How to add text to photographs. It’s EASY peasy.

#Blogging Tips! : How to add text to your photographs

Photography and blogging should be listed as one of the seven wonders of the world.

 It is a mystery.

Adding text and graphics on to photography is a guarded secret.   Like the crown jewels.

 A baffling perplexity.

What-up-wit-dat?!  Enough already.  Let’s blow this popsicle stand.

Are you ready?  Set?  Go !!

Time to blow the lid right off of that secret.

The jig is up.  The mystery is over.

You are about to learn how to add text and photo edit…. the gansta’ way.

 The real life way.

The free way.


Why the mystery?


I wondered about the photo mysteries of blogging since the beginning of time.  I just didn’t want to admit it in my outside voice.  {{ I felt as dumb as a stick. }}

Could it be that everyone else was super duper dope intelligent and I was the only duffass on the block who couldn’t figure out how to add funky graphics and text to photos?!


If you said yes, I just throat punched you.


Surely those text editing dopes geniuses were using photoshop.  Could it be?  How did they do it?!! Was photoshop the answer?!  Were all these people epic rich with wads of cash and a boat load of time on their hands ?! Did all these people like downloading programs and spending forever trying to figure out how to navigate through the tutorials?!

If that was the reason, then I was going to throw myself off of a bridge.  Pronto.

I prepared myself with a ‘to do’ list :



Things to do before I jump



In the spirit of over sharing on the internet,  the word PHOTOSHOP makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up.  I cringe.  It also makes my knees knock from fright.


Why ohhhh why ??!


1.   Photoshop is a billion-zillion-trillion dollars to buy.

2.   You need a PhD to figure it out.

3.   It requires tutorials, lessons and complex reading of manuals.  OMG.  Kill me now.  Just shoot me and get it over with.

4.   Manuals = jail.  They are torture chambers of fine print.

5.   Uhhhm. Yeah.  Not gonna happen.

6.   There needed to be a way edit photos quickly.   One that still allowed time to do other things.  Like eat.  Or sleep.

7.   A solution had to be out there that was so inexpensive that we all felt like we were stealing it <– funny ikea video

8.   The solution needed to just be easy.  Thank. You. Very. Much.

9.   Who has time to do complex photo editing ?  The words ‘complex photo editing’ makes most of us want to curl up in a ball and take a nap.  And die a thousand deaths.

10.   What do we need?  A solution that would not give us the random urge to punch our computers.


Here’s your answer :



Tahhh dahhhhh ……

How to add text to a photo



It is free.

There is no program to download.

You simply go here : picmonkey and  those banana happy monkeys get straight to work.  No monkeying around.  Excuse the pun.  Just click ‘ edit a photo ‘ and the magic begins.

In moments ~ you will be happy dancing all over your sofa.

No need for a tutorial.  Or a manual.  Or a margarita to wash down the pain of figuring it out.


It is absolutely simple to do. It has:

  • epic photo filters
  • awesome editing features
  • text and graphics capabilities
  • cropping
  • loads of gorgeous fonts
  • resizing
  • touch ups
  • add-on shapes, arrows, funkiness
  • frames of all different shapes and sizes


…..it will blow your mind.

PicMonkey can make you skinny.  OMG. What is the world coming to when we have photo edit programs to make us skinny with the touch of a button?  I think that is super cool wrong.

I would totally do that never do that.

You can share your skinny self to Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter or with your cat.  Or your ex.


size your photography lynneknowlton.com


Are you a blogger?  Do you want to start a blog?

Here is where the rubber meets the road.  This is the juicy stuff.  You will want to have a fast loading site.  You need a fast site, if you want to have any sort of success as a blogger/website domain.


Your photos

* It’s a must for website-blogging survival.


Whether you are a new blogger, black belt blogger or blog reader… photography in a blog can be the straw that breaks the camels back.  Or it can be the race car that drives blog traffic to epic levels. Properly formatted photography makes the whole experience all that much better for everyone.

What is the secret behind blog photography?  Size counts.  Yup.  I bet you have never heard that one before.  Size counts.

In the case of photography on a blog, smaller (pixel size)  is better.

Imagine that?

Smaller is better?


lynneknowlton.com grow traffic


Sharpen your blogging pencil and get ready for this one :

Large pixelated photos = slow download speed for your blog.

Slow loading blogs are a big butt problem for both the reader and the blogger. Guess what happens when you have a slow site?

It is called silence.

 You’ll hear crickets.

 There is nothing louder than silence.

Heavily pixelated photography can blogstipate you ~ big time.

What does fast loading blog speed mean?  It means that google will luuurve you.  Google sends people to fast loading sites.  Google is smarty pants, smart.  It doesn’t send readers to slow sites.  Period.

Things can get pretty quiet on a slow loading site.

The silence can be deafening.

 Faster loading blog = More Google traffic


Most bloggers want more traffic.   If you are a blogger and you don’t want traffic, I don’t know you.  You must live in a cave with crazy dreadlocks and a tin can telephone.


Learn how to edit photos lynneknowlton.com


How to make your site fast loading :


Format your photos to a web friendly pixel size.  For example, this blog is formatted for 670 x 1000 pixel photos.  What is your size ?  Find out.  STAT.


PS.  I signed up for the Royale version of PicMonkey.  Best.Decision.Ever.  I lurve.



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Charisma Moore

Oooo. Yoda of posts you are! Monkey of Pics I will use!
Hi, Lynn! How’s my favorite throat punching, wordsmithy, blogger Jedi?
Haven’t commented in a couple years.
Going to try the blog thing. Scared poopless. I’ll be checking out your bloggybits for ideas and inspiration. Hope the biz and the Hub are doing fabalicious! Muah!

RT @lynneknowlton: How to add text to photographs. It’s EASY peasy. https://t.co/esCKhwjHcB

How to add text to photographs. It’s EASY peasy. https://t.co/esCKhwjHcB

Thank you so VERY MUCH! You are a GOD! I laughed at your story, but felt an amazing connection too! You hit it out of the park! Mysteries should be left to fiction/non-fiction writers to whom books we enjoy! Not trying to conquer the darn
“mysteries” of placing words on my photography!
Once again, THANK YOU!!! You ROCK! 🙂

Sami and CK Korientz

How to add text to photographs. It’s EASY peasy. http://t.co/sIr2MmQmoy

Yaaay, thank you so much, this is just what I was looking for! You’re a lifesaver 🙂 I’ve been stressing over how to add text to photos for ages! Heading over to Pic Monkey RIGHT NOW! Thanks again, you rock xxx

Thanks for sharing picmonkey. Just starting a blog and looking for easy options!

Lynne, you blog is so awesome and I apologize for not visiting it more – got crazy busy. Thanks for your great information and tips for those pics 🙂

Awesome! thankyou! I just used this on a photo i posted today and it was fast and perfect. really glad i found your site.


I have been using picmonkey for years and it is truly awesome. I use it for all my quick fun edits and leave photoshop for the bigger jobs. Plus to use the royale features it is a very small yearly fee.

I was wondering about this- and you answered the question, tks L!!! xx

[…] with an instagram filter.  Everything looks good with an Instagram filter.  Problem solved.  Or PicMonkey it.  PicMonkey will remove your wrinkles, give you a spray tan and whiten your teeth.  And you […]

I know this post is a golden oldie but I re-read it this afternoon and now, thanks to you, I am a picmonkey addict! Thanks for the tip-off. I have heard about it but because YOU said it was easy (I am deeply allergic to photoshop) I thought I would give it a go. SO FUN!! Cheers, my lovely xxx

Hi Lynn,

Came across your wonderful house on Design Mom and decided to hop over to your blog. Your house is wonderful, your blog is great. But, you’re better. I love your optimism, your attitude. More power to you!

P.S: This post is superb. I’m off to PicMonkey to create some beautiful pics:-)

Hi Lynne,

Yeah indeed photoshop is so expensive and it’s a bit tricky, but actually I have basic knowledge in photoshop, I’ve learned that through online tutorials. I am practicing Adobe Illustrator now cos I think that’s really good. I would love to try making logos and some other things to try on with A-Illustrator.
I love picmonkey too and. I have tried it on some of my photo editing.

♥ Nicholle

Thank you for the wonderful advice and the picmonkey link- it is precisely the thing I have been searching for.
I agree with you about Wayne & Selina; they are the perfect combination of genius, thoughtful, and nice.

Thanks Lynne, for this fab post. I’m going right over to monkey pic. Just wondering how to define a ‘slow site’ vs. a ‘fast’ one? Is it 1 second delay or are we talking 10-15 seconds slower than most? Could use a little advice here. I lost my web guy a few months ago so I’ve been fixing some things myself. It’s fun learning new stuff but too time consuming and now would like to rip out my ‘chicken’ hair. I stole that from you b/c I also have chicken hair!

I’ve never heard of Picmonkey. I will check it out. Thanks!

Lynne – It’s been soo long since you posted anyTHING I’m interested in/had time to read.

Now that I’m baack – gd thank you for this SUper secret invite to PicMonkey. I too sit here thinking I must be the ONLY ONE who doesn’t know how to figur it all out.

Maybe I’ll get to it – tomorrow. 🙂 nite night friend! Cheers!

I do!

Thanks for the shout out Lynne! You have been a most excellent student 😉 It looks like the student has become the teacher. We had never heard of PicMonkey. It’s pretty nice.

Looking forward to meeting you and MIchael when you grace us with your presence in our humble little town!

Isn’t that spray tan hilarious Kerry ? And the teeth whitening?! LOL

Kathy Sandler I thought about adding your yummy photo app to the post too. I’m making a free ebook right now for blog subscribers with all my fave photo apps. I’m definitely including your app ! Ps. Do you have an iPad?

Ardis McDonald liked this on Facebook.

Hi Lynne, I think you could be the coolest girl I have ever met. I have wondered and wondered what programs some of my other blogger buddies were using. I assumed they were using Photoshop and spending lots of dollars that I wasn’t willing to spend. I hated my blog because my pictures were too small and inferior to everyone else’s. You are so right when you say size matters. I checked out picmonkey and it was love at first sight. I am all excited to re-do my blog format. Thank you so much for such a great post. Cindy

Couldn’t agree more! I have had photoshop on my computer for over 5 years now and every time I have sat down to learn it I think I should be outside gardening or browsing thrift stores. I LOVE picmonkey for this!

Dave Hurst liked this on Facebook.

ha..love the spray tan effect!

Thanks Lynne! As always, amazing blog full of useful info!!

Whoddathunk it is so easy, thanks for this. Going to picmonkey I am one of those who are “challenged” when it comes to photo’s, editing and the like. I’m a tech dope. This is great, You rock as always and have fun in Vegas!!

Betty Ann Shepard liked this on Facebook.

Nice post!

Lurv picmonkey …. Already use it, but could use it even better

@lynneknowlton Thanks for sharing. I love #picmonkey, I just need to use it more!


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