The best homemade BAILEYS in the history of ever

The best homemade baileys in the history of ever. It’s magic juice, it just falls in your mouth.  WARNING:  Don’t drink too much of this stuff.  You’ll start licking faces.

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I can’t take all the credit.  I stole the recipe from my bestie (25 years ago!). Yup. It’s THAT good.

Two years ago, I had mentioned Baileys all casual like on the blog, as if it wasn’t a big deal.

And it wasn’t.

Until it was.

You peeps apparently like to drink.

Why not just buy Baileys from the liquor store?

Don’t go there.

The problem with the Baileys from the liquor store is that it can give you a sugar high and then a low.  You’ll have to scrape yourself off the concrete.   The mix of sugar, chemicals and preservatives are just ewehhhh.

It’s much more peaceful to stay at home and sip baileys.

Winter in Canada is a shitastrophy shit storm. This is why we drink, peeps. This is why we drink.

When we drink coffee, it gives us unrealistic expectations of productivity.


Laughing never gets old.

Baileys ramps up the laugh your ass off factor.

When we drink Baileys, it gives us realistic expectations of giddiness.

Click on the photo for a free downloadable recipe for the best homemade baileys liqueur in the history of ever. It's easy to make, delish and only takes 4 ingredients !
Click on the photo for a free downloadable recipe for the best homemade baileys liqueur in the history of ever. It's easy to make, delish and only takes 4 ingredients !

It’s holiday season.

We drink.

We wrap.

We bake.

We eat raw cookie dough.  Shut your face, cookie dough.  Yeah, I’m looking at you.

The best homemade baileys recipe | DESIGN THE LIFE YOU WANT TO LIVE | www.LynneKnowlton.com
The best homemade baileys recipe | DESIGN THE LIFE YOU WANT TO LIVE | www.LynneKnowlton.com

Let’s get this baileys party started. Brace yourself.  This is good stuff.

Warning:  It is strong.  So strong, it may put hair on your chest.  It isn’t syrupy sweet.

Ready for it ?! Start with some simple glass bottles so you can make some presents.   I found some here on Amazon.

Homemade Baileys Recipe

{  Because I made homemade baileys, I’m domestic, dammit.  I have a special  free Baileys recipe printable for you! Enter your email below to get your printable recipe card! }

Click on the photo for a free downloadable recipe for the best homemade baileys liqueur in the history of ever. It's easy to make, delish and only takes 4 ingredients !


  • For gifts: Pour in glass bottles.  Wrap it up.  I dare you to not drink it before you give it away.  Drink whatever is left in the blender.  You’ll be fine.
  • NOTE:  This recipe makes enough to fill a blender.  It will last as long as your cream ‘best before’ date shows.
  • Keep refrigerated.
  • Trust me, you’ll drink it all before then. It’s so good.

I .  Can’t.  Even.

You’re welcome.

Do you have a fave recipe? Share with sugar bear.


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Hi Love:
I have to ask you if we can invent a special occasion to make some more Bailey’s. Ummm, Like it’s Saturday lol. I’m still laughing at how many people insist Bailey’s needs to be made with Whiskey. Please… this Vodka version is delicious. Who’s pouring?


Definitely need this to survive in NoDak, US! Everyone begs me for it, I’ve been using your recipe for 2 years.. I do, However, add a tsp of instant coffee (mainly because I had it from making homemade kahlua). It’s in my coffee daily 😛 cheers!

I’m Jewish. So what!? A Jew can’t dress up as santa? Sez who? Just a few things I said after making your recipe. (I may have added a couple (or more) shots of Irish whiskey. thanks for the recipe. It’s delish.


You sound like just the friend I would meet if living in Canada. I am in sunny South Africa !
I am making your bailey’s for Christmas gifts this year and…oh maybe some for me too??
Lovemore your page


I think your on to something here lady! Can’t wait to try this and will report back. Can’t promise I’ll be sober though. Love your wit. You had me at “shitastrophy shit storm” I’m so using that phrase this holiday season. Let the games begin : ) it’s 5 o’clock somewhere I’m pretty sure….?.noon at least….

@lynneknowlton I could feel the baileys in that post! ?

The best homemade BAILEYS in the history of ever https://t.co/0WkAqyzUP5


Jacqui, if you are going to use whiskey, then just buy Baileys already.
Using Vodka is great….you can even make your own Vodka at home….I have heard…..haha. Much, much less expensive….
Just made a batch and it tastes great….but I wonder if adding some coffee would make it even greater…??

Reply to  Lynne Knowlton

Lynn, I meant adding a little bit of instant coffee into the Bailey’s recipe. The other way around goes without saying….hahaha….
Only sipping…? Sure that sounds good….


Sorry Lynne, but my recipe is better. Mine actually has whiskey in it. After all, it is Baileys IRISH cream! lol

Reply to  Jacqui

Jacqui where is your recipe?


OMG … I totally enjoy reading anything you write. I am laughing hysterically and I am 110% positive my cat thinks I have lost my mind.


That was quite an introduction to the recipe Lynne! How could I not try it?
Have you tried the Irish Cream from the Wine Store? Wine-based, obviously and cheaper and less alcohol than from the LCBO. (The government, aka Big Brother, controls most alcohol in the Canadian province of Ontario.)

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Thank you Lynne. Officially now licking faces.


But what about using Bailey’s cream? Hmmmm? Blasphemic or wicked good?

The best homemade BAILEYS in the history of ever http://t.co/xLhYPMXple


Feck it, Lynne,
Just read your recipe and it has Vodka in it (do I have to?!)!
Promise me I won’t taste the stinkin stuff?
I will make it as above if you cross your heart, hope to die and stick a needle in your eye that it will taste like Baileys and not vodka. Xo

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Oh my! I already love this recepie.
Made it last night and we took a couple of zips.
It’s fantastic! It’s meant for christmas and i keep it at my moms house, so she better behave hahaha^^.
I live in the Netherlands so finding the right ingredients was a little adventure. But it tastes great so whatever we made of it, it turned out to be good!

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Dana Daniel

Just wanted you to know that you have already made my day & it’s only 4:30am!!! Can’t wait to start back to what I Live Mist… Creating & Sitting Back & Thinking ” Outloud”…. I’m REALLY Dang Good:)))

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Hey, just thought you should know….you dripped a lil chocolate on your cutting board…. lol …………….


u r toooo funny CHEERS

This brought a tear of happiness to my eye because a) I have all those ingredients and b) it’s so easy and then c) I can just substitute any liquor for Vodka or stick with Vodka.. It’s just so.. soo.. beautiful :’) Have a great one and thanks for sharing Lynne! -Iva

Oooooo love it! Thank you!!! I want to make some right now! I LOVE Bailey’s. It just feels decadent! This reminds me that I have a recipe that is OUT. Of. THIS. WORLD!!! for hot toddies! Why are they called toddies? I don’t know. I need to get that recipe out there for the world – thanks for reminding me!

jaine gayer

Lynne, my favorite holiday recipe is your faux Baileys. I made it last year for Christmas presents and I’m making it again this year. Everyone loved it!!!

Ermergherd. Now I want a Baileys so bad. How bad? Soooooooo bad.
You are a witchy woman. *head thunk* Baileys. *whimper* Baileys. *SOBS* BAILEEEEYS!!!! And it’s back to the wip. Cheers!

Reply to  Lynne Knowlton

Hee! No. We Wouldn’t!!


Can’t wait to make your Homemade Baileys. I am unfamiliar with the term “table cream”, is this like half-n-half or more like whipping cream..

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Rhonda MacDonald

Oh Lynne, Our hockey coaches won’t know what hit them! What a great gift! There, all of my Christmas shopping done. I haven’t met a teacher yet who didn’t need liquor by Christmas…except for the Applegate teachers who seemed so serene ALL the time. I’m looking for True Lemon crystals…my grocery store has stopped carrying them after MANY years, and it was without warning–so I didn’t stock up! What Amazon distributor do you use? Every one that I have looked up doesn’t ship to me! Yikes! I’m not THAT far off the beaten path. And I’m just not organized enough… Read more »

The best homemade Baileys in the history of ever http://t.co/6aTeEMoRSM via @lynneknowlton

The best homemade Baileys in the history of ever http://t.co/qsW3FQ0y5U

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The best homemade Baileys in the history of ever – http://t.co/ycSWgCiRYN via @lynneknowlton


If you make those pillow cookies PLEASE snap shots and share! I leeeerv your photography! AND your hilarious dialogue!

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My best Bailey’s Homemade Recipe that you can’t resist. http://t.co/XFTfHDyS25 http://t.co/GaUwk6iEsk

Chocolate and Bailey’s… So yummee. Get your free recipe. http://t.co/OM5kD2wbIn http://t.co/wBY74NuKoh

RT @lynneknowlton: My best Bailey’s Homemade Recipe that you can’t resist. http://t.co/XFTfHDyS25 http://t.co/GaUwk6iEsk

The best baileys holiday recipe you can drink. http://t.co/8wrJidglSm http://t.co/5A3iDmM6sd

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A Homemade Bailey’s recipe that is easy to make !! http://t.co/nWiuo1tpy1 http://t.co/klB5rzja2u

The Best Recipe for Homemade Baileys EVER!! http://t.co/0WkAqzqIdh http://t.co/gGdmsWhZq9

RT: And I can vouch! @lynneknowlton The Best Recipe for Homemade Baileys EVER!! http://t.co/fu80cHBP58

Do you LOVE Bailey’s Irish Cream? Make the Bailey’s Recipe http://t.co/OM5kD2wbIn http://t.co/pqvF5MRiwf

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It’s 6:45am is it to early to make some? Off to the kitchen I go…

Your blog posts remind me very much of the running dialogue I have in my own head.

Take from that what you will.

Made this multiple times last year. Gonna do it again this year. It’s the bomb!!!

Sally A

I love Bailey’s so much that I thought you were talking directly to me! I am so excited to try this! This may be a dumb question, but do you need to keep it chilled?


Love your writing style….. You are speaking out of my soul, besides I usually write German….
Will try this Baileys for sure

Allison C

New to your blog and loving It! Thanks for the Baileys recipe. I am definitely going to try it. Started some homemade Limoncello off last week. That will be ready for Christmas. Have some foraged Blackberry vodka too. It’s going to be a merry one!

Allison C
Reply to  Lynne Knowlton

Ha ha!

Here is the recipe http://uktv.co.uk/food/recipe/aid/513100
Really easy, just takes some time to zest and squeeze the lemons. You have time before Christmas!

I live in Wales, UK. We have great foraging around here. Mostly turned into booze – Blackberry Wine (surprisingly good), Damson Rum (really nice almond taste if you leave the stones in), Sloe Gin (the best especially if you can leave it a few months), Blackberry and Vanilla vodka.

Take care
A x

Yummy! I made your recipe last year and sipped the whole thing by Boxing Day. My family stopped asking me what was in my cup. They just knew by the glow on my cheeks. They also knew not to take any for themselves and that their hand would be slapped if they got caught even touching the stash in the fridge. 🙂

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These cookies are delicious and gorgeous and soft. You will want to lay on them and fall asleep. mmmmmm

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The best homemade baileys recipe in the history of ever | Design The Life You Want To Live http://t.co/wxhVPGCGTg

This is wonderful! Years ago, I made homemade Kahlua for my friends. This is much better!


Well hairy mistress to you too missy. Girl you crack me up your blog posts are the best its currently 2.15am in the UK and I was just about to log off and saw your blog post and damn it I had to read it NOW and your photos and words are the best you have such a gift baby. Im with you on the not going shopping I cant bear the crowds and people getting ratty. We did a food shop this afternoon at our supermarket and I swear you would of thought tomorrow was xmas day. I can… Read more »

Reply to  Lynne Knowlton

Hey morning missy – glad I made your night I meant what I said you have such a way with words and your photos well what can I say jaw droppingly gorgeous. Xmas shopping is the worst Im sure I saw a cartoon once which showed someone going shopping as if it was a scene in Disney birds chirping, songs and laughter filling the air and before they get home they turn into atilla the hun ready to massacre anyone who stands in their way. Lets face it we have the wonderful thing called the internet so we can finally… Read more »