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Leaving a blog comment should be sh*ts & giggles NOT throat punching

Get ready.  This blog post is laced with sass.  I’m going to give it to you damn straight.   You might want to cover your ears.

I will be screaming throughout this entire blog post. Get your mad on.

 Pretend all words are written in caps lock.  Do you feel your inner growling grrrrhhh yet?!

Pierce your lips with a French ~  Pfffffttt.

 Make an angry face.

 Turn your nose up in the air.

Click your fingers in a Z formation.

Mad?  Good.  You should be.

  A significant – monumental – global – mega problem is happening in the blogging world.

You may even spit.  But just this once.

Houston, we have a problem :

 This mofo problem applies to bloggers AND everyone who reads a blog.


Bloggers are doing things to unwittingly punish you.  It wastes your time.  It hurts your brain.  It forces you to remember passwords.

Ohmergerd, who remembers passwords?!!

 It is a big pain in the buttocks.

Brace yourself.  This shit is going down.

This is where the nasty rubber meets the road and burns a hot wheels track.  A track on a bloggers ass.

Dear bloggers, Are you thankful when someone leaves a blog comment?  You’d never know it, you turd.  Peeps don’t know that you are thankful. Why?  When they leave a comment for you, they never hear back from you again.  Ever.  Even if you DO reply to their comment, they don’t know it.  Cray cray but true.   Then you make them fill out a mother~fucking captcha.  You need to fix that hot mess.  You need to fix that NOW.

Uhhm. What the hell does this say?…..

How to blog: 2 Simple and proven tips to increase your blog comments

Dear blog readers, You’re welcome. 

PS. We need to start a wave against captcha.  Arms up.  WAVE. Look at the person beside you.  Tell them to get their arms up in the air.

It all starts with you (and we need your help to smack captcha offenders in the head) 


Imagine this scenario:

Only 1 % of blog readers leave a comment.

Holy batman.  That’s a rare breed.  VERY.

I can guarantee you … one billion percent … that all bloggers luurve comments.


Comments make us laugh.  Comments make us cry.  They make us think differently. They are the whipped cream to our pie.

How to blog: 2 Simple and proven tips to increase your blog comments

And how do most bloggers thank you for that epic comment?  With silence. Wtf?

Here’s how the blogging world works :


So what.   You are a blogger.  Now what?!!

tweet it  

One of the first signs of blogging success/happiness is that someone took the time to leave you a comment.

What a gem.

You should kiss them.   No.  Really.

Full on the lips.

Blog comments are d’bomb dot com. Then. Oh then. The dreaded THEN.

Radio silence. #Mofo.

Here’s the problem :


I bet, as a blogger… you DID reply to their comment on your blog.  If not, your bad.  If someone takes the time to leave a comment…. for cripes sake, REPLY.

Unless your name is Kim Kardashian.  Then I get it.   You are busy doing stupid things like naming your baby after a compass.

Let’s imagine, for this scenario ~ that you replied  {whew, now I won’t need to slap you.}

Good job.  Give yourself a high five.

Air guitar it out.   Do some jumping jacks.

Whoop it up in a hoola hoop.  Happy dance.

 Then punch yourself in the face.

Note : That awesome soul that left you a comment in your blog has no freakin’ idea that you replied to their comment.




You’re an idiot. Why?  Because they didn’t receive a notification that you responded. Not an email.  Not a word.   Nothing.  Just silence.

That is officially a one-way conversation.  Therefore, not a conversation.

That convo is like talking to a wall.  Facebook is the only place where it’s acceptable to talk to a wall.

How to blog: 2 Simple and proven tips to increase your blog comments

Why didn’t they see your comment?

In order for them to see your reply, you are asking them to return to your blog… find that exact blog post… scroll through the comments… find their comment and your possible reply.

I’m exhausted just typing that.

Aren’t you exhausted? It gets worse.  

Waaaaaaaay worse.  

Not only do they not get a reply, you make them sign in to some secret society to leave a comment.  A secret society that requires a password.


Why don’t you just ask them to do a triple flip swan dive off of a short pier?

And you thought that was bad.  It’s bad alright.  Really bad.  It’s stinking bad when captcha enters the scene. 

You are a douchebag when you involve captcha.


To top it all off … when they did leave that comment … you thank them by double whammy throat punching them with a captcha.  Seriously?!  Now I’m going to punch you for them.

Dear Captcha, I want to thumpcha. You suck.  If captcha had a face, I would punch it. Bite me. Sincerely, Real people that hate that shit.

How to blog: 2 Simple and proven tips to increase your blog comments

Want to know what happens when we see a captcha?  We flail our arms up and down in the air.  Captcha is a temper tantrum waiting to happen.  It’s a mofo.

Leaving a blog comment should be all shits and giggles. 

NOT irritation and throat punching.

tweet it  

It’s a hot mess. Filling out the captcha is like asking you to salute the internet Gods while clicking your heels together and singing a song.

 In tune.  Painful.

Captcha = firing squad of mumble jumbled letters.

Shoot me.  Shoot me now.

tweet it  

After you fill out the bloody captcha and succeed (bless your heart) … look around and wait for a roar of applause.

Have a celebratory glass of Brandy.  Crowds should cheer.  Droves of people should pat you on your back.

Dear bloggers, Captcha = blog comment repellant. Do you want readers to leave a comment? Stop making it so bloody difficult for them.  It should not be rocket science to leave a comment.  Not.  Not. Not.   You do not, do not, do not, do not need captcha to fight spam like a super power.  I warned you that I would scream throughout this blog post.

How to blog: 2 Simple and proven tips to increase your blog comments 

How to fight spam like a super hero:

One word :  Akismet.  Use it. Akismet will catch about 99.9999999999999 percent of your spam.  Or something like that.

Best Comment Advice evvvvah :


 Make leaving a comment easy. <— I freaking screamed that.

I belted it out with the loudest voice that I could muster up. LOUD.  I said that so loud, my neck veins popped out like the incredible hulk.

Easy.  EASY. EaSy.


The proof is in the pudding.  My pudding.

I love to make it easy to leave a comment in this blog.  If I could sit in your living room and help you type your comment ~ I would.

I’d hold your hand.  I might even bring you a cold drink.

I’d probably redecorate your living room while you were typing the blog comment.  But still. Imagine the fun we would have?

 Imagine how good your living room would look ?!

Damn fine.

PS.   If you have mice or squirrels, I’m not coming over.  Stamped it. While I’m sitting in your living room, could you help a sista out with the quickest little survey on the face of the earth? Do it.  I’m in a hollering mood.  You’ve been warned fair and square.


The answer to the lunatic comment reply problem:


  Don’t get caught blogging with your pants down.

  Get a plugin called comment reply notification.   If I could have written that in flashing lights, I would have. You will absolutely want to french kiss the comment reply notification plugin all the live long day.  Actually, you’ll likely smother it in kisses and nibble it on the ear for at least a good five smoochy hours.  The plugin will make your heart go pitter patter.

Yes, you will love it that much.

Note: I checked the plugin recently and noticed that it hasn’t been updated in a looooong time. Don’t let that scare you.  It has worked like a charm for me for forever.  Don’t break the plugin or I will beat you up.

Just sayin’.

Don’t believe me?  Want to test it?

Leave me a comment. I will reply to you.  My comment reply will land right smack in your email inbox.  Like flipping magic. You won’t have to search for it.  You won’t have to waste any time.  Your email in box will be a happy place. Let’s get this partaaaay started.  Leave a comment.


I’m bossy today.  You won’t want to mess with that….AND…and… and….. while I’m being bossy, subscribe to the bloggy for free epic-ness delivered directly to YOU once a week. I make that easy too.  I promise.  If not, you can unsubscribe in about 2 seconds flat.

I will drink rum, but that’s okay.  I like rum.

Talk to me.  Talk to me…. Tap tap tap.

How to get Blog Comments #howto #blog


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  1. Love your article! I appreciate you sharing! This was very useful as I get ready to launch my blog in a few weeks.

  2. Tina Smith says:

    hello Lynne I was just curious whether you were still utilizing the 2017 version of the comment reply notification app. I appreciate your time. Laura

  3. Alisa says:

    Hi Lynne!
    I am seriously thinking of starting a blog and while looking into it I came across this gem of yours on Pinterest 🙂 You made my evening! I don’t even know about some of the things you talked about, but you cracked me up and I loved it! I will be pinning this for future reference when I get my own blog going. Any way, I just had to leave a comment after reading about leaving comments lol Thanks for keeping it real!

  4. I am seriously thinking of starting a blog and while looking into it I came across this gem of yours on Pinterest 🙂 You made my evening! I don’t even know about some of the things you talked about, but you cracked me up and I loved it!

  5. Robin says:

    Love your post! Thanks for sharing! I’m preparing to start my blog in a couple of weeks and this was really helpful.

  6. laura says:

    Hi Lynne! Just wondering if you are still using the comment reply notification app for 2017? Thanks for your time!! Laura

  7. I was falling asleep on a break from my ‘day job’ before I started reading this – your writing is better than 3 cups of java – I’m impressed!

    And….I’m going to test out this plug-in by sending a comment waaaay past your blog-time and see if it works.

    Thanks Lynne!!

  8. Michelle says:

    Hate captcha’s and can never read them. Love your blog by the way! You’re just too funny!!

  9. You got me! You FUNNy blogger, you!

  10. Debra says:

    This was very helpful! I totally agree with you and the stupid Captchas! I know I am getting visitors to my site, but not many comments. The few that I have did not leave an e-mail address. I was so excited to have them and then I pondered how I would respond, just as you said! They would have to go back to my site and would they? I have just redesigned my comment block keeping in mind what I have just read here on your page. Thanks!

  11. Rhë says:

    Love your sense of humor. I hate. Hate. HATE captcha. Especially when I swear I typed the words and numbers I see and it thinks it reads something completely different. Playing the sound button to try and catch what it thinks it says is a joke. A great one. I’ve laughed a few times playing the sound just for shits and giggles. My only complaint here is that this post was a bit hard to follow with my ADD. My problem not yours so you can throat punch me for that, but wait until Thursday because that’s the perfect day for such events.

  12. Maribeth says:

    This was flippin’ great. And you are oh so right. Thanks for making me laugh and preaching truth and pointing to the right tools. My husband and I are starting a business and want to make sure all our social media is super user-friendly, so I appreciated this TONS….. By the way…. HOW did you get your comment box to type up in a cool font?? That’s stinkin’ fabulous!! Thanks again….

    • Hi Maribeth!

      Glad you luuuurved it and congrats on starting a biz! Social media is totally fun! It is especially fun when you know all the tips and tricks too. Stick with me girly! Font.. isn’t it funky? It is called architects daughter. If you ever want to know how to figure out a font from ANY website or blog, check out this blog post of mine… https://lynneknowlton.com/how-to-find-the-best-fonts/ it will tell you how to do it! You smart thaaaang, you 🙂 Lynne xx

  13. Alicia says:


  14. Kristie Hill says:

    I also HATE captcha! Can’t stand it. One time, I entered my Mom in a photo contest for mother’s day, and every time you voted, you had to use the captcha. My Mom would have had at least 1000 times more votes had it not been for that darn captcha! I can NEVER get those things right.

  15. Joline says:

    THANKS SO MUCH!! I just added this plugin to my wordpress blog and while I am still in the infancy of my blog life I certainly don’t want to miss the opportunity to talk with my followers!!

  16. Susan says:

    Do I need to have a website to leave comments? I’m just a person at home who loves to learn new things and see all the wonderful ideas you amazing people are so kind to share with us all.
    I have left comments on other sites, and as you said, I never get a reply. I check back for a few days, but finally it gets to be frustrating having to scroll down forever to find my original comment, and I give up.
    But now I don’t leave comments, I feel bad when I see people asking for them, but don’t know what to say that will be interesting enough for the person to reply to me.
    I just found your blog recently, and found it intriguing enough to sign up to follow you. Today I opened the first email, and certainly wasn’t disappointed. One thing though, what I love to do with a ‘new’ blog is go back to the start of the blog, and read though until I’ve seen all of the posts. It’s like a fairytale, I get to live someone else’s life, sometimes, for days while I scroll back and forth to make sure I don’t miss anything.
    However on your blog I can’t find an ‘archives’ or ‘older posts’ button. Am I just blind, or do you prefer not to have one?
    I think you are kooky and fun and awesome. I admire that so much. I’ve always wanted to be ME, not someone who does things just because everyone else does. Which hasn’t made my life easy in a lot of ways, (one weird example, I loved to wear dresses to school, when everyone else wore nothing but jeans (70’s!), so I got bugged about that) but at least I’ve stayed me!
    Sorry this is so long… and I’ll understand if you can’t reply, I just realized it says you have had 219 responses to this email 🙂

  17. Shannon says:

    Thank you so much for this! I have been wondering how to notify people of replies forever! I just started a new blog and this will make it so much better.

  18. Annie says:

    Thank you so much for this helpful (and very sassy) post! I’m a baby in the blogging world and didn’t even know that people who comment on my blog weren’t aware that I’d replied. Thank you thank you thank you also for the link to the plug-ins, they look extremely promising 🙂
    – Annie

    • I know, right Annie?!

      Crazy that you can share the love and reply/talk to people and they have no idea that you replied to them.

      :: Sad face ::

      Good news is that now you know. It would be worse if you found out in a couple of years. Ha!


  19. You’re adorable and hilarious. Loved this post ~ helpful and fun! Now to find that plugin…

  20. Lyn says:

    Good tips for a newbie (playing with the idea of blogging) blogger, thanks.

  21. Renee says:

    Hi Lynne!
    I am seriously thinking of starting a blog and while looking into it I came across this gem of yours on Pinterest 🙂 You made my evening! I don’t even know about some of the things you talked about, but you cracked me up and I loved it! I will be pinning this for future reference when I get my own blog going. Any way, I just had to leave a comment after reading about leaving comments lol Thanks for keeping it real!

    • Awwwwh Renee,

      Big fat smooch to you for leaving your gorgeous comment !!!

      Mwah !!

      PS. Isn’t pinterest d’bomb dot com?

      I ADORE it… except when I fall in the rabbit hole and forget to make dinner 🙂

  22. Lol Lynne,

    You never disappoint me with your great information with a very real delivery! I’ve even started reading your posts to my husband now. He thinks your funny too. Great advice. I can’t wait for my first comment.

    Keep it coming,


  23. Dena says:

    Hey. Great info. I clicked on the link to get the plugin and it gave me a warning that “This plugin hasn’t been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.” – I’m very new to this and recently experienced a total melt down with one little pac man symbol threw a wrench in my page… Is this still “safe”?

    • Hello Dena,

      I have seen the same warning, but no worries there. It is super safe.

      It is the ONLY outdated plugin that my web team uses on my site. Normally, I would not use an outdated plugin, but this one has been safe for me for f.o.r.e.v.e.r.

      No worries there. Knock on wood. *my head* LOL.

      It is really the most used, bestest, top drawer plugin that I have on my site.


  24. Lisa says:

    HI LYNNE! OMG I couldn’t agree more!! ::scream:: I hate it when I have to go through the captcha!! THANK YOU for this, it was so therapeutic I think I need a cigarette! Ok maybe not that, but perhaps a bit of bubbly!! thank you thank you thank you! I am such a huge fan. Cant wait to read more of your good stuff!! Did I mention I love you lol! <3


  25. I like the way you write and express yourself. It is very funny and entertaining! 🙂

  26. Mary Lou says:

    DOING the FRIGgIN’ HAPPY DANCE..no captcha..Loving This ..YES LOVING the EAZzzz Comments.. Just found you, spent the evening reading reading reading should a put it on the help for the blind setting and woulda got the laundry done hell it’ll be there tomorrow. Just setting up a couple blogs/websites. You have so much “WOW That’s how those tight lipped, butt puckered, bloggers do it” advise here I just know I won’t get laundry done tomorrow either. Thanx Lynne -I’ll be back

    • hahahaha Mary Lou

      I am going to have to bank those words and reuse them some day in my blogging tool box ! LOL ! Love ’em !

      …tight lipped, butt puckered…. hahahaha

      Still laughing …

      Does this mean that I have loose lips and a fluffy butt? 🙂


      • Mary Lou says:

        Glad I could give back to you. Thanx & keep posting cause you give so much to your readers hugs from our home to yours.. ml

  27. Barbara H. says:

    I’m not a blogger – just a reader, but where would the bloggers be without the readers? Found you from Design Mom – the enticing picture of the row of chairs, streaming lights and wonderful landscape captured me immediately. Found Design Mom from following other enticing pictures – what a tangled web the Internet can be. Had to comment because you are so, so right about comments seemingly being “ignored”. Replies to comments help bring the reader in, creating that sense of community that is so important. Off now to subscribe to your blog.

    • Hello Barbara !

      So nice to meet you. You are one billion percent correct… what would a blog be without the readers? I truly do find the comments sometimes much more interesting than me! Ha ! LOVE love love the community it brings in and the fun that can be had.

      Welcome aboard the bloggy !! It’s so nice to have you here.

      Lynne xx

  28. Linda Leyble says:

    Hey Lynne – hope you remember me from awhile back. We became friends on Twitter…when my husband was diagnosed with cancer. I am so glad I found you again via watching you and your sister-in-law Denise on the Google hangout. It was great! Thanks for sharing. I have been following Denise for a pretty long time – since about 2008 or before. I even had her do a consult for me…looking at my blog and having her suggest things I should change. I think I did most of them…but I am still working on it!

    Great post here – another pet peeve of mine is Blogger blogs…which I had a long time ago. Did you ever try to post a comment on a Blogger blog from your ipad? It gets stuck, you can’t edit all the time and mostly there’s no way to leave your WordPress icon/avatar. And when the blogger doesn’t have Name/URL as a posting option – you always have to put your blog address in the comment box.

    I think my app that I use – CommentLuv sends the commenter my comment. I am pretty sure it does…but I will double check this. I do love it when I get a comment back from a blogger on my email. It shows that they care! I like CommentLuv because it gives the commenter a chance to be seen and clicked on – the commenter gets to choose from a list of their recent blogposts and the title is shown on the comment on your blog. Very ingenious!

    Congrats on all your success…and I am now subscribed to your blog (will check out using those apps). I have an SLR camera and I am getting much better at it…but I really hate editing these photos to death. Takes a lot of time. I really love to take pics with my iphone and ipad…and I could possibly blog more if I use those photos and apps.

    Great job…


  29. TucsonPatty says:

    I just love reading your blog! I don’t care what you talk about. I really do love looking at your tree house and dreaming of living in it. I also love your kitchen, your pool area and all the fun things mosaiced (That is a word) around the place.
    I want to see more about the barn where the wedding took place – what is it doing these days.
    Love you, love the blog. Love your taste in all….

    • Ahhhh you are so sweet ! Be careful, I might kiss you 🙂

      The treehouse is sooooo fun. We are going to rent it out for a few weekends this summer. I need to stop hogging it so much. LOL.

      Yes! That’s the word ~ Mosaiced. It is therapy. All those itty bitty pieces add up to peace and quiet. xx

      I will be posting a lot more photos of the barn in the spring. (My niece was married in it, and the photos are so fun!!). This time of year, it is brrrrrrh cold so I am avoiding it 🙂

      Thanks for the bloggy love!!

      SMOOCH !!
      Lynne xx

  30. Kate says:

    Hi Lynne,
    Great post on comments! As a new blogger this is something that wasn’t even yet on my radar! My only question is can you get Comment Reply to work on WordPress.com? I know there are a lot of issue with plugins from wordpress.org –>wordpress.com :/ thoughts?

    Thanks so much – I’m having a blast reading your blog!


    • Hello Kate,

      Welcome to the awesome world of blogging. Unfortunately, you can’t install plugins on a wordpress.com only wordpress.org. It seems a bit confusing, since blogs still end with the .com in their URL but they are a .org. Basically, because your blog has wordpress.com in your URL .. you can’t install a plugin. If you changed your site to a self hosted wordpress.org site you can install plugins. You are right about having some issues with some plugins. You want to limit the amount of plugins that you have on your blog to as few as possible AND have plugins that are regularly updated (if possible).

      I have very few plugins on my site, and only use ones that I absolutely want/need and comment reply notification is definitely one of them.

      Lynne xx

  31. Kim Gaynor says:


    I had NO idea that people who left comments were not getting my replies … and I do try to reply to ALL comments, even if I just say “thank you”. That’s just terrible! People don’t know that I’ve replied, so they’ve probably formed opinions based on that incorrect notion that I’m stuck up, too busy, etc. Unacceptable!

    I immediately strolled over to WordPress.org to download the “Comment Reply Notification” plugin you recommended and I got this message: ” This plugin hasn’t been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.”


    Are you still using this plug-in and has it caused any problems with your blog? Please do tell.

    Also, I found two more plug-ins that appear to provide the same function but, alas, they’re outdated as well. They are:

    Comment Reply by Admin Notifier
    Comment Reply Notifier

    I did find ONE plugin that seems to be current with the latest version of WordPress and that is (drum roll please):

    Comment Email Reply

    I downloaded it, I tested it, and it’s working great!

    • Isn’t it crazy Kim ?!! Well… we don’t know, what we don’t know. LOL.

      I noticed that the plugin hasn’t been updated in 2 years, (which normally, I would advice against using since it is important to have an updated plugin). Having said that, I have never had a problem with it. Like ever.

      Let me know how the new plugin works. I’d love to hear !!

      Have a gorgeous day!

      Lynne xx

  32. Jennifer says:

    I HATE leaving comments on blogs who never respond. Why bother to even read it. I actually have a similar post in the works but haven’t posted it because I have post constipation. I write a ton….post a few.
    Doesn’t the commenter need to have their own email turned on for this to work? I hate when I get that no-reply comment message.

    • Oh no Jennifer, blogstipation is painful 🙁 ha!

      With comment reply notification, as you will notice from my reply to you, the comment reply not only lands in the

      * blog comment section
      * it is automatically directed to you in your email inbox too.

      Double awesomeness.

      You are right, you can’t reply within email itself …because it is a blog comment, not an email {technically}.

      Ha ! I think I just made that sound waaaay more complicated than it is.

      You will notice that the link is in the body of the email for you to reply to me too {very convenient and easy to use} and your reply to me comes back to me in the blog comment section AND my email.

      Tah dah. Magic

      Lynne xx

  33. […] how also to make commenting easier for your own readers. If you haven’t already, check out this post from Lynne at Design the Life You Want to Live and this post from Kasey at Turntable Kitchen, the […]

  34. […] posted this article a couple days back on her facebook and it basically changed my (blog) life.  You know how you […]

  35. Marlene says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this post! Am testing the comment function because I just installed Comment Reply Notification on my blog but I’m not sure if it’s working (no comments right now, ha!). So, test test test!

  36. Marinela says:

    Now your post made me wanna scream, and dance, and shout out loud and even sing a deathly anthem to whoever invented the captcha that I can NEVER EVER read (no, really, I wanna meet that person!!!). So here it comes, with all the power that my lungs gave me: THANK YOU!!!!
    Thank you so much for something I didn’t even realize bothered me so much until you said it out loud (damn loud). I am a blogger, and I love comments, and I looooooove comments on my blog (just installing the blog comment reminder!) and I also love to leave comments if I find something inspiring. And I hate captchas! What I also hate is my friggin Google Chrome browser who sometimes just won’t post a comment – everything is gone and if I really really wanna leave a comment I have to use firefox. What’s up with that? I tried everything, even wrote google – but no answer! Anywhooooooo, thanks thanks thanks so much for this! Everybody scream it with me: THANK YOU!

    • Oh man oh man Marinela,

      It is soooo true. Leaving a comment, making it a great one… then WHAM it is gone. Ohhmergerddd, temper tantrum of frustration.


      So many bloggers lose the opportunity of blog comments because of it. That is a crying shame. Don’t be that girl. haha.

      So happy to hear that it inspired you to do the same on your bloggy !

      Lynne xx

  37. […] if you’re blogging and want to make life easier for your readers, Lynne Knowlton’s sage words are not only hilarious, they’re true. Regarding blogging + writing, there’s been quite […]

  38. NikiDee says:

    Well you’ve sold me. I have considered defecting from Blogger to WordPress for awhile ~ a long while. Thinking = action – for me anyway. What broke the margarita straw for me is the INSANE amount of spamming I’ve been getting on Blogger recently. I have always refused capticha…which has in turn kept me from commenting on other blogs cuz why the heck would I go through all that if I won’t make my own readers go through it…i mean really! So a little more thinking – which will result in my action….leaving Blogger in the dust to head over to the APP hAPPy (get it app…hAPPy?!?!) WordPRess that gives me OPTIONS!! You’re quite the motivator Lynne!

    • Marinela says:

      Similar situation here. I have a blog on wordpress and one on blogger, and I am REALLY not happy with the layout, surface and various technical problems I have run into on blogger, while I really like wordpress. Have you made the switch yet? Can you recommend it?

      • Marinela,

        I can promise you from the tip of my toes to the tip of my nose, it will be the best thing you ever did for your blog.

        The blogger platform is old news. It is pretty hard to beat the #1 in the world reputation that WordPress has. It is rock solid awesome. Pinky swear.

        Lynne xx

      • NikiDee says:

        Hi Marinela, I haven’t “officially” made the switch yet. Been playing around with WordPress a bit. I have to say it’s a bit more technical than Blogger but as Lynne says… “Blogger is old news”. I’m not a patient person and want to know how to do stuff NOW but with Lynnes PROMISE…I’m going to make the switch this January.

        • Marinela says:

          I just couldn’t wait any more. I actually started on wordpress, was happy and a friend recommended blogger (not sure why really, but since he was the more experienced blogger, I listened) – big BIG mistake. I was not happy with the layout, options, and it took me literally DAYS to figure out how to put up a widget on my site. Actually, especially if you’re not an expert in programming and website technology, wordpress seems to be the more intuitive site, and waaaay user friendlier! I am SO happy, good luck for your blog.

          • Great Marinela !!

            PS. If you have a quick little look in the upper part of your wordpress dashboard, you will see lots of tutorials that are quick and easy to watch/follow.

            Or google it too. It truly is intuitive. It gets easier and easier every day.

            I know you will LOVE.

            Did you see my comment on your blog about the treehouse? xx

    • So happy to hear NikiDee !

      Pain is a great motivator ! ha! And following something that genuinely WORKS fab is a good thaaaang. I have been over the moon happy with both plugins of Akismet and Comment Reply Notification. They are the difference that makes the EPIC difference.

      Mwah !
      Lynne xx

  39. Kelly says:

    Well heavens to betsy, it totally worked.

  40. Marie says:

    Oy Vey1 THis blog post was full of great info. I learned about captcha…which all this time I thought was there to protect blogger and blogee (silly, silly me)…and now I find out that we need protection from it. Now, I’m having a blog dilemma…to switch from blogger to wordpress.org or not? The truth is I have made up my mind (hasta La vista blogger!) but now as a newbie blogger I have to figure out my host, cost…blah, blah, blah. There’s sooo much to learn and I’m soooo grateful that I could stop by, read your blog…learn and have a good laugh. Somehow you managed to make learning about captcha fun rather than confusing. Now, I’m off to try and figure out how to change my platform and become one of the cool kids 🙂
    Thank you Lynne!

    • Hi Marie,

      I like your name (it’s my middle name). 🙂

      I believe if you go on to the WordPress site you will find instructions on how to transfer a blog to wordpress.org (there is probably tutorials for it too) Yipppppeeee.

      The great thing about doing that, is if you transfer a site from a free site to a self hosted site EARLY on in blogging, then you won’t lose all your followers etc. (well, you will… but if you are new at blogging then you won’t likely have a ton to lose anyway).

      I learned that the hard way. I transferred my wordpress.com site to a wordpress.org and lost all my original subscribers. Oh yikes.

      If you want to play in the big leagues of blogging, a self hosted .org site is the only way to go.

      Lynne xx

  41. Anika says:

    Great post! Recently I moved to tumblr platform, but before, when I used to be on blogspot, I had no captcha, I had no – “comments will be published after approval” and I was always replying to everyone who left me a comment. But not on my blog – I visited their blog and replied. Seems to me that I’m that 1% of rare species who do that effort and reply to people who wrote a comment to me. And the best part of it was that I gained some virtual friendships. Very great experience. Now I’m thinking about installing Disqus app…

    Have a great time!!!

    • Hey Anika

      That is GREAT that you took the time to go to their blogs and leave a comment on their blog. I agree, it is a great way to see other blogs and meet other blogging peeps ! FAB.

      The downfall, is that not everyone can follow along in the conversation. So for example, if someone asked you a question, and you answered it on their blog, then the answer wouldn’t show in your blog. Hmmm.

      The other part, is that sometimes the comment section is ÜBER COOL. So many people get to enjoy the conversation in the comment section as well as the blog post. It is a double wham of awesome.

      PS. Thanks for leaving a comment. I hope my reply lands in your email inbox 🙂

      Lynne xx

  42. kellyColo says:

    Fanfreakingtastic! But how do I get one of these plug-ins for Blogger? Is there such a thing? OR…can I use the WordPress gadget if my blog is on Blogger? Thanks for all the info! Reading your blog is all sh*ts and giggles! Love you!

    • Hellooooooo KellyColo

      As long as your site is a self-hosted blog, you can upload the plugin. I am crossing my fingers, toes and everything else in-between for you 🙂

      {All those little bits and parts. LOL}

      Lynne xx

  43. Kelly says:

    I have downloaded the special plugin, let’s see!!!! My only problem, I read blogs on multiple devices, so I’ll have to download it several times, but I’m ok with that.

    • Hi Kelly

      You should only have to download the plugin once for your blog and it will remain in your blog dashboard. Then, when someone leaves a comment and you reply to them, it will land in THEIR email inbox to show your reply.

      I hope that helps !

      Lynne 🙂

  44. Kirsten says:

    Thanks for da smooch, which landed on my feet as I am in Australia. I don’t read too many blogs on a regular basis either. I have to say (how some folk seem loath to give credit…) you have somewhat inspired me to think about blogging myself -gasp- and because I have a tiny girly elderly brain, It may take a few minutes. A well, must check if electricity is still on while I write this. Thank you so very much for cheering me up today!!!! Ta daaaaa: Here is your imaginary award.
    Cheers, the Sour Kraut

    • To the ‘down under’ Sour Kraut…

      haha ! So happy that my bloggy inspired you to think about writing a blog. Do it !! It is soooo fun.

      Here’s the best part : I have met so many unbelievably awesome souls through the blog… both on line and then {GASP} in real life.

      My kids laugh at me and say.. oh my gawd Mom…what if they are an axe murderer or something? Truth is… we write so much back and forth to each other I feel like I know them before I ever meet them.

      My online pals are like adding SUNSHINE into every single day. It’s amazeballs.

      So from across the ponds and oceans… many big hello’s from Canada to AussieLand.

  45. Carolyn says:

    I’ve only been reading your blog a couple of weeks; this is the first time I’ve commented…I don’t follow very many blogs, but I have noticed that you do respond to your readers’ comments – which not everyone does. I think that’s great!

    • Thanks for noticing Carolyn,

      Have you also noticed that I have potty mouth? Oh my. I hope my mouth doesn’t get washed out with soap. 🙂

      Thanks for commenting !!! I seriously appreciate every.single.comment on this bloggy….and I hope by responding… that my peeps know it.

      Big kiss

  46. Valerie says:

    Dear Lynne,
    I love your blog. I love your writing style. I don’t want you to change a thing. Stay the way you are….funny as shit! You always know how to make me laugh out loud and I thank you for that! You are the nicest blogger I know! Keep up the great work! Thanks! Val

  47. Wendy says:

    Lynne, As a blog reader I hate captcha as much as you, but as a Blogger I hate the like button on WordPress sites. It makes it easy for readers to skip a comment and just click “like”. Thank you for the tip about the reply plugin. I will be looking into that.

    • Hi Wendy,

      I agree. I think you can remove the ‘like’ button on your site. It doesn’t really serve much of an EPIC purpose… so why not just get rid of it ? It is kind of like having an extra button on a shirt ( on the back of a shirt in the middle) ha !

      Skipping a comment is so easy for many to do… we are all so busy. But at the end of the day, when someone does comment, how beautiful it is to be able to make it simple for them and for them to know that you took the time to say THANKS for the comment ?(with a reply). Ahhh. It’s a beautiful thaaang.

      Have a gorgeous day !
      Lynne xx

  48. Alex says:

    You know what’s even more awesome? When you have the Comment Reply Plug In and realize months (oh yes months) later that you never had it set up properly and no one has been getting your replies.

    Where’s my wine?

    • Oh.My.Word Alex

      Truth? Holy batman. Skip the wine glass. Go straight to the bottle.

      I am trying to think of a worse thing so you don’t feel bad….


      Stumped. I might have to come and join you for a drink.


  49. Thanks for the great tips, Lynne. But more importantly, your advice was fun to read. Great advice and fun – don’t find that very often. Do you do taxes? Cause I would like them to be fun, too.

    • There is a reason why death and taxes are both in the same sentence.

      I would rather gnarl off my right arm than do taxes.

      Taxes = instant bad mood. ha!

      The only thing that would snap me outta that bad mood would be another visit from you and Nads with {the WORLDS BEST} biscotti and lasagna !!!!!!!!

      xo Kisses

  50. Mandi says:

    Nailed it! Often [I won’t say just how often, but probably more than not] I will write a very wordy comment expounding on the brilliance of the post and the poster, erm… author, and hit submit only to end up with a Captcha. Guess who didn’t get a comment. Ticks me off that I ever wasted my time.

    • I hear ya sista !

      It is such a lunch bag let down to write a cool comment, only to have it disappear into never never computer land or an IMPOSSIBLE captcha.


      Have you written the comment, and then couldn’t remember your password for sign in, and then couldn’t submit the comment after all? That is when I want to punch the computer.

      When I was designing this bloggy, it was a HUGE priority for me to never have that happen to peeps. Life is too short for cray cray stuff like that.

      Have an epic day….
      Lynne xx

  51. Linda says:

    And that this is the best font ever!!!

  52. Linda says:

    Ooh I forgot to say that I LOVE all of your responses to my email….always!!!

  53. Linda says:

    I’m drinking wine and reading Lynne…..nothin better!!! I’m not sticking in any emoji’s …..it’s a fear I have over-here. I don’t want to go blank on you or anything leave you wondering and pondering what I might be thinking…. Yes I hate that thing the one you can’t read ever and it takes three times to reply… I only do it for my girl Siri, I think she should read this blogpost!!! I hope my comment finds you drinking wine too….cheers!!!

    • Great timing Linda !

      I was sipping wine too, but I don’t blog and sip at the same time. I know. Shocking. Ha ! My loose lips would sink ships. hahaha.

      This is COOL. No blank thoughts today. Wanna know how ancient my memory is? I forgot to ask my web guys why comments don’t show when emoji’s are used. Hmmm.

      I might need to add memory vitamins to my liquid fermented grapes next time. xx

  54. ok…get the first part – I don’t make people jump through hoops to leave a comment…and in responding back to them (which I always try to do) I will email them directly if they have an email activated…otherwise, yes, I leave the reply after their comment…I’m using Blogger and not WordPress – I just checked the Blogger settings – see no comment reply notification option…do you know how I can set this up with Blogger – I think its a great idea – I want my people to love me and to know that they are heard! thank you!

    • Hi Amy !

      Unfortunately, I don’t think you can add any plugins on your site. You have to be a self hosted blog in order for you to use plugins.

      Don’t shoot the messenger. LOL.

      Until then… SMART that you email directly back to commenters. That is the only way that they will know you replied. The good news is that you took the time to reply … the bad news is that it does nothing for your blog SEO. Google measures social engagement as part of your site SEO.

      The most important part is that you are talking to real people. That trumps SEO any day of the week.

      Lynne xx

  55. jaine gayer says:

    Thank you, Lynne.
    Now I know what those f—-g letters are called. Captchas.
    I hate them.

    • So true Jaine … to tell you the truth, I didn’t know what they were called for the longest time. I just kept calling them every bad name I could think of … as I tried to stare them down with my reading glasses. Uhm. Magnifying glasses.

      Happy weekend
      Lynne xx

  56. Deborah Main says:

    Oops I spelled your name wrong. Replying on my phone does have a few drawbacks. Thx Lynne!!!

  57. Deborah Main says:

    Hi Lynn. Great post!! Just what I was looking for. Hate those dumbass spammers. Im gonna do everything you said to see if I can get any comments on todays blog post. I kind of left u more comments in the “other” section on the survey. I never follow directions. Well thats not entirely true but my webmaster just told me “I sent you istructions 3 x and then you just did your own thing” Oops, my bad. Thx for getting convo going on this frustrating subject and helping us newbie bloggers like me! 🙂 DM

    • Hi Deborah !

      Thanks for mentioning the survey comments, I forgot to check those. LOL. My bad. Old age. 🙂

      You can spell my name any way you like. Call me anything you want.. just don’t call me late for supper. Ha!

      I hope the plugin works great for your blog comments too. I have had FABooosh luck with it so far ( so far, so far… )

      Have a beauty weekend
      Lynne xx

  58. Dawna Jones says:

    Once again you re the blogging goddess! Keep up the incredibly good work Lynne, I have done exactly as you have said, my blogging master!

    • Hi Dawna !

      How are you, gorgy gorgeous ?

      Goddess… hmm… you should see me right now. I have my hair colour on, an apron to protect my jammies and a hair net. I look like I could get a job at the high school cafeteria.

      Now that is what I call a REAL Goddess. hahaha.

      Lynne xx

  59. Hi Lynn! I just started my blog and , hooray!, I have Akismet! I have been replying to all my comments but somehow I know I am not getting through so I need to check on that end. BTW, I have only had one filtered spam comment on my blog so far (the big three) and quess what? It was You, lol. I unspammed you and replied. Did you get my reply? Somehow I think not but wanted to make sure you knew how much I appreciated your comment!

    • Whaaaaa? Me ???

      Spam. Oh la la. I wanna cry. Jokes. Get me outta-‘dare.

      Actually, I checked. It still doesn’t show on your bloggy. I wonder if my comment is still in your comment dashboard of your blog (?)

      This will be good practice for you. Go back to your comments dashboard and look for comments that are ‘pending’. What happens, is that once you have unspammed them, they go into a pending file for you to approve them.

      So complicated. Uggggh. It gets easier ( I promise)

      Great that you have your spam filter on already. Good job !! It catches so much, but I still go through and double check for strays too. You never know.

      Have a beautiful weekend !
      Lynne xx

  60. Deidre says:

    GOOD FOR YOU!!!!! Its about time somebody addressed this issue! LOVEd your post REALLY! If I could add My pet peeve,people who follow you or “like” your page just to get a follow back or “like” back but then wont even comment or “like” anything on your page/ It really hurts my feelings…….

    • That is an excellent point too Deidre …

      You are talking about Facebook, right?

      One thing you can do, is that if you mention another biz page on your facebook page, put the @TheirBusinessName when you write out the status update. For example @DesignTheLifeYouWantToLive in your status update would let me know if you posted about me ( not that you have to post about me, LOL) this is just an example.

      Also, facebook is a bugger because most of your “likes” will only see about 16% of your posts. Grrrrh. So post often – like 2 to 5 times per day.

      I agree tho, I NEVER think it is a good idea to Like ANYTHING without truly liking it. It is not authentic. Yuck to that.

      Big hugs & much love,
      Lynne xx

  61. Pete Walker says:

    OH…I was going to suggest that you take just the clip from your YouTube video that actually shows the dance and put it behind the link…

  62. Pete Walker says:

    Hey. I filled out your survey. It was fun. You should consider having guest bloggers…it’d be a nice way to generate…discussion. I volunteer to be the smart-alecky one who annoys the other people so they comment.

    Thereby increasing traffic to your blog.

    Just sayin’.

    Gotta stir that pot.

    OH, by the way – I love the happy dance. LOVE it.


    • Hey Pete

      It was d’bomb chitty chatting with you yesterday ! Wine glass and all. Ha !

      Go ahead. Write that guest blog post. You will have to get through the great wall of editing FIRE by me… and if it passes… holy batman. You will need to celebrate. Now go forth and conquer.

      Cheers my friend !

  63. Sarah K says:

    I don’t have a blog, but boy oh boy would I love it if these ideas were widespread over blogland. It’s especially helpful when you have a real question and not just a comment. I checked a post for 2 months to see if the blogger had clarified something important in a recipe. Then I didn’t really want to make it 🙂 You are awesome!

    • Seriously Sarah,

      I think you should hunt that blogger down and punch them. No one should delay a good recipe. No one.

      PS. I’m a crap cook, so if you want to come and test your recipe on me… I’m all yours. 🙂

      Lynne xx

  64. Dave says:

    Commenting simply to say that I’m a huge fan of the words “throat” and “punch” together, and you seem to be on a roll with them lately.

    Plus, this was absolute gold:
    “Good job. Give yourself a high five. Air guitar it out. Do some jumping jacks. Whoop it up in a hoola hoop. Happy dance.

    Then punch yourself in the face.”

    I’m not an aggressive person, but… oh nevermind. You rock!

  65. lisa thomson says:

    Great tips, Lynne. I always reply to reader comments b/c I love them as much as writing the blog itself. I will definitely add this plug in because likely some people haven’t even realized I replied to their poor souls. Seriously, I’ve had comments on my sexual Neglect blog post that sound like the person might take their own life. No shit. That’s how bad being in a sexless marriage is. And to think my heartfelt reply has gone unheard?

    • You are right about that Lisa.

      Oh, that breaks my heart that people can hurt so much. I’m so sensitive to these things. It is great that you can make such a difference to them in their lives. Really. Great.

      I hope this plugin will help you to reach back out to them. You are right, they probably haven’t seen your reply… but they will from now on. There is light at the end of the tunnel. xx

      Much love, my friend.

  66. Johanna says:

    This made my day! Love this post!

    I want to do a happy dance with you!

    J x

    • Happy dance it out Johanna 🙂

      I’ll be right there beside ya ! Why? Because I went to your bloggy and now I know what I’m going to have for din-din tonight. Your yummy recipe (and I might throw a splash of wine in there for good measure )

      From across the fields, ponds, lakes, oceans and yonder…
      Lynne xx

  67. Stephbo says:

    Yes, Yes, YES!!! Hallelujah!! I hate Captcha and anything else that makes me have to remember a password. AND I love it when bloggers respond to me– makes me feel like one of the popular kids. (She likes me! She really likes me!!) So thanks for putting the smack-down out there. Now hopefully people will listen. I’m gonna add you to my bloglovin list right now, just because you’re so cool and all. I figure if Movita B likes you, you’ve got to be awesome!

    • Well you brought up one more epic thaaaaaang, you popular kid :)…. BLOGLOVIN’.

      Isn’t bloglovin’ amazeballs? I set mine so I get a daily summary of the blogs that I follow. So puuurfect ! A nice little summary. Ahhhhh. Do you do the same?

      Oh how I love Rachael from Movita Beaucoup. LOve love love. That girl is going to get the biggest bear hug one of these days !

      I suppose I should warn her of that.

      Lynne xx

      • mellissa says:

        I’m also here via Movita and I LOVED this post! Captcha is a turd. Thanks for the laughs!

        • Hi Mellissa 🙂

          I think we should all gather around and group hug Rachael. That Movi deserves it. Who can bake? That girl can. She makes a mean cupcake with ballerina’s and all… doesn’t she? Yum !

      • Stephbo says:

        The daily summary is so handy! And I love the list on the side which shows me how many posts of each blog I have. It makes my life so much easier.

  68. Heather says:

    i love this! thank you so much:) I reply to every comment on the blog (no comment left unanswered is my motto!) but always wondered if people knew it!:) I’ve installed the plugin – thanks so much for the recommendation!

  69. HOORAY! Your post makes me so happy Lynne, for many reasons: 1) I hate captcha with every cell of my being 2) It always takes me minimum 3 tries to get captcha right and by then I feel like the blogger owes me a drink 3) I am having a hell of a time switching to wordpress from blogger by myself, but you have reminded me that it will all be worth it, and 4) I actually do dance when I get comments. It’s kind of like an endzone dance, only much more obscene. 😛

    Keep ’em comin’ Lady!

    • Hiya Lisa !!

      How are you? We are usually running beside each other or hanging out together at events. This is FUN too.

      You are right about the captcha. After a few attempts, I feel like the blogger should take me out for dinner and buy me sympathy drinks.

      If you need help switching from blogger to wordpress, I have the worlds best website team. Their badge is in my sidebar : WaylayDesign.com. They are the best thing that ever happened to me in my bloggy world 🙂

      Well that AND blog comments 🙂

      Lynne xx

  70. West Coast Nan says:

    Love your blog, your stories are wonderful. When will you be over to redecorate my living room?

    • Well you live on the WEST COAST … that sounds pretty darn tempting to me.

      If you live at the Ocean and you have tropical weather (I’m dreaming now) … then I will be right over !

      Do you hear the knock knock on your door?

  71. Natalie says:

    Damn. Damn. Damn. You raise damn good points. On the captcha issue, totally with you. I hate hate hate it so much. It trips me all the time and I spend way too much precious time deciphering gibberish. Enough is enough.

    On the comment thing… I have a blogger blog. For some mysterious reason, Google has not yet figured out an easy way for a blogger and blog reader to communicate. Oh sure, there’s G+ and I used it for a while. But it forces readers to have a G+ account in order to comment. That sucks.Plus when I switched from blogspot to my own domain, it deleted all of my G+ comments (and that broke my heart!) So now that I am back at using the normal blogger commenting form, I am left with the option of replying directly to commenters via e-mail (as long as they are not “no-reply bloggers”, which most are), or replying to them in the comment section of my post (which forces them to come back to my post if they care to see my response). Come on Google!!!! Can’t we do better????

    Can anyone out there help me switch to WordPress?


    (P.S. I love this font… it makes my words look so pretty… I could type all day…. but I’ll stop now… )

    • Ha Natalie…

      You lost me at ” I have a blogger account ” hahahaaaa

      No really, I agree. Not everyone has G+ as a platform, or other social media platforms. It is also nice to make it easy. Once. I love how when someone leaves a comment on my blog, they only have to submit their name and info ONCE. They can comment a million times again and it remembers who you are ! LOVE.

      Clearly, I’m easy 🙂

      This font: Isn’t it yummy? It is called Architects daughter.


      Lynne xx

  72. Kelli says:

    Thanks for the smack down Lynne! Problem though…I can’t figure how to download this feature : ( Help?

    • Hey Kelli

      I just checked out your blog, and the reason you can’t download it is because you are on a wordpress.com blog.

      You need to have a self hosted wordpress.org site to do it. It sounds confusing, but basically it means that your URL for your bloggy would end it a .com rather than a wordpress.com like it does now.

      If you want to blog for biz reasons and grow your blog to be larger, it is the only way to go. If you want to keep your blog on a more personal level, then it is okay to stay with the way you have it now.

      My website peeps taught it to me this way :

      YourSiteName.wordpress.com is like being a teenager living at home.

      YourSiteName.com is the big leagues, when you move out and live in the big ‘ol world.

      Hope that helps !
      Lynne xx

  73. Sassy says:

    You are SO right about the Captcha! I cannot tell you how often my comments have gone unsent because I cannot read the flippin thing (or I’ve forgotten a password and refuse to spend the time to reset it so I can forget it again — or retype my comment once I do get it set).

    • Don’t you just want to punch your computer when that happens Sassy ?!

      The only time Captcha is fun is when it spells something very funny and entertaining. That happens about 1 every 16 million times. Blah. Boo for Captcha. It’s a mofo.

      Lynne xx

  74. Seriously, WTF CAPTCHA!? If anything I’m convinced that I’m a robot, because humans are supposed to be able to decipher captchas, right? AND MY BRAIN CAN’T! Sorry, I can’t comment on your captcha-locked blog bc my brain doesn’t work that way.

    Also, I was just talking to another blogfriend about this very same scenario – I comment sometimes, but I NEVER GO BACK TO SEE IF IT WAS READ, OR REPLIED TO, OR APPRECIATED! NEVER! Because who has the amount of space in their brain to remember every single little thing they commented on? I wish I could install this in my own browser to track all the comments I leave on ALL THE BLOGS – but since I can’t, I’ll just install it on my blog, so that my commenters (all 2 of them) will know if and when I reply to them.

    I think I love you. I’ll send you some cookies in appreciation. xo

    Also, I love Movita for sharing this and therefor leading me to click it. I LOVE YOU, MOVITA!

    • Natalie ~

      Good point ! Wouldn’t that be cool if we could have a tracker on our comments? ha! I want one on my car keys too. And my cell phone. Maybe on my teenagers.

      Ahhhhh Movi shared me today? She is so awesome. I’m going to find that girl and kiss her. On the lips.

      Kisses to you too,
      Lynne xx

  75. The Infamous Aunt Gail says:

    I’m happy my Bell MacFee is working….is that a good comment. And of course I really enjoy your blog…now if ONLY I could shave 20 years off and start all this good stuff now.
    Hey maybe a blog on how you become “invisible” after 60!!!! Hmmm…there’s one already.
    Aunt Gail

    • Auntie Gail !!!!!!!!!! Wooohhoooooooooooooooo

      My Auntie is back. Oh how I have missed you.

      Invisible ?! No way Jose. Invisible would be boring. We don’t do boring in this family.

      Love you,
      Lynnie Pooh xx

  76. AHAnto says:

    I don’t mind captchas or whatever they are, i only mind when i’ve said something, typed in the blurry code correctly and THEN get sent somewhere because I have to log in to some blogger network I may or may not belong to already. If your post makes me think, I want to bounce that thought back at you. Not really hung up on getting s reply. I’ve seen the reply notification software opt in on a few blogs, your post makes me consider it for myself. Thanks. A

    • As a blogging peep, I think it is über important to keep things as simple as possible.

      Time is money. Time is valuable. We have SECONDS to really make a difference with our blogs. If a reader takes the time to read the blog post AND leave a comment without having to jump through a fire hoop… It is a good thing 🙂

      I’m very selective about what plugins that I use on my site, since it is not good to have too many. So I select very carefully. I hope you give it a whirl too. It makes life easy.

      Cheers !!

  77. Andrea says:

    Lynne!!! How awesome is your blog??!! Found this from your facebook post today and am totally following you right now.

    • Ahhhh schmanks Andrea !!!

      I totally APPRECIATE and love love love that you followed my bloggy.

      I’m happy dancing it out right now.

      Dancing….dancing… (not very well) … but dancing nonetheless.

      Lynne xx

  78. great points Lynn and technically (from what I can tell) all your posts have sass.

    I use Comment Reply Notification, but I feared that it was causing problems on my site. So I turned it off … for a while, but have finally turned it back on. I have yet to check if it is actually working (but will do). I think this did in fact take a bite out of my engagement.

    Anyways … Captcha does suck, and I’m not a big fan of waiting for approval to have a comment appear on a site.

    On a kinda tangential note… as an owner I will always approve any legitimate comment … even if it dissents. I was on a fairly successful DIY blog recently and put together a comment about this length – while wholly positive, I pointed out some of the negatives of the project she was posting about. She spammed out the comment. What is that?! I looked up her contact and emailed. Nothing, no reply, no comment. … and in lies a great way to not even loose engagement but to loose a reader. And quite frankly it opened up an oppt. to get hammered. Took all my strength to travel the hi road.

    Good one. ~jb

    • Mmmmm,

      That is a mystery about your site probs. I have never ever never had a problem with the plugin {knock on wood, and my head at the same time}

      My sassy self totally agrees with you about the comment approval thingy.

      P.s spamming a comment when it is not spam is just bad mojo. Constructive criticism is not spam. I would have pffft that blog (popular or not) and stopped following too. Good on ya for taking the high road. I would have throat punched them.

      🙂 Lynne xx

  79. babs says:

    Wow, that was great advice and made me laugh. I can still hear you screaming! And I’m screaming with you! I HATE, ABSOLUTELY HATE CAPCHAS! And I hate silence. I love my blog friends and it is so good to hear from them. since I get lonely sitting at my desk and cyber friends are important to me. So when I don’t know about a response I do feel ignored. Thank you for answering back!!!!!! You are one of the few that does so you are awesome! And when I do finally start a blog I will remember your words of wisdom! Go girl!!

    • Woot woot Babs,

      We don’t want you to feel lonely, you poor thaaaang. I hear ya girlie, cyber friends are d’bomb dot com AND not only is it nice to hear back from them…. a big fat giggle is what makes the world go around.

      Thanks for stopping by with a big hellloooo.


  80. Janet says:


  81. Becky B says:

    Ha! Love it – and I thought it exactly the same. I still now, scroll through peoples post’s to see if they have replied to me. AND I FREAKING HATE CAPTCHA’s including those that I can’t even see!!

    Becky x

    • Doesn’t that just make you cray cray Becky? I bet it does.

      Just think of the other things you could be doing instead of backtracking on blogs to check and see if the blog author replied to you….

      things like…
      eating cake, taking a nap, staring out the window, having din-din in bed… important things like that.

      Lynne xx

  82. keep on doing what you’re doin’ Lynney poo! LOL

  83. Hey Girl, you’re awesome.

    I read a ton of blogs but rarely comment because of all the hundreds of other comments and everything you just listed. You and one other blogger are the only people who have ever taken the time to respond. And the fact that we are Instagram bros? Totally priceless.

    • Hey Julesssss 🙂

      Sorry, I am nicknaming peeps today. I have no idea what has gotten into me. It could be the 3 cups of coffee.

      A. Instagram is the best thing since sliced bread, isn’t it? I goof around on it all the time (even in the middle of the night) until my phone lands on my head.

      B. I’m with you on the rare comment thing. I do the same thing. I hate hate hate taking the time to leave a really nice comment, and then the mofo ignores me. Okay, maybe they didn’t… but still.

      Life is too short to back track for comment replies. This plugin is d’best.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment. Really. I totals appreciate it. xx

  84. I decided a few weeks ago that I would not comment on blogs with captchas anymore. (Except my mother’s blog. She’s a senior citizen.) It just makes me so freakin’ annoyed that I start to fume, and it wrecks my day. SO NO MORE. That said, I don’t have comment reply notification! I’m so jealous! Maybe my web designer can add that onto the new site! YAY!

    I loves you Lynne. I really do.

    • Hey MoviBeau

      Do you like how I give you a new nickname every time I talk to you? 🙂

      I was just heading over to your bloggy and look for a FAB recipe for bday cake and buttercream icing. I have some baking to do today !

      Yes, your web dude can definitely do this plugin for you. It is really lickity split.

      We like to keep things on easy street, don’t we?

      Like cake baking. It would be much easier if you came to my place to today and baked a cake. Hop that plane ! 🙂

      Lynne xx

    • Uhhhm, and wait a sec, Movi

      Your senior citizen momma has a blog? Give it. I want to read it. NOW.


  85. Danica says:

    So I’m curious do you receive a notification if I respond to your comment on my blog? I make sure to respond to every comment but always wondered as well if anybody knew. I also love the blogs that have the comment reply notification but noticed there are tons of blogs that don’t have it and also tons of bloggers who rarely reply to your comment.

    I’m with Blogger as well and tried to search for some sort of plugin for this but doesn’t seem there is one. Maybe I will switch over to WordPress…ha if I can convince my sister to do all the work for me! 🙂

    Great post Lynne!

    • Hi Danica

      Nope. I don’t receive a thing when you reply to my comments on your bloggy. Frustrating, huh?

      You are right, there are tons of blogs that don’t have it. Some of them, you have to check the box to receive reply notifications. The problem with that, is then the reader has to get EVERY SINGLE blog comment in THEIR inbox too. It fills their box fast. Ewwwwh.

      Switch to WordPress. Tell your sis that you will take her for a ride in your coolio cars:) for payment. xx

  86. Becca says:

    You are the bestest!! I’ve always used Akismet. Now, I’ve just installed your suggested plugin gem. Bring on the conversations!

    My blog is, as all blogs, a work in progress. Thank you for improving it. Unlike your blog of awesomeness, the target audience for mine is family and friends. I have no business intent. Who knows though. Some day in the distant future I may decide to start selling my wrinkled old … ummm. No. Not that. My paintings. I might sell those.

    Or maybe I’ll just start ranting about the state of the food industry or the environment or something else that I feel is rant worthy. And then I might start getting more comments. It could happen. In the meantime, it will be most awesome to have my sister, uncle, bff or random stranger know when I’ve answered their comment.

    • Becca !

      Just think about how many of your family and peeps will make you yummy desserts and say nice things about you at family reunions ! They will be so thrilled that you had a two way convo with them. Better than a three way. Never mind. Bad joke 🙂

      For everyone else reading these comments… go check out Becca’s paintings on her bloggy http://sketchystyles.com … they are freakin’ epic. LOVE.

      I can draw a stick man. She can draw to the moon and back again.

      Lynne xx

  87. Lynne you are AWESOME! Thank you so much for writing this!! I respond to Every. Single. Comment. that is left on my blog but I’ve been suspecting that no one ever knows. I’ve actually been meaning to look into that & figure out a fix. Thanks for saving me the time.
    Also – Akimset ROCKS! I’ve been using it pretty much since I started my blog & it catches EVERYTHING even remotely spammy. It’s a total “set it & forget it” plugin that I never have to even think about. Which is good. Cause I get distracted a lot. Like a lot a lot. See…what was I saying?? Oh yea. Akimset. Rocks! CAPTCHA? Stinks. Like dirty diapers. You? Kick ass! xo

    • You are most welcome Tash !

      I sat with my pals Dani and Nads from Life Over Easy, and talked about it recently { In the treehouse !!}

      It really prompted me to write about it. So many bloggers work so very hard to answer all the comments, but wonder why no one sees the comments or responds.

      Time for a change. Arms up in the air. Wave!

      Lynne xx

      • Waaaah!! I need some treehouse love in my life too! Actually wait – is the treehouse heated?? Otherwise it will have to wait till the spring. I don’t do cold weather – hence I’ll be commencing hibernation in 3…2…1…..

        • Nope. No heat and NOT insulated. That sounds terrible, non? But here is the cool thing… it has a sexy wood stove.

          I love the smell of the burning logs and the feel of the warm fire. I HATE cold too, so it will only be useable for a little while longer. Sad face. Sad face.

  88. Martina says:

    Every little bit of this post is hilariously, painfully, and BLUNTLY true.

    I wish the google/blogger platform had more reliable comment forms& plugins. Off the scour the depths of the great wide interwebz for a better comment form because even though I don’t subject my readers tocaptcha torture, blogger is a sadistic S.O.B. and needs a swift kick in the CSS.

    • Hey Martina !

      Here is an idea, but it may sound cray cray.

      Transfer your blog to a wordpress platform.

      The reason I say that, is because wordpress is number one in the world. Number one.

      Google loves it. That is a good thaaaaang in the blogging interwebzzz. 🙂 It is better for traffic, better for spam fighting, just all around better.

      I hope that helps, and you don’t want to punch me in the face. 🙂

      Kisses {before you punch me}

      Lynne xx

      • Martina says:

        Honestly Lynne, I’ve danced foot to foot for the whole short life of my blog whether I should just jump ship to WordPress.

        All I hear are very, very good things.

        But survey saaaaaays: WordPress is expensive. Like, way beyond reasonable small time hosting costs.

        I pay a paltry $10 per year for my vanity URL through the Google/blogger platform with free hosting. Comparably, WP starts at a baseline of about $100 bones (from what I’ve read/found) not including the back-end fandango that is sure to make my head spin.

        It’s a bit rich for my cheapskate blood.

        Maybe if I win the lottery, or am hit on the head with the mighty stick of programming knowledge?

        Don’t worry Lynne, I’m a lover not a fighter and I’d never want to muss up your pretty face with a poorly thrown girly-flail-punch 🙂

        • Very good point Martina,

          You should be a lawyer 🙂 or a caribou watcher… where you live 🙂

          To tell you the truth, I haven’t checked pricing for ages, but I think my URL was $15 for the year and wordpress themes are a whole host of pricing.

          Here’s the thing… if you want to use your blog for biz down the road… you need an efficient, fast, well oiled machine of awesomeness.

          It really comes down to goals. If you blog for personal reasons and don’t care about traffic or engagement, then the blogger platform would be okay for that.

          I just SPIT when I said that 🙂


          Lynne 🙂 xx

          • Martina says:

            She speaks truth and sense!

            I’m not sure I would ever monetize, but engagement engagement engagement! You’re hitting every.single.nail. Right on the head.

            Are you sure you’re not a blogging-ninja-guru? 😉

            This needs more consideration. I think I may be seeing the light.


  89. charity says:

    Appreciate your style and fun reads every time!

  90. Cindy says:

    You make a great point. If something becomes too complicated, like remembering a password, I usually give up and move on.

    As far as blog content, I always love to read whatever funny thing you choose. I loved hearing about the furry critters in your tree house.

    New content, hmmmmm. How about more philosophy about designing a successful life. You are a fan of Tony Robbins, right. Love his thoughts.

    Happy Friday

    • Fantastic idea Cindy !

      I have new blog headers/subjects coming on my bloggy soon …

      Design your work life
      Design your family life
      Design your home life….

      and I have some lifestyle/inspiration/success stories to share that could help others to design the life that they want to live.

      Tony Robbins (after he SCREAMED into my ear) before I walked across fire… is a FAB inspiration. Dang, he’s sexy too. LOL.

      Thanks for the shove (in a great way) to get the new headers/blog posts up and running.

      It is FABOOOShhhh to hear that is what some peeps are looking for.

      Many big fat hugs,
      Lynne xx

  91. Kiki says:

    Dear Lynne,
    I L O V E your blog, your way of writing… so clever &funny! English is not my first language, as you can assume from my writing, but I really enjoy reading your posts! I’m a new in the blog-world and I’ve taken so many tips from you. I’m adding a comment because:
    1. following you each week, it was time to write you & thank you!
    2. I wanna test Comment Reply Notification 😉 !

    • Well hellooooooo there Kiki !

      Nice to meet you, and thanks for the epic bloggy comment. I hope this response lands right in your email inbox 🙂

      Testing testing one two three. LOL.

      Much love and big fat giggles,
      Lynne xx