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How to turn a photograph into a painting

Glaze is a FREE photo app that converts a photo into a painting.


Hard to believe, isn’t it ?!

Well the proof is in the puddin’ and here comes the proof :

What the what what ??

How epic was THAT ?!

Seriously.  For reals.  Epic.

Amazeballs of painting awesomeness is what this app is all about.

It was love at first sight for me.

And believe-you-me, it takes a lot for an app to become an app favourite.  I mean….

Thick as thieves.


I don’t just let any ‘ol app take up real estate on my phone.

*  It must knock my socks off.

*  It must blow me over with a feather.

*  It must take me to the moon and back again

*  It must meet all of the above requirements, before I will even so much as blink-an-eye at it.


I want the pizzazz.  The whole shebang.   The entire enchilada.


How to turn your photos into paintings with a simple app called Glaze. Learn how here : lynneknowlton.com

It must be epic photo app bliss to make us happy.  Right ? Right !

Are you with me on this one?

It has to be sooooo brilliant, we can’t resist it.

If you don’t feel that way about your photo apps,  I’m not sure we can be friends anymore.

Unless you like butter tarts.  If so, we are friends again.  Just like that.  Lickity-split.

You’re my buddy.

My butter tart buddy.

Photo apps need to be irresistible.

Like a butter tart.

And free is a sweet bonus too.

Thank Gawd butter tarts aren’t free.  I would be the size of a house.


Turn your photos into paintings with a simple photo app called Glaze. Learn HOW on Design The Life You Want to Live blog at lynneknowlton.com

With photo apps, I prefer the price tag of FREE.

Ring ring.

What’s that sound ?

Oh that’s the sound of free.


How to create your own paintings from photos with an easy app. Read more here : lynneknowlton.com

It is super simple to navigate this app.  I tested it in a very scientific way.

*   I didn’t read any instructions

*   I pushed all the buttons to figure out how to navigate it.

*   It took me about one minute to learn how to use it.

*   I uploaded my crappiest photos to the app.

*    I scientifically concluded that if an app can make a crap photo look great, well… then that app is my new bestie.

*  Signed, sealed and delivered ….


Turn your photos into paintings with a simple photo app called Glaze. Learn HOW on Design The Life You Want to Live blog at lynneknowlton.com


How do you do this magic painting stuff without magic mushrooms ?

1.   Take a photo (or use one from your existing photo gallery on your iDevice)

2.   Upload the photo into the Glaze app

3.   Push all the buttons and see what paint style of filter that you like

4.  Wham bam~ you have a painting, Picasso.

5.   Share it with everyone you know and pretend you painted it all by yourself.

6.  Tahhh dahhh you are suddenly an exquisite painter.

Any photo.

Becomes a painting.

Ohhh ehhmmm Geeeee.

Save the photo to your phone or share it on Facebook, Twitter, email, or as a postcard.

You can even have a postcard printed and shipped anywhere in the world.  I didn’t try that. I was impressed that I could possibly send it as a postcard.  I don’t mail things.  Why?  Our local post office is located in a bakery.  Seriously.  A bakery.  Filled with butter tarts.  And pie.  Torture.  I gain 5 pounds just walking through the post office.  And you think I joke.  Do I need to show you my muffin top ? It is serious business.

Who can say NO to a butter tart ? Not me.

 Hence….no mail….no postoffice…no nuttin’…….no postcards.

P.S. I wasn’t paid with liquorice or Hubba Bubba gum or butter tarts  to say this about Glaze.  Nothing.  Nada.  Just pure app love.

AND….the truth is… I downloaded GLAZE because my fellow blogger pal Janet from House Four managed to get me addicted show me this app.

I am not sure if I should

throttle her

or kiss her.

Someone is a wee bit addicted to photo apps and I am not mentioning names.

*  pointing finger right back in my own face  *

*  and maybe Janet’s face too xx  *

I personally think this app is kicking ass and taking names in the app world.  They made this app so easy to create such art.

What is there not to love?

Dangerous play.


Turn your photos into paintings with a simple photo app called Glaze. Learn HOW on Design The Life You Want to Live blog at lynneknowlton.com

Would you believe you don’t even need to touch a paint brush to do this stuff ?  I didn’t go near a bottle of wine paint to make these photos.

I swear.

Turn your photos into paintings with a simple photo app called Glaze. Learn HOW on Design The Life You Want to Live blog at lynneknowlton.com

I paid for these paintings with monopoly money.  Funny money.  You know the kind.


Need more inspiration ? Check out another bloggers take on the Glaze app : iPhoneography with the GLAZE app.

One thing to keep in mind is that you must have an iDevice… iPhone, iPod… to use this app.

If you know of an app that is similar for androids, please share in the comments to help our android friends.  Or send them a butter tart.  They will be fine.

Turn your photos into paintings with a simple photo app called Glaze. Learn HOW on Design The Life You Want to Live blog at lynneknowlton.com

I have a few other favourite photo apps that you can use on other smart phones too.  You can read about those here on the blog :  My favourite apps

Want to see more?  There are a few more funky painted photos here in my instagram.

Dear Glaze, I love you.
If your name was Blaze, you and I would be on fire.
Dear blog readers, you're welcome.
Send me a butter tart.

How about you ?

What’s your favourite photo app ?

Share with sugar bear.


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  1. Joquim says:

    Wonderful tool, however my biggest problem with many of such tools is that I often fall in love with them and they either close down or stop being updated.

    • True true true Joquim! This is actually a really old blog post too. I will double check the apps and make sure they are all still updated versions. Thanks for the awesome reminder!

      Big love,

  2. King says:

    my finished photo/painting will not allow me to save/share! What is up?

  3. Jeffrey Zeiberg says:

    We need to work together to add a feature that transforms the picture to a Picasso cubistic style photo.

  4. Marguerite says:

    Am looking forward to exploring your blog! & I LOVE GLAZE! It is great on its own for all of the reasons you have cited and incredible when combined with a touch of Photoshop.

    • Great idea to mix it with a touch of photoshop Marguerite !! I try to avoid photoshop because it makes me want to punch it in the face.. LOL… it can be complicated … but now you have me inspired ! 🙂

      Lynne xx

  5. Tara says:

    would love to try this to do family pictures for holiday’s

  6. Tanya says:

    Hi Lynne,
    I need you to write a “doctor-kind of note” to my husband to explain why it seems like I’ve done nothing “of value” today. You see, I discovered your website and have been awfully busy exploring it and the minutes and the hours just flew by….you understand?!?
    Despite of what he’ll say, I’m glad I discovered it and will even pass it on to my unsuspecting friends.
    Have a great weekend and I will look forward to reading more.


    • That sounds like something of value Tanya. Haha.

      Here’s your note :

      Dear hawt husband,

      (I’m going to assume you are hawt, because Tanya seems like she has good taste 🙂

      You won’t believe what Tanya has been up to. Shhhh. The secret is safe with me.

      Much love you !

      PS. Tanya,
      If you are subscribed, there is a whole 50 page ebook of my kick ass apps that I adore. That free downloadable could be dangerously fun for you 🙂

      MWah !!

  7. Cate Moore says:

    You are so generous to share the stuff you’ve learned with others. It is always so helpful. And you’re funny as hell! *love* who you are and all you do to make the online universe way way more fun! xo

  8. Lotta says:

    Hi Lynne, where do I get my “painting” printed on a canvas? Thanx, Lotta

    • Hi Lotta
      I would try a local print shop or Michaels craft store.
      Let me know what you find… I would like to print a few myself. I have seen some printed on wood too, and they are pretty.

  9. Keith Byrne says:

    Hey beautiful lady, Cancer sucks, well you will get no argument from me on that matter. Diagnosed with lung cancer several months ago, and 2 months ago they cut out half my right lung. time will tell if they got it all. Just getting back on my feet.
    If you like glaze, you might like this. Its actually online. Just upload a photo and it will apply various photo to painting filters.


    Regards, and Best Wishes,
    Keith Byrne

  10. Courtney says:

    omg, I am so excited to know about this app!!! thanks for keeping the rest of us current, Lynne!! downloading it right now…

  11. Carol says:

    Thank you Lynne, people make some truely great things., I will use Glaze in the future I’m sure. Bye for now

    • Hi Carol !
      I’m about 6 months late in asking you this question… LOL… !! How is the glaze app? Did you give it a whirl ?
      I am still addicted to it. I have painted the whole fam dam. ha!
      Have a fab day !!

  12. Cindy says:

    Those pictures are awesome. I’m running off to the App Store. Hope you are having a wonderful Saturday!

  13. Lynne your love for our app is the stuff of dreams for us. We worked hard on it, hoping it would find it’s way to people like you!!! Thank you!!!

    The 11ers

    • Good job Gilles !!! and my oh my that is a french name !

      I just read some reviews on your site and they are epic. You guys rock it !

      The app world is taken by storm by your incredible development of this app. It was a pleasure to share on the blog. My blog readers know I only write about the things I truly love. I think everyone else should get addicted to it too. LOL. Problem is, I am also craving butter tarts now. haha !

      Congrats on all your hard work ! You will have many people who will be happy as clams playing with your epic app.


  14. Michael says:

    Oliver is your best friend? I thought I was 🙂 Oh yea… note to self…think abundance.

    Truth is, I know you have tons of LOVE to go around, and around, and around…


  15. Tracy says:

    Lynne, your blog made me laugh, just as I am about to announce our first Shed with the Chandelier postcard exhibition… you write this 🙂 Oh I love a challenge – if I can get you to walk to the post office with a bit of your own original artwork, writing or music link on it and send a postcard to a shed in the Med. then the rest will be easy 🙂 x

    • Tracy !
      You need me to send a postcard? From a post office? You are killing me. LOL. I will be like a dog with their nose up in the air *sniff* sniff * is that a butter tart that I smell ? ha!
      Lynne xx

  16. Janet says:

    You need to print that second image of your treehouse and hang it IN your treehouse 😉
    And the Eiffel tower images – Pure artwork, I tell you!
    We definitely need a 12 step program Lynne. Apps are way too addictive and I’m running out of memory on my phone!

    • Ok Janet,
      I will print that image if you come to the treehouse and help me hang it up. Should be easy to nail a hole in those walls. LOL. We may need some squirrel repellant tho.
      I downloaded iColorama btw’s and now I am stuck. I need tutorial for all that app awesomeness. Treehouse date? 🙂 *wishing the snow will melt* xx

      • For some reason your reply didn’t come to my inbox this time – i didn’t know you had replied! But I’m game for an iColorama tutorial anytime…it’s a superfun app and you will love it! Treehouse date for sure! and if you email me that photo, i can print it for you on my coolio printer 🙂