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Cooooooompletely obsessed with this diffuser, at night time. It even has a night light built right in. Ya know, for the boogie man and all. I love it so much, that I seriously feel uncomfortable if it’s not within my reach at all times.  See more on www.lynneknowlton.com

How do you feel about essential oils?  We’re o.b.s.e.s.s.e.d. Should we admit that in our outside voices ?!  They are so wonderful and perfect and we can’t talk about them for a second longer or we’ll bawl.


We partnered with Saje (apparently they didn’t know we were cray. 😂 oxxo ) for a giveaway for you! Choose your fave diffuser and diffuser blend, and let us know in the comments of this blog post, below. You must also follow @sajewellness and @lynneknowlton on Instagram to qualify to win.


Our alllllll time fave scents are YOGA (omg) and GOOD KARMA (holy cow).

We have been buying Saje products for about 4375973 years. LOVE. Recently, Saje sent us some of their newest diffusers and blends and holy batman. Oh la la. Tristan and I were so stoked, we took a bunch of photos of our fave saje-ness. Then the photos went up to the cloud. Do you ever put your photos in the cloud and then you can’t get them down from the cloud?

Nobody understands the cloud.

Do you suppose the cloud is up there, floating around, laughing at how out of control our lives have become? 

Pass the merlot.

See that essential-oil-ness set up there? ^^  I think everyone should have essential oils in their life, but then again… I like wine, popcorn and cookies..and I’m wearing my shirt inside out, so take my advice with a grain of salt. I’m obvs not skilled at adult life decisions. 

That, plus I broke my ankle { and holy batman that sucker hurts.}

I’m officially a toats ma goats klutz.

You know how I’m always saying look up in life, instead of down? Stoopid advice. I was looking up at the trees and squirrels at the treehouse + cabin, and missed a step. The squirrels are so seriously sassy. As I was looking at a squirrel … I swear…. he flipped me the bird.

Yes, this is my elegant self without nail polish on one toe and wondering how I will hold my wine glass and crutches at the same time. These are my first world problems.

How we use

in our daily riff raff

Here’s the thing. There is something about diffusing oils that just turns a day around. The smell. The feel. The look. It’s ahhhhhh. They don’t fix broken ankles but they make me feel better about my life choices. haha.


We have a wee collection in our treehouse laTREEn that we have stacked on a vintage wall rack. The diffuser chugs along for hours on end and I swear, I wish my nose could just live in there forever. I’m losing my mind over it. Love it. It’s ridiculously amazing.

Cooooooompletely obsessed with this diffuser, at night time. It even has a night light built right in. Ya know, for the boogie man and all. I love it so much, that I seriously feel uncomfortable if it’s not within my reach at all times.  See more on www.lynneknowlton.com

Can we just talk about the roller balls for a sec?  Have you tried them? Don’t they make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside? Only me? Fine.

PS. that is my daughter Mackenzie ^^^ up there in them there’s photo! xoxo


Tristan and I love the yoga rollerball ! We twirl them all around our wrists, neck, arms, basically everywhere. It’s so good.  Smell it. OMG. Taste it. Kidding!


Cooooooompletely obsessed with this diffuser, at night time. It even has a night light built right in. Ya know, for the boogie man and all. I love it so much, that I seriously feel uncomfortable if it’s not within my reach at all times. I’m the same way with my crutches.

That wasn’t exciting to know, was it?

Tranquility is a favourite for night time diffusing. I can’t. Even. SOOOO good! It’s like your favourite scented candle you never had. But better.


Oh, and is there such a thing as amber bottles anonymous?  Because someone has a love of amber bottles. Not mentioning any names.


Uhhhhm, did you know that Saje has dryer balls? Why did that just sound so dirty? They also have BLISS laundry spray that comes in the laundry kit. So good. So so so so good. You just spray it on your linens for oh la la.

Guys there are no rules in quarantine. You can do whatever you want with your laundry.

Lies my laundry pile has told me. Legit. I’m still trying to match socks from 1972. My washing machine eats socks. Gone. Forever. There are probably 23475 socks laughing their asses off at me right now, thinking how out of control my life has become. I bet each unmatched sock is hanging out with the bobby pins, hair elastics and scissors that have simultaneously disappeared from our lives.


My struggles are real.

Uhhhhm, did you know that Saje has dryer balls?  Why did that just sound so dirty?  They also have BLISS laundry spray that comes in the laundry kit.  So good. So so so so good. You just spray it on your linens for oh la la | www.lynneknowlton.com


Closed: We are giving away an Aroma Om diffuser and a diffuser blend. Tell us what you love at Saje so we can totally copy you. Actually, tell us anything about YOU too! We love getting to know you. Leave a comment below as it will be your official entry. You must also follow @sajewellness and @lynneknowlton on Instagram to qualify to win.

Until then…. sending beautiful sleeps and laundry bliss your way.

Congratulations to Jodie Hooker for winning this aaammmazing giveaway !

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  1. Tonya Stokes says:

    Fave is Liquid Sunshine, Spa Spirit and Mountain High….can’t narrow it to only two faves!

  2. Maddie says:

    Huge fan if both Sage and Lynne Knowltons designs… what goes better with a visually serene space than filling it with essential oils?!
    I’ve bought sage diffusers as gifts for a few of my loved ones but haven’t treated myself to one, and each time I see them I question why.
    I would be over the moon to get my hands on the Aroma Om diffuser honestly in either of the 3 colours- black, white or stone… they’re all so sleek), as well has the Liquid Sunshine oil! (Love Stress Relief too..!)

  3. Jess says:

    I Love Sage!
    Currently my favourite blend is fresh start! I love the hints of fir, eucalyptus with a citrus touch to blend it all! I also love the lava lamps that they came out with a bit ago! So earthly and yet beautiful.

  4. Stephanie Irwin says:

    I love love love the new Aroma On Indigo!!! And my fav diffuser blend is After the Rain .. and I just ran out 🙂

  5. Nadine says:

    I love the sweet look of the Aroma Om Blush diffuser, and any scent that smells like the forest is at the top of my list – you can’t go wrong with In the Trees! LOVE!

  6. Kelsey says:

    I could be here forever. But really, their pocket farmacy is pretty much glued to me. I use one or another (or all), every. single. day. Plus, I feel pretty much like a goddess healer when people come to me because they know “I’ve got something for that”.

  7. Neera Bahri says:

    Love saje wellness for creating a relaxing spa like feeling in my home. The peppermint halo is a life saver as well!

  8. Susie says:

    Hi ladies!
    Oh my goodness I love Saje & my new puppy Chip also loved up my Aroma Om diffuser a little too much last week smashing it into a hundred pieces (he’s lucky he’s so cute)! Hehe I LOVE the blend Refresh, plain old Pepermint+Halo roller is a life saver & Spa Spirit…big Saje fan over here! Xo

  9. Amy says:

    I got into the essential oil obsession a couple years ago. Being a student in my 6th year of post-secondary 🙈 I had to opt for the cheap stuff on Amazon (yeah, I know, probably not real, but my debt is)…sooo I would LOVE the opportunity to try something that is real and amazing (and actually not too expensive from what I saw on the website!). The SAJE X JILLIAN HARRIS DIFFUSER looks serene and I definitely would love either the PRESENT MOMENT or LIQUID SUNSHINE or UNWIND or STRESS RELEASE diffuser blends because verifier and bergamot are my all-time FAVOURITE scents 😍 Love.

  10. Lisa Shiels-Funston says:

    I love love love Saje Wellness. I have so many favorites I don’t know how to narrow it down but some of them include the cooling spray, the hot flush mist, namaste spray and of course peppermint Halo roll-on. I feel like every time I go in there I find something new that I love.

  11. Shelly says:

    I love the Peppermint Halo roller ball. It helps so much with headaches and these muscles.

  12. Brittany says:

    Hey ladies! Oh my gosh- the Chill Out diffusing blends rocks my socks off in the most calming, kick back and relax type of way!
    I also love Godess for during the day to get a beautiful floral scent going and also my new fave is Elevate.
    Oh and don’t get me started on their Cleansing room spray! I actually pour some of it in my floor cleaner so the whole house smells like it since they don’t make it as a diffusing blend!

    Saje is pretty much the only thing that got me through COVID 😂😂

  13. Jeanna Sims says:

    HI Lynne! Long time follower, first time commenter – you got my attention with this giveaway! I LOOOOVE everything Saje. I am in the market big time right now for a 2nd diffuser for my room (and def eyeballing that car diffuser, so cute!). Liquid Sunshine is hands-down the best scent, literally sunshine in a bottle. And the roll on Peppermint Halo is my lifesaver for long days at my home desk. Can’t wait to come visit the Treehouse one day, dreaming of it until then! xo

  14. Ocean Patus says:

    I love Peppermint Halo! A friend of mine recommended it ( she works in the hospital and her entire team swears by it for headaches). I was not disappointed & have loved Saje ever since!

  15. Samantha says:

    I love their peppermint halo roller roller- it’s been a real lifesaver! Roll it on and poof! Instant cooling and relief.

  16. Olivia says:

    love love love using diffusers in my home. I was loving diffusing citrusy oils during the summer and cannot wait to start diffusing some warm cozy fall oils soon! 😍😍

  17. My fave diffuser is the Aroma Om Deluxe and I’m obsessed with the Stress Release blend right now because school has started again (I’m a nutrition & dietetics student)! 😂 I also LOVE their antibacterial yoga mat spray and allergy release line!

  18. Ysabel says:

    Ladies, I will take your “Saje” advice and take one of each, please!
    As a nursing student and COVID bride, I could really use this giveaway. However, win or lose, thank you to both accounts for this opportunity, and consistently reminding us to #spreadwellness and “believe in the magic of a cozy home”.
    Merci beaucoup, muchas gracias!

  19. Chelsea Halliday says:

    Love using essential oils to combat negative feelings and emotion in my home, whether that’s adding some drops to a relaxing bath or diffusing in a busy space!

  20. Margaret Stanuch says:

    Looove Saje and don’t have enough of it! I like their diffusers best (so far). Fav scent is probably also Yoga and liquid sunshine! Oh peppermint halo roller is also amazing! 😍

  21. Janelle says:

    I always got stress headaches or weather changes would get to me a giving my a headache right in my brows. I hated taking painkiller every time buuuuut luckily discovered Saje’s Pep. Halo Oil. I keep that roller ball in my purse and can’t live without it 🙂

  22. Sandra says:

    Over the years I have purchased a diffuser for my daughters to use in their rooms at university. During cold and flu season (all the time at university!) my girls have diffused Immune. They used Stress release and Liquid Sunshine when things got a little crazy! I also bought a diffuser for my ailing parents using Immune during the day as healthcare workers were coming in and out and Tranquility at night. They used their Saje diffuser daily at 87 and 90 years old. Funny thing… I’ve never bought a diffuser for myself. I’ve used their roll-on scents and particularly enjoy Citrus Dream. As I slow down a bit
    and remember to take care of myself, I would love to be able to enjoy diffusing relaxing scents within my home.

  23. Melissa says:

    I love saje essential oils. I add the eucalyptus oil to a twig of eucalyptus in my shower and it’s like a spa experience every morning.

  24. Claudia says:

    Like my morning tea – Sage has become part of my wake up routine – it lifts me up and helps me set the tone for a more bright and optimistic day! I have a gem diffuser that does a good enough job of keeping the back of the house feeling fresh and I just like the way it picks me up when I walk in the direction of the house. Refresh is one of my favourites.

  25. I haven’t gotten to smell anything at Saje but would love to. I’m sure there are some scents that would fit my senses perfectly. Definitely the woodsy and spicy categories are my faves.

  26. Tracey Coolich says:

    Sage is great I can’t pic favs there are too many. Along with all your wonderful decorating ideas. I always look forward to seeing your posts and stories!😊

  27. Sheena says:

    I love Sage! I’ve only been using their essential oils for a year now, but have become addicted. Their are so many blends that I enjoy, and I also carry the pocket pharmacy with me in my purse so I’m never without! The Allergy Release and Immune have been regulars in my diffusers lately (my daughter started JK this week, be gone germs!). I also love the children blends for my daughter’s room. I will have to try the Yoga blend next time I place an order, thank you for the recommendation.

  28. Chantelle Lee says:

    Aroma Om Indigo and Unwind! I’m 6 months post partum and having my baby need open heart surgery at 9 weeks this would definitely help me to chill out at the end of the day!

  29. Tiff Wildfong says:

    I love the Aroma Om Blush. She’s just so feminine and pretty! My fave blend is Yoga, it’s really the best blend for any and all moods. The Peppermint roller is always on hand for morning after too much … ahem… wine with my cookies 😉 love the blog and your lovely creative minds! Xo

  30. Jennifer Cloke says:

    Love Saje! Great blog post!

  31. Christine Bergeron says:

    I ADORE Saje. My fave diffuser blend is Spa Spirit!!

  32. Kaitlyn says:

    Love this giveaway, and Saje! My diffuser broke in my recent move, so my diffuser blends and oils are VERY lonely (thank good for roller balls, though!).

    Coincidentally, my recent Covid-move was the reason I found your blog and account. Decorating a new home is sooo much easier with inspiration. Especially love the Canadian brands/content!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  33. Samantha says:

    Obsessed with the Aroma Om in Blush, and the Unwind diffuser blend! ❤️ I am new to essential oils, but am addicted to anything lavender lately, and this blog was such a good read! I’ve got to try those roller balls and dryer balls!

  34. Kathy Moulton says:

    Love Saje and your blog! Liquid sunshine is my fav! 😊

  35. Rhonda says:

    I have an old Aroma Om but my cat chewed through the cord! I haven’t replaced it because I haven’t gone to the mall this year. My very favourite diffuser blend has always been Refresh. Geez I need to replace that cord!

  36. Shea says:

    Well first of all hearing from you is even better than any diffuser! And being a realtor I was all over your sons place! I know you have a great family but can I be your daughter too!!?!
    Stress release is the scent that I like to bathe in from Sage!!! Xo

  37. Julie says:

    I just recently started using the Saje laundry balls and the sweet sheets oil. My laundry smells amazing and it makes me happy that it is chemical free. This was my first time reading one of your blog posts…I am definitely a new follower!

  38. Kate Dovak says:

    Absolutely love the conent & excited for the giveaway!

  39. Charlene says:

    I’ve gotta go with Liquid Sunshine- a citrus zing gets me every time. On the positive side of this pandemic we all find ourselves in for me has been working from home. My office was scent-free…. Now my diffuser sits on my desk and keeps me focussed and happy all day. Bliss!

  40. Sheila Chau says:

    Love your blog and love Saje!!

  41. Jennifer kaye says:

    Adore you both and saje! I diffuse liquid sunshine and yoga The most but immune is fantastic for this time of year. I’ve been trying not to order the Aroma Carve because I have 2 saje diffusers already but the thing is there are so many more rooms being left out! Honestly, my daughter gets migraines and peppermint halo has saved her life!

    Awesome blog post, you crack me up! Thanks for the best giveaway !!!


  42. Ana says:

    Tristan and Lynne,
    Love both of you and all that you create and share 💙. Your joy shines and your beautiful family inspires us all.
    This post was such a feel-good read. Love Saje’s ‘unwind’ and ‘after the rain’, though I have yet to splurge on their diffuser!
    Xx 💕 Ana

  43. Jana says:

    I don’t have a diffuser YET 😉 I LOVE sage peppermint halo, sleep well and pain release…. and many more! It’s time for me to get into the world of diffusing!

  44. Robyn says:

    I got a Saje diffuser for Christmas a few years and it’s been so fun to play around with. I really like Refresh. I’ve been wanting to try the roller balls too. I need a swish setup for my oils like you e got.

  45. Keli says:

    I’ve never tried sagewellness but I want to really try the laundry balls!! With the laundry bliss❤️

  46. Lori Rowsome says:

    I love the aroma om Indigo diffuser and fave blends are good karma and liquid sunshine

  47. Forgot to add that their peppermint halo deserves some serious awards! As someone who has had migraines for ever, it’s saved my life ❤️

  48. I get your love and admiration for Sage. Their annual advent calendar is my favourite holiday tradition & gift for self.

    Love you and all that you create and share. Thanks for the constant inspiration ❤️

  49. Jessica says:

    Love Saje products! Like the peppermint roll on and blend oils! Would love to try the yoga one!💜 love to follow you both on Instagram!

  50. Heather Pitcher says:

    I LOVE saje! Love Love Love! I use it I gift it …. it’s the best! My fav blend is a toss up between unwind, yoga and happy place. Yes all very different but that’s why I love them 😍 . Follow Saje ✔️ Follow the Knowlton’s ✔️✔️✔️🤞🏻 Thanks for the chance!

  51. Riza Javellana says:

    Diffusing oil = bliss. I can’t get enough. Your partnership with Saje = perfection! It’s like everything beautiful in life in a bottle. Or a rollerball. Plus your Treehouse, and your cabin., and the rest of your property…..Can you tell I’m a fan? LOL! Keep sharing your bright light!

  52. Dear Lynne,
    I too think “dryer balls” sounds dirty. It just plain does. Also, I wish you were my cousin or spirit animal or something. I found you when I came back to knitting after leaving it to write a book and couldn’t find anything at all that I liked that wasn’t made with awful synthetic crap. Then I stumbled on your website and felt like I’d come home. I hope I win tho I probably won’t. But, I feel like I’ve already won because I have you to guide me in all things beautiful. Cheers!

  53. Tamara Richardson says:

    In love with your beautiful home, your beautiful family and your amazing style! Keep rockin’ it!!


  54. Kim says:

    Hi Lynne, just have to say regardless if I win or not, you and you family are an inspiration to me. I love how we have alot in common ( Especially wine and popcorn). I am a charge nurse in the Dementia ward were I work, and believe me My Sage products are my dear friend when I’m winding down. I am currently diffusing SAGE “tantra”, with red wine of course. Too lazy to make popcorn at this time. Again, I adore your style and humor even though there are alot of things going on. Take care. Xo

  55. Pam says:

    Cool! I’ve been meaning to try a diffuser, but couldn’t find one that I loved…until NOW! I pick the Aroma Om Deluxe Stone diffuser and honestly, any of those diffuser oils would be alright by me, but if I could only choose one, it would most likely be Mountain High. ‘The mountains are calling and I must go’ – John Muir. Thank you’

  56. Rosslyn says:

    Hi Lynne & Tristan, I’m new to following you both and have to say that your instagram posts and stories are often one of the high points of my day over these past few months!
    I am also new to Saje and relatively new to essential oils, but I KNOW Saje will be one of my fav online shopping places! I LOVE the Aroma Om white diffuser and could seriously do with the Goodnight blend as omg do I need a good nights sleep! With COVID, running a small business and pre-menopause, restful sleep is a distant memory!

  57. Kerrie says:

    Love the black diffusers. Especially the Om. Also the blush diffuser. So many great looking choices! I wouldn’t mind trying the relaxation set.

  58. Mackenzie Knowlton says:

    Absolutely love this post and you

  59. Lisa Parker says:

    I love the moon cycle blend and the aroma om black.

  60. Lindsay Alexander says:

    Fell in LOVE after our visit to the Treehouse!
    Can’t live without the PEPPERMINT! OMG!
    And Liquid Sunshine…b/c it’s happy and citrus-y.
    I need to get a diffuser for our store though, I miss it through the day.

  61. Heather M. Oberg says:

    The limited edition Aroma Om Blush is to die for!! That blush color is perfect for our master bedroom. My fav scents are Refresh & Spa Spirit. Love Saje

  62. ellen says:

    Would love to try out the Om diffuser. Thank you for the beautiful photos.

  63. Emily L says:

    I use them as apart of my evening routine especially right now while I prepare for my next round of fertility treatments (IVF). The calming scents – Unwind helps me relax while giving myself my stim medication. They help to make a not so fun experience just that little bit nicer.

  64. I like the Om in Stone
    And the relaxation set

  65. Lorie C says:

    Ok so every house needs oils!
    I love love love Yoga, the Aroma Om
    Deluxe Diffuser is super cute!

    I’d love to try… tranquility, I think the pick-me-up blend set sounds perfect during COVID!

  66. Dawn Lagesten says:

    I love essential oils.. really helps me focus at work when I’m having ‘one of those days’! I should say in my home office since.. no scents in the office!!

  67. Britt Bell says:

    Saje oils are by far the best I’ve used. I’m obsessed with the yoga fragrance, it is so calming and makes my home feel so welcoming and zen.

  68. Jodi Nobel says:

    Love this! What a great article, Saje is my favourite!

  69. Elizabeth Trenholm says:

    Favorite diffuser Blush Om or the blue Om color … both are so so beautiful . Favorite blend Good Karma 🙏☘️We all could use a little of that now !

  70. Nadia Petrungaro says:

    Hi Lynne,
    I love Saje! My favourite diffuser blends are Deep Breath and Allergy Release.
    The diffusers are all beautiful but my favourite is the Aroma Om Deluxe Stone, so stunning!!❤️❤️

  71. Lauri says:

    I’ve been dreaming up how to own the Aroma Om Deluxe Stone – would my husband notice it neatly tucked on our bedside table? Has that ever stopped me before? Does he ever comment on my shopping? No! 😂. My fav blend is Unwind, followed by Yoga & Peppermint Halo.

  72. Erica Ortiz says:

    I would love to be able to have the Aroma Carve from the Collab with Jillian Harris. I’ve so many of the saje diffuser blends to help me through a day. To perk up or to calm down. They are the perfect complement to any mood or feeling. I especially love rainforest, and it’s bonus that my cats love it too. Really makes the room feel relaxed and clear.

  73. Joanna says:

    Ouuu I am just starting my home business for facials and eyelashes. My studio is coming together, a diffuser would be THE perfect addition to my space.

  74. Amanda says:

    I AM OBSESSED WITH SAJE! after reading your blog post I can totally relate to tranquility, it has given me the best sleep when I was feeling anxious. The team at saje is so wonderful too! They’ve held so many webinars thats allowed me to learn more about saje! I even roll tranquility and pain release on each of the soles of my feet! And I only learned that from a telephone conference with a saje employee all the way from Cali!

    Amanda 💛

  75. Megan Sinnamon says:

    I love Sage! Would love to win.

  76. Laurie Lindeken says:

    I have just started using essential Oils. So far so good. I looked over the website for Saje…looks intriguing! I really liked the Aroma Om Black diffuser, and would like to diffuse a little Liquid Sunshine into my home. We have been surrounded by wildfires and everything smells like a campfire right now!

  77. Sarah says:

    I’m such a goof – I was supposed to choose an Aroma Om! Silly me! I think I’d probably choose black because it would be like camouflage for literally half my wardrobe! But seriously, it’s classy and blends with decor seamlessly while making a sculptural statement. And I’d stick with the Into The Trees diffuser blend because Treehouse memories. xx

  78. Carolyn HIggins says:

    I LOVE peppermint halo roller and escape. I would love to try yoga and tranquility.

  79. Jessica Ross says:

    I was introduced to Saje when I walked into a friends home and gasped because it smelled so good! They make the most amazing oils. I would love to win this giveaway and fill my home with the wonderful scents of Saje!

  80. Linda Elliott says:

    Have been living Sage ever since my two beautiful daughters introduced me to their products. They even gifted me a diffuser to seal the deal. Now it’s going constantly ! I use the lavender spray to help me sleep too. Everything about the Sage line makes me smile.

  81. Leanne Allen says:

    Fav blend – liquid sunshine in the Jillian Harris diffuser!

  82. Sylvia says:

    Hi, thanks for doing such a great giveaway! Huge fan of yours and of Saje and recently broke my Saje x Jillian Harris collab diffuser so in need of a new one! Love the Aroma Om blush edition and my favourite oil is liquid sunshine but I love all the Happy Place and Relaxation blend collections!

  83. Cheryl says:

    Thank you for such a move giveaway! Love your blog!!

  84. thea bw says:

    was literally planning on going to sage today to pick up some stuff!! i love their company

  85. Tianna says:

    I love this whole post so much! My essential oil journey started with Saje and I have been obsessed ever since – one of my absolute faves is the Om diffuser blend (so amazing!)

  86. Lisa Valentini says:

    Hi Lynn,
    Thanks so much for the great giveaway you are hosting with Saje. My fav diffuser is the Aroma Om White – it has beautiful sculptural lines. To be honest, I’ve always wanted to try essential oils and diffusers but don’t know where to start! I’d love to try the Good Karma blend that you recommend. 🙂 A soothing peppermint or lavender blend would be lovely too!

  87. Leah Siapin says:

    I love essential oils. They help me stay calm and grounded. And help with bug bites, aches and pains too.
    My IG is @leahslosingit

  88. Kathy Scott says:

    I love Sage essential anything. Best products around. And one of these days I would love to stay at your glorious treehouse and bring you a nice bottle of wine ❤️

  89. Pamela says:

    What a wonderful giveaway ❤️Saje products and the Knowlton ladies too ❤️

  90. Robin says:

    Love your instagram Lynne., and also love Saje!! My original Jillian Harris diffuser is my favourite with goddess blend.

  91. Sara Langford says:

    Hi Lynne!
    First off, your treehouse is everything and beyond! I love seeing your daily posts and admire your eye for design and creativity. I too am a lover of essential oils especially the roller balls. I use the roller ball for sleep and I’ve got to say it works wonders! Especially in uncertain times like this and now working from home I’ve been using my oils daily. I’ve had to adjust and create a home office which is still in the works but I think the diffuser would be a lovely addition to my space.
    Thanks for the chance!

  92. Tyanne Kamping says:

    My favourite diffuser from Sage Wellness, has to be the dreamy, ‘Aroma Om White’ diffuser. The smooth edges and it being white, fits perfectly in every corner of my current white/grey palette of our home. During theses unprecedented times, and heading into the colder weather, my fav diffuser blend is ‘Good Health’. Working from home now I have my oils going all day to help with keeping me awake and aware in those long winded calls!
    Thanks for having a great platform for the community to follow – always positive, creating and inspiring!

  93. Kelly says:

    Hi Lynne! I love your Instagram, your positivity, and creativity ❤️ I am an essential oil lover and have never heard of saje but I trust what you put out there and would love an opportunity to have this.

  94. Sylvie says:

    Great giveaway!
    Since there is no such thing as having too many diffuser and/ or essential oils… here I am commenting 😊📿🙏🏼🌷

  95. Patricia Averona says:

    First of all I love everything about you, your posts, family pics etc you are my inspiration for my treehouse and future projects o and I’d love to have one of those diffusers while I’m chillin in my cozy treehouse as well take care be safe God bless 🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻

  96. Leigh-Anne King says:

    Would love to have some more Saje in my life! 2 kids in school during a pandemic, a new pup I would love this please! 💗

  97. Julia Robison says:

    I don’t have a ton of experience with essential oils but Eucalyptus definitely helps with my sinuses! 🙂

  98. Bailey says:

    Would love to win this since I accidentally smashed my Aroma Gem diffuser :'(
    My favourite oils are Yoga, Glow, tree scents and the cool peppermint one from their Christmas scents, and good karma! I also love their peppermint halo for headaches or to cool me off on hot days. And their deodorants are great too!

  99. Nicole says:

    Diffuser is gorgeous! This tired mama could definitely use some tranquility 😉

  100. Leah Mackie says:

    We love love loved our visit to the treehouse last summer! It truly was a wonderful experience – plus it smells like heaven in there! Woodsy spa, is that a real thing? Lol

  101. Laurie says:

    Love love love you ladies & good karma essential oils!

  102. Erika Pawlowski says:

    Stress Release is the absolute best. I spray it on our pillows a few minutes before bed for the ultimate pretend-hotel-bed sleep.

  103. Emily says:

    Yay! I’ve never tried a diffuser but have always wanted to – these look amazing.

  104. Ruth Ward says:

    Would LOVE to begin using a diffuser in our mountain getaway…..your scent descriptions sound AMAZEBALLS!

  105. Michelle MacRae says:

    I am new to the Saje brand so I would likely try the Yoga scent since Lynn Knowlton has such great taste 🙂

  106. michelle sickels-weidman says:

    hi! i am new to Saje and don’t even know which oil (oils?) to start with. this giveaway would be a great intro for me 😉

  107. Lori says:

    Love the idea of a giveaway! I have been a fan of Saje and you Lynne for many years. An Aroma Om would be awesome!! I love Liquid Sunshine and Citrus Dream but my all time favourite blend is Gratitude. Have you tried that one? I buy it in bulk 🙂 It has citrus, coffee, vanilla and spearmint. Smells divine!! Thanks for the opportunity to enter and it’s great hearing from you!!!

  108. Michael says:

    I love how we have Saje in every nook and cranny of the house, the car, the cabin, the treehouse, the la’treen.. I do love the diffusers and your often asked question… would you like some Yoga? I also love how Tristan carries her farmacy bag home to take care of us all. Did someone say stress relief? Bring it on!!

    • Hi darlin,
      How did you know that I have been hiding it in every nook and cranny? Have you been using the rollerballs and sprays when I’m not looking? LOL.

      There is just something about YOGA that feels soooooo ahhhh, isn’t there? I love those car memories. PS. Need some YOGA? teehee.

      Love you. x

  109. Kristin P says:

    Dying to try the rollers & need to order the blush Om diffuser ASAP for my daughters room!!
    Such gorg, thoughtful products!!

  110. I love all things saje! I use peppermint halo daily for my headaches. The allergy release roller has been my life saver. Also use their soaps in all my bathrooms and the balls in my laundry 😊 love their diffusers to have one in each of my kids rooms! I love yoga and happy place.

  111. Gina Martin says:

    Okay the big cutie upside down acorn diffuser that’s so tubby and perfect that’s my fav… it’s name I’m not sure but you know the one ! And THEN the spa spirit oil, again mystery bliss scent but wow: it Delish! Hugs G

  112. Claire Rejzek says:

    I LURVE LURVE LURVE the Aroma Om deluxe diffuser with Rain Forest or Liquid Sunshine! My goodness it ever the most ah-mazing therapy after a long day. My favourite thing to do is clean the apartment (sans pants) and blare some good old tunes whilst the diffuser is diffusin’…..so so good.

    Also, hello from BC! Thank you for the daily inspo Tristan and Momma Lynne <3

  113. Ida says:

    I am a teacher and a few years ago, a student gifted me with a ceramic diffuser from Saje. I’ve never seen one like it before, it’s so beautiful! It has tiny circular cut outs that light up the room in the evening. I keep it beside my bed as a night light and use lavender with it every night before bed. It’s so beautiful and calming. One of my favourite teacher gifts ever! ❤️

  114. Pammy Newton says:

    Well I adore the sexy style of the diffuser and would love to get to know all the different essential oil scents! I’m a long time fan of you Lynne, you have the gift of humor and style, my two favorite things!

  115. Nydia Santos says:

    I discovered Saje a few years ago, and I am excited to check them out whenever they release new products! My tried and true favourites are Peppermint Halo (and my Headache kit), my Aroma Om diffuser and Liquid Sunshine for brightening up these gloomy days! I just got the Unwind oil blend and will be definitely diffusing it this weekend.
    Thank you for this great giveaway!

  116. Jennifer says:

    I love the Citrus Dream blend and the Aroma Om Blush diffuser is so dreamy!

  117. Karen Salamone says:

    Aroma on blush would be my pick and yoga or sunshine, I just retired after over 45 years working as a OR nurse. Thank you everyone, stay safe. Thank

  118. Shan says:

    We have loved Saje for as long as I’ve had littles, so 7+ years! Our staple favourites are Aroma Fairy and Liquid Sunshine! Peppermint Twist and Celebrate are our favourite seasonal oils for Fall/Winter months

  119. Randi Morel says:

    I love the Allergy Release blend! My hubby and I both have bad allergies and this blend really helps!

  120. Jeanette Rees says:

    I absolutely love how their diffusers blend in with any home decor! The yoga blend is also one of my favourites.

  121. Vanessa Villani says:

    I am in looooove with sweet sheets. It is the perfect blend of clean. Makes your house feel clean and refreshed. Actually motivates me to do dreep cleaning of my home.
    My diffuser is the first thing I put on when I get home from work. If I need some motivation to keep going after work I will diffuse some refresh. Or I will diffuse unwind to relax and de-stress after a crazy day.
    Sorry couldn’t pick just one. Don’t even get me started on the roll ons.
    No matter what my diffuser and oils travel with me. We even take them Camping. Aroma Om in stone, is my go to accessory. It looks good in any room.

  122. Joi Ohara says:

    I would love to smell the Good Karma essential oil – who doesn’t need good karma especially right now. That sucks that you broke your ankle – I did that many many moons ago when I was in high school so I know how much that hurts. I love essential oils and try to use them as much as possible. I really like the look of either the Aroma Om Blush diffuser or the Indigo one.

  123. Simone Weldon says:

    Oh my, so many wonderful choices. I love essential oils. I love the Aroma Om white diffuser. I’ve looked at diffusers before but they were all so small. Constant refilling would drive my crazy. I haven’t tried the blends but I love citrusy and fresh scents. So maybe Liquid sunshine, citrus dream or sunrise. Fresh and subtle? And the white diffuser cause everything in my house is white with wood floors 😂🤪. Sound familiar?

  124. Brenda Bissett says:

    Love you guys and love Saje!!
    I have the original Jillian Harris diffuser and it just died 😭
    You need to design one!!! I would buy 3 😉
    I have the pharmacy kit which comes in soooo handy for aches and sorrows.
    Favourite blend is Sunset, cause everyone loves a Sunset 😘
    Hugs and Kisses to you all! Live seeing those gargantuan smiles on Michaels face!

    Brenda Bissett

  125. Hetal Oza-Sturgeon says:

    I love peppermint halo but lately my absolutely life saver is unwind. Hubby got diagnosed with leukemia and it’s been a MONTH of roller coaster. This oil literally gives me a moments peace a day. 🙂

  126. Martina Spurrell says:

    I love peppermint essential oils in my car because it helps with my motion sickness.

  127. Janet G says:

    Colour me intrigued, I’ve always been a little ‘iffy’ about diffusers due to having pets in the home and the potential poisoning of said fluff magnets (seriously, how can a short-haired cat shed so much??). Now I have a list of what not to use around the kitties, I’m good to jump onto the ‘diffuser wagon train’.
    Anywho, the relaxation combo set would be first on my list, cos life ya know so much stress not enough wine….lols. Have a fabulous day everyone. =)

  128. April says:

    I literally carry travel rollers in my belt bag – the peppermint halo is a MUST! Especially with my face in a mask everyday for work, I put the smallest bit on the farthest part of my mask where it won’t touch my mouth, and smelling the peppermint helps so much with being stuck in a mask!

  129. Julie Litzen says:

    I was just talking about how amazing the Aroma Om White Diffuser would be in my home office………then this post comes up.
    I feel like it’s meant to be!!
    My favourite scents are liquid sunshine and peppermint halo 😇

  130. Nicky says:

    Just recently jumped on the Saje train with their skin products. Lovinnngggg the Clay Mask and the Balancing Elixir so far !!!

  131. Nicole Sparks says:

    I broke my ankle a couple of months ago and I am totally on board with the annoyance of it. And it’s the right ankle, so I was unable to drive for a while! Not that I was going much of anywhere with COVID and all, but still! Suddenly I wanted to go everywhere! And I firmly believe there is a scissors goblin somewhere. I spent 45 minutes yesterday looking for the black scissors that live in my office and I have no clue where they could be. I am questioning my sanity. It’s like they never existed. I think any product that helps calm racing thoughts is a good product, and roller balls remind me of Bonnie Belle and Avon perfumes from the mid-80s, back when I was young and could find my damn scissors.

  132. Nicole Panacci says:

    Love the Aroma Om blush diffuser & Yoga blend! And I adore your IG feed and blog! Your style is everything! 💕

  133. Sarah sawatsky says:

    We love the aroma Om diffuser and always happy when I have rain forest or lavender diffusing 💕Sarah after reading the comments thought I’m putting an order in for yoga .

  134. Sarah Walker says:

    First of all, you are the loveliest of all the people. LOVELIEST. Secondly, I’m pretty smitten by the Aroma Sculpt Diffuser and would love to try Into The Trees for the diffuser blend because the name makes me think of the treehouse and happy memories there. xx

  135. Sarah says:

    Love my aroma ohm and chill out diffuser blend at anytime of the day. Excited to get my latest shipment so I can try out silence!

  136. Linda Winkle says:

    Hi Lynne- I have never tried a defuser, but I am certainly intrigued! I love the unique design and color splash of the Om Blush defuser and the Liquid Sunshine oil sounds as though it would be heavenly.
    Sunshine always bring positive vibes to my day💗

  137. Jessica says:

    Peppermint Halo. Nothing else matters!

  138. Evangelia Dalios says:

    We love using the peppermint rollerball for long drives. Gives us the perfect cool/hot perk for the last hour of our drive. I use Yoga everyday, the spray and rollerball. I use the Spa blend in my office during the day and Sleep Well in the bedroom. I recently purchased the Jillian Harris ceramic diffuser, I love the textured look, it really elevates the look of any room.

  139. Karen Coolen says:

    I Love the aroma om deluxe stone diffuser with the yoga blend❤️❤️

  140. Heather P says:

    Sweet dreams are made with Aroma Om® White Diffuser and the stress release blend!

  141. Susanne says:

    I was gifted a stress relief blend In a roller ball bottle. I teach face to face PreK in my local elementary school and you can bet I’m rolling it on daily!!!!!!

  142. Leah says:

    Yoga is my favourite scent of all time!! The om diffuser in blush would be so beautiful
    In any bedroom

  143. Debra says:

    Oh my! So much to love about Saje. I was delirious when l first went into a Saje store. My favourites are Peppermint Halo for my migraines and Liquid Sunshine. The best. X

  144. Janice MacDonald says:

    Just got my first diffuser and LOVE it
    Using gratitude and quick study
    Sooooo many that I want to try …..

  145. Cassandra S says:

    Right now I’m loving liquid sunshine on these gloomy days with my Jillian Harris diffusers (I have 3, so a slight addiction), but they’re needed in every room and I’m not quite there yet! 😉 I’d love to try the goddess blend though – it sounds devine.

  146. Hannah says:

    My fav sage blend is refresh! It’s invigorating and wakes me up but is also warm and calming at the same time!

  147. D walsh says:

    Love the ceremonial effect of setting up the diffuser for whatever the moments intension happens to be 🤷🏻‍♀️ I’m a busy grandma

  148. Cate B says:

    I do love everything Saje. If I ever walk past a Saje store, it wraps its arms around me & pulls me in. Oh how I want to walk past a Saje store again…one day. I love my Pocket Farmacy, I keep it with me al all times. A quick dab’l do ya for any ailment you might have. I love my Yoga & Tantra oils and having them fill my home with peace
    & calm. I really need a diffuser though. I’m using one of those dollar store ones, it
    works, but it’s not that pretty. Another fave
    of mine is my Saje Sensuality body spray.
    It’s everything it’s name implies, and more
    I’d really love to win something…. but just getting to send you a note (it’s been way too long) has been cathartic. Hope your ankle gets better real soon. xo

    I’d really love to win something… but thank you for offering

  149. Meg Perkins says:

    Ever since working from home has become my reality, I have been diffusing all day long. My favourite diffuser scent is liquid sunshine. It is to. die. for. My current diffuser was discontinued, so I don’t know the name, but the one you have in the laTREEn is beautiful! Other than diffusers and diffuser blends, my go-to, to die for Saje products are the peppermint halo stick (great for hangovers from Josh o’clock), and the dryer balls! They are amazing. Ou, which also reminds me of the sweet sheets spray…also to die for. Thank you for setting this up!

  150. Janice says:

    LOVE Citrus Dream. I have it on constantly at my desk at work. And guess what? QUARANTINE! My diffuser is held hostage at the office!
    Definitely in need 🙂

  151. Ricki DiCola says:

    I love Saje! I am a teacher working remotely and the essential oils liquid sunshine and yoga are keeping me from going cross eyed on Zoom. Plus, Sept 16 is my bday too;) Love @lynneknowlton. I have purchased some linen products which you gave me the tips on too!

  152. Dani@lifeovereasy says:

    Right now I’m loving the Good Karma blend – cause who doesn’t need some good karma, right? I have a few diffusers already but honestly it won’t be enough until I have one in every room. Plus my girls keep stealing them from me! xx

  153. Cristin Cain says:

    Peppermint Halo for instant headache relief!!! #shiftworker#nurselife

  154. Rachel says:

    Love rainforest and the stress blends!

  155. Adele says:

    Working from home has allowed me to use mine more often…. love the Jillian Harris line and I use the diffuser and happy place almost daily!

  156. Colleen says:

    I just love following you and your family! So many beautiful and lovely things from Saje…I’m really finding their crystal fresh deodorant stick works so well! And the peppermint halo is so helpful.

  157. Debra says:

    Oooh love Saje and some of my favourites are tranquility, liquid sunshine and Peppermint halo.

  158. Nicole Foran says:

    Here is the thing! I do not have any Saje Wellness products but have been eyeing them for months if not well over a year. I have a small bottle of lavender oil that I use to calm me before bedtime. Every time I scroll on Instagram I check out Saje Wellness products and am so convinced that the rollers, diffusers would be a great buy. Let’s not forget to mention the Bath
    Salt Soak…..oh boy, I can really use some of that right now. I honestly believe my daughter would love the rollers too!
    Time to get hooked with this wonderful line of products!

  159. S Read says:

    i love everything you have shown and you have said and your enthusiasm for beautiful saje creations is infectious!

    i also love hummingbirds 🌿 and all birdsong 🌿

  160. Shawna Hewgill says:

    My fav blend is liquid Sunshine ! I always have my diffusers going nonstop. I also love the muscle melt it works soo good I even introduced it to my dad and he swears buy it now. Coming home on these busy days knowing when I walk through the door And taking a deep breath Reminds me to relax and be thankful for everything that we have in this uncertain times

  161. Ally says:

    I absolutely love Saje products. My favourite are the diffuser blends tranquility and also aroma fairy! These are beautiful scents that keep me calm throughout the day while working from home! They clear the space and allow me to focus. I am also a huge fan of the safe hands soap and lotion! They have been a staple for me throughout COVID! I also love the multi-surface cleaner – it leaves behind the most delightful scent! Can’t get enough xoxo

  162. alex pearce says:

    Have been dreaming of getting an Aroma Om diffuser forever and love the Mountain High essential oil ✨ recently moved into my own space and trying to bring relaxation and good smells!!

  163. Simona Janyna Catana says:

    I LOVE the Aroma Om Black diffuser, so classic! My absolute favourite oil is lavender, second to that is the peppermint halo, and last but not least is immune…. for the crazy flu season I don’t want to talk about right now. I use those 3 religiously. On my skin, in my diffuse and all over. Lets just say they get me trough life. Sickness, headache, overwhelmed… Saje has got my back.

  164. Rosie Paus says:

    Love, love, love all things Saje. I carry around their pocket farmacy daily, peppermint halo-ring my head constantly (pairs nicely with mornings when too much wine was had the nights before). Their sprays, diffusers and blends are in every room of my house. But I still need more. Pick me, pleeeeease.

  165. Dory says:

    I love the restful sleep kit and use it frequently for me and my hubby. Also use the peppermint halo. I would love the white om diffuser for my cottage to use the beautiful scents there. We are spending much more time there lately…..

  166. Karen Sargeant says:

    I absolutely love Saje! I have a few diffusers, but you can never have too many! Love, love, love the yoga essential oil, as well as tantra, goddess, good karma, immune and allergy release. Peppermint halo is also a must have for anyone that gets headaches. Oh and I should also mention the muscle melt which helps ease any of those aches and pains in your muscles!! Glad I’m not the only one obsessed with them! Saje for the win! 🙌🙌

  167. Rachel Thomas says:

    My favourite diffuser right now is definitely the Aroma Sculpt and favourite blend is liquid sunshine, such a refreshing clean feeling when it’s diffusing!

  168. Donna M says:

    This is such a great Giveaway. I think my family would appreciate it if I could “Calm My (last) Nerve.” Filling my room with STRESS RELEASE would make my soul sing. Oh, and that RELAXATION ROOM set looks mightly sweet too.

  169. Lisa says:

    Hi just love the Liquid Sunshine oil. It is a happy scent and you can’t help but feel that… happy!!

  170. Hi Lynn & Tristan!
    What an awesome giveaway!! I actually don’t own a Saje diffuser but have been dreaming about getting one for SO LONG! I am an artist located in Saugeen Shores and find myself most days painting at my easel! I would put the diffuser in my art studio, diffuse all day long and paint up some magic! 🙂

  171. Lorraine says:

    Thank you for great giveaway! Om White and Well-Balanced!

  172. Lindsay Clarke says:

    Ooo! I sure could use some relaxation in my life after seven months of co-leading the COVID screening program at my hospital. I love the Aroma Carve diffuser and the Relaxing scent 🙂

  173. Susan King says:

    Hi Lynn and Tristan!
    I was walking my pup along Lakeshore in Oakville and there on the sidewalk outside the Saje store was a diffuser (white) puffing away… I’m hooked and want one!! I have no idea what the scent was but it was so beautiful.

  174. Jill says:

    Hey! I really think you should do a give away for the “raw wood edge vanity top and bowl” ! I thought I was in love with my husband but must have been kidding myself because I AM IN LOVE after seeing that! This is just a comment and not an official entry because, don’t judge me, but I don’t do Instagram. I do have indoor plumbing if that means anything! Adore your decor, girl!

  175. Amanda Duke says:

    I love the indigo diffuser, but also black is pretty sweet too! And I think gratitude would be my favorite blend.

    • Catherine Fagan says:

      I’d probably end up giving to my deserving daughter (even though I’d be crying inside 😊) She’s the best daughter, wife, mother, sister and boss. I know she’d love the stone and the relaxing oils would just be perfect.

  176. Erin Howe says:

    Love all things Saje! Right now I’m super into “Happy Place” which was a collab with Jillian Harris. Also love all of their seasonal ones, especially Peppermint Twist! The stress release rollerball is in my purse at all times keeping me zen on the go!

  177. Sandra Hana says:

    My name is Sandra! My friends & family sometimes call me Sanj. Which is very close to Saje, just saying..
    I guess if I’m going to tell you about myself I better start with the most exciting new thing in my life and that’s how I recently started doing Photography! Why? Well, with staying at home for 3 months due to the pandemic and having to quarantine, I realized how much happier I could be if I didn’t work at my 9-5 customer service job. I’ve always wanted to pursue photography but didn’t feel courageous enough to start my own business. But somehow I finally just DID IT! And I am already so much happier and excited! I love capturing the Raw and special moments (if you have a moment, check out my recent G + A instagram highlight @sandrahanaphotography , my first ever couples session. I think I nailed it. Especially with those twinkle lights)
    You know what goes well with editing photos on a MacBook at home? The Aroma Om® Deluxe Stone diffuser with the Citrus Dream® diffuser blend. And my all time favourite Saje product is the Peppermint Halo remedy roll-on. I used it for my headaches and also on my shoulders and neck when I get sore and it works like a charm!
    I don’t enter giveaways often unless they’re really special, and this would be amazing to have. Thank you! Looking forward to September 16!

  178. Theresa g says:

    OMG. Can’t name a fav. Totally obsessed 🤪. Can’t survive without peppermint halo, and I love refresh on my dryer balls. I use alternate oils in my reiki room. Even my dogs have a fav. We use a couple pet safe blends on their beds. Woot woot win for mom.

  179. Renee Allen says:

    I LOVE the look of the aroma Om stone. So earthy!! And my favourite blend is definitely rainforest!!!!

  180. Jenna Bowcott says:

    I love the Saje rollers. My favorite is the peppermint halo! Great for clearing away unwanted headaches.
    They make awesome little stocking stuffers or a great gift to cheer someone up. I was recently gifted the sleep well roller and the tranquility spray. So amazing!

  181. Marsha says:

    I have missed your emails. I love hearing about all your adventures. Have a safe fall and thanks for the chance for a giveaway

  182. Jodie Hooker says:

    Hi gals! I find the Unwind oil so dreamy- I roll it on before bed and end up taking frequent breaks while reading my book just to smell my wrists 😍 it hits all the right notes for me. I also have a Saje sleep mask that wafts sweet lavender into my nose while blocking out the light in a cozy way- and so affordable! Hope you’re taking care and thanks for the ongoing inspiration.

  183. Shauna says:

    I’m new to the essential oils life – so I’m still learning all the smells! These photos are dreamy and i can almost smell the goodness through the screen! I need some more in my life (and also so that my house smells less like toddlers and more like serenity and calm!) 🙂

  184. Carol says:

    Greetings from Toronto, Canada!
    I love the look of the Aroma Om Blush Edition, so aesthetically pleasing! I’ve been having digestion issues for a few years now, and the Eater’s Digest roller has been a godsend! It doesn’t smell that great, but it does the job and helps me release trapped gas in my stomach. Sadly, I finished the bottle so It’s time to replenish! haha

    P.S. Love your content, I’m a photographer and it would be a dream to work with you! *heart eyes*


  185. Hannah Wygal says:

    Yes, yes, and yes! I swear I can smell these photos right through my screen. 🤍!

    • Ohhhh yummmers, Hannah ! How sweet would it be if computers had scratch and sniff for lilacs and essential oils ? Haha. We may never leave our computers.

      Best of luck with the giveaway !!!

      Lynne + Tristan

  186. Krista Davie says:

    Love all sage products! & love being able to trust that it’s safe.

  187. Lorie Graham says:

    My daughter introduced me to Sage products last year and I’ve been hooked ever since. I have the pocket pharmacy which I use daily… live the peppermint oil. Also love to use the liquid sunshine in my home diffuser… great citrus scent and just makes my home feel cozy and smell amazing. I’m just a Mom crazy about simplifying life with pretty warm fuzzy clean decor. Your decor style and realness are truly an inspiration.

  188. Meagan S says:

    Oh my goodness where would we be in the world without Saje. Aside from their bath salts, body creams, and diffuser blends, Saje Peppermint Halo has been a GAME CHANGER for managing my chronic migraine syndrome. Iv been put in 4 clinical trials for migraine prevention / treatment and to this day nothing works the way rolling on peppermint halo, doing some yoga and having a hot bath with the Pain Release bath soak does. I have a peppermint halo roll on in every bag I own, the car, and beside the bed. To say I am obsessed maaaaay be an understatement but when you find something natural and truly effective that helps you get through the day you never let it go 😍

    Sadly during quarantine not one but both!! Of my diffusers bit the dust and as the cool fall air is quickly approaching I am itching to get my hands on a new one for our home. The space just isn’t the same without it

  189. Ashtyn says:

    Personally I’m a huge fan of the peppermint roller! My fiancé and I have started looking into diffuser and oils blends and just don’t know where to start. We are both shift workers and transition from days to nights and nights to days can be hard sometimes the goodnight oil blend has caught our eye, also everything muscle recovery as we are both avid gym go-ers. We also have friends who have them and just the environment it creates is amazing, we love the idea of the calming environment to help with stress and anxiety and also with fall approaching natural remedies for cold and flu!

  190. Elina says:

    Aroma Om in black is sooo pretty! And I haven’t tried the Into the Woods one yet, but it sounds delightful! Another fav is Liquid Sunshine, you can never go wrong with that!

  191. Genevieve Paterson-Watt says:

    Hi! I’m Genevieve. I’m from Toronto. 🙂
    My favourite sage products are their rollers. Energize and relax are my favourites 😍 They’re the perfect size for your bag too!

  192. Mary S Martin says:

    First of all, OUCH! Secondly, your daughter is lovely … crazy how our babies are grown women all of a sudden. Blink.

    I love all the things diffuser and essential oil related. It sets the tone for meditation or for work or for relaxing. Just lovely.

  193. Susanne says:

    Hi, Saje products are amazing! I use pepermint halo and extra strength pain release every day as well as the dryer balls.
    Always look foreward to their holiday collection.

  194. Tamara says:

    Tam here ! Definitely in love with the tranquility scent too !

    If I could wake up to fresh sheets everywhere morning and three of my top saje scents I’d be one happy lady!

  195. Brittany Hewgill says:

    Hi I’m Brittany I love all my Saje! Have three diffusers usually filled with liquid sunshine down stairs and refresh upstairs. I also love the aroma fairy for my littles at bed time we have it in a roller for them as well. My dad surgery on his shoulder and swears by the muscle melt cream have you tried it ? I also use the dryer balls and sweet cheeks diaper cream for my son who has extremely sensitive skin. Oh and the eczema cream works wonders too!

  196. Melanie Boyd says:

    My fav blends are Good Day and Refresh. Loving the Goddess lotion lately thanks to Lynne and Tris! Also LOVE the peppermint halo and use it with every headache for yearssss also thanks to Tris! LOVE IT ALLLLLL

    • Brianne Smith says:

      I currently have the aroma Gem diffuser but would LOVE an aroma Om diffuser.

      My all time fav diffuser blend is tranquility ❤️!

  197. Jane says:

    Sage Yoga and Tranquility are my favourites. I work 12 hour shifts and find the smells make it much easier to sleep. Like jumping into bed is like jumping into a giant spa and floating away with no worries about what the dog is doing and if the mailman will put the package inside the sun porch.
    It’s definitely socks and housecoat weather here on the prairies. I’d love some new Sage products and it’s so hard to smell them when ordering online.
    Hope you are healing well. And doing what you’re told….

  198. Lindsay Boyd says:

    I love saje diffusers and oils!! Especially the spa spirit 💕

  199. Susan Wells says:

    Well Helloooo! Ok where do I start on all the Saje goodness. First of all I’m a complete convert with their natural salt crystal deodorant. It is fabulous! Everyone go buy one! I love, love, love my Pocket Farmacy and am completely obsessed with the Stress Release roller ball for going to sleep. I roll it on the bottom of my nose, you know the part between your nostrils that I’m sure has a fancy name. It’s a little weird I know but hey a girl’s gotta smell it! As far as their diffusers, I have 2 already…um addict much! They are the Aroma breeze, which work great in the bedrooms but aren’t “pretty“ enough for the living room. I really “need” an Aroma Gem (matte black), or and Aroma Geni, or even an Aroma Om…..sigh. Favourite diffuser blend, hmm, that’s a toughy. I probably “need” to try Yoga and Good Karma!

  200. Jacqueline Webster says:

    I love your blog!! We moved to the lake in Muskoka 8 years ago to enjoy our retirement years and it was the best decision ever! My newest purchase was linen sheets and they are so soft and I absolutely love the look. Even better is to add some Dream State to a spray bottle add a bit of water and lightly spritz the sheets for a restful night. I also use it in my bedroom diffuser.

  201. deneen mueller says:

    It’s like you were reading my mind with this post – I was JUST googling essential oils! I’m not sure which diffuser I like more – the Om blush or indigo version. They’re both SO gorgeous! Ideally, I’d have one for my bedroom with the Good Night blend & another in my office diffusing Present Moment.

  202. Cynthia S. says:

    Morning Lynne
    You’re crazy …that’s what I love about you.
    I get soooo excited when I see your name in my inbox…because I know I’ll get a good vibe and laugh from you. Just what the doctor ordered in this shit show!!!! So thank you. I happen to use Saje also..their travel pouch are the best. I took mine to California in March when all this #@%$#
    hit the fan, unfortunately it couldn’t totally obliterate the virus. But , it did it’s job in keeping me healthy amongst all the nasty virus germs I”m sure. Would LOVE to win, I’ll keep my fingers and toes crossed not much more on this body that will …out of shape from gaining the Covid 20!!!!
    Keep safe and healthy….

  203. Jodi Martin says:

    For me, it’s Allergy Release all day, every day! Sounds less glam compared to the others but I promise it’s divine! Also have mad love for Yoga, Liquid Sunshine and my daughters love the Aroma Fairy. We have the new Om diffuser and it’s awesome. Love the glow…acts as my nightlight so I don’t trip and break MY ankle during one of my midnight trips to the loo (stupid old bladder). The peppermint halo rollerball is my jam though. Have bought more than 30 of these little gems and they are a standard Christmas stocking stuffer in my house. I am quite sure I am actually an adjunct member of your fam, given I follow you and Tristan religiously, (sort of stalker’ish really), and love the life you have cultivated! ❤️ the Knowltons!!!

  204. We have been using peppermint halo as a must have self-care product. It is a miracle worker!

  205. Paulette says:

    I must admit, I’m a total newbie with essential oils. I KNOW! It’s crazy really, because I’m very much a scent addict. I live in a very small town in BC, where shopping options are slim pickin’s at best. It’s so hard to choose scents from an online store! The Yoga and Tranquility sound magical tho. Calm, cozy, fresh, and lovely are life goals! I hope your ankle heals quickly! Tho I’m admiring your crutches. Even those seem very YOU! 🙂

  206. Amanda McMullan says:

    I LOVE SAJE WELLNESS!! My favorite way to start my day is a spritz of the Carrot body mist it is amazing! I am also obsessed with the goodnights diffuser blend because a happy sleep is the best kind of rest!

    Have a great day of joy and wellness ladies!

  207. Jaclyn Bellicoso says:

    I could use a little more Sage in my life at this time! I received Energy oil and Aroma OM diffuser as a gift and absolutely loved them both.

  208. Sarah-Marie Campbell says:

    I am obsessed with everything Saje! I have been using Saje since discovering them in Vancouver; prior to their store coming to Ontario. My absolute favourite is my “Pocket Pharmacy”. Mine is one of the originals, before it changed it’s name to “Pocket Farmacy”. It has lasted forever, and I continue to refill the roll ons. I don’t leave home without it.
    As a Public Health Nurse, I have been using my peppermint halo roll on to get me through managing this Pandemic in the Waterloo Region.
    I love following the Knowlton Crew— and all your dreamy home inspo. Thanks for sharing ♥️

  209. Shelly Ford says:

    I sure could use some tranquility about now. Daugher fell off her horse. Broken Wrist, 3 places. Grandaughter got plowed by a giant wave. Life jackets don’t prevent huge wages. lol1
    LOVE the ocean more than anythign but c’mon, she’s Three! Ease up! Broken Arm.

  210. Isi says:

    The Indigo diffuser looks awesome! I have never tried Saje, would love to try the YOGA you talk about.

  211. Lindsay says:

    Liquid sunshine all the way!
    We have been using the liquid sunshine foam hand soap… A LOT!! A house with 3 kids, we’ve been doing a lot of hand washing these past few months…And who doesn’t need a little sunshine in their life these days ☀️ Throw some of this in the Aroma Om.. perfection.
    Oh… and peppermint halo is a must for all the days where my kids have gone wild!

  212. rika dehaas says:

    Discovered Saje and Knowlton at almost the exact same time. Perfection, really.
    Lynne, through my dear friend Dana (#biglove) who was inspired by Lynne, and equally inspired us all to live the best life possible. Saje, has become a staple in our home, long before diffusers were a household name. Our favorite flavour (as we like to call them) is Rain Forest. Plus they make the puppy air in our house smell pretty.

  213. Y E says:

    How can we choose? I’ll love all of them! (;
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  214. Marianne petroff says:

    Rainforest all the way ! & safe air & the elegant Poosh diffuser

  215. Michelle Lawrence says:

    I love Saje! My fave diffuser blends are refresh, unwind and immune. Oh! And Liquid Sunshine. I am eyeing the new Aroma Om in blush. So pretty! A great touch to my new home office/school room.
    Love you guys! 💛

  216. Karen Lejeal says:

    I can’t tell you what I love about Saje because I’m a Saje virgin! So I need to win so I can get on the Saje bandwagon!

  217. Beth Chepil says:

    I gave my husband a diffuser for Christmas skads ago (because *I* wanted it). That’s as far as I got on that project. Have a diffuser, no oils. *sniff *sniff

    So I can’t begin to choose which aroma. Would you surprise me? It’ll be a double surprise then, if I win.
    1) I won?!
    2) What did I win?!

    Thanks for the fun email. Your spirit of fortitude & courage shines through even though life is difficult.


  218. Melissa Winans says:

    I LOVE the Aroma Peak diffuser! What a cute little mountain!

    I can’t decide if I prefer the Relaxation Room set or Sweet Dreams. 2020 has been full of no sleep and lots of stress, so I’d probably have to choose both!

    Love and hugs to you, Michael, and Tristan!

  219. Dodie Nicholls says:

    I too LOVE the roller balls and especially the Peaceful Warrior deodorant! I wish that there was a store closer to me, but alas the closest one is an hour away – Thank goodness for HOME DELIVERY!

  220. Cindy Martin says:

    I love using oils when I clean smells so much better than chemicals!
    Tea tree, lemon grass. But my fav is patchouli in the defused. Even Bill love that one. 💕

  221. Cindy Lehtinen says:

    I love my Saje diffuser and my all time favourite oil is Eucalyptus followed by Chill out.

  222. Courtney Wright says:

    Absolutely luuurrrrrvvv Saje! I have a diffuser in our living room that I make sure to have on most mornings (especially working from home right now), to give the house a small sense of calm in our new normal (could be worse though!). I have been eyeing with glee at the “Aroma Carve Saje X Jillian Harris” as it would be a beautiful piece to add to our home. And one of my all time favourite scent blends is a close tie with Spa Spirit or Mountain High. So much love for this wonderful Canadian Company. And your home is a dream Lynne Knowlton!

  223. Linda Cheung Henderson says:

    Hello lovely lady, hope all is well with you and yours. Love the wedding pics and the progression of your Renos. Plus Brett’s amazing transformation of his house.
    Family that plays together, stays together
    Get well soon with your foot/leg
    I love And highly recommend Saje Natural Wellness essential oils and

    products. They are very soothing and makes me feel so peaceful and tranquil. The calming effect is welcomed during this arduous time.

  224. Johnna says:

    Basically all of them!! But lately I’m loving into the trees, so fresh + clean!

    P.s. love following you ladies and all that you share.


  225. Buffy says:

    I think I need aroma Om in indigo and ALL the calming blends

  226. Abbey says:

    Favourite product/sent: By far the stress relief roller ball !! I use my diffuser and have one for my sons room such a difference with sleeping sound… I would love to win and try out your recommendations!

  227. Myrna says:

    I love Sage products – remember spending lunch hours shopping in theIr store in Vancouver many years ago!

  228. terri says:

    Peppermint halo roller ball. My absolute favourite. Makes you feel soooooooo good.
    Sorry about your foot!!!!

  229. Sue says:

    Hi Lynne and Tristan; Thanks for your email. Your posts, pics, blogs and emails make my day. ☀️
    My fav Saje essential oil for diffusion is cloud nine. Fresh, clean.. love it! Favourite diffuser is Aroma OM stone but recently saw the Aroma OM blush. Very pretty indeed. 😊

  230. Linda Cheung Henderson says:

    Hello lovely lady, hope all is well with you and yours. Love the wedding pics and the progression of your Renos. Plus Brett’s amazing transformation of his house.
    Family that plays together, stays together
    Get well soon with your foot/leg

  231. Faye says:

    Thanks for the emails – always enjoy reading them!
    I’m new to Saje – there isn’t one where I live – but love essential oils and I think I’m gonna check out the website and do a little shopping!! 🙂 First gonna try the Pocket Farmacy! I need this in my life!

  232. Jan says:

    My favourite Saje diffuser on their site is Aroma Om Deluxe Stone – so calming.
    And HOW do you pick one blend??? I’d love to try the Happy Home blend.
    AND who knew they had dryer balls???
    And fabric spray?? Wonderful idea!

  233. Linda Dunton says:

    I have been wanting to try the Saje Yoga blend because you and Tristan make it sound like heaven on earth! Will it make me want to do yoga? That would be cool. But now you say they have laundry stuff???? That would be amazing, I have a thing for doing laundry. Thank you for the chance to get some of this goodness!

  234. Tami Eckhardt says:

    Love Saje products, tried them after they sponsored a run in Toronto I participated in. The rollers Pain Release & Peppermint Halo feel soo nice on my old tired muscles. In desperate need of a diffuser & new scents. Thanks.

  235. Erin says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the Aroma Om, Blush it is just sooo beautiful and the blend that I always gravitate to is Present Moment. An all time fave!

  236. Angelique Richardson says:

    I SWEAR yesterday I was looking up Saje and started following them on IG. My home office is in desperate need of a diffuser for me to buy. Or ask for my birthday next month. Or win in your giveaway.

  237. jen wickson says:

    Saje is one of my absolute favourite indulgences in life! I do have a few diffusers already…the car one is high on the list, tantra and yoga being my fave blends to diffuse. I have been eyeing and in LOVE with the new Aroma Om diffuser – definitely the next one on my wish list!

  238. Quentin says:

    I love, love, love Saje products and even walking by their store in Vancouver would bring on feelings of wellness. I love their sprays and have them in our home and car and the rollers are an immediate mood lifter. I pop them in my kids backpacks. Since moving further away to Bowen Island I am missing some of their products and now with a litter of foster kittens in our home and some home improvements coming up could use a diffuser even more than ever!! It is getting smelly round here!! With working and learning from home, this mama could use more calm in her life!

  239. Ingrid says:

    I always get excited when a new email is in my inbox. Your blog posts are a breath of fresh air and always make me laugh. Thank you! xo
    I have the white Aroma Om beside my bed but would love to fill each room! I am loving the black one too! I purchased Yoga on your recommendation and love it! I’ve tried Unwind, Mountain high and Peppermint Halo. I love anything with pine or spruce and would like to try Liquid Sunshine. Especially today when it’s super gloomy and cold.

  240. Ashley Neuman says:

    I am fairly new to sage as well but one of my students gave me the headache relief as a gift.. and I absolutely love it! I would loooooovvvvveee to try more from sage!

  241. Barb says:

    I have yet to try Saje but would love to take your recommendations should I be lucky enough to win!

  242. Lauren Hopkinson says:

    I mean, is there anything better then peppermint halo? I once spoke with a woman who worked at Saje who described the product as their “gateway drug” and I couldn’t agree more! There are so many things I love from Saje but the PH roller will always have a special place in my heart. It’s been amazing to help me fall asleep and de-stress during the pandemic.

  243. Sasha Contreras says:

    I have zero diffusers right now but I definitely need one for these awful allergies of mine! I adore scents in my home, anything calming and stress-relieving because I also work from home, and while I love it, sometimes it feels more like I live at work.

  244. Amie says:

    I am actually very new to Saje. That send….my first buy was Saje peppermint halo. A must have. One for home and one in my purse. It’s simply amazing!

  245. Kim McCallum says:

    Aroma OM is our favourite diffuser. I’m pretty sure we have about 3 of them. One for each floor. Bloom is definitely one of my favourite oils also allergy release to help with my husbands nasty allergies. Especially this time of year. He won’t admit it, but he knows it has helped him in a huge way since we’ve started using it. So much so that I find him now starting up the diffuser first thing in the morning!

  246. Tricia Truemner says:

    I absolutely love Saje, I have 2 diffusers: Aroma Om White is in my living /dining room and matches the decor so nicely you almost don’t know it’s there! My favourite blend for that spot (since it wafts through the whole space) is Unwind – so soothing. Then because I was influenced by your latreen setup 🙂 I moved my poosh diffuser (which came with the limited edition poosh blend, which was my favourite!) from my bedroom into the bathroom – my favourite in there is a limited edition blend called Golden Gate Park, which smells just so amazing (wish I could get more) – it’s piney like Christmas almost, but more like the heavenly Pacific Northwest redwood forest in the fog ahhhhhhhhhh….. Excited for l this giveaway because now I need a diffuser in my bedroom (either Aroma Geni Cashmere or one of the Jillian Harris collabs) where I would use Deep Breath, which is so nice for falling asleep, and helps my sinuses! My mom uses Allergy Release in her upstairs hall to help with her allergies at night and you can smell it as you come upstairs every night 🙂 Everyone needs to use Saje diffusers and blends, they really add such a lovely touch and scent to any space – so welcoming and relaxing!

  247. Heather says:

    I have loved Saje for many years. I think my favourite Saje product is Peppermint Halo. I couldn’t live without it. I have an Aroma OM white diffuser in my family room but I would love the Aroma Gem Matte Black. It is so sleek and stylish and would look so great in any room in my house. One of my favourite diffuser blends for daytime is Liquid Sunshine. It’s the perfect scent to uplift my spirits on a gloomy day.
    Love your posts and thanks for this great giveaway!

  248. Becky says:

    I just purchased Yoga and am obsessed! I diffuse it and have it in the roller. My go to is Peppermint Halo as well for a little pick me up and to help with headaches. Love it!

  249. Lisa Hayes says:

    Hi Lynne
    Thank you for the email, I really love receiving them.

    My fav diffuser is Aroma Om White and my most favourite diffuser oil blend is Present Moment – I often leave it going in my front hall. I find as the day get busy with all
    the coming and going and stress of all that is on my to do list, I stop and breathe this in, it reminds me to stay present in the moment, so calming. . . it will all get done 🙏
    I also love the peppermint roller ball that I keep on my night table to use before bed
    on my temples and back of neck to help
    ease any signs of headaches coming on. It really works !

    Have a wonderful day💕

  250. Anabela says:

    I have the OM in black and anything with Eucalyptus or Pine are my all time faves…they help with my sinuses. Currently crushing on the Aroma Om Deluxe Stone. Oh and of course, addicted to peppermint halo for headaches, absolute life saver!

  251. fun_bobbi says:

    I fell in love with Saje about one hundred years ago too! I would never dream of going to bed without turning it on in my bedroom. (Actually every bedroom has their own Saje diffuser now too!) And liquid sunshine gets started in the living room as soon as I walk out to start my morning meditation! After yoga my mat gets sprayed and I start my day. I haven’t tried the yoga rollerball but that is now added to my list. And sadly I am addicted to the eaters digest as I have so many stomach issues but this provides me much relief.

  252. Sammy Penrice says:

    Omg !!! Soooooo exciting ! Love sage! I absolutely love peppermint halo!! Perfect for those mind exploding migraines I get !!

    • Sammy Penrice says:

      Would be great if I didn’t misspell it either … but that’s Wednesday morning brain for ya!! SAJE!! Whoops!

  253. Alison Van Hattem says:

    Sooo hard to choose just one, but if I must….Yoga and Om Black. 🧘🏻

  254. Meighan Wales says:

    Hi!! My fav diffuser is the Aroma Om and my fav diffuser blend is Mountain High 🥰

  255. Carolyn says:

    I am dying to try Saje diffusers and oils! I’ve never had a diffuser but have a love for all things that smell pretty. So I would ask that you, as the experts pick out your favs for me should I win!!!

  256. Eleni Mastoras says:

    Favourite Saje diffuser scent: Liquid sunshine!!! So good.

    Night time: spray “Yoga” mist all over my pillow and bed, then rub “Sleep well” roller on the heels of my feet. Sooo good. Then sleep like a baby.

    Love Saje and love all your posts/home stuff!!!

    • Lisa says:

      Hello! I’d love to try stress relief and have had my eye on those beautiful Amber diffusers. I’d love it for my home office, now that I’m working from home so much. I didn’t realize that Saje had so many different products! 💙

      • Jenny Rose says:

        I would give this new diffuser to the homeless shelter that my daughter works at. The 50 bed shelter was established when Covid hit to get vulnerable people off the streets and into safety. SPREAD THE LOVE to those who wouldn’t otherwise have the resources to enjoy Saje and what essential oils can do for our feelings of wellness and mental health. If you pitch in the diffuser, I will be sure to keep the residents and hard working, first responder staff team supplied with ongoing oils from Saje. I have used so many of them … Stress Relief, Present Moment, Liquid Sunshine … there are so many beauties to choose from.
        Jenny Rose xx

        • Kathie B. says:

          My favorite oils would have to be Lavendar and Sleep Well. See a trend goin on? I always need help with sleep! My fave diffuser would have to be the Aroma OM White. Luv that its white and not a bulky design.

          • Suzanne Swan says:

            Hi Lynn!
            I am so enthralled by your classy decor and inspiring life story. Thank you for sharing your journey.
            It’s exciting to hear about your Saje giveaway. I have one of the essential oils and it’s heavenly.