How to make a gorgy gorgeous twig curtain rod

How to make a curtain rod https://lynneknowlton.com/how-to-make-a-curtain-rod/

Have you always thought that most curtain rods are meh?  Are your curtain rods worse than bad?  Negative good? 

*Looks around nervously. Chews thumb.*

Does a curtain rod price tag make your face do this? —>  @!!$ ?

Well, cupcake… that’s all about to change.  


Wave bye bye to your fugly curtain rods because we are about to get our creative twig mojo on…

home decorating ideas for curtain rods
home decorating ideas with mother nature!
How to make a curtain rod and brackets

Why make your own curtain rods?  Because curtain rod prices are off the chart insane.

They’re like a gajillion dollars or something.   

Somewhere around $50,  I lose consciousness.

S-e-r-i-o-u-s-l-y.  Why are they such a stoopid price?

A curtain rod is just a stick pole with two thingies on the end.

It isn’t rocket science.

I digress.

Designing a twig curtain rod is no laughing matter. Okay. It is. 

{insert big toothy grin}

If I can do it, you can do it too.

Make your own curtain rod https://lynneknowlton.com/how-to-make-a-curtain-rod/

Here’s how to make a curtain rod:

You cut it.  You make two brackets to hold it.  You put it up on your wall and you yell at the kids to not effing touch it.

It's ART, dammit.

It’s going to be the single most awesome-est thing you’ve ever make.  No really.

You can do this.

Do it. do it. do it.  <— that was me hypnotizing you.

If I can make a twig curtain rod in the middle of winter … pfffft, then you, my friend… can pretty much do anything.

Like run a marathon.


I think you should run a marathon.

While you’re at it, run to my house.  Don’t forget to bring me a hot rum toddy.

Thanks, man.

How to find twigs:

*    I channeled everything I learned at Girl Scout camp and started looking for twigs this winter. Yeah. I had to say that again.  W.I.N.T.E.R.  Ohhh Emmmm Toooo The Geeeeeeh

*   The problem is, a farm is not a great place to look for twigs.  I mean, it’s not like we have dead tree branches all over the place.

*   The forest is also too far away to walk to in the cold.   *   Soooooo ….I strolled down the driveway.   Seriously, that’s like a 10 km walk.   I almost died from hypothermia.


You’re welcome.

I’m coming to your house next time.

Twig curtain rod https://lynneknowlton.com/how-to-make-a-curtain-rod/

Let’s be clear about one teeny weeny detail.  If you invite me into your home and show me your fancy schmancy dancy curtain rods …. annnnnnd try to convince me that they are all that and a bag a chips…

I won’t have it.

Never have I ever.  Never will I ever.

I’d rather throw myself into a pit of crocodiles.  I ain’t gonna listen to your curtain rod rigmarole.


When I see ugly an ugly, expensive curtain rod ~  it just throws my twig mojo off.

 I needed a cigarette and a nap and I don't even smoke.

It’s stressful, man.

I’m calling bullshit on expensive curtain rods.  For a hundred bucks, I want LOBSTER.   I also want that lobster to be wearing a diamond studded collar.

Make your own curtain rods12
Make your own curtain rods11

I know what you are thinking …

I officially pronounce you ridiculous.

Dude.  Not for long.  You are about to light up your house with twig awesomeness too.

Let’s price this curtain rod, shall we?


That’s a helluva good deal, wouldn’t ya say?   Free gets exponentially better when that free something also happens to be gorgy gorgeous.

I prefer gorgeousness.

I also prefer when someone comes to my house to do the dishes.

Just sayin’.

How’d you get me talking about dishes? 🙂

Anyway… if there’s one thing I know about me, it’s that I almost always circle back around to whatever it was I was talking about three topics ago.   And I shall do that now.  

How to make a Twig Curtain Rod

Step 1 : 

Gather your tools.  Note: Getting tools organized is like herding cats. Tools are like scissors.  You’ll have piles of them but can never find them when you need them. Never mind.  You won’t need scissors, you lucky thang.

Here’s what you’ll need …

1.   Drill  (to pre-drill holes in twig bracket)

2.   Screws

3.   Garden shears to cut branches

4.   A stiff drink  (yeah, self explanatory)

For some tools, you can just wing it.   Use what you have.  It wouldn’t be the first time that you used a butter knife to get the screw into the wall.  Right?  Right.  I rest my case.

Step 2:  

Gather your twigs.  

One branch for the rod.

Two Y shaped branches for your brackets.

There are so many varieties & styles for you to choose from.  The options are endless when you are in the forest or your neighbours yard. Shhhh.  This neighbours yard thingy is a whole ‘nuther story.  {Snicker}

Step 3 : 

When looking for a bracket, look for a Y shape, with one straight side. The straight side will be parallel with the wall.

twig curtain rod ideas 19

Note:  Try to find rods [AKA branches] that are as straight as possible.  I usually make twig rods for curtains that I leave open most of the time.

Another work around is to use curtain rings :

DIY curtain rod 38
DIY curtain rod 41

Step 4:  

Pre-drill a hole in the twig bracket for your screw.  This will make your life easier when you attach the bracket to the wall.

Trust me.

Nuff said.

Remember the stiff drink part?   Sip.

twig curtain rod ideas 5

Step 5:

Screw the brackets to the wall.

twig curtain rod ideas 24

Step 6: 

Let’s land this plane.

Place twig rod on brackets and boom.


Brace yourself.

Brace your curtain rods.

Brace your itty bitty bits.

Just Brace Everything. 

Because you rock out loud

This may be the most awesome-est thing you’ve ever created.

Let’s high five online !!  


PS.  We can do that pinny pinny thang on Pinterest.

 How’s about insta?  I was feeling instapated on instagram for a while there.  I’m okay now.  Thanks for asking.  I freaking love instagram.  Are you over there too?  Uhhhmm.   Addicted.

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Tina H

Lol, What can I say?! Actually read everything you wrote I agree with you on all counts. Your earthy yet eclectic stick art parallels your obtuse delivery. Love It! Well done! Question, I have found a 60 inch long stick of driftwood, that is curvy and has loads of character, to hang white linen curtains over a shower. Intending to display this ‘simple rawness’ (i.e.. no visible hardware) am lil stuck on how to attach this loveliness to the wall. Thinking a few rounds of twine hiding some fishing wire but can’t see how technically to lock er’ in at… Read more »

This article are awesome i really like reading it.


How did you screw the brackets to the wall?


I mean, did you attach picture hanging-type brackets to the backs or something?

Great explanation. I liked your explanation because you have explained with the help of images that tend to understand easily.



How to make a gorgy gorgeous twig curtain rod https://t.co/CQKXQpCzBB

[…] Source: lynneknowlton […]

[…] twig curtain rods are high on my list of projects for the […]


Frugal gold stars (or pyrite, to be thematic) all around!
This project is on the docket for me but I’m wondering if you treated/sealed/correct word I don’t know-ed the woodsy bits? I’m content to wait until we’ve suffered a few hard freezes if them’s’ll do the trick.

Thank you for this wonderful ideas ! I think You really have that creative mind or just your talent maybe. I’M Going to try it out.

I love this rustic idea of yours.


You have a way with words! I laughed all the way through this tutorial and learned about twig curtain rods in the process. Thank you! Love you on Instagram, too. ?

OMG! I think I Love youuuuu!!!! T.xo


On my way to norway – for holidays – but now i am also on a mission = bringing lots of twigs back home . Really nice idea. Thank you and best regards

I love this idea – it’s so rustic and beautiful. 🙂 I love that blanket but jeez 300 buckaroos 🙁 Seriously, when I get a home you’re coming to decorate it Lol 🙂 Hope you’re doing well lovely Lynne! Take Care lovely -Iva


I absolutely adore your website…it’s like chatting with your very best friend! Your humor is most refreshing and makes me laugh out loud.
I too have found bliss through knitting and am a crafty soul ( I attribute to my late grandma).
Thank you for making my day a whole lot cheerier. You rock!!


Fantastic idea! Looks great too. I just found your blog and I just love it. Thanks for sharing so many great ideas!

Alisa Daly

I love this DIY soo much, but I live in the damn desert! All cactus, NO twigs. Lol Gonna go cruise my ‘hood tonite for twigs. Truth. XO

Love, love, love. This, and all your posts!


You are welcome to come to my house and look for branches for your projects. One small problem. I live on the prairie with nary a tree in sight. Sigh. Grass would work, right? Ok, so the Black Hills are close enough that visiting and tree trimming aren’t that big a deal…but you SAID. Oh, and the inside of my house is all tongue in groove wood. Lots and lots and lots of wood in my house. Cool idea- I just need to work a little harder! Thanks!!!

Save a ton of money with this curtain rod #DIY http://t.co/clj7CWD3GF http://t.co/UGHxLKITOP

#DIY How to make a gorgeous curtain rod http://t.co/CQKXQpUb0b http://t.co/Eb4UiPy2c9

#DIY How to make a gorgeous curtain rod http://t.co/CQKXQpUb0b http://t.co/BnYHJlKe92

RT @lynneknowlton How to make gorgy gorgeous curtain rods. It’s no laughing matter. Okay, it is.: Have you a… http://t.co/DHeiyps311

Save a ton of money with this curtain rod #DIY http://t.co/clj7CWD3GF http://t.co/bOblINVghv

#DIY How to make a gorgeous curtain rod http://t.co/CQKXQpCzBB http://t.co/PO9SljE3Qi

#DIY How to make a gorgeous curtain rod http://t.co/CQKXQpCzBB http://t.co/ISMUNwwX3K

#DIY How to make a gorgeous curtain rod http://t.co/CQKXQpCzBB http://t.co/E90W5t9D4E

DIY: How to make a curtain rod. http://t.co/CQKXQpUb0b http://t.co/gVgFiKRQWw

Save a ton of money with this curtain rod #DIY http://t.co/clj7CWD3GF http://t.co/XsK6GIkfm3

Jessica Allossery liked this on Facebook.

#DIY How to make a gorgeous curtain rod http://t.co/CQKXQpUb0b http://t.co/D4TjjL74xF

I made ur baileys..yummy,where did u find the jar? I saw in ur photos…

Courtney Mullins Price liked this on Facebook.

Joyce Goden liked this on Facebook.

How to make gorgy gorgeous curtain rods. It’s no laughing matter. Okay, it is. http://t.co/wp61AcHPiq

Save a ton of money with this curtain rod #DIY http://t.co/clj7CWD3GF http://t.co/Dyp5dEoovD

DIY: How to make a curtain rod. http://t.co/CQKXQpUb0b http://t.co/preet1aHii

Heather Oberg liked this on Facebook.

I absolutely love this idea! I live in the coastal south and this would look so yummy in a beach house! Thanks for sharing. Love your blog! (Watch for mine, coming soon.)


OMG you crack me up! Thanks for the laugh!

DIY: How to make a curtain rod. http://t.co/CQKXQpUb0b http://t.co/rKQ220rfqX

RT @Lifeovereasy: Put your pooch to work finding you some sticks and make these brilliant curtain rods by @lynneknowlton http://t.co/D8AkI…

RT @Lifeovereasy: Put your pooch to work finding you some sticks and make these brilliant curtain rods by @lynneknowlton http://t.co/D8AkI…

Put your pooch to work finding you some sticks and make these brilliant curtain rods by @lynneknowlton http://t.co/D8AkIkI5Br #DIY

Lynne honey. Thanks for calling me Smarty Pants. I really like that name. I may change my facebook to Smarty Pants Dani. But I need to say that all my twig smarty-pants-ness came from you, because I shamelessly stole your twig curtain rod idea. That’s the best thing about the internet – you can steal brilliant ideas from your friends. And your readers can feel free to steal from me any time, because friends of yours are friends of mine. For curtain rod ideas, I suggest they stick with you though, because you are definitely the curtain twig queen. And… Read more »


I’m so inspired. I need white paint, velvet curtains in blue, and twigs…today…I need this done in my daughters room today!!! Pls come help…. Lynne, I need some help on that shower curtain rod in the bathroom- shower curtain rods- ugg. Love my Coyuchi linen curtain- but never found a rod (shower-heehee) that I liked. Any advice?
Sincerely, shower rod ashamed in Seattle

Mary W

Forgot to ask – is that red slide-sih looking thing coming out of your tree house and going down a slide? shoot? fun for kids and actual people? just easy way to get stuff down from tree? or meant for Santa cause it is red and in the snow – can you tell I live in Florida?


I’ve had twig curtain rods for 12 years in my farmhouse ‘blue suede” guest bedroom. Used cherry limbs sans bark from trees on our property. They have held up really well. Airy white curtains hang and billow from them when the window is open. One thing I’ve learned: get limbs with few or no knots. It’s tougher to open the curtains (which are on rings) with a knot along the length of the rod…gets stuck!. Trying to come up w/other practical ideas for using pruned limbs/tree parts around the house. Love bringing nature inside. Thanks for your always entertaining and… Read more »

Mary W

Your photography is wonderful – just like being there only warmer. I LOVE – LOVE – LOVE the picture/painting of your outside light looking towards the tree tops. Started my brain whirling around ideas of my own home.


Yeah, hi. I’m new. My sister is new. She recently introduced me to your blog and … OK, I’ll just say it: we love you. We call you Bestie Treehouse Lynne (BTL for short, because, you know, we’re savvy like that) and we want to know if you need live-in interns. And by live-in, I mean inhabit your treehouse. And by interns, I mean design the crap out of things while we just sit and laugh 1,000% of the time because it’s all so gloriously silly and fun. We don’t care that beautiful spring is just now starting to arrive… Read more »

Jo Blondin liked this on Facebook.

{ New Blog Post } How to make gorgy gorgeous curtain rods. It’s no laughing matter. Okay, it is.: Have you a… http://t.co/YxPDRfVfpP



John L

Well, I have to say up front that I make beautiful things for the interior design industry. And one of the things I also do is install my work, which includes hanging draperies. So naturally I am a bit prejudged. I am intrigued by the one treatment consisting of the pipe. That has great possibilities for development. The use of twigs…….?

But I do just love your tutorial on the sliding barn door, and your Amish deal. Fantastic!

Ann Cantley liked this on Facebook.

How to make gorgy gorgeous curtain rods. It’s no laughing matter. Okay, it is. http://t.co/PlOAi1RDVn


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