse right now.

      It is a blizzard out there.

      Holy Batman.

      Hey, that’s very cool that you use it for real time chitty chatty. I like how you can screen share at the same time too.

      Very coolio !

  25. nks for the tips. I will read read read.
    I am on G+ but I rarely do anything there – I even forget to share my blog posts there consistently. oops…
    I find it hard to manage so many platforms, do blogposts and have a life worth blogging about…

    • So very true Sara,

      We all have to remember to have a life outside of blogging, fooooshur.

      Don’t you find that you have to resist the urge to photograph something as you do it? LOL. A bloggers life.

      I used to forget to share my blog posts too, but it is not too late.

      You can share your past blog posts. Woot woot !

      There is no rule that it has to be a recent one. G+ is a great place to share posts that can still benefit your audience and a new audience along the way too.

      It’s not too late to start french kissing google plus 🙂


      Lynne xx

  26. Lynne, I also read that if you want your blog post to be indexed, you must post to Google+ the day you post it on your blog. Another free service from Google. Well worth adding your post to G+ right after you press publish.

    I just started using G+ once I read about the indexing.

    And thanks for the very entertaining post and links.


    • Good Point Jo-Ann !

      What I did learn too, was to not just share a blog post with a text link directly.

      It seems the best bet, like any social media … is to share a link to the post, a photo and a summary.

      I didn’t know about the indexing tho. Thank YOU for that hot tip.

      Mwah !


  27. bobbi c. says:

    Damn. Are you sure? Cause I TRIED to love it, honest I did. But it just seems like a big ol’ can o’ worms to wade through. But I will try again, because I sure could use more blog traffic. Thanks for the links to the information. At least it looks more interesting/useful than some of the other social media time-sucks, like Linked In. Happy trails! bobbi c.

    • Ohhh Bobbi

      You just got me with LinkedIn. I avoid that one like the plague too. Yikes.

      I feel your pain. I TRIED to love G+ too, then I didn’t. Then I did. Then I didn’t. It was like a cray-cray YoYo.

      If nothing else, go back in there and in the upper left side search bar.. search anything that you are truly interested in.

      You will be blown away at all the awesomeness that is in there.

      Float around and watch how others share and do things. It is so very über cool.

      I pinky swear promise.

  28. Lynne,

    Veeerrrry timely, G+ is not as intuitive as some other social hangouts and you’ve laid on some very groovy advice and links here.

    Thank you vewy much!

    • Ha !

      You can say that again Peter. It has a learning curve. Here’s the cool thing… once you get the basics down pat it is a breeze !

      It is waaaay more interactive than twitter {and you know I luuuurve twitter}… and it will sure help the exposure of your podcasts !!

      Up until last month, the only exposure I had was going outside in the snow in my sports bra. Just sayin’.

      You will rock it. Just don’t wear a sports bra.

      See you on G+ 🙂

      PS. Can you tell my hubby to stop listening to my podcast over & over again? Oh he is a smitten kitten.

      Thank you. I think.

      🙂 xx

  29. AwesomelyOZ says:

    I love Google Hangouts – I’m not used to Google+ and hardly even remember I have an account, lol. Im just now getting used to Twitter. My personal FB timeline/wall is super quiet and will remain so haha. I’m trying to get the hang of social media one platform at a time. It’s too much! I just want to hide in a corner 😛 Very informative and helpful post Lynne! Have a great Monday girlie 🙂 -Iva

    • I hear ya Iva

      Sometimes it gets overwhelming, and makes me feel like I need a nap. And a smoke. And I don’t even smoke. 🙂

      Baby steps. One foot in front of the other.

      One thing is for sure, G+ is here to stay and it is already making a HUGE DIFFERENCE to so many peeps and their brands.

      Continue to dip your toe in there and swirl it around in the water again. You will be surprised at what you will discover.


  30. Aaacckkk! More stuff to read and learn! But I’m determined to make it in this big internet world! Thanks Lynne….I’m diving in!


    • I agree Denise, it is a lot to absorb at first.

      As a new blogger, it is best to keep it simple until you feel cozy in a platform.

      From a ‘social’ standpoint tho, G+ (google) and pinterest will drive the most traffic to your site over and above all the other social sites out there.

      Even if you don’t look at it as a traffic driver, it is still a FABOOSH place to search and learn about just about anything.

      Including blogging 🙂


  31. Lynne, your posts always make me laugh! Great write up on why bloggers need to hop on over to Google+. And thanks for the loving shout-outs! You’re made for G+ and are a natural for Hangouts. When are you going to start a show?? xoxo

  32. Martina says:

    Was that a Rocky Horror Picture Show reference? If so, be still my beating heart! Lynne you just get more & more awesome.