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Here’s theeeee Most. Insanely. Delicious. Latte. Idea. Ever. ( yup, my coffee was strong.) Coffee gives me unrealistic expectations of productivity. And therefore, I love it.

In your opinion, how should a good latte be made?

I actually enjoy oat milk in my coffee. Who knew that coffee and oats would be the bees knees of delish? When people say coffee is supposed to be made a certain fancy dancy way, I tell them to shut it. Coffee should be made however you want it to be made. It’s yours! It’s one of the most customizable things that you can drink. If you want something, then just get it.

I am so happy to have found a milk alternative for coffee that I am excited to drink every single day. I’ve been latte obsessed for years, but have always known that milk was not the best choice for me. It wasn’t until I started trying oat milk that I started feeling like I could really shift away from dairy. PS. I’m not missing dairy at all !!

{ insert pep talk when I see ice cream}

It has taken a few months to perfect, but I’m now hooked on the oat milk latte life.

Owning a frother is key because adding the oat milk straight into coffee just falls flat. My Mom found this frother on amazon. It’s so reasonably priced and takes your coffee from a 1 to a 10/10. A ten. Ten thousand. Ten.

It’s that good.

I feel like I need to pack it wherever I go! We have tested out a bunch of brands of Oat milk and our favourite is Earths Own unsweetened vanilla.


We make our coffee in a Chemex (best ever!) We don’t take ourselves too seriously in our Chemex technique and it still works perfectly every time. Lately, we’ve been even lovin’ the Moka Pot. I find the best moka pot combo is 1/3 steamed oat milk, 1/3 espresso (about a shot), 1/3 foamed oat milk to top.

I sometimes throw in a splash of maple syrup and a dash of cinnamon.

Recently I’ve been adding this collagen powder in as well, but it’s not a necessary step. I just do it if I am feelin’ it.

Fully craving one after writing this all out.

Fueled by coffee…

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  1. Bobbi Pentney says:

    I could always use more energy.

  2. Abigail Webber says:

    I have not looked back since discovering oatmilk!

  3. Nicolette says:

    Hello! I am on a mission to slowly cut out as much dairy as possible and recently picked up Open Nature’s oat “ice cream”, the vanilla caramel flavor, and it was delish! Like surprisingly good. Give it a whirl and it may fill that ice cream void 🙂 I now need to try oat milk in my coffee