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Where in the world are you? Share your story…


Share your story via @lynneknowlton . Where in the world are YOU? xx

I’m in Las Vegas.

 Enough about me.  

Where are you? Who are you?

 Tell me about you.

What's your story?

I want a parking pass into a snippet of your life.  Dish it.  STAT.

Click on photo to share your story on the blog. It's fun. I promise. lynneknowlton.com

Do you love to travel ?


We can teleport ourselves all over the place and into each others lives.   We can travel virtually by sharing our whereabouts.  Unless you are in the witness protection program.  Don’t share that shit.


Give me your ‘real life’  goods.  The real stuff.

Right here.

Right now.


What part of the world are you hanging out in?  Whatcha doing?  What do you love to do? How do you keep yourself busy?  Who do you love?  What are you fed up with?  What’s on your bucket list?


Shall I go first to get this party started ?

Do you need a sip of sumthin’ ?

Go get it.

 Then… get back here and get ready to talk.

  It’s time for you to spill the beans.

*waiting* waiting*




Click on photo to share your story on the blog. It's fun. I promise. lynneknowlton.com


Get ready to get ‘yer game on.  I’m calling your name next.

I’m looking right at  you.  Put that sandwich down.  You are telling me your story in a moment.   You need both hands for this one.

Here’s a snippet into my week:

I was feeling pretty happy when I arrived in Las Vegas.  Who wouldn’t ?  Glam and glitz.  Wowsers.

Then…oh then….

Reality Check :

I met the hotel magnifying mirror.

Note : A hotel magnifying mirror is lit up brighter than the Vegas Strip.



Click on photo to share your story on the blog. It's fun. I promise. lynneknowlton.com Click on photo to share your story on the blog. It's fun. I promise. lynneknowlton.com Click on photo to share your story on the blog. It's fun. I promise. lynneknowlton.com


Those mirrors can find things better than an FBI profiler.  They are like glow-in-the-dark magnification on steroids.  The dreaded mirror finds things that you didn’t know even existed.  Nor should you know that these things exist.  Let sleeping dogs lie.


Dear Hotel designers,

A lit up magnifying mirror in the bathroom is like the little shop of horrors.  Should I be thankful for the mirror, or rip it out of the wall and stomp on it with reckless abandon??!!


Rhinocerous face 


Seriously… no one should see their face so up front and personal.  No one.



Click on photo to share your story on the blog. It's fun. I promise. lynneknowlton.com

4 Reasons why magnifying mirrors should be banned:


1.   The mirrors are like a bad relationship.  Every time you look at them, you want out.

2.   Even if you think you look good before heading out…. one glance in the larger than life magnifying mirror will change your mind.

3.  The mirror is like looking through binoculars at Jurassic park.  Suddenly, you are a prehistoric beast with deathly dry skin issues.

4.  That face in the mirror is not you.  It is your evil twin.  The ugly one.  The one with random sprouts of hair in odd places.  And sideburns.   Gasp.


Solution :

1.  Throttle the mirror.

2.  All mirrors should come with an instagram filter.  Everything looks good with an Instagram filter.  Problem solved.  Or PicMonkey it.  PicMonkey will remove your wrinkles, give you a spray tan and whiten your teeth.  And you think I joke.



Click on photo to share your story on the blog. It's fun. I promise. lynneknowlton.com


Now it’s your turn.

Tell me your story.  I want to know about you.  What part of the world are you in?

What can you share ? :


**  Share your favourite blogger.  It better bloody well be me.  Jokes.  No.  Really.  If you want to know my fave bloggers ~ you can find them here : OMG, I love these bloggers.


**  Share your thoughts and feedback.  Unless they suck.  Then don’t tell.  I have had three negative blog comments in the past year.  All of them drove me to drink a stiff shot of whiskey through my clenched teeth.  Then the sudden urge to high-five the negative commenter.  With a table lamp.


There.  Warned.  Fair and square.   I will punch you if you say mean things.


Share your favourite things….like recipes or DIY ideas.  Something outside of the box.  Slightly absurd is completely acceptable.


Share anything that tells me about the real you.

 What you shouldn’t share :


Your bra size.

The contents of your diary.

The last time you shaved your legs.



Click on photo to share your story on the blog. It's fun. I promise. lynneknowlton.com Click on photo to share your story on the blog. It's fun. I promise. lynneknowlton.com Click on photo to share your story on the blog. It's fun. I promise. lynneknowlton.com Click on photo to share your story on the blog. It's fun. I promise. lynneknowlton.com


Share your story in the comments below …





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  1. Becki

    May 4th, 2013 at 11:16 pm

    Hi Lynne!
    I’m not quite sure how I stumbled onto your blog. I’d been watching videos for the last hour or so on Utube about making flower fairy houses and one where a lady made a little fairy house out of a willow sphere (which I thought was so darn cute!) and then I think the fairies grabbed me and drug me over to your blog page about making grapevine spheres! 🙂 The more I read about you, the more I thought OMG, I have a twin sister!! (Well maybe not IDENTICAL. As a matter of fact, scratch that ‘twin sister’ thing because I’m 60 years young) What I mean is, you SOUND just like me. The quirky way you write, think and poke fun at yourself! 🙂

    I gotta tell ya that I watched your beautiful video ‘Can-cer vivor ‘ about your family’s journey and it brought tears to my eyes. I lost my husband to colon cancer in Nov 2011 after a long, 4 year battle. Happy by nature, he also had such a wonderful sounding laugh that I still miss so much. He was big on living and loving each day as if it were your last (even before he got sick). He taught me alot of important things but the most important thing I will always treasure is that winning is not about beating everyone else. It’s about knowing that you did the very best you could. And THAT’s all I have to say about that…

    I too am a DIY’er, somewhat of a writer (okay, I’ve written 2 middle grade novels but not even my adult daughter who has always been an avid reader could get through more than one chapter so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that no publisher was ever interested. Oh well, THEIR loss!), a 3rd generation flower gardener, Master Gardener and a daylily hybridizer. Do you remember the Pound Puppy toy back in the mid 80’s? I designed that. I also sew, quilt, craft and design and make corsets. I can do just about anything creative except get my voice messages off my phone. Technology actually gives me nightmares! I’m serious! My first cell phone my husband got me for Christmas one year with a 2 year contract and I only used it twice in those two years. (one of those times was an accident when I hit a button when I slipped it in my purse.) Needless to say, he did not renew the contract. I just got another one for myself last Christmas and I am proud to say that I use it at least once a week or so. I have even sent a few text messages, although it takes me about a half hour to text a 10 word message. (I just don’t get what is so convenient about texting. I figure the person who designed texting must speak really, really slow and figured he might be able to move his fingers faster than his mouth)

    I guess you could say I have some rather varied interests. Whatever the current trend is in ANYTHING, I want to do something ELSE. Except right now, I am really stuck on fairies and have been stuck on them for a few years now. It’s really my granddaughter’s fault, both of them. They are now 8 and 11, but when they were 5 and 8, I made up this marvelous story to tell them one night before they went to bed about the fairies that lived in Nana’s garden. Nana is what they call me because grandma sounds so well.. OLD, so I told them they could call their OTHER grandma that, not ME.

    So anyway, the next morning, Lily, the 5 year old asked me to show her where the fairies lived in my garden. UT OH! Let me tell ya, I had to do some fast talking to smooth that one over and made up some ‘nother story about them being on vacation. Well, I had just two weeks (they spend the night every other weekend) to come up with a fairy garden! of course I pulled it off and they loved it but not half as much as I did/do. I’m just wondering if you’ve ever made a fairy garden outdoors or even a fairy house? I have several houses in mine that I have bought here and there but I’d love to make one (or two or four or five) from those grapevine spheres. Where can I buy some? They’d be PERFECT!

    Sorry this is so long I should have warned you that I write long letters too. Anyway, its wonderful to ‘meet’ you!

    Becki in Westerville

  2. Lynne Knowlton

    May 6th, 2013 at 7:29 am

    Becki you are a hoot !!! I can see why you loved a man that was happy by nature. You are too !! LOVE THAT !!! You would make a fabulous Waldorf teacher or volunteer. My children went to school for years at a Waldorf country school and LOVED the whole learning through play. They talk about garden fairies all the time in a Waldorf School. The kids love love loved it !!!

    Grapevine : If you go to a local crafts store and buy grapevine wreaths… you can take them apart (they will still have a circular shape) and then wire them into the shape of a grapevine ball. Tahhhdahhhh !!

    Wonderful to meet you too !

    Big fat hugs,
    Lynne xx

  3. Tracie Berry

    May 9th, 2013 at 12:34 am

    OMG Becki, I have been researching fairy gardens and collecting stuff to make one for the last little while. Sooo cute! I want to make one for myself but then there’s my grandkids, my mom, sisters, friends……I think just this once though, I will be selfish and make the first one for me 🙂 You sound like you’re quite an awesome woman, which is why you’ve found yourself over at Lynne’s blog, I’m sure. Wonderful that you get sleep-overs with your grands, I get 5 year old Sam just about every weekend and soon his 1 1/2 year old brother Demetre will get the occasional over-night. I am without my 8 year old granddaughter Madalee, who moved out of Province but we make sure to call each other and visit back and forth when we can. The last two teens Traymin-18 and Tia-16, I see little of due to the fact that Tia is also out of Province and Traymin has a busy enough life being 18, haha. Grandkids are a special blessing hey? A fairy house from a grapevine huh, would you post some pics? Nice to meet you Becki……

  4. Becki

    May 4th, 2013 at 11:30 pm

    Lynne, is it okay to say something to Tracie here? Well, I’m gonna anyways!
    Tracie, gf, I know just where you’re coming from about the age thing. And I’m NOT gonna tell you that age is just a number, (DUH, even I know that!) what I’m gonna tell you is something to make you really appreciate how young you really are NOW! This is guar-an-teed to make you glad you look just like you do NOW!
    I want you to go get you a hand mirror and place it on the floor. (You can do this too Lynne!) Now get down on your hands and knees and get your head right above the mirror. Now see, things could be LOTS worse than they really are!!!! 🙂

    Do NOT ask me how or why I did this. believe me, you DON”T want to know. 🙂
    I thank God every day that I do not look like that old hag in the mirror on the floor. Hopefully, they will ban mirrors before that ever happens. 🙂


  5. Lynne Knowlton

    May 6th, 2013 at 7:32 am

    Ha ! Good one Becki !

    I forwarded your message to Tracie. She will laugh her butt off. I am NEVER going to do that in a mirror. LOL. I don’t want to frighten myself. I have already looked in a magnifying bathroom mirror with my reading glasses on. No one should see their face that close. The horrors. hahahaha ! xx

  6. Tracie Berry

    May 9th, 2013 at 12:09 am

    Becki, I almost peed myself!! I saw that on (I admit it) The Golden Girls, where Blanche was talking about her sex life (of course!) and being on top……well, I think it was Dorothy told her it wasn’t such a good position for someone her age and handed her a mirror, telling her to do exactly what you suggested!!! Imagine the look on Blanche’s face, priceless!!!!

  7. Max Weissenruber

    July 5th, 2013 at 1:57 pm


    Kerry Shapansk\y and I had the pleasure of working with Michael at Wilson Learning. He is a generous, warm-hearted and unselfish person and a helluva golfer to boot.
    My own wife is recovering form Breast cancer and anything positive like Michael’s attitude and your family’s support is quite helpful to Ann’s family name is Ireland and she also also grew up in Burlington. The Ireland House, now a museum on the Guelph
    Line was donated by the last Ireland heir to the Town of Burlington and Ireland familyb reunions have brought several hundred close and distant relatives together.
    Please send Michael my best wishes and thank him for his inspirational behaviour.


    Max Weissengruber

  8. Laura Altobelli

    July 20th, 2017 at 2:02 pm

    Hi Lynne – I am an overnight fan (literally, I just found you last night) from Mount Laurel, New Jersey. I should start by saying that Mount Laurel is closer to Philadelphia than NYC and I am nothing at all like any of those cartoon characters on the Jersey Shore (I always feel like I have to apologize for them). I’m kinda defensive about that.

    As for me, I am a managing editor at an advertising agency in Philly (serving the pharmaceutical industry), and I am fortunate to work in a building that houses an incredible stained glass mural created by Louis Comfort Tiffany, and I need only walk out the door and cross the street to see Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell. Some days, when I really stop to think about it, it takes my breath away and I’m not even kidding. That being said, I was first drawn to your blog by the name. DESIGN THE LIFE YOU WANT TO LIVE. While I consider myself to be a smart, positive person, I am chronically unsatisfied. I want more. I want to live life on my own terms. And I think I have a massive pile of skills that should let me take the bull by the horns, so to speak, but I can’t quite figure out where to start. I’ve been listening to tons of Chalene Johnson, Pat Flynn, and Amy Porterfield for inspiration lately, and one of these days, maybe I’ll take that first step.

    But for now, I’m just going to go look at some more of your pretty pictures.


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