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How to decorate with white paint, white decor.. white awesomeness!


I don’t know how it happened.

I became a WHITE paint and home decor trollop of sorts.

A definite trollop.

A lover of WHITE.

White madness.

WHITE everything.

A whirlwind of WHITE BLISS-FUL-NESS.




This is one of my favourite design journeys evvhaaa.

 I am making my way through our house with white paint

freak-out-ness loveliness.

  {Michael is bracing himself at this very moment reading this }

 Of this, I am certain.

The only WHITE that he can relate to is what is in our back yard :


Not me.  I seem to see WHITE everywhere.

And if it isn’t white it surely becomes white.

I dragged placed this bench in from our front porch, put it at our dining table & threw on some sheepskin for the tooshies.    Never mind that we once had REAL dining room chairs.  Real chairs are for sissies.


Our dining room table/chairs


The The Art Of Doing Stuff  taught me that wee little sheepskin tip.  I only looked at them on the floor before.  What was I thinking ?!! If you want to pee your pants a little laughing, go visit her blog.  I stalk love her blog~ constantly.

I suppose I shouldn’t confess that.

She will never let me meet her chickens now.  Yes, she has chickens.    I brag about her chicken coop and her shenanigans to Michael. I tell him the stories as if Karen was my BFF. He now calls her my ‘imaginary friend‘.  Enough about my embarrassing stalker life.

On to something très important….


P.s. These wall flower decor magnets  are a cinch to hang. Stick the ‘THUMBTACK” in the wall…and you are DONE.  Presto.  You are brilliant.

Urban Barn wall magnets

Back to that hubby of mine….He is such a….


*I am buttering him up for what is about to happen.

Technically my white festival is well underway , but I am trying to break it to him gently.

It’s on the DOWN-LOW because I am running this phase alongside of my ‘PUT EVERY VINTAGE DOOR THAT WE OWN ~ON A TRACK’ phase.

 It is not often that I run so many projects simultaneously.

{Note : that was a bold faced lie}

You can see the door track hardware here and the free DIY tutorial here.



So, I am keeping these projects QUIET and under my wing, so to speak.

Not mentioning it all at once to the hubs.


Broadcasting it on the blog, or anything like that.

That is breaking it to him gently, wouldn’t you agree?



DIY -> twigs meet white spray paint

Once upon a time, I was a designer who loved colour on the walls.

 Incredible intense pops of colour.

 In hindsight, I wonder if I was dropped on my head as a baby.

 I painted some pretty wacked out colours.

If there is one big fat lesson I can share as a designer, it is this…


{ I am screaming that from a roof top }

It is so important that I had to put those words in CAPS.

My choice of late is WHITE and then pop in colour is other places….wall decor, throw pillows, and art.  Whatever your choice of color is at the time, run with it.  You can always change it.  It is only paint.

A pop of colour ! Balinese mirror created from reclaimed colourful fishing boats



PAINT is truly one of the fastest, least expensive ways to change up a room.  Done.  Easy sneezy.  And if you don’t like it.  Change it.  It is only a gallon of paint for crying out loud.

It is not world peace.

It is perfectly safe to change it up.

It happened to me, and I am a pro.  I could start a book.  Confessions of an interior designer.


We moved to Paris for two years and I looked at a bizmillion homes/apartments to live in for the fam.  No word of a lie, every single one of them were painted…you guessed it… WHITE.


At first, I was all little miss smarty pants….

Can you hear me now ?!! :  ” Well it sure would be easy to be an interior designer in Paris. Just paint everything white. Dahhhh.”

Can you hear that smart~aleck in my voice?  Because I was.


So now, I eat my words.  I am eating crow big time.  I admit it.  I was hit with the stupid stick.  The stupid one that ignored white. That was then.  This is now.



I am white-i-fying my house.  If I could throw a big bucket of white paint all over everything, it would not be a moment too soon. If I had a freakin’ fairy wand, I would wave it ~ abracadabra WHITE.  Reality sucks.

I have hit three rooms with my abracadabra white stick so far. I am going to make my way through the entire house with it.  There will be no stone unturned.  No moss growing on this space.

I am certain Michael is reading this post right now and having an internal freak out moment.

Yes,  I even started to sneak some white in the barn too.

BARN =  Michael’s place ( he adores it ).

White. In the Barn.

My fault.  His problem.

Barn LOVE ~ White lights from Ikea

I know I didn’t start this WHITE trend.


White paint meets Bohemian style with rural warmth and oodles of comfort.

Rural warmth.


 Country decor makes me throw up in my mouth a little bit.

Our living room driftwood lights


I am not stuck on only one white.


And I am not stuck just on one kind of light.  I just happened to be enjoying taking pictures of them with my INSTAGRAM APP so you will have to stare at a few extra pix of these lights….{cause I luuuuurve them}….


Bohemian Driftwood from Bali mixed with an Edison Bulb {my FAVE style of bulb}


P.S. Every photo today is via the INSTAGRAM APP.

I love

cool white

warm white


Our kitchen ELMIRA Stove.


crisp white

layered white.


Vintage glass


Gimme white any-way-you-got-it

But gimme WHITE.

See, I’m not fussy.


I am cool with throwing in splashes of colour here and there on a wall.  I occasionally paint ONE wall a colour, but white still makes its way on the scene.



White Twig Curtain Rod

Twigs meet white spray paint


I only use the twig rods in areas where the curtain is not going to see a lot of open/closing action.  Otherwise, I may ninja the curtain rod right out of the wall.  It is a great DIY project because creating a twig curtain rod is a snap.  Twigs are easy to find.  You can steal them from your neighbours tree if you don’t have one.  The twig wall bracket is drop dead easy to make too.  After you have chopped branches off of your neighbours tree ~ simply cut a Y shape for the bracket and screw it to the wall.  Use a plug in that wall too.  Learn from my mistakes.  It ouch-smarts when the twig falls on your head.  I almost threw it out the window when that happened.  It could have joined my air conditioner  when it met its death out my bedroom window this summer.  Last but not least, I covered the screw heads with wood filler and painted them white.  Tah dahhh- magic !




Next, I threw on some linen curtains.  I use natural fibres like cotton & linen  every chance I get.  You are not going to get a gorgeous soft look from polyester.  I promise. And I won’t come and visit you.  Polyester curtains give me the heebie-jeebies.  There are some exceptions to this rule. It is ok to break the rule, but first you have to learn it.  Go natural or go home.  This particular curtain  shown above is from West Elm.  I adore their linen curtains. I like to hang them long and draped to a puddle effect on the floor. West Elm linen curtains are a half way decent price {for linen}.  Not screaming cheap nor screaming outlandishly expensive.  Somewhere in the middle. That works.  I can buy them, and still stay married when the credit card bill comes in.

I am cool with that.


Balinese mirror finds a new home in our living room


Ready for this white journey ?  Want to take it with me?  Get out ‘yer paint.  We are going to have a fantastic ride together.  We can start our pact RIGHT NOW.  Room by room, one by one…we can conquer it, one paint can at a time.  We can start a white-loving-bohemian stylin’-love festival on white.




Jump up.

Get going, we are about to start a WHITE BOHEMIAN WAVE ….

Cheers !!

Lynne xx


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  1. […] as natural wood for a long time.  It looked fine.  Then life changed around here.  I became a white paint lovin’ trollop and painted everything that didn’t move… white.  For the outhouse,  we mixed white […]

  2. Lynn says:

    I am with you all the way when it comes to using white paint on EVERYthing – with a few pops of color in my accessories. I am curious as to what type of white paint you use for a warm white. I want my rooms to look all cozy and romantic. Any shot you can tell me your secret warm white paint color? Thanks & white on!!!

  3. […] is no secret that I have an undying love of twig curtain rods.  Pocahontas and I could absolutely be buds, except I would be jealous of her hair…. […]

  4. […] certainly isn’t the food.  I’d rather paint the kitchen, than cook in it.  I love white paint and the staggering simplicity it brings to a […]

  5. Patricia says:

    Ps. I have been on the ‘white ‘wagon’ for decades. Everyone thought I was barking mad! Now, I am still into white everywhere as color can be added. Unless you have a grubby hubby like mine who likes to wipe the dirt everywhere ……….. That is what washing machines are for and wipe cloths.

  6. Patricia says:

    Luv luv luv your ideas! You are a girl after my own heart.
    I was flicking away whilst staying with my brother and am now hooked. I will not be checking in for at least ten days or so whilst I am away but boy will I have lots of fun with you and your ideas. I have already sent your recipe for the home made Baileys to my friend in Portugal, lets see how many other friends world wide I can get tipsy, oops, hooked into making the liquid gift. Keep up the amazingly good work x

  7. Hey Lynne,

    I’m jumpin’ on the white-wagon too. Who’s brand and what colour of white did you use on your walls? Oh, what finish too – flat, satin, yada-yada-yada?

    Luv ya,

  8. Charmaine kingston says:

    Was going to ask where i could buy the driftwood light fixture, so love it. Then you mention Bali, guess I’m not getting it .

  9. sherrie says:

    You are too funny…I am moving to the Queen Charlotte Islands …planning to do beach decor.

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      Sherrie ….Queen Charlotte ISLANDS ??!!!! Did you say ISLAND ?????!!! Uhhm, I had to type a billion exclamation marks….because you said that magic word. ISLAND. Need a roommate ? I promise, I only eat boxes of cookies and popcorn for dinner. You won’t even notice me there. 🙂
      Lynne xx

  10. Dominique says:

    Okay one last comment and I will leave you alone! I love white – in someone else’s life/house. It’s just not me! We bought a house in 1997, everything was white and I told my hubby we need color before we move in – I lost. (But during a vacation- when he was at work) I managed to sneak in birght cheerful curtains, which was a good compromise BUT in 2001 his family came over (well it wasn’t the first time, it’s just that that time they took the picture LOL) and took a picture in our kitchen- and when he saw that picture he said – Gosh, I can’t believe how WHITE our house looks; it’s soooo …w.h.i.t.e! DUH! That summer when he was at work (starting to see the theme?) I repainted the WHOLE house, one room at a time – every night he came home and would say – I just LOVE what you are doing to the house! YES!!!!!!! he did buck at the yellow for the kitchen, but then I convinced him and it was wonderful wonderful wonderful…for 3 year and then we sold the house.

    BUT my new house has color!

    Brown and white make me shiver in my skin…they look gorgeous in HOUZZ but, they make me gag when I think of them in my house!

    Thanks for letting me share!

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      Hey Dominique
      It seems our paths in life are very similar. I did the exact same thing !!! haha! Then, this year, I went back to all white everywhere. Too funny.
      I still splash colour just for kicks, but the white just seems to soothe.
      My next blog post is about using old doors and DIY tracks. That is how I splash my colour in now. Woohoo!
      You may need to sneak some track doors in next 🙂

  11. Cindy says:

    You are so right about paint! It is “Magical” 🙂
    I Love your curtain rods made of Twigs by the way!
    I’ve got some nice twigs waiting for some white paint on my back patio. Our home is unique but dark so I am trying to find ways to brighten it up on the inside, I plan to paint the twigs and add some stringed white lights (with white cord of course) into the darkest corner of our home! 🙂

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      Hi Cindy !
      That is a brilliant plan that you have goin’ on, girlie ! The white paint will make everything feel fresh & Light & bright. It will be FABULOUS! You could paint your twig rods white ( or leave natural) and you could spray paint twigs in a pot, and you could just spray anything white that happens to walk by you. LOL. Imagine how light that would look ?!!
      I would love to see a photo when you get ‘r done. Send me photos! I would LOVE THAT !!
      Lynne xx

  12. i am a freak for COLOR–but i loved this post–it helped me see how WHITE is a COLOR, TOO! thanks for the inspiration. driftwood lamps==gorgeous! i’m enjoying your blog!

  13. Alex says:

    If you have a Pinterest account I am going to stalk it. I love every single thing on this page. I am obsessed with wood + white paint. We painted our entire house white inside and are slowly progressing to look like a farmhouse meets BEHR Premium.

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      Hi Alex !
      We may be farmhouse, white paint sista’s ! I bet your place is looking great !! After the initial shock of the big white wave…it is beautiful, isn’t it? Yes, I have a pinterest account. I see we are stalking each other now 🙂 xx

  14. Lynda says:

    OMG I Lurve this blog 🙂 having been inspired I have now scoured the internet for someone who can supply and post Urban Barn wall magnets to the UK, we have nothing even similar here, how fabulous they look in your home, keep on blogging, Lyn x

    • Lynne Knowlton says:

      Hi Lynda !
      Thanks for the blog love !! I wish I knew of a great place to buy the wall magnets in the UK. You are so lucky to live in the UK. I love it there !!
      On a completely different note, have you ever shopped at the Celtic Sheepskin Company ? They are on line, and in the UK. I LOVE their stuff. Great coats, and yumminess all around. If I lived in the UK, it would be dangerous. So many great places to see, to shop…and the Lavender Barn would be top of my list. xx

  15. White and I are best friends! My entire house is white 🙂 Chantilly Lace – Benjamin Moore. 🙂 I love how clean it feels. And I’m crazy for your livingroom lights. Love love love.

    Will the treehouse get whacked with the white magic stick???

  16. I’m am also a white freak (and my husband has regular white freakOUTS) so in that we are sisters-in-arms. LOVED the post!! Love also your Balinese driftwood lights … colour me jealous 🙂

    • Hi April
      I thought you may love WHITE with your white mirror project at hand. Hope you rock that mirror! Hang in there..some of the best design ideas are inspired by initial disaster ( speaking from huge design disaster experience ) :)) Lynne

  17. I enjoyed the post on White Paint…so much so I may divorce My obsession with Black.


    • Hiya Betty ! I just shared your smokin’ hot cleaning tip with my pal Tara (comment below). Gotta run…I am off to rescue some of my stained slip covers with your CASCADE cleaning tip. You rock out loud. Cheers! Lynne

  18. Tara says:

    Love this, Lynne. All your style!! I also love white paint. But, here is where we differ…I have preschoolers dirtying up my home, on a daily basis. My airy white walls have greasy black hand smudge all over them, all around the three foot high mark. The baseboards, worse, and the doorways, FORGET IT. My clean, white bedding? Leaves, a pinecone, and, what I can only hope, chocolate smears.
    So, I think for me, until my children are older, I am going back to painting everything turquoise and hot pink. Oh! I have those Umbra flowers. Love them too!! Fun, easy, and they made me feel very crafty indeed!
    Hope to see you again soon,
    PS. I do suspect my husband is also a white ruiner culprit, but for now, I can’t prove it…

    • Tara -you have the wall flowers too? Imagine us, wall flowers ?! Too funny! You are never going to believe me, but I think white is easier to clean sometimes. White bleach comes to my rescue A LOT. I just learned a fab cleaning tip from a fellow blogger.
      Use Cascade Dishwasher Soap ( yup, it is true, dishwasher soap) to soak your stained stuff in. Soak it in hot water with the Cascade…and voila !!…clean as new! …and she had lemon tips too….
      I am just a wealth of knowledge today 🙂 haha…
      And P.S. you are a doll for reading my blog and commenting. Love ya for it. xx

  19. Bee Eastman says:

    I love white also but lately I’ve gotten brave and added some color. What sticks in my mind is something someone once said to me: ‘ that white is safe and you don’t want to take the leap to something sexy, cheerful.’ You can still be a trollop and do it without white!! ❤❤

    • So true Bee ! I occasionally go for the leaps of color too. It is brilliant to go sexy and cheerful in a home -in all the right places….I completely agree with you. I always think of paint as just that…paint. We are not married to it. So it is fun to change it up and kick it up a notch here and there. I am now, technically, mostly white…but I definitely throw in some red, some greens , some blues…so I don’t YAWN. haha. Lynne xx

  20. Maureen says:

    Can’t believe I’m going to be hanging with a ‘Trollop’ … Let alone a White paint Trollop in Chicago. That’s OK… I’m a passionate Scorpion colour lover, so I guess we’ll balance each other. I do have ONLY white dinner ware at home, the cottage and condo. Does that count?

    • Completely counts Mo ! I still love colour in certain places so we might still be safe :))) I am beaming with excitement for CHICK-A-GO ! Chicago won’t know what hit it…with all these designer gals painting the town. Pun intended :)) xx

  21. Beautiful! And funny. (If even slightly certifiable!) I love white. Crisp. Clean. Pure. White. Where would your life be without Pinterest of Instagram?! I hope you think of me whenever you use your Instagram!

    • Totally certifiable LOL. Pinterest and Instagram are such a hoot. It is absolutely incredible to think how Pinterest has grown so HUGE in the past 6 months. I can see why. It is almost as blissful as white ! …and Instagram photos are soooo easy. Luuurve it ! …almost as much as I love you Miss Jessica. xx

  22. Anonymous says:

    I love your style, I, too, am a white lover. . .Best to you and your hubby.