PODCAST Restarting from nothing & dropkicking cancer with humour

PODCAST : Restarting from Nothing & Drop Kicking Cancer with Humour


Lynne Knowlton Podcast on Huge 3 …


It happened.  A podcast.  Not just any old podcast.  A drop kicking cancer, jump in with both feet wet ~ kind of podcast.  I made a paper pinterest crown, popped it on my head and spoke into a mic with my pal Peter Falkner.


Then I wiped the sweat off of my brow.


#Podcast : Restarting from Nothing & drop kicking #cancer with Humour @lynneknowlton




Do you love podcasts?#Podcast : Restarting from Nothing & drop kicking #cancer with Humour @lynneknowlton

For some of us, we love to listen.

For some, we love to read.

For some we like to drink slushy margaritas on a beach.

I’m up for all of the above.

You ?





Peter Falkner of Huge 3 recently interviewed me for my very first podcast.  That’s right.  My first time.   First time outta the gate.  First time up to bat.

First one { to shake in my booties a little }  just thinking about how it would go.

I admit it.

I was a bit worried that I would trip on my tongue and then cry into my margarita.

Life isn’t picture perfect…. and yet…. doing a podcast and sharing the ‘imperfect’ moments,somehow worked out just fine.

You know that thing that happens when things feel better than fine ?

That’s what happened in the podcast.  I somehow got in the zone and forgot that I was a little scaredy cat.

It was def’s better than fine.

During the podcast, I had moments when I felt a big lump in my throat.  But I kept on going.  Somehow I knew that my words could make a difference to someone else.  Somehow,  it mattered.

We all just want to matter.

I hope my words make a difference for you, because you matter to me. 



#Podcast : Restarting from Nothing & drop kicking #cancer with Humour @lynneknowlton


I guess you can say, that things went pretty swell.  Ahhhh.  *wipes beads of sweat off of brow*

I sat back in my chair and sighed a huge breath of relief.   I did something that made me a little bit fearful.  A whole lot fearful, actually.


 I did it because it mattered.


In the podcast, I talk about the three huge events that happened in my life.


*   Events that shaped who I am today.

*   Some events broke my spirit and my heart.

*   Some events inspired and challenged me.

*   For some events in my life,  I thought … you have got to be effffing kidding me.


Some events made me laugh.

 Some made me cry.

They all gripped my heart.

They all shaped who I am right now.   In this moment.



#Podcast : Restarting from Nothing & drop kicking #cancer with Humour @lynneknowlton


 The moments led me here.  Right here.  In my blogging journey.


It has been said that people get through the darkness in life by finding the lightness in life.


I wholeheartedly believe it.

I truly hope you feel inspired to Design The Life that YOU Want to Live.

I hope my journey helps you to reflect on what is important and meaningful to you.

I hope that you will somehow be inspired to accomplish the things in your life that you have always dreamed of.

Oh wow, that was intense.  Did I just sound like a knob ?  Sorry about that.

You know what I mean.


Nod  your   head  and  go  with   it.


Funny enough, my hubs Michael gave the first review.  Maybe because he listened to it four times.  He layered his review with love.   Whew.   He rolls like that.


#Podcast : Restarting from Nothing & drop kicking #cancer with Humour @lynneknowlton


A must listen to Podcast interview with Lynne Knowlton !!! Huge3 host Peter Falkner has started a podcast series where he interviews some of today’s most interesting and successful people asking them to reveal 3 Huge things that have most impacted their lives.  Actionable tactics, things to avoid, and lessons learned… you’ll hear it all, raw and unedited.  Lynne is the first in the series.  My only disappointment… The interview wasn’t long enough :).  You can learn more about the interviewee at Design The Life You Want to Live 

~ Michael Knowlton


I hope you’ll have a listen …  Sit back… pour yourself a cuppa java … dim the lights … dim your screen…


Breathe it all in, love it all out


Inhale.  Exhale.  Rinse.  Repeat.


Tap tap tap, is this thing on?

Click here to listen to the podcast.


HUGE 3….

Great interviews, great ideas cubed.


Their stories are inspiring.


They just may change your life.


#Podcast : Restarting from Nothing & drop kicking #cancer with Humour @lynneknowlton




See you on the flip side in the comments…






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  1. Judith Mason but, please, call me Judi

    January 26th, 2015 at 7:25 pm

    Hi Lynne, 🙂 My dog, Angus, says hi too. And I am so glad your dog likes me! I was looking for DYI rolling door hardware when I found your blog. Ok so, you rock. I am in New Orleans recovering from a head injury that left me with a “mild” TBI. I guess it’s mild because my skull is intact. I haven’t had the losses you have but, I really miss the little things – wait…that sentence is messed up. Yea, I miss my intellect. Anyway, I like your writing style; it’s how I would write, if I wrote a blog. And thanks for the photo app thingy. Your treehouse is awesome! So, if I came to visit Canada, could I rent the tiny cabin? MWAH!!

  2. Why blogging is like walking a tightrope buck naked | Design The Life You Want To Live

    February 17th, 2015 at 12:10 pm

    […] hubby with cancer made me feel that way.  Maybe the loss of so many beautiful souls in my life to cancer has made me think about challenges in a different […]

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